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Brinks Home Security™

(Previously MONI)

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Brinks Home Security™ is one of the largest home security alarm monitoring companies in the U.S. Headquartered in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Brinks Home Security secures approximately 1 million residential and commercial customers through highly responsive, simple home security solutions that are backed by expertly trained professionals. The company is supported by the nation’s largest network of independent authorized dealers, providing products and support to customers in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.

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Brinks offers technologically advanced systems at an affordable rate. Although the cancellation policy could be better, we like their straightforward pricing and additional equipment.


  • Affordable options
  • Solid product warranty
  • DIY setup


  • Strict cancellation policy

Top Brinks Home Security™ Reviews

Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

With Brinks, I know my system is on. I don't have to double check. It makes me feel safer and I recommend it to friends and families. I wouldn’t go with anybody else either.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

The installation was very easy, very simple, and right to the point. I did it all by myself and I liked it. Their instructions were very detailed and very helpful … I also like the smart features a lot and it makes using the system easier. Brinks is amazing and I refer them to anybody I come across.

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Brinks Home Security packages

Brinks Home Security has two professionally monitored security systems: Home Complete and Home Complete with Video. Brinks home security systems are installed via a DIY method and the entire system is wireless, so no drilling is involved. Brinks offers an industry standard 36-month contract.

You can also buy the equipment for a Nest Secure security system from Brinks. Although Nest is a self-monitored system, you can pay a monthly fee of $29/mo for Brinks professional monitoring. If you already own a Nest Secure system, you can still sign up for this service with Brinks.

Brinks Home Security cost

Brinks pricing is straightforward. You can choose from one of two plans: Home Complete or Home Complete with Video. However, you should be aware that additional equipment will cost extra. Financing is available through GreenSky if you don't want to pay for the equipment all at once.

You can try any of the Brinks home security plans for 30 days, and if you're unhappy with the system, you can receive a refund. The Brinks Home Security app is also available for every plan, letting you control your home security system from your mobile device. This includes lighting control, checking out security video, and arming and disarming the system.

PlanMonthly costEquipment cost
Home Complete$29/mo$399
Home Complete, with financing$40.08/mo$0
Home Complete with Video$39/mo$499
Home Complete with Video, with financing$52.86/mo$0

Brinks Home Security equipment

All of Brinks’ equipment comes with a 2-year warranty. You can use voice command technologies like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa with specific Brinks systems; however, Amazon Alexa is not compatible with Nest Secure. The Home Completed Systems are compatible with, Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa. The plans from Brink come with the following equipment:

 Brink Home Complete planBrinks Home Complete with Video plan
3 door sensors
Motion sensor
Brinks Home Touch
Yard sign and decals
HD video doorbell
Indoor night vision camera
Brink Home Complete plan
Brinks Home Complete with Video plan

You can add on additional equipment like Brinks home security cameras to your system for an extra charge. Additional equipment you can buy includes:

  • HD indoor camera
  • Smoke detector
  • Door sensors
  • Window sensors
  • Motion detectors

Brinks Home Security FAQ

Do I have to install my Brinks system myself?
Brinks makes their systems easy to install, regardless of handyman ability. All you have to do is unpack the box Brinks sends you, put the devices in the correct spots, plug them in and activate the system. If you have a more complex piece of technology you’d like to install, Brinks can put you in touch with trained, approved technicians for installation.
What if I move homes? Can I still use my system?
You can still use your system if you move. The benefit of having a wireless, DIY system is that it’s easy to take down and set up if you’re relocating.
What is Brinks’ cancellation policy?
The Nest Secure system is month-to-month and canceled whenever you like; however, after the 30-day period, you won’t be able to return your equipment for a refund. For the Home Complete system, you also get a 30-day trial period. If you cancel a Brinks contract after the trial period, you will still have to pay your balance in full.

Do we recommend Brinks Home Security?

We recommend Brinks Home Security for their affordable plans, customizable options and good warranty. The Brinks Home Security price, especially on the basic plan, is good. Brinks is unique in that they offer both professionally monitored and self-monitored security systems. Their 3-year contract and strict cancellation policy aren’t ideal, but these are also common for other companies in the industry. Overall, Brinks has a great self-installed home security system.

Brinks Home Security™ Reviews

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 5, 2019

My previous security system was a wired one that had battery backup. It had a lot of different things and was very stable. Typically, these other systems, much like the ones from Brinks, are not as stable. So, that’s why they say they’ll do things like replace equipment if it goes bad. Compared to that, my other system didn't need anything replaced for 20 years. But it was also a much more expensive system. Aside from that, there are 10,000 companies like Brinks that can provide you these wireless systems that you can add on to. So, comparing my old system with this one from Brinks is like comparing apples and oranges. They are two different types of security system.

Another difference is that the provider of my old system came in and officially designed it to fit my home. With Brinks, you get packages and when I called them, I had to tell them what I needed. I installed the system myself, too. There were also other circumstances that made me decide to go ahead and buy a system like the one I purchased from Brinks besides the initial cost. Brinks was recommended to me by someone else and that was why I chose them as a carrier.

Also, the new system does not do everything the old system did as far as covering the safety of my home, but I bought the minimum that is required for me to house someone who is elderly and not a family member in my household. If it weren’t for trying to bring this elderly person into my home to care for them, I would’ve never bought one because my fallback security is a 38 and a 30-30.

The main thing that I needed from this system was interconnected smoke detectors. That was the only requirement of this program for me to be able to take care of somebody. So, the door security, which I ended up getting, was just something I thought I'd take as well. But there is nothing else protected by this system. So far, the quality is pretty good. When I opened the packaging, the smoke detectors were surprisingly well made, at least from the exterior. They are well functioning as well.

But Brinks doesn’t seem to waver much from what their packages contain, which really restricts where they fit. And regardless of the package that you end up with, you pay the same price for monitoring. They should be able to prorate their fees as well based on the type of monitoring they're doing. The only thing they're ever monitoring for me is smoke detection, but they are charging me for security. I’m not using them in that way, but that’s the only fee package they have. So, I feel like they're getting a lot of money for nothing from me. And truly, their monthly monitoring fees are not super high.

For my old system, I paid $30 every three months for my monitoring, which is $10 a month. But I’m paying something close to $40 a month to brinks, and as part of that charge, and the reason the charge is so high is because it says it is cellular monitoring, which is supposed to be this perfect way for the signal to get to them because phone lines can go dead. But where I live, there is no cell service, so the monitoring occurs over my internet connection. So, there is still an opportunity for failure and I don’t get the dependability of the cellular monitoring that I’m being charged for. And I could not convince them that cellular wouldn’t work. They even went so far as to send me everything and during the setup on the phone, they asked me to turn the system on. Then they said they were not getting a cellular signal. And I told them that that was what I’ve been telling them from the very beginning.

When I started questioning the charges, they told me that they show on the map that my area is covered by cellular service. But they can’t get a signal, unless they put a cell tower in the valley where the 20 or 30 homes are that I live in and they're not gonna do that. That’s a multimillion-dollar thing for 30 homes. Then we’re never gonna have cell service but they keep saying we'll get it soon. But we're talking about West Virginia.

So, that is a disappointing thing. I’m paying for this premium service, which is a fabulous feature, but I’m not getting the benefits of it. I’ve also been through the strife of figuring out and struggled with them to see if I could get some adjustment in fee. But those things didn't happen because it just wasn’t an option. So, maybe someday, they’ll recognize that not everywhere in the United States has or will ever have cellular service. And maybe they don’t want to create a package specifically for a handful of people or homes, and that’s fine. It’s just the way it is. But people who live in areas like that, and there's a lot of them in West Virginia, should be aware of something like that because they are paying a premium monthly cost for service they can’t take advantage of.

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Brinks Home Security™ response

Melissa, Thank your taking the time to leave us your feedback as it allow us to improve. Here at Brinks we care about your satisfaction and want to ensure you’re getting the best quality with the best price. Our self-installed systems are very efficient and user friendly. I am happy to provide this feedback to our activation team so we can do better. With our systems they have different communication networks and I can assure you they are very reliable. If there is anything else you need feel free to reach out us and we would be more than happy to assist you. Thank you for being sure sure and trusting us with your security. -Juana H.

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Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 20, 2019

I've been with Monitronics for 21 years. They've had other names, and Brinks bought it. So, I stayed with them since I knew them. I knew they were pretty quick with response, which is important to me. Also it is important that I'm being monitored. Brinks is kind of messed up though. You call the Brinks number and it separates you. Sometimes, you'll get an outside company, which I didn't know but it's supposedly with Brinks. You can't talk to Brinks. You gotta call that company.

And then, I couldn't get the company that I've been with forever. So, now, I've got rules that are with one company. I was so upset calling them. Nobody could help me. I had to call this other number, and I said, "Wait a minute. Aren't I with Brinks?" They said, "Well, this is a part of Brinks. We'll eventually buy their contract, but this is who you gotta go through." I do like the company. But I don't like that they're maybe taking out a credit because they automatically pull it out. The other company lets me go online. I pay it on time every month, and I like that part. But overall, I'm okay. I have another trailer that has their system that wants to be monitored. And they've asked three weeks ago for me to sign up with them for monitoring, and I'm teetering on the one here. Now, I feel that there are three companies that I'm billed with.

The people that I ended up having to call were really nice. And they sent me the sign, but not the stick. I'm okay. I just don't know if I wanna go with them for another monitoring again. I gotta see what they'll deal with me because there are a few people that do alarm systems that are giving me really good prices. There had been break-ins around where my rental property is, and I've already been asked who to go through, and I kinda threw my hands up. I'd tell people to call around and see. I trust Brinks as far as their monitoring system goes. I trust their alarm system, but I've had Comcast forever which was the same amount of time I've had Monitronics. Comcast was giving me a good price to go with them, and I just won't. I was so loyal. Now, I've been dealing with the new way Brinks is doing things, but I'm already in a contract. I can't get out.

I hope they iron things out and get everything to one company. And I don't know what's gonna happen when I have a problem. How are they gonna do it? When I have a problem, I'm under contract, they usually come and fix it for free, unless it's something that we've done. I don't know what the rules are gonna be now. I'm scared to ask.

Also, I've had nothing but trouble with the motion sensors. They constantly make excuses for it like, "Oh, well. This does happen" or "You gotta make sure this happens." I said, "No. It should work. If that thing is armed away, I don't care what you do with the house. It should be go off." So, it hasn't been worth a dang. And I get technical support and they try to make every excuse. I've had to pull the face off, put it back on, pull the face off. I can't reach it, so I have to go get my 85-year-old father to stand on a stool to reach it and keep taking the face on and off. It's ridiculous. So, finally, they sent me a new one. I haven't tried that one out yet. I'm really irritated with the whole thing. I don't like the fact that they send me signs now without a damn stick.

I've got three signs that they've sent. I've got one that came in my packet when I bought the kit. I got another one and this time, there were no screws. My dad said I could find screws, and we'll be alright. But we haven't done it yet because it's an inconvenience for him to look for screws in his shed. And then, I had two different people but what happened when they opened the backdoor and they heard that door, they ran. They knew that an alarm system is on. So, that kind of makes people not mess with the property because they know there's an alarm system. But I have no way to notify them because I have signs with no stick. Brinks needs to send me signs. I need to put a sign up because the trailer has been broken to twice now while we had the alarm system.

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Brinks Home Security™ response

Jennifer, Thank you for taking the time to leave us this review. At Brinks Home we strive to provide customer satisfaction and would do anything in our hands to achieve that. In regards to being bought, we weren't purchased by Brinks, we simply rebranded our name. I do apologize if there was any form of miscommunication or misunderstanding from our end. As your security is our main priority, I’d like the opportunity to take a further look into this matter. I have located your account with us and I'll be more than happy to reach out to you. - Juana H.

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Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 5, 2019

We had a home that we felt needed some additional security. We selected Brinks because they had a month-to-month plan. We knew we didn't need it long term. When I called the rep, I asked him a whole bunch of questions, and he gave me some great responses and answered all of my questions. I told him I needed to get back with him after I had done a little bit more research. He gave me a phone number I could text and he responded both times I texted him. It was a great experience that way. He was very, very good.

I got a little frustrated on the installation piece. We followed the instructions given to us with the Brinks system and walked through it, but the account didn't sync correctly. So we went through a full installation. We had eight touch points, and the system wouldn't turn on. We couldn't get the cellular coverage and the line of monitoring. The actual alerts on the door and everything like that worked just fine, but the monitoring didn't turn on.

The frustrating piece was I called once, and they said that I needed to call this other department, but they were closed for the day, so I have to call back tomorrow. I called back the next day and they said, "Oh hey, you need to talk to this department," and they transferred me over to this other guy. And the guy said, "Oh, you need to talk to this department," and it was actually the same department. So apparently, the first guy just transferred me to somebody else within his department, and that guy was kinda frustrating.

When I got to that other guy, he said he couldn't help me and that that I needed to call this other number on Monday. And when I called that number on Monday, I talked to a dude, and he was awesome. The unfortunate part is we had to redo the whole entire set-up, had to go re-sync everything again, from start to finish. So, what was supposed to be a 40-minute set-up turned into a multi-day four hours worth of back and forth. Once I got done with that last phone call, everything was fabulous. The very first and last phone calls were great, but the three phone calls in the middle were quite frustrating.

The Brinks equipment is high quality. We got the Google Nest piece through Brinks and it works great. We love that we didn't have to drill holes and that we could just set it up and go with it. The system has worked great. Brinks met exactly what I needed. It's a nice peace of mind knowing that somebody is watching your home for you and can help you if you're not around there to do it yourself. We're very happy with the cost. We only need it for six months or so, and the cost was within range of what we were hoping to pay, so it was good.

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Brinks Home Security™ response

Scott, Here at Brinks Home Security we strive to provide excellent customer experience and your review reassures all the work we do to achieve that. We are grateful for your amazing feedback and want to thank you for taking the time to let us know. All of our sales representatives are trained to provide you with an unforgettable experience to ensure you get all the information needed to set up your services. I am glad we were able to answer all your concerns and gain you as a valuable customer. We look forward to providing you with a quality home security service. –Juana H.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 12, 2019

One day, my system was not working and I went online just to see which one was the fastest on response and had good customer service. It was Monitronics which turned into Brinks and I've been with them for about five years. With Brinks, the service is a little better. Their customer service is great too. They really understand you, they take their time to see, and they're always right there for you.

We experienced a small mistake wherein something happened in my keypad. When the alarm went off, nobody went to my house. Thank God a burglar never came and nobody stole anything from my house. But, I was pissed off and I wanted to cancel everything. The Brinks rep explained to me that somebody hit the code. If they see on their system that we put the code, they don't call nor send a police officer. They also told me that they have to pay a lot of money for a police officer to go over our house and I gotta understand their way.

Then, the rep said, "For you to not leave our company..." and transferred me to a department. The rep from that department told me that they have a new keypad which records and takes pictures of you every time you put the code. With it, I had to sign a contract up about a year more or two. Brinks also hooked me up with a couple of extra things such as a doorbell camera and a door lock. They helped me out really good. I was gonna leave the company just because of the misunderstanding and they took their time to make me a happy customer.

Still, if Brinks had called their customers and advertised their new stuff, maybe I would've had no burglars go to my house or try to break in. They should do that every time that they have something new. Every year that passes, something else new comes in. So, I'm pretty sure that they can just reach out to the customers or hook up their long term customers without something happening.

Also, the customer doesn't have to pay a lot of money when new stuff comes in. I have my own business too and in my own business, when something else comes new or better, I'd just give it to my customer. The customer, then, is gonna be happy and gonna appreciate being part of my family because he's gonna feel that he's being protected. Other than that, everything has been great. The installation of the new equipment also went pretty smoothly. I recommended Brinks to my dad right after everything was in my house and when he saw everything, he said, "I wanna get that."

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Brinks Home Security™ response

Jose, Thank you for taking the time to leave us this amazing feedback. We love to hear from customer when are doing the best we can. We certainly love the feedback in regards to advertising, we do send out offers via email to ensure customers know what options they have. However a lot of customers actually like to keep the equipment they have as it is more convenient. Notheless we will take this feedback and move forward with it, if there is anything we can do please don't hesitate to reach out to us. - Jacob B

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 3, 2019

A next-door neighbor broke into my house and stole a chainsaw that I had in the living room. I used it to get wood to better heat up my house. I priced Brinks and ADT, and Brinks offered the better price when it came to the systems. At that time, we were struggling money-wise and still trying to get out of debt. I also like the features included in the package. I’ve been showing my daughters this button to hit if there’s ever an emergency. I told them that if anything would happen, my phone would ring. I told them to get my phone and to say what's going on. I also have the app downloaded. So instead of us arming as we’re walking out the door, we walk out and lock everything then as soon as I get into the vehicle, I arm the alarm. Then I get the message that the alarm has been activated.

I am still yet to put the outside camera though. We’ve been getting snow and it’s hard to find a place to put it in. I also don’t want my next-door neighbors knowing that we got this security system. I wanna see if I can install that outside camera in a location where they won’t be able to see it. My girlfriend even said, “Let’s not put up the sign.” If the neighbors happen to wanna come in, the alarm’s gonna get them by surprise.

One morning, I walked outside to start my truck and I forgot that the alarm was on. The alarm sounded after the countdown ended and I was receiving messages. That’s one feature that I enjoyed a lot because I know it was an accident but I knew that the system was working. I didn’t hear the alarm outside but my daughters heard the alarm go off in the house. They said it was a loud noise and they freaked out. When I came in, I was receiving emails and texts, message after message, that somebody came into the house and the alarm was activated. That was when I remembered that I forgot to deactivate the alarm.

Brinks' customer service reps were really helpful when they talked to my dad and to my friend. I have people listed down for the phone calls and they also got the messages right after the alarm went off. That was real awesome because they were able to get ahold of me right away and they were able to ask me if I was at home. I told them that everything was fine and that it was a mistake on my part. Customer service was really friendly with them and everything was resolved. I liked how quick the response was when the alarm sounded in the house and how quickly they shut it off after I deactivated everything and then me responding to them via text message. I let them know that I deactivated the alarm and that it was a mistake on my part.

I’ve been so used to where we can come in and out when we didn’t have the alarm. Even now that we have it, sometimes we wouldn’t arm it at night because we’re home and I figured it would be a little bit easier when we walk outside. I’m not having to check to make sure that the alarm hasn’t been activated. But when the neighbors next door are home, we activate everything. Law enforcement wasn’t notified when the alarm went off before but now I know that if someone comes in and they’re in here longer than they need to be, that alarm’s gonna go off and I know we’ll have law enforcement out here as soon as possible. All in all, I’ve been real satisfied with everything.

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Brinks Home Security™ response

Fernando,the words described in your review are so kind and thoughtful, thank you for taking the time to leave us these kind words. The experience described in your review is the exact kind of experience we strive to bring to all of our customers. In regards to your neighbor we are sorry that this is what prompted the purchase but moving forward you will have peace of mind that you deserve. If there is anything we can do to keep your time with us anything other than amazing please feel free to reach out to us. The Brinks Home Security family looks forward to being your trusted home security. -Jacob B

3 people found this review helpful
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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 14, 2019

I have been using Brinks for home security for over 5 years. Service seems to be good until you need help. A few months ago, I signed up for a renewal and they said they will also come out to service the system for free in exchange for a 3-year renewal. So, they did. Today, my carbon monoxide detector needing services -- making beeping noise every 10 seconds. I thought it may need a new battery. After putting a new one in, it still having issue. After checking with tech support, the unit has an expiration date on it and needing to replace. I never know they put expiration date on some of the sensors. I asked why they didn't replace it a few months ago when they did the check up. She said it wasn't expired at that time.

Also, she told me it would be $125 for the replacement plus $50 service fee. When they told me they do the full checkup on the system, they should replace any "consumable components" knowing that unit is set to expired in a few months -- also knowing they will get paid for at least 3 more years. I don't mind paying for the services but they need to be reasonable and fair. I can get a carbon monoxide at the Home Depot for $20 or less. I certainly won't pay $175 for it under this circumstances. It is bad business.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 14, 2019

I signed on to an agreement for home security for an agreed upon $ amount/month. I was told that this amount would never change. These crooks raise the $ amount frequently. Not to be trusted. Stay away.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 12, 2019

We have been with Brinks Monitronics for 15 years and now we are having problems with the doorbell connection to the app. We have called many times and they can never help us. When they were a small company their customer service was amazing. I’m reporting to the BBB and would like out of my contract since we can’t use the camera doorbell for its intended purpose . They are robbing our $$.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 8, 2019

I have been working for a week to get my system up and running. So many phone calls, bouncing from dept to dept. Broken system since March 2019 and still waiting. They expect you to keep paying even if the system does not work.

3 people found this review helpful
Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 8, 2019

No customer service and unreliable system maintenance. There appears to be no help from this company when the system they installed is malfunctioning. Very little support to fix system when it is malfunctioning and they seem to have no concern that their customers are left with no security that they have already paid for.

3 people found this review helpful
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