PhotoNine months of reading the books and preparing the nursery is often no match for the experience of actually having a baby in the house. Parenting is a journey filled with surprises and challenges, and the infant stage can be even trickier to navigate.

But luckily, for new parents, the digital age has given birth to an ever-growing number of gadgets that can make life a little easier. First-time parents or even seasononed parenting pros might happily welcome some of these new products into their lives.

Gadgets for new parents

  • Project Nursery Baby Monitor. If the numerous tales of hackers hijacking baby monitors has you concerned, check out this wi-fi free baby monitor. Created by the team at Project Nursery and unveiled at CES 2016, the monitor features secure wireless technology. It’s also the first monitor to include a portable Mini Monitor with a 1.5” LCD screen, so parents can keep an eye on the baby from wherever they are in the house. Coming in May.
  • The Baby Shusher. This interesting new device helps calm and soothe an inconsolable baby by mimicking the sounds they heard in the womb. The rhythmic “shush” it uses has been shown to trigger their natural calming reflex. Buy it on Amazon for about $30.
  • iiamo Go Self-Warming Bottle. Babies keep you on your toes, which means there’s often little time to wait by the stove or bottle warmer. This self-warming bottle works by using environmentally friendly heating cartridges (which are filled only with salt and water). Just put the heating cartridge into the bottle’s heating chamber, turn it on, and shake the bottle. The entire heating process takes only four minutes. It’s available now on Amazon for $30.
  • The 4moms Self-Installing Car Seat. As we’ve reported, new parents often make mistakes installing car seats that could put their baby’s life at risk. This car seat seeks to eliminate installation mistakes, helping to keep your baby safe. The seat, which was also unveiled at CES 2016, comes with an app that walks parents through the installation process. Electric motors in the seat can even level the seat automatically and create just the right amount of tension in the straps. The app keeps constant tabs on the state of the car seat and can alert you if something isn’t quite right. It’s available for preorder (with June delivery) on the 4moms website for $500.

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