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2007 Big Red Horse GT. Best tractor that I have ever had!!! I have used this tractor every season (spring, summer and fall) on my 1 acre property since 2007 with only a few minor repairs (steering gear was replaced after 7 years and a few flat tires and batteries over the years which is to be expected - I have black locust trees with thorns and I finally bought a battery maintainer so the batteries should last longer). Solid frame and deck are practically indestructible. The Intek V-twin has great compression with no oil leaks anywhere and has plenty of power for any task from mowing heavy and tall grass to pulling lawn equipment.

I have long since lost the receipt and that is the reason for my review not having the "Verified Buyer" label. But trust me, Troy-Bilt tractors are a great value (I also own the 30 inch rear engine model). The key is to make sure that you perform the maintenance right and I think that is the reason why many people tend to have problems and then come here to complain.

The string trimmer engine developed a habit of dying and being impossible to restart without long cooling-off periods. I've owned it now for about 40 days. It has been in my hands 5 days and at the authorized repair shop 35 days. Don't buy anything called Troy-Bilt!!

2014 Mustang 50" RZTL50 Zero Turn Mower - Purchased new from Lowe's. 1st 60-days a defective engine cylinder oiler. After one year of operation, 3-failed spindle bearing assemblies, 4-sets blades so far. Troy said they only warranty wear parts for 30-days out the door. What a joke. Parts will wear out after 1st year of use and can cost as much as $500 or more. Furthermore, they don't have a lot of loyal dealers that want to work on them. So if you buy their product you're on your own as far as warranty... FYI, Lowe's doesn't carry any parts for it and looks like they may even drop them altogether. I will sell this one and buy a different brand next year.

After using the lawnmower three times it will not start! Was told the gas line was clogged and not under warranty. Called a dealer who I have worked with on other lawnmowers and he did fix it. Problem - misaligned valves and it cost me $73.00. I have contacted Briggs and Stratton and they are reviewing my claim. I see others are making the same complaint. I do expect the lawnmower to quit after another three times and at that point I try to return it to the place where I bought. From what others say about this motor it is only good for junk and they build it in the USA??? Also try calling them and put on hold for 15 min!

Daughter bought her father a 2015 Pony. He is 74 and push mower getting to be too much. From the second mow he has had nothing but trouble with it quitting in the middle of the mow, to blades. The most worthless company and products available. He has paid for and had Lowe's pick it up, take it to repair center, paid for their repairs, and paid to have it returned. Now the fourth mow of this season and it has quit again and will not start. DO NOT buy any Troy-Bilt product and don't attempt to get Troy-Bilt help. Everything is your fault, you did something wrong, etc.

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I have purchased my last Troy-Bilt lawn mower from Lowe's! My first mower was clunking and Lowe's traded it for another new one at only two weeks old. Now this one is used one season and oil is dripping out the air filter so that means the piston rings are shot and the warranty only good for 90 days! I am 67 years old and all my previous mowers lasted 8-10 years. The body rusted out but the engines were still great. These China made Troy-Bilt mowers are terrible!

Do not buy the Troy-Bilt TB6044 XP. The string bump head is almost impossible to restring. The main head is impossible to take off. You will have a heart attack trying to start the thing. I hope the design engineer got fired. Obviously the people at Troy-Bilt do not actually test the products they sell.

I purchased the TB280ES in May of this year and have approximately 10 hours on the mower. Two weeks ago the mower quit running about 10 minutes after starting. I tried to restart the engine and it ran for a few seconds and shut off. I've tried restarting the engine several times since but continue having the same outcome. I use only approved gasoline so that shouldn't be the issue. I've exceeded the return time frame and can't return the mower for replacement or repair. I did not buy an extended warranty. This is the second TB mower I've purchased with similar issues and it will be my last.

I purchased a Troy-Bilt lawnmower. It's a piece of garbage. I do not recommend anyone purchase one of these lawnmower. 2 months after I got it the machine needed repair. I discovered even though it was still being sold in the store the warranty on the engine expired 6 months after my purchase. Which is not revealed at purchase.

I purchased a self-propelled lawn mower in April 2015. I literally used it 3 times the whole summer. When I went to use it this year May 2016, it wouldn't crank. I called Briggs and Stratton and they referred me to a repair shop that told me it was a carburetor issue and wasn't covered under warranty. I paid $105.00 to have it replaced. I used the mower 1 time and when I went to used it again, it wouldn't crank. Called Briggs and Stratton back and they couldn't find my case # and told me the dealer I took it to wasn't one of their authorized dealers and referred me to another dealer. This is so frustrating. I will NEVER purchase another Troy-Bilt or anything with Briggs and Stratton's name on it. $299.99 for a piece of junk + $105.00 for repairs gone down the drain!!

$1000 Pony Lawn Tractor. 2 years replaces belt 2 times. Still falls off every mow. Battery shot have to jump-start with car then the new belt we just bought FROM TROY-BILT falls off again. Have to replace it and jump-start again. I had a self-propelled walk behind that I paid $25 bucks for at a yard sale and used 5 years, less work than the $1000 lawn Pony. Never again.

I bought one of your lawn tractors from Lowe's in the spring around April. I have used it maybe six or eight times since then. Yesterday August 16 the engine went out of it. It blew a hole right through the side of it. Lowe's will not fix it. So I have to find someone to look at it and fix it or at least try to fix it. That is around 30 miles away. And they want seventy five dollars to come pick it up. I paid 1300 dollars for this. It should at least last a few years. They asked who changed the oil, which I did. So I figure that means the warranty is no good. I waited for years to finally get a mower I really need and this is what I get. I should have bought a push mower. Thank you for wasting my money.

I am displeased with troy bilt mowers. I purchased my first one in the end of 2014. The first one came I was excited. It wasn't a week later I called them and they had to come get my mower and replace it with another one because the deck was falling apart. Thank goodness I bought the extended warranty. Cause it was another 3 weeks had deck issues with the second one... And again the game and got the mower and brought me a new one again. Finally I thought 3rd time a charm... wrong this one didn't last a yr and ban the spindle bearings froze and shears the bolts off the deck. Wow to my surprise it went flying almost killing my father where he was just sitting... thank god he just got up.

So now with extended warranty I called had them pick up and get repaired. Ah I took pick a also before they took it. Now they call me after 3 weeks and yard need mower bad and says, "Oh well it will cost you 698.00 to repair." They stated I ran over something and that 8 bolts sheared off and deck belt was busted. And spindle bearing was frozen but due to me. And oh let's not forget the blades that said was bent... and my fault when the funny thing was the blades wasn't and I had the blades at my home. So how can they say this when it was 4 bolts sheared off from one spindle on the deck due to bearings freezing up, the belt was in great shape and I had the blades.

I can't understand how a tech can make a call like that, stating I ran over something where it's impossible cause there was nothing there. I'm not happy nor will I purchase another troy bilt mower. I just want mine fixed when I did nothing wrong and I took care of it like you're suppose too. There is no grease fitting to grease bearings and my last mower lasted 8 yrs and never had a problem but it wasn't a troy either. Never have I seen bearing to put so fast in a riding mower. This really upsets me. Someone help me get some answers.

We bought a Troy-bilt power washer in about 2012, for just basic cleaning of the deck and house maintenance... We used a total of 3 times... We went to use it this year. Does not work... Properly maintained and stored it in the basement. This is the Troy-bilt XP 2600. It looks brand new!

I am writing this review to express my extreme dissatisfaction with the above product which I purchased at Lowe's earlier this summer. I have had Troy-Bilt equipment over the years and was generally pleased with their performance. However, this product was a disaster from the get go. First, it was always hard to start. The bump head that came with it was impossible to re-thread. A supplemental instruction sheet was of no help and, in fact, nonsensical and that it was obviously not designed to properly hold the line in place.

I replaced the head with another brand and it worked for a couple weeks even though the engine remained hard to start. Next, the lower shaft broke off at the lower hole just above the bumper head. I went to your website and could find no reference or parts list for a model TB635 EC, "Made in Mexico." I called your help line number and was told the model number for parts was in fact 41ADZ63C766. At this point I gave up figuring that the replacement cost for the lower shaft was probably not worth the cost, assuming I could even find the correct part number. I am not writing this review for a rebate, replacement, or any monetary gain. I am writing this to warn other potential customers of this inferior product.

I have bought three Troy-Bilt trimmers from Lowe's in three years! At almost $300 they won't run right and they will only exchange them if brought back within a few days... I thought it was something I was doing wrong, or it maybe was defected. So I thought you can't get two bad ones in a row. Well the next one got me through the rest of the summer but when I got it out in the spring it would run but didn't have enough power to cut trimmings around my sidewalk (SAD)!!! So stupid me said there is no way I could get three bad ones in a row. WRONG!!! Didn't make it through the summer... Used twice which was long enough Lowe's would not take it back. DON'T BUY TROY-BILT WEED EATERS!!!

In 1992 my husband bought a Troy-Bilt lawn mower. It lasted until 2013. It was fantastic. So when it stopped working I figured I would buy another Troy-Bilt. WORSE MISTAKE I EVER MADE. I bought a Troy-Bilt lawn mower 10/08/2013. I used it for the season of 2014. In 2015 it was at Lowe's repair place most of the summer. After I complained enough Lowe's finally gave me a loaner lawn mower. It is August 2016 and the mower won't start half of the time and if it does start as soon as you start to cut the lawn it stops.

I've had a Troy-Bilt Horse XP for 3 years. I have yet to make it through a summer without major repairs, particularly with the deck. The factory battery didn't last a year, blades are replaced twice a year (damaged beyond sharpening), 2 deck belts, 2 deck spindles, now an idler pulley. I mow approximately 1.5 acres of grass, not brush. I had a John Deere 110 (their cheapest model) for 10 years before making this mistake. I had no deck repairs on my JD in 10 years, not even a belt.

After several disappointing years of owning a Troy-Bilt 13AN77TG766 riding lawnmower, I would have to say I do NOT recommend it to anyone else! Durability... Right. If you like replacing belts and cables every year then this is the lawnmower for you. Ease of use - if you like doing wheelies when you switch from reverse to forward and almost flipping the thing, then there ya go. Performance - I can cut grass better with a butter knife and if you have hills to mow, then good luck with brakes unless you're Dale Earnhardt. Ease of starting went out the window a couple of weeks ago when the starting switch went out and now I've got a broken belt... AGAIN! Buy at your own risk, but I still have Sears Craftsman that's 10 years older and it runs circles around it... Literally.

I bought this pressure washer at Lowe's in fall 2015. Stored in basement till spring. Ran good for hour of use... stored as manual stated. Used in fall. As I was finishing it labored to run and push water. Store per manual. Spring 16 fuel high octane fuel... ran ok 20 mins then no water. Pump shot. No help from Lowe's. Warranty's up. No help Troy-Bilt... we don't answer phones here. So I filed the class action lawsuit brought against Troy-Bilt. Big price for junk. Oh Lowe's can get pump... it's 150.00 I think not. I gave 289.00 on sale for this junk. In short DON'T BUY TROY-BILT... AND LOWE'S YOU'RE GETTING A BAD NAME SELLING JUNK.

Bought this weed eater and had it for 2 months then the recoil on the pull rope broke. Had it in the shop for 2 months and found out the part is back ordered. Seems to be over 100 back ordered in the US. I called customer service only to be transferred to another dept. Dennis, the guy I talked to, was not nice and not helpful. He needs to learn the meaning of customer service. After being put on hold for a while he came back and said "yea the part is back ordered." I asked if this didn't raise a red flag to Troy-Bilt that this company is building inferior parts. He said he couldn't answer and then wanted to transfer me to another dept. I was already on the phone for over 30 minutes So I declined and decided just to write a review and hopefully prevent anyone else from buying a Troy-Bilt product.

Obviously their customer service dept. and installation dept. doesn't care about giving good service. I don't think the company cares either or they would get to the bottom of a company that supplies them with parts that are inferior. I know I will never buy another Troy-Bilt and hope no one else does either. The power of money will make them wake up, hopefully.

I have a Troy-Bilt pressure washer I have used four or five times. It looks brand new and starts on the second pull. However, I have to take it out to the trash. I stored it in my shed with three other Troy-Bilt pieces of equipment. The water pump cracked over the winter. Lowe’s said this is a common event and MDT has long been aware of the problem. It cost more to fix it than buying a new one. Don’t even bother calling Troy-Bilt customer service. They take no responsibly for their products. Troy-Bilt no more!

Think twice about buying any Troy-Bilt product, unless you don't mind discarding it when it needs repair. I have a Troy-Bilt electric blower Model TB120BV that needs a set of $2.00-$4.00 brushes. Troy-Bilt does not set sell those brushes, but will sell the whole motor assembly for $63. So bought another blower brand new for $53. It is my thinking that if they sell a blower that they don't carry parts for, their other products can't be much better.

I purchased a Troy-Bilt Pony riding lawn mower April, 2014. After only 3 mows it wouldn't start again! I had to return to Lowe's, where I purchased and because it was still so new, they had me exchange it. At that time, I figured it would be wise to purchase the extended warranty. Thankfully I did, because now 2 years later, the mower won't start! I contacted Lowe's service dept. which has set up a pick/up and return service for the machine (within a day) however, my concern is after reading all of these poor reviews that I've purchased a pile of junk! What happens when my warranty runs out!?! Yikes. I wish I had researched this mower before I purchased. I guess the old saying still remains true- you get what you pay for! If you're in the market for a riding lawn mower- Don't even consider a Troy-Bilt Pony, If you must purchase, PLEASE buy the extended warranty from Lowe's! Normally, I believe those to be a waste, but not in this case.

I purchased a Troy-Bilt pony riding mower about 2 years ago. Recently, I was mowing and the seat became dislodged. The bottom of the seat is plastic where the screws go in. The seat had come completely off. The screws that hold it on had fallen out. My husband repaired it after I went to my local lawn mower shop and got new screws. It has been a few weeks later and it happened again. This is extremely dangerous. My nephew works at a park and has the same mower. He checked his seat and it was ready to fall off. This would have been dangerous for him and I both because of the mowing we have to do. Someone really needs to do something about this problem. I gather from other reviews it does no good to complain to Troy-Bilt. I guess someone has to get hurt before they would admit a problem.

I bought my 2 cycle edge trimmer 41ADT22C966 TB22EC many years ago and worked just fine till one day stops working as it should. By disassembling the crank shaft cover I have noticed that the cover bearing is broken (metal piece that holds the bearing balls apart disintegrated). When disassembling the bearing I noticed that the external surface of the bearing was heated with a torch maybe when it was assembled (I don't think that the surface of the bearing get blue with the use but during the assembly).

After replacing the bearing the motor locked. By disassembling the whole motor I find that the part of the top of the piston and one ring broke. This problem now I can blame only myself because maybe a part of the broken bearing came back from the muffler and went into the motor and make the damage. I should take the whole motor apart at the first place. The first problem I want to complain about is that I believe it has this assembling issue and the trimmer broke after the warranty expired (and how to prove I am right in my conclusion of assembling problem?)

The second problem is that to find replacement parts that you want on the Troy-Bilt parts site is bad. They don't sell only the bearing, they want to sell you the entire crankshaft cover and also they don't sell you the piston kit (Piston + rings + connecting rod + bearing) but they want to sell you the entire motor block which is the half price of a new. On other parts sites that sell the piston kit I couldn't find the right one for this model. So I am very unhappy with Troy-Bilt first because it broke and second because I cannot repair it cheap. I have another Troy-Bilt product which is a lawn mower but it has a Honda motor which is good until now. That was bought at the same time of the edge trimmer.

The first year the mower deck broke. Second year battery was dead and brace under grass thrower broke and deck was too thin to weld. 3 year had to replace long drive belt. Mower will not pull itself. Also pully froze up. Now the cable and springs are broke that go to the deck engagement arm. Also there are places on the mower deck where the belt has been rubbing. I called Troy-Bilt and was told to take it to the shop and if it was a defect from their factory they would pay for it. Other than that it was mine problem. What they don't consider that it's the over poor quality and cheap parts they use.

I even had a man I've known for years tell me it was so cheap made he wouldn't even work on it. Now Lowe's (where I bought it) tell me to bring it to them and they will send it off to be fixed. I can't afford a repair bill and wait weeks to mow my yard. I always thought Troy-Bilt meant quality, and that Lowe's stood behind their product. Ii will never buy anything from Lowe's again, and will own any Troy-Bilt product.

I bought my Troy Bilt Pony 17.5 hp 42-inch riding mower a year ago this May that just past. Last year during the second cutting the right blade came completely off and bent the other one. No problem. Bought two new blades and had them put on where I bought the mower at. This April, 8 cuttings later, I was in the middle of my mowing and the right side of my deck fell down and stopped working. I pulled it under the garage to see what was the problem. The actual right side lifting and lowering bracket that was welded to the deck had broken completely off of the deck in a three-inch hole diameter.

I called Troy Bilt customer service about the breakdown. They said it was not under warranty and it was not their problem, that it can't be fixed but buying a new deck would be the only way to fix this problem. The price of a new mower deck is $328 and that's totally outrageous. I brought it to a professional machine shop to get the bracket welded back on to the deck. The welder tried, but informed me that the deck was too thin to weld the bracket on to. I still wouldn't stop at this point, I went to the local hardware store and purchased 3 brackets with nuts and bolts and drilled and screwed the bracket and deck (with JB Weld also) back together perfectly as to the original measurements (pics included). It ran beautiful for one cutting.

Today my wife was cutting the yard and I heard screaming. I looked out the door and there was smoke surrounding the mower. I ran out there with my fire extinguisher and sprayed it down. I looked under the mower and found that the right pulley had frozen up and the friction of the belt had caught fire, then it caught my gas hose on fire causing gas to spew, almost burning my entire mower and possibly exploding on my most precious gift in life my wife. Tomorrow, I'm dragging the one-year-old mower to my tree line and using it as a practice target. Never will I look, talk, or listen to anyone or anything that has to do with Troy-Bilt. Over $1000 wasted in less than a year, such a worthless piece of equipment and such a worthless company such as Troy-Bilt! Thank You and have a wonderful day to all.:)

I bought a mower I thought would be easy for me to use and start. I used the mower about 5 times the first summer and kept the mower in the garage over the winter. The second summer, the mower wouldn't start so I took it to the shop and paid $79 repair bill. I maybe used it two times the second summer and again stored it in a heated garage over the winter. This is the third summer and it would not start. I am not taking it back for repair. It is going to Goodwill!!!

The lawn mower is 43 days old - I have cut my grass a total of 2 times. My 3rd attempt at cutting the grass with this mower a complete and total failure. Refused to start. When it did start it immediately stalled out. The mower has new gas, new filter and fresh oil. I called Troy-Bilt so called helpline. They recommended that I needed to clean the carburetor. Roughly 5 hours of cutting time requires a cleaning. I asked why - And of course Troy-Bilt blamed the EPA - God forbid a small lawn mower causes global warming. I tore down the lawn mower, cleaned out the carburetor and the lawn mower started and lasted an incredible 15 minutes in the yard. I do not and would not tell a friend to purchase a troy-bilt product and I am sure as hell not purchasing one in the future.

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Troy Bilt created an innovative rototiller design in 1937 and continues to create quality equipment.

  • American built: Troy Bilt equipment is manufactured in the United States.
  • Multi-speed: The multi-speed transmissions provide better control during the mowing process.
  • Rear engine: Rear engine models offer a compact option for homeowners without a lot of equipment storage space.
  • Steel frame: A steel frame adds to the strength and durability of the riding mowers.
  • Financing: Troy Bilt offers financing for their riding mowers and equipment.
  • Best for Residential homeowners get a good combination of price and quality.

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