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Last updated: Dec. 13, 2017

64 Thumbtack Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 13, 2017

We have been a Thumbtack client for more than 24 months, spending thousands of dollars paying for leads and thought we had a good working relationship. We recently received an email stating that they received a complaint from a customer and we would have to go to arbitration to resolve. They cancelled our account and did not provide a specific reason other than referring to their terms and conditions. We had more than 40 positive reviews on this site and referred many of our potential clients to this site. As a business owner, you are aware that reviews cost time, money and very difficult to get clients to post reviews. Their response to our request for more information as to why they would not reinstate the account is as follows:

“Thank you for that. As my email to Al stated, there are a variety of factors we take into account when making this choice. While we do not disclose specifics, I will do my best to explain the process. When we make the decision to permanently remove an account, we may base that choice upon some of the following: reviews on and off Thumbtack, publicly searchable information, quoting habits, messaging with customers, and any other information we find to be relevant. This is not a step that is taken without serious consideration. Though we do not like to, our Terms provide us with the ability to make this decision at any time. I understand this may be disappointing and I apologize to you both for any inconvenience this may cause. However, we are not confident that Thumbtack and ** are a good fit. We will not disclose any more specific information as to our decision making process. However, I am available to answer any final questions that you may have.”

As a business owner, I would recommend you do NOT use this site as they are expensive, do not screen their customers and in my opinion, probably request bogus work request themselves to generate revenue. There might be grounds for legal action and will be seeking advise from our legal counsel. In the meantime, there are other, more reputable site you can use to grow your business.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 8, 2017

I set up using Thumbtack and like others here noticed the same name coming around more than once. ServiceMagic years ago pulled the same thing but bogus leads cost $60 instead of the $10-$16 you see here. Either way paying for crap isn't worth your hard earned money. This Shady company needs to be gone already.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 8, 2017

When there is a dispute between a Thumbtack professional and a client, they very very rarely take the side of the professional that's paying money to Thumbtack. When you call customer service, they always try to tell you what you want to hear, like, "We understand, and I'm sorry you're having an issue." But they don't take any action. I've spent thousands of dollars on Thumbtack, and they do nothing to help their paying client such as myself. A complete waste of money.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 8, 2017

We used Thumbtack for several different things over past couple years, both in SC and TN. Had good experience until last person we just had install a new exterior door. We were left with a 1/2" gap between door and casing. Light shines through. You can put your finger through from outside to inside house. Brand new casing is cracked and banged in. Took him from 9:30 am til 7:30 pm to make this mess. I really don't want him back here but I don't know what to do? I can't include a receipt. He didn't give me one.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 7, 2017

When I had signed with Thumbtack, there were a 5 pro bids allowed per job. It worked pretty good until Thumbtack got greedy and decide to add more bidders for projects. First it was 8 then 10 then now (Dec 2017) 12 bids. And it is unlimited if they had signed instant match pros. In my catagory each bid gives $20 to Thumbtack.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 2, 2017

Avoid at all cost - I thought I had found a legit way to find clients. Bidding $16 just to reach a client. Then, I started noticing a pattern of fraud. Monday - all people searching for editors had names beginning with C. Tuesday names beginning with S. Wednesday names beginning with M... and so forth. All coming in within hours of each other such as Sheila, Selma, Shelly, Simon, Shokia, Sonita... Seriously? What are the odds, right? Then, the other trick is bidding on a quote and then two minutes later the request was deleted, but not before they viewed my quote. I'm out the $16. Doesn't matter how many times you contact their customer service, which is a joke. They say "sorry you had a bad experience." I understand where there are lawsuits against them. I hope they go out of business.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 29, 2017

They have a great business model, but it pains me to see how much money they have screwed out of people over the years. There are legitimate leads. But there are few. They compensate this by generating fake leads, absorbing your money just to bid. I have dozens of leads per day. And I dare say out of 100 leads, I have only HEARD FROM ONE! I am a musician, have a band, and have been playing for 25 + years. I could offer my services for free and still not get a single response. I have spent lots of money over the years and would like it back. This company needs to be investigated.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 26, 2017

I believe that recently as in the past year or more Thumbtack posts false "leads" and scam jobs that are nonexistent. Some of their jobs are legitimate but many are not. This company used to be reputable several years ago but no longer. I too have bid on jobs that I later saw re-posted after saying they weren't available with similar names but other parts of the job had changed. This happened many times. I have gotten a few legitimate jobs there in the past, but a few years ago. Most I believe are fake. This company should be investigated and prosecuted. I am shocked that they haven't been already. Many people have reported similar experiences this from them.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 22, 2017

After reading all the negative reviews I can see I did not get screwed by Thumbtack as badly as others have. I was very specific as to what I did but they kept sending me "leads" that had nothing to do with my business. The few I got that were on the money I could not bid because of all the questions I need to have answered to give an intelligent bid. I tried to cancel and ask for a refund because I was dissatisfied with their service. They could care less and would not give any refund at all. I consider them a fraud.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 21, 2017

I am a painting professional on Thumbtack. Thumbtack is a terrible service! You have no say over how they show your profile to your potential clients. They don’t care about feedback from the professionals, they are just experimenting on how they can create more revenue for themselves. Do not use this company! They don’t know what they are doing!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 21, 2017

I have been with Thumbtack for a couple of years. And it was great (!), at first, that is. Fast forward 2 years: I have experienced FAKE leads. This has been proven. I have been charged and not refunded according to their own policies. They have a bad rep with customers and is getting much worse. When asking Thumbtack support to work with me and at least refund something due to my not receiving some of my refunds that they claim have been given back, when clearly this is not the case. They are not willing to work with me, even after I had made it clear that this would be my last attempt to salvage a relationship with Thumbtack, to no avail. They do Not care about you as a paying customer, in fact are willing to lose my business. When explained to them if I did not reach some kind of satisfaction with them, I would leave and they let me know that they are fine with that. Not Customer Oriented At ALL.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 16, 2017

Looking at their one star rating here with over 50 reviews I am not surprised I am not alone and how difficult it is to and was dealing with Thumbtack. They are con artists through and through. I’m sure they only hire people that believe they're contrary when coming there to work for them. It’s only a matter of time before this operation is shut down completely. I’ve had a very bad experience with thumbtack. I can go into detail but if anything I hope this review helps in making the world a better place and getting rid of this company or drastically change their policies.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 15, 2017

I am a customer and I hire a vendor from this website. He was awesome and I have been trying for days to write a great review for this vendor but for some reason there is no way I can find this vendor. The only way to find this vendor again is to send a quote but that means the vendor will get charge for the lead again. I go into my projects but there is nothing under my projects, I wish it was easier to write a customer review as the good vendors deserve good reviews.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 13, 2017

They change the price that you pay to quote on a job. The quickest way they can take your money. Credits change from person to person, if every job cost 4 tokens I would understand but when a token then costs anywhere from a dollar to five dollar with no rhyme or reason, it's easy to see they just want you to drain your account as soon as possible so you have to refill. I contacted them about getting refund for the amount left on my account (since none of the jobs offered were worth bidding on). I was told this isn't possible and now I have money in an account with nothing to do with it. It's a horrible service, stay away.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 7, 2017

As a pro on I will never spend a dime on this site again. They don't tell homeowners before they fill out a request that although its free for them it cost us pros quite a bit of dollars to send them a quote. I recently inquired about $13.36 I spent sending a quote and so did 4 other contractors and then the customer cancelled the project altogether. I was wondering where my refund was since the homeowner canceled and to my surprise I was told that Thumbtack has decided to move forward and will no longer be refunding pros any money spent on customers who cancel a project. This means that Thumbtack basically stole a total $66.80 from pros who sent quotes in return for nothing. I can understand if they hired one of the other pros to do the work because they like that pros reviews and price more but to cancel altogether and screw us out of our money.

So what happens when and if I spend $26.00 on 10 different quotes and they all cancel after getting 5 quotes. That's $260.00 from my pocket I don't get back and if 4 other pros also send a quote to those same homeowners Thumbtack just pocketed $1,300.00 from 5 pros that didn't even get to talk to the homeowner. This is just one of several issues that Thumbtack has when it comes to making it better for the pros. They haven't called me back. As I was told a month ago I would get a phone call within 2-4 business days. 4 other people have said they would look into this call I never received and still I have received no phone calls.

Thumbtack does not care about the pro who make them successful and are the ones responsible for making them a business and keeping them in business. Well this is the last time you ** ME OVER. I've spent too much money on here and although it was ok but no matter how much feedback I gave on how to improve their site or categories say for painting, nothing good has been implemented and all they do is take more money from the pros and keep screwing us. The homeowners should be paying to get the top pros with 53 five star ratings as I do. Trust me pros, they don't care like they say they do or changes to make it better for us would have happened and they just don't because they truly just don't care. YOU SUCK THUMBTACK.COM

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 7, 2017

Seems like a legitimate opportunity for artists, and photographers to try and obtain leads for potential jobs or freelance bids. You create a profile and pay for bids on customers who need your service. The bids can range from $2.00 to up to $7.00. Thumbtack gets the money for these bids. This is money I paid to obtain a hired status. I had at least 6 or 7 people who stated me as "marked as hired." This means I will work with them on their photography project. The problem is, only one of the 7 customers contacted me so far for setting up a photo shoot. But this customer says they will contact me after Thanksgiving. After chatting with customer service agents from Thumbtack, they say they have no way of knowing if the customer is real. Yet they require us artists to create a profile and have a background check done.

So these customers who tagged me as 'marked for hire' may not be real customers. I told Thumbtack that they need to verify these people to see if they are legit. If not, I'll get a refund. Right now, I do not trust Thumbtack since they have NO way to verify if a customer is real. I told them, "Make them pay a fee if they fail to respond or fail to follow through with contacting the artist." They said that was a good idea but I doubt it will happen. I will contact the one customer who has responded to me to see if they are legit. I do not trust this company.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 5, 2017

I am a small business owner, I rely on referrals and leads for my business. I joined Thumbtack because it seemed like a good concept in theory, assuming the company was legitimately connecting homeowners with pros, but instead they have only set up a "cash cow" for themselves. "Leads" are sent via email or text and you choose to "send quote" or not. I have sent several that I pay for then they just mysteriously vanish, charge taken but no longer available after the customer "viewed your quote" TOTAL SCAM! This company mode of operation was set up to rip-off small businesses period! They ALWAYS get paid, we always get NOTHING!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 3, 2017

When I purchased an investment property in June of 2017, I discovered undisclosed water penetration damage that had resulted in mold growth. This clearly had been going on for some years due to a leaking roof (replaced shortly before sale) and leaking plumbing throughout, that my home inspector did not note in his report. I only found all these when I opened walls. Upon discovery, I started looking around the internet for solutions. The first site I stumbled upon was Thumbtack, with one or two contractors selling their professional services as "mold remediators". Both had 15-25 or so positive reviews from customers, so I contacted them to have them give me a quote. I must also explain here that I was a complete novice, never having had anything like this to deal with before.

I made appointments with the two different contractors from Thumbtack, who both came out, and who both said that for clean up I was looking at around $10,000. Both of them also told me that they were licensed mold inspectors. In the meantime, I called a friend who had mold issues much worse than mine, and asked what she had done. She put me in touch with the professional remediation company that she had used, who connected me with a professional mold inspector, saying that was the first thing to do. Have the mold inspected and tested. Both of these people spent a good hour with me on the phone, explaining all the ins and outs of mold. Number one, was that mold inspectors are never allowed to do the remediation themselves, that it was a conflict of interest, and if they are offering clean up services as well, they would lose their licenses.

When I researched both of the Thumbtack people, I found out that one actually ran an HVAC business. The other, I could only find an address of a house registered to his business and name, and the business had existed only for about 4 years. He had told me that he’d been in the mold remediation business for upwards of 15 years. He kept calling me to find out when I was going to give him the go ahead, to pay him the $10,000 to start cleaning my house. Instead, I made an appointment with the referred licensed mold inspector from the remediation company that my friend had used. Because I was sending a demand letter to my seller for non-disclosure, I was needing documentation.

The inspector came and did all the tests for $450. He did not discover more than 25 square feet contiguous mold, which is the prerequisite for having to hire a professional remediation firm. Because it was less, we could hire who we wanted to do the clean up. And both he and the person from the remediation company had thoroughly explained to me what the cleaning process would be, and what materials/chemicals would be needed. So we were able to take care of everything ourselves. In the meantime, I’d gotten a phone call from the Thumbtack HVAC guy, backpedaling, and telling me that he was withdrawing his offer, saying that it was looking like it might be more than 25sf of mold, that he’d been trying to do me a favor, but that he could now get into trouble, and that he was no longer interested in doing it. The other guy eventually stopped calling me, but I want to make sure that no one else falls for this mold removal scam.

And this is my complaint about Thumbtack - anyone can say anything about who they are and what they do there, and ask for any amount of money they want to do whatever it is. The mold scam especially is prevalent right now everywhere. But anyone needing contractual services of any kind, should do their homework before agreeing to any offers from Thumbtack’s site. It is full of dilettantes just trying to make a buck from unsuspecting homeowners.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 25, 2017

I provided a 3-star review on another site because I wanted to give Thumbtack the benefit of the doubt. I feel that as a platform for service providers to offer services to customers, Thumbtack has pros and cons. In my experience, I was able to expand my market nationwide when we decided to take our service online. Over time, I developed referrals from my Thumbtack clients. So, I'd receive calls from people who were told about my services by my other Thumbtack clients. Most of the time, you have to start fresh though. Fortunately, most of my clients come from referrals from my large network of prior clients and educators who know my work.

Frankly, it took a long time to get started on Thumbtack. If you don't bring in reviews from the outside, customers will not take a chance in most cases, no matter how good you are at what you do. Most service providers do not want to send current or recent customers to a platform for finding other service providers. When I started, there was little or no helpful information about how to get past this barrier. I just kept spending money without getting results. It literally took months to get my first customer on Thumbtack.

As for the money I've spent on quotes, I've made more than I've spent by far, but the many, many hours of monitoring the requests without being able to see what other providers are saying or presenting have been very wasteful. It really doesn't matter how good you are at providing your service if you're not selling better than other providers. In my business, many companies are scammy and essentially train customers to expect certain things that will not help them reach their goals. So, sales may be more important than quality when selling on Thumbtack.

While I racked up a string of 5-star reviews, a weakness in Thumbtack's review system stopped my Thumbtack business cold. Why? I hesitantly accepted a client who showed red flags for being difficult to work with. I take responsibility for the fact that I accepted that client. In my defense, I carefully explained our system, our written agreement, and so on. I made it clear to this client where I was concerned about the difference between how we work and what I thought they might want instead. They insisted they were happy with my way of working.

However, as soon as they paid and I set up their services, they became extremely difficult to work with. While they admitted repeatedly that the service provided was as stated and excellent, they repeatedly harassed me with demands of a significant amount of free service. They had no justification for these demands except that their culture considers the contract just the start and that it's expected that more be given. The person was born here in the U.S., is a young adult, and is well educated. They knew better, and I'd told them point blank before taking their business that they had a below market rate and that I could not provide additional perks.

Well, that customer contacted me dozens of times, sometimes calling several times in a row while I worked with other clients and sometimes calling late at night repeatedly. They refused to put their demands in writing but would only make them on the phone. Their contract stated that they had a streamlined communication system requiring that email be used except in rare cases where a recorded phone call could be scheduled.

That customer waited a month after I completed the service and then posted an anonymous, false, very long, hostile review, admitting that the service was good but presenting objectively false stories. For example, though the customer did not participate in scheduling, she said my scheduling system was a "nightmare." Her younger sister did the scheduling with us, and she said repeatedly that it was "good" and that it was "less stressful" than other systems because she had guaranteed times that were according to her own schedule.

The customer also strongly implied that I was nice before she paid and unkind afterward. In reality, I was kind and patient with her at all times and told her before she paid that I could not answer phone calls at random times because I'd be working with students and don't work 24 hours a day. I asked her point blank if she could work with my system.

So, when I brought this to Thumbtack's attention, all they did was verify that their review system was working as designed. Some of the reps I tried to work this out with did ask questions in the company or ask if I could give them an email where she referred to her blackmail threat that she'd give me a bad review if I didn't give her free time to "respect her culture," however the customer was very careful not to put that in writing. She was, in fact, enraged that I followed my communication plan as agreed verbally and in writing.

I asked Thumbtack to look at the multiple red flags and hide that review. The statements made in it contradicted all of my other reviews. It was anonymous. It was delayed. She used a fake name for her sister. I had been unable to see this customer's history on their website. But, Thumbtack refused. The review dominates my review page. Thumbtack actually did not have my response showing for two weeks, and so it appeared to customers as though I'd not responded at all. In compensation, they gave me $13. I lost thousands in business during that time.

I suggested to Thumbtack that they allow service providers to review customers the way Lyft does and to hide reviews with multiple red flags and allow them to be submitted for evaluation. Thumbtack refused, telling me to just bury the false review with new reviews. With no customers being willing to overlook that slanderous review and not being interested in sending my regular customers offsite to Thumbtack, I have no choice but to delete my account with Thumbtack. I gave them even more of a chance and spent another hundred dollars or so quoting, but with zero bites, unlike before.

I spent two years and more money than I have ever spent for marketing in other ways on Thumbtack. Now, I'm cutting a significant loss. Frankly, the loss is more for my time than the money. Thumbtack must take responsibility for establishing accountability in their review system. They want customers to leave reviews, as is appropriate, but without responsible filters and evaluations for anything other than profanity, the empower those very few customers who are unstable and/or toxic to cause thousands in losses or high-quality service providers.

While one can avoid some of this by being super cautious about which customers you take, Thumbtack should know better than to provide no accountability systems. Nobody can consistently weed out potentially toxic customers, and Thumbtack owes a degree of loyalty to the people who pay their salaries. If they believe that my customers deserve a voice, why don't they believe that their customers deserve a voice? Simply allowing a (2 weeks delayed) response to a malicious false response from a blackmailing customer is not enough.

I've tried to be fair to Thumbtack in this review. One can make money using Thumbtack. The customer service staff is polite. However, the company lacks competent, effective small business support and a focus on mutual accountability in reviews. Failing to correct these weaknesses allows dishonest service providers and customers to abuse the system and abuses honest service providers and customers by reducing the trustworthiness of all communications accessible to customers and service providers. It hurts the good guys and helps that small number of people who seek to abuse their system.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 22, 2017

If you review a business and change it later because they have done you wrong, the business can leave feedback on that review which is untrue and you can't do anything about it. They can actually call you a liar and the service won't let you reply or anything else. They say it's to keep the integrity of the review which is ridiculous. Integrity would be that you are able to not be called a liar.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 18, 2017

Hired a contractor recommended by Thumbtack, had a contract with $3500.00 down payment and contractor didn't complete the job. Didn't have my money or materials to refund me. Thumbtack only says, "Sorry for your bad experience". According to Thumbtack the only way to possibly reclaim my deposit is if I go to small claims court.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 14, 2017

Please do not use Thumbtack as a customer or as a PRO. They are a rip-off to small business owners and they do not care. After being with them for 4 years they deleted our profile while in the middle of negotiating very substantial contracts with potential customers. After weeks of trying to get clarification on what was going on no one from Thumbtack has given our company any clear and definitive reasons. They not only deactivated our account they stole monies from us after we purchased leads to be able to contact customers. They have refused to refund us our monies after deactivating our account with no reason.

We have filed complaints with the BBB and California Attorney General's Office along with pursuing further legal action. They have very incompetent individuals with limited sense working for them. We have also seen instances where PROS were discriminated against because of their race which has now fallen into a federal civil rights violation. PLEASE DO NOT USE THEIR SERVICES. They have ripped off so many small businesses and have many complaints against them with the BBB and online reviews. They have drastically declined over the years and with all of their new changes it appears they are discriminating and being problematic towards certain individuals of color and of other nationalities.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 30, 2017

I'm a web developer and a small business. We get pretty decent amount of work and I would say about 20% of the work is from the internet as opposed to local networking through BNI, church, and the community in general. I use a couple of sites and must say that Thumbtack is absolutely garbage. I purchased $60.00 worth of credit a year and a half ago. I have responded with the same generic message I used on Upwork and other sites (that I actually get a response from). Out of the 50 or so potential jobs, only once has someone actually responded to me, and then a week later they decided they didn't actually want a new website.

I seriously believe that they make fake leads. All other websites in regards to gaining business, I get responses and communication to. But Thumbtack, I send the quote. A few minutes later it is viewed, and then I hear nothing. At worst, this is a scam company that makes up jobs so people will spend money on their credits. At best, it is a terrible, terrible place to do business through. Either way it deserves less than 1 star. Seriously, so many quotes sent and only 1 person responded. That is a 2% chance that someone will even respond. It is probably a 0.00002% chance that I will get business from a quote. People, beware of this site!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 29, 2017

Thumbtack started out as a great idea. It had people that responded on the business side. For example, a cleaning company set up a scam site designed to lift their ratings with Thumbtack. They were a total fraud, complete with stealing from my home. The people at Thumbtack were very quick to remove the fraudulent company. Now, instead of checking companies out before allowing a listing; they have a whole new section of legalese instructing the customer to do a thorough background check, including a criminal background check on any potential business. Any internet company that advertises itself as a "go-to" company for hiring pros should have some standards. Thumbtack has gone backwards in this respect.

Should you choose to hired anyone via Thumbtack; use it as a last resort. They are not registered with the BBB. That is a sign of concern given how good they started out. Failure to maintain quality is a good reason for business failure. I really used to love Thumbtack and I promoted it for my friends. Thumbtack has just given me a big raspberry for supporting their services. I still list jobs on their site; but I don't take all respondents seriously. More than 1/2 are scam artists and Thumbtack supports those businesses. I have also noticed they do not keep their computer programs up to date. I just listed a job for someone with door handling experiences. Thumbtack computers told me that there were no landscapers in the area... huh? Nuff said, good examples. Company could do a lot better, but they don't even try.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 28, 2017

I joined Thumbtack 4 years ago. I probably have spent more than earned from their service. Lately they went double on their prices just for me to quote and hope I land a job. Recently all of a sudden I was in the hole at my bank and owed the same amount to Thumbtack. I called bank and Thumbtack and Paypal to see what happened. Although my checking account was still on my settings but NOT turned on to use they made this new auto pay and it automatically went to the account that was not authorized to use. And here is the real kicker. Not only did one quote seemingly go through that person/company and bank refused to pay for non funds in that account. They kept this up for 15 quotes. All of a sudden I have a new window open from them listing all these quotes that went out and all in red beside it said unpaid. My bank refused the first one and all of them yet Thumbtack just kept running that account. Why would any company just keep this up?

After calling them they refunded $35.00 out of $101.00. Now I owe the $47.00 and now they keep running this bill through my bank! I have taken all accounts off of my account. And still they insist on this payment. Thumbtack you can go where the sun does not shine. This as being personal but I am going to say I was already in the hole with their clients owing me $100s of dollars. And why why would they just keep this up and they won't stop! I am done with TT!!! And I am not going to pay this.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 21, 2017

Thumbtack will allow reviews of your business for people who you have not done business thru their site. When calling the company they state that they will look into it and get back to you the next day and never do. Was told that if there is any correspondence between the 2 parties they can place a review. Our company only sends out our credentials in the first email, we sent it out to an individual who then went on the site and slammed our company with a 2 star. They stated they had to look into it, asked what they were looking into as they can see all communication between each person and can clearly see that the only thing sent was credentials and nothing from the person that reviewed our company.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 12, 2017

I request a welder to install wrought iron staircase. Thumbtack send Jose ** . He called me and gave estimate on July 17th. We agreed on July 22nd. Wrote contract to install staircases. Paid deposit $1000.00 and finish the job by August 12th. Since he took the deposit, we didn't hear from him. Called and texted him no answer. So on August 15th we went to his shop. After talking he wrote a check for the deposit. Unfortunately the check was bad and we fighting till now to get our deposit back. Thumbtack, they are not behind their people. Let anyone join them.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 11, 2017

I had a new fence installed. A 12-year-old could have done a better job. Sent pictures of the work - no response. Imagine that. They used untreated wood when they said they would used treated wood that should be used outside. My mistake was I was out of town when they did the work and prepaid. But enough said. Let Thumbtack know and no answer from them believe me. They dont care. Stay away from their contractors. There are better options out there.

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Original review: Sept. 11, 2017

As a quality video producer, I have had one quality job come from Thumbtack but have been incredibly disappointed in the bidding process. Very simply, the format does not provide enough information from the buyer to create a bid that can be stuck to. If a consumer is in need of a low price and does not care about experience, quality, or an honest estimate, Thumbtack is the place to look.

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Original review: Sept. 10, 2017

I have been with Thumbtack for a while now and I am finally giving up. They made it worse with showing us now how much each quote cost that we are sending in and yes they claim to only charge your card if the customer responds and that is not true. They still will charge you. To be honest spending over $15 to send a quote and not guaranteed of the customer will contact you or not is very frustrating. I wish Thumbtack would be shut down at times or they change their practices. We should not be paying to send quotes and then get no response at all. Just a email when they look at it and sometimes that is wrong. They will also say someone looked at your quote and they really didn't. I have caught this at least ten times already with customers who have told me they never looked at our quote. They just did a search on Google and found us anyways without the help of Thumbtack.

I wish people would see they are scamming a nation and taking from those who want to be private contractors. They need Jesus in their lives. That's how bad this company is. They never resolve any issues so you will get screwed whether you are a customer or a pro because I needed to hire someone to do some work for us and let me tell you if you get screwed call them to get your money back then that's it. You were flat out ROBBED in your own home. It is very frightening and scary that there is a system like this to steal from innocent people who have families to support. Oh and any updates they make they never tell you in their terms and conditions. They state they are required to tell us in email but for the past two years I have never seen a email with updated changes.

People stop being cheap and use Google instead of Thumbtack. You will be screwed both pros and customers. Look at all these reviews. They are clearly true and warning America of this scam Thumbtack has run and claiming they help change lives but they really don't. If you read this then that means you should take this warning seriously. I didn't and still decided to do business with them and look where it got us. On here leaving a review about the hell we went through and how it really took a toll on my family and our finances. Robbing us constantly and providing us with false hope.

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Thumbtack expert review by Joseph Truini

Thumbtack is a website that connects homeowners with service providers in their local area. This online company offers more than 200,000 active professionals available in all 50 U.S. states.

  • Customized quotes: Homeowners can provide specific information about services they need and receive customized quotes from a range of professionals.

  • Customer reviews: The site compiles customer reviews so you know you’re hiring someone who’s experienced, trusted and reputable.

  • Fast hiring: Customers can hire a bath-remodeling professional with the click of a button once they have received quotes. Simply type into the search box what you need—bath remodel, bath tiling, bath vent fan installation, etc.—then follow a few simple prompts to receive a list of local contractors.

  • Photos and videos: Service providers offer videos and photographs of their past projects so customers can see the workmanship firsthand.

  • Messaging options: Thumbtack offers customers and professionals several communication options, including online messaging and direct phone communication to arrange the details of a project.

  • Best for: Thumbtack is best for people who need help finding professionals for an affordable bath-remodeling project.

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Joseph Truini is a home improvement expert who writes extensively about do-it-yourself home remodeling and repair, woodworking projects and tools and techniques. His work has appeared in several national magazines, including This Old House, Popular Mechanics, Country Living, Woman’s Day, and Today’s Homeowner.

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