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From installation till discontinuing service a nightmare, as well as super slow when it did work and rude unknowledgeable employees. I implore you to beware. Never again will I use this service I honestly rather go without.

I unplugged my router so nothing could connect to the wifi. The next morning I had lost 1/2 a gig of data. All HughesNet said was I need to manage my data better. How can I manage data that is stolen when no one get login? When I ask for a printout of when and what my data was used on they just keep saying you need to manage your data better. I wish I would have looked for reviews before getting scammed by this unethical, deceitful, and corrupt organization. When I called to signup I asked some very specific questions.

First I asked if I used all my data would my data rate be throttled down. The sales con-man said no and with the special compression system they use she watched 7 to 8 hours of Netflix every weekend and never went over and she had the same package I was signing up for. Well this month I'm not even 6 days in and I'm already 3 gigs over and my data. Rate is so throttled most things timeout before I get logged in. When I complained to the BBB all they did was forward my email to HughesNet then forward their reply to me. When I didn't reply immediately they closed the ticket. When I consider acted them and asked why I never got a response. So evidently the BBB does not stand up for the little guy. We can't pay them off.

When I first signed up for HughesNet I was promised I wouldn't be charged a cancellation fee because I knew I'd be moving in a year, then they charged me 300$ without notice when I cancelled. They used my equipment to set up the new tenant in my place and charged me another 300$ for not returning their equipment, even though they are currently using it. They refused to help me, wouldn't answer my phone calls or would hang up. I would email and they'd promise to call back and never did. For a few months of terrible service I ended up with over 600$ of charges that were out of my hands. Worst service ever.

I had no choice because there was no other service at my address. I had this put in with a two-year required contract. During the first year I called many times due to no service many times. The customer service were nice and knowledgeable but after many calls and paying close to a hundred dollars monthly just for internet and continual bad service they never got me proper service. I couldn't watch Netflix without continual buffering during the movie. I tried constantly to watch a video on my internet unsuccessfully.

Finally, after a year and 4 months, I decided to discontinue their service. This service was so slow, we couldn't even get a home phone to work with it. They were very ugly when I finally said I had enough. Charged me the fees to discontinue service also even though I didn't have decent service. Very ugly when I discontinued. Do not use this service. You will wish you had just no service as it was a constant struggle to use their internet. Don't fall for it. I would have been better off not paying then to have bad service. I am happy with AT$&T now and even have a home phone.

I wanted to try out a less expensive wi-fi and Internet provider and had Hughes Net install a dish and service. The service was acceptable for the first thirty days, however that quickly changed as the "loading" wheel was a constant scourge to my movie viewing and Internet use. I attributed that initially to weather related interference but during the second month of service nothing changed for the better. I finally called customer service around sixty days from the install date to cancel my service only to find out that a early termination fee of $ 400.00 was charged to my account.

When asked about the poor service and unfair charges I was told that "there is nothing we can do since you agreed to the terms and conditions". I responded to that statement by saying, "Your product did not perform as advertised, therefore I should not have to be penalized for your inferior service." When asked if I could speak to a manager, I was put on hold for over an hour. I called back after hanging up and got the same treatment. I then asked the representative to have a manager please call me at their convenience to which she responded in the affirmative. It has been a week today with no return call. I would not recommend Hughes Net to anyone. I intend to file a formal complaint to the FCC.

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I switched from Frontier TV and internet for a DirecTV bundling package with my AT&T wireless account. DirecTV offered Hughes satellite internet as part of the switch. It all sounded good, I would save money by bundling and promotional discounts. I received service from Hughes on July 12. They only supply the modem with one Ethernet connection. I had to buy a router in order to connect with my laptops and printer.

From the onset the internet was slow and unresponsive. It reminded me of the dial-up days. Every site clocked for minutes before opening and then slowly. Many times I received an 'oops site not available' message. Printing literally took minutes. Good luck trying to print from a webpage. I had to do copy the material and paste it in a Word document to print.

I called numerous times to try and resolve issues. First thing I learned, which was never explained in the beginning (thanks DirecTV), that the package I had was with a 10 MB cap. If you exceeded it the service was 'choked back'. You had to upgrade to a more expensive package to get 50 MB. After getting that resolved I still had slow to non-existent service. At times no service at all. Our cell phones were so slow on WiFi that we had to switch them off in order to get any kind of speed.

Repeated calls, hours on the phone, being told the download speed was what it should be, blaming it on the router. Funny thing...I had the same issues when I bypassed the router and installed the Ethernet directly into the computer. In desperation I had Frontier reinstall the internet service. I cancelled HughesNet after less than 2 months of service. Now I am stuck with a roughly $375 cancellation fee. NEVER EVEN CONSIDER USING THIS COMPANY AS YOUR INTERNET PROVIDER!!!

I wished I would have listened to the reviews I read about this company before I jumped off the cliff with them. So here I am, writing a very dismal report for this shabby, sleazy operation called HughesNet. The following is a letter I wrote to the collection agency trying to collection money from me after I cancelled my service early inside the 24 month contract. My contract with them provided for a data plan of 15 GB of anytime data, & 50 GB of bonus data (between 2-8am). Hughes Network Systems failed to provide adequate service to my home during the 24 month contract period. Effective April 11, I cancelled my service with your client incurring the charge of $247.40 for early termination of the contract.

I was forced to cancel their services. I have filed a report to FCC concerning what I believe to be fraud committed by Hughes Network Systems. During the first 30 days of service, which is probationary trial, you have the option to cancel the service without penalty. During the first 30 days of service provided to me, I was very satisfied the service provided. Performance was good and very little data used during that period.

After the 30 day period was completed, their service went downhill, in that we were continually running out of data allotted to us for the month forcing us to buy extra data. Hughes Network does not have a data plan which is adequate for our use. As stated earlier, during the first 30 days of service, performance was good and we were well within our data cap for the billing cycle. This all ended after 30 days were completed, and by their contract terms are forced into a remaining 23 months of very poor service, data usage taking us over our allowed limits leaving us with poor performance for the remaining billing cycle, after which time our data would be refreshed.

This routine was repeated month after month without remedy. This performance is unacceptable. Hughes Network Systems operates fraudulently within their provisions.These allegations were reported to the FCC in full detail. Hughes Network Systems was notified by the FCC, but I never received an answer from them concerning the report filed. I request you review this claim to collect funds for your client in the amount of $247.40. If after your review with your client, this collection is pursued, I will forward all communications to our attorney and take action. That was the end of the matter. If you're caught fighting with these folks, document everything in writing and hold your ground.

To make it short and simple, HughesNet is horrible. My internet goes out quite often. Today there is a light rain so as usual, I had no service all morning. I have unplug my router for several hours and hope it comes back on. I did this twice so far. Customer Service in nonexistent. I call them and they put the blame on DIRECTV. This happens on a clear and sunny day. Terrible internet and customer service, for a hefty price.

First of all I am so thankful I came here to see reviews of Hughes Net for internet provider. I called for information since I've never been a customer, I wanted prices and amount of data, etc. I did receive this information and then the salesman argued with me about why I should speak with my husband before making a decision and very strongly tried to get me to enter into a contract without speaking to my husband. I politely attempted to explain to him that neither of us did long term contracts for anything without discussing it with each other. The end result of the phone conversation ended with me hanging up on him when he was pushy to the point of rudeness. Thanks again for this service to be able to see reviews of service or lack thereof.

The monthly service we received was fair in comparison to our choices of service providers available in our rural area. However, when we sold and moved we cancelled our service and was told we had to return the equipment. No problem I thought!!! They said they would send us return boxes, but we never received them. We packed the equipment with our moving stuff and contacted them with our new address, they sent boxes to the old address!!! 2 months later they deduct a payment of $72 out of my account for service. I called CS and they put the money back in my account saying they would send boxes again. The boxes never came.

The next month they deducted $320 for not returning the equipment! I called again, spent another hour on the phone, they said they would ship out new boxes to new address. Well a week later I get a card from UPS sent to my new address stated they attempted to deliver but nobody lived at the location for delivery so package was returned!!! I spent another hour and a half with technical support, they claimed to have it right and boxes were on the way. Now it's been another month and they still have my $320. A week later I receive a power cord from them??? I spent another hour and a half on phone and they say just go buy boxes and send equipment back.

I go to UPS store, buy boxes, they package everything and shipment is on the way. Modem, radio, power supply cord and new power supply cord all neatly packed by the professionals at UPS. I called Hughesnet with the tracking # since they said as soon as I did they would put money back in my account. They claimed they couldn't locate tracking # on their system. Three days later they said they received package but it only contained the radio!!! I threaten to turn this ridiculous matter over to an attorney and then they said everything was in the package. This time I'm on the phone for 2 hours and they refuse to let me talk to a supervisor. Now they have their equipment and my money will be credited to my Hughesnet account which was cancelled 4 months ago. Then I have to call to request it be transferred to my bank account after 48 hours. Then it can take up to 7-10 days before the funds are available!

This has been the worse experience I have ever gone through with a business and customer service! I still don't have my money, they have their equipment and when you call them they have a bunch of foreigners that can't understand us and I assure you, you can't understand them! I read some of the reviews after the fact (my mistake) and I can't help but wonder how businesses like this stay open! Please do your homework when dealing with any business and don't just assume because they are nationwide and big they will not steal from you. They are very good at what they do when dealing with your money and don't say you weren't warned!!!

So about 6 weeks ago we noticed huge amounts of our data disappearing. After calling several times and nobody ever calling back when they said they would, yesterday we decided to downgrade to a smaller package. Figured if we were saving $30 a month it wouldn't be so bad if they take a little data back. Well last night, we turned off all our equipment and went to bed. At 11 PM, husband got up and checked. 67 megabytes of our bonus data has been used. I need to know what's going on. I'm super unhappy with Hughes Net right now.

I had AT&T DSL service for years. It was lousy but worked. I received a flyer from a "We Connect" (No indication of Hughes as the provider, that should have been my first warning flag). I called to inquire and was basically lied to about what they "could/would do". I told the salesperson I used 100GB per month (per AT&T) and he told me there was no way I was using that. They told me my speeds would be 3 times faster until after I used up my allotment of, in my case 10 GBs then it would drop to DSL speeds. It made sense however, My real experience was ANYTHING BUT. The initial speed was so-so, in some ways slower than my DSL other ways (for short burst) faster.

One weird experience was my Gmail account struggled to start up. It said "having trouble starting gmail we are working on it". Then, after I ran out of my 10GB it slowed to FAR LESS than my old DSL service, it reminded me of when I had dial up! It couldn't even run my Pandora for music. Finally, I started calling my initial contact (as he so politely told me to) and got nowhere. Said "sorry you will have to speak to HNI directly". I called HNI in Texas and they told me, "Well do you want the service or not?" And said "If not it would be $400.00 to get out." I related my experience and how I was basically sold a bill of goods, and he ignored me. After a long chat he did offer to give me a "free test" of their "premium service" 20GB/month and fastest downloads speed. Well it was not much better and obviously, the 20GB lasted for about 1 week for my application.

I am still waiting for a callback from the We Connect manager. Now I speculate - It appears they have basically licensed a bunch of small sales groups to up-sell their "service" and get you into a two year contract at all cost. The second "flag" I should have paid attention to was the installer (nice young man) was with Dish Network! I struggle onward.

No words can describe how effing pissed off I am with HughesNet right now! After my contract is up I'll never ever go back to them. So any of my friends that may need internet in the future I'd never ever ever EVER go with HughesNet if I was you. Got hung up on today after I was put on hold was told installation would be different day than it's going to be. Told them it would have to be weekend or after 5 pm for installation during week now they're telling me I'm set up for morning install. Complained to management group even cussed 'em out on phone which I don't like doing but my blood is boiling so much and so fed up that it just came out of my mouth! So not happy at all with HughesNet and none of my friends would I recommend get them for service. Rant Over!!! Hopefully I save some people from being as pissed as I am!!!

We signed up with Hughes Net in Dec.of 2015. We moved to the country and was not able to get service from our previous provider. We have a home phone and internet with them. It wasn't too bad to begin with. Much slower than what we had, but I expected some slowdown going from DSL to Satellite. The past 3 months have been terrible! I go to use my phone and the line is dead, internet is so slow it's worse than dial-up. Every time I try to contact customer service, it takes close to 5 min. before I can get a live person, who speaks very broken English!

Their automated system will acknowledge my number when I call, but then won't accept my zip code to verify, then I have to enter my phone number by hand. The 2nd or 3rd time it usually accepts my zip code, then you have to repeat numerous times why you are calling. The automated voice will keep saying, "I didn't get that". By the end of the call my blood pressure has gone up, and I don't have high blood pressure! I have received good customer service only once! They will not accept responsibility for their horrible service, want to charge for early termination because they can't provide the service promised when I signed on!

All of the outraged customers need to get a class action lawsuit going, and put them out of business! I have never gone over my 10 GB, but I was informed that only 6 days into this month's service I have reached my allowance! After looking at my usage on their My Dashboard with the only good customer service agent I have ever spoke with, she showed me the actual times when the usage was so high. We concluded that it was probably from trying to order a movie that never did download for me to watch. She blamed my cable provider, and upgraded me to another pkg. with the same 10GB for same cost but so that my 10GB could begin again.

I was very grateful for her help and made sure she knew that. But right after the call I had to call back for another problem, and today my phone was not working AGAIN but my internet was... SLOWLY. So I sent them a message on their chat. Got an email back, "I am concerned to know that you are having issues with the phone service. We recognized the inconvenience this may have caused you. Please be advised that we have limited capabilities here in email support and we would need to refer your concern to our HughesNet Voice Group to further assist you with real-time troubleshooting to determine the possible cause of the issue. You may reach our Voice Group through our phone support at 1-866-347-3292. They are open 24/7 to assist you."

DUH!!! I couldn't make the call because I had NO phone service!! As others have said, please save yourself time, money and much frustration. AVOID Hughes Net like the plague!!! There are other satellite internet providers out there. My cable provider just informed me of one that is available in my area. I will be looking into it further once my phone is back. Maybe they will pay the early termination fees for switching to them.

When I first signed up with HughesNet I had a date for installation setup and it took 3 weeks before they finally got the service installed. I got billed from the day I signed up. Then when I was trying to find out why I was using so much data they kept saying it was my equipment, (Computer, Wireless Modem, etc.) Whenever I tried to sign into my account with the DSS # I would get some other name from WI and I live in MN. So finally after sending them a ticket from an airline ticket when we were on vacation showing we weren't even home and I had used up all my data, they finally sent me a new DSS box. That resolved the issue of using all my data. Then I still had the issue of it being slow as a snail speed. They just kept saying it was my equipment. I went around for two years and finally my contract was up so I cancelled them. I received a case number for that.

The next month I still got billed. I called again and they said that my account was still active and they would credit my account. The next month I received another charge on my credit card. I finally had to cancel my credit card. Now I got turned into the collection agency for not paying the charges. I'm trying to find out how I can charge them with fraud because of the hassle I have had to deal with. I asked several times to talk to the Manager or supervisor and all I ever got was "I can help you". WHAT A JOKE!

Do NOT choose Hughes Net as your Service provider. You will be highly dissatisfied. Can't watch a movie, downloading a news clip takes so long you will decide you don't care! Even trying to read a web page takes so long to load you can wash the dishes while you wait. Of course if it rains anywhere in your area, you lose connection entirely so you will never know if a storm is headed your way, that is for sure. But-if you tell them you are not satisfied and want to stop it will cost you $300 to get them to disconnect you. Do NOT choose Hughes NET.

Customer service is non-existent and the web help is a joke. When setting up service they were very prompt. On follow-up problem, good luck. I transferred my prior phone number to the account and needed to find out my phone number since you can't access the answering service without it. Went online, kept on getting responses about how to "port" my number. I already did that, it took over a week to get a human response. I own a business and needed a bill mailed, huge ordeal. Apparently you can't get a bill mailed after they issued it in their system, even though the cycle is not for another 25 days.

Took almost 3 months to get a paper bill. I just called about a charge of $5.00 for, "Invoice Charge Delayed". After finally getting a human, I was told the charge was for the privilege of billing me my monthly service fee. Hughes net is a joke. We signed up for a DirecTV bundled rate, DirecTV does not work in our area due to mountains in the way. Was told "too bad" and I am welcome to pay the early termination fee despite not able to get the service I signed up for.

I have had HughesNet for about 6 months or so, and I have called them several times. First they were blaming my computer for the slow internet. I got a brand new computer, and it is still terribly slow. High speed internet... HAH!!! Best joke I have heard in my lifetime!! My 4G mobile hotspot is faster than their satellite internet. My daughter was downloading a game on her PS3, and it took 7 1/2 hours for 2800 MB, and in about 1 hour total she got the other 2646 MB on the 4G mobile hotspot. All they keep telling me is that the parameters showing on their side are good. They won't send anyone out to actually check to see if the dish is out of alignment or anything. If I go with someone else, and they want to charge me the early termination fee... then I will sue them for false advertisement!!

I had Verizon DSL and wanted a stronger signal/provider. Signed up with HughesNet because they claimed all my complaints about DSL would be fixed. Two hours after installation I tried to stream a video. It buffered more than I could see the actual video. It continues. Spent 40 minutes on phone with customer service who told me I must have too many devices (tv only) and I could try to move closer to the modem/router or not go wireless. They insist my speed is within the parameters but they can't seem to explain why it buffers more than being able to see the content.

I only got as high as the floor supervisor who refused to allow me to speak to anyone else. All I want is them to get their equipment and get my money back. This was the worst mistake I could ever make. I am making it my life's goal to encourage everyone to run as fast as they can from any HughesNet service. They don't live up to their claims. It's pathetic. No one who works for them would settle for the service we are getting.

Hughes network is the worst!! Problems with problems since the start! It's extremely expensive for low quality ** Internet! Not recommended at all!!! They keep charging even after we've canceled. Customer service is crap. They won't answer when it's about cancelling or anything! Drop this internet if you have it currently!!

I signed on with Hughes Net 4 years ago. The installation was of poor quality. Cables running down the back porch and across the steps. I experienced chronic problems with the cable connections over the years and Hughes Net would not do anything to remedy. I finally repaired the connections myself. I initially started out with the basic plan and the service was limited to slow wifi. Internet streaming was very slow and broken. Would often freeze up. I was unable to download anything without pauses and delays. Ran out of data within days of renewal each month which caused a decrease of speed and caused an inability to surf the internet.

Hughes Net ran test and said I would need to upgrade my plan to the premium plan. After almost a year of frustration, I decided to spend the money and upgraded to the most expensive plan. This plan promised high speed service in which I could surf and stream. However, the upgrade allowed our household about a week of Internet service then we had to buy tokens to get through the month. Streaming, movies, YouTube videos, music and downloading was still broken and delayed at best and quickly used up our allowable data. Hughes Net ran numerous test many times and concluded the system was operating within their limits and the service was as good as it gets. I was stuck with the the Gen4 because I was locked into a two year contract at well over $100 a month. I terminated the Gen4 once the contract ran out. Customer service was very rude and delayed about stopping service.

They eventually sent out a box with a prepaid returned address and instructions. I had to return the receiver box, plug in cable and the receiver unit off of the dish or face $100s of charges. This required me to make an unexpected trip on the roof to disassemble the receiver unit from the dish. I would not recommend Hughes Net. The service was not as advertised or promised. Gen4 unperformed and was overpriced. I am back to no Internet service but am saving over $100 a month. We'll have to get by with 4G and a booster. Hopefully someone comes up with good high speed satellite internet service for us country folks soon. Until then, we'll have to get by with 4G.

My husband and I have been HughesNet for about 6 months now, since very first two weeks we have had nothing but problems! Constant excuse from customer service is "you've gone over your limit." What limits? There was nothing said of limits when service was bought. They will not allow myself to disconnect service, I'm not on account. My husband who is in hospital out of state MUST do it!! THEY SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!!

HughesNet's service is very slow and unreliable. I remember the days of dial up internet. Dial up would be much faster and more reliable. Do not call HughesNet's help desk and expect to receive any help because there is no help. My rating on a scale of 1 to 10 is zero, lower than the worst I can think of.

Went through the first month without a hitch. Was able to watch Netflix and other shows, play games on Facebook but the 2nd bill came around and before I even had an email saying my bill was ready they had already taken money out of my account. Did not even get a warning or anything about how much the service even was going to cost. Also they do not send you a confirmation that the bill is even paid. Called to find out why it happened because I did not have account set that way, they pretty much ignored my inquiry and before I was off the phone my data usage which had just reset was gone. So now I am stuck for a whole month until it resets again. The speed they leave you with is barely enough to even open their dashboard to see what happened.

I started with the lowest plan and because we got into the movie streaming, I went up to the highest plan. After several hours of troubleshooting my speed problems using, I discovered that my speed was being throttled by HughesNet. I'm really not sure that throttle is a good word - maybe bogged down because of all the other users streaming during the let's say movie evening hours on the Pacific Coast. Their support said that it was a cell problem - too many users in the high gigabit cell. Wow! Speeds would drop to as low as 300 k during the hours of 5:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m.

If you could stream movies, the hours of 11 pm to 8 am, I'm sure you would be fine the first 10 days and then you would run out of data. If you're a movie streamer, be prepared to purchase those extra tokens. Not a good system for streaming, but isn't this what the internet is all about nowadays? 6 more months and I am dropping them. Am currently using CenturyLink VDSL and am not having any problems...

First of all this is the worse customer service I have EVER received. I have been trying to get a response to a $99 charge not authorized on my credit card and no one even bothers to get back to me since Aug 24 and today is Sept 8 2016. Promised to install Gen 4 and that is not available in my area. They installed Gen 1 so then charged me a cancellation fee. This service is horrible. Do not use this company if you rely on internet for your business.

They are the worst company I ever used, did not explain cost or how they arrive at cost, not knowing about megabytes or gigabytes and how they say I use them was not explained to me. After a phone conversation about my bill (250.00) or so for the second month they wanted to give me a 20.00 credit and 5 giga somethings. I hung up. Now I'm right back where I was - no Netflix, no YouTube and slow yahoo mail, lots of slow buffering. When I call helpline I get a foreigner that has poor english and rattles on so fast I can't understand them. Good GOD. Whatever happened to American workers. It's no wonder unemployment is so high. What can be done with HughesNet? They are a rip-off and they want 400.00 to cancel, but I have no choice or no internet. I will cancel and I will not pay them the sick cancellation fee.

They gave us 10GB a month. First month was ok. Towards the end of the month was running slow. I called up they said my GB were up and would renew at the beginning of the month. New month came and two days later my internet was slow again. I call back and they say my 10GB were done. I barely used it. Turns out the first month they reset your internet for 20 days, so you have decent service. After 30 days your trial period ends and you're locked into the contract.

I have had HughesNet for just over 6 months now and have recurring issues. I had to use them as they were the only company I could find that could deliver service to my home outside of town. It is slow and when I try to inquire why they tell me I have used all my data allowance. I however do not stream shows or play games on my computer. There is no way I am using the data they claim I am and definitely not in the period they claim that I am. They will not send a bill and when I inquires why they said they don't send bills unless requested and will charge $5 for a copy of a bill. The customer service (if that what you want to call them) is outsourced outside the U.S..

They were quick to install, although I don't think I got the speeds advertised. There was misrepresentation of their packages which they didn't seem to care much about even after I ran up the ladder to a supervisor. I found a better deal with a competitor with unlimited data for a cheaper and of course I'm still getting charged their early termination fee. I'm an unsatisfied customer.

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This broadband satellite ISP, also known in the market as HughesNet, works with Earthlink and DirectTV to provide a range of services around the world.

  • Service anywhere: Anyone nearly anywhere within the contiguous United States can access Internet service through geostationary satellite, even when camping in an RV.
  • Browsing: Microsecond delays, due to the signal traveling thousands of miles through the atmosphere, are unnoticeable during normal browsing.
  • Options for exceeding bandwidth: For customers worried that they might go over their allotted bandwidth, HughesNet offers packages that prevent higher fees or throttling.
  • Best for Those in search of reliable access to the Internet at good speeds, even in the most remote locations.

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