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We received these refrigerators in our new Newark based building and have had problems since they were installed. We have repeatedly contacted company to address the automatic ice maker with ZERO resolution. We are in the new building a year and the ice maker has worked maybe 2 months. The door handles are also very difficult to open - they are thin with little ability to grip. Would NOT recommend wasting money on this refrigerator.

CS1311CS1360/07011/7084638 - 00. One shelf on the door broke off after 3 months. The butter compartment broke as well. Now the actual handle on the refrigerator door broke off completely and there were 4 plastic parts scattered on the floor! Were I a very strong woman I might have thought I opened the door too quickly or carelessly. I have always had little arm strength and am frequently called delicate! I am blamed repeatedly for every issue. Having owned 2 extra large SubZero refrigerators in my former home and had no problems with either one, I know it is not me that is making this happen.

Our experience with Liebherr Refrigerator has been appalling to say the least. We moved into our new house in 2004 and I would think on average the fridge has broken down every three years. The temperature dial for the fridge keeps going haywire. And of course it is always just out of warranty when this happens. It's cost us a small fortune getting it repaired and not to mention the really stressful situations this causes when it happens again and again. I find the suppliers/service people here in Ireland totally inadequate in their response. I don't think once I got an apology from them for all the stress their product has caused. I would not touch any Liebherr product ever again and would advise anybody to run a million miles from them also.

We bought the Liebherr when we were renovating our kitchen in 2009. I just opened the site to see how to make the freezer stop beeping. I was not surprised to see that we experienced just about every complaint in the recent postings. We had the second authorized repairman 8 times. I could not find the paperwork for the first repairman. Our first complaint when the refrigerator arrived was the pokey ice production. Our dealer contacted Liebherr and was told that Europeans don't use as much ice as Americans. That was a stunning reply since I bought in the US.

Then we started having constant problems with the French doors closing. We had many visits from the first repairman, after which the second repairman , who seemed more knowledgeable, repaired the doors. We had to have the suction trim replaced. We also had a problem with the back of the refrigerator freezing, clogging the drain. The two drawers filled with water and the fresh produce kept freezing. The refrigerator has been a huge disappointment. From our experience, I would never recommend this refrigerator. My husband & I recall our parents having the same refrigerator for our entire childhoods. Those days are surely long gone.

I, too, have never written a consumer review for an appliance I've purchased, however I feel compelled to warn anyone thinking of purchasing one of these refrigerators. Almost every issue documented in previous reviews has also happened to me. The unit is three years old and it is, literally, falling apart. Any tray that relies on a plastic component is now broken - all the door trays are duct taped up and the freezer bins are cracked at every stress point. Every time I open the freezer, I hope to have a couple cubes of ice. The ice maker was repaired several times early on in the purchase, then flooded, and then produced 12 - 20 tiny cubes of ice daily for two years. Now it's broken and my appliance company hopes to have luck getting Liebherr to respond to them. It's the most frustrating high end appliance I have ever chosen and I regret it every day.

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After several visits from the official Dutch Liebherr repair service, Liebherr gave up on its own product! This top of the line Liebherr 3967-A20 RVS only lasted its Very limited warranty of 2 Years. This refrigerator listed at 3299 Euros in 2008. So after 4 visits the official Liebherr service person gave up and declared this unit not repairable. So I expected that a company like Liebherr would not hesitate to rectify the situation. So Liebherr replied that although the situation was extremely regrettable that the best that Liebherr could do was to Sell Me a new refrigerator at a reduced price. So how much you ask? CBNPes3967 for 1083,32 incl. BTW, for those of you outside of Holland that's 1083.32 Euro including VAT.

Naturally, I told them that that would be completely unacceptable. Just imagine buying a very expensive refrigerator and have it fail only to make the same mistake again with a company that does not guarantee its products sufficiently. I then turned to Liebherr Germany to hopefully find someone to take responsibility for the sale of this faulty product. Well as you can imagine, I did not find anyone that was willing to do anything more than try and sell me another one of their products. Watch out people! OH there's more! Several other people bought this brand only to regret it later, see for yourself.

This is the product that could be great if only the parent company would allow it to be great. Some of the problems we've encountered have been solved (for our needs, anyway). The major problem has not. Some of this will help you, I think. Some of it will annoy you more. Icing on the back of the fridge. There will always be frost and, especially in humid climates, some ice on the back of the fridge. This is a compromise for the depth of the fridge. We put meats and other items like pickles, etc, at the very back of the fridge to keep them as cold as possible. There's a risk of it freezing if you rest it against the back. We live in an apartment and are used to these compromises. If you live in a house, get a bigger fridge that cools itself more traditionally.

Icing and drain plug clogging. These are related issues in our experience. For whatever reason, the fridge circulation fan is defaulted to the off position. With this off you will get a lot more icing on the back of the fridge. This will then clog your drain plug with ice. Turn the fan on and occasionally check to see if it is still on - a power outage will turn it off again. We've had it running for about a year and no more ice issues.

What to do if the drain plugs up. You will need to defrost the fridge completely and have it turned off - leave the doors open. Wait until the ice melts. If there are sheets of ice, wait until they sort of melt, then pull them out - otherwise, expect large puddles. We poured some hot water from the tap (not boiled water) into the drain to help it along, but that took forever. Now's a good time to clean the back wall of the fridge. Not too bad, all things considered.

FINALLY: THE ICE MAKER -- this is the worst part about the fridge. If the parts were cheaper, it would be an Ok compromise. It is a small unit and will provide enough ice in the Summer for a couple people who drink ice water all the time. Family amount of ice? No. Problems: the ice tray itself. Our first one lasted about 2 years. Consecutive trays, much less. It has broken in a couple ways: First, the thermistor attachment assembly breaks off the ice tray. Ice stops working. Second, the plastic tray (because it is torqued to remove the ice) gets cracks in it. You then get water and some ice cubes. The water then freezes the ice cubes that do make it out and it freezes into one solid mass on the bottom of the ice tray. Fun.

REPLACEMENT COST. Can you buy just the plastic ice tray? No, you have to buy one ice tray, one thermistor assembly, and two plastic parts that never break. Ever. Cost - $150+ shipping. So the only part that ever breaks is the plastic ice tray and the plastic retainer of the thermistor. So, every 9-15 months the ice cube tray gets cracks or the plastic part that keeps the thermistor in place breaks. If it was $20 we would be Ok with it - again, we're used to these kinds of annoyances and compromises living in an apartment. It's also pretty easy to replace. But $150? Please.

Finally, Liebherr. It's clear they just don't care or they think that if they did sell just the ice tray + thermistor part that this would be admitting something wrong? Considering what they're involved in besides fridges it would seem that worrying about these products is the last thing on their minds. If people keep buying them they will keep making them, *even if the products are not reasonably serviceable*. That, or because of their price point they think wealthier people will just have them maintained and not worry about the cost?

Who knows. Either way, if you buy one of these don't expect the greatest service, nor any help from Liebherr itself. I would expect that the service companies just don't sell enough of them to be experts and their access to inexpensive parts is the same, although I really wonder what wholesale prices are. In case Liebherr ever reads this: I would never buy your products again, but for now we're stuck with it.

This is the first time we have ever written a review about a product as we are normally tolerant. Our experience with the Liebherr refrigerator has, however, been so appalling that we felt we had to write about it to warn others off. The problems we have had relate to endless issues with the ice maker, the doors not closing properly, the doors not staying open properly, the handle coming loose very early on and, more recently, the endless quantities of ice that are forming on the back wall of the fridge itself (see enclosed photo). Three months ago we were told that a seal would solve this problem and that it would take 4 to 8 weeks to deliver but we are still waiting. What is nice about the fridge is its look but to quote a well known cliche, "Don't judge a book by its cover". Finally, the issues we had began just five months after buying the fridge.

This Liebherr CS1660 refrigerator was so beautiful, I loved it and it was perfect for my kitchen remodel. I love the counter depth and tall height. Unfortunately that was the only good thing about the refrigerator was the look. We have had 5 major repairs in the 4 years we have owned it. The repairs involved major malfunctions involving the ice maker (water leaking all over my wood floor), the defroster broke, some other major motor broke, the door handle fell off and the freezer motor broke (sorry I don't know the technical terms for each part). The plastic shelves on the door just fall out randomly and so are now so broken. They are now destroyed.

I am so disappointed with the fridge. Thank goodness I purchased the extended warranty - the last repair was over $400. I no longer use the ice maker as the repair person said it will definitely break again as it is the same cheap plastic part being replaced. I loved this refrigerator so much and am so disappointed at the terrible quality and the number of major problems I have had. I still can't believe I paid over $4000 for this refrigerator and had a breakdown within the first 6 months. I don't normally write negative reviews but I sure do wish I had read the reviews of this refrigerator before purchasing.

We bought a Liebherr refrigerator for a house we were building in Nicaragua. With our 20' ceilings I loved the height. The thin plastic drawers broke immediately. Then the rest started failing. The cover of the manual had one warranty period. In small print inside they had a much shorter period. I waited to repair it as I thought I had years. Wrong. We just replaced the 3 years old refrigerator with one that cost less than the last three years of repairs. Of course we will have to spend some on cabinetry because the new refrigerator is shorter. In the 20 years of our SubZero we spent less than 2 years of the Liebherr. We waited so long for repairs that we bought a second refrigerator to substitute. The Liebherr was purchased in Nicaragua, at a top kitchen dealer.

We have had our Liebherr refrigerator repeated every other month. Specifically, the ice machine. We could have purchased a brand new refrigerator for the same amount we have spent repairing it at this point. Bottom line..This product sucks! Buyer beware!!

Don't make the mistake of buying a Liebherr Refrigerator from Alpine Appliance in Vail, CO. Alpine service and understanding of these refrigerators is embarrassingly poor. First and foremost, in the context of Liebherr quality, I can safely and confidently say that Liebherr cannot be talked about in the same sentence as Sub-Zero. I now I understand why Liebherr is significantly less expensive, because it should be! I must respectfully ask how can you comment on the quality of Liebherr when you yourself and your service staff did not know that this model was not self-closing; additionally your service person told me that fridge always rocks until you fill it up, yet the other day he found out for the first time there was something he had not learned or done that would have prevented the fridge from rocking. What I found funny is that your service guys replaced a part to eliminate the rock, which obviously was both unnecessary and unexplainable.

At a minimum, isn't your job to teach your service guys how to properly install a refrigerator you sell and "so call" service. Your email response albeit appreciated was condescending at best but very consistent with the quality of your service, so not surprising. Your one service guy was blown away when he called Liebherr tech support only to learn that this model is not self-closing! His exact words were there are $500 refrigerators that have this most basic feature. On a positive note, the refrigerator does keep food cold and fresh which a guess is a positive.

Hope that my review will prevent someone from making a bad mistake. We bought our apartment in NYC with the 30" built-in refrigerator/freezer. Nothing but problems from day one. A fortune of money to try and fix broken seals on the doors, faulty compressors, back panel freezing and lack of draining. Customer service is horrendous. They actually told me to take a toothpick and clean out the draining hole every so often, however, it didn't work. The company is completely aware of all the problems with their products and are totally refusing to deal with consumer complaints. These refrigerators are not cheap and I am shocked that they are getting away with it. Someone mentioned a lawsuit, I think would be a good idea.

I shamefully admit I bought 2 Liebherr fridges in 2009 and 2010. One SBS 7053 and one SBSes 7353 within one year of the other for two separate custom fitted kitchens. Both have had door handles fall off, door seals go rotten, leaking, clogged up drain bucket at the back (how am I supposed to reach that???) ice makers both broken and now both have broken down on the BioFresh/wine fridge sides affecting the freezer. If what I am reading all over the internet is true Liebherr has been selling and ignoring customers all over the world whose refrigerators have all had the same problems. How can they get away with it? It isn't as if this was a bargain fridge that you bought for $500 and can now throw out. Can anyone say class action?

This is the most expensive fridge I have ever bought. In the six years we have owned it the following has occurred: Ice maker broke twice; Shelves on the door broke and we had to get a new door to fix the problem; Water drain clogged four times. We also didn't know one had to clear this out at regular intervals. And the most irritating thing is the back of the fridge has a layer of ice on it and anything that comes in contact with back of fridge get freeze burn and is ruined. The service person who comes out to fix the machine for me tells me in a patronising way that it is normal for the fridge to ice over. I have never heard of such a thing. I notice that Liebherr never responds to the complaints about their product. DON'T EVER BUY A LIEBHERR FRIDGE. Terrible quality and awful customer service.

This is a beautiful machine, and I love the French doors and freezer drawers. However, the ice maker design is not only unrealistic. It is silly, seriously flawed and prone to disaster solely due to its design. The ice maker has a piece that drops down to make ice, but that piece is actually lower than the ice drawer, so if you happen to open the freezer drawer while the ice maker is in progress (no indication on the outside of the freezer or warning) the ice maker unit snaps off. This is not a simple matter of snapping it back on (which would be a far better design mechanism).

I have paid a handyman to replace this piece four times since my 2012 purchase, and it has just happened again. There is no warranty for this. Liebherr will not help or replace the unit and this is not just unthoughtful design. It is bad business sense. If not for this flaw, I would outfit my house with as many Liebherr appliances as they make. But their business etiquette and this unrequited design flaw has left me disgusted with the whole company. This was a very expensive machine. The service, design and follow up should reflect that.

The Liebherr Refrigerator water drain on the back of the fridge that is located in the non freezer section midway down the vertical fridge is not allowing the water to drain down. I have to extract the collected water by using a syringe to draw water I can every day. The fridge works fine but there are constant beepings, even when the door is closed. Today I took out the plastic trays and one had frost build up that I had to wash the frozen ice off with hot water. A service man came over a year ago and fixed the draining matter but it has returned. Any advice? Otherwise the fridge works well.

Very expensive refrigerator freezer. Has been nothing but a series of problems forever. Broken drawer. Broken ice maker. Broken handle. Liebherr service is flagrantly rude and unhelpful. Service techs are ignorant about the refrigerator. Liebherr is the worst purchase I've ever made.

My son broke the plastic supports on the door shelf. I am online to see if I can order parts myself. I started reading the reviews. Wow, I had no idea people have so much problems. Mine is eight years old and I love it. Never had a problem. I yearly use a pipe cleaner to clean the drain hole, take off the vent cover, and vacuum the coils. I also have my fridge on a plug surge protector. I do so for all my rentals. I must have bought a gem.

Liebherr side by side fridge is worthless. The first one I had did not cool and the ice maker didn't work. It also developed and awful smell. After countless repairs and a many phone calls they finally replaced it (but not without a huge fuss). THe replacement had similar issues plus the handle broke off the door, the front of the freezer drawers broke off and the drainage line was always clogged and dripping into the freezer causing ice buildup that has to be chipped off or the door won't shut. I send the repair service photographs of the broken handle which after 4 weeks with no contact said they had to reorder because it came in bent. (A solid rod of stainless steel?? I doubt it). Then they said I should fix it myself because I was a difficult customer. NEVER deal with this brand.

I have a 24" Liebherr refrigerator for over a year. It has always smelled like strange mildew/plastic cheesiness that permeates your food and has never left the fridge. Mine is immaculately clean and I purchased a ozone air-cleaner for mine that somewhat helps, but the odor is always there and it's obvious the moment you open the door. Sadly, this was a very expensive appliance and it was my only option based on the size of 24". Also the ice maker is defective and broke only a few months after purchasing. I live 90 miles from the appliance store, so not an easy fix.

Model SBS 7053, freezer + wine compartment just worked 2 years. Apparently it's a bad fabrication, it has a small gas leak somewhere deep in the foam... IRREPARABLE!! Facts: 2 months after warranty time ended the compressor was running 24/24 7/7 with alarm sound and bad cold. Technical service wanted to sell expensive electronic card, but they knew it was not that of course!! I did complain. At the end Liebherr offered me a 35% discount on buying a new side by side!!!!! They don't admit it's a hidden defect!! 2 years only!!!! Can you believe that?? I bought it in 2007, 2009 broken... Use refrigerator only since then. 2015 have a gas (R600a) refill with an independent technician, did work again for 24 hours.

Advice Liebherr's people???? This is obviously a defective product with hidden defects. You have to give a working product, well made and in accordance with your reputation... As you don't agree to recognise it, I will continuously speak of my bad experience on social media.

Model cs-1301 single door refrigerator. A year or so after buying it new the freezer became erratic. It would defrost then freeze, alternately. The least expensive tech we could find was $750 to come and look at it then return with parts and install them. He said a new Liebherr would be less. Then plastic parts started failing... the vegetable drawer split open, the plastic clips holding the shelves broke so that now after 5 years 6 out of 8 will not hold the metal bars to keep items from falling out. So we set small items like mustard jars in there. I just ordered replacements from Liebherr for $40.00.

Do not buy one of these refrigerators (Liebherr CS1350). My experience has been a nightmare. We cannot find anyone to work on these and we have been without our ice maker for 6 months. Sears even came out and said they could not work on this company's equipment. I am talking about Sears, the appliance store of all times. Why have one if you cannot get fixed???

I absolutely would not waste your money buying a Liebherr unit. They are just poorly made and that is only the beginning of your problems. What didn't break? So far a handle, two drawers, a door, the ice maker three times, and one door seal. The unit itself is entirely unreliable and the customer support is no help. The prior service company would work with you to talk you through how to navigate the massive amount of reprogramming in order to make the unit work, and they would also send you parts and instructions so that you could navigate basic repairs. Liebherr recently switched to a company called, ATCO, which for a number of parts requires you to order only through an outside service company, whether you would prefer to or not, and requires an expensive service call. This becomes more problematic because my unit has an operating problem 1-2 times per year.

The ice tray broke -- that's all 4 inches long. And they won't send us a new part without paying $500 to send the repairman when all it is is an ice tray that can be put in by hand.

The 24" Liebherr has a condensation drain - it get miscellaneous bits of food (it's a fridge, right?) lodged in it. The tube then backs up and drains into the freezer causing icing up and melting. It needs a small syringe and tube that can enter and wrap around into the tubular channel to aspirate the blockage but no such device seem to exist. We did have a repairperson out to do this two years ago (and he had such a tool - apparently we were supposed to know that this channel requires regular maintenance (with what?!). Now we have the same problem again. For a predictable design flaw, Liebherr needs to take some ownership of the problem and maybe send us the maintenance device - something like a miniature turkey baster.

This refrigerator has destroyed more food than the plague. It has the hardest time closing and it turns off if the door censors indicate the door isn't closed. Several times, I have not been home for days and I get home and everything in the Liebherr refrigerator is rotten, lost, defrosted, warm, in shape to throw out. Resetting the temperature to get it to work is as easy as launching the space shuttle. One almost needs to be an electrical engineer to re-set the temperature settings. I tried to print out the manual from their site and I have 21 pages of gibberish. I still haven't been able to turn the freezer back on and I am not sure the refrigerator is working yet, as I type. If I wasn't a renter, I would get a new unit, but not a Liebherr. I have lost over $500 of food in the freezer. I guess I was stupid enough to fill it after losing everything before. If you buy one of their units, you are crazy.

We have concluded the wrong ref. was ordered. BASCO is refusing to take responsibility for ref. opening the wrong way. So far a new shelving unit was put in and a new door. But, it still opens the wrong way.

Ice accumulating at bottom of 7353 freezer unit. Electra the local distributor refuses to assist and/or provide advice what to do before calling a technician which costs around 65$ before parts. The rep says: "We do not provide any support on the phone. If you have a question you must schedule a technician and pay for it." Terrible attitude and support. Plastic drawers easily fall out and break and plastic handle parts that break. Will never buy one again.

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