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Last updated: April 18, 2018

453 Troy-Bilt Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Dennis of Sikeston, MO Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 18, 2018

I bought the Super Bronco to replace a Bronco I have had for 18 years. I brought it home, put the oil and gas in, it started first time. I started to till and the tiller just wanted to sit there and bog down. I saw the tines going counter to what my old one did. I cannot use this tiller. WHY IN THE WORLD would Troy-Bilt change what worked? They don't garden anyway! I took the tiller back and learned that all Troy-Bilt tillers are counter. I had high respect for Troy-Bilt tillers, but not anymore. I have talked to several people who had the same experience or had talked to a person that knew about the problem. You need to fix the problem and you would sell more tillers.

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James Vaughn of Havelock, NC Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 11, 2018

I bought a Troy-Bilt Grass trimmer 7-6-15. I have had the trimmer only 2.5 years, I started it 2 weeks ago, it ran about 15 seconds and froze, I pulled the starter rope and it would not move. I took it to Lowe's where I bought it and they told me the Warranty had run out, 2 years. So I called Troy-Bilt. While I was talking with the young lady I heard someone laughing, I was so upset that I hung up. I will never buy a Troy-Bilt again.

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R of Tifton, GA Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 7, 2018

I saw an ad in Lowe's sale paper for a gas powered tiller (no oil mix) that seemed to be reasonably priced for a sale price... I purchased the tiller from Lowe's, brought it home, took it out of the box, followed the Troy Bilt instructions with the fuel and oil. I started the tiller, it idled okay. I went to the area where I wanted to use the tiller and began to till the ground. (It had rained earlier in the day so the ground was moist). The tiller bogged down in less than 10 seconds. I restarted the tiller and the same happened over and over. I took the tiller to my trusted small engine repairman. My repairman was unable to get the tiller to work properly. I placed this tiller at the curb with a sign hung on it which read "Free Headache." Over the years I have bought troy bilt products in the past with pretty much the same experience as the tiller, but this tiller experience takes the cake. PLEASE DON'T BUY TROY BILT PRODUCTS...

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Corinne of Hoover, AL Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 29, 2018

Troy-Bilt 2800 PSI GAS power washer - My husband bought one of these pretty power washers a year and a half ago. He also purchased a three year warranty at this time. We used the washer one time and the second time he wanted to use it, it would not start. He took it in to Lowe's and they sent it off to be fixed. When it came back, they said it was a spring, but Lowe's charge him $79.93 to fix it??? He used it a couple of more times and when he went to start it last Saturday to clean our drive, it would not start again. This washer has been used 3 times and won't start!! Now we have to take it back to Lowe's for them to send off again!!!

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Tom of Delaware, OH Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 22, 2018

Seeing all the negative comments about Troy-Bilt products is disappointing. Because in 2005 I bought a Troy-Bilt 2-stage snow blower and have used it many times since. It always starts quickly and runs flawlessly. I am careful to run the gasoline out of it when snow has stopped falling, so the carburetor stays dry and clean for the off-winter months, then is ready to prime and go when winter snows return. Maybe Troy-Bilt has gone to the "dark" cheap side. Too bad.

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E of Spring Hill, FL Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 22, 2018

TROY BILT TB TB200 - DO NOT BUY THIS PIECE OF JUNK. My 80 yr old Dad purchased this mower 8 months ago. Used it one time put it up in November. Just took it out to use it. Added fresh fuel and will not start. No choke or throttle control and no Fuel shut-off valve. Only way to run carb empty is to drain tank and run it out. Stupid design. Don't care what they say. It's junk. With the crap fuel we have today you need a fuel shut-off valve. Took it back to Lowe's as it is under warranty. They said warranty covered by TB until extended warranty kicks in after one year. Called TB. They said if it's the carburetor or fuel line it's not covered. Do yourself a favor. DO NOT BUY THIS PIECE OF JUNK. For the same money there are much better units available.

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David of Orlando, FL Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 2, 2017

Troy-Bilt gasoline Pressure Washer SN #1023785176 six months old, will not start. Troy-Bilt refuses to honor the warranty and instead says I should contact Briggs & Stratton for a small engine repair manual. Despite the fact that the Product is clearly labeled Troy-Bilt, they say that it is a Briggs & Stratton product. I did not buy a Briggs & Stratton pressure washer, I bought a Troy-Bilt pressure washer.

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Pamela of Vilas, NC Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 26, 2017

I beg everyone to please do not buy a Troy-Bilt pressure washer (2017) or any of their other product unless you want to be out of all of the money and time that you have invested. You get 90 days on all outdoor equipment at Lowe's hardware and then you have to go to the company which will basically screw you and tell you, "Sorry there's nothing we can do." If you don't believe me continue to read the rest of the consumer reports from all other innocent buyers of this product who have also been screwed...

I will make sure all social media sites are aware of this piece of junk into never purchase a piece of Troy-Bilt equipment. I will make sure my local newspaper is aware of this mess and to share this with anybody and everybody I know any local events that I attend. When walking into a department area selling this kind of equipment I'll let everybody know of my experience and anybody else that reads this I feel that you should do the same if Troy-Bilt has screwed you.

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Ron of Charlotte, NC Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 21, 2017

I purchased a string trimmer and a leaf blower and both products did not perform as one would expect. The blower had no power and was difficult to start. Fortunately Lowe's took this back and returned my money in total. The blower had no power and did not have the power it stated it would. I purchased two string trimmers (one for me and my girlfriend) and both are hard to start. I bought electric starters for both and that helped but that only worked for a short time. The electric starters burnt out even though I followed the instructions to assist with the starting of the trimmer. I would never buy another Troy-Bilt product again.

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John of Danville, IN Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 13, 2017

Purchased a Troy-Bilt weed eater in July, 2016. Used the thing approx 10 times, and each time I used it, it ran worse. Then early 2017, it would not run at all. Threw the thing away, and replaced it with a Husqvarna, which has run perfectly. Also purchased a Troy-Bilt Leaf blower TB430, early 2017, and had the same problem. The carburetors on these things are NOT adjustable, and are regulated by CARB standards, which apparently work, as these things cannot create pollution of any kind if they won't run. I will never purchase another Troy-Bilt product, as they are a complete waste of money, for only a few hours of run time. I would advise everyone else to follow suit.

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TOM of Byron, GA Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 16, 2017

Troy-Bilt lawn Pony tractor 42" 17.5 HP - On Sunday 02/26/2017, I purchased this online from Lowe's with a 3-year extended warranty. On the following Thursday 03/02/2017 they delivered "A" mower. Wrong one. It was a used 15.5 HP and no reverse mowing with no manual. Right headlight bulb was missing. No cover on the air filter, which was filthy as was the engine. I started it and smoke went everywhere. Shut down. Started it again... Nothing. I went to Lowe's and complained. On Friday Lowe's picked up this wrong mower and left me the correct one. On Saturday I cut my lawn... No problem.

On Monday, the belt came off and jammed in the pulleys. Put it back on. Around end of May the blades stopped rotating while blowing leaves off driveway. Repair person picked it up and had to replace the cable that controlled the belt. It had broken. At the end of break in time I changed the oil. I check the oil before every start. On Saturday 07/22/2017 (a bad time of year), I was mowing and the engine started knocking loudly and died and would not restart. The engine had blown. The repair company is about a week and a half behind on repairs and told me it could be up to 3 weeks before I could get it back depending on the problem. I am very disappointed in Lowe's for delivering the wrong mower to begin with and with Troy-Bilt for the state of the tractor.

Troy-Bilt/Briggs and Stratton, after about 3 weeks approved the motor replacement. Then promptly changed their mind and disapproved. It took until the end of September (about 2 months) to get them to admit the cause was not me. They approved the installation of a new motor around 9/30/2017 but with the stipulation that it be a different type. I finally got my mower back with the new motor on October 10. A different type??? Tells me something about the original type installed. Hmmm.

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Robert of Lansing, MI Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 11, 2017

I bought a Troy-Bilt leaf blower (TB35 EC Model Number 41 AS99MS766). Brought it home didn't start. Took it back to Lowe's. They told me to take it to C & K Repair shop. They told me the engine was blown till they ordered a small block for it. Still under warranty. Got it out 3 weeks later. Brought it home it didn't start so I took it to Midwest Power Equipment. They got ahold of Troy-Bilt. They said it was still under warranty. Took it back to Lowe's. The manager at Lowe's did not honor the warranty. Got a hold of Troy-Bilt. They said it's been too long, that the Warranty was no good so I'm sitting here with a brand new Troy-Bilt leaf blower With a blown engine that Troy-Bilt will not honor the Warranty. I talk to 3 supervisors at Troy-Bilt. They said there is nothing they can do. Call. Be careful when you buy Troy-Bilt products. Don't expect them to honor a warranty with it.

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Dakota of Goldsboro, NC Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 28, 2017

WARNING Do not buy any of these products. I a trimmer from Lowe's. A: They have no parts for it but string. B: I used it 3 times, house kept. Pulled it out this year. Well new carburetor, new fuel build, it's a p.o.s! Warranty dept. Says warranty up. Like wtf. I BOUGHT extended. How about buy it back if you stand behind it! Husqvarna is way better and same money! Should have listened. What a headache Troy-Bilt products are! ANGRY IN CAROLINA.

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Chris of Tomball, TX Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 22, 2017

So I call about my mower breakdown after less than 2 months. I mention that my son has lawns to mow. He is 16 and mows 2-3 lawns a week (for $) in addition to ours. The customer service rep says, after consulting his superior, that in the last page of the warranty manual that no commercial use is covered. So I am wondering, when the box says it has a 2 year warranty, who reads the whole manual before buying the product? In fact, should I have opened every box on every mower and read every page of the manual before purchasing? I will not buy a Troy-Bilt mower again. They sounded cheap at the store, but I thought I should try it. Now I know they are cheap. Then I look up reviews on Troy-Bilt. In 430 something reviews, the average is a 1 star out of 5. Shame on me this time, but it won't happen again.

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David of Statesville, NC Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 21, 2017

Bronco Riding Mower (Bronco 17-HP Kohler 42) - Design has muffler up front, shrouding does not cover the entire muffler. A 6-inch gap on both sides of the 'hood' and the frame enables leaves and such to get blown in when mowing and immediately catches fire. Brand new mower, used 4 times. Troy-Bilt states "Don't mow over leaves", a pretty impractical thing.

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Christine of Kiel, WI Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 6, 2017

I bought a brand new 2010 Troy-Bilt riding lawn mower. After only a couple of years, seven to be exact the transmission is gone. Plus they told me the transmission are on back order. What does that tell you. I have replace numerous deck belts and blades on this mower. The cover to where grass blows out has been broken since year two. I cannot even found a replace cover. I will never ever buy another Troy-Bilt product again. That lawn mower should have lasted a lot longer than seven years.

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Robert of Ham Lake, MN Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 30, 2017

Well designed mower. Quick and maneuverable. Has feature that when enabled allows mowing in reverse, otherwise a rear moving operation disengages the blade. I have about 3 acres and it takes almost an hour to mow... Love the mower.

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Lisa of Jacksonville, FL Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 28, 2017

Purchased a Troy-Bilt push mower brand new from Lowe's in Harrisburg PA. Had to return the mower immediately because of engine issues. Purchased extended warranty and then moved to Florida 2 months later and the mower goes out AGAIN! Lowe's in Florida insisted on sending the mower to the warranty company who said the blade which was bent which did not occur during one of the 2 mowings the mower was used for. Wants me to pay $389 to repair a $160 mower. Mower is returned to store and store offers a refund of the $25 warranty only. The brand new mower is sitting in the shed since it is a piece of crap. Will never buy another Troy-Bilt. I did complain to the Better Business Bureau about Lowe's though.

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john of Deltona, FL Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 26, 2017

I've bought 3 weed eaters in the last 7 years. All Troy-Bilt. Same thing keeps happening, won't start or just stops working. I have also bought a troy bilt power washer, 2 years later pump goes out. So now I ask, stop building this ** or build it to last longer than 2 years. I will never buy this ** junk ever again. I also hope everyone can read this.

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Jim of Holland, MI Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 25, 2017

Model TB22 EC trimmer 2 yrs old. Without the battery hand held starter, my arm would have fallen off. This, from day one. My real beef is with the trimmer head. Installing new line is a PITA. Carefully following video instructions is no help. Trimmer line stops feeding within a couple minutes of installing. Various after market products are clutzy at best with heavy adapters. I'd love a product called, "hammer head" but it's not available for this model.

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Daniel of Gettysburg, PA Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 25, 2017

5 weeks ago today... my Troy-Bilt 22hp XP Horse 46 inch cut riding mower had suddenly made a shrill whistling sound and then flames erupted from under the engine cover - nearly burning my face. This was followed by a BANG. Fire equipment was required to extinguish the blaze. Tractor was well maintained and was recently in the AUTHORIZED Repair Center for some minor electrical wiring damage that was caused by field mice--gnawing on a battery feed.

At the time, I had just completed the cutting of about 3/4 acre of grass and was driving it back to my house. Fire Officials were clueless as to how 2 large holes came to be present on the engine block. Well, one of them was caused by the 3 gallons of burning gasoline from the plastic fuel tank. The other was from the area of the cylinder wall that blew apart. Yes, I secured the area of about 50 feet circumference and found the chunk of jagged metal... A corner piece. Took photos of everything. That piece fit the hole... and is being maintained as evidence.

My Homeowners policy paid the difference for a replacement tractor... but I'm out my $1000 deductible. Can't find any attorney to take on this case... since Troy-Bilt is a China based company. AND... according to Troy-Bilt Legal... they knew of these case of fire and explosion and have done nothing to notify their customers. They even post and maintain a website of recent fires that are caused by their many products... not just riding mowers. I'd like to file a lawsuit. I could have been seriously burned, killed and my house aflame.

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Benton of Perryville, AR Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 19, 2017

On April 23, 2017 I purchased a Mustang Fit 34, Troy-Bilt from Leonard's Ace Hardware in Russellville, AR. Mower was manufactured on 3/17. Less than 4 months later the machine shredded the transmission drive belt. We connected Troy-Bilt to find a dealer with the part. Called 3 different ones and ALL said they could not even identify the part. A second contact with Troy-Bilt got a list of supposed dealers that would "repair" and have parts. We contacted 2 of those and NEITHER serviced Troy-Bilt any longer!

We found online documentation that claims the drive belt has to be replaced by a PROFESSIONAL SERVICE person and requires removal of parts requiring custom tools. And yet we can't find a service/dealer in our area. Leonard's was NO HELP. I will be writing a review on them as well. They sold me the machine yet had no parts, could not supply me with a person that could/would repair. They would not take back the machine because it was "used!" That's why I bought it - to USE! It was used maybe 6 times. I suggest you NOT BUY ANY TROY-BILT product and do not buy anything from Leonard's Ace in Russellville, AR.

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luis enrique of Davie, FL Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 15, 2017

Received a Flex for Father's Day. Wife brought home and when opening the lawn mower attachment it looked like it was a dropped box. The front left caster was bent but still driveable. Machine felt like it was loosely built yet little did I know about future issues. After one year of use the actuator plastic engagement cable snapped off the round engager at the base. Called Troy Bilt and was referred back to Lowe's. Lowe's then wanted to charge me for shipping to a local authorized dealer. Took the machine to DEGENS and was met with the question "What kind of machine is that?" They never seen a Flex before.

After paying for a deposit of $100 for the service and a month later I was told to pick up the unit because Troy-Bilt would not cover the warranty. The reason was that the unknowledgeable mechanic told Troy Bilt that I used the machine as a BRUSH HOG. After numerous attempts to Troy Bilt they decided end the warranty. So now I have a base with no attachments. NEVER BUY A TROY-BILT PRODUCT. THEY WILL NOT FIX YOUR ISSUES.

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David of Burton, NB Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 8, 2017

Bought a 18" 42cc chainsaw and after a few hours of use the pull start broke. Bought new pull start as warranty was up and after 3 pulls that broke. Got angry and went to buy a Poulan. Couldn't give away the chainsaw. So I decided to phone Troy-Bilt about replacement part to get it running and I'm told it's obsolete and no way can I get parts and that it's now garbage. So I am Throwing away a chainsaw with less than 10 hours use on it. I will never buy a Troy-Bilt item again.

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Darren of Chesapeake, VA Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 23, 2017

I purchased a Trimmer from the that can have attachments. The Trimmer Broke within 2 months, the Crank to start it broke on the back. I exchanged it at Lowe's. I decided to buy the Trimmer Plus Chainsaw and the Nuts that cover the chain just turned repeatedly so I literally had to take the oil Chain container off every time. I will NEVER BUY TROY-BILT products ever again.

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Tony of Binghamton, NY Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 21, 2017

I've owned this mower for about six years. It's always started on the first or second pull, ran pretty well and cut the lawn about average. About a month and a half ago, the mower started misfiring and stalling after about 20 minutes of use. After checking the plug and installing a new air filter, it still continued to stall after the motor would come up to temp. I took it to a local mechanic who told me it was a bad magneto. After a week and a half, he called me and told me he's exhausted every contact he's got and he cannot locate one-anywhere. I get on Troy-Bilt's website and try to find the part there. It's showing in stock and after an online chat to confirm the stock, I ordered it. It came in completely wrong. I contact TB, who email me a UPS label to ship it back to them. I then have to drive twenty minutes each way to the the UPS Store and wait in line there so I can return it. I then re-order it through Troy-Bilt and it comes in wrong again.

I again have to run to the UPS store to ship it back to them. After some research, TB refers me to Briggs and Stratton. Briggs email me a parts list and a picture of the magneto. I confirm that it's the correct part and I place an order directly through them. The part comes in- and it too is wrong. Not even remotely close to the magneto I need to replace. (I am now about 10 hours in on phone calls between Briggs and Troy-Bilt and a month in trying to get this part. A few hours running back and forth to UPS and multiple trips across town to borrow a mower so I can mow my lawn and then driving across town to return it).

I again call TB, the rep there told me he has the part. It's the correct one and he's going to ship it to me free of charge because of my troubles. Great! The part shows up. Wrong again! So, now it is confirmed that the part I need is not available through either Troy-Bilt or Briggs and Stratton and I now need to replace a six year old lawn mower that is in otherwise perfect condition. Troy-Bilt offered me a paltry 15% off the cost of a new mower and offered to ship it to me for free. Fifteen percent off, for hours and hours of frustration. Hours driving back and forth borrowing a relative's lawn mower and returning it. Hours going back and forth to the UPS Store to ship back incorrect parts. Needless to say, I am not happy with MTD, Troy-Bilt or Briggs and Stratton.

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Marge of Groveport, OH
Original review: June 28, 2017

I purchased from Lowe's last summer a Troy-Bilt riding mower. I bought this mower because Sears wanted 100.00 to deliver a new mower. I wish I had paid the 100.00. I am actually afraid to use this mower. It shakes and rattles. It's awful. Had to have it repaired. This week he balanced the blades and something about a pulley and he said you get what you pay for. I'm still afraid of it still shakes and rattles. My Craftsman lasted for years and had 2 repairs on it. I miss it. Won't buy anymore Troy-Bilt products.

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Mark of Albany, NY Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 15, 2017

I purchased a brand new Troy-Bilt mower in Feb. 2016 from Lowe's. In May 2017 the PTO (Power transmission) cable snapped. A month later the steering shaft gear failed. When I inspected it, it was completely shorn and the steering wheel just spins around. I'm very surprised and disappointed at the poor quality of the mower, especially since it is so new. Too bad since I like the way the mower cuts grass, but I would not recommend that anyone buy a Troy-Bilt mower.

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Joseph of Baker, FL
Original review: June 9, 2017

Bought a Troy-Bilt 42" Zero Turn Mower from Lowe's in June of 2016. The main reason I bought it was salesman said it had a 3 year full warranty. In less than a year I had to put 2 sets of blades on it and then in May of 2017 the starter solenoid went out and the deck broke at the chute. I called Troy-Bilt and they sent me to local business to repair under warranty. When I took it in Troy-Bilt refused to honor the warranty on deck. I will not buy another Troy-Bilt product.

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Doug of Philipsburg, Other Verified Buyer
Original review: June 8, 2017

I bought a Troy-Bilt Bronco riding mower in 2009. It was the biggest piece of junk that I ever owned. It threw or burned up a drive belt or mower belt at least once a year. I had a 15 year old Craftsman mower that I never replaced a belt on. I honestly bought extra belts and springs for this mower since it was constantly having an issue. I would like to say that my issues were only limited to belt issues but I also had issues with wheel joints as well. Do not buy Troy-Bilt riding mowers from Lowe's. Trust me -- you will regret it. Spend an extra $1000 and buy a John Deere as 240 model. That's what I did.

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Troy Bilt created an innovative rototiller design in 1937 and continues to create quality equipment.

  • American built: Troy Bilt equipment is manufactured in the United States.

  • Multi-speed: The multi-speed transmissions provide better control during the mowing process.

  • Rear engine: Rear engine models offer a compact option for homeowners without a lot of equipment storage space.

  • Steel frame: A steel frame adds to the strength and durability of the riding mowers.

  • Financing: Troy Bilt offers financing for their riding mowers and equipment.

  • Best for: Residential homeowners get a good combination of price and quality.

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