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Recognized as a top appliance brand for 100 years, Kenmore brings a new level of performance with appliances that deliver time savings, convenience and great results. From quickly cooling drinks to laundry loads completed in less time, Kenmore is the most awarded brand in the industry.

The Kenmore brand understands its customers’ wants and needs. Being in the lives of over 100 million Americans, performance innovations are a top priority of Kenmore product development. Ongoing engagement with our customers before, during and after purchases will help us maintain the honor of industry leader.

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On September 17, 2016, I was baking a batch of cookies in my Kenmore range/induction stove/convection oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. When I went to open the door to check the consistency, the oven door exploded, sending shards of glass everywhere in my kitchen/dining room. I have taken pictures of the aftermath, along with replacing the range that exploded. I have kept the Kenmore range for further investigation.

When opening oven door on Kenmore wall oven, handle fell off one side and glass door exploded into me. There were shards of glass everywhere, even countertops, and I had a small cut on my foot. The company is sending a repairman who we have to pay $250, despite all the phone calls and emails to corporate. We feel this was a defective piece of equipment, and seeing several other complaints of similar happenings, I feel we should not have to pay for service call or the repair/replacement. I will never buy Kenmore products again after this incident. And will do my best to spread the word.

Kenmore Ultra Bake Oven - So apparently this is a thing with Kenmore ovens? I was not in the kitchen when I heard a pop followed by lots of crackling. No one was near the oven, thank god. The oven is 8 years old, but we really don't use it often and do not treat it roughly. There is no good reason why an oven door should explode. This seems to be a well-known problem and yet there are no consumer warnings on new ovens and no recalls that I can find. These ovens are dangerous and should not be in people's homes. Kenmore should take responsibility for creating an inferior product instead of blaming this obvious defect on consumer use. Very disappointed.

I spent two hours trying to talk with someone that would help me find out if there is a recall on my range. The outside glass of my oven shattered in the middle of the night. Luckily no one was near the range. I had glass everywhere. I did notice on this site that there was a similar case on Aug 2, 2016, so I wanted to talk with someone to investigate this problem. After spending much time trying to talk to a real person then finally talking with a person that wanted to send a technician to diagnose what my range needed and the cost to have a technician come to my home would start at $89.00, I gave up and just ordered the glass. I am very worried that this has happened more than two times and someone could seriously get hurt.

Burn hazard due to oven racks falling. Apparently this is a well-known and well-documented hazard. These ovens are manufactured by Frigidaire for Kenmore and Jenn-Air with only the cosmetics being different. Same defect in both. Jenn Air has recalled and replaced the defective products, Sears is in denial. The problem is that when the self-cleaning mode is used, the oven sidewalls expand, allowing the racks to fall, resulting in burns. So far, we've been lucky, but if a small child or pet were in the vicinity... it could be tragic. We purchased all high end Kenmore Elite when we redid our kitchen. The 'factory' service was a joke. We filed a complaint with the Consumer Product Safety Commission and will be sending a demand letter to Sears and Frigidaire.

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I came home to find glass on my kitchen floor and in the dinning area next to the kitchen. Further investigation lead me to the Kenmore gas range oven door. I purchased the range january 2011. Glass was everywhere. No one else lives in my home. I very seldom use the oven. Nothing fell, nothing mysteriously hit the oven door. I called sears to no avail. I purchased a $275.00 moderated protection plan. If this has happened to anyone else please provide me with what you did to resolve the issue. Thanks.

Twice now coming home my Kenmore stove has turned itself on by the handle. Nobody was home. I could not figure out how it could happen until I read this happened to others. Very dangerous gas smell. I felt like I would pass out. BEWARE!

I purchased a Kenmore Electric Built-in oven, model 790 in 2011. Today the fan will not shut off. I had to turn the breaker off. The oven racks are also falling down which is becoming extremely scary and I am afraid to use the oven. I will be calling Sears tomorrow but suspect after reading all these other similar reviews to expect nothing from Sears other than to say they will send someone out. What happened to dependable products and dependable stores? I always looked to Sears and their products in the past but no more!!!

I've had this range for 6-7 years now. The motherboard was replaced 8 times in 4 years (fading, blinking, etc) and yet Sears would NOT replace it, they did extend my warranty one time, but it's the absolute worst. If this range (Gas, Elite, Model 790) is not a lemon, I don't know what is. The repair guy (Mikey, on a first name basis because he was here so much) came to replace it one time and the one he brought, brand new, didn't work. I would never purchase another Sears product. Kenmore used to the Gold Standard and Sears used to be the King of customer service, no longer.

Motherboard causes oven to overheat to the point it could cause a fire.

Think twice before buying!! My husband and I paid a small fortune for a Sears Kenmore range one year ago. We thought we were buying a dependable appliance to feed our family. What we bought was a nightmare in a crate. Less than one month after buying the stove, it suddenly locked and we couldn't open it. A technician visited our home and decided due to an electrical problem, the entire thing needed to be replaced. Two weeks later, Sears finally managed to deliver our brand new stove. The replacement lasted 5 months until the motherboard completely fried resulting in another technician visiting our home.

We had to wait another week and a half for the newest replacement. It has been 4 months and we discovered this morning that the stove will not turn on at all. Upon calling Sears customer service, we were told the technician will be here in a few days. Hopefully this time we will not have to wait as long to have a device with which to prepare food for our family. This appliance should have come with a "money pit warning" as that is the only experience we have had with this purchase. We will certainly never buy appliances from Sears again!

I sent an e-mail a couple weeks ago with no response, so I contacted Kenmore yesterday regarding the self-cleaning of the gas range which left spots on the bottom of my oven. I did everything the manual stated to do and also took out the racks and self cleaned them myself. The representative on the phone told me to put a hot cloth with white vinegar over the area, and then I may have to rub the area, if that didn't work to take a razor blade and lightly go over area and the spots would be removed. After trying both methods neither worked. I phoned again and another representative told me she could have a tech come out the following day but it would cost me $75.00 or $39.00 a month to cover all appliances in the house. I told her absolutely not and informed her that I would not be purchasing anymore Kenmore products.

Then out of curiosity I wondered how much the part would cost just to replace it and after researching on the internet the part was $60.00. So therefore I would have had a tech come out for $75.00 then probably charge me at least $100.00 for the part and to replace it, what a rip-off. Other customers please do research before falling for this scam.

I purchased the double oven range in 2006. Since that time I have continued to experience problems with the main board electrical panel. It has continued to malfunction by going completely blank, beeping randomly, not allowing buttons to be pressed, turning off while in mid-cook and more issues of inconvenience. I have had service on my range performed by Sears-certified technicians several times and the issue continues to re-occur. Service dates and costs issues include: June 30th 2014 - main board electrical panel replaced for a total cost of $413.12 August 27th 2014 - main board electrical panel replaced. November 4th 2014 - main board electrical panel replaced. December 10th 2014 - main board electrical panel replaced and broiler burner fixed.

Since that time I have continued to experience the same problem with the main board electrical panel. The range has again begun to malfunction to the point where it has become nearly inoperable. I have recently called Sears-certified technicians and was informed that there was nothing they could do and I would again need to pay $400-$500 for a service visit and part to repair the same issue again.

Given the multiple issues with the same part, I feel there is a defect either with the parts or with my specific range that should be repaired or replaced without any additional costs from the consumer. I purchased a top of the line oven and have continued to experience the same problem even after multiple attempts of repair and additional money that has been put into a unit that should still be working properly.

I purchased a Kenmore Electric Smoothtop Range Model #79092302014 in May 2012. In February this year (2016) the baking element stopped working. I called Sears (where I had purchased it) and they told me I needed a new baking element for $118.25 plus $10 shipping (!), so I ordered it. The repairman suspected the problem might not really be the baking element at all, but since Sears was so positive that was it, he installed the new baking element. It did not work! So I called to Sears to ask how to return it and they told me it was not returnable since it had been installed. They went on to say that if I hadn't installed it, they would take it back! This made no sense at all -- how on earth would one know it didn't work if one did not install it?

The rep told me it was just too bad, that I was stuck with the new $130 part, and that I'd just have to buy a new range. Unless I wanted to pay Sears to send out a repairman for a flat fee of $120 before making any repairs, but since it was out of warranty it was unlikely that whatever the problem really was would be covered. After only 2-1/2 years! Kenmore used to be the best! Now, they've slipped so far that I will never buy another Kenmore appliance. I will definitely report this to the CEO of Sears.

I have a Kenmore Elite electric range model 790-98023800. Have seen many many complaints about the sides expanding and not holding racks. 2 weeks ago taking roast out of oven, rack falls to bottom of oven and burns my arm, roast & juice all over bottom out the door on floor & under oven itself. Why is not a recall on this oven model 790*. They don't even make parts for it anymore. Contacted Sears (where we purchased & their remark was it is Kenmore's problem). Spare me! Where do we go for help for getting some sort of resolve for this matter?

Both ovens, clock, all electrical components are out. Range hood keeps blowing lightbulbs. We bought the appliances new in November 2014, and thankfully have an extended warranty which we bought through our builder. Sears initially refused to admit we had a warranty and wanted to charge us a 75.00 service fee plus parts and labor. After pulling out all paperwork and calling back to Sears they admitted we purchased the 5 year warranty. We are still waiting to see how the repair service goes. But really - 1.5 year old ProSeries Double Oven & Convection - out completely. POOR QUALITY, I will never buy Kenmore again... Buyer beware.

I have loved my Kenmore Elite range model 79098023802 made by Electrolux for 6 years until this weekend. The range expands when cooking and the racks fall to the bottom causing everything to spill. I contacted Sears and was told that this happens after using the self cleaning feature which apparently damages the oven walls, the oven will now expand when using the oven making the racks fall. I would have to have the whole interior replaced for $300.00. When I asked if this would happen again after replacing the interior I was told it was possible. This is clearly a manufacturer defect and Sears/Electrolux should stand by their product regardless if it is under warranty. My husband is recently unemployed and we are unable to fix the problem which Sears/Electrolux should take responsibility for a faulty product!!

Large oven, heavy iron burner grills, timer, electronic lighters. Like it all except the push button controls for the oven etc. were not very sturdy and the mounts broke and had to re-enforce and remount the panel from the inside. Only one problem... That of the control panel mounting weakness. Have had a great experience with all my Kenmore products and see no reason not to continue buying them in the future when needed. The products are solid and the prices are very reasonable for a great dependable product.

Purchased Kenmore Stainless Steel Cooktop Stove Sept 2015, now 5 months old, noticed rust bubbling up on the front door and lower draw panel about two months ago. At first I thought it was just a food stain but it would never clean up. Contact Sears repair, repairman sent and I was told not covered under their one year warranty because it is a cosmetic issue. I was then told that the stove is not really all stainless steel but partial and has other alloys mixed into it which is probably why it is rusting. I said that nowhere did it say this is not a 100% stainless steel and this is a definite consumer fraud, and misrepresenting the product as stainless. He said "that is the way they all are at the $500 price you paid. Pure stainless steel stove would cost $4,000-$5,000." I was mislead to believe this was a stainless steel product, I am left with a new rusting 5 month old stove that no one will do anything about. BEWARE OF YOUR NEXT RUSTING KENMORE PRODUCT!!

The Kenmore Electric Range model #790.9011 is a traditional coil top stove that I purchased in 2011. Within 2 years of this brand new purchase I had to replace a burner fuse. The part costs $30. Within 5 years, there was a flash of light and a small explosion at the oven control panel and then it went blank. The part cost $170 to replace, assuming that would fix it, according to a parts store expert (he was a former repairman). I didn't think it was worth replacing and had to get a new range. The warranty was for only one year on the Kenmore and according to a store salesman all range brands only have a one year warranty today too.

Manufacturers online claim that these types of ranges should last about 16 years. I have since found out that although the latest version of this Kenmore stove rates well with Consumer Reports, it is made by Electrolux, which has a poor repair history and poor brand reliability, according to Consumer Reports. It looks exactly like the Kenmore I bought 5 years ago. I wonder if the Kenmore I purchased in 2011 was also an Electrolux model. I definitely don't recommend the Kenmore Electric Range.

I purchased a new electric Kenmore cooktop at Sears in Laredo TX on October 13, 2015 and in LESS than 4 months the cooktop started sparking and cracked the cooktop. The services man came and took pictures and reported to the Sears Service Department. Later that same day service man called and told me it was NOT covered for repairs. He himself could NOT believe it and told me to go and complaint to the Sears department manager (Vicky), which I did the following day and I was promised a call back the same day which didn't happen the next THREE days so I returned to the Sears General Manager and he had to follow service department decision. P.S. I purchased all my new home appliance that same month at Sears. I can't believe this.

I was cooking a frozen pizza Wednesday night when I heard a loud breaking of glass. It was my oven door. The whole glass shattered. Thank God something was holding the glass together avoiding glass on the floor this time! Yes, this has happen twice since buying it brand new in 2014!!! Thinking about a lawsuit because they want me to pay because it's not under a warranty anymore! Very mad without an oven in a two year old house!

We purchased new Kenmore Elite gas oven/range, refrigerator, and dishwasher a little over 2 years ago. A few months after the warranty ran out, the refrigerator fan started making terrible noises. The dishwasher, floor pan started to rust inside, and the gas stove ignitor switch assembly failed. These appliance are incredibly poorly built, and Sears is trying to stay in business by browbeating you into a lifelong expensive service contracts, which end up costing far more than just buying good appliances to begin with. Don't even THINK about purchasing Kenmore appliances. PLEASE find people who have 1 1/2 or 2-year-old Kenmore appliances and talk to them *first*. I would never ever buy another Kenmore appliance again.

In April of 2011, we purchased model 790.48763900 Kenmore (Electrolux Canada). We had problems with length of time and reliability of oven temps. so didn't use it much. After exactly one year, 4 days out of warranty, the racks in the oven started falling, splashing food and ruining baking projects. Called for service and was told that the sides had bowed out because of use of foreign made cheap materials. I was charged $75 for this good news. He could replace the interiors for $400 per oven! I called Sears Service(?) and was moved, transferred, Blue Ribbon Service, etc. as in other posts.

Absolutely no satisfaction or solutions but to spend $800. They had "never heard of this problem". Baloney... stonewalling and not admitting inferior production materials. I reported to Consumer Product Safety Commission and related other posts. No satisfaction there either and no follow up. Why are they there? Only satisfaction is to get the word out to avoid ever purchasing another Kenmore, Electrolux product. American steel, manufacturing and customer service... RIP.

2 years ago we bought a Kenmore oven. After several months of having it, I decided to use the self cleaning option. Our oven had no built up grease, and it really wasn't dirty because I take really good care of my things. I read the directions and proceeded. I have done this many times before with other stoves and no problems. After an hour I started smelling an odd odor. My husband said, "that is normal, that is the cleaning odor you are smelling from the burn off of the cleaning process." I said I know that smell you are talking about and this seems different. It smells like burning wires or rubber. He said "don't worry."

After 1 1/2 hours it looked like there was smoke in the kitchen and I said I was too scared to leave the oven on, and the smell just got worse. I shut the stove off and waited until you were allowed to open it. The very top of door turned a yellow brown and the seal around the glass on the inside oven door melted. I am horrified to think what would of happened if I kept the stove on the time the manual said to? I have never used the self cleaning option again.

Sears refused to do anything about it. We wanted the door replaced and they suggested a fifty dollar gift card instead! We are now having to replace this stove because I am afraid to use it. Several times after that sometimes when you would turn it on, there would be an unexplained smell, like burning. I was really scared the other day, I turned it on to my normal cooking temp. of 350 and it smelled like wires burning. I quickly turned it off and will now never buy a Kenmore or a stove from Sears again!!!

We purchased this Kenmore range (Model C970 600531) December 2014. I decided the oven had enough splatters to start the self-clean, lightly soiled 2 hour cycle. It was on for about an hour when we heard a loud pop! The inner glass window shattered. I was shocked. I have owned self-clean ovens before and have never had an issue. Of course, warranty is off so have ordered the $200.00 replacement glass unit. Sears gave me free shipping for my inconvenience however I have to wait a month before I get it. I am so disappointed. I now find out this is a common occurrence with these ranges and I can tell you that I will never purchase another appliance from Sears even though we have supported them all our married lives, through many appliances and have never had an issue. Their suggestion is to pay for a Protection Agreement to cover this if it happens again.

Yesterday while baking, the inner glass door of my 3-year-old Kenmore oven exploded, sending hot glass shards onto my kitchen floor and into the oven. Has anyone begun a class action lawsuit regarding this product? I have read numerous online reports that Sears does not back this product by repairing or replacing the oven door or damage to the owner. I attempted reporting to Sears customer service and was guided to how to dispose of the oven.

Model 790.7323 - Last year, after the Kenmore stove that had been in the condo since 1982 had a meltdown and I went and replaced it. I do not cook. Use the microwave or toaster oven. I recently gave the toaster oven away to clear up counter space. Decided to heat up some Publix side dressing. Tried it again around Thanksgiving and it was dead. I got the oven in April 2014, and believe it or not, I am not I do not cook. It is just two aging dogs and me. I work, so it is usually a microwave meal. It still looks showroom new.

I called Sears, and they will do nothing. They want to send me an outrageous warranty for a year, which will cost more than the stove and send out a tech at 60 a pop until they fix it. One time and it quit working! I think they should take the stove back and replace it! I was not even cooking -- just reheating! Sears used to mean Quality! Go elsewhere next time. I will never ever step in a Sears Store!!!

I have owned all Sears appliances for the last 33 years. Until now I will no longer purchase them. Our electric range 790 was on preheat and began to flash lights on the clock screen off and on then made a loud pop noise. Started to spit sparks along with loud static noise. Then fire came out the back and black smoke. I had my son help me pull the oven away from the wall and unplug it. If I wasn't home when this happened I don't think I would have a house to come home to. I will no longer buy any Sears appliances.

We own a Kenmore Elite double oven that will no longer hold the racks in place in the bottom oven. This is a very dangerous defect that has caused multiple spills and also burns. Sears claims to be unaware of this defect event though there are many complaints about this same problem on the internet. The problem is caused by the walls of the oven bowing out due to regular use and cleaning of the oven. Sears refuses to issue a recall on the oven and has offered to provide a service call at our expense which does not even guarantee that it can be fixed properly. If this were a car, I'm sure it would have to be recalled but I do not believe there are adequate consumer laws that cover appliances. Sears does not stand behind their products.

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Kenmore is one of the oldest names in the cooking appliances industry, with a history stretching back more than 100 years. Its re-introduced range of cooking appliances dominated the home market during the economic boom after World War II.

  • Dedicated product lines: Kenmore's product lines are each tailored for a specific consumer profile, and the company's engineers work to ensure that each customer can find a device perfectly suited to his or her requirements.
  • Generous Warranties: Kenmore offers a one year manufacturer's warranty on most cooking appliances, and a two year replacement warranty on ceramic and glass cook tops.
  • Convenient support: Kenmore's relationship with Sears often allows consumers to visit Sears brick and mortar locations to receive in-person technical support and maintenance.
  • Rewards programs: Kenmore is known for maintaining robust buying rewards programs, allowing consumers to accumulate points that can be redeemed for cash back, special discounts and other perks.
  • Award winning: Kenmore is a frequent recipient of industry rewards and has received accolades from Consumers Digest and Women's Choice, among others.
  • Flexible shipping and installation: Kenmore offers a variety of ways for buyers to receive and install their cooking appliances. Its close partnership with Sears means that buyers can easily schedule in-home appointments with local personnel.
  • Best for Users cooking for one, users cooking for families and users cooking for businesses.

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