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Recognized as a top appliance brand for 100 years, Kenmore brings a new level of performance with appliances that deliver time savings, convenience and great results. From quickly cooling drinks to laundry loads completed in less time, Kenmore is the most awarded brand in the industry.

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Kenmore Refrigerators Reviews

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed Aug. 17, 2023

About 5 weeks ago we simply changed our Water Filter as requested by the Refrigerator. Everything, including the Water Dispenser, was functioning perfectly up to that point with exception to the Freezer frosting a bit too much, which was a secondary complaint. What happened was when the Old Filter was removed and replaced with an Identical Factory Filter, according to their instructions, the water dispenser immediately QUIT delivering water. We replaced the new filter with the old filter to see if the new filter was the problem, and nothing happened even with the old one.

Suddenly, the hoses on the back of the Refrigerator began slapping the back panel erratically, water still wouldn't dispense, so we unplugged it. When we plugged it back in, the same thing happened a couple more times, however no matter which filter was replaced on the unit, the dispenser ceased to dispense, no water or air came out.

We called for Warranty Service, as the unit was only 6 months old, and after certifying the registration, a company called A&E Factory Service "Expert Repair" came. The technician assessed the problem and stated in his opinion that the Water Dispenser Valve was faulty, plus the Freezer Sensor was also Faulty. Everything was great, except for the fact that he didn't have any parts in his van, even though they had ample opportunity to assess the repair possibilities based on my description of the problem and prepare. So, he ordered the parts through his company cell phone, had me sign for them, and stated they'd be delivered to our home in 1 week by UPS, followed by a technician returning to our home to complete the warranty repair.

So far, it has been 5 weeks since we contacted them, and 4 weeks (1 Month) since the technician was here. We learned on the 2nd week that the parts never shipped, and furthermore nobody at A&E Factory Service "Expert Repair" seems to know what is going on, they do not communicate with me, however a phone representative at the registration office I originally contacted informed me after going back and forth through email that a "Level 2" Investigation was initiated and is ongoing with no ETA in sight, yet our Brand New Refrigerator continues to malfunction with no idea when they will fix it!!!!

This is VERY FRUSTRATING for us, we paid Costco in Full with GOOD MONEY for this appliance and the Warranty Repair People to date are MIA!!! So what do we do???? I researched this Refrigerator Unit Model for the very parts the Technician ordered and they're in plentiful supply EVERYWHERE, even from Sears Direct who sell parts for their Kenmore Brand, yet A&E Factory Service "Expert Repair" has no clue where the parts are they ordered!! I even sent them a complaint and NOBODY contacted me back. This is not right, and we are Extremely Upset over this matter!!!! I am hoping from some feedback by folks with similar issues and what their experiences have been with this particular refrigerator, customer service, warranty dept., etc. I am also forwarding this consumer complaint to the people responsible.

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Customer ServicePrice

Reviewed Aug. 8, 2023

We trusted in the Sears store, have bought products in the past that lasted forever. Well, not anymore. We replaced all of our appliances in our kitchen with Kenmore products from the Sears store in 2017, that has since closed. Our 3500.00 Kenmore Elite refrigerator has failed in the last year 3 times due to the compressor going out. Our Kenmore Microwave also failed. The Sears extended warranty we bought sends out a repairman. Repaired it, left, only to have to come back and repair it again and again, and again, since December 3rd of 2022. Thank God we have kept up the warranty, which is very expensive. My wife is a diabetic, lost the insulin, which is very expensive, not to mention all the food. They will give you 200.00 in reimbursement for the food, but insulin alone exceeds that.

If you're reading this, do yourself a favor. I recommend you look at their reviews, read about all the blogs, etc, that tell about how these products have failed so many consumers. And I will never buy anything with the name Kenmore on it, I will buy something else with decent reviews. There is a class action lawsuit against them, and multiple blogs about problems with this refrigerator.

My next refrigerator will be an GE, or Samsung, or anything but Kenmore. It's sad that Kenmore quality is not what it used to be, and instead of good customer service, all they do is keep repairing it over and over instead of doing the right thing, give your money back or replace it. Per the Sears warranty it must break 4 times in one year to be replaced. Who wants to go through that? Note, we have found out that Kenmore, LG, and Electrolux build these refrigerators for sears. So, we're going to think long and hard before buying LG or Electrolux and look at reviews.

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    Customer Service

    Reviewed July 13, 2023

    Bought a Kenmore fridge through Costco in Feb 2023, quit working in June 2023, service came out and determined the "mother board" was bad and placed part on order. Two weeks later I had to call them and found service had marked the service order "complete" and that the part could was "no longer available"...keep in mind no one called me. Since then I've been given the run around...they "escalated the issue" to the warranty and repair dept....but you aren't allowed to speak to any one there, customer service can only tell you that they are working "diligently on it" and will get back to you (no specific date or follow up time frame)...advise to call back if you haven't heard anything in a week....needless to say....I'd beware of buying ANYTHING from Kenmore now that I know it's owned by a venture capitalist, holding company.

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    Customer Service

    Reviewed June 15, 2023

    Paint peels off! and when you call, they just transfer you from department to department and no one helps! I paid a premium for the color. They tell you they are sending someone to look at my appliances and I have to pay for that. I paid more than $5,000.00 dollars for something that the color just peels off. I also had an issue where the compressor failed and it took the company 2 months and many calls to get it replace. Kenmore and Sears are not an option when buying something for your home. NO OPTION is what they say...

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    Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupStaff

    Reviewed June 14, 2023

    Hello! Do not buy Kenmore Elite refrigerators. Stay away. When we were looking for a fridge at SEARS we chose Kenmore without a doubt because used to be good brand that lasted for years and we paid almost 3k for it. That was back in August 2018. A couple of months ago ice maker stop making ice, then a month ago temp not right and the freezer was melting ice cream, etc. I called a certified technician on the phone and asked him about it, he said it might be the compressor, this junks has mostly LG parts. LG has a Class Action Lawsuit which they lost and are forced to pay for replacements and labor in certain models.

    Anyway I called SEARS and told them about the problem and told them about the compressor and she said that in order to honor the warranty a certified technician from SEARS has to confirm that the problem is the compressor. 100 dlls for the service call, he came by and determined that it was the compressor. He does not even open the back of the fridge, (I have the video to prove it) and for labor a total of almost 800 dlls. Lol. I declined the labor and called the CS at SEARS Monday and told them about the quote and dislike and prefer to claim the warranty on the compressor and she said that is not possible because in order to honor their warranty, it needs to be installed by their own technician. (They did not tell me that on the first few calls I made with several different agents). Anyway. BE AWARE, this company is not the one that used to be. Avoid KENMORE, LG & SEARS.

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    Reviewed June 13, 2023

    We purchased this Kenmore refrigerator from Costco in late June of 2022. The full model # is 11175035120. This is a French door style. We'd had this for only 11 months and noticed our food started going bad. The fridge was stuck at 50 degrees and the freezer was forming massive ice crystals. There is a 2 year warranty in place through Kenmore.

    So a repair technician came over on 6/5/23, and said we needed an Evaporator Fan Motor and Electronic Control Board. Ordered the parts on 6/7/23, it's now 6/13/23 and still no parts. And the technician can't return until 6/22/23. Meaning we've been without a working, functioning refrigerator for 2 weeks, and waiting 2 more weeks for repair. For an 11 month old refrigerator.

    I found this timeline unacceptable and called Kenmore to see if anything could be expedited. But when I spoke with a warranty customer representative at Kenmore, he was unbothered and unsympathetic to the fact that we've lost food and money waiting for this 11 month old new refrigerator to be fixed. As a matter of fact he spoke over me several times, and even had the nerve to tell me that it's only "my opinion" that their repair service and product is bad. I said, "YES, it is my opinion because I'm the customer. I'm the one buying the refrigerator and dealing with the massive inconvenience of a defective appliance. We're losing perishable items. Groceries are at an all time high. So yes my opinion matters - if you want to sell your products."

    In any case, Kenmore takes their sweet time sending parts under standard shipping (they cannot expedite anything), and having repair technicians schedule repairs weeks after the appliance has already broken. They will not offer reimbursement for lost food/groceries due to their defective appliance. Thank goodness we don't have perishable medications needing refrigeration, or breastmilk for a nursing baby needing to be frozen.

    Do not buy any Kenmore appliances, as they are not "Kenmore" products anymore. They are made by other manufacturers such as Whirlpool; ours was made by Whirlpool with a Kenmore label slapped on it. These appliances are made cheaply and riding on the coattails of a decades long reputation that doesn't apply anymore. Kenmore USED TO BE great. No longer.

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    Reviewed June 8, 2023

    Purchased a Kenmore Elite three door refrigeration in 2019. The compressor failed in 2023 (under a 10 year warranty). Kenmore declined to replace the compressor stating that it was LG's problem. LG states that they do not cover their compressors in Kenmore refrigerators. Loss of $800 food, months of back and forth before any repair, of which I had to pay!!! No accountability, lack of ethics, pathetic. I joined the class action suit reinitiated against Kenmore and I will never shop at Sears again!!!!

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    Customer Service

    Reviewed June 6, 2023

    I purchased the Kenmore refrigerator model 111.730257111 from Sears. It’s a piece of junk. I’ve had it serviced multiple times for the same reason starting when it was less than a year old. It sounded like the fan would kick on and became louder and louder. The refrigerator was not holding the correct temperature. The only company that will service it is A & E and it’s a joke. As soon as Their technicians saw the brand/model they said I already know what the problem is. They said it’s a known issue with Kenmore. He took the drawer out of the freezer and started taking it apart. Ice. I’ve replaced multiple parts and no matter will last a short time and the same problem happens and yet another service call. Never buy this appliance and avoid A & E if you can.

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    Reviewed March 24, 2023

    DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT BUY FROM SEARS OR KENMORE!!! I purchased a Kenmore refrigerator from the Sears Outlet in Florence, Ky. back in May of 2020. I also purchased the extended warranty which is with A & E. After about a year and a half I started having issues with it cooling. I called the warranty company and they came out, ordered a part and replaced it. This fixed the issue for a few weeks and then the whole freezer section (lower) started forming frost-like substance in the entire freezer and contents. Again I called the warranty company and they came out, ordered more parts and replaced them. This worked for a few months. Then while away on vacation, we come home to find both the freezer nor the refrigerator cooling at all. We lost all the food that was in there.

    I called the warranty company and again they made another trip out. When the technician arrived he pulled out the refrigerator only to find that it had been leaking since it was installed. We had significant water damage behind the refrigerator, up the side wall, to the floors, and under some of the cabinets. There was so much black mold. This was the 1st time any of the techs had pulled the refrigerator out from the wall. Along with this, the tech determined the compressor was bad and needed to be replaced.

    The part that was leaking looked like it was cracked in several places. Needless to say, we had about $5000.00 in damages to our kitchen. We contacted the warranty company about this and after weeks and weeks of phone calls they finally approved it... This was not as simple as I am making it sound in this email. At this point, the refrigerator still has not been repaired. The warranty company sent multiple requests to have the refrigerator replaced, but they kept denying the claim stating it did not qualify for the lemon law. 

    After months and months of trying to get this approved, I finally requested another technician come out and see if it could be fixed. He again determined it was the compressor that needed to be replaced. He ordered the parts and said it would take a few weeks and they would be delivered to my home. After a month I called the warranty department to get an update. At this time I was told the order had been canceled as they were not able to find the compressor at a local store. I have had so many calls to the warranty company that I have lost count.

    So, again they put in another claim to have the refrigerator replaced. Here we are 7 months later and I am still without a working refrigerator. At this point, I am at the end of my rope and completely out of patients. Living without a normal refrigerator is not easy...especially during the holidays when we had family and friends in from out of town. Not only complicated but very very embarrassing. I just want the refrigerator replaced. I do not think that is too much to ask considering it is not even 3 years old and has not worked properly for the last year and a half. I have done a lot of research on this refrigerator and watched lots of videos and have found that Kenmore and LG both use the same compressors...which have been known to stop working after a short period of time.

    I have also found out that LG has more lawsuits than any appliance manufacturer in the USA. The warranty company is doing nothing but giving me the runaround. I ask for a supervisor to call me back numerous times, but they say they are not available and will have someone call me back which never happens. I do not want to get an attorney involved but at this point, I am not sure what else to do. I spent $1300.00 on the refrigerator plus another $350.00 for the extended warranty.

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    Reviewed Jan. 19, 2023

    Please never ever buy any Kenmore refrigerators. Please also never ever have any service with A&E Factory service! I purchased a Kenmore fridge from Costco in July 2022. The fridge leaked air in five months (Nov 2022). Kenmore sent A&E Factory Service to repair it. A&E technician came and said he had fixed the problem. In early December, the fridge leaked air again. A&E technician came back and said the fridge door needed replacement. He insisted that I must dump the old fridge door after he replaced the fridge door, or he would charge me quite a bit.

    After almost one month, I received two packages related to this fridge. None of the packages seems to be the fridge door as they were quite small. I tried to contact A&E Factory by all means multiple times: 1). I made many calls to their number 1-888-623-9355 in the order status page. Every time, my call got disconnected. 2). I called their main number ‪(800) 905-9505‬ numerous times. This number always referred me back to their website 3). I tried to schedule a service in without success. I tried both as “Schedule Service” and “Check Status”. 4). I talked to their digital assistance and got referred back to my order status page, which asked me to call 1-888-623-9355. I am going to file a BBB complaint. I contacted Kenmore again for two weeks without any success. Please do not buy any Kenmore refrigerators. There must be a reason that Sears has been performing terribly and losing business.

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    Kenmore Appliances author review by Sandy Baker

    Kenmore is a recognized brand in the appliance industry and has been around over 100 years. Kenmore offers high-quality refrigerators in a wide range of sizes and models at affordable prices.

    • Variety: Kenmore offers a huge selection of appliances, from mini-refrigerators to giant, commercial appliances.

    • Price: Kenmore has products at a number of different price points, including discount and luxury items.

    • Warranties: Kenmore refrigerators are protected from damage or defects up to one year from the date of installation. Defective items will receive a full repair or replacement.

    • Luxury models: Kenmore offers many top-of-the-line luxury models and options, such as french-cut doors with stainless steel construction and GeniusCool technology.

    • Commercial products: Kenmore offers commercial products for restaurants and consumers who are in need of extra-large refrigerators.

    by Sandy Baker Contributing Writer

    Sandy Baker has written for ConsumerAffairs since 2021. Along with the advice and information her articles provide to consumers, she’s written several books that focus on topics such as retirement planning, bankruptcy, business finance, estate planning and personal credit health.

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