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I broke my foot when traveling. I sent in the receipts 2 months ago and I still don't have a check. I talked to them once and they said it's being processed. I called again and on hold for an hour. When I check the status online it says I don't exist.

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It is enticing a low priced insurance offer to "safeguard" your purchase but oh boy! They will bring thousands of excuses to avoid honoring a claim. Check this out: I bought Travel Guard from FLL to DTW in the morning connecting flight coming from LIM and in Lima, the aircraft was grounded for 16 hours. Naturally I missed my connection flight (not fault of my own) but TRAVEL GUARD ONLY COVERS IF THE AIRLINE DOES IT REGARDLESS OF WHATEVER MIGHT HAPPEN TO YOU!!! In other words, the connecting flight departs on time but it is YOUR FAULT you were not there on time because is the first airline problem. I wonder why do you buy insurance if only applies to things that might happen to the airline only? I should not be lured into insuring the airline flight. WTF!!! DO NOT throw your money away and just give yourselves plenty back up plans and time. Oh how I hate corporate GREED. Read the fine print.

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AIG-Travel Guard is readily accessible when quoting a travel insurance policy, and providing payment instructions. If you ever have a claim, you will find it essentially impossible to connect with a customer service rep. Hold times are close to one hour. Even if you carefully fill out all the required forms and submit all the needed supporting documentation, Travel Guard is unresponsive, and even treats the customer as if one is doing something illicit by filing a claim. Terrible, terrible, terrible.

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I was misled by incompetent agents while inquiring whether or not I would be covered under a situation involving my boyfriend's military responsibilities. I wanted to book a campsite for a festival taking place upstate New York and was directed to call the Travel Guard agency to get more information on coverage, since the festival ticket/camping booking agency did NOT offer any refunds.

When I called Travel Guard I explained that I wanted to book a campsite at the festival before it sold out, but I was unsure if I would be able to attend since my boyfriend is Active National Guard and did not yet receive his Drill Schedule for the month we intended to travel. The woman I spoke to (Cal) responded to me by stating that as long as my boyfriend was able to prove he was called to duty (no specified information as to what does or does not qualify as "duty" was provided) within 7 days notice, the lodging fee for the campsite would be reimbursed under the $18 premium. She explained that I needed to book the campsite first, and then call back to purchase & apply the insurance. I had her set up a quote in Travel Guard's system, ended the call, and called the other agency to book the campsite.

When I called Travel Guard back, I spoke with a different associate who checked the policy and advised that my boyfriend's situation would in fact, NOT be covered since he would not be DEPLOYED under his circumstance. The failure to provide me with the correct information regarding the terms & conditions of the policy during my initial conversation with the agency caused me to book a campsite under the false pretenses that I would be covered should my boyfriend be called to drill.

The agent I spoke to said they would pull the recorded phone call conversation I had with the first representative, and make a decision whether or not I was misinformed, but did not hesitate to ask if I would like to go ahead and first purchase the insurance for $18. The associate's response & utter disregard to my distress further supports the illegitimacy of this business - why would I purchase the insurance before they came to a conclusion of whether or not I was covered?? Furthermore, the associate suggested I dispute the purchase of the campsite with my credit card provider, which was horrible advice since the festival ticket/campsite booking agency was entirely transparent with communicating their terms & conditions of sale (No Refunds/Exchanges whatsoever).

Upon their "review" of the call, Travel Guard contacted me to tell me that they determined I was not given any false information. When I stated that I did not agree with this conclusion, the associate advised that the first representative I spoke to "does not know military terminology" therefore, "she would not be able to accurately make a determination as far as my coverage under the policy". This explanation is completely absurd - there is no excuse for why a customer should be told they are covered under a policy after explaining their situation in explicit detail and asking as many questions as I did, when in actuality, they are not covered according to the bogus fine print. The associate should have CHECKED the policy requirements after I told her SEVERAL times my boyfriend is in the National Guard and made reference to his Drill Schedule countless times as well.

As if it was not enough that I was given false information to begin with, the fact that this business was unable to recognize and rectify it, and, instead, determined I was NOT misinformed, is unconscionable - they should not be allowed to further scam people out of their money. I would never use or recommend this agency to anyone.

Desired outcome: Proper training of Travel Guard associates to accurately determine customers' coverage eligibility. Proper training of Travel Guard representatives to adequately & justly resolve problems that should arise due to the provision of apparent false information given by their agency. Outside review of recorded conversations (between Travel Guard and prospective customers) to prevent biased deliberation and outcome.

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I paid for trip insurance through AIG when I booked a flight to NY to take my 6 year old son to visit his family. After I booked the trip, my son was taken away from his mother by the courts and full custody was given to me. This situation was made worse for him since he has ADHD and was recently diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Needless to say, it was not the best time to travel and I contacted AIG to use my insurance policy. They told me to send in documentation, which I did. Then AIG promptly denied me. I will never use AIG again for anything and will warn everybody I know about their poor customer relations and business practices.

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Satisfaction Rating

We recently planned a trip through a travel agent and regrettably could not go to a family member being sick. We had the most incredible time trying desperately to get our money refunded with the travel insurance that we purchased through AIG... It was horrific! They rejected our claim several times and they were extremely non-responsive to our repeated phone calls trying to settle this claim. We had to literally jump over hurdle over hurdle trying to get them to pay. The phone representatives acted like they could care less and gave an attitude of total "non-caring".

I would never EVER do business with this sketchy business again. They were a nightmare and it came when our family was already dealing with major life stresses. People should know how bad this AIG Insurance is. They do not care a thing about you.. just getting your money... then doing everything in their power to NOT pay up when they NEED TO. Buyer Beware!

Satisfaction Rating

I am writing to express my displeasure with the rejection of my AIG Travel Guard insurance claim, but more importantly, the unethical treatment I was given by a number of AIG Travel Guard staff members in trying to obtain information on my claim rejection and subsequent appeal. We purchased travel insurance with AIG Travel Guard on 8/21/14 for our Italy trip scheduled for 10/17/14. I developed a back problem after the purchase date which got progressively worse. My doctor decided that the trip would be detrimental and we cancelled. My claim for reimbursement of $6800 was mailed on 10/17/14. I received the final rejection of my claim on 3/4/15, six months later.

The first rejection of my claim in writing was received on 2/12/15. The reason given was that I had a pre-existing condition based on some chiropractor visits prior to buying the insurance. I asked to speak with a supervisor. The supervisor gave a totally different reason for my rejection. Her explanation was that I saw an orthopedic surgeon in October after I filed my claim. I asked to speak with a manager. He agreed with me that it could not be the reason for my rejection. I asked what it would take to reconsider his decision. He said a statement from my chiropractor stating that my condition was stable and controlled prior to purchasing the insurance.

My chiropractor sent in that statement the next day and one month later 3/4/15 came the second rejection letter. This time the reason given was because the 8/22/14 treatment I received from my chiropractor there was no mention of the dates prior to my insurance being purchased. He states in the letter that my condition was controlled and stable up to 8/22. Since the policy states that it goes into effect at 12:01 am that day after purchase of the insurance, the treatment I received, although it was after the time it goes into effect, is still considered a pre-existing condition.

I filed with the NYS Dept. of Finance a complaint against this judgment. After three months, they determined that this was a legal matter. However, in the information they requested from AIG Travel Guard the reason given for my rejection went back to the initial letter listing a number of dates in the look-back period prior to purchasing the insurance, a direct contradiction of the March rejection letter.

I called the writer of that letter and asked to answer two questions: How can your medical examiner determine it was a pre-existing condition when both my doctor and chiropractor stated in writing that it wasn't? How can getting treatment for a condition after the policy goes into effect constitute a pre-existing condition?

He could not answer. I went on to a supervisor. She could not answer. I moved to the next level, a manager. She could not answer the questions and in fact it took almost a month to finally get a call from the head of the department. He did not answer the questions either. After dealing with seven people in the claims and consumer complaint divisions of AIG Travel Guard, I reached out to the top. I called the office of the CEO of AIG and was promised a callback on three different occasions. None came.

When I stated that I would go public concerning the treatment I have been given, I got a call from the President of AIG Travel Guard. He was pleasant, apologized for how I had been treated, but was unwilling to allow any further appeals. He did not answer the questions I posed. I was left with this situation. My chiropractor and doctor stated in writing that I did not have a pre-existing condition. AIG Travel Guard personnel from the first claims analyst to the President of the company played the shell game of changing reasons for my rejection and refusing to answer my questions at every level.

The two alternatives that still existed were to hire an attorney or go to small claims court. I contacted an attorney who said it would cost at least $3000 with no guarantees. I found that to go to small claims court I would have to file in Wisconsin or New York City, and even if they find in my favor, I have to collect on my own. My wife encouraged me to drop the whole thing insisting that I was getting very stressed out by it. How I was treated by AIG Travel Guard was wrong, and I feel I need to let others know that it is company unworthy on anyone's business.

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I booked a cruise to Alaska with a travel companion to assist with my medical issues of bilateral para neuropathy and ataxia. I required her to assist me with navigating stairs and curbs as well as assisting with balance issues causing potential falls. My travel companion cancelled due to her mother's ill health and resulting hospice care. I am unable to travel without this needed assistance.

When I contacted Travel Guard for reimbursement. They had me complete and submit payment forms, medical forms and bank statements proving travel costs and expenses. I faxed these completed forms and medical statements twice and mailed forms through the postal service once. I spoke with "claims" managers multiple times (phone # 1-715-295-1113). They kept asking me to submit more proof of my medical condition and treatments I received. The most recent medical treatment information, I faxed to them 9 days ago. So far, I have received no response. I am still waiting to be reimbursed for a legitimate claim.

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I booked a trip to Punta Cana on 1/5/15 to begin on 1/18/15 for four nights and took out the Travel Guard cancellation insurance. On 1/12/15 I had to admit myself to the hospital emergency room for heart related problems. I have had some heart palpitations over the years but this was somewhat exceptional so I wanted to make sure I was okay since I was going to a foreign country. I followed that up with an appointment with my personal physician the next day. He advised me not to travel until after I saw a cardiologist. He made the appointment for me and I have had two procedures in outpatient since. I contacted Travel Guard to file a claim thinking I would surely be covered.

Today (3/3/15), I received a call from the insurance company that my claim was denied. I told the agent that this was ridiculous. They said because I had previous symptoms was the reason. Why would I book a flight, which I lost that money? Also, if I thought I was unfit to travel I would have not made reservations. I am a senior citizen living on social security and it is quite difficult to finance a trip anywhere. It's sad when a large company appears to take advantage of a client. You travelers out there had better be careful who you deal with.

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This is a warning to travelers with pre-existing medical conditions about Travel Guard | AIG Property Casualty, 3300 Business Park Drive, Stevens Point, WI 54482). It has "policies" to reject trip cancellation claims that may be legal but do not align with the service they are suppose to be providing. Others may have similar policies. The best way for travelers to avoid this happening to them is to find an insurance company that provides "cancel for any reason" policy. Decide for yourself whether TRAVEL GUARD insurance policies are "legal theft" - below is how they used their policies to reject my $7,300 trip cancellation claim...

I had lymphoma in remission for over 5 years - TRAVEL GUARD labeled that a "pre-existing medical condition." Then they rejected my travel cancellation claim by using medical visits and tests that occurred BEFORE the disease was found and BEFORE a treatment was decided on. They called the prior visits and tests "treatment" and called the cancer that was in remission a "pre-existing" disease. Question: How is it possible to "treat" a disease before it is found? Below is their policy justification:

"This (TRAVEL GUARD) plan does not cover any loss caused by or resulting from: (t) PRE-EXISTING MEDICAL CONDITION EXCLUSION: The Insurer will not pay for any Loss or expense incurred as the result of an Injury, Sickness or other condition of an Insured, Traveling Companion, Business Partner, or Family Member which, within the 60-day period immediately preceding and including the Insured's coverage effective date: (a) first manifested itself, worsened or became acute or had symptoms which would have prompted a reasonable person to seek diagnosis, care or treatment; (b) for which care or treatment was given or recommended by a Physician; (c) required taking prescription drugs or medicines, unless the condition for which the drugs or medicines are taken remains controlled without any change in the required prescription drugs or medicines. "

In my case, they ignored the medical definition of treatment and also ignored the following: 1.) The oncologist formal letter confirming no cancer was known to be active before the insurance started. 2) The accepted medical definition of "treatment". TRAVEL GUARD defines the medical office exams/tests are medical treatments - treatments that occurred before the disease was found? Since when do exploratory medical visits and tests cure disease? How can anyone identify a treatment before you know the disease to cure?

3.) TRAVEL GUARD also ignores that pre-existing medical conditions, medical visits, and tests do not cause trip cancellations. Only unexpected treatments can (not always) cause vacation cancellations. In my case, chemo caused the cancellation. Had it been radiation, the trip would not have been cancelled. In summary, anyone with a pre-existing medical condition MUST avoid insurance companies that use prior medical visits/tests, performed while no disease is known, to reject vacation cancellation claims.

Satisfaction Rating

Hello all. I wanted to share my experience with travel insurance companies. Recently I purchased Travel Guard medical insurance policy, had an operation abroad and submitted a claim 4 months ago, still waiting to be paid as at the time they did not organize things directly with the hospital. Every time I call they say "We are reviewing the claim" and asked for the same documents several times. Now they say that some investigators will go to the hospital and that would delay 60 to 90 more days. THAT IS NOT WHY I GOT INSURANCE! The insurance is supposed to cover you in cases like that.... But no, NEVER use Travel Guard!!! If somebody can help me let me know as I really need these money.


I purchased travel insurance for my hotel and due to a British Airways strike that was not confirmed until the day of my travel if my flight was going or not, Travel Guard refuses to reimburse my money. They claim British Airways had been threatening to strike from February 22nd. I did not purchase my ticket until February 24 and was not aware of a strike. They just told me that since BA is always threatening to go on strike they will never cover for their flights. I found this a very poor excuse for not refunding my money.


I have my head in sorrow right now and I really don't know what to do. I live in USA, but originally I am from Slovak Republic, where my parents still live. I purchased a round ticket from JFK, N.Y. to Bratislava, Slovak Republic on 3/6/2008. The flight was booked for departure from JFK on 4/21/2008, landing in Bratislava on 4/22/2008. The airlines - Czech Airlines. I also purchased insurance - AIG Travel assist insurance.

The air ticket was purchased through with option to add insurance for additional $25.00. I chose to add it to my purchase (you don't have an option to see name of the insurance company or their policy before you purchase it). I decided to go and see my mom, that was very sick - lung cancer. It was supposed to be a surprise.

Friday early morning (the day I was supposed to fly out) my father called to tell me my mother just passed away. I was in shock. I could not believe it. I was so bad that my husband had to take me to the emergency room. Later when I kind of put myself together I called the Priceline and let them know I need to cancel the flight I was supposed to take at 5:10 PM, and explained why. They right away connected me with AIG Travel insurance and said from now on I'll be dealing with them, because that's a responsibility of the insurance. So I spoke to AIG representative and told her the same thing (the death in the family, and me unable to even consider traveling that day).

They said they will mail me an insurance claim paperwork that I need to fill out and once I have my mother's death certificate, all together mail it to them to get refund of my money. So, once I had the death certificate I put the whole file together and mailed it out. (I even put copy of the hospital papers that I had to go to emergency room the same day that I was supposed to travel, after my father told me that bad news). It took them over 6 weeks, to decide if they will approve or deny my claim.

I kept calling them to find out the status of my case. Finally when I called them on 5/29/2008 they told me that my claim was denied and as a reason they stated: "Per the TPP policy language, your claim has been denied because benefits will not be provided if you, your traveling companion, or an immediate family member is not a resident of U.S.A or CANADA." Basically they told me that because of my mother was not American, neither Canadian citizen/resident I am not eligible for the money refund!!!

Of course she was not American/Canadian resident/citizen otherwise I would not bother to travel to Europe to see her. And why do they than co-operate with European air lines like Czech airlines when their policy is stating something like this? Is this just a BS that they are trying to pull off on me, because to me this really sounds like a complete non-sense?

What is the next step I need to do in order to get my money back, and is there any chance I can actually win this case??? And how? Also I want to mention (not that anyone would even offer me this option but) I am not interested in credit with this airline for the future trip, because I am not planning to travel to Europe for another 3 years. I contacted "Airfare Watchdog", online help that deals with airline cases and they also tried to help me.

So, the Airfare Watchdog suggested me to contact you for help. Their opinion is that the Priceline might have inserted additional "condition" to their policy. So who is the one I need to approach, is it the AIG or Priceline that is actually responsible to pay out the air ticket value??? Please help me, can you tell me what should I do, or are they really right??? Thank you so much.


On Jan 8 my husband reserved 2 seats with cheap seats to and from Montana from NY. We were to leaving Jan 14 and returning Jan 17. Through this website they had a box to check for flight insurance 9.95 per person just in case of the unexpected. The unexpected was that my grandma had a complication during a routine surgery and caused them to. She had a very short time to live. This unfortunate thing had nothing to do with her pre-existing condition and now they are telling me I am not insured for that being a pre-existing cond.

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