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My wife and I have been USAA customers for 13 years. After joining in 1991, we were so impressed with our initial interaction with USAA, we moved all our financial products over to USAA except for our investments. For the first 10 15 years, the service was excellent and we were willing to pay a little more since their service was so outstanding. Then gradually over time, their customer service has been gradually degrading. Maybe this is due to them growing to fast, or maybe their target customer base has changed, we're not sure.

For approximately the past 5 years, the changes we've noticed are: long hold times on the phone; often times being transferred on the phone multiple times for 1 question/issue and sometimes being cutoff; customer service reps who want to explain a lot of details and tell you a whole bunch of information before they listen so they understand your specific question/need; and speaking with 3 different people in the same area asking the exact same question and receiving 3 different answers.

Heres two examples. Last January, I wanted a new car. NFCUs process was far faster and easier, their customer service staff were better to deal with, and NFCUs rate was lower. I got the car and a few weeks later, someone drove by my parked unoccupied car and hit it, and took the mirror off while I was getting a haircut. The driver came in, told me what happened and gave me his insurance info. On the way home I called USAA and the customer service rep I spoke with gave me such a long explanation of the process, I couldn't understand it despite telling her to keep simple short and to the point. I had her transfer me to someone else and that person was just as bad. I called the guys insurance company and they said go get a written quote, fax or email it, and as long as the price is not exceedingly high, well cut you a check.

The next afternoon, I drove to the dealer, got a written estimate emailed to me while still at the dealer, emailed it to the guy at the other insurance company while still at the dealer, called the insurance guy, and he put a check in the mail that night just as I was driving away from the dealer. I called the dealer back on the way home and told them to order the part and I was back at the dealer in 3 days and had my new mirror installed and had already received the check in the mail. At the same time, USAA is calling back a few days later after the new mirror was installed asking do you still want us to file a claim for this?

Yesterday, I noticed online my annual renewal for my motorcycle insurance 2 months ago went up 22%- no accidents, tickets or other changes. I use Progressive who is a USAA partner since USAA does not insure motorcycles. I called Progressive and they state it's due to a statewide increase the rates go up and down ever year. We also have umbrella insurance through USAA for our home, autos, and motorcycle. So I do some research and looks like Progressive's customer service ratings are not good and Geico is very good. So I call Geico and they state the WI rates went up 9% two months ago and I get a quote from them for the same insurance and its 37% less. I call Progressive back and tell them about the call the day before and WI rates went up 9%, not 22%, then they state my credit score dropped a little bit (still over the 90th percentile) due to some credit reports being pulled and that accounted for the other 13% increase. We have never paid one bill late, and I got a new car, refied the house and did a few other things triggering the credit report requests over the past year.

So I called USAA to inquire about the required minimum amounts on the bike to keep the umbrella policy and I am on hold for over 45 minutes, talk to 3 people, and get completely different answers. One person spent over 10 minutes reading the policy and still was not sure if I could switch to another company without losing the umbrella policy. I told her to transfer me to someone else who could answer this basic question then I was back on hold for 10 minutes. The second person stated if I switch, USAA will drop the umbrella policy and the third person tells me if I switch, USAA could drop me. Then on the required coverages and minimum amounts to maintain the umbrella policy, I get three completely different answers as well.

So I called Geico and took out the new insurance and called Progressive and cancelled that policy. I spoke with 3 different people from Geico and they were all very knowledgeable and helpful. My next steps are to start researching other companies with excellent customer service and move all my USAA polices to other companies.

As a final comment, the customer service on the USAA home loan was terrible as was the experience trying to refinance with USAA twice in the last year. Since the car loan went so well with NFCU, I refied the house with NFCU, saved $450 a month, and we were very impressed with that service so one less policy/account to move. Hope your experiences are better than ours.

Satisfaction Rating

My parked motorcycle was hit by their insured driver that had been drinking and tried to run. I filed my claim and got the run-around. Now, they are only wanting to pay part of the claim and I am supposed to accept it. I want my motorcycle exactly the way it was. The estimate was $1,650.00 estimate but they only gave me a check for $1,240.00. It was like going to work for four days and getting paid for three.


On November 1st, 2009, my Toyota truck was totaled by a reckless driver. I filed a claim immediately. I was told I no longer had collision coverage for my car, due to a suspend I placed on it in October 2008 due to a deployment (I am in the navy). I have 4 vehicles on the policy (including two motorcycles) and I remember calling a day after my deployment ended to reinstate my policy. I went online and checked the status of my policies, and the motorcycles had been taken off suspend, but both of cars were left on the deployment suspension.

I tried several times to contact Ms. Rolandra ** including talking to her supervisors about the problem. In the approximately 7 times I attempted to contact her (I left a messages on her voicemail or with her supervisors), I was called back once, but it was from a supervisor who said she would have Ms. ** call me back immediately. After gaining some additional information from Geico about their driver not having enough insurance to cover the cost of my vehicle, I attempted to contact her again (I did have under-insured motorist coverage). I never received any calls from her. Recently, while discussing this incident with a co-worker, I discovered he experienced a very similar incident (vehicle coverage was never re-instituted and USAA refused to deal with him).


I have had USAA for 19 years, since I started driving at 16. I took it over for my own when I was 21 and when I was married at 30, my husband and I almost fought over if we were going to go with USAA or his insurance company, however I won and USAA it was. We received multiple letters trying to "verify" my married name (it got quite annoying after the fifth letter), however we thought we went with "the best" company.

About 2 1/2 months ago I was in a motorcycle accident that was not my fault, and the other driver received a citation. I called USAA and advised them of the accident and they took some information, however I advised them that I was going to claim this through the other driver's insurance -- they told me I could not do that and that it would be better if I just let them handle it, so I did. I dutifully waited for some information about what to do to get my bike and other belongings fixed, but nothing. I called USAA back and asked what was going on. At first, they said that I needed to get a copy of the police report to them; I advised that when I was 21, I did not have to do that, but they said it would speed things up, so I did. The next call was stating that they could not get a hold of the other person's insurance company, so I called them. Yes, they were rude and advised me that they would handle things in their time as well.

In the mean time, I had taken my bike to a repair shop and they advised that it would be $1800+ to fix the bike. I called USAA and told them where the bike was at and the appraiser could see it there. About 10 days later, I got a check from USAA for $129 ($629 minus the $500 deductible) with no other explanation or even an appraisal. I called USAA for an explanation on the small check; I was advised by the adjuster's MANAGER that that was all they were going to pay and that the reason USAA's rates were so low is because they DO NOT send out "frivolous" paperwork (I was only asking why the appraisal was not sent with the check), but I reminded her of the 10 letters I had received from them to verify my married name. She got rude and snippy with me.

She also advised me that there was damage on the right side of bike (which there was none) that was not part of the accident (I do not know how they would come to this assumption). I called the repair shop where the bike was at and they said that NO appraiser had seen the bike. I called USAA back and advised them of this and they assured me that they had; when I asked how they knew this and how come the appraisal was so low, the MANAGER told me she did not know, because the Appraiser DID NOT work for them! Do they not pay them to do this work? I finally called an attorney who stated that they would handle all of the matters and to let USAA know that the other insurance agency would be paying the damages. I am not one to sue anyone, however I could not take the insurance games anymore.

We got insurance through another company and advised USAA. They told me that our refund check would be issued after it goes through a billing cycle. After 1 1/2 months, I called USAA to say that we have not received our refund check and the woman advised that she could issue a check right now and that we did not have to wait. That was over 2 weeks ago. I called today and we were told that the check was issued and sent out, but that they would re-issue the check and we would have it in a week. I doubt we will get it. In addition, now when I call for these things I am given the run-around, put on hold for 10-15 minutes, and have to jump through the information (last 4 of social, pet from 10 years ago's name, etc.).

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Since starting in 1922, USAA's core values have never changed. They remain dedicated to service, loyalty, honesty and integrity.

  • Easy online quoting: Get an instant online quote and get immediate coverage.
  • Safety discounts: Those who have taken a safety course in the last three years can get a 5 percent discount.
  • Pay seasonal, get annual: USAA quotes are based on the typical riding season, but the coverage extends for a full 12 months.
  • Custom parts protection: Get up to $30,000 in optional parts coverage.
  • Roadside assistance: Roadside assistance is included with virtually every USAA policy.
  • Best for Weekend warriors, everyday riders and tinkerers.

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