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I guess I have been one of the lucky ones if you want to call it that. I have had problems over the years but no big expenses. Both the refrigerator and freezer controls went bad at different times at about 7 years. I ordered and replaced them myself. I always had problems with refrigerator freezing. Can't tell you how many times I had to thaw that out. This is a poorly designed unit and I probably put up with it for too long. Finally the freezer failed. I think it was the defrost timer. Not wanting to put any more money or time into it I decided to replaced.

OK so now the big complaint. A replacement Sub-Zero is over $10,000!!! A crazy amount to pay for a refrigerator that has few of the feature a $3K counter depth has. Unfortunately I had cabinets custom built for the Sub-Zero - 35 1/2" width and no 36" nonbuilt-in counter depth refrigerator will fit my opening. So I opted to have the cabinet rebuilt, spend the $3K for a Samsung 4 door highly rated counter depth.

You could actually spend less - around $2K and still get more features than the 10K+ Sub-Zero. You have to be a little nuts, maybe a built-in fanatic, or you have money to throw away to buy a Sub-Zero. Don't waste your money, plan a 36" counter depth into you kitchen design - 36-inch opening. You won't be sorry. Buy a much better-designed unit with many more features than a $10K+ Sub-Zero. Even if you had to replace it several times you would still be ahead of the cost of the Sub-Zero.

Bought a new Pro 48... the top of the line with glass doors on front. Not even a year, total failure do nothing but throw away thousands of dollars in food. Spend $17,000 on a fridge and the best they can do is "possibly fit you in next week... possibly!" Do yourself a favor don't even consider Sub-Zero. They are not set up to be customer-friendly nor they at a min. honor they warranties.

Useless pieces of crap. So poorly designed no one can repair them. I sadly jokingly tongue in cheekily call ours the 10000 dollar ice box because I rely on the working side freezer compressor to create enough ice to place in the refrigerator side to keep my meat cool. If it were not for the dual compressor design I would have long ago shoved this 685 piece of crap up Sub-Zero ** and I literally live less than one-half mile from their main headquarters in Madison Wisconsin.

WARNING!!! Don't buy this junk! It's not worth the money! Warning!!! Do you know that SUB ZERO need to be cleaned every "3-6 months"? For a refrigerator costing this kind of money, it is UNACCEPTABLE to have so many problems and issues. My first unit was purchased in late 2011. It took over 12 service calls and being persistent for Sub Zero to recognize and admit that there was a design flaw and replace it with a new one. After just three months the new one is making a popping noise. I had 3 service call and the technician can't find out where the noise is coming from. I've had Samsung and LG for over 12 years without cleaning and servicing that still runs great. SUB ZERO should be ashamed of the crap they put out.

$10K Piece of Junk. I was inspired to write this review after my Sub-Zero, appropriate name as on a scale from 10 to 0, 0 would be too high a ranking, refrigerator failed for the umpteenth time. I would never buy this brand again.

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I purchased the Sub-Zero (along with other Wolf Products) from a local dealer in Atlanta (Guy Gunter Home). From the very beginning the ice maker has never worked. The best part is after Guy Gunter installed the refrigerator, they have refused to service it. Their justification is it produced ice for one day and then quit... Not a faulty product but a "service issue". Sterling has been servicing the system (on my 3rd repair call since November just for the fridge water doesn't work now). Stay away from Guy Gunter Home and there are some issues with quality at Sub-Zero. This is the 3rd house I have had Sub-Zero/Wolf appliances and the first 2 experiences were great. I am definitely disappointed. We are having other issues with the Wolf ovens...

I read the reviews on this refrigerator before buying, and didn't take them serious. But please take this SERIOUS! Love the fridges, but the ice dispenser sucks!!! You better have a great back for bending; cause you'll be picking up more ice on the floor than falls in your glass!

6 years after buying a Subzero refrigerator/freezer unit, the condenser quit working on the freezer. Contents thawed for 6 weeks while away. The poor design of the freezer drawers allowed the juices and blood of the meat to drip through the air flow holes, into the motor, onto our wood floor, into the subfloor and under cabinets. We spent a week trying to get the smell removed. It was unimaginable, contractors getting sick upon entering the home. Ozone units had to be placed to kill all bacteria in the home. This disaster ended up causing thousands of dollars in damage, not to mention we have to replace the unit. Next time we will research design better and not buy according to the brand!

Extremely 10x in the disappoint level of these products. First delivery, fridge was broken. Took over 2 weeks to get another unit. Second delivery, fridge had a broken main computer panel. Had to call for service tech. Each time new holes drilled in our custom kitchen cabinets. If things couldn't get worse, freezer does not produce an even acceptable amount of ice for a unit and price paid. I get about 2 cups of ice every 24 hours. Guess I will have to buy ice at the grocery store each week for the rest of my life. Sub-Zero reply, "Well it's just not an ice producer." If I had known that (living in Atlanta, as hot as it is most of the year) I would have never considered this product. I'm missing my Kitchenaid right now.

May I continue. The freezer and fridge don't square up at the center line or at the sides of the built-in cabinets. We are told by the Sub-Zero installers that we have to decide which is the lesser of the evils. Do we want the center seam to line up or the sides or the center alignment? We are told by installers that we can't have it all. I have not even been able to use these appliances and I already regret every second I have owned them. Buyer beware. Wishing I had my Kitchenaid back. Never had a problem. Best wishes to all who dare to purchase a Sub-Zero product. Also, buyer beware/caution to ask your local dealer to reveal all issues with Sub-Zero product. I didn't and now I whole heartily regret it.

There are many things we like about our Sub-Zero, but the interior filtered water server is so slow that we must keep the refrigerator door open for an entire minute to fill one 6-ounce glass of water. We bought it new in May 2014 and it has been slow like this from day 1. It is inefficient and environmentally unsound. The extra cost for this feature and the plumbing for it was a waste. Purchased from Kitchen Solutions in the Bronx.

Sub zero 6 burner gas range - I am very disappointed with my stove. This stove is absolutely not one to be used on a daily basis. I have had multiple problems with it back and forth. I feel as if I was given a defective range. I tried turning my oven on and I heard a pop. My oven light still works but the red light above the oven knob is flashing. When I turn the oven light on it makes a buzzing noise. My subzero 6 burner gas range smells like gas now when I turn the oven and after using my burners and turning them off it smells like a gas leak.

I am so disappointed in this stove. It is advertised as a commercial stove and that it is highly used by chefs in the restaurant business but I have not had any good experience with it! From the beginning I have had to call for service to be done and I have only had it a little bit over a year. The amount of repairs that have done are outrageous. I feel like I was sold a faulty appliance. The first time I had to repair it our oven light would not stop blinking for no reason. Fortunately the appliance company that has come to fix it has been very nice but I am getting so upset that I need to keep calling to get service done on it.

My mom that bought a $500 dollar stove has had no issues with her in the 16 years she has had it. Another time I had to call for service repairs, I apparently "spilled liquid too hot that melted the wires and it caused the burners not to start!" How can this be a commercial stove and how can restaurants be using this stove to cook when they spill so many liquids and their stove works perfectly fine!!! I am so unsatisfied with the outcome of this stove and I do not recommend this stove! I feel cheated from my money and would go back and return it if I could.

The refrigerator needed repair after repair and the repairs were incredibly costly. The refrigerator always had condensation on the rear wall and the interior rusted. The ice maker only worked intermittently and would leak water onto the floor underneath. I do not have a receipt as I bought a new house and the Sub-Zero refrigerator came with the house.

Owned 550 Sub-Zero since 1994. Many, many repairs over the years. New compressor, evaporator, fill line for coolant, etc etc. If this had been an automobile I would have been protected under the lemon law! You can say I owned it for 24 years, but I also paid over and over again for this refrigerator... Thousands of dollars in repairs and beware of repair companies that are NOT Sub-Zero certified. Looking to replace now with KitchenAid, but not hearing good things about them either.

I am on my 3rd Sub-Zero all different models. I didn't get three because I am stupid but because of buying different homes and having them there. Each time it was a brand new home. First home, ice maker died twice and the freezer compressor died. Put fridge still operating in garage. Second home ice maker also died and the line to the ice maker leaked into freezer insulation which froze. This caused condensation on side wall which leaked on hardwood floor. Fridge moved to basement, freezer turned off. Current Sub-Zero insulation on fridge door came apart at bottom leaking water on floor. Unit 7 years old and I am currently dealing with it. Next time I move if the home has a Sub-Zero I will not buy the house.

I purchased a new Sub-Zero refrigerator 5 years 3 months ago. My extended warranty ran out three months ago. I am now told that I need a new compressor, a $1,000+ repair! This was a very expensive refrigerator to begin with and I had assumed I was buying the best and most reliable appliance. I am very upset with this Sub-Zero. I have never in the past had such troubles with my fridge. :-(

First Sub Zero had to be replaced after a few months because of the flooding on floor and issues with doors. Second one already had three compressors and two fans replaced. Ice section freezes every month. I wish I could lift this fridge and hurl it out to the dump. Calling the repairman again tomorrow. Warning -- do not purchase any of their products. You will be sorry.

We purchased our Sub-zero built-in refrigerator with the idea it would last. The interior compartments are nice and food does stay fresh. That said, I would NEVER recommend the ice maker in the door model. The ice spits out at an alarming velocity and only works about half the time. We chose the wood panel doors and they started to peel and split within 2 months of installation. The repair took weeks and the doors have started to peel/split again. We are expecting sub-zero repairman today to check for possible leaks. The refrigerator cost more than 500 to install and the leak has been there since installation! I would not choose the same model again. I have been forced to stay home waiting for numerous repairmen, made numerous calls, and complained to the dealer more than once. Ours may be a lemon, but it has been a costly mistake.

Sub zero had not been keeping food cold as apparently coils were leaking. Sounded like a new coil system was needed. Parts ran under $400, but labor was over $700. Repairman was here 2 hours. He is not a surgeon, so that is ridiculous. I guess because a new one is so expensive they know you will have old one repaired. What a deal.

We have a 36" sub zero side by side. We purchased this one to replace a 20-year-old sub zero 36" fridge over freezer drawer unit. It keeps food so fresh, it's crazy. The old unit had some issues with the ice maker and air compressor, but it was 20 years old. This new one works great. We have had it about 3 years and the only issue is that the fridge drain to the pan gets plugged and it makes the fridge very difficult to open (pressure from inside). We now know how to fix this ourselves, so we do this service about every 6 months. Do expect some repairs, but amazing appliance.

We purchased a floor model Sub-Zero refrigerator with bottom freezer. After a month we realized that it had a slow leak from somewhere (still not identified where it came from). This leak damaged brand new hardwood floors and leaked into a brand new basement requiring drywall repair and machines to dry everything out. The authorized appliance repair technician called Sub-Zero, put me on the phone with them and they authorized a new refrigerator on the spot. The leak was discovered Tuesday morning and by Thursday night I had a brand new refrigerator hooked up. I am waiting to hear back from Sub-Zero's liability department about getting my floors and repairs paid for.

Our Sub-Zero refrigerator was install new in 2000. The first two years it worked fine. Then we noticed that the gasket on the door was sticking to the frame of the refrigerator compartment. We thought it was poor housekeeping not wiping the bottom off the reefer compartment. Replaced the gasket on the door. Within the year the same thing occurred. Large puddles of water appeared every morning on the floor in front of the fridge and the bottom of the compartment was a rusty looking mess. Called the local authorized repair, which is also the company where we bought it, and ordered a gasket. We told the repairman about the morning puddle and he measured for the gasket. He told us there was another problem. There was a leak in the condenser coil and ice was forming inside the fridge on the back wall. Ice forms, ice melts in the defrost cycle, puddle on floor. Seemed pretty straight forward.

We asked about the rusty and ugly bottom edge of the reefer compartment. The repairman said we could try using white refrigerator paint. The very next day there was an even larger puddle on the floor. We called the company. The same repairman came out and took some pictures. Later that same day he called and told us that our fridge could not be repaired and that we should call Sub-Zero for some possible relief. We called and they offered a new fridge with a discount which still made the cost $6,500.00 about twice what we paid for the original and about a 40% discount delivery, installation and taxes included.

The unit was delivered to the local authorized dealer, Jetson's Appliances. They sent two installers to the house who looked at the situation, kitchen on the third floor, and said they could not install the new fridge. I pointed out to them that an identical unit was in place in the kitchen and had been put there by their company. The owner called and confirmed his installer's opinion that our reefer could not be repaired and remarked that his company had no record of our purchase. We do have the record on file. Sub-Zero stepped up and arranged for the installation, at no additional cost to us. We called Jetson's and requested the refund, almost $800.00, for the cost of a new coil installed in a unit that could not be repaired. Jetson's refused to refund our money. We have a small claims suit against Jetson on file.

On our 650 [lower freezer drawer, upper fridge] freezer stopped cooling on and off for 6 months; first indication no ice. Then you will see ice buildup on top drawer and roof of freezer. Sub-Zero has covered most of the costs on labor diagnostics and parts. We paid for defrost board, icemaker and some labor cost us about 700-900. What happened this last time was my daughter left the drawer ajar and it stopped cooling and producing ice. Last time it did that; local tech said to call Sub-Zero cust service.

I called Subzero cust service and they needed local repair to check out the unit with their tech was instructing on phone. Ok made service appointment, checked it out same as last time; you have to do a manual defrost. Because auto-defrost does not remove ice build up from fan blades and there is no fix. Tech was aware of our situation with this fridge; he has been out several times for repair; this time no charge. Bought him lunch! I can live with that since this is a 2008 model displayed in builders model, never turned on till 6/2013. Guarantee was over, exception on compressor [10 yrs.] but due to special circumstance Sub-Zero covered most of the repairs. We saved $ large on purchase by the way. This is our 3rd Sub-Zero.

We are on our second Sub-Zero refrigerator. The first one leaked water into the insulation and caused a massive mold and failure problem that Sub-Zero claimed was caused because the government would not allow them to install something that would keep this from happening. They replaced the refrigerator with another and tried to charge me $1000.00 for it. I stood my ground and they finally backed the warranty as stated, but told me I was going to be "put down in their records". The second refrigerator also had a massive failure about 2 years later and could only be serviced by Sub-Zero contractors. I was charged $50 for travel from to my house for the service because they said I lived so far away from their office although theirs was the closest around. They had 12 other customers that day that they also charged! It cost me $500 to fix the leak in the coolant.

Meanwhile the gasket for the freezer and the refrigerator are ripping and failing and we must frequently fix the drainage problem from the defroster that is a constant problem in these models. The drain freezes and must be defrosted. The problem is only discovered from a puddle on the floor, water and ice under the vegetable drawer. This is starting to cause rust problems now. I thought I was at fault until many on the internet with the same problems. I have never before had a refrigerator that failed in any way and the only reason I got rid of them was because I moved and left it in the house or I wanted a different color! I will never, ever buy another Sub-Zero product.

Evaporator leaking. Food warm. Appliance company recharged unit several times before I could get a replacement evaporator. What a nightmare. I would not recommend a Sub Zero. It was broken for over a year. Sub Zero, finally sub zero gave me an evaporator. The technician with Ace Refrigeration in Conyers, Georgia was wonderful. I was finally satisfied. I would say if your in Atlanta, Georgia and need sub zero repair call Ace at 770-905-2278.

Purchased a 48" Sub-Zero refrigerator/freezer with ice-maker in door along with a 15" under counter wine fridge. Both units are HUGE disappointments! The 48" is so poorly designed. You need two hands to dispense ice from the door...that is...when the ice maker is not inoperable due to the ice freezing in one big clump...the WORST design ever. This is the first ice dispenser that I've had to use two hands to of many pathetic design flaws. For such a huge fridge, the interior space is ridiculously small.

The Sub-Zero wine cooler has a mechanical thermostat that "clicks" every 10 minutes...loud can hear it in another room. As it turns out, the service person told me that this "Sub-Zero" isn't even made by Sub-Zero...They just put their logo on it. For such a high-end, iconic American brand, Sub-Zero should be ashamed of the products they produce. Never again Sub-Zero!

We purchased our SubZero 550 in 1994 and have had service on it twice already and I have also replaced the door gaskets once and the door hinges 3 times. I have also replaced the solenoid valve for the ice-maker twice. One of the service calls was for icing up in the freezer and they installed a (replacement?) heater element. Now it is icing up on the left side of the refrigerator, but at this point I do not know the cause of the icing. Defrosting it has not solved the problem as it just ices up again in a month or so. I have never owned a refrigerator before that required service, but now that I own a ridiculously expensive one, it constantly needs repairs.

If I ever come back in another life, I want to come back as a Subzero Authorized Service Dealer....this is a license to steal. Having discovered that I had freon leaks in the evaporator coil and a bad compressor. I was quoted $2346 to correct. In addition, the ice maker wasn't functioning and I was told a replacement unit would cost another $300. Fortunately, I found a reputable firm which replaced the compressor and coil for $1177 and fixed the ice maker, WITHOUT needing a replacement. If you're in the same spot I was and want the name of the "good guy", I'll be happy to provide.

Subzero 700 TC bought in 2008 - I am waiting for Subzero repairman and I hope that he will fix it. The bottom drawer (ice maker) was covered by ice and I was not able to close the door. Called Subzero and was advised to remove the drawer and melt the ice with a hair dryer. This is what I did last night. After removing ice and drying the drawer I inserted back the bottom drawer back to discover this morning that water is leaking again and forming ice. Removed the drawer again, placed a towel to collect water and put a mayonnaise jar to keep the switches pressed so the my food in the upper section will be cold - yes it is. Every now and then I have to wring the towel but there is no ice and the bottom is slightly wet. I am very, very ANGRY!!

I have two 550 Sub-Zero next to each other since 1997 and have had expensive repairs done about 4 times by now. Today, I have another new problem which I know will cost about $1,000 again because it seem to be the price I paid each time the company who has the monopoly here in LA seem to charge. There are, in fact, only 2 companies in LA that can service Sub-Zero because they are the only ones getting the parts from them. Is this normal?

I worked for a service company that installed the Sub Zero product line. We were a Factory Certified Installer. We were even included in their training video. About 3 years ago Sub Zero / Wolf came up with the Factory Certified Service. In Wisconsin they took away the ability of all small service companies to service the product line in warranty. They went to 1 service company in southern Wisconsin. So, the long term part of all of this is that any small business trying to work on the line will be forced out before they can even start. Good Technicians are hard enough to find but, to not allow small businesses to survive is just wrong. Sales drives this company not service. Our business was closed due to our disagreement with a salesman. They clearly stated that, as the only way we could come back is "If the salesman would approve it". I would not recommend a product line that limits the number of servicers, this will only increase the price of repairs.

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Sub-Zero has long been one of the leading lines of refrigeration products. The company was founded in 1945 in Madison, Wisconsin.

  • Innovative: The company has always been forward-thinking, they have created the free-standing freezer and the built-in refrigerator.
  • Ultimate luxury: Sub-Zero has a reputation for making the most luxurious refrigerators possible, so it's a good choice for anyone who wants to outfit their home with luxury appointments.
  • Built-in and customizable: Sub-Zero provides built-in refrigerators that blend in smoothly with a homeowner's aesthetic.
  • Test drive: The company allows customers to make appointments and check out Sub-Zero refrigerators in the showroom to ensure they pick the appliance that is right for them.
  • Curated collections: Sub-Zero offers customers curated collections of kitchen appliances and products, making it easy to design a kitchen seamlessly.
  • Best for Homeowners, businesses and restaurants that are looking for a luxury appliance.

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