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If you're reading these review now 99% chance that you planning to build house in Watermark with Meritage Homes. I know that because year ago this site and this reviews gave me hard time to make decision to sign contract with this builder or not. One year ago we started to look for community where we can build our new home. Different places have been seen and a lot of customer reviews read. But we have chosen to follow our gut feeling and trust it and went with Meritage Homes.

Now we finally moved into our Barrett plan and not disappointed. We love it. And we love location, school, neighbors and access to everything that might be needed by family with kids. It is awesome place and we do not have any issue with contraction, with closing process, with financing and escrow money. I mention all this because year ago it was my main concern when I found scary reviews about Meritage Homes. None of those issues been met in Winter Garden Florida in Watermark community.

I want to tell big thank to all those people involved in making our dream come true. Guys to all you (and sorry if someone won't be mentioned) our family saying thank you and all blessings: Shawn **, Tim, loan officer, closing agent, plumbers, roofers, flooring firms, painting contractors, lawn workers, cleaning company, windows and doors installers, electricians and everyone else who been involved. I live now here and see how hard your job is and how you trying to do your best and on time. Thousand thanks to all of you. Shawn ** was the first person we met in sales office and the person who made us trust Meritage Homes. Shawn, thanks for your patience and help.

Meritage (Hayward) asked me to pay an additional cost of $14K for a solar system after a few days I signed purchase contract. They said it's a mandatory and I have to accept this "no choosing" options. It's not a professional way to sell a house without telling the full information. It is unacceptable, and Meritage cannot force buyer to accept the option they do not want to it.

I live near one of the sites where it has been advertised that Meritage homes is building some new single family dwellings. I am looking for a ranch style home and they have 2 ranch style models in this new project that I am interested in. I went to their website and filled out a bunch of information and submitted questions about their homes. I also called their number on their website about this new area, The Trails at Coal Creek in Lafayette, CO. I have not gotten any response from my inquiry posted on their website and I have not received a phone call back. I would ask this question: If they are this crappy at responding to communication when it comes to getting new business, then how are they going to respond if I am a new homeowner in their home and I have a problem? From all indications, if they can't even respond to new business, they certainly won't be responding when someone has a problem or complaint that needs addressed.

Home owners beware. This looks like a shady operation. I am disappointed in the city of Lafayette that with the little amount of new construction in this area, in the Boulder Valley School District, that they would not do business with a more reputable business. I will be letting the city of Lafayette know. They better be prepared for lots of complaints about this project.

We bought a new home in Aug that was already built. We did our 1st walk through before closing and found a page full to put on the list to fix. Some of the items were fixed but others we are still waiting on. It's been over 1 month and we are still waiting for our list to be completed since moving in Aug 12. For being a new home it feels like a used one. I cannot recommend anyone to buy a home from this company. I would highly recommend any future home buyers to really inspect for workmanship before buying. Our home is in Spartanburg County, SC.

We drove 60 miles to look at Meritage Homes in Dawson Pointe in Dawsonville GA only to find the sales office closed on Sat 9/10/16. at 12 PM. We called the sales office only to get a recorded message saying they were closed that Saturday (the sign said open on Sat and Sun). We called back Sun and got the same message from Sat. I called the corporate office and was told they would call and email the agent and have him call us. No return call. Called the corp office again 2 days later and had the same conversation and told them other people also stopped by the sales office while we were parked there wanting to speak with someone for information/pricing on the development and this was leaving a bad taste in our mouth. Still, no return call.

I searched for complaints about Meritage and found these horror stories about purchasing from them and the quality of the homes. Thanks to everyone who has commented here. My experience attempting to reach someone for information on the development along with these experiences have helped me avoid a HUGE mistake in trying to purchase/build a new home with them.

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I purchased in Kingswood Village, TX. The house got delayed 4 months to complete. The worst landscape given, it was such a pathetic job. Every time it rains, it creates water puddle and canal. Water get stuck and no drainage. They put beach sand to fix, Grass has died and nothing has improved, still same issues. Construction quality is also poor.

I've contracted a house with Meritage Homes. They told me fact about what's going to include in a home as standard at the time of contact. I been visiting that home many times and they were saying "You will get exactly same house like this except no tile" and believed that. Later on till now it's been 2 months, I've contracted. I've been visiting many times their office just for selection of bricks. Once I made selection they approved and said it will not changed & if you changed I will be charged extra money for that - I agreed. But one or other reason they have to keep changing my brick even though don't like it. Their entire staff from salesperson to corporate office cover each other on their mistake.

They asked for $5K of earnest money, so you can't do anything. When I asked in what case I can get my money back. They said only if I lost job or my loan don't get approved. Later after 2 months now they said "Changed your bricks but we will not compensate you anything." Such a poor and bad service. Never recommended to buy house from Meritage Builder.

This is to anybody looking to buy a Meritage home in Sierra Ridge Parker Colorado. My husband and I were misrepresented and misinformed on a APARTMENT COMPLEX BUILT IN THE SUBDIVISION THAT ALL 240 UNITS BEING BUILT ARE LOW INCOME APARTMENTS. The salesperson just said apartments which apartments in Denver rent for 1200 to 2100 a month which would of been fine. We put down a 24,000 dollar earnest money which was an outrageous amount for a deposit to even ask for, now we know why. I talked to the division president Rusty Crandall which I had to leave 3 messages before he would return my phone call and said under these circumstance we want our earnest money back. Mr. Rusty Crandall said he would not return our 24,000 because that was our due diligence to figure that out.

There is not one thing on the internet about these apartments in Sierra Ridge Parker Colorado that ALL 240 UNITS ARE LOW INCOME, you had to go down to public records in Douglas County to get this information. The only reason we found out about this someone told us at a downtown Parker restaurant WHERE WE WERE HAVING LUNCH or we would of never FOUND OUT and moved in. We also wrote a letter to the CEO of Meritage who lives in Scottsdale Arizona STEVE HILTON, NO RESPONSE and the letter was sent certified and signed by Arlene **. I ask Mr. Crandall who makes the final decision in getting our 24,000 dollars earnest money and he said me.

Buyers beware! If anyone is considering the purchase of a Meritage home, please be advised accordingly. As a real estate broker I am obligated to disclose material facts and actual knowledge for what I know about real property. This is a full accounting of what I will say is the very best example of the worst residential construction I've ever seen. In 14 years as a realtor with experience working for two home builders, 23 years of prior experience as an engineer with industrial construction projects, and now as a broker-in-charge of my own company, I have never seen a more disengaged group of people building homes, touting "quality", and completely disrespecting buyers of their products.

Please, if you are considering buying a new home, use a realtor to represent you. There is typically no cost to the buyer to have an agent in a purchase if the home is listed for sale by a builder or real estate company. Also, make sure to monitor the build process at least weekly. Take photos. When the build is completed definitely hire a home inspector to make sure everything is installed and works safely. Follow along below.

My client, who I will refer to as ABC, signed a Meritage Homes sale agreement in August 2015. This nightmare lasted a full year and ABC was finally released and refunded in August 2016. Meritage built a defective structure and attempted to close on this, but our inspections prevented ABC from becoming the owner of an unsafe, defect-riddled property. But, to get to this point ABC spent thousands of dollars in inspection fees, a structural engineer, and an attorney. ABC was partially restored financially, but the emotional scars will last a long time. After the foundation was poured and the framing was up, the site superintendent performed the pre-drywall walk with the buyer and myself. At that time, we found damage done to the fiberglass bathtubs in the hall bath and the upstairs bath.

Holes were punched through the new fiberglass by framing members behind the tubs. The damage was subsequently patched (not replaced) and refinished on site. As the build continued we began photographing other defects and calling them out to the superintendent and sales agent. Their response was always the same; “it’s a process”, “you’ll love it when it’s done”. The build continued and many of these items remained unaddressed. We discovered the build “process” has allowed the builder to "cover up" underlying defects without correcting them. We generated a 55 item punch list and submitted that to the builder. Here are just some of the items discovered before they were “covered up”, not fixed:

The stairs leading to the second level were found to be over 1/2" out of level, side-to-side. The top stair was improperly supported and deflected under load. All the decorative crown and wainscot moldings were poorly set. Mitered joints were rough and crudely cut with no sanding or smoothing of any kind. Many moldings were not level or square. A 3-foot square hole was cut into the concrete basement floor to patch a broken drain pipe. The PVC pipe was spliced with rubber hose and clamps. The hole was later backfilled without moisture barrier, and not leveled with the adjacent floor. Carpet was then installed over these defects to hide them. The dip in the floor could still be felt under the carpet.

Also, all of the finished hardwood flooring, tile and carpet were not covered or protected in any way. Construction crews were observed using drywall mud, sanding walls and painting in the house over the floors and getting dust, mud and paint on these "new" materials. The granite countertop in the kitchen was installed improperly. The countertop was intended to rest partially on a knee wall and mostly on kitchen island base cabinets. The knee wall was built too tall so the countertop did not get any support on the base cabinets except for a stack of shims on the front edge of the cabinets. A 1/2" gap existed between the cabinets and countertop. No intermediate supports were provided at all. The superintendent said they would fix that, but they only nailed a piece of molding over the gap to hide the defect.

Our concerns mounted as the build continued, but none of the problems were being addressed, just covered up. We had several meetings on site with the agent and superintendent. Meritage had scheduled a closing for May 10th, 2016. On April 27th, I had a conference call with the superintendent and sales agent to point out the many issues (including finding an empty beer bottle in the house) prior to closing. They all apologized and assured me everything would be fixed. Two weeks later, they still were not. Consequently, the closing was postponed by the builder until May 27th, 2016. We scheduled a home inspection initially for May 6th. This too had to be rescheduled to May 20th, 2016, due to more builder delays. They assured us the home would be complete and ready to inspect on that date. It was not.

On May 12th I met with my client, and the superintendent at the house. We walked the rooms and pointed out the numerous defects. The superintendent marked many of the items with blue tape and promised to fix it all for us. It was at this time we picked up the beer bottle and handed it to the superintendent for removal. It was right after this meeting that the superintendent either quit or was fired. We couldn’t get a straight answer. A new superintendent was later assigned. On May 18th I again visited the home to spot-check progress for my client. On that date cleaning crews were working. Upon opening a kitchen island base cabinet door, I found another empty beer bottle. All of the flooring remained unprotected, so dust, paint and wet drywall mud had been dropped into the carpeting and on the hardwood flooring.

We had emailed the sales agent and area manager to insist they put some protection on the flooring, but there had been no action to do so. On May 20th we finally did perform the general home inspection. Our general home inspection revealed numerous functional defects and a significant structural defect in the sloping floor and sagging rear wall of the house over the walk-out basement. At that time this drop measured over 2" in eight feet. This prompted us to do an additional inspection. My buyer later brought in a structural engineer at her own cost to investigate further. Despite promises by the builder the home would be ready to inspect, they could not get a satisfactory pressure test on the gas line from the utility company, so the gas meter was not installed. Consequently, it was impossible to have gas appliances inspected by our inspector as planned.

We learned that the City on May 17th, 2016 also inspected the house in the builder's attempt to get a certificate of occupancy. That inspection also failed and the city's own report notes; "The home was not ready for final inspection." On May 23rd ABC, and I attended a "Customer Orientation" walk with the new site superintendent. During that walk through we discovered water in the basement. The superintendent indicated that the pressure-washer cleaning crew was there earlier and during washing the front porch, water leaked into the basement and damaged the insulation. The lack of proper flashing and water proofing on the front porch was one of the items on our deviations list and was also documented by the home inspector. It still had not been addressed. Worse, the builder added decorative columns and hand railings to the porch, which prevents opening the wall and siding to install the correct waterproofing.

During the May 23rd meeting, we pointed out the sloping floor defect to the new superintendent. He pulled up a copy of the original builder's plan and that is when we discovered the onsite construction personnel omitted a 2’ x 3’ concrete footing, two smaller footings and four 6x6 columns under the back wall of the house. So, the next day I went directly to the City planning department. I met with inspectors to discuss the permits for this house and the structural problems had we just discovered. They said they were unaware of the defect and would meet with the builder to find out what happened. They did say the superintendent was just there talking to them about another home with similar problems.

The City later informed me the remedy to fix the structural defect would be considered a modification to the existing plans since the structure was not built as designed. As such, they would not issue a certificate of occupancy until they certify the construction was done correctly. As of June 8th, 2016 the structure was not safe to occupy. If we had closed earlier on this build without proper inspections my client would certainly be in harm's way. We contend this demonstrates negligence and gross incompetence on the part of Meritage Homes. Worse, if my client had bought the property it would be her obligation to disclose the defects when she sold it. This would have destroyed her ability to preserve its value.

On May 27th, 2016 my client’s structural inspection was performed, which was incidentally, on the date of the second, missed closing date. The structural report revealed fundamental defects in floor supports and roof trusses which partly attributed to the warped ceiling and sloping floor. Also, the rear deck (over 12 feet high) was improperly attached to the house without bolts as the building code specified. That omission could have seriously injured many people if it the deck pulled away and collapsed during a family gathering. On June 1st, 2016 the onsite sales agent sent out an email advising ABC and myself that the new (third) closing was scheduled for June 17th, 2016. She stated that her Area Manager assured her he would definitely have the house ready to close on that date.

To complicate the matter, my client’s rate-lock on financing expired due to builder delays. If this deal was to go forward the financing would have had to be revised at additional cost to my client. As of June 8th, 2016, still nothing had been done to address the many issues that required correction at this address. It is abundantly clear that this builder is unresponsive, and either unwilling or unable to build homes competently. We assert they simply don’t care. As a result, my client had lost any confidence in this builder and wished to cancel any plan to purchase this property. An attorney was retained. The inspection reports, a mutual release and letter indicating my client intended to cancel her purchase were sent to the builder directly from the attorney.

Clearly, Meritage did not intend to cooperate and dragged out this process. It took over two months for my client to receive a signed release, a refund of deposit and options money. My client did not receive any money to cover inspections or attorney fees, however. Without an attorney on the case, we believe we still would not have a resolution to this flawed transaction. This home was recently listed by the builder for sale in our local MLS. No disclosures will be provided by the builder because it is considered a “New Home” and as such they are not required to disclose problems since no one has ever occupied the property, even though the builder is well aware of all the defects we discovered as documented through inspections. They were provided copies of all inspection reports. Many of the defects still exist and are simply covered up.

There is a significant ethical problem here. If you want a brand-new home, don’t get caught up in the rush. Ask for a copy of the sales agreement. Study it. Have an attorney study it. If the agreement is over 50 pages long and gives the buyer no protections, like the one Meritage uses, someone is going to get hurt. Ask an existing homeowner in the neighborhood how they we treated in their purchase. Be very careful! Don’t wade into this swamp without abundant caution. Far better if you don’t do it at all! Buyers beware!

I closed on my Meritage home in August, 2010. Within the last 24 months, I have had 4 plumbing/water losses within my attic and/or walls that have caused substantial damage. The manufacturer name of the plumbing is Nibco which Meritage used in all their houses. Meritage denied all responsibility because I am outside of my 2 year warranty. I have had to make 3 insurance claims and have now been threatened with non-renewal if I make another.

My insurance company sent a portion of the Nibco plumbing for testing with an independent 3rd party who concluded the plumbing was faulty. Even after this Nibco and Meritage declined to make this right. I am in the middle of my 4th water leak right now and am out of pocket thousands of dollars including my deductible. Meritage should do what is right and replace my plumbing and they have refused to even make repairs where the loss occurred. No quality plumbing should spring leaks 4 different times in 4 different places within 24 months. I have had the water pressure checked and all is fine.

We bought house @ Katy Texas. We wrote contract and the next day they pulled my credit history and told everything is good, and the same day evening they called me and told price increased 70k more. What kind of business they are doing. Area Manager Daniel ** and agent **, even not telling any reason. How Meritage Homes keep these kind of people as Managers, or Meritage Homes itself is playing with customers.

I live on the South side of Atlanta and brought all of my paperwork to work this morning prepared and excited to do the online application and go out and see the property in McDonough, GA this weekend. I spoke with the sales rep from Lake Iris and was looking forward to my visit to the property. My husband told me to read the reviews on this company before you fill out anything, and boy was he right. I will not continue my journey with this company. My sincere thank you to each and every one of you for your review. I read them all in their entirety and will follow the advice of those that came before me... BEWARE OF MERITAGE HOMES!

I don't have an extra $5K to give to anyone and I don't like to follow up behind those who claim to be professionals. It sounds like this company is a train wreck and continually pocketing people's hard earned money, giving false hope, doing substandard work, not taking responsibility for their product and avoiding their customers when their product defects. Why have a warranty if no one will answer the phone to honor it. Thank you again and I will pursue my search elsewhere and with a reputable company.

I will temporarily mark this as resolved as they agree to fix it.

Original Review

Bought a home from Meritage Homes in Oct 2013. Water penetrates through bath tiles and grouts. Opened one tile and also the opposite drywall. OMG. Horrible job. There is NO moisture barrier. Regular sheetrock is used instead of cement backerboard.

Although Meritage will promise everything and anything and will demand that you meet all of your timelines they DO NOT DELIVER on their end! Their communication is horrible, if they communicate at all. Our house has taken 13 months to build and is still not done with no firm date in sight. We have seen model homes for them go up in a matter of weeks. What a joke.

Words cannot express my disappointment in Meritage and the sales staff at Almeria. After completing long negotiations to develop a sales agreement that was executed and accepted, an error was discovered that proved unfavorable for Meritage. In an effort to prevent any confusion, we offered to rewrite the contract as opposed to issuing numerous amendments. Unfortunately, Meritage became adversarial and non-communicative. When we asked if there was a problem, we were told we were in a meeting followed the next day by the contract being voided. If this is how you treat somebody who spends over $600k on your house, I can see why the BBB has 174 complaints listed for Meritage AZ. Thank you for preventing us from making a $600k error. We’ll find a better place to spend our money.

Horrible customer service. They force people to pay 5000 as earnest money upfront and then they start humiliating them and they don't fix new built homes issues which are homes that should be problems free. They deny inspection report items so they don't admit fault and escape repairs. They think that anyone should buy a new car with a broken door, bad AC, etc. New homes should not have major issues, but this Meritage Homes did. They don't care about working issues and made us drive for a new home orientation and major issues not corrected. They lie about everything they say period. They have very cheap fixtures, granite, doors and interior, etc for a big price. Good builders don't ask for 5000 earnest, but bad ones do since they know that their quality is cheap.

I even got a letter from Meritage Vice Presidents to call them directly for non-resolved issues. They did not pick up their phones and did not call me back even after I left them voicemails. Even the construction manager did not bother to call me back until I requested to cancel the deal. Their sales associate is a big liar since he kept me coming back and forth and kept delaying the home repairs to force me to close and lied about keeping the earnest money deposit.

When I asked him "provide me something in writing on who decided to keep the earnest money", he did not do so which seems that he individually decided to keep the earnest money. The construction guy mentioned that he would get everything fixed before closing, but it did not happen. When I went to the sales office to work the issues, the same guy who is the construction supervisor was sleeping in the office and his boots were laid outside the room he was sleeping in with a closed door. What a cheap treatment to home buyers. I hated the home afterwards. They suck with every piece of detail from buying to fixing and preparing the house to warranty across the board. I am glad that I did not buy this Meritage home.

Beware!! Beware!! Beware!! I would really need negative rating value to rate this company. They are not even worth one star. I would totally agree with others about the earnest money and business conduct of Meritage. They just like free money and are suckers. We signed our contract during holiday season after lots of hurdles due to unprofessional behavior of the sales agent. Once she promised a lot for us and she was out, and later said that lot was gone. She agreed to our negotiation first and later said, "That's not accepted," after 3 days, then wouldn't respond to our calls or emails during business hours. We went in for our design appointment and we were charged for few features which were supposed to be standard which we found out after signing the design contract. BEWARE of their design center options!!

After signing the contract, we discovered a health-related emergency and contacted Meritage if it's possible to return our earnest money so that we could focus on the treatment and not worry about the construction. This was on 25th day after signing the contract. We weren't even explicitly made aware of the earnest period while signing the contract. They straight away said NO. After much discussions with the VP, director, etc., it was proved that they don't care. So we asked them to continue the construction and then they said we need to pay $5K more earnest money to be on the contract, to which we didn't agree. And last week we received an email saying our contract is VOIDED. How could this happen without our consent?

Meritage. Please take the time to read and understand what you get when you deal with Meritage. Meritage is capable of building an acceptable house that shows well. We were positively impressed with the design center and the choices we had. Some of their plans are very good and livable. Your contract will be on the online system called ‘DOCUSIGN’. To me it is much more difficult to read the contract on a PC, if you can print it off before you sign and read it. The contract maybe divided into ‘earnest money’ and ‘options earnest money’.

If you look at the contract they have a section where Meritage can ‘unilaterally terminate’ the contract and keep your portion of the ‘options earnest money’. That means they cancel the contract and keep some of your money, the amount you have in ‘options earnest money’ and you have no say in it. I recommend that you use an experienced professional real estate agent when dealing with Meritage. It will not change the price you pay for the house. Put into our budget at your expense to do all of these before you close: 1. Engineering report from a licensed structural engineer pre insulation for framing, truss, fireplace and foundation. 2. Survey before you close, check the lot size and setbacks from the property line. 3. Home inspection in great detail and do not back off the smallest issue issues.

If you think the building inspectors will catch very much you are mistaken. They spend very little time on a job site from foundation being poured to the final CO. They will miss health, safety and, structural issues. I have proven that. The sales staff do not always know the details of their product. Changes from the head office either do not get to sales staff or they do not look at them. Therefore about 10% of what they tell you will be incorrect when you sign the contract. I will stress that every single detail you write down in the contract in very great detail. The building staff do not always communicate with the sales staff. So what you get in contract may not always make it to the building staff. The building staff goal is to build fast and as cheap as possible. To the credit of the building staff they will sometimes be flexible and help you with minor changes.

The job site supervisor may have multiple subdivisions to oversee and they do have a lot meetings and training. Assume very little actual supervision of your house being built. The work is really managed by the cheapest sub contractors they can find. If you go to the area job site supervisor their job is to gloss over the issues and try to make you feel good but then not really deliver. Sort of like a professional politician. I would strongly encourage you to go by the job site at least twice a week to see what is actually being built. Take lots of pictures for documentation, email several times a week questions and concerns, keep the emails. This is critical to an acceptable house when it is being framed, trusses installed and OSB being put up. Once the house insulated (especially with spray foam insulation) a lot of mistakes can be covered up. Once the sheet rock goes up even more mistakes can be covered up.

Meritage can do a good finish job for the ‘eye candy’ on the house but it may have ‘bad bones’ underneath. Details of our experience: Concrete foundation not poured correctly resulting in 3 cuts, of 14, 11 and 2 feet long. This was in a floor plan that was the most common one in the neighborhood. Vapor barrier from concrete to framing missing on about 25% of the exterior walls. The straps set into the concrete foundation that hold the framing to the foundation were often not nailed, covered over by framing, and when nailed not done so correctly. Our engineer had to point this out. The correction was installing concrete anchor bolts to the concrete and that was done. I had to ask them twice to tighten the nuts as many were loose. Basically they would build a house that is not properly attached to the foundation. It vigorously defended by the management as a good job.

Framing 2x4, 2x6 very poor quality. Ours was way below average quality comparing it to other houses under construction by Meritage in the same subdivision. Wood was moldy, split, rotten, holes and bark areas exceeding ½ the board width, about 25% of the wood was bad. Roof trusses were 2x4’s (as cheap as you can get by with). They were not all properly cross braced. Trusses had holes in them that you could put your thumb through, numerous trusses were split and broken. Numerous metal plates that are stamped on the truss joints were busted loose. Roof decking was missing H clips, hurricane straps were missing, OSB siding had holes the holes of over 2 feet wide, lots of nails missed into wall studs. Wall studs were not always on 16inch centers anywhere for 14 to 20 inch centers. Often the studs were not plumb.

When I asked for additional 2x4 to reinforce the piece on any exterior or interior wall to firm up the walls. I had to push very hard for every single 2x4. It was a battle. Some of the interior 2x4 studs I could twist and easily remove with my weak hand, one nail top and bottom. Trim fascia boards had gaps exceeding ½ inch between the boards they were going to caulk. Same fascia boards were not straight. Gaps in concrete siding were often greater than ¼ of an inch. Most light switches and plugs were crooked which is a result of bad lumber and studs not straight. Meritage building management called this a well-built home and was planning on putting up spray foam to cover the trusses and framing. We had the structural engineer in first. A lot of bad wood, safety issues and workmanship would have been covered up.

I was wise on our part to bring in a structural engineer. The engineer pointed out that the fire box for the fireplace was too close to the wood framing per the manufacture requirement in bold print on the fire box. The improper installation of the fire box was fire hazard and noted in the engineering report. Meritage refused to correct it. It was a very challenging time getting Meritage to fix anything at all even when we presented them with a report from a structural engineer with pictures and documentation. Much of the framing and truss issues could have been resolved with a couple of competent carpenters and good lumber.

Some but not even half of these issues were resolved after weeks of heated discussion and us following up repeatedly. We did seek to get our earnest money back and it will take you over a month to get any of it back. They were very uncooperative and had numerous delays. I would not recommend Meritage to build a house to anyone. If Meritage says you get your money back in two weeks count on a month with you constantly pushing them for your money back. This occurred in Georgia, just north of Atlanta…

My husband and I want to thank the staff at Meritage at Waters Edge who went above and beyond to make sure that our issue was resolved. They handled this situation with the utmost professionalism and made sure we were satisfied in every way. We initially jumped to conclusions before fully understanding our position. Meritage builds a beautiful home and we should have handled this different, again thank you Meritage!

Original Review

My wife and I were really excited about buying a home in Waters Edge and we chose the Greenbrier. We went out and took out about $5000 from our retirement to get into our dream home. The market has become very difficult to sell our home and buy this new one. I was under the assumption we were in a contingency that would protect our 5k. We were really banking on taking the profit and getting into this nice one. We have called and asked about our deposit and they stated that there is no way to get back any earnest money at this point. My wife was in tears about losing the money this was money that her father left her before he passed and now it's been taken horribly by Meritage with no hope of return. I would never recommend this builder to anyone. I also had a friend that lives in one now and he is having a hard time getting things fixed. Has only lived in it 2 months.

We are selling our home and close 25 March 2016. The sewer line was scoped and found there was standing water & debris in four places where the pipe line had sunk causing bellies to develop. These bellies collected water & debris. Now we have to pay $9,000 to dig up the basement floor and put in new pipes that are angled right. This is due to poor preparation of the soil under the pipes. We know Meritage won't take responsibility so we are caught getting it fixed ourselves. The limited warranty is 08/10/2006 and expires 08/10/2016.

I purchased a home from Meritage about a year ago in Colorado. During our close walk thru we identified over 20 items that needed correcting, one being our wood floors that we paid to have upgraded. The floors were cupped over the entire installation. We were told to wait because the cupping would eventually go down. We waited and I had them come out before our one year inspection because the floors hadn't changed at all. After two trips to check the floors - they finally said on the day of our one year inspection that it was due to 'homeowner cleaning and maintenance'. Not sure how I could have cleaned it before we closed on the house - but nevertheless they refused to do any at all. In general, the finish work is very bad.

We have so many gaps in our counters, floors, trim that it's ridiculous. We paid a pretty penny to have the counters, floors etc, upgraded but its looks like a 'bad Harry homeowner' did it - not a professional. If you buy a house from Meritage be prepared to go over your house with a fine tooth comb - then have to accept their sub-par work. That is the Meritage way.

In life we as parents tell our children... go to college, get married, buy your own home. And to my advantage she did exactly what I ask of her... on the other hand this builder didn't hold up their end of the bargain. My daughter moved in her BRAND NEW home Nov 2015, as of today she still is unable to use her second toilet because of a plumbing problem. As of today she still has not had a walk through inspection. She has called NUMEROUS times and the problem still exist. She was told it's because she is flushing a particular feminine product. I am well over 50yrs old and this product has been flushing for decades!!!

I had my house built 1995 by (Ray Ellison) KB homes and NEVER had this problem. She grew up in this home where we flushed these same products... WITH NO PROBLEMS!!! This is a faulty plumbing problem that needs to be fixed!!! It's a shame her first home has to be a nightmare. But you can bet this builder/owner's children's houses don't have this PROBLEM!!! Society wants to know why the young folks are so angry. No matter how they try to do good, there is always companies out here like this short changing them. SHAME ON YOU!!!

Our house is six years old and we noticed cracks in several tiles corresponding to vertical cracks in the foundation walls visible on both sides of the exterior home. We contacted Meritage Homes to review the issue and to let us know their findings. They sent someone who has absolutely no structural engineering credentials. His title was Customer Care Associate. He emailed the following: "Per our meeting and inspection of your home on 12-21, I have found the cracks to still be within tolerance and at this point there is no indication of any abnormal structural issues. The foundation and structural components are performing as designed. The cracking noted is considered cosmetic and normal in nature. I have closed down your request and removed from our active files."

I responded with requesting a formal letter stating that these cracks are cosmetic and normal in nature since we are planning to sell our house in the near future and do not want to be informed by an independent inspector that we do indeed have foundation issues which would diminish the value of our property. This is how he responded: "Per the inspection of the house we found that the cracking is not considered structural and is well within our tolerances. If you would like to get another opinion you are more than welcome to hire a licensed engineer to come out and evaluate this for you."

I didn't mention anything about getting a second opinion, I just requested a letter stating their findings. This requests kept going back and forth for the last three weeks. It went to the Area Construction Manager, who also refused to send us a letter stating their findings, signed by Meritage Homes. Finally, I received another email: "As discussed, we don't have a process for that. You're welcome to keep my email as a reference if you need that for any purpose. Thank you."

Meritage Homes refuses to put their findings in writing because they know they are wrong and there are actually foundation issues in our house that warrant repair. If they would send a letter stating the contrary, they could be liable even after their "warranty" expires. We have had issues with Meritage Homes from the beginning, however, we let it go because we deemed these issues not worth it. However, foundation issues are serious. I do NOT recommend this builder and will never use them again.

My wife and I recently closed on a $500,000 home in Winter Garden, Florida. The community is named Watermark in Horizon's West. Throughout our over a year build process we were LIED to numerous times. We were able to overcome many of the Lies from the sales team and executive management. We had three must haves in order to close on the house and we were completely "YES'd" all the way to closing. One of our must haves was to have a privacy fence to enclose our back yard. The guidelines clearly state we can have one and so did our sales person. HOWEVER, post closing and after we installed our fence, we are being asked to take it down. This has cost over $5,000 of my money and now my children cannot have a safe environment to live and play in since a sexual offender moved into the neighborhood. 1 in 3 neighbors have had similar situations.

My wife and I built our Meritage home in June 2006 after looking at other builders and communities we wanted to live. Unknown to us while being out of the state the week the driveway was laid, Meritage/contractor neglected to use rebar/wire mesh while laying the drive and wouldn't you know that here we are with a driveway that is cracking, raising up and shifting. Meritage refuses to take responsibility nor fix the issue in which we paid for a 30k upgrade to the retaining wall alongside the drive that is being destroyed in the process. In addition to these we have issues inside of the home with every tiled floor on the main level of the house. They are cracking, popping and raising up as well. We have cracks in our walls and Meritage offered us $1,700 to go away.

I declined the offer and now after scheduling a meeting with the warranty manager Tom ** who did not show nor call to say he could not make it, not a single member of the Meritage Corporate management team will contact us. Our home has a warranty. So we are now left with filing with our insurance and having them to take things from that point. First Texas Homes is building in my subdivision and they use rebar/wire mesh in the driveways; I took pictures to show them to Meritage on their Twitter but they decided to block my pictures of my issues since they will not respond. My opinion is if you are truly looking to build a home re-evaluate Meritage and try another builder, even ask someone who has issues with them how Meritage has handled/mishandled everything from the building of to the complaint for a warranty repair.

We have been in our home for almost five years, and over a month ago our area received heavy rains. Our roof began leaking so significantly that the water was coming through the ceiling. A Meritage representative reported (a week later) that the issue was related to poor AC and roofing installation and would be covered under warranty. To date, our roof is still not fixed! We were given four different dates that the contractors would be to our house to repair the roof. On 11-19-15, two men showed up at 4:00 p.m. to begin repairing the roof. After an hour, they notified me that they were not finished and, "would be back tomorrow" (11-20-15).

Of course no one returned to finish our roof, and more rain was scheduled for 11-21-15. I promptly called our warranty manager to notify him that nobody had returned to finish our roof, and I was concerned as rain was in the forecast. He informed me he would try and contact the roofers and get back to me. As of today, I have not heard from the construction/warranty manager or the roofers AND it poured down rain this past Saturday. There is not telling if more damage has been caused due to them not completing the work prior to the last round of rain.

The roof issues are also requiring removal and repair of drywall on our ceiling where the water came in. Because my roof has not been finished I had to cancel the drywall company that was scheduled to repair the ceiling on 11-20-15. The only communication I receive from a Meritage representative is at my initiation, and there is zero level of concern about our roofing issue. The best part is that there are NUMEROUS Meritage homeowners in my neighborhood who are experiencing roof issues (as reported on our neighborhood social media page).

I wonder why so many new Meritage homes that are in our neighborhood posted as available are not selling? Perhaps consumers are reading about the lack of customer and warranty service current home homeowners are receiving. Considering we have spent a month waiting for warranty repairs, received horrible communication, and customer service we have resolved ourselves that the work is not going to be completed under warranty. We are going to contract the work independently and pay for it because the amount of stress and frustration this WARRANTY work has caused is ridiculous. I have also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

If you can refrain from buying from Meritage in the Garlic Creek area, DO it! Save yourself the stress and headaches in dealing with this horrible builder. Our entire process started off bad from the day we signed our contract. Not to mention Ryan ** is the worst person to deal with, to include a dishonest construction Manager Jesse **. Our home has been delayed in closing twice now, but are never notified in advance. We've been told the week before closing both times that our home would be delayed. Needless to say, we are cancelling our contract with them. They can be responsible for the home and the cost of keeping it until someone else dares to buy.

I am not one to post negative comments about a company, I will let my spending (or non-spending) do the talking. I am making an exception in this case. My wife Lora and I were looking at a Multi-Generational home in the Lakeview at Bridges North in Gilbert, AZ. There was a SPEC Home that fit all our needs for our family including my parents who made the commitment to live with us. The Redwood SPEC Home was offered to us a specific price by your agent Victoria. We counted back $9K below what you offered because we knew we would have items removed at the Design Center. It appears your agent had no authority to offer that house at that price, because YOU (Meritage) countered back HIGHER than what she said it was being offered at. She looks at us like it's our fault for not offering more. REALLY?

The sad part here is that I am currently in a Meritage Home. It was a great home buying experience. We constantly spoke highly of our experience and made sure that we gave our Sales/Construction team high marks on their reviews. They were deserved based on their honesty and integrity to the process. That is what made us come back to you for this new home. This experience has ruined for us any future dealings with your company. As a Veteran, I will now recommend to other Vets to be wary of any dealings with your company. Shady tactics, being pushy during a review of what is in the home, "bait and switch", saying "I sent emails" when there is no record, lack of honesty and integrity. I know my not purchasing a home is not going to ruin your company. I am sure there are quality people in your organization, but as the saying goes "The ONE Awe' Crap wipes out the 10 Atta' Boys" applies in this situation. ‪#‎PowerOfSocialMedia‬

I would not buy/build home by Meritage Home Parkside. Their design center is a joke. They have a very small selection of design to choose from. Their designer's show attitude if you want to make changes to the design. They rush you during the design selection. They also will give you a hard time giving your deposit money back. They will try everything to keep your deposit. They did not give us our deposit back. Better to look elsewhere. I would not build home from Meritage. I also would not recommend them to anyone. You see their true faces once they have your deposit and you are stuck building with them. All the politeness goes out the window. This is very bad way to treat people who are paying to build their homes. They make it seem like they are doing you a favor building your home.

Their warranty issues we are having have been ongoing since we moved into the home in Aug 2014. Our 30 day punch list look almost a year to finish. The bigger problems such as window wells and concrete have been completely ignored. They send out the 5 warranty repairperson last week to talk to us again. He said that he has no authority to make the repairs but would submit the problem. One of the big problems is that the runoff goes over the sidewalk and then under the driveway causing the driveway to sink.

Last winter we had a sheet of ice covering the sidewalk for about 6 feet. He explained to me initially last winter it was because the landscaping was not finished. So in the spring when the landscaping was finished we still had the same problem. Now he explained it was because we are overwatering. It is coming to another winter and they still have not fixed the problem. The last thing he said was that the landscaping designed it to flow over the sidewalks like that so it wasn't his problem. I explained to him, "Just because you designed it that way doesn't make it right."

The other problem is we finished our landscaping in our backyard last fall and around Feb of last year we discovered that the metal in our window wells are rusting. This seems to be a common problem with all my neighbors. We sent in a warranty request and it was ignored. We started sending in the same request for about 2 months before I was finally contacted and told that they would replace the window well but I was responsible for the damage for the deck and patio. He explained to me that I should not have built the deck so close to the back of the house. I asked him, "How would you build a deck of the patio doors then?" and he hung up on me. I have tried to contact them to date 17 times as to the status of the repair and they simply ignore the request. I have had to hire an attorney and we are preparing for arbitration to settle the matter.

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Meritage has built over 90,000 homes since its inception in 1985. All of its homes are Energy Star compliant. Meritage currently builds in nine states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas. The company has been named Texas Builder of the Year five times.

  • Homes for seniors available: Meritage offers an "Active Adult" package for seniors who are still active and want to move into a vibrant neighborhood, not a retirement community.
  • Energy-efficient homes: Every Meritage home complies with Energy Star requirements, ensuring that homeowners will save money on their utility bills and reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Luxury homes available: Those interested in living in a larger, more luxurious home can order the from company’s Monterey line of building plans.
  • Offers charitable contributions as well as homes: Meritage works closely with Homes for the Homefront, a foundation that secures safe housing for veterans and military families.
  • Financing options: Prospective buyers can apply for a mortgage online through MTH Mortgage, an affiliate of Meritage Homes.
  • Best for Meritage Homes is best for highly independent people, active seniors, people with special needs and environmentalists.

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