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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

This is the worst company I've ever had to deal with, they completely lied about the contract and the service they would provide. The service doesn't work and now they want money to cancel. I spent the first 30 days trying to get a hold of them and troubleshooting with them.

I would never recommend this service to anyone. I got this service for my daughter who is a single mother that needed the service for college and streaming movies. The girl who sold me the contract said she uses it herself and could stream all month long. The install was a joke. I had to run a new cable and ground out their own equipment properly, because it took too long to get someone out there to check why the internet was dropping out all the time. I have my own business and for life of me don't understand how they have been in business since 1971. They must have changed ownership recently.

I canceled my contract early, paid the ridiculous fee and now they want $300 more for the equipment that doesn't work anyhow. They couldn't even do the courtesy of picking up their own stuff. So if youre thinking of going with this company do yourself a favor go somewhere else. I got my daughter a cell phone with a hot spot. The cost is about $30 more and she always has internet time left. She doesn't even have to call their horrible customer service to get additional tokens so she doesn't run out of so called internet time.

I was very happy with Hughes Net until I had a problem that required a service call. After several calls to customer service I was told there were no service men in or even close to my location. The closest to me was 2 1/2 hours away in Fresno, Ca. I talked to them 3 times for appointments and all three times they never showed up. Not even a phone call to say they weren't coming. I kept calling customer service to complain and they couldn't get any cooperation from the service men either. Finally I called and said if someone wasn't here I was canceling my service. A guy from the east coast was called to help them out. Very nice man. Made the comment "No wonder they didn't want to come. It's a really long drive." YOU NEED A LOT MORE HELP.

It is almost a month since we have had Hughesnet Satellite internet. Worked intermittently for a few days. Very poor signal and practically unusable internet. It is a joke. If it really does not work, why not just say service not possible. Now I am tied to 2 year contract with them!

I cannot believe how they take advantage of their customers. They charge for mega fast service but provide the slowest speed possible with a limit attached. They use two things against their customer. 1) The lack of knowledge of what the money they are paying should provide and 2) the fact the community has limited choices. This makes this one of the worse companies ever. Avoid like the plague.

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I ordered HughesNet in 2014. I had to wait for weeks until they were able to install the system. The man who came out was beyond rude and angry that he was unable to get the system to work and left. I had to call them again and this time it only took two weeks to send someone else out. The new tech took hours and the internet lasted less time that it took him to install it. I contacted HughesNet and asked on Dec. 11, 2014 to cancel the order.

During this time we were dealing with a family member going through a horrible medical emergency that is still ongoing. We were out of town more than at home during the next two years. Then I get a bill from HughesNet over a year and a half later wanting more money. I contact them and explain that the system never worked and I was not going to pay. Then I discover they have been illegally taking money from my account all of this time for a service they could never provide. They refuse to refund the money they stole. They have now reported me to a collection agency wanting more money. There is no to stop this. Never use this company. They have NO AMERICAN OFFICES. Everything is held overseas and the customer service is "once we have the bank information we will remove money and you can do nothing about it."

As I have read on many comments on here, I have never been as dissatisfied with a company as I am with Hughes Net. Our 2 year contract will be up in about 6 months and there's no way we would renew our contract with them. Our internet has been a complete disappointment since the day we got it. We pay double what most people I know pay, and the Internet is completely worthless!! We have it for about a week maximum of two after our data resets and then we are out for the month. The pathetic thing is that we don't even attempt to stream anything. The only thing we do is internet surfing and social media. Plus we both work full time and are hardly home to use it. I don't know how they get away with such terrible service and ripping people off but I only hope people are smarter than us and read these reviews before locking into regret with them for 2 years!!

I subscribed to Hughes net about 4 years ago. Since I have had their service I have had an extremely slow internet connection. I upgraded to Gen 4 for better service and the internet goes out on a daily basis. I go to use my internet in the morning and I have to unplug my router and plug it back in several times to use the internet.

The billing is also highly unprofessional. Each month they send me a bill with the wrong amount on my bill. The amount I am to pay is $41.54 and each month the bill comes saying they did not apply the $30.00 credit so the bill is $71.54. Each month I have to spend about 45 minutes to an hour on the phone explaining the problem. I am 51 years old and in my entire life, I have never come across such poor service. I am extremely dissatisfied with the service.

I recently moved to Texas in a rural area and asked if the 59.99 package would be enough. She assured me definitely. I had explained I only play Facebook games that I have never downloaded any music movies or videos which I still have not. This was May 7th 2016. On May 29th I had considered going to a less package. What a mistake. I still had 60% and from May 29th to June 7th it was gone. The 60% left all in 8 days. Since then I have had to upgrade to 84.99 and after 15 days I am at 0 again. I have called and all I get is hogwash. I have been using a lot. I have been playing Facebook games for many years and have never exceeded the monthly allotment. I am so disgusted with this co. it will never end. What's in store for next month?

Company claims to offer Internet service then forces you to stay with a contract with costly early termination fees. They do not guarantee usable Internet service, and have horrible customer service. They will damage your home and roof with installation and not care. And after spending hundreds of dollars you will still not be able to even check your email. Please save yourself some money and frustration and do not use this company!! Spread the word!

I've had this company for several years and I've had nothing but trouble out of them. I have to call them 3 to 4 times a month to reset my service in their main office. I'm in the country and not a lot to chose from as far as internet service goes. I have a smart TV and I have Netflix and Amazon as a app to watch movies. Well forget that with HughesNet. They told me "we don't recommend you watch them" because it will run my data out. If you are with HughesNet you only get 10mbps a month. I've called several places and they offer 150 to 300 mbps a month or unlimited. My experience I will never go with HughesNet again. It has been a nightmare. Luckily my contract has ran out so now I can do what I want.

Had Starband internet at a remote camp in the middle of Alaska since 2005 and of course after them going out of business last fall switched over to HughesNet. I use it for email and some phone (when working okay) and for basic communication and don't expect video or fast downloads etc. I feel bad for people that have to use live support as it sounds like often a terrible experience but I would like to say HughesNet is a world ahead of the Starband I had for many years. I was a certified installer of my own Starband equipment and the ease of installation and services and info available right from the modem are light years ahead of Starband which was a very complicated and user unfriendly system. Quality of bandwidth and connection is better and quite usable.

I think people expect cable quality or speed sometimes and don't know if any dish will get you that without spending big money. We just want basic communications and HughesNet gives us that so far in a user friendly way. Love the ease of knowing what you're using and the shut down when you go over but still able to get an emergency email out. Just don't know what would be better for the price.

Worst experience ever. We had service in our family members name who had been living with us at the time and decided to switch it into our name once they moved out. A week in we were calling HughesNet every day with problems, finally cancelled OR SO WE THOUGHT. And come to find out we have been charged for the past 6 months for service we haven't used. Literally have had everything taken out because we switched to service electric. They will only give us back two months of our money so we're SOL with the rest of the money they got to run off with! I'm a mother of three and can't catch a break! ANYONE IN VERNON NJ AREA DON'T BOTHER WITH THIS SERVICE! THEY'RE HORRIBLE!

We ordered services with them about a month ago. When we were inquiring about the services, nobody ever told us that we would be getting limited data of 10 GB. We were told we would be getting about 10-12 Mbps speed, and that would be enough for 4 people to use. Now, after 4 weeks of us being out of the country we find out that our internet is super slow, and when we called customer service, we were informed that our data is over limit. This is the first time we hear about limited data!!! They should train your representative BETTER!!! We actually ordered services through CHAT on the website.

We asked to reimburse all our charges for installation and service, but they said we would be charged additional $400!!! It is a FRAUD. We spent hours on the phone today to solve this issue, and nobody was able to help. One of the managers was supposed to call us back, and we have not heard back from anyone. I had to cancel my credit card in order not to be charged again!

I just got the service on Saturday after moving into my new home. Find out today that I can't use VPN and work from home with this service "never mentioned". Can't even download Netflix as doesn't show I even have internet. Takes 10 seconds to open a page and the gal "Ashley **" says that I should be happy with that as is good. They want me to pay 120 to have a tech come out, say tough, "We got you on a 2 year contract." This is the worst experience of internet, customer service and a company overall that I have ever dealt with. They should be turned in the BBB for scamming people.

We could not get internet from anyone else in rural Wyoming while at a family place. We pay $87.64 for a connection that is slow, frequently disconnects (like many times a day I have to unplug and reconnect the router). It can't really stream audio, nevermind video, and it is so difficult to do any work, even simple text that my family often has to drive to a cafe 15 miles away just to get a better connection to send and receive email. This service is a complete rip-off and they know we are trapped with no other choice. So infuriating.

I have internet connection less than 50% of the time. Lost my connection at an alarming frequency. For example I've been trying to schedule some bill payments for two days, keep getting disconnected after I struggle to connect in the first place. Takes up to 18 hours to download a book to my kindle. Have 13 months left to endure this awful and slow internet service. Don't recommend this company for anyone!

When I signed up I was told that my service was going to be 19.99 a month for phone. I signed up on 5/25/16 but I was not able to use my phone until 6-12-16. At that point I could only call out so I called them and then I lost all phone service until 6-19-16. I would call everyday between May and the day I got it and was told to wait 24 hours and call back if I didn't have it. I can't even count how many hours I spent on the phone. Not once was I able to talk to someone in the United States of America. The only people I could talk to were in the Philippines. Now I called and I am told that the service is not 19.99 it is 29.99. The only reason went with this company is because it was 19.99. Well I was told that the representative misinformed me that they were not going to do anything about it. I was stuck for the 2 years. When the installer was to show up at 8 am and he called at 10 and said he wasn't going to be able to come 'til 6 pm.

When he came he was very nice and helpful but he said we could pay him for the modem so that's what we did. He did not in turn pay the company and we didn't get a receipt or any paperwork from him so we are just out. Hughes Net said that the drivers aren't allowed to sell the modems and since we have no proof they couldn't do anything about it. Once again we are out. I said that not one thing that I was told I got and the response was then you can cancel the services for 600.00. And the reason why I called in the first was the internet was moving slower than I was told. I told that I used all the data in 6 days and they could upgrade me for 20.00 more a month.

I would not recommend this company to anyone. They said whatever to get us to use their company. The services were going to be 79.99 a month for both internet and phone but now I have to pay almost double that and they have no record of me being told that they were 79.99 even though I have the case number of the conversation. I have a book full of case numbers and nobody will take them. WATCH OUT they are a TWO-FACED company. They will tell you anything to get you to sign up and they will not stand by their word but you have to stay with them for the time period. You don't have a choice. I can't even to begin to tell you how much money and time we are put already and it's only been a month. They refuse to let you speak to anyone in the United States of America.

My husband and I live in Harvard IL and purchased internet service through Hughes Network Systems. We were told they were the only provider in our area. We were unable to use 2 home PC's with the service even having purchased exactly the brand of router they told us to. We were constantly being disconnected and it took several minutes to navigate from one internet page to the next. We removed our router and tried the service with one PC and had the same problems. At this point, we contacted Hughes to disconnect service and we were told that we had to pay a $250 cancellation fee. In a nutshell, their service stinks, and they charge you to cancel your unsatisfactory service. Don't do business with this company!

I deny that I owe Hughes Network Systems the $493.11 stated in letter of 27 Jun 2016 based on the following facts: Hughes Network Systems had entered into an agreement with my wife to supply internet services to ** beginning MAY 2015. Prior to the end of the first 30 days of our contract with Hughes Network, my wife called Hughes Network and discontinued the internet service, and I was so informed.

Subsequently (month of Jun 2015) my wife entered us into a contract with Comcast and I was billed by Comcast for identical services, beginning Jun 2015; not having received any billing from Hughes Network, I had a reasonable right to assume Hughes Network had performed their obligation to un-enroll me and not take unauthorized withdrawals from an account that gave me little, almost no, notice of these withdrawals. In fact, I claim that I am owed a total of $1,387.68 from Hughes Network based on the following facts: Beginning June 2015 I have not use Hughes Network services at any time. I contracted for, and received, and paid for, internet service from Comcast. During this same interval, Hughes Network continued to make unauthorized withdrawals from a Visa debit card drawn on my investment account.

Hughes Network Systems currently owes ME a total of $1,387.68. This money was withdrawn from my account for the month of MAY 2015 thru the month of Apr 2016 when I put a stop to these unauthorized withdrawals. A total of 13 unauthorized withdrawals have been made. It is an arguable fact that perhaps some daily charges for the month of MAY 2015 may be subject to proration. I currently have a modem belonging to Hughes Network. Shall I mail this to you? I did not discover this error in Hughes Network withdrawals until I transferred internet and TV services from the La Fonte address to a new home. When I put my TV provider on hold, I realized they were going to hook up to a satellite with a dish. This is when I discovered a double billing for internet services.

The unauthorized withdrawals went unnoticed because they were automated from an account that had direct deposits of dividends. The continued rise in the value of this account masked the withdrawals until I drilled down into the details. The theft of these amounts also went unnoticed because they were not informed with monthly mailings to the La Fonte property. Upon discovery, I called Hughes Network and discussed this with their representative and again informed them that I was not using their services and would not pay for it. I offered to settle this matter if they would return a good deal of my money. Hughes countered with an unacceptable offer and added insult to injury when they demanded the additional $493.11.

Please avoid these people and do not believe anything they say. They have scammed me for the last penny they ever get from me. I explained that I was getting this service for my grandchildren that lived in an area with no internet service so they could watch movies. They never once told me that after 2 movies their internet was used up for the rest of the month. Also more money was drafted from my bank account than I was originally told. I called to ask them why the service was not working and they said our data was used for the month. They told us to go in and change the setting on the netflix and see if that would work. Also was advised to purchase a new modem which we did.

After questioning why the draft was much more than I had expected they said it was taxes they had forgot to tell me about. Two days later another draft was taken out of my bank account and when I called I got the same story of it was charges I had not been told about. At my age this is very scary that people can just take money out of my account when they want to. I told the lady that I just wanted to cancel my service - that their misrepresentation of all the fees was more than I could afford.

With no service I just assumed it had been canceled until Sunday July 10 another large fee with Hughes internet was drafted from my account and again much more than I had been originally told. I called and asked them what was being done with my account and apparently on their end my services never was cancelled. Now I'm being threatened with extra fees I was never informed of. Please don't make this same mistake. Wish I had of read all of these reviews first. Next time I will go with my gut instinct!!!

I contacted HughesNet in February in preparation for our move to Texas in March. They sold me their satellite internet, phone and DirecTV. I signed a 2-year contract with them. Since it's been installed I discovered that there is a cap on high speed data that we reach during week 2 of the month. After that you have to buy more at a high price. My bad, I didn't read the contract close enough. I was not informed of this on the phone at purchase time. Now, I've been having trouble using the DirecTV On Demand feature. It won't download anything or it can take 2 days to download a 30 minute show.

DirecTV told me it is an internet problem as my Netflix and other apps are fine. Called HughesNet and Bridget ** told me that HughesNet will not work with DirecTV On Demand because satellite internet IPAD addresses keep changing and DirecTV requires one that doesn't change. I asked why they sell them together and she said to save money. Nowhere in my contract does it say HughesNet won't work with DirecTV. I'm cancelling but they are charging me $400 less $15 per month (3 months) I've had the service. What a rip off when it won't even work.

Living out in the country is not easy when it comes to internet services. After not being satisfied with DSL I decided to go with Hughes Satellite. What a mistake it was. I had very poor internet with downloads speeds of 1.62 megabytes. They never could fix the issue and I spent hours on the phone with them. The company hires a different company to install their service and hires another company to do the troubleshooting. After hours of spending time with all of them on the phone (minimum 2 hours and as much as 3:15 hours on the phone many days in a row), I decided to cancel the service.

They are a very complicated company that simply cannot fix their own problems. The best department they have is their sales department. The other departments were very inefficient. They even wanted me to pay for the troubleshooting company to see why it didn't work with only having the service less than 36 hours. I cannot recommend this company to anyone. It was a nightmare and a big waste of my time and sadly their time too as I cancelled the service in less than 30 days.

Signed up with Hughesnet on 7/13/2015. Rep didn't bother to mention anything about a credit check just went ahead and did it. Seeing as my credit already took a hit I had to go with Hughesnet. Specifically asked the rep how VoIP works on Hughesnet and he boasted how great it was. Advised the rep we needed to use a Verizon cell phone booster as well. He told us that would work as well. When we got the internet hooked up I asked the installer many questions before he hooked everything up such as if I would be able to do port forwarding. The installer seemed unintelligent and told me I could. Meanwhile during installation he proceeded to use our bathroom and stunk up the whole house.

After services were hooked up I found out that VoIP does not work one bit. The sound is all garbled and delayed. After this I found out to have any phone service I would have to pay Hughesnet more money and sign another contract for phone service. Next I found out it was completely impossible to use port forwarding or use any services such as open DNS further limiting any use I had for this service. However the best is yet to come. Hughesnet told us we would get 15G of data per month and that we would be able to do so much with it. During the first few days we monitored our usage like a hawk not noticing any difference in the amount of data we used.

Next we realized that the data was being reset multiple times per day!!! We thought this was how the service was to work as it continued to do this for 3 weeks. Then after 3 weeks our data crashed down to nothing and not even a google search page would load. I couldn't even load my account with Hughesnet. After contacting Hughesnet they advised that the data was reset to allow for any updating of computers before use of the service. WHAT RUBBISH!!! We used OVER 100GBs of data!!! Most homes have an average of 2 computers. A windows install ISO is only 4 gigs and installs at 15 GBS. Unless Im running a call center this is absolutely ridiculous.

To think Hughesnet was almost par for 3 weeks then have our service go to absolutely nothing will not do for 2 years! The ping rate is atrocious and the latency makes me puke. You get crummy internet at best for about 1 week until your data is completely gone then you have no service for 3 weeks. Keep in mind that most homes have windows computers which download updates without your knowledge in the background more than just once a month especially with windows 10 not allowing you to turn it off youre screwed.

We got nothing from Hughesnet but a disgusting installer, a disgusting bill for only 15 Gb of data lasting about 1 week, then nothing for 3, and now a huge as cancellation bill. Oh plus we had to move due to a pervert moving in next door and to cancel we had to go back to the house struggling to take down the satellite while the perv watched us saying inappropriate things. I proceeded to have to go out to buy tools just to take it down. I wanted to cancel your services after 3 weeks but had to bare through months of crappy service while paying an arm and a leg.

I had HughesNet for two years. At the end of the contracted time I moved to another state that had better and cheaper service. I called 2 months before I moved and no one said anything about returning equipment. In fact the customer service begged me to keep my service and said they would give me my last month free. Nothing was mentioned about returning anything! Now I just received a $300 charge for the equipment. $300 for a 2 year old modem?? What world are they living on. This company is a top 5 worst company operating in the US! Unless you live on a polar cap do not use HughesNet!!!

I've never been more mislead by a company as Hughesnet. I was made promises of how great the service would be and the capabilities and what I was told by the representative couldn't be less true. If you're considering this company do yourself a HUGE favor... Put this company completely off the list no matter how bad you need Internet service. You WILL BE DISAPPOINTED. I'm baffled as to how this company is allowed to do business. Don't make the same mistake many of us writing reviews have made. I'll be on the roof tomorrow removing this junk off my roof. DO NOT MAKE THIS MISTAKE! If you do any type of streaming your data will run out in the first week. If you have this service CUT YOUR LOSSES NOW or you will be miserable even longer.

Speaking to customer service is difficult as they just repeat their script that you have to pay a fee to cancel. There should be no fee if the service is not even basically effective. I just need internet for emails and web browsing; uploading a document takes forever, and often fails. Pages stop loading and time out. Total waste of time!

I want to cancel service. It was installed in May. Service is slower and less consistent than using my cell phone as a hotspot. I have not used all of my data. The technician who came out yesterday found no issues other than possibly a tree branch partially obscuring the dish. I called in again today but when I was connected to a service manager her phone connection was so digitized I could not hear her. My issue is similar to those on this website: I should not have to pay ANY other fees and REFUSE to pay early termination fee as the service is not at all as promised. Please confirm that the agreement is void and schedule a technician to remove the equipment.

Nothing but issues from day one of service. You are better off having No internet at all than signing a contract with these criminals! Hate is a strong word that I try not to use often but I very sincerely HATE HughesNet!!! I would love to see their retention numbers on how many people actually stay with them after the contract has ended. I strongly regret signing up with HughesNet and now I’m locked in for 2 years. Their reps are not knowledgeable and customer service is a joke!!! Due to HughesNet errors, my account was drafted the wrong amount 3 months in a row causing overdraft fees. After the 2nd issue a rep said that if it happened a 3rd time that they would then allow me to cancel my service and waive the $340 termination fee.

After the 3rd billing issue happened when they drafted the wrong amount, I called to cancel and they refused to waive the termination fee like the last rep told me they would. I spoke to 4 diff supervisors but they all give you the same run around and refuse to transfer you to anyone with authority. Just a horrible company!!! And the internet service is a joke too. I can use my phone for social media but I can't watch YouTube or Netflix videos. Every month since I started my service I have had one issue or another but they won’t take responsibility. They just point the finger to the misinformed or misunderstood rep who misadvised you. Taking down the rep’s full name, date, time, etc does no good either. They can’t use that information. Ahhh!!! =/

We started with Hughes Net in April! We were signed up by a "local" company. He didn't tell us about the "data allowance"!! We ran out of data in a week! We keep calling and they give us 2GB free... lasts for a few days. We don't stream, watch movies, etc. We should not be running out of data. It is just their word against ours! [I read all the reviews... but what I really want to know is WHAT CAN WE DO!!!] We are stuck with this awful company for nearly 2 years... IS THERE ANYWAY WE CAN GET OUT OF THE CONTRACT WITHOUT HAVING TO PAY THEM SO MUCH MONEY?

I signed up for Hughes Net in September of 2015. The equipment stopped working right after the installer left my premises. He had provided a defective modem. Called Hughes Net several times and requested that it was a defective modem. Did troubleshooting with a tech several times without success. Spoke with many representatives and one person suggested that I buy myself a new modem. Went on ebay and bought an identical modem with the same model number etc. When I called Hughes Net and asked them to connect the modem I was told to buy a cable that was capable of attaching to my laptop. Did that too. When everything was ready, I was told they would not connect the modem I had purchased, although the modem was the same in every respect model # etc. I had to buy another modem from Hughes Net.

Called several times but they would not even send out a tech as according to company policy, I had to call several times before they would invest in sending out a tech. DESPITE THE FACT THAT I HAD RECEIVED NO SERVICE AT ALL FOR 10 MONTHS, MY CREDIT CARD WAS CHARGED $110 MONTHLY! I had signed up for their faster service. Finally cancelled service after paying $280 cancellation fee in July of 2016... ten months after I signed up and after 10 of failing to provide any service at all.

I requested that they waive the cancellation fee as I had not received any service AT ALL, and was refused. I hope consumer affairs would look into this matter as it is appalling that a company would be allowed to get away with committing fraud on their customers. Added to that I have to go up the roof to retrieve equipment or face additional charges for failing to return equipment!! In my opinion Hughes Net should not be allowed to continue business since they charge customers but fail to provide any service!!!

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This broadband satellite ISP, also known in the market as HughesNet, works with Earthlink and DirectTV to provide a range of services around the world.

  • Service anywhere: Anyone nearly anywhere within the contiguous United States can access Internet service through geostationary satellite, even when camping in an RV.
  • Browsing: Microsecond delays, due to the signal traveling thousands of miles through the atmosphere, are unnoticeable during normal browsing.
  • Options for exceeding bandwidth: For customers worried that they might go over their allotted bandwidth, HughesNet offers packages that prevent higher fees or throttling.
  • Best for Those in search of reliable access to the Internet at good speeds, even in the most remote locations.

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