Chewy is opening brick-and-mortar vet clinics

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Chewy Vet Care will open several locations across the country this year

Most pet owners know Chewy as a source for all things pet goods – toys, treats, leashes, and even medication. 

Now, Chewy is branching out to also provide veterinary services. The retailer announced it will launch vet clinics across the country known as Chewy Vet Care. 

“We partnered with hundreds of veterinarians and customers to design an in-practice and post-visit experience which we believe will be unlike anything in the market, and appreciated by both communities,” said Mita Malhotra, president of Chewy Health. “Our practices contain thoughtfully designed spaces for the comfort and privacy of our customers and our care team. 

“Chewy Vet Care will be powered by our proprietary, easy-to-use modern technology, to deliver a seamless and memorable experience, which we have delivered for over a decade in our core businesses.” 

A look inside the Chew Vet Care clinics

Chewy has implemented some key features in their clinics to make the experience as easy as possible for pets and their owners. These include: 

  • Separate waiting areas to promote a calm environment for anxious pets 

  • Spacious exam rooms to help pets feel more comfortable 

  • Digital pet portal to give pet owners access to all records and invoices and share updates and reminders from the vet 

  • Digital monitors in each exam room with your pet’s picture 

  • Personalized discharge instructions for each pet

When it comes to veterinary services, Chewy clinics will include: 

  • Urgent/emergency care services during business hours 

  • Dental care

  • Vaccinations

  • Surgeries and procedures

  • Travel certificates

  • 24/7 health guidance 

  • New pet care

Pet owners must create an account with Chewy prior to taking their pet to the vet clinics, though a formal membership isn’t required. Pet owners can also submit their bills from Chewy Vet Care to their pet insurance providers for reimbursement. 

Two Chewy Vet Care clinics have already opened – one in Highlands Ranch, Colo., and one in Plantation, Fla. More locations are scheduled to open this year in Coral Springs, Fla.; Denver; Fountain Oaks, Ga.; and Perimeter, Ga. 

“This is one of the most significant moments in Chewy’s history as we open the doors to our Chewy Vet Care practices and physically become a part of our customers’ lives and in their neighborhoods,” Malhotra said. “Our team has worked relentlessly to create an experience that is extraordinary and memorable for pets, customers, and our veterinary teams.” 

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