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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

The slowest internet you'll ever have. You might as well be throwing $100 plus out the window each month. We had to get this because the area we live in, it's seriously horrible. Not one good thing I can say about Hughes Net.

Had HughesNet out and it never worked and I never used it. Cancelled and they charged me hundreds upon hundreds of dollars for "early cancellation". Called to speak with them and no one was willing to help me in any way. Very poor company, very poor customer service. I would suggest no one ever consider using this company for any reason.

I got HughesNet internet service because it was associated with Direct TV and that had been very reliable. The service has rarely worked since we got it several months ago. When I called for help the first time, they kept me on the phone for an hour directing me to change various internet addresses on my wifi. After this fix, the service worked for a day or two and then began failing. The second time I called, they told me that my Hughesnet satellite dish had moved and was no longer set on the satellite. They told me it would cost me $125 to correct this problem, but if I called after the service call, they would give me 50% off. The satellite dish was on the roof and no one touched it, so this was a very strange explanation.

On the day of the service call, the technician said he had fixed it, but also disclosed that if someone was watching a streaming service such as Netflix, no one else could be using the internet. After he left, the internet still didn't work. On my third call, I asked to cancel my service because it didn't work. The first person I talked to suggested that Hughesnet could fix the problem. I told her two chances to fix it were enough and that I still wanted to cancel. She then said they were going to charge me $280 to cancel and also that I would have to pay to return Hughesnet's equipment.

Then I asked for the supervisor. The only new information I learned from the supervisor was that he claimed that the router, which makes the wifi devices work, and was installed by Hughesnet was not Hughesnet's responsibility because "the installer probably sold you that." He then said that Hughesnet does not supply wifi, they supply internet, and none of this is their responsibility. I told him in the first instance that I wanted to use Hughesnet for our Ipads, kindles and laptops. He repeated the demand for the $280 and return of the equipment. I think Hughesnet is a scam which has unfortunately tied itself to Direct TV.

I signed up with HughesNet in January of this year and has proved to be one of the biggest mistakes I've made thus far. I've had nothing but trouble from slow speed to constant kicking me out. I've called numerous times and have even written reviews they sent me and said they would call the next day to discuss the issues in my review. That never happened.

When I tried to cancel I was informed it would cost me $400 to do so. That was when I found out I was under contract. They said I was sent an email. Hmm maybe they should've disclosed that information while talking to me on the phone when I was ordering service. I was able to have $30 removed from my bill for 6 months but I told the customer service that wasn't helping the fact I don't have Internet and I'm trying to run a business.

Every person I have spoken with at that company are like robots reading off a sheet on what to say. I'm beyond angry and this company should be driven out of business as they are a scam. The only way they're still in business is because of that 2 year contract they don't tell you about and the exorbitant fees for canceling early and the added on fees of not returning equipment on time which is their fault for not sending the box back to the consumer in a timely manner and not being clear on what it is they want back. WORST COMPANY EVER!!!

I have HughesNet now and I absolutely hate it. I have had their service a grand total of two months and it has taken me one month to know that I cannot wait for the two year contract to be up. The service is impossibly slow after my data allowance runs out and as a college student who relies heavily on having an internet connection I'm not sure what I am going to do when classes start again, right now I rely on my cell phone carrier's data to close the gap between the time my data runs out on my HughesNet data plan and the beginning of the next cycle. My cell phone carrier's internet is faster and that's after they've cut my high speed data off. I'm absolutely miserable with their slow speeds and when my contract is up I will not be renewing my service even if it means having to live without the internet.

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Cable internet does not come to the area that I live in so I had to settle with satellite internet. I had read terrible reviews about the companies available to me, including Hughesnet, but since I had the opportunity to work from home, I had no choice. When I called Hughesnet, I informed them that I would be using a work phone that connected through my internet. They didn't skip a beat and signed me right up. They said that their internet would work just fine for me. I had it installed one week prior to the date that I was to start working from home. Though no fault of Hughesnet, it took my company 5 additional weeks to get me everything I needed to work from home.

On my very first day of work from home, I tried to answer a phone and that's when the trainwreck began. Apparently, with satellite internet, when you try to talk on a phone that runs through the internet, there is a delay due to the conversation having to go up to a satellite then back to your phone. This delay caused my patients (I work for a doctor's office) to hang up because they thought I was breaking up. This is no way for one to speak with their doctor's office. When I called Hughesnet, they did acknowledge that there would be a delay (something they did not inform me of when I ordered the service). Keeping in mind that this is 5 weeks past the initial install date, I was one week over my "trial" of their service.

They will not cancel my service. I am now locked into a 2 year contract with this despicable company. I asked the account manager why I was told that this service would work for me when I ordered it. He responded that it does work, there's just a delay. I asked him if he would like to call into his doctor's office and speak with them in this manner and he said that he would not like that at all. However, he would not cancel my contract. I asked to speak with someone above him and he stated that he is an account manager, there is no one above him. I asked to speak with whoever it was that he answered to and he refused to transfer me to that person.

Buyer beware, this company lies and the minute you have a problem, they will not help you out at all. I wish I had gone with my gut instinct on this one but I was very excited to work from home. Now I can't work from home and I have this internet bill for the next 2 years, which I have absolutely no need for. I am also a single mom so paying the early termination fee is not possible as I don't even have the funds to get my vehicle fixed at this time. If this company burned to the ground, the world would be better off.

My husband and I had to get service with Hughes Net as that was all that was offered in our area. After 2 years of dealing with their terrible customer service and internet we were finally able to switch to Comcast. When ending my service I was told I would be charged 145.00 to end out the remainder of my so called contract (was not informed I was in a contract) and was told the would ship a box to mail the product back. Almost 3 weeks a empty and I mean empty boxes shows up. No padding to pack the equipment in. No instructions on what to send back. Nothing. I packed up everything. We had shipped it back. 3 months later we receive a charge on our credit card for 206.00. After contacting them I was told we did not ship the product back in time. I had to dispute the charge with my bank to get my money back. They have to be the worse company to do business with. DO NOT USE THEM. AWFUL!!! JUST AWFUL.

We recently moved to the country and signed up with DirecTV for TV and Internet - they pushed us off onto HughesNet for the internet portion of the agreement. At the time, we were moving and things were hectic and being from the city we thought, how bad could it be? Sounds legit, they SAY it's internet service so it HAS to be internet service RIGHT? WRONG! There is a huge data cap, the weekend the service was set up we watched 1 30 minute program on demand and rewound two movies to start at the beginning and that used up our data for the MONTH! We called when the service wasn't working and was told that we were using too much data. The next month we tried to be careful and not use too much, it was all gone in two days. DirecTV has this feature where you can rewind a movie if you catch it in the middle uses data so, we can't use this feature.

After you use up all your data you can't use any of the On Demand features on DirecTV. We asked what we could do but the only option was to DOUBLE our payment for twice the data...that would give us, at most, 4 days out of the month to use the service so why would we do that? I have emailed them, I have taken the stupid surveys that they keep sending me to see how I like the service, I have called them and they want $340 to cancel a service that does not work. When I called today I was told that they could see that the signal wasn't working properly and they could send out a technician to work on it...they could see that we have not had good signal for a while but assumed that we were happy with that because we have not called them in a couple of months. WE DIDN'T CALL THEM BECAUSE WE WERE FED UP WITH CALLING THEM!

My response was that we should get a refund for the service that we have paid for and NOT RECEIVED but apparently they have no record of me calling to complain, no record of the three surveys that I took and told them the service didn't work, no record of us being unhappy at all so...they want money to cancel. Do not get signed up with this company. DO NOT THINK IT WILL WORK! I will be reporting them to the BBB and as soon as possible I will get away from them. YOU should also be aware that they charge $400 to cancel the service and they only remove $15 a month from that charge. I signed up with them at the end of February and it is August and they want $340 to cancel...their math is wrong as well.

I hate I got stuck in this 2-year contract. I'm waiting on my third modem. I've been in the contract for about a year now. My landline phone is down too at this time. I will be cancelling real soon.

When I first signed on with HughesNet, I bought my equipment, paid for it! About three days before my first billing cycle was up, noticed I was unable to download Netflix, contacted HughesNet, that is when I learned I had used all my time. In order for this not to happen again, I purchased an upgrade to allow more time. This went into effect 24 July 2016. Today I tried to download a Netflix, today is 09 Aug 2016, guess what, no time! HughesNet says that on 24 July 2016, between 0800 and 0900, I used almost all my time allowance. How? I live alone, Smokey, my dog doesn't know my passwords. Sad part is neither my pad, nor my laptop have been used very little this month! How can they get by with this? Are there no checks and balances for this service?

I only signed up for HughesNet because AT&T has no lines in this area, and the local carrier, Frontier Tel said they could not sign up any new WIFI until they upgraded their equipment, as their system was overloaded. I did not know when I moved to Scottsburg, Ind that I was moving out in the boondocks, and in no way am I belittling this area. It is beautiful, with beautiful hard working people, and they deserve to know what they are dealing with when left at the mercy of a company like HughesNet.

Can someone explain how you can you can use almost a month allowance in one hour? And I pay over $100 a month for this privilege. Old retired folks such as myself, on a fixed income can't afford this. I have drafted complaints to AARP to all the Veterans support groups, and any other retiree groups warning them of the "catch 22" that Hughes Net won't explain. When you do call their customer service, you cannot find anyone who speaks or understands enough English to help you! Someone needs to warn senior citizens to avoid this company, and if not for getting nicer pictures of my grandchildren, I would disavow using internet all together!

When I subscribed to HughesNet, I told them my main reason was to watch videos. The technician was late arriving to install. After he installed the equipment, he told me it would be at least 24 hours before I had service. I did not once receive service without talking to tech support. I spent every evening on the phone with tech support for at least an hour or more. They final sent a technician out, He said "Oh, you have a faulty antenna. I will call you to let you know what they plan to do." I never spoke to him again. At the end of three weeks with no service, I told them I wanted out as they offered me 30-day trial. Then they had the nerve to bill me for the "three weeks service". I told them I felt they owed me for my time. Now they are threatening to ruin my credit. I would not recommend this company to my worst enemy.

I am in a rural area and this was my only choice for Internet for several years. It was a step up from dial-up... My family and I learned to deal with the "threshold limits", couldn't watch movies, couldn't play video games, couldn't enjoy the internet. High speed Internet came available May of this year and after 12 years, I could finally get high speed... Happy day! When I cancelled with HughesNet they were nice very thankful for my years of service with them.

Now, I just noticed that my credit card was charged $320.63. I called in and it was horrible. First off they wanted the tracking number for the returned equipment in order to assist me, even after they were the ones that sent me the postage paid return UPS label, all I had to do was drop off at a UPS Store... I asked them, "Don't you have access to the UPS label? You generated it." After 5 minutes he came back with, yes they received the modem, but not the little receiver (on top of my house) so they had to charge me. They never asked for that in the original box. After 12 years of Internet, and the latest equipment I received from them was 5 years ago... They are charging me $320.63, when they didn't ask for it initially. What a joke!

I cancelled my Hughesnet service on August 1, 2016. They told me they were sending a box for me to send back the equipment. They also told me I had to take the radio transmitter off of the roof of my house for which, I had to have my husband and a friend borrow a ladder get the radio transmitter off the roof. Needless to say the return box arrived at my house this past Monday with a note stating that if the equipment wasn't returned in 21 days they are going to charge me! Will see about that!!! They were the ones who installed it all. They have all the equipment needed.

I had to wait for 11 days of thunderstorms to pass and a return box to get this done. But as for the service itself, it literally sucked for a lack of a better word!!! If I maxed out on the allotted time per month it went so slow it was rendered useless. You accumulate monthly tokens for paying on time. Like that's a joke!!! Your account is deducted from your checking account every month like you have a choice.

HughesNet provide a sub par service for rural areas and although having to use the service for many years paying a PREMIUM, the disconnect service is a SCAM! They sent me a box with a return label that I returned the equipment and it was returned back to me as not deliverable. I was then charged $318 out of my account, after the box was returned to sender. In addition, they expect you to remove some device from the exterior that I had a technical person look for and could not identify.

They never offered to send a technician out to identify what this mysterious part was. I spoke with Lucas ** (HughesNet CSR) and he indicated that I needed to go back out to the house I sold and locate this mysterious receiver part. I explained to him, I sold the house and do not have access to the home. I am now waiting on another box to send the modem back and expect this will be returned as well. BEWARE when you cancel with HughesNet as they will MAKE YOU PAY for cancelling service. SCAM ALERT.

I moved to a new home, so moved my service to new home but they were unable to get me service. So the account was canceled and closed on the 29th of July and received email confirming the account being closed and they had already charged my credit card on the 25th of July for Aug. So now they refused to refund the full amount to me. I have spend hours on the phone with these people. So called again on the 4th of Aug and was told to call back in 24 hours and they would refund the charge. So called back on the 5th of August and then was told they closed the account on the 4th not the 29th and would only refund me $39 not the $62 they charged me and would take 45 days to mail me a check. I wonder how a company can operate the way they do. I would tell anyone to never use these people!!!

I can't thank you all enough for taking the time to leave reviews! I contacted HughesNet to inquire new service. I could not get through and decided to go online and set up appointment that way. I went through the steps and at the end of everything, I was given a error message and had to call anyway. I called back, placed on hold for 25 minutes!!! While I was on hold I decided to check the reviews on this company! Every single review I have read has been negative. I started rethinking becoming a customer with this company. I decided this wasn't the company for us, and I would rather stay with my hotspot. Thank you ALL for taking the time to do these reviews. It really does help!!!

We went with HughesNet basically because of the advertisement on the TV. When I talked with the customer service person he explained how fast their Internet was and that he used it himself. We decided to go with them based on the above. Do not use this company, they will take money for nothing and then they want money to cancel. How is it that the FCC allows this shoddy company to continue, is beyond me!

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY FOR INTERNET!!! They sold me a plan of 3-5 megs, said it would be cheaper and faster than what I had and after taking off work for install and buying a modem, paying around $200. I couldn't even get Instagram on my phone, no Netflix and no Hulu. Turns out I was getting 1 meg and wasn't able to get the 3-5 in my area which I was promised. After over 3 hours on the phone in 3 different conversations, I finally got SOME of my money back. These people are of low integrity and you can't even talk to an American, so DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!

If this is not the sorriest internet provider on the market, I would hate to see what is worst than this. THE ONLY REASON I HAVE IT IS BECAUSE OTHER PROVIDERS WILL NOT RUN INTERNET ONE HALF A MILE OR SO. I would have dropped them long time ago. Someone please put them out of business and I will be glad to move somewhere else.

This is the worst company I've ever had to deal with, they completely lied about the contract and the service they would provide. The service doesn't work and now they want money to cancel. I spent the first 30 days trying to get a hold of them and troubleshooting with them.

I would never recommend this service to anyone. I got this service for my daughter who is a single mother that needed the service for college and streaming movies. The girl who sold me the contract said she uses it herself and could stream all month long. The install was a joke. I had to run a new cable and ground out their own equipment properly, because it took too long to get someone out there to check why the internet was dropping out all the time. I have my own business and for life of me don't understand how they have been in business since 1971. They must have changed ownership recently.

I canceled my contract early, paid the ridiculous fee and now they want $300 more for the equipment that doesn't work anyhow. They couldn't even do the courtesy of picking up their own stuff. So if youre thinking of going with this company do yourself a favor go somewhere else. I got my daughter a cell phone with a hot spot. The cost is about $30 more and she always has internet time left. She doesn't even have to call their horrible customer service to get additional tokens so she doesn't run out of so called internet time.

I was very happy with Hughes Net until I had a problem that required a service call. After several calls to customer service I was told there were no service men in or even close to my location. The closest to me was 2 1/2 hours away in Fresno, Ca. I talked to them 3 times for appointments and all three times they never showed up. Not even a phone call to say they weren't coming. I kept calling customer service to complain and they couldn't get any cooperation from the service men either. Finally I called and said if someone wasn't here I was canceling my service. A guy from the east coast was called to help them out. Very nice man. Made the comment "No wonder they didn't want to come. It's a really long drive." YOU NEED A LOT MORE HELP.

It is almost a month since we have had Hughesnet Satellite internet. Worked intermittently for a few days. Very poor signal and practically unusable internet. It is a joke. If it really does not work, why not just say service not possible. Now I am tied to 2 year contract with them!

I cannot believe how they take advantage of their customers. They charge for mega fast service but provide the slowest speed possible with a limit attached. They use two things against their customer. 1) The lack of knowledge of what the money they are paying should provide and 2) the fact the community has limited choices. This makes this one of the worse companies ever. Avoid like the plague.

I ordered HughesNet in 2014. I had to wait for weeks until they were able to install the system. The man who came out was beyond rude and angry that he was unable to get the system to work and left. I had to call them again and this time it only took two weeks to send someone else out. The new tech took hours and the internet lasted less time that it took him to install it. I contacted HughesNet and asked on Dec. 11, 2014 to cancel the order.

During this time we were dealing with a family member going through a horrible medical emergency that is still ongoing. We were out of town more than at home during the next two years. Then I get a bill from HughesNet over a year and a half later wanting more money. I contact them and explain that the system never worked and I was not going to pay. Then I discover they have been illegally taking money from my account all of this time for a service they could never provide. They refuse to refund the money they stole. They have now reported me to a collection agency wanting more money. There is no to stop this. Never use this company. They have NO AMERICAN OFFICES. Everything is held overseas and the customer service is "once we have the bank information we will remove money and you can do nothing about it."

As I have read on many comments on here, I have never been as dissatisfied with a company as I am with Hughes Net. Our 2 year contract will be up in about 6 months and there's no way we would renew our contract with them. Our internet has been a complete disappointment since the day we got it. We pay double what most people I know pay, and the Internet is completely worthless!! We have it for about a week maximum of two after our data resets and then we are out for the month. The pathetic thing is that we don't even attempt to stream anything. The only thing we do is internet surfing and social media. Plus we both work full time and are hardly home to use it. I don't know how they get away with such terrible service and ripping people off but I only hope people are smarter than us and read these reviews before locking into regret with them for 2 years!!

I subscribed to Hughes net about 4 years ago. Since I have had their service I have had an extremely slow internet connection. I upgraded to Gen 4 for better service and the internet goes out on a daily basis. I go to use my internet in the morning and I have to unplug my router and plug it back in several times to use the internet.

The billing is also highly unprofessional. Each month they send me a bill with the wrong amount on my bill. The amount I am to pay is $41.54 and each month the bill comes saying they did not apply the $30.00 credit so the bill is $71.54. Each month I have to spend about 45 minutes to an hour on the phone explaining the problem. I am 51 years old and in my entire life, I have never come across such poor service. I am extremely dissatisfied with the service.

I recently moved to Texas in a rural area and asked if the 59.99 package would be enough. She assured me definitely. I had explained I only play Facebook games that I have never downloaded any music movies or videos which I still have not. This was May 7th 2016. On May 29th I had considered going to a less package. What a mistake. I still had 60% and from May 29th to June 7th it was gone. The 60% left all in 8 days. Since then I have had to upgrade to 84.99 and after 15 days I am at 0 again. I have called and all I get is hogwash. I have been using a lot. I have been playing Facebook games for many years and have never exceeded the monthly allotment. I am so disgusted with this co. it will never end. What's in store for next month?

Company claims to offer Internet service then forces you to stay with a contract with costly early termination fees. They do not guarantee usable Internet service, and have horrible customer service. They will damage your home and roof with installation and not care. And after spending hundreds of dollars you will still not be able to even check your email. Please save yourself some money and frustration and do not use this company!! Spread the word!

I've had this company for several years and I've had nothing but trouble out of them. I have to call them 3 to 4 times a month to reset my service in their main office. I'm in the country and not a lot to chose from as far as internet service goes. I have a smart TV and I have Netflix and Amazon as a app to watch movies. Well forget that with HughesNet. They told me "we don't recommend you watch them" because it will run my data out. If you are with HughesNet you only get 10mbps a month. I've called several places and they offer 150 to 300 mbps a month or unlimited. My experience I will never go with HughesNet again. It has been a nightmare. Luckily my contract has ran out so now I can do what I want.

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This broadband satellite ISP, also known in the market as HughesNet, works with Earthlink and DirectTV to provide a range of services around the world.

  • Service anywhere: Anyone nearly anywhere within the contiguous United States can access Internet service through geostationary satellite, even when camping in an RV.
  • Browsing: Microsecond delays, due to the signal traveling thousands of miles through the atmosphere, are unnoticeable during normal browsing.
  • Options for exceeding bandwidth: For customers worried that they might go over their allotted bandwidth, HughesNet offers packages that prevent higher fees or throttling.
  • Best for Those in search of reliable access to the Internet at good speeds, even in the most remote locations.

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