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They did what they needed to and helped all that they could. When I called they could have been a little nicer and more professional. They were efficient and fast and answered any question that I had. Very professional and not weird. Since it's scary to have someone come into your house I wasn't scared. Pretty good system and monitoring is definitely recommend to others. Very good value. It's great. Would def recommend to others cause I love it so so so much. I really do I feel so freaking safe.

Very kind people that are always willing to help. I called to get help and didn't have to wait long for an answer. I highly recommend it because they really are extremely helpful to their customers. The workers were very kind and very diligent in their work. They answered any questions I gave them and got all the work done incredibly fast, making me and my family very impressed. The monitoring is great too. I haven't personally had any problems whatsoever with the system, but it is nice to have them monitoring just in case. I can tell they're super diligent when it comes to the process. Very wonderful system for a very low price. I would high recommend this wonderful company because, for a family that has little money to spend on such things, it was a perfect price.

The customer service was great. They are always there when you need them. I would not change them for the world. Any time I ever had a problem they was the first to respond. They was there on time. They were very nice. It took them no time at all to set everything up and I have had no problems at all and that is all. All I can say is that everything about them is great. I have had no problems with anything. I would recommend them to everyone. The value was great. It fitted right into my income. I could not have asked for anything better nor could anyone else. Once I was with them I stayed with them.

After purchasing my home security system I have not had to interact much with customer service. They were friendly and helpful when I was purchasing and installing my new system. Installation on my security system was done very thoroughly and quickly. I was impressed by how quickly it was done. Everything was installed correctly. I have no complaints. I have not had any issues with the monitoring. I consider myself and my family lucky that we have not had any emergencies. I think taking the precautions is the best thing we could do. The price was not absurd. It is reasonable. I find it hard to put a price on my family's safety and we'll being. I am glad we purchased the home security system.

I am highly satisfied with the customer service operators. I called a couple times and so far operators were very friendly and eager to help. The setup and installation process was not hard and pretty much guided so I didn't have to worry about any possible problems or issues. It's a pretty user-friendly process, I would say. I am very satisfied with the product monitoring capability. It works just as I thought it's going to be. Have no problems or issues and satisfied with the quality. I do think I got a good value for the price paid. Wouldn't mind to pay less of course, but still seems like the value to price ratio is justified.

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Their customer service is of the utmost quality, and their system has worked very well in my home. It has great quality and works very well as we were robbed earlier in the year and it helped keep my family safe. The setup was very easy, the person that did it was very helpful and professional. They worked very fast and were very knowledgeable about any question that I had about their service.

The monitoring is awesome as it allows me to monitor anywhere when I'm not at home. I could be out and about and I can see what's going on at my house at all times from my phone. The value is worth the price, as I mentioned earlier we were robbed and the system helped me keep my family safe to where we were able to make sure we got a hold of the authorities in time in order to keep them safe.

The customer service was very helpful in the set up. They walked me through everything that I need to know about the item. They were very helpful. The set up was really easy and I didn't need any extra help from anyone like I thought I would. I was able to do it all by myself with little to no help. I am able to see everything going on with my house when I'm not there. I feel a lot better about not being home. I don't have to worry about the security anymore. It is a great deal. I would have bought one along time ago had I known that they work this good and weren't very expensive. Great value from the quality of the item.

Great customer service. Always have the answer I need and always are nice over the phone. Never any problems with them. Call anytime and there always help me. Setup was easy. No problems at all. Went fast and easy. Everything I needed came with the product. Anyone can do it. Great monitoring. Always on the right place. Easy to see whatever I'm looking for with great ease and easy viewing. Crisp, clear and easy to view what's on the monitors. Has great value for the buck. A lot cheaper than others and does a lot better job. A great system at a great price. A value I could never pass up. And great selection.

Usually when there's something that goes wrong, I can always rely on their customer service to be able to help me through it all! No matter what the problem is, they ALWAYS try their best to help me fix it. Installation was fast and easy! There was definitely no problem setting it up! It's fast and simple and you don't have to worry about installing any wires into your home. The security system is VERY sensitive to change in motion, temperature, air, humidity, light, and it's able to detect anyone that's intruding guaranteed! It's a little pricey but you definitely get what you've bargained for! The price is overall worth it and I'm sure you'll be pleased with how awesome this device is. You'll feel secure!

I am very happy with the customer service. It was very helpful to me when I needed it most. My problem was fixed very quickly. The person I talked to was very nice. I was very satisfied with the set up and the installation. The work of the set up and the installation caused no concerns for me, and it did not take too long to complete. I would rate the monitoring a perfect 10. I was very happy about it. No issues to talk about there. It really went smoothly, and I had no complaints. I would rate the perceived value a perfect 10. Well worth it and nothing to make haste of the perceived value. I would highly recommend it to all.

Very helpful with any issues that you may have through the entire process. They are also very knowledgeable in what they do and will answer any questions that you may have in a timely manner. The setup and installation of the system is very self-explanatory for anyone that can use basic tools. The directions are very clear for anyone to be able to install. The monitoring of the system will work with most homes with some modification. Please reference the installation manual for any questions. Customer service is very helpful also. The value of the system can be somewhat expensive. If you are looking to protect your family and your home is there really a cost too expensive though.

It's comprehensive but user-friendly. It's totally wireless and still runs without house power. It features live monitoring and can be controlled from your smartphone. Setup was easy. I pay $14.99 per month for live monitoring. It works excellent and provides thorough security coverage. Great value. Well worth the price in comparison to its competitors.

I was pleasantly surprised by their support center. Everyone was extremely pleasant and helpful. No request went unfulfilled. I would highly recommend this company!! Technician was prompt and pleasant. He was in my house for maybe an hour and then spent as much time as I needed explaining to me how everything worked. Not rushed or rude at all.

I am thoroughly pleased. I feel safe and satisfied that me and my family are being watched. I can check on things through my smartphone... and receive alerts when anyone tries to go in or out. I would gladly pay anything to protect my family. But this company is able to give me peace of mind for a lot less. I would highly recommend them.

It took a while to get to the right person to help me. Most reps were pleasant. The one woman I could barely understand she has a strong accent and when I kept asking what and to repeat what she said I could tell she was getting annoyed. The setup was easy for me because my husband installed it lol. However for him he did have to look on youtube to help figure out some minor stuff. It was easier than calling customer service again. The picture is grainy and not as clear I would want but it is acceptable. I am happy with just the overall feeling of security and protection. For the epics we spent on it the value is not bad. I know if we spent more money we could have gotten a better system but again it was worth the money spent and I have no complaints.

I've only had this service a week but in that time I did use cs once. They are very professional and are ready to solve whatever issue you may be presenting. I needed a reset code and it was done quickly but protective of my personal info and security. The service installer was very conscientious of my home, did not make a mess, and was very efficient and completed the installation in a very professional and thorough manner. Monitored for break ins, fires and emergencies 24/7 - can lock and unlock doors remotely as well as use the mobile app to visually monitor my home while away. Makes me feel very secure. Well how valuable is complete safety from burglaries, break ins or emergencies like fire or medical problems. The time is shortened for police or fire and rescue responses. It's hard to imagine living without this service in this day and time.

The customer service is great and very nice.

The customer service agents were very knowledgeable and very friendly, and answered my questions quickly and thoroughly. I would recommend this system to my family and friends. I had a little trouble setting it up but when I called the customer service, they walked me through it. Very helpful and courteous on the phone. I was very satisfied with the monitoring capability. Had a nice, crisp, clear picture and / sound quality was very clear as well. When it was set up by head a full View of my front yard. It was a little more expensive than I had anticipated but it was well worth the money and I would recommend it to family and if they are looking for a security monitoring system.

Customer service representatives were always pleasant, no long waiting time, courteous and polite, made me feel safe and reassured and that they actually cared, resolved any issues or concerns I had in a timely manner. Asked us to set aside six hours and completed installation in a little over three hours. Technician was happy to explain the installation and the features we had and any others that were available to purchase. He made sure we knew how to use the system thoroughly before he left. It was excellent. In the beginning animals set the alarm off a few times but they fixed it quickly. It did stop someone from breaking in and alerted us immediately. The peace of mind, customer service, how quickly any and all issues were resolved was wonderful and the technicians and customer service representatives were helpful about explaining how we could troubleshoot problems too.

It helps protect our home with intruders. Good customer service. They respond quickly and professionally to our questions. I can recommend this to a friend because it works good for us. Easy to install with a good instructions but my husband had a not so good installation that he has to repeat it because he misunderstood the instructions. I would suggest to make it more clear. It works well as far as we are using it. We can monitor what's going on. Secured alarm that we can trust. Good thing no intruders tried to come inside our house because of this. I would say it's kinda expensive but it's worth it. You get the quality you want for the customer which is good so the pay must be high too so I think I'm okay with the price.

The service makes me feel safe when alone at home. I get a call if something go wrong. I feel safe from all. If I was to get sick I can still get help. Knowing my safety is just a call away. Easy to set up. Motion detectors, window locks and you can also get a camera. Being able to know you're safe gives you peace of mind. Helps me monitor my house from anywhere. Grandkids never know I'm watching them. I know that they're safe. Everyday I smile because my system is on and protecting me and my family. At a great low cost and I could activate myself. Satisfaction guarantee. Anyone can do it and you will be on your way to safety. Puts a smile on my face.

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Erin Raub is a freelance writer, content marketer and blogger. She writes about home security and family safety, as well as digital marketing and business. Erin is also an experienced travel writer, and knows having a trustworthy security system can make any time away from home even more enjoyable.    More about Erin→

SimpliSafe home security systems were designed to be installed and use simply. Their systems are customizable and can work with most home and business environments. Customers do not need to sign contracts or have a telephone line to use SimpliSafe.

  • No contracts: SimpliSafe doesn’t require customers to sign on to a contract in exchange for their service.
  • DIY installation: SimpliSafe security systems are designed to be self-installed in a matter of minutes. They arrive pre-programmed to work instantly. Because they’re wireless, you don’t need to worry about drilling holes or running wire through your house.
  • Optional monitoring: You can decide whether or not you want to pay an additional fee for monitoring. Without monitoring, your SimpliSafe will operate as a local alarm. You can upgrade at any time, and rates for monitoring start at 50 cents per day. There are no contracts to sign, so you can opt in or out at any time.
  • Free smartphone app: Take control of your SimpliSafe system by downloading SimpliSafe’s free smartphone app. The app allows you to remotely arm or disarm secure your home from anywhere in the world.
  • Customizable: SimpliSafe’s system is completely customizable, so you can add products as you need them. Their system supports up to 41 sensors. In addition to security sensors, SimpliSafe offers fire and environment sensors.
  • Best for SimpliSafe is best for homeowners and business owners.

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