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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Frigidaire?
    • 4,460,553 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
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    Reviewed Oct. 28, 2008

    I renewed the service contract on my range top for the period 10/17/2008 - 10/17/2009 for $32.20. At around the same time I received a letter from Frigidaire the heading of which was Please return the attache Notice immediately to reinstate your Service Contract. Then, in smaller print it said Hurrey - you must reply before 10/17/2009 to protect your valuable Range. Notice the letter intimated that my service contract was about to run out and that I should renew immediately. Also note that the attached renewal was to begin in October of 2009! There is more, as I said I paid $32.20 for a year's renewal between 2008 and 2009. The cost for renewal for one year on the bill attached to this ridiculous letter is 3 times as much...$91.33. I called the customer service department twice, each time hanging on for approximately 18 minutes (do they have it timed). I was told that the letter was a computer error and that yes the price would be increasing next year because Yu know, the stuff going on right now.

    Reviewed Oct. 21, 2008

    I just built a new home this year (2008). We bought all new appliances. All of them are Frigidaire except my fridge. That is a Maytag. My Stove was a Frigidaire Professional Series PLES399EC 30'' Slide-In Electric Range with 4 Radiant Element & EvenCook3 Convection System: Stainless Steel. One month after the appliances were installed I smelled plastic burning. I looked at my stove and there was white smoke coming out of the front and black smoke out the back. My husband opened the oven and flames shot out. He pulled the stove out from the counter and unplugged it which stopped the fire. The convection cooling fan in the back of the oven burned. The stove was never used that day. The fan must have shorted out. If we weren't home that day our new house would have burned down. I am lucky enough to have a great appliance guy who took the stove and is ordering me a new one. I am not sure if I want the same one. What if this happens again.

    Reviewed Aug. 18, 2008

    In December 2005 I purchased a new glass top convection range (GLEF379DC) and the oven temperature was all over the place. I'd set it at 375 and it would heat to 450, then down to 300, etc. (far worse if convection was on) and also noticed similar inconsistent temps on the stove top. Horrible burning smell when put on cleaning cycle, we would have to leave the house, we all got headaches - and when cleaning cycle is on it gets so hot you cannot touch the unit anywhere.

    Called for service from where I purchased. they attempted repairs and finally, after replacing all parts Frigidaire replaced the unit. Frigidaire upgraded, saying the model I had was no longer made. In Nov of 2006, I received the upgraded model (PLEFZ398EC) which worked well for just over a year, now has exact same symptoms but far worse/more extreme also heats dangerously high, not only when on cleaning cycle, but when set at any temp will go super hot. Actually melted the temperature gage I purchased to monitor the temp and has gotten so hot you cannot touch the stove anywhere. Scary, I'm afraid to use the oven. Frigidaire customer service was awful, rude and got nowhere after hours on hold - would hear different story from each person.

    Finally called Main Appliance back and paid out of pocket for repairs, they've replaced all parts again but no change at all. This unit is actually worse than the other and I cannot even bake in the oven because it is so inconsistent. Now suddenly yesterday I couldn't get it to go over 300, no matter where I set the temp. Frigidaire says it is out of warranty (was about a week over when I first started having symptoms and began calling) and won't do a thing. Service tech says he has done all he can do.

    Can't use the oven at all, out the cost of the oven and would not think of trying to sell it. Fearful for safety, the kids are not allowed to even turn it on, have to be home and in the kitchen at all times when it is on. Huge inconvenience and loss of $800+, not to mention all the burned food.

    Reviewed July 14, 2008

    I started to make lunch preheating the oven to 375. The oven beeped signaling that it had heated to the desired temperature. I placed the food into the oven and set the timer for 12 minutes. After about 4 minutes, I could smell food burning, and I opened the oven door to realize the food was starting to burn. There was 8 minutes left on the timer and I have prepared this meal many, many times before. I turned off the oven, but the heating element stayed on. I went to turn off the circuit breaker when the F1 started flashing on the oven display.

    The oven was still heating, and rapidly getting hotter. I disconnected the power, and had to remove the oven from my home before it caused more damage, including possibly starting my home on fire. It happened so fast, in less than five minutes. Thankfully I was IN THE KITCHEN, and not anywhere else in the home. The oven had been working just fine prior to this incident. I am still shaking as I type this. The oven after 1 hour was still hot to the touch, and wires in the display were still smoldering.

    I have never in all of my years seen or heard of anything like this happening. I read the oven service data sheet, it includes the code F1 stating that Control has sensed a runaway oven condition and Severe overheating may require the entire oven to be replaced should the damage be extensive. I am pretty sure this means that they KNEW it could and would happen! This could have been so much worse had I not been right in the kitchen near the oven when this event occured. As a consumer, you would think that this should not be something I should worry about, shouldnt the oven had a circuit breaker, or a fuse that could have turned it immediately off? What would have happened had I not been right there?

    Thankfully, we (the children in my child care, my family, and myself) are all safe due to MY safety practices, and NOT Fridgidaire. My oven is a complete loss, and we were all scared, and concerned to say the least.Due to the fact the insulation does not seem to work and surfaces on top of the oven became extremly hot, and the vents where the wires were smoldering behind the display were near my kitchen wall I am glad I still have a house to live in and the children are all safe. I will be purchasing a new oven tonight.

    Reviewed June 17, 2008

    The range I purchased Feb 16 2007 Product FGF 366EQ BECOMES DEFECTIVE AFTER ABOUT ONE YEAR. The high gloss coating on the buner caps and burner grates disintegrate from the heat of the burner.

    The less than two year old range looks like an old old range. These parts should be recalled and replaced with quality parts.

    Reviewed June 4, 2008

    On 12/31/05 I purchased a Frigidaire 30" electric range model #GLEFM397DQA from Brandsmart USA because I was redoing my kitchen and my Stove of 20+ years which never had a repair call was outdated for my new kitchen. I also purchased the Brandsmart 5 year extended warranty from Brandsmart.

    On 10/23/06 I had to call Brandsmart for repair because the oven door was not closing tight. A repair man came and told me this is normal and that I should go see the other ranges at the store to see that this is how it is supposed to be and left without repairing my appliance.

    On 7/3/2007 I had to call again because now the gap was so big that the oven light would stay on. The second repair call they changed the springs on the door. This worked until

    April 2008.

    On 5/29/08 I called Brandsmart again and scheduled a service call on the same problem (I now have to tie the door to the back of the range to keep it close while using conv oven) and keep the door in lock while not in use to turn the oven light off. I also called Frigidaire/Electrolux to see if there were any recalls on my appliance. The lady at Frigidaire hardly spoke English, did not respond to my question and told me that since I had not purchased the Frigidaire extended warranty I had to go through Brandsmart extended warranty. I asked for a supervisor, she kept me on hold for 30 mins, I finally hung up and no one called me back.

    Additionally, the 2 front elements do not change temperature as it should. If I am using temp 7 (not even high) and change to simmer the burner stays red hot.

    Today, 6/4/08, the service man from Brandsmart came and asked if I have children who hang on the oven door (trying to put blame on me)and again said that the burners were normal without doing any type of trouble shooting. Needless to say at this time I was quite upset and asked him to send me someone who knew what they were doing. He got loud and said he could order the part but if it was not defective I would be charged for it. I told him to leave and to send someone else.

    I called Brandsmart Customer Service and they had Daisy Vega supervisor over repair service calls call me back. She said since the unit was over 3 years old she could not replace it, but she would order the switches for the burners and the springs for the door. Another 10 days of wait (approximately). I told her I was not satisfied with this since this is obviously a defective unit, what will happen when the extended warranty expires? She said I would have to go to Frigidaire. I told her I had already called Frigidaire and they referred me back to Brandsmart. She stated this was all she could do.

    I again called Frigidaire spoke to Jason in the Philippines who said he couldn't help me since I had Brandsmart Extended warranty, I need to go through Brandsmart.

    What is a consumer to do!? I will definitely not buy another Frigidaire product and will not recommend it to anyone. I feel this unit should be replaced with a new one.

    Reviewed May 28, 2008

    Conusmer beware. Frigidare and customer service don't match. We bought a frigidare slide in stove 1/14/08. To date we have had it work about 5 times. The service company has tried 3 times to no avail. (6 times worked missed) They will not replace nor give our money back. The store in which we purchased the appliance won't help either. (Appliance Factory Outlet in Denver) It is hopeless as they will not budge. We cannot afford a new stove so this one is like decoration in our kitchen.

    Reviewed May 10, 2008

    We purcheased a Frigidaire/Electrolux self cleaning ceran top slide in range - CGES387CB1 in Oct 2003 from Sears. We also purchased the extended warranty from Sears which would expire 07-05-2009.

    Two months ago, the oven stopped working altogether and the F1 error came up on the electronic panel/board and the stove kept beeping [even in the middle of the night]. Sears sent a repairman on three occassions and he replaced the electronic pane/board twice, as well as the door switch and thermostat. The oven still doesn't operate. Occasionally when there are pots on top, it can be started, but the error message and beeping occurs.

    Sears informed us on May 5/08 that they have cancelled our extended warranty as the range can't be fixed. UNBELIEVABLE. Why would anyone buy a warranty when it can be cancelled if a problem occurs? Sears has offered us $700.00 as a buy out of our warranty but we must use the money to buy another range from Sears. Sears should be replacing this range and holding Frigidaire responsible for the faulty appliance.

    We now have to [1] buy a new non-Frigidaire range from Sears [and we don't want to do business with Sears anymore]or [2] pay the full price of a reputable appliance from another store. Not having an oven for two months has been very inconvenient and the beeping of this moronic appliance at all times of the day and night is a hassle. I am now concerned the range might turn itself on when noone is in the house. Frigidaire should be held accountable for defective appliances that can be dangerous.

    Reviewed April 23, 2008

    I can't get the marks off the right front large burner of my new glass top stove. I e-mailed, called and all I got was a form letter telling me to clean it. Believe me it is clean. It is very embarressing!


    Reviewed April 3, 2008

    The grates on my brand new range began leaving rust on the cooktop.

    Frigidaire knows this is a problem. They lie about the cause on their website and say it is due to the manufacturing process. I have contacted three separate facilities that work with cast iron and have written proof that it is possible to completely coat the grates to prevent rusting.

    I have looked at other brands of ranges and found others have grates that are completely coated and smooth on the top and bottoms. That just seems to prove that Frigidaire chooses to not spend the money to provide a reliable product.

    I called the service department of Frigidaire and asked for a solution from them. The woman I spoke with researched it and said this is their only solution: coat the grates in cooking oil and bake them at 450 for 30 minutes EVERY time I wash them. She sent me four more of the defective grates.

    Electrolux in Sweden is the parent company of Frigidaire. I have tried multiple times to get them to provide me with the name of their President or CEO. I have, in writing, their refusal to do so. I have also tried to get the name of a head person in their main Frigidaire office in Georgia. They would not respond.

    I have a quote that it will be a minimum of $200 to completely coat my grates in porcelain. It will cost me $260 to buy grates that are completely coated. It only cost me $607.25 for the entire brand new range!

    Reviewed March 7, 2008

    Hello: I purchased a Condo with appliances included a year ago. There was specifically a Frigidaire stove (parent Company is Electrolux)included in this purchase.

    It is Model #CFEF357CS1 Built in 2003.

    I have called the Company and sit on hold for a few minutes, then the line just goes to a continuous busy beeping sound.

    I am wondering if there is any warranty coverage or a recall bulletin for these stoves? My concern is, a screw on the handle on the oven door has released, so now the oven door handle swings down. I have attempted to fix this, but the panel this handle is screwed into is so flimsy and flexible, the front glass panel which interleaves and is connected to this flimsy panel, just pops out at the top of this glass panel. This metal panel, which is about about 3 inches deep and across the full width of the stove is where the oven door handle screws into. So when the oven door handle is pulled to open the door, this glass panel pops out, just below the handle.

    I am wondering if there has been a warranty bulletin, recall or repair kit made for this problem? I thank you for any suggestions.

    On the interior side of this flimsy panel is the lock for the self cleaning feature and when this is used the glass panel pops out as well, so I view this as a safety concern as well.

    Reviewed Feb. 28, 2008

    I have an electric stove model#FEFL89CCA SER#VF34537362 that has had to be repaired twice over the past 5 years. My oven does not heat. When purchased from Lowe's was told all should work well for at least 10 years have had to have elements, and control panel replaced.

    Reviewed Feb. 21, 2008

    Yesterday my brother/roommate was cooking on my Frigidaire Gallery Series stove, and he made a big mess with some vegetable oil. Today after he was done cooking something in the oven, he forgot to turn off the oven for about 20-30 minutes I turned it off, and I noticed a smell. About 15 minutes later the smell had gotten worse, and I asked him to come check it out because I could not figure out where the smell was coming from. After a few minutes of playing we find that the smell he noticed was the stove smoking. We took off the top of the stove, and there was some kind of insulation wrapped around the outside shell of the stove which was right under the ranges. What we think had happened was some of the oil spilled onto the insulation, and this plus the heat of the stove made the insulation begin to smolder.

    Stunk up the house, and I am sure my brother and I breathed in some crazy chemicals Thankfully we had not gone to bed, and we managed to avoid any real damage.

    Reviewed Feb. 18, 2008

    I have a frigidaire flat top stove MD#FEF376AQG S#VF24529703, it has been nothing but a hassle since it was bought in 2004. The first time I used the self cleaning oven everything was fine, the next time I tried to use it, it would not work and caused a error sign on the computer screen and the whole stove would not work. We had to unplug the stove in order for it to reset itself. I didn't think that it was necessary to pay a couple hundred dollars to get this fixed and have been cleaning my stove myself since.

    The next problem occurred just a few months ago. My stove no longer was heating so I went a bought a new element, that was not the problem. When changing out the element I noticed the the wires were completely melted and there was back smoke marks up the back of the stove. This could have burnt down my house. This was repaired out of pocket. Now the same thing happened again. I went to clean the oven and the bottom element was moved (just slightly) and a loud popping noise with bright white flames shot out of the holes where the wires connect to the element. Now I have no stove and will not put any more money into repairs. I will never buy another Frigidaire product again. I have not yet contacted Frigidaire about this issue, but I am sure they will make me pay for it because it is 4 yrs old.

    Reviewed Feb. 8, 2008

    I have a Fridgidaire ceramic cooktop stove with the speed cook fan built in. This stove has a vent that lets steam out when cooking at high temps and leaves a bad stain on the front of the stove. It started to eat the paint away; the color of the stove is cream, so it is very noticeable. I spoke with Fridgidaire, and they told me to purchase some paint for the stove. There is nothing they or I can do to prevent this from happening. I am very unhappy with this oven.

    The oven has paint chipped away in the front and is very noticeable.

    Reviewed Jan. 9, 2008

    My Frigidaire Gallery oven range was half way through the cleaning cycle when the middle layer of glass on the oven door exploded. It shattered into tiny pieces and dropped out all over the floor.

    I have emailed the company and have received a reply to contact an authorized servicer. I do not need a servicer to tell me my door exploded. The company needs to replace the door at minimum, if not the entire range.

    Reviewed Jan. 4, 2008

    I purchase a wall oven Frigidaire model FGB24T3, and the oven is horrible. When it was installed I noticed that the interior space was much smaller than the old oven and when you turn on the broiler the gas turns off intermittenly. So if you need to broil something it doesn't work well and also the timer chime does not work. I called for sevice immedialy and the 2 gentlemen that came said that the broiler was normal and they would check with the manufacturer to check on the timer. They never got an answer. The oven also emits moisture to the control panel and has left moisture stains. When I do use the oven the control panel gets very hot to the point that if I have to adjust the tempurature, I have to use a potholder due to the fact they are way too hot. Thank goodness I have a great convection toaster oven to use on a daily basis because I know the control panel is going to melt if I use this oven regularly.

    This oven is a fire hassard and I am concerned it may burn down my house at some point.

    Reviewed Dec. 3, 2007

    I was baking my fruit cake 12-2-07 in my Frigidaire Electric Range (ES200/300 Controls, Self Cleaning Oven with Ceramic Cooktop Model Number FEF363BXAWB) and had the oven on 275 degrees. I went outside and then when I came back in I smelled a hot burnt smell. I immediately went to the kitchen and checked the oven. The timer had 4 min. left on it. I opened the door, a blast of heat came out, and the fruit cakes were burned. I hit the button to turn off the oven, and it did not go off. I went immediately to the breaker box and tripped the oven switch. I could feel the heat as I opened the oven so after turning it off and emptying it, I put in an oven thermometer and it was 450 degrees. I called the 800 944-9044 and then 706 866-4110 and spoke to Roxy. She gave me a number to have it fixed, and I said I was concerned about the fact if I had not come in at the time I did, I may have had a fire in my house.

    Reviewed Nov. 5, 2007

    I have a Frigidaire stove that the burner would not turn off. I had to shut it off at the breaker. It was fixed, and about 6 months later a burner came on by itself (high heat) and would not turn off. I was in another room, so I don't know how long the burner was on. Again I had to turn it off at the breaker. Frigidaire is aware that this range will do this and has a repair pack for it. They are not contacting owners, or parts and repair departments that burners can come on by themselves. Frigidaire is not being proactive; they are waiting until the ranges malfunction. This is a very dangerous situation!

    I am scared to death of my stove, and I don't want to take the chance of having this happen again.

    Reviewed Oct. 18, 2007

    Purchased a Frigidaire electric range in July of 2007. The cooktop which is called brushed chrome is defective. It has many pits in the metal. The warranty service replaced the grill cover and the service person from the warranty service inspected the other trouble spots and agreed that it was defective and of poor quality. When I called and talked to Ms. Smalley, a corporate officer with Electrolux, she stated that the problem was not covered under the warranty and they would not help me. I read the warranty and it indicates that defective parts are covered.

    Paid $1200.00 for a defective product which is not good for my new kitchen.

    Reviewed Oct. 6, 2007

    10-01-07 I turned the aforementioned range on to 325 degrees and placed a 2.9# rolled rump roast and 2 large potatoes in the oven to bake. I then went to the basement to do some tasks. Forty minutes later I heard an alarm going off upstairs and went to investigate. The roast was nothing but a piece of charcoal and the digital readout on the oven said F1. When I opened the door the heat burnt my eyes and I proceeded to give 2 potholders to my husband to remove the pan with the roast from the oven and take to the attached garage where it could continue to smolder. When he picked up the pan with the roast it was so hot that it burnt holes in the potholders.

    We were unable to cancel anything on the stove, so we shut the breaker off and proceeded to read the manual for the range to see how to proceed with troubleshooting. It advised us to turn off the breaker as we had done and after a brief rest to turn the breaker back on. When we did this, the oven immediately began to reheat so it was necessary to disconnect the electric supply to the range and call an authorized service agent.

    In the meantime I tried to remove the scorching on the paint on the oven door but found that was not possible. We also noted the hot cupboards and walls surrounding the range. On 10/03/07 the serviceman came and diagnosed the problem as having a runaway bake relay which stuck. He verified our suspicions that had we not been home, quite likely our condo and the adjoining condo may have incurred extensive fire damage. (This on a range that we purchased 09/14/2001 and that was programmable so that you could leave home and it would start your meal in your absence.) I called Frigidaire and spoke with Gwen in India whom I could barely understand. She apologized for the inconvenience several times and after putting me on hold to speak with her supervisor came back to report that due to the age of the appliance that the only thing they could offer was a 10% rebate on another Frigidaire range. Thus, we have been assured by the employees of Frigidaire that this is a very normal thing to happen with their ranges at only 6 yrs and a couple weeks of age.

    If that is truly the case, should they not include a warning in the brochures that accompany their ranges?

    Fortunately, the only economic damages that we incurred were the lost meal and the cost of repairs plus the inconvenience of the use of no stove to date. We are thanking our God that we were home and that our home and that of our adjoining neighbors were spared from a disastrous fire.

    Reviewed Sept. 20, 2007

    During Self Claning, the internal glass on the oven door of my Frigidaire Electric Oven exploded.

    Cost of just under 200.00 for repair.

    Reviewed Aug. 30, 2007

    We purchased a Frigidaire dishwasher and convection range on 08/23/2006. After only 6 mos. the dishwasher quit. The electronics system had to be replaced. That took 2 weeks to get resolved. Now for the BIGGIE

    At approximately 8:30 PM (last night)on Aug 29th 2007, we heard what sounded like a small explosion in the kitchen. It sounded like the entire kitchen had caved in. We went in to see that the outer glass door on our range had blown out, sending glass frying into the entire kitchen area. There was no reason for this to occur. It had not been used at all that day. If anyone had been standing in the area, they could have been seriously injured. The glass on the floor was actually popping like popcorn. Glass continued to fly out until 11:00 PM. Still flying out the next morning also.

    I have contacted the company. After being on hold approx. 12 minutes, I explained the situation and was told they would have to call me back concerning this matter, because their system was down. In fact, that is what I was told when my dishwasher went out also. We have managed to clean up most of it, but there is still glass hanging in the door which continues to fall out if we walk next to it. I am very concerned that this could happen to someone else having small children, and I felt it necessary to report this incident.

    Still cleaning up the mess it made.The remaining glass in the door is still popping out at intervals Have to check new flooring for damage. Cannot cook a meal. If I had been standing in my kitchen when the glass door exploded, I would have been seriously injured.

    Reviewed May 22, 2007

    Had our first home custom built in late 06 and moved in Jan.07, Purchased all new appliances from Lowe's. Stove, microwave and side-by-side refrigerator made by Frigidaire. Within 4 months, fridge quit, filter/dryer in freon circuit plugged up; microwave threw the fan blade; and the final straw, upon it's first self-cleaning the internal glass on the oven exploded 1 hour in the process.

    Reviewed May 18, 2007

    Product failure that could have resulted in injury. frigidaire range
    model fef366cca SN vf33041512. purchased
    from local business 10-03-2003. The lower heating element melted! causing electrical arcing. e were by the range when this happened
    so we averted any damage, but there was arcing and flames in the oven. We have frigidaire appiances, fridge, range, dishwasher, all 3 have failed since Oct


    Reviewed April 5, 2007

    We purchased a Professional Series electric, slide-in, glass top Frigidaire range with the controls (knobs/dials) on the front from Lowe's for approximately $1,450.00. Three months later our house was destroyed by fire, due to someone bumping against the controls while in the kitchen. Our house had to be taken down to the studs and we are presently rebuilding. Although our insurance company has been great to deal with, we have suffered considerably due to the fact that we lost ALL of our possessions. DO NOT BUY ANY FRIGIDAIRE RANGE WITH THE CONTROLS ON THE FRONT!!!! These ranges need to be recalled before someone is killed...truly I'd be surprised if that has not already happened. We were lucky, someone else might not be.

    Lost all possessions, including our home; living with in-laws while our home is being rebuilt; we have suffered considerably from the emotional trauma down to the fact that we literally had only the clothes on our backs. Now we have only memories because we lost all of the keepsakes from our children, our parents who are no longer living, etc.

    Reviewed Feb. 19, 2007

    We purchased a frigidare electric range 5 years ago. The first Electric oven controller died (F1 error) last year (while still under an extended warranty...lucky). It was replaced, however, 2 months later the 2nd EOC died. That was replaced (out of warranty), and now, 8 months later, the 3rd EOC has died. At just under $200 each, we've decided to STOP wasting money on this range, and buy one of the 'old-fashined' ranges without Digital controls that seem to burn out all the time.

    Wondering if other individuals have had multiple F1 issues with their electronic oven controllers.

    Reviewed Dec. 24, 2006

    Cooktop burner was turned on and cooktop immediately exploded. Shattered glass and parts scattered in large area. Cooktop was completely destroyed.

    Wife received large cut to hand. Emergency room visit and stiches to hand required. Damaged cabinet top and tile surface.

    Reviewed Dec. 8, 2006

    I bough a frigidaire double wall oven Model #GLEB30T8CSA back in june of 2003. It worked Great TILL!!!!
    I started to notice that it was taking a good bit of time to heat up the temp that i wanted (ex 350), norminaly it would take 2-3 min to get to 350 and beep.but now it seems like 10 min or more. Thanksgiving day was bad, nothing would brown, pies, cookies even the turkey was having a tough time. thats when I saw the temp 135 top oven so we moved to bottom oven, now with only 1 oven, dinner was most of all going to be late. Now nether top or bottom work, and xmas eve and xmas day on the way 35 people for dinner what the hell do i do now? This oven just turned 3 yrs old.

    well to start off the parts that are bad you can't get, well you can but 10 places I went said the were out of stock, 3 people that i've talk to said that this a comman problem with these ovens, and even the service man that came out to look at the oven said the same. Now sure he could fix it for 600.00 more, parts and labor, and i've all ready gave him 100.00 on the first vist to tell me that both circurt boards were bad. Now what do I do.

    Reviewed Oct. 6, 2006

    We recently just purchased our first home, with it came all the appliances in the kitchen which were all brand new at the time. just a month into our new home we have witnessed that our frigidaire stove is a safety hazard. when we cook on the stove top the pots and pans slip around, i have to hold the pots with one hand while cooking with the other, all while my two toddlers are running about me.

    i am very concerned for my children's safety.

    i called frigidaire with this concern, then they directed me to electrolux. after being on hold for about 30 minutes i was able to speak to someone who kept putting me on hold. my entire conversation took 2 minutes and all this person could tell me is that the enamel used on the grates is what is causing this problem (i could have figured this one out by myself) and that there is nothing she can do to help me. that's it. nothing.

    i mentioned that i don't think it's fair for them to wait around for an accident to happen, this is wrong. she said sorry, there is nothing more we can do.

    right now, so far, no accidents have happened, but i am very concerned about my children's safety. i worry a lot when they are around the stove and when something is cooking, i worry whenever i am frying an egg. i really hoped that something, anything could have been done about this to remedy the situation.

    Reviewed Sept. 11, 2006

    Twice our Frigidaire Gallery Convection oven heat element has caught fire and melted in the bottom of the oven. The dealer siad that this happens all the time. But I have never heard of it happening.

    Reviewed July 3, 2006

    Purchased frigidaire stove model# PLEFMZ99EC-SS on MArch 19, 2006. Electric burners on left side periodically won't shut off when turned off. Reprted issues to Brandsmart service. Stove was replaced with another one on May 1, 2006 of the exact same model that matches all of my other kitchen appliances bought at same time. The same thing is now ocurring with this stove. I actually have digital pictures of the knobs in the off position while the burner is glowing and the burner indicator is not registuring that the buurner has been turned off. I feel this is a manufacturers defect and a safety hazard.

    I called Frigidaire this time as well as Brandsmart. My claim number with Frigidaire is # 3011654085. I will be having Roberts Appliances coming out to look at the stove. Even if they claim to repair this item, I don't trust the appliance anymore. I had my last appliances 10 years before replacing them. I haven't had a stove yet last 2 months with out malfunctioning. According to brandsmart after 30 days they can't take the appliances back. According to Frigidaire, an authorized dealer need to give them a report first before they will replace it. The fact being, I don't want another stove of this same model. What are my rights?

    Reviewed Nov. 21, 2005

    Frigidaire stainless steel cooktop, it was installed Aug. 13, 2005. This was to replace identical cooktop purchased Nov. 22, 2004. The original cook top had rusted and we were given a new one. This one(installed Aug.13,2005) has also begun to rust. Have contacted local store where purchased and told to contact Frigidaire myself. Contacted Customer Service with Frigidaire 11/16/2005. Was told my claim has been processed and I would receive replacement in 48-72 hours. (I had a Frigidaire authorized service man look at cook top 2 days before calling customer service. He informed me the cook top was indeed rusting and he had just had another one in the city.)

    The following day, which was a Saturday, not a usual working day, I received a call from a lady, informing me she was with Electrolux which is purchasing or had purchased Frigidaire and informed my claim on the cook top was denied. I explained that I had been informed I would have a replacement and she repeated Your claim is denied. I informed her that Frigidaire had replace the first one due to rusting and she said Your claim is denied, we do not cover rust. I explained to her that I had a customer relations product disposition form covering the first cook top that readsReason for replaceemnt, rust/fdi $100.00/scrap/scv

    ID#55576. So it seems to me they did cover rust. Her answer to this was Your Claim is Denied.

    I am suprised to have gotten a call from someone on a non business day to inform me of the claim denial. I feel that at the very least I could have a written explanation, or try to explain to me why one was covered and one was not. I believe we deserve this and I believe the Frigidaire company would not have wanted this to have been handled in this way. Frigidaire did not maintain a good, old, reputable business reputation by this method of handling a situation.

    Reviewed March 9, 2005

    I have cabin rentals and recently purchase Frigidaire ovens (stoves) for several of the units. (Model# LER331DSO). Last week one of my tenants called me about a burn she received from one of the stoves. There is a warning in the user guide about the left rear eye getting warm when the oven is on. However, this person received a severe burn (three blisters approximately four inches long) to the palm of her left hand while cleaning the top of the stove while the oven (not the eyes) was on. The burn came from the eye that has an open oven vent under it.

    The eye had not been on so she had no reason to think it was hot... and my tenants shouldn't have to read an instructions manual on their vacation time. I later turned one of the stoves on to 450 degrees. Within minutes the left rear eye was hot enough to sizzle water when sprinkled on it. There is no indicator or light to warn anyone of the temperature of the eye when the oven is on. If the eye just got warm it would be one thing... but hot enough to boil water is another.

    The lady is doing fine now but has three scars on her left palm. The burn made it diffucult for her to fish and enjoy the river-front cabin that she paid for. She didn't ask for a refund or leave early... but she could have. I'm not very happy with this situation. I am returning the stoves to Lowe's and will try to find other brands that are not a hazard to my customers. I've got enough to worry about in liability to have to deal with a (supposedly safe) kitchen appliance. Something needs to be changed in this design... it's dangerous.

    Reviewed Feb. 8, 2005

    My new Frigidaire Self Cleaning Oven was installed 2 - 1/2 years ago. As we eat out most of the time, it is not used frequently that's why the first time I used the self cleaning oven I was shocked to find out that the oven no longer worked. Only the top broiler element worked and not the bottom baking element. After getting a service to look at it I was informed that Frigidaire wanted $200 to replace the clock that controlled the functioning part that turns on the element.

    Reviewed Oct. 14, 2004

    I purchased a Frigidaire Gallery slide- in stove 3 years ago. Now the material behind the electronic button displays, for the timer, bake, etc. has broken on the inside of the plastic display. It spoils the look of the front of the stove. It still works ok. I called the warranty people who said it is not covered as the unit is over one year old and they gave me the telephone number for the parts people.

    The part is not available unless you buy the whole display unit, which costs $279.00. My complaint is simply that the Frigidaire Gallery range display buttons should last longer than three years and should not be $279 to replace.

    We are two retirees who do not use the stove a lot, as would a family.

    I would not recommend people to purchase Frigidaire stoves.

    Reviewed Nov. 2, 2003

    We purchased a new electric stove in September, 1998. In June, 2003, it started turning off when it reached the temperature necessary to cook. We were told the small timing mechanism would be $250 to repair, not including labor. Further, there was no guarantee for the new part if it went out immediately after installation (we were told by the repair person there is a design flaw which may make it reoccur). They offered us nothing and were generally rude. jerks

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