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Purchased external WiFi modem and had to go to Platinum plan because data would run out after 3 movies and connection was horrible. Had to add money for extra data after paying for highest plan. When I tried to cancel account number that I had no problem using became non-working, along with 3 other numbers from different Netzero websites. All non-working. Expressed problem on website and left number for them to contact me. Reply was "has to be done by phone" and same non-working number issued. Now email not working since I canceled card. Ummmmm.

Netzero sucks. Locked me out of email account. Have emailed them 3 times - ** as my password supposedly was compromised, make no difference any way. Mail is over 13 years old... need a tech from net zero to call me at **... what jerks.

I have had the free NetZero service for over 12 years with very little problem. Once you have it working - it usually stays functional without any technical problems. I have never had a problem with data or not enough storage and I keep everything. I have DSL and it runs smoothly. However - when you do encounter a problem it can be hard to get technical help. I am working on that now and will update this post when I find a solution (my emails will suddenly not send).

I took a $9.95 package. I purchased the modem. Within a few uses of the system I kept adding money to get little service. After doing this many times I only inquired about their 19.95 deal. I was out of town did not use this but on my return I receive my bank statement only to discover they were deducting the 19.95 every month. When I finally got someone in the Philippines she said I ordered this 19.95. I told her I only inquired about it. I immediately went to the bank to cancel. This the most rip business I had ever seen. I was told they are not issuing a refund.

I recently purchased Netzero Internet service and was told it was available in my area. After receiving the device (Mi Wi Fi), I hooked it up and was expecting to get on the Internet, to my surprise... I was not! I called and spoke with their "IT Techs" and he had me to restart the device, then stick something sharp in the hole of the device, (supposedly, this was to reset it), then remove the battery, and reinsert it after 10 seconds. Then it was suggested to me to try a new device. I agreed to give it one more try. So I had them send me a self addressed stamped envelope. (I wasn't paying to send their device back!). Once I received the new device, I hooked it up and guess what? You guessed it, same thing! I called yet again only to have to repeat the steps from earlier. All of which still did not work! I was still not able to get a signal... PERIOD! I used it in both of my bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom.

The Tech recommended that I try outside! Really?! Who wants to use their computer outside all the time? To this, I replied NO. This was repeated the next few days by 3 more IT Techs, to no avail. Then the Customer service rep tried to convince me to retain the service as "Pay as you go". I mean, really? What am I paying for if I'm unable to get service in the first place? I replied no, and to cancel my service & refund my money to my card. To which I was told I wouldn't be receiving a refund as the money I'd spent was for the shipment of the device along with applicable taxes & fees. When I told the rep, I'd send it back (at my own expense, of course), I was told I could keep it! Keep it, really! It doesn't work, why would I want to keep something that doesn't work is beyond me! I told the rep to keep the money, instead of a refund I'd do a scathing review of Netzero's service.

So here it is, DO NOT PURCHASE NETZERO! I WOULDN'T after this experience, purchase ANYTHING from this CROOKED Company! If you do, expect to get exactly what you purchased... Zero! This company is dishonest in its business practices. Also, block Netzero with your credit card company as they will continue to bill your card after they've told you that your service has been cancelled..

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We ordered the Netzero DSL a while ago, and for a while it was ok. We actually referred it to my inlaws. Instead they got some wifi hub, based off of cell phone G3 with limited data they used up in a few days and had to pay extra for more data. Partly her fault for not being 100% clear. However cancelling with them is impossible. Now with our DSL, we keep losing internet connection, and is dramatically slower (even for DSL) than it ever was.

I complained to Netzero about constantly losing internet, and not being able to connect to web pages due to DNS errors. They keep telling me it is our computer, and reset this and that and clear the cache. I have done this many times, even having our IT guy at work service my computer. We are also trying multiple devices, ALL with the same trouble. They still say it is our problem with their cookie cutter, copy and paste generic response. We are looking at getting cable internet asap.

*One word of advice from my mother in laws experience. When you cancel with Netzero, either call your credit card company, and tell them to block Netzero, as they will keep trying to bill you, or tell your card company the card has been compromised, and to cancel. It is MUCH easier to deal with the credit card company over Netzero. Good luck.

When you cancel with these people make sure they cancel everything including their rinky-dink anti-virus, and get and keep your confirmation reference number handy because otherwise your billing won't stop and you will spend hours on hold waiting for someone in the Far East to answer the phone and then try to market you back in.

DO NOT RISK ANY of YOUR MONEY to NETZERO. Ordered WiFi, and after a couple of days, tried to cancel the order because sister in law had horrible time with them. They would not refund money until modem was returned. We returned modem and called many times to secure the refund which was never obtained. The day I cancelled, seemed like normal transaction, I got off phone and immediately got a second "welcome to NETZERO" email as if I had just signed up. The 'PARTIAL' refund was only put back into my Netzero account, not sent to me via my credit card which I used to set up. Then, the money "refunded" was then applied to other charges which I never have understood.

Customer service runaround and incompetence, likely not even in America call center. No training, no access to managers to help resolve these practices. Never once used their wifi or any of their service, more than 6 months have gone by and had to finally cancel my credit card because they are still charging me $7.95 a month??? I am mounting a search for other Netzero victims and exploring class action suit for this corrupt company. DO NOT RISK IT. They are CROOKED. It is their model.

My husband and I were interested in getting internet. We spoke to a representative and was very specific in what we wanted. He told us about a specific plan that would best suit our needs. All we had to pay that day of placing the order was for the device which they were running a promotion deal on. We agreed. Then he told us we would be billed each month on the 27th. We received our device days later. Started watching movies and by the second day we couldn't get a connection. So I called only to be told we needed to buy more minutes.

We were very upset. I argued with the representative about the situation, she later offer 2000 free minutes which was practically nothing. She told us if we didn't want to get billed, we should call before the 27th. So we did. We found out that they took money out of our account without our permission. We paid for the device on April 27 and then we were billed for the use of data on the 30th of April when it was to be taken out on May 27. I called to cancel service and the cancellation representative kept trying to offer different data plans.

I told her NO numerous of times, I just want to cancel. I argued about the payment taking out without our consent (I stood my ground). Not only are they going to refund the money they took out without permission but they're also going to refund our money for the device. Be aware of them taking money out your account without your permission.

I bought NetZero broadband and from the moment I tried to hook up I had difficulty. I received a zip strip in the mail and a disk several days later only for it to fail and they had to send me another set. Received those about 10 days ago and got so frustrated I canceled the account. Last Friday I reactivated it thinking that maybe they could finally get me up and running. 3 and 1/2 hours later I was on the phone with multiple departments only to be told that they had to forward it to the senior tech department and I would get a phone call within 48 hours. Well it is now 4 days later and no phone call. I called and cancelled once again only to be given grief over cancelling. You don't get people that talk clear english and that too is also a problem.

This was a while ago but leaving a review so others are safe. ALL calls within my area code are free (obviously) that's what area codes protect. But the phone number THEY provided had a service fee attached to it. I used the internet at normal lengths of time and at the end of the month they billed me $300. It's actually deplorable. Not only for NetZero i.e. the scam artist (obviously) but for the industry that allows them to get away with it. Needless to say, I didn't pay it.

I ordered wifi with Netzero and activated it. I asked the rep before I ordered did they have unlimited access. He told me, "yes". Once I went online that same day I activated my modem. I ran out of data after watching one movie. I called them to see what's going on. They said I had to buy more data. Long story short their service is horrible! They took my money and told me I can't get a refund when I offered to return their merchandise. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau tomorrow. I'm so disappointed with them and will not recommend anyone purchase their services. It's a scam.

Too bad there is not a star from 0 to 10 because I would give them a 0. I called NetZero and signed up for the service. I asked the young lady helping me if they had unlimited data and she said yes. I received the device and turned it on and it worked fine until the next day. Tried to get online, got an error message, no data and to make a payment for more data. I call to see why and was then told it was not unlimited. I then cancelled the plan and asked for a refund. I sent the device back and they are now claiming they have not received the device. I sent it back with the label that they provided. This company is full of lies and I would never recommend them to my worst enemy. They are a bunch of living crooks. I will be speaking to my lawyer next.

I purchased an iPhone to use their cell service in August 2015. They required a Sprint iphone so I bought one on eBay. The phone was in perfect working condition but locked to Sprint. I immediately knew I made a mistake when they tried to charge me $20 activation even though the website said free activation and then I had to make at least 8 phone calls to get it setup on their network. After all this it worked fine.

Ya, it worked fine until January when Netzero notified me they were closing the cell service. Verbally, Netzero promised to unlock my phone to the carrier of my choice. A couple weeks later, I asked to have the phone unlocked to Consumer Cellular. After many more promises they never did it. When I called for help they would just say "We need to transfer you to the correct dept" and send me to a number that only said u.s. online is closed. After about 20 calls to the idiots nothing was done. I sold the phone and a new factory unlocked phone. Instead of making false promises. They could have told me upfront and saved me many calls to a support dept that was no help.

The mobile device always had a weak connection where ever I put it in my apartment. The first day I used it the data ran out and I had to upgrade to a more data package, this was the first day I used it. Then the second day I used it the data ran out again. I couldn't even use it a whole day with it running out. I'm a full-time student and do classes online and thought this was a great option to use, but I was wrong! They wanted me to upgrade again to a higher costing upgrade. I was already at the 79.00 package, which was my second upgrade. I couldn't go any higher. It is completely too costly of a service, I don't recommend it to anyone unless you have a deep wallet! Plus the connection was poor! I live in a metroplex with plenty of towers. There should of been a better connection.

I ordered the equipment for wireless service, web page said 3 to 5 business days. Two weeks after I ordered and still have not received equipment I called. They told me to be patient. I waited another week then called again. Once again I was told to wait. I told them I wanted a full refund. They took 98.00 out of my account and when I went to my bank, Netzero decided to refund 20.00 out of the 98.00. By doing this my bank will not refund because they said Netzero gave me a refund (yeah 20.00). I was then told that there is nothing I can do. I was ripped off by Netzero. They are a RIP-OFF. There is not any other way of saying this, they stole from me.

Netzero - internet service, price was reasonable! We received the device (for sister, unable to work), slow. Stopped! We got a new one, it never worked!! Refund promised. Kept charging my card!!! Over $374.00. Remedy? 50+ emails.

Took a week to receive the device. It never attained a quality level of reception because their flashing indicator should be on solid, but mine always flashed indicating a weak signal. The service was extremely slow and barely usable. In a four day period, we used up all of our data by only using eBay and Facebook on and off. They shut it off and charged me 10 dollars to start it up again and it only lasted 24 hours. I cancelled my account and returned the hotspot device. I asked for a full refund. We will see!!! STAY AWAY FROM NETZERO!!!

Very poor customer service experiences. The first time, simple request -- finally had to ask the BBB to intervene and problem was solved. Second time -- received the run-around - different phone numbers to contact only to end up at the first place I called. Last time I tried to cancel my account - run-around again. Given different phone numbers to contact and ended up where I started. Was told account could only be canceled via e-mail, which I explained numerous times that I didn't want to use as my account was hacked. The person I was talking with asked if I had access to a friend's computer to use. That is ridiculous. Sent e-mail request and was informed that cancellation had to be made via phone. Very frustrating.

I signed up for Netzero hoping to lower my internet bill. When the connection - flash drive arrived, I was online with a very kind person for almost 2 hours trying to help me connect to my services. Nothing. So, I called Netzero to cancel my account since their service was not compatible with my computer. I followed the directions from the Netzero representative and mailed back the flash drive. So, I lost my $50.00 sign up fee, the cost of the flash drive, $17.00 and the cost of postage (with tracking) to send the device back. Just today, I received an mails stating my account was never closed and my first bill is coming due. In summary, no service, lost money, closed account, now being asked to pay monthly bill for a closed account!

This company is a complete scam. We pay for 5 gig of Internet. We used the Internet maybe for 10 mins at our shop to order parts from a local parts store and the Internet quit working. Called and they claim we've already used all of our data. Had to pay $60 again to turn it back on. They said even if we don't use the Internet "you're using it up." We left the computers off the next day, no one was connected. Used the Internet again for maybe 10 mins to look up parts for customers vehicle and now it's already quit working. They want us to pay another $60 claiming we used up our monthly allowance. So basically we're paying $60 for every 10 mins of basic Internet browsing. This place is a major scam and we've had issues with them from day 1. I only pay $52 a month at home through AT&T unlimited use and use it like crazy. Netzero they want us to pay $60 for using the computer for 10 mins.

I signed up for a one year contract for about 15 dollars per month, and no one told me the fees would go up to 28 dollars after 6 months. I believe this company is a scam outfit, all consumers be careful.

I don't know much about the internet, but I decided to use it to look for things that I am interested in. I won't be spending much time on there, so I chose netzero as my internet service, especially since I could use it away from home. I ordered their service and waited and waited. I called a few times, only to get the reply that it would be there anytime and how to track it online. Well, I have no online, so how can I check it? I did go to a friend's house and she tried to find the info out online, to no avail. I called and as usual, was put on hold and given the option to be called back in 30 minutes or so.

What is this, the 19th century? Neither my friend or I had the time to wait, so I decided to give netzero until Monday, and then I would cancel. No netzero, so I called, finally got through, got offered the moon and told them I want my money back. Finally the CSR got with the program, and authorized the refund. If I ran an internet company, I would bend over backward to get that modem and disk to me, not give excuses every time I call. I wouldn't have 400+ negative reviews. Please, if you haven't yet gotten their service, don't. I believe that they will be going bankrupt soon with their product and customer service.

I recently received the "upgraded" hot spot from NetZero. Since then, I have had no phone service since my phone goes through my internet service. I have spent so much time on my computer going back and forth with NetZero that I've had to buy more service. NetZero claims that Basic Talk is no longer supported by them and I needed to contact Basic Talk to find what to do to connect through NetZero. Basic Talk, says that NetZero has to disable the firewall they've installed in the hot spot. I have had to reboot my PC many times just to log onto Facebook or restart because my computer locks up. I can't access my email, which I told them, but they insist they have responded to my requests by email. I'll be returning and canceling as soon as I get another internet service.

I order an internet access device (hot-spot) in Sep. 8, 2015 with 2 GB data service plan - Mobile Broadband Plus. Got the device 3 days later (Sep.11) that work fine. After 1 1/2 days (Sep. 13), 2 GB data gone, service had been stopped. Without any internet access, I had to top up another 2 GB data that had been cost $29.95. Reconnection took forever. 15 minutes later, service had not back on. Now at 12:30 AM, I try to call their customer service on the phone twice, got disconnected twice. I had find out later that customer service stop serving after 2 AM EST.

Now, I try to upgrade my plan ($15). It had not been working. Then I try to upgrade one more time ($15). Still, nothing would go on with the internet access. In next morning, I called customer service. Finding out NetZero customer service is in INDIA, not Indiana, U.S.A. We had a hard to understand each other, so I hanged up the phone. Then go to email with my phone, and finding out the sale rep. with ordering got my own email address wrong. Everything is had been fine, after 24 hrs. It had cost me over $190 for two weeks of service. NetZero had not done anything to satisfied their customer or care. All they want is MONEY. DO NOT DOING ANY BUSINESS WITH NETZERO AT ANY COST.

I canceled my service with Netzero. They charged me two extra months of service and for the free device and they refuses to refund my money saying there is no record of my cancellation of services. The device did not work well. It was bad service all along. I wish I would have read these reviews before doing business with this rip off company. Wish they had a option for zero stars.

The Netzero device arrived on Thursday. I hooked everything up Friday evening. My nephew was playing Nick Jr. online on Saturday & I think by evening around 7ish that same Saturday. It stopped working and said a screen came up saying that I had to pay them $15.00 more dollars to continue. Mind you I just gave them $91.00 and some change to get the internet & told my bill wouldn't be due till the 3rd of the following month. This is a big gap. I ordered the most expensive package because I knew I use the internet a lot. I don't see how they possibly stay in business. I hope someone reads my review before even dealing with them. Now I have returned the device which was a chore in itself & now they told me this morning they will deposit my 64.98 back to my credit card in 1-3 business day.

They understand English when it's time to take your money but trying to return anything or complain they don't understand you all of a sudden. Also they will keep trying to hang up on you like it's an accident and it's not. I was determined to get my money back so I will let everyone know how if I get it or not. NEVER GET NETZERO. THEY SUCKKK... RIP OFF SCAM. I don't have my order number but I do have my customer service number.

I signed up for service this AM and was told that I could purchase a pre-owned modem for $24.99, $20 activation fee, and $6.99 shipping and handling. A total of $51 was agreed upon. Only to be sent an email that shows a purchase for a new modem $129.00, total charges of $136.00. I asked to speak with a supervisor about their fraudulent billing practices, TO NO AVAIL. I threatened to call my local news station to make the public aware of their unlawful practices and lo and behold an email was sent refunding the stolen moneys. PLEASE AVOID THIS COMPANY.

Set up an account for my family. One time fee of $98. The rep told me the next billing cycle was Oct 3. I had not received my device and they were trying to take out more money. I called them and they said I didn't pay for the service. After I paid they connect me for 2 days and they said I used up all data and I had to pay more. This company cannot continue to be in service. Too expensive. I had to cancel. 100 bucks down the drain.

Had NetZero and no longer need it and they still bill my account automatically. Presently I'm having my bank stop payment till someone from NetZero Contacts me into closings this account. I have not used this in 8 years but I will not be charged on a phone on hold waiting for someone to find my account. Funny thing is I cannot access this account but they still take your money. I will be talking with a attorney in getting my money back.

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