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I had a small fender bender last year in rush hour traffic on the freeway. The other party informed our insurance company (Hartford) and we were sent a letter saying that fault was 50/50 because we were in rush hour traffic. We were never again notified about the claim. We weren't asked for pictures, nothing. When my mom switched banks over a year later, she called to inform them of the change and to let them know that the bank account that they were withdrawing from was closed and attempted to give them new bank information. The lady was extremely rude and refused to accept the new information, saying they need to continue to withdraw from the closed account and that she should have notified them before she closed the account (like she knew that) and that if they withdraw from the closed account "sometimes the bank will pay that money". How shady!! So when they withdrew from the closed account, they got no money and dropped us!!

When my mom called to ask why they dropped us, they told us it was because of a missed payment and then over a year after the fender bender, decided to tell us that they paid the guy 3000 dollars for the claim!! And supposedly it was 50/50 fault, we didn't get a dime... not even a courtesy call letting us know they were settling the claim and paying out! They didn't even let us defend ourselves! They didn't ask for pictures, info, nothing!! They just paid this dude from our policy without even notifying us. They then decided to deny everyone in our family coverage. This insurance company is a waste of time and really not worth having. What's the point of having an insurance company that's not on your side?!

Bought a policy, paid their premiums and then they billed us for additional charges after the policy period had ended!! It's buried in their policies, so BUYER BEWARE!!! This was a business policy, I can imagine what they do to the consumers!!! Find someone else.

My husband had car insurance with the Hartford Auto. We paid on time. I called to make arrangements to paid my September bill by the 9 and was told it was due by the September 1. Didn't get a letter or anything. And was to the insurance had cancel. Suppose to get a grace period. This is the worst insurance company. Ever.

Straight to the point - the Hartford insurance is terrible. They show on the commercial that they won't go up on your insurance even if it's your fault for the first time. Well I join them and paid for the whole year and someone split the top on my convertible. And I called them and the girls showed me that they wouldn't go up on my insurance because that one wasn't my fault. Well Lo and behold it took them 6 months to finally fix the split in my top then when I went to renew my insurance they went up $50. And on top of that the people that they sent me to didn't even fix the top right. They gave me a new top but it only go down halfway. It doesn't even go down all the way.

I call the Hartford time and time again and left a message for the person that was supposed to be helping me and she never called me back. So I gave up and trying to call her again and I just deal with my car not putting my top down all the way. A co-worker went through the same thing with them. She said they just won't call her back. So we both saying we're not going to renew anymore. We rather go somewhere else and pay more money and get your business done right than to deal with these people. Because I will love to take my car back and make them fix my top right but I can't get any help from the insurance people to help me with that and if so I don't want to take another 6 months. And that's all I have to say about them. They are terrible and they need to get that commercial off the TV with them lies!!!

My fiancee's SUV was keyed outside of our house and we have had problems with our neighbors. So we call the police, filed a report and found it was the neighbor's daughter that did it by admission of guilt to the officer. So we call The Hartford, they say, "Yeah we got you guys because it's criminal damage. It falls under your policy to where we waive the deductible." Me and my fiancee trusted them and they referred us to an auto body shop to get the SUV fixed. Then we find out they didn't cover the deductible after we were told they would cover it due to criminal damage.

So overall we call them and they state someone gave us the wrong information and we have to pay the deductible, after I stated to them "You guys need to listen to that phone call cause by FDCPA regulations all calls are recorded to show what was said." All in all they did nothing to help us. Just take the money, and I'm waiting to see if my insurance gets cancelled unexpectedly like everyone else but we are in the process with a new insurance company.

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Having been with the Hartford for 9 years I was surprised to find my coverage was terminated with the excuse that I missed a payment. As it turned out in reviewing my account I had actually made the payment, it was deducted from my bank account only to be reversed and the check mailed back to me after The Hartford had to pay Medical pay for a auto accident I was involved in that was no fault of my own. I was sitting at a light and was rear-ended by a teenage driver. BE AWARE!! This is a very unethical company and will not look out for you. They only want your money. If you file a claim be ready to have your coverage terminated. Now that I have read the reviews here I am no longer surprised by their behavior and I only want to let people know so you do not have to endure the grief of the rest of us and AVOID this horrible company.

On August 27, 2015 I was involved in an automobile accident where I was underway on a separated roadway at 5 mph and a young woman made a u-turn from the other side of the road at an increased speed and crashed into me. In Florida, most u-turns are automatically at fault, however I was found to be at fault. I contacted The Hartford Auto Insurance and filed a claim. An underage passenger in the other vehicle filed a $100,000 claim for bodily injury through Morgan and Morgan to my insurance company. I told my representative that I did not believe that I was at fault and also that the 15 yr. old's mother had told him to stay put at the accident site to obtain the police report. I later informed The Hartford that the mother was a former insurance adjuster.

After this I called several times to request the status of the $100,000 claim. I was treated rudely by the claims representative, who said they did not personally investigate the accident, but followed a protocol, but she believed since she was a mother that the young man had incurred trauma. I asked that The Hartford keep me informed of the settlement of this claim, which they did not. The last time I had heard from them was February 2015.

This claim was settled in August 2016, the injured young man's parents received $20,000, for nothing. The doctors were friends of the young man's parents. The young man's MRI showed very minor issues which I claimed were already in existence prior to the accident since he was very active in all sports. He was shooting "fake hoops" around the parking lot waiting for the accident report, as he had been requested to do when he called his mother for a ride home. No one in either vehicle claimed any injuries when asked several times by the police. Please beware The Hartford Auto Insurance. They do not conduct an investigation on their own and their claims representatives are rude, unhelpful and will not provide you with updates.

I am the personal representative for my late uncle's estate. I contacted Hartford in March 2016 to inform them of his death. He was due a $700 refund on his account. I have contacted the Hartford at least several times a month and each time they assure me the check is on the way. Then they sent me a letter telling me they have been trying to contact me regarding this account. I am very frustrated!!! and feeling like they are just leading me on. So beware!!!

I was fully stopped for a red light when someone hit into my car smashing my back door. The person who hit me crossed over the double line to pass a double park car on her side of the street. I called my insurance company not sure if I wanted to make a claim but did begin to pursue. The insurance co. immediately told me to take my car to a collision place. I went. Got there was told that papers weren't faxed. Went back the next day and the collision person said they were busy that it was best for me to come back. I am disabled. It was 90-degree weather. I called the insurance co. back only to be told I had a different agent. I was given 2 different agents, besides the different person who wanted me to get a accident quote from the collision dealer I actually given 5 different names. They mailed me papers. I decided to just settle it out of the insurance because the person who hit my car said they would pay the collision person.

I brought my car the person paid but now I found they did cheap labor. My car not fixed right. I did take my own pictures before the accident but the insurance company was not helpful to me at all. One man actually told me, "You don't have to worry about the other company paying that is why you have no fault. It is no one's fault. You have the coverage."

It didn't matter to Hartford but it did to me because I was not a moving car. I was totally stopped so why should I have to pay a deductible so now with no help from my insurance company and a car that was fixed at a shoddy place my car not fixed right still needs a new door and it will end up costing me the lowest rate I got was $875.00 that was rec. and they promised a new door panel. The people who fixed my car gave me a door panel that had peeled paint buffed and painted over it. I'm aggravated Hartford does nothing to help their clients not even an apology for their outright rudeness and misinformation they gave me. I hope to switch out of Hartford soon.

We were in a pile-up accident July 2016. The Hartford has been our insurance for 30 yrs. When we called them they were worse than being in the accident. We went 10 days without a rental car (can you imagine we had to keep driving our totaled car) because we had to fight the Hartford to get a rental, as in the Hartford Claims Adjuster told us ten 10 days after the accident we were all set to pick up a rental but when we got to the rental company, they told us no authorization so NO CAR. When we called the Hartford Claims Center for rental car help on a Saturday they told us why we had to keep driving a totaled car "Our offices don't open till Monday cb." The sheer egregiousness didn't stop - they switched adjusters without notifying us. They told us that we had to file through other parties insurances. Our insurance broker has been apologizing to us but, c'mon man.

My mother insured KIA Spectra 2007. They told her that The payment will $175. Later one day they send us papers saying, "Your monthly payments changes because accident that happened". We wonder and call them back. They just Literally changed the payment without reason. We never had Accident with the car. This is disrespectful company. I would have banned the Managers and who ever build it. The agents are rude and disrespectful. I have been on hold on the phone more than 30. We call them back they said, "We gonna transfer to your agent". That agent never answers nor call us back. This is sad how people trusting this and they betraying people. I would've rate -5.

I called to make a payment and to inquire about a shopping cart hitting my car. Never filling a "claim" only to find out that I had been cancelled. The rep stated that I just needed to fill out a form and fax it back so I did. When I called back the rep started probing me for questions about the shopping cart hitting my car. I said I will talk with the claims dept if I need too! Made another call to the Hartford only to find out that they will not reinstate my ins because my car was hit by a shopping cart. Wow... I never even filed a claim. She said this is to protect them just in case I wanted to file a claim later and to save the company money. But I have been paying you money just for situations like this.

Are all ins. companies like this? I haven't had any tickets, accidents or anything. Just questions! Just in case you decide to get ins with this company make sure you don't have to use them for anything because they will canceled you afterwards. Just for asking questions!!!

I am writing on behalf of my uncle in north Las Vegas who does not have access to a computer. He has been with Hartford for eons, no claims, no accidents, and recently received an unconscionable rate increase of almost 40%. No reason was given other the number of accidents in the area, so the rate is jacked up because of zip code of residence. He called to complain, got less (far less) than satisfactory customer service. So he checked with other companies and found a savings of $576 a year with USAA, which is an excellent company. Obviously when he called Hartford to cancel, they didn't much care. From what I've read on this site, I'd stay away from Hartford with a 10 foot pole or longer.

We have been with the Hartford for 23 years - so you would think that they would appreciate our business!! Wrong! You are just a number to them. They canceled both our home and auto insurance with no notice to us - I heard from our bank. We always pay the full amount due in advance and have had very few claims over the years. We have a very high credit score. What happened - new technology. Instead of sending our bills and notices out by mail as they have always done in the past - they decided to email everything. Well, the emails did not arrive due to technical difficulties with the server we use. So they just canceled us.

When I found out what had happened, and offered to pay the amount in full on the spot, we were treated like dirt. We were told to find other insurance - they had no sympathy whatsoever for our situation. We did not know for weeks that we were driving around with no auto insurance and that our house was uninsured. We will never trust that company again. We found immediate and friendly service with Progressive. We had also found State Farm to be good.

They lure you in with 50+ premium discount deal then increase your premium few weeks into the policy. They quoted me $1450 for 2 cars which I thought was very reasonable. Then they went more than tripled my premium to $4558 because they claim there was a person living in my house who had a permanent address. I told them they don't live there and they said I had to prove it.

WHAT? How do I prove someone DOES NOT live in my own house? They didn't make sense so I wanted to cancel my policy. But they said they can only refund $450. WHAT? So that's $1000 for 2 month coverage? THEY RIPPED ME OFF. So I am suing them. In conclusion, the customer reps were rude, unprofessional and all they wanted to do was get more money out of me. So buyers beware, they will do and say anything to get you to pay and bleed you dry. Avoid hartford at all cost! Run like hell when you hear that name... Hartford. They are rip off company and they don't care how they do it. You have been warned!!!

I can 100% relate to all the contributors on this site related to Hartford Insurance Company! They are dishonest deceitful and unethical. They claim to have the best policy on the market and charge the premium to match it. The truth is they do not have the best policy on the market and their customer service is non existent, where their staff members prefer to argue than resolve concerns or issues!

Today 27th April I learned that Hartford canceled my policy on the 22nd April without prior notification. In fact from the day I obtained the original quote on their dysfunctional website, (Which is not user friendly) it has been a disaster. I have tried numerous times to set up Eazipay on the website. Won't let you do it. I have informed them several times. Could not even e-sign my policy documents. They said they were having issues with their website! I have to pay online with my credit card or ring in to pay. I have a number of payments that are collected from my card every month by institutions like clockwork, not Hartford.

We were involved in an accident on the 31st March, on Interstate 4 Orlando. It is a stop start scenario day in day out where the traffic comes to a halt for no apparent reason. This happened to us and it was an elderly lady who stopped dead in front of us. We had nowhere to go. Obviously we are deemed at fault which is fair enough. The Police stopped and suggested we swap information but the lady wanted them to make a determination. The damage was minimal. Left side of the fender popped off the clips. No other damage.

The officer found me at fault as we went into the back of her. Not unexpected, but did not write me a ticket as it is a notorious piece of carriageway. In fact the same thing happened 2 minutes later a little further up but in eyesight while with the officer, the elderly lady was indecisive and could not even rejoin the carriageway. The officer had to assist her to get back on the carriageway. We were not given any information on the lady. I tried to inform Hartford numerous times and found myself on hold for up to 45 minutes no answer. I am a Realtor so in and out of meetings.

We received a letter from Enterprise Rent A Car a couple of days ago saying they believe I am at fault and this is the first information I have related to the accident, so I contacted Hartford again today and spent an hour before they answered my call. I told the representative I could not find my policy online as I was trying to notify them about the accident. She said "Your policy was canceled 22nd April for non payment of the installment." I said "I did not know anything about them canceling the policy." Unbeknown to me they changed the premium and collection date. At no point was I notified about either.

The representative said "You can reinstate the policy then deal with the claim." She put me through to customer services to someone rude and nonchalant. I have never missed a payment on the policy. She said "We cannot reinstate the policy for the missed premium." I said "Put me through to your Supervisor." I got the same thing. So I have asked to speak to someone from their executive department. I am told I will hear from them within 48 hours. At this stage I am stunned by their behavior, leaving me without Insurance while my Wife was out with the vehicle! Disgraceful.

After reading all the reviews here I can see I am not alone and indeed there appears to be a history and pattern of the same behavior, shocking company and customer service. The truth is they did not renew because of the accident and then stating they canceled my policy because I missed one premium by 2 weeks though they did not inform me of anything. They said they sent an email. I must have seen it, so effectively calling me a liar. I asked "If you had notified me A) You had increased my premium from $147 to $160 do you not think I would have called to ask why? B) Further if you sent me an email to say I had missed a premium and you were going to cancel my policy I would not have called to pay my premium before cancellation?" This is a joke as are the Hartford.

I am going to sue them for negligence and discrimination. They know what they are doing but they think we are all idiots who have no clue. Honesty it seems is not the best policy. I could have just not said anything about the accident, reinstated the policy as offered by the first representative, then informed them of the accident later! Complete BS. HORRID COMPANY, HORRID PEOPLE, HORRID POLICY.

Initial estimate for a car involved in an accident in Trinidad Colorado overlooked obvious damage to the hood and windshield from flying debris. After the estimate and repair and two subsequent visits to the repair shop the windshield was not repaired and I was informed by a broom pushing employee that the Hartford estimate did not include the windshield replacement because they were "told" to repair everything underneath. After two hundred miles or so miles and having problems with Enterprise rental car (no drop off location) in Trinidad, I called the Hartford Company seven times to reach "Josh" and the CSR could not locate him or find his name listed at Hartford. I did manage to reach voice mail and "Josh" called me back. I explained my situation and the apparent lack of communication between the adjuster and repair shop, to include my frustration of course.

My conversation with "Josh" went from poor to worse after I gave him the communication failures from the beginning to the end of the whole entire customer service disaster. Apparently you cannot reach the agent in the afternoon. The CSR may or may not know who your agent is even after you give them the claim number and policy number and English as a second language is sufficient enough of a factor to interfere with normal conversation on their part. I spent time to call Hartford customer service 7 times, and Enterprise Rental car eight times to find assistance and because of my remote location and location took hours for me to find help.

I am not convinced that the platitudes and apologies can make up for a terribly bad experience with Hartford. You simply cannot put a positive shine on this shiny piece of excrement. I recommend a different insurance company with the resources and ability to help the average customer and the desire to give good customer service.

My advice if considering the Hartford: Under no circumstances be involved in an accident, at fault or not. You will be rated as accident prone and will experience an increase in rates, which as starting out were very competitive.

We were involved in a rear end collision. Stopped at an intersection waiting behind two cars. The first vehicle making a left hand turn at a green light and waiting for oncoming traffic to clear before that vehicle could complete the left hand turn and we could proceed through a green light, when a vehicle hit us from behind at a speed of approximately 35 mph. The driver of that vehicle stated that she didn't see us stopped, was watching a man walk down the street and stated and look, he isn't even there now.

Immediately my husband had a terrific headache, felt like his head was going to explode. He didn't want to be transported to the hospital by ambulance but we promised that as soon as we got home, unloaded a few groceries that we had in the vehicle we would go to ER. We did proceed to go to ER and upon examination they found that my husband had two frontal brain hemorrhages. They kept him in ER overnight. He suffered with headaches every day for 3 months.

Finally after treating with a very good acupuncture doctor and chiropractor (the Neurosurgeon) did absolutely nothing to help him, his headaches and backaches subsided. My husband never complains of headaches. The person that hit us had the minimum amount of insurance (Nevada General) that she could obtain for the State of New Mexico and only partially paid for my husband's medical bills. We have paid for the best coverage possible through Hartford Insurance - $250,000 for each person, per accident to cover underinsured and uninsured motorists. They are refusing to pay a reasonable and statute allowed amount for pain and suffering therefore we have to sue our own insurance company.

Don't be fooled, you get what you pay for. They may brag about low insurance premiums. Now we know why. They don't want to pay anything to their insured. We have always paid our premiums on time each and every month, and paid for the very best coverage and this is the kind of treatment we get. State Farm is the very best insurance company. Their premiums may be higher, but at least they stand behind their insured.

I am 53 live in MI where you are already raped to drive a vehicle. 2119 per year. No tickets or accident, bad credit, divorced. Got sick and short paid 50.00. They cancelled me with 138.00 credit then told me in order to reinstate I had to pay the balance of 6 months 974.00. No other options, the only way to keep my insurance. If I let them cancel me then my insurance just continues to go up. I had to take a loan out on a paid off car to keep my insurance over 50.00!!! No one and I mean NO ONE would work with me. I am also sending a complaint to AARP who suggested them to me. I will not renew with The Hartford and if I ever hear of anyone considering them I will steer them away!!

Rear ended by a hit-and-run driver 12-18-2015. Suffered from Tinnitus (ringing of ears) so severe that I needed hospitalization at one point. My balance and stability also affected. After extensive testing, Doctors say I need $6400 hearing aids (2) and an additional $4950 Tinnitus device. In addition need PT to regain stability. While they will pay for my twice weekly chiropractor visits at $30 each, they will not pay for any inner ear problems.

Hartford has tracked down the hit-and-run driver, but refuses to turn her over to police or give me her information. However they say that based on the interview they did with this felon, the accident was not serious enough to cause my head injuries. I can no longer drive a car and walk with a walker to prevent falls. My hearing is totally destroyed. Hartford sends me to phantom employees with phone mailboxes always full. When I ask for supervisors, they say they will e-mail phantom... Last time I heard from him was 21 days ago. AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS. They will not protect you when you are in need.

I have a perfect driving record, have been driving for 38 years, no tickets, no accidents, until early last year a lady who had a bad driving record and hardship insurance hit my car. The police report clearly stated she was at fault but Hartford decided it was 50/50. Their cost to repair my car was $331. My renewal came in with an accident penalty and went from $1290 to $1900. They do not stand behind their customers! Instead of arbitrating they take the easy way out and say 50/50 leaving drivers who aren't at fault with marks on their records! Progressive wrote a policy for me today for 42% less than Hartford. Hartford was overcharging the whole time on top of requiring me to purchase Triple A membership. Do yourself a favor, save money and don't go with an insurance company who won't stand behind their customers and who overcharges!

Hartford only wanted to pay a 154.00 of a 550.00 ER Doctor bill. So now the doctors are billing me for the difference. They failed to pay the over 1300.00 dollar hospital ER bill so the hospital filed a lien with the county I live in for that amount. My credit rating will be toast after this is over, what a nightmare.

One of their insured rear ended my wife at 35mph while my wife was at a complete stop in stop and go traffic. It took them 10 days to take responsibility for the accident and issue us a rental car. The auto body shop contacted them to come and issue the car a total loss, which took Hartford another 7 days to do. Our claims adjuster, Dustin **, was very dishonest with us, and went days without returning our calls and emails. We still have not received a payment for our total loss, and the claims adjuster has not returned our calls and emails for 4 days now. We left messages with his supervisor that were never returned. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER.

I called Hartford Insurance for a quote, the quote was high, but reasonable of about $1800 for the year. Considering I did have a speeding ticket on my record, the first in over 10 years. The kicker was that they wanted me to pay $1050 to start the policy. I am 53 years old, single woman with limited income with a good driving record. When I asked why such a large downpayment, the only response I received was because of the vehicle I drive (2012 Jeep Compass) and the first ticket in 10 years that I received in May. Since I have been driving (age 17) I have a total of 4 tickets in my life. Hartford's customer service sucks, and their agents are uninformed.

Called 1800 rescue to change a tire, called two days ahead of time when driver called to confirm, he wanted $95.00: $45.00 for his gas and $50.00 to change the tire. Never have I had a tow truck ask for gas money, also they called a company 50 miles south of where I live. I live in the county seat of the county. I complained to Hartford and the roadside service company and got nowhere. My neighbor changed it for free. So much for paying towing and labor charges on my policy. That one visit would have been my annual fee for a year. I canceled the appointment.

Nothing has changed. Credit score still in the 800's, no new tickets, no new accidents, still AARP members, same address, same town, multi policy discount, multi vehicle discount, etc. Rate increases were very small year after year and expected for the Industry in general. This annual renewal period however was a huge increase close to 50% with no written explanation with policy renewal. Called CS and was told it was a general increase to all policy holders. Told them I'm shopping now and AARP will hear about this gouging to Seniors as well.

I am insured by Hartford. Our car is a new Volkswagen. On Dec 27 2015 we were rear-ended, while stopped, by another vehicle, one insured by GEICO. 9 days and 4 adjusters/claims managers later, Hartford still hasn't processed my claim. They keep asking me for the details of the accident that were supplied in the original claim information delivered 90 minutes after the accident. They say that GEICO admits to the liability, but then later they say that GEICO admits to only the liability to the rear end of the car, not the front where there is damage from hitting a vehicle that our car was thrown into.

Hartford takes GEICO's side, or least appears to... They start by saying there is no deductible, as we were victims. Then they say 500 dollars, then 400 dollars, then no deductible due to a clause in our policy, they back to 400. They must have no computers and work in crayon. Then they send a person to view the damage. An estimate is made, but only if we use off market crash parts, not OEM parts. This voids our vehicle warranty, but they don't care. Perhaps they want to pay me off cheap and sue GEICO for OEM parts.

Their adjusters call and resist email because they don't want to be held accountable. Their adjusters use their first names only, another way to avoid accountability. The company doesn't even use the name "The Hartford" on its insurance cards, instead they use "TRUMBULL INSURANCE". The Hartford answers the phone with "Thank you for trusting Hartford". Well here's a flash: I don't. No one should. This company should be out of business or sold to people who understand what insurance claims mean. This company is being run by people with evil in their hearts. My advice to anyone who is thinking of using Hartford--- "THINK AGAIN". Try someone else. This is a horror show. And they make it worse by calling me and asking me to complete a survey about their claims service. What nerve! Any questions?

Hartford customer backed up from a parking spot in Walgreens, hit the side of my new 2015 Chev Equniox. They are telling me that they are not accepting damages to my new car. Plus I was injured in the accident and they are not paying for anything. Very bad company.

In February 2015, we purchased a new(er) car and our agent (Front Range Insurance Services in Colorado) added this car to our policy but removed our son's car instead of the car I traded in. In August, when our son's windshield was severely damaged, the claim process came to a screeching halt when the error was discovered. Between communication with our agent (all one-sided, I had to reach out to them for updates) and with the Hartford directly, I have spent tens of hours trying to reach an agreement; there was never a full reconciliation of the corrections to our policy premiums.

Each time I called, the excuse was they were going back to try to fix this (basic) billing issue. We were finally told in mid-October that this should be all corrected by our December billing cycle, but in the meantime, here are the new charges due! How could a calculation be complete for a new billing cycle without a prior eight-plus month billing cycle correction??? Needless to say, we moved from the Hartford in October (and are very happy with American Family Insurance) and my last two calls to the customer service department at Hartford promised me a full reconciliation "... within 24-48 hours..." The first call taking place in early November, the second, and final call taking place ten days ago.

We are stuck paying the final invoice of $144 with no accounting of how that was determined because I do not want a delinquent note on my excellent credit score. And it's not the $$$, it's the principle. This has been the most frustrating experience I have ever had with an insurance company in 37 years. I wouldn't recommend the Hartford to an enemy.