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IRobot is a technology company that specializes in autonomous robots that clean inside and outside the home. Designed with ease and performance in mind, their products include four Roomba vacuum models, two Braava mops and the Mirra pool cleaner.

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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about iRobot?
    • 4,460,028 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Customer ServiceCoverage

    Reviewed May 10, 2024

    Roomba broke almost immediately, within the first month (a quick google search indicates this has been a known issue for years). One year warranty but customer service is a nightmare. Outsourced, long holds, then advised I have to resubmit via email all the proofs I already submitted when I registered device. I was told I should get replacement part within a week. I submitted that day, the following month I get an email denying it is covered because I didn’t purchase from an authorized dealer, but I did purchase from authorized dealer as evidenced by proofs I’ve submitted twice now. Another hour on the phone to get mansplained why the error on their part was made & promised I’d get the replacement part in 3-5 days…I’m still waiting.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed May 5, 2024

    I bought iRobot Roomba j8+. It works fine for a little over 1 year. Then after an automatic software upgrade it just stopped working. There is no way for me to bring it back to previous software version. The customer service asked for $150 for me to send it for them to repair since it’s out of warranty now. It was barely a couple of months beyond the one year warranty. Anyway after about an hour struggling with the support person (Daniel), and after he claiming there isn’t a supervisor for me to talk to at that time, I was finally able to speak to one.

    The supervisor Wendy offered to waive the $150 fee for repair. But she said before that she would try to send the previous version of software to my roomba. Well that didn’t happen for a week. So I call the customer service again and I get an agent named Freddy. He sees the supervisor’s note to waive $150 repair fees on their system. But says he is not authorized to process it. Then I ask for supervisor and he claims there isn’t one because it’s weekend. He promises a supervisor will call me within 25 hours... and as you all expect, nobody called me for two days. I call back again and get the same agent - Freddy on the phone. He says I have to wait for the call Maybe a week. Again he maintains there isn’t a supervisor available. Then he goes back for a minute to “check” if there is one. Basically the same thing that Daniel did on my first call. This time Freddy still fails to get a supervisor.

    So after half a dozen calls and me wasting more than three hours with these lying clowns at iRobot’s call center, I am still waiting for them to process the repair shipment that their supervisor authorized. Basically, their staff is trained to lie and not allow customers to speak to supervisors. Who know if they are purposefully sending software that can make an out of warranty roomba to stop working? It is entirely possible and Maybe likely for a company with seemingly such lack of ethics with customers.

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      Reviewed April 20, 2024

      Our C1000 iRobot is stuck on software update. Since there is no manual hard reset when this happens, iRobot say, "Too bad. Buy another vacuum." What kind of company builds a product with no power off switch? They are the ones who pushed out the software update! NEVER going to buy another iRobot vacuum. If there was a zero rating, I would have picked it.

      Reviewed April 11, 2024

      I love having this vacuum and love when it works good and love the aspect and how it cleans out the dirt cup by itself, but it won't clean where you want it to clean, if you try to close a door to the bathroom so it can clean the small area, it will literally bang on the door the entire time until the battery runs out and tries to "get out." I can't put it down anywhere to clean this area because it wants to keep hitting my feet and "refuses" to redirect and clean the area around it. It was "stuck" in the bathroom area and had turned blue like it needed to go recharge but kept hitting the wall and wouldn't go to the charging station. I just pressed the home button and it did NOTHING just sat there, then it started up and literally was going in tiny circles in place while I recorded the fiasco.

      I think the programmers are messing with me and laughing their ** off. It used to act right and never did do any "UP YOURS!" movements but I think after a while, like all other computerized machines, they want you to toss it and spend $2000 on a programmable iRobot vacuum that doesn't make you crazy, but good luck with that! I'm not spending my $$$ on something that is so frustrating and impossibly programmed. This is nuts and the most helpful invention. Too bad they messed it up!


      Reviewed April 8, 2024

      I've owned the S9+ and M6 Braava Jet for close to three years now.

      1- Customer support is really lackluster when you have an issue that a factory reset can't fix. I believe CS at iRobot is outsourced and it's likely minimally paid people reading a specific script. Had I known I likely wouldn't have went with iRobot. Below are the issues that a factory reset can't fix:

      2 - The S9+ works well...when it works. For bousting all sorts of technology it sure leaves a lot of room for improvement. I'm not sure what the cameras are for. I covered the camera and front sensor with tape and it still behaved the same way. I suppose I expected it to actually see obstacles and navigate efficiently having cameras. Guess maybe its third party infobrokering perhaps.

      Anytime there is an update the robot loses connectivity to the internet. The fix is a factory reset but 50 percent of the time you lose your map in the process and have to teach it all over again. The brushes are nice because it allows for cleaner surface and quieter operation. But a replacement kit will set you back $100CDN at least once maybe twice a year. The vacuum noise is normal but the robot parts are loud as heck. The brush mechanics and wheel operation.

      3- Braava Jet. Maaan ...the amount of rage this thing has caused. There is a significant difference in performance between the S9 and and M6. Biggest issue is that it doesn't come off the dock. I've received a whole replacement unit and the same issue is consistent. So it gets stuck before it even start the job. You have to be there to nudge it off its dock 85% of the time.

      IRobot did us super dirty. When I first purchased it you could buy the iRobot brand specific soap. A small jug of this specific concentrate (so it doesn't clog or mess with its internals if you used dish soap or other brand) cost about $20-25$ cdn and lasted most of the year. Now they outsourced to another company where you pay $20 for mostly water...not cool. Would have preferred the option. The water tank has had consistent issues with both the original and replacement. If it sits for a while its says it's empty when in fact it's half full or less...

      That said and reading other reviews I suggest staying away from iRobot. They had great potential but lost their spark somewhere along the line. I think Amazon would have been a good thing for the technology to develop more ie: Blink cameras from start to now being run by Amazon and the system is now functional and usable because of improvements.

      Customer ServiceReliability

      Reviewed March 18, 2024

      The iRobot app consistently fails to connect to my new Roomba i3+, despite exhaustive troubleshooting attempts. Consequently, I have a device with a manual on/off switch that, compared to competitive offerings, is primitive. iRobot's Customer Service and Tech Support have proven incompetent. If you’re in the market for a robot vacuum, I strongly advise researching and investing in a brand with better performance and support.

      Reviewed March 14, 2024

      My son bought me this J7+ Combo for Christmas. Paid $1000. Started have issues about 8 months in with mop not deploying having to reset robot. Now the mop has completely falling off the unit. Followed all directions and kept up with maintenance which is additional money for filters... Mopping pads .. brushes .. roller arms. Called customer service and like previous review offered me only $100 to buy another unit through them. Also wanted me to pay $150 for repair before they would even send a box for return. Even if repaired it would still break in the same amount of time because the "mop pad" under further investigation is held by 2 tiny plastic pieces that fell out the unit when I flipped it over. How long does Roomba expect this to drag across the floor before breaking! I am livid that this is the service you get for $1000. Will never purchase from this company again. No matter how bad you want it this is a warning. Do not Buy! You will be throwing your money away. What a disappointment.

      Customer Service

      Reviewed Feb. 29, 2024

      I bought an iRobot Roomba J7 for $1k 18 months ago. The bumper reported as stuck and the device would no longer work. When I called they told me it was unrepairable without ever evaluating the product and offer me a $100 credit. 18 months old and paid $1k. Terrible service and product. The customer service organization will not contact you via phone and it takes 72 hours for a response. Absolutely no attention to customer needs. Stay away from this company.

      Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

      Reviewed Feb. 10, 2024

      Started with buying the i4+.. That thing broke within 4 months. Takes them 3 week to try and repair it.. Still waiting -.- Then I tried buying the newest J9+.. Yea.. This thing broke within 2 months... What a JOKE!! Called customer service 3 times now.. And they keep having me go through the exact same troubleshooting steps that I explained I have done already with the previous 2 customer service reps.. Each time I have to be on the phone with them for over an hour... Still under warranty, but they refuse to just replace it.. Instead, hey, wait another month or so before you get to test the robot again and see if it works.. And if not.. Back to the cycle of wasting time!!

      Verified purchase
      Customer ServicePrice

      Reviewed Feb. 3, 2024

      I bought an i4 3 years ago but only used it for 8 months after which I moved. After moving I never plugged it in again due to having multiple floors so it was easier to use a regular vacuum. I recently pulled it back out and when I tried to connect it got stuck on "updating" so I called customer service, even though the machine is still fully functioning and has only 8 months of use I am told it is no longer good because of an updating issue - it cost me CAD 800$ at the time of purchase so basically $100 a month of actual use. I was told there was nothing they could do for me - I was offered a 75$ voucher but then told it was only valid in the US (I am in Canada) and there was no special price they could give me but there would be a sale on the site next month. I would have paid to fix it which I would have much preferred, but apparently, there is no fixing this issue which is horrendous for the environment. I am extremely upset and disappointed with the whole experience and will not be purchasing from this company again.

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      iRobot author review by Sandy Baker

      iRobot is an American robotics manufacturer founded in 1990. The Roomba is one of several autonomous cleaners made by the company.

      • Advanced technology: iRobot continues to improve its Roomba vacuums to clean more effectively.

      • Convenient cleaning: The Roomba is an autonomous vacuum robot that docks and recharges itself between cleanings.

      • Prevents jams: Brushless extractors help prevent tangles that can jam most vacuum cleaners.

      • Responsive navigation: The Roomba responsive navigation technology helps it clean houses of all sizes and shapes.

      • Scheduled cleaning: Owners can program the iRobot Roomba to clean their homes on a preset schedule.

      by Sandy Baker Contributing Writer

      Sandy Baker has written for ConsumerAffairs since 2021. Along with the advice and information her articles provide to consumers, she’s written several books that focus on topics such as retirement planning, bankruptcy, business finance, estate planning and personal credit health.

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