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I noticed that my account had been paid and I had a credit of $10. I didn't think anything of it. I figured I must have over paid my bill because I do that sometimes. The next time I looked at my bill it was $167.00. My bill has never been $167.00. I called to ask why my bill went up. I was told that someone else's money had been applied to my account and that's why my account was paid and had a credit of $10. When they reversed the charge to my account they added on a late fee because now I was late paying my bill because I thought it was already paid. Even though my bill was originally $156.65 and the late fee of $10 wasted applied that would have made my bill $166.65 but for some reason my bill was $177.

They told me they would take off the $10 late fee because I'm normally not late and that would bring my bill down to $167. I told them my bill wouldn't have been late if they applied the money to the right account and my balance was Never more than $156.65 so why would I pay more. The customer service person tells me he is only authorized to give me a credit for the late fee of $10 which brought my bill down to $167. I told him my bill was never $167 and he needed to put someone on the phone that could authorize my correct amount. After putting me on hold for over 5 minutes he comes back to the phone and tells me his supervisor would eat the cost and he was authorized to lower my bill back down to its original amount. He totally acted like he was doing me a favor by changing my bill back to the right.

I've been forced by Heritage Hills community to only have Xfinity. It's been a year since I've had the service and it's awful. The Internet goes out or freezes constantly. I have to unplug the cable box and modem to reset it. When I try to call Xfinity customer service the phone service disconnected my call transfer four times. On top of bad service they have the nerve to raise my bill by twenty dollars. This company has terrible service overall.

It is very expensive. I pay about $130 per month for just TV and high speed internet. When I saw the ad of Xfinity it was $89, so I started using their service. But when I received my bill there are so many extra fee and it became $130 per month. I don't want to use them anymore, but changing service is just pain in the ass, and they never take my call.

I called today to cancel my membership with Comcast because I have to move. I don't need their services anymore. I was under the impression when I first signed up that I would not have to pay any cancellation fees for doing so. The very cold and unemotional rep simply said "you owe $223 for canceling your 3 year contract." I told her that I had not signed anything or been told that I would ever have to pay such fees for an early termination. But she said there was nothing she could do. Her story then changed to 24 months not 3 years and that I had only been in the contract for 12 months so now I only owed $150 for the cancellation. After I've already given the company years of my business and thousands of dollars you'd think they wouldn't lie or treat their customers with such disrespect.

The only reason I don't leave Comcast's triple-bundle (landline phone, internet & TV cable) is because my home was wired 11 years ago with Comcast and another company that wired my home for audio surround sound indoors and outdoors. I'm so afraid that I'll lose (meaning system will get messed up) the surround sound if I discontinue Comcast's service. Meanwhile I continuously have issues with my cable and internet, mostly cable! Landline is no problem! Comcast is definitely way too expensive. I have SAME triple bundle as others I know and continue to have a higher monthly bill. And I've had my service longer and friends get more channels (i.e. showtime, HBO, etc.) and have had their bundle not as long, but for several years. If they come out to fix one TV, another goes out or I have an issue with the other TV. It's never a done deal... it's ongoing, grrr!!!

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Without Internet over 30 days and still being charged - Back in May of 2016 we started having issues with our Internet so when you call they try and reset modem. In May it worked enough to barely get my daughter through her online class. Continued resetting then later in June we were sick and done called for technician. Tech came out. Changed box. Said we had the wrong one and some new wires needed to be replaced. Next technician was late, then it turned into a no-show. Next tech replaced a modem again said previous tech was wrong. Next service call they ran new wire and thought it was fixed. I called Xfinity for reimbursement and they stated 30.00 was all we could be reimbursed. I even had to go up on my mobile data from 12gb to 25 to sustain our use.

I spoke with credit services and they quoted me 80.00 which I feel is fair. Then the manager turns around calls me back and states 30.00 is all they can reimburse me. I argued and asked to speak to her supervisor which will be 48 to 72 hours. In the middle of our conversation the Internet stopped working again and we're filming dates and times. Now this will be the 5th time someone has been out to service our Internet. So do not do refreshes for signal, call for a technician!

Cameras never worked right. Thermostat failed. Fire alarm went off while I was home for no reason. Customer support not only failed to help but tried to tell me I had to buy extra support package so they would help me. Technicians failed to fix cameras. Cut the wires and left. Infuriated, I removed everything and drove an hour to "nearest" store and gave them back whole system. They refused to listen to me and charged me for remaining months on security. In my 53 years of life here on earth I have never dealt with a more unprofessional company. When they came to North East PA they flooded the area with stores. After they built base they left and closest store is hour drive for part replacement or pay to have it mailed.

Comcast lied in offering sent to consumers last fall. After agreeing to install their upgraded equipment they removed services, increased charges... Both were in exact opposition to the offer. No change in services, no increase in price... Both happened. I have spent hours on the phone, composing emails, but they just say "You weren't supposed to be getting those services and we don't offer that package anymore."

Regardless, they lie, don't stand behind their own offerings and don't care about their customers. Now they are adding additional fees for local programming and channels that we are already paying them for. Last answer, "too bad, you have to pay these new charges or you can get service somewhere else." That is what I and several members of my family are in the process of doing. I can't believe it, but I think they are trying to get customers to leave. Seeing others have similar, but different issues makes me realize it isn't just me.

I've had my home cable TV/internet service for 14 months now. In those 14 months we have had 17 service calls to our home for issues with cable box, internet connection issues, etc. A majority of calls were because the prior tech didn't do his damn job right, and a second tech or supervisor had to come out and fix the problems prior tech left. A few times the tech was so damn rude that I told them to leave and had to get rescheduled. For past 3 months my internet usage has shot up to past 300 GB in a month (340 GB, 422 GB, 572 GB). Prior to April 2016 our normal internet usage was 17-24 GB a month. There are 4 cell phones, 2 tablets using wifi. NO downloading of movies, music, or hardcore gaming at all.

Used for watching vids on YouTube, playing casino game, email opening, Facebook, and sometimes Xfinity On the Go app for TV show watching. As you can see, nothing that would use a MASSIVE amount of GB, certainly not +300 GB in a month. Numerous calls have been made to Xfinity and as of last call 15 min ago, absolutely NOTHING has been to figure this problem out!!! No customer service rep, technical assistant rep or even Security dept rep can tell me the cause or give a solution to this issue. Obviously we have a big problem and Xfinity has no answer. Now I'm told by rep that if usage is high again this month they will start charging me for usage!!! What??? A problem that has been recognized but yet can't be solved and they are going to charge me for it!!!

How can this be legal??? Every time I called about this scary data usage issue, I get the surprise voice when they hear my usage and have been told that they can see that another individual is downloading, but can't identify the IP address, or triangulate where the perp is located. We only use a secure network, a change passcode every other month and give to no one. So someone steals internet, downloads and then I'm going to have to pay for it, WRONG. I will fight them on this issue. 17 service calls to home, over 50 calls to Xfinity about issue with MASSIVE internet usage for past 3 months, without a clue as to HOW this is happening. Beware of their tactics, and document all calls with XFINITY. They can't continue to financially hold customers accountable for their screw ups.

I paid my bill in advance. There was money due to me was suspended. To be refunded in check. I waited. 4 weeks no check. Then called. They still had my money. Was told they could put on credit card I had never used. Waited five days. Never happens. Talked to will from Mexico call center. He put my money on someone else visa card. I still have not got my money almost 60 dollars. Theses people are jerks.

3 days delayed to fix my cable and every time I call on customer service they has different explanation.

They were really responsive right away and accommodating to any questions or concerns I had. Telephone is absolutely the way to go when getting in touch with them. Customer service employees were always thoughtful and usually had a good attitude. Only occasionally did I get a representative who seemed grumpy or difficult to understand. I felt my home was safe and looked after with them. The set up and installation was easy, however my house was already wired for a security system, so there wasn't a ton of groundwork that needed to be done. The technician showed up when he said he would and was prepared and efficient. Things went quickly and he explained to me what he was doing as he was doing it. He was polite.

Monitoring was pretty typical to other security systems. You have an alarm and a code. You could have sensors on downstairs windows and motion sensors for when you are away (which only works if you don't have pets wandering the house like I do). If the alarm was triggered while I was away, they always sent police promptly AND got in touch with me quickly. Overall, it was a great experience, but when I moved, I found security from a cheaper source. Sometimes the customer service was spotty but it was user friendly and I always felt safe. At the price I originally got it, it was worth it.

The customer service provided was fantastic. Everyone I dealt with was very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. I had a really great team of people working for me. The installation process was quick and easy. Minimally invasive. I hardly even noticed anyone was here! It didn't interfere with my daily life and was done in much less time than I had originally expected. The monitoring capabilities are superior. I love that I am able to use my smartphone to access my home's security features. It is convenient and easy to use. It was an amazing value! I shopped around and found that I definitely received the most bang for my buck with this system and I couldn't be happier with it.

I was confused about setting up the system but they took all the hassle away for me by doing the entire setup for me, explaining in great detail how the system operates. They installed and mounted the control unit where accessible yet where it wasn't looking like a "sore thumb." All the how tos and wheretofors were explained in great detail and operation was made simple to understand. Everything that is of a major concern for us has been address more than satisfactory. We are able to see what we need to see for the protection of our family and home. It is a good value considering how expensive things are these days due to the value of the dollar and what we want to have accomplished for us or what we require.

The representatives were really nice and helpful. One representative helped me feel safe when my alarm went off and the police came in minutes! The crewmen were quick. They were very nice and explained the setup well. I even asked how long it took cause I had to go somewhere so they moved faster for me. When my alarm went off the camera took pictures instantly. I was very satisfied with the results of the problem being resolved also. The system works guaranteed. The value and price is wonderful. I will most likely recommended this to someone as soon as possible especially if they have family or valuable items.

It's easy to get in touch with a sales rep. Will help with any technical issues right away. I had an issue with my alarm and they assisted me over the phone until we found a solution. Really happy with the service! Installation was very easy and it didn't take much time. Someone came home to assist and explain how everything worked. They came at the expected time and day. We only had an issue once but it was solved promptly. In my system, I have the possibility of tracking the activity occurring both inside and outside of my house from my smartphone. This is a very important feature for me as I spent a fair amount of time abroad. While it's pricey I believe the money for value is very reasonable. It's in line with what other providers offer - I haven't tried others but I'm very happy with this one.

It takes forever to get someone on the phone to help you. I have literally talk to 7 people before I had someone who knew what they were doing. They came out the first day I signed with them. Do not get a two year with them. Whatever you do, dont. If I could do it over again I would ask for a trial. I know that there are other companies that do them like 30 and at least 2 week trials. There was one point that my alarm went off at 2 a.m. and I called the nine-one-one, and the minute that the cops got here they wanted them on the phone and they couldn't explain to me. There was no breach but could not explain to me why the alarm went off. They told me that there was going to be a rate for the two years and then it went up nonetheless the next three months into it and well actually about $80 and then even 12 the month after.

They were really helpful. They answered all my questions with easy to understand answers. Even when I accidentally set it off, they helped me turn it off right away. It was easy to understand. They came and showed me how to use it accurately. They showed me what to do when it went off and how to handle it. It worked really well. When my daughter snuck out, it caught her and let me know what happened. It was very helpful. It was very easy to use. The cost of the service was about $89 per month. The installation fee was about $150. All in all a very reasonable price. I think I would buy it again if I needed to.

I have not had to call since installation so I am rating this based on the installation which was excellent. They took their time and explained everything. On time arrival, great service and explanation of how everything works. They also took the time to make sure that they cleaned up after themselves. Easy monitoring remotely from any mobile devices, such as smartphones or laptops. Never had any outages or interruptions in service since installation. Greater price than competitors and 24/7 monitoring for all services. Gives me peace of mind when I am away from home as I can see what is going on, who is coming and going.

Very safe and reliable system. Never had any problems. Easy to use and to understand. Customer service is friendly and always willing to help. They will send people out to your house if you need help with anything personally. The setup and installation of the product was quick and easy enough to understand for even someone who doesn't have much experience. The company was very helpful with giving me information

Monitoring is easy to use. The alarms work well and I've never had a problem with them going off without good enough reason. The customer service are quick to react when alarms go off. The value is very good for the amount spent. Easy to use and product availability of sorts. The customer service is reliable as well for the price paid for the product.

It's very easy to manage my account and they are always ready for any questions or issues that may come up. If I come across a representative who is unable to answer a question, I have experienced efficient employees who take the initiative and find the answer for me. The installation technician arrived at my residence during the estimated time window I was given when I scheduled the appointment. He went straight to work on my system and was finished in what seemed to be a matter of minutes. He gave me some valuable tips on managing my system and he explained the user interface and operation instructions so well that I couldn't think of ONE question to ask him, since he covered anything that I WOULD have asked.

I am pleased with the way my home is monitored and I haven't had any issues with false alarms like many people experience. They system is fully operational. I experienced NO glitches or service interruptions so far, and I couldn't be happier. I was fortunate enough to sign up for the security monitoring service at the right time so that I could take advantage of a great deal and I was expecting to pay a lot more for installation, equipment, activation fees, service, a contract, monitor fees, and much more but this is one case in which I am very happy to know that I was wrong. Installation & equipment were not charged, so I ended up paying a fraction of what I expected to pay.

Very great for your home and very better to use. Also fast loading and had great connection so whether you are at home or not it amazing. The setup was very easy and also it great thing to use when you have bad connection and calling is faster too. It show you who or what is around your house also because of camera it installed but little more money but definitely is worth it and great for when you’re on go. The value is sometimes depending on what you want and purchasing any additional stuff cost kinda extra.

I have had Xfinity service for almost a year. This service has been a nightmare. I have called customer service 218 times since June of last year. It started with them sending two men to my home to set up the service, and neither of them could speak any English. I mean NONE. They called someone who I believe was family member to translate for them. I was anxious to get my service going so I didn't kick them out of my home. They plugged in the DVR's, hooked up the modem and that was it. They charged me to wire two new outlets even though they didn't. I started month one trying to get that corrected. The price was never what I agreed to in the beginning.

I called customer service. I was told this problem would be resolved and a credit would be applied to the next bill. That did not happen. The amount of my monthly service went up again. I called in again, and was assured the problem would be resolved and I would see the credit on the next bill. Again that did not happen. My bill went up again and they shut off my service for nonpayment. Nonpayment of a bill I did not owe. I called in again was assured that the customer service representative would research the problem and get back to me. My service was shut off again. I called again. This time, I was required to pay the bill that I didn't owe to give them time to research the problem and they would credit my account as soon as they got it all figured out.

This continued every month for 10 months. I would call in and they would make me pay the past due amount to get my service turned back on. I begged, pleaded, yelled, screamed and finally broke down in tears every single day while on the phone with Xfinity employees trying to get them to understand the situation. I was accidentally hung up on more times than I could possibly tell you. I would then have to call back & go through the whole thing again.

After literally 218 phone calls, I finally got on the phone with someone I refer to as an angel who looked at the number of times I had called, and credited my account with the push of a button. She ended up crediting me almost $700.00 that I had overpaid in the ten months I had their service. By the second month, I was going to cancel my service and found out that the apartment complex I had moved to after selling my home had been sold & are no longer allowing dishes to be installed in the complex. Therefore I'm stuck with Xfinity. I have called in 5 times this week alone because my DVR is not working. They keep sending a signal to the DVR, it works for a day or so & then it quits. Can't get them to consider that it might need to be changed out. If you are considering Xfinity, save yourself. Use another company. ANY Other company. Just wanted to hopefully save others from the nightmare I've been through.

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XFINITY Home from Comcast is a smart security and home automation system. Consumers can customize their package, and they can also use their existing equipment with their new system. Comcast customers can bundle their XFINITY Home system with TV and Internet to save on their monthly bills.

  • Bundle option: It’s easy to save money on your XFINITY system when you bundle it with your TV and Internet subscriptions. Comcast customers can enjoy an additional discount by bundling the three services together.
  • Compatible with old equipment: XFINITY can upgrade your existing equipment, including door and window sensors, control panel and wiring, so you don’t need to worry about installing brand new equipment.
  • XFINITY Home Control: Homeowners can add on the XFINITY Home Control package to their security package to enjoy remote thermostat, lighting and appliance control. The system can be self-installed or professionally installed for an additional cost.
  • Customizable: Homeowners can choose from different base package options and then add different devices for a completely customizable home security and automation system.
  • Control from your TV: You can control your XFINITY Home system straight from your TV with the X1 Entertainment Operating System.
  • Best for XFINITY Home is best for homeowners who are also existing or new Comcast customers.

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