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Written by Jessica Render

SimpliSafe and Brinks compared

SimpliSafe and Brinks both offer great options for home security systems. Both have highly customizable equipment package options, but SimpliSafe offers two options for professional monitoring and Brinks only offers one. Although SimpliSafe has five packages and Brinks has three, Brinks does offer video doorbells in two of its packages. Both try to cater to customers’ varying budgets and provide several options so users can tailor plans to their needs.

Installation and cost

simplisafe logobrinks home security logo
Installation typeDIYDIY or professional
Installation feeFree$200 to $450
Upfront costBuild-your-own systems start at $129 with interactive monitoring$199 to $699
Trial period60-day return window30-day risk-free
Contract termsNo-contract options available36 months
simplisafe logoDIYFreeBuild-your-own systems start at $129 with interactive monitoring60-day return windowNo-contract options available
brinks home security logoDIY or professional$200 to $450$199 to $69930-day risk-free36 months

Monitoring plans and pricing

simplisafe logobrinks home security logo
Monitoring price range$15 to $25/month$39.99 to $49.99/month
Monitoring optionsProfessional or self-monitoredProfessional
Self-monitoringFreeNot offered
Upgraded self-monitoringNot offeredNot offered
24/7 professional monitoring$15/month$39.99/month
Upgraded professional monitoring$25/month$49.99/month
simplisafe logo$15 to $25/monthProfessional or self-monitoredFreeNot offered$15/month$25/month
brinks home security logo$39.99 to $49.99/monthProfessionalNot offeredNot offered$39.99/month$49.99/month

Security equipment

simplisafe logobrinks home security logo
Wired or wireless?WirelessWireless
Camera optionsIndoor and outdoor camerasIndoor and outdoor cameras
Video doorbell
Control panel
Motion sensor
Entry sensor
Glass break sensor
Keychain remote
Panic button
Yard sign
simplisafe logoWirelessIndoor and outdoor cameras
brinks home security logoWirelessIndoor and outdoor cameras

Smart-home features

simplisafe logobrinks home security logo
Smart locks
Smart lights
Smart thermostat
Garage door control
Temperature sensor
Water sensor
Smoke detector
CO2 detector
simplisafe logo
brinks home security logo


simplisafe logobrinks home security logo
Mobile app
Mobile app monitoring
iOS rating4.83.8
Android rating4.32.9
Notification/alert optionsPush, text and emailPush and text
Home automation capabilities
Voice integration
Amazon Alexa
Google Home
Other integrationsApple Watch, August LocksApple TV integration
simplisafe logo4.84.3Push, text and emailApple Watch, August Locks
brinks home security logo3.82.9Push and textApple TV integration

Reputation on ConsumerAffairs

simplisafe logobrinks home security logo
Overall star rating2.884.24
Verified customer reviewsSimpliSafe reviewsBrinks reviews
simplisafe logo2.88SimpliSafe reviews
brinks home security logo4.24Brinks reviews

All information accurate as of publishing date.

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    About SimpliSafe

    SimpliSafe offers multiple home security and monitoring packages. Professional installation isn’t required, and the company has a variety of package options. With two 24/7 monitoring options, customers can choose self-monitoring or professional monitoring.

    SimpliSafe offers five security system equipment packages and the option for customers to build their own package. Packages range from $229 to $489, and you can have any package professionally installed for $79. At the time of publishing, SimpliSafe is offering a 25% discount on all packages if you include 24/7 professional monitoring.

    SimpliSafe packages

    • The Haven ($489): The Haven is the most robust plan and includes the base station, four entry sensors, a keypad, two motion sensors, a key fob, a siren, a panic button, a temperature sensor, a water sensor and a smoke detector.
    • The Knox ($449): The Knox includes a base station, a keypad, a key fob, six entry sensors, two motion sensors, a siren and a smoke detector.
    • The Hearth ($374): This package includes one base station, a keypad, a key fob, three entry sensors, one motion sensor, a siren and a smoke detector.
    • The Essentials ($259): This is SimpliSafe’s most popular package. It includes the base station, a keypad, three entry sensors and one motion sensor.
    • The Foundation ($229): The Foundation is SimpliSafe’s most basic equipment package. It includes a base station, keypad, one entry sensor and one motion sensor.

    What SimpliSafe customers say

    SimpliSafe has mixed reviews on ConsumerAffairs. Many verified reviewers describe the system as easy to set up and install, and they like being able to monitor the system through their mobile devices. Others describe issues with troubleshooting equipment and less-than-stellar service from the contract installer SimpliSafe provides for those who don’t want to install the system on their own.

    This security system was very easy to setup and monitor, it took less than 30 minutes...The 24 hour battery back up is reassuring in the event of a power outage or intruder cuts power to the house. Setup and monitoring on my iphone is easy. Great product, would recommend."

    Linda of San Jose, CA

    About Brinks

    Brinks offers smart security packages and professional monitoring. Equipment can be installed by the customer or by a Brinks professional. Brinks has three main system packages that range from $199 to $699 for the initial equipment cost. All plans have an additional fee for professional monitoring that dispatches emergency services in the event of a break-in or unusual activity.

    Brinks packages

    • Smart Security Essential: The Smart Security Essential equipment package with Brinks includes one control panel, one motion detector and two door sensors. Additional equipment and sensors can be added. Pricing starts at $199 for the equipment, plus $39.99 per month for monitoring.
    • Smart Security Complete: The Smart Security Complete package includes a control panel, a video doorbell, a motion sensor and two door/window sensors. Pricing starts at $349 plus $44.99 per month for monitoring.
    • Smart Security Ultimate:  Brinks’ Smart Security Ultimate equipment package starts at $699, with an additional $49.99 charge per month for monitoring. It includes a control panel, three door/window sensors, a video doorbell, one motion sensor and an outdoor camera.

    What Brinks customers say

    In reviews on ConsumerAffairs, Brinks customers say they experience professional, friendly and fast service from the company and are overall happy with the system. Some customers who describe less satisfactory experiences express frustration with the time it takes to resolve issues, particularly regarding long hold times on service calls.

    The representative was very helpful and researched my question. He took his time and got me to the right person. I appreciated his help. He did a great job. I would recommend Brinks Security. They are very helpful and efficient in their service."

    Kathy of Deland, FL

    Bottom line: SimpliSafe or Brinks?

    Both Brinks and SimpliSafe provide great options for home security systems. With the advances in home automation, both offer equipment packages that cater to this technology.

    • SimpliSafe is best for customers who are looking for multiple options for upfront pricing and monitoring and who may want to self-monitor the equipment.
    • Brinks is best for those who are willing to pay more upfront and are looking for more equipment options, such as video doorbells.
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