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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Frigidaire?
    • 4,460,553 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
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    Reviewed Sept. 28, 2021

    My stove went out Thanksgiving day 2020 so I had to go get one. The next could not find one anywhere so I finally found this one, a big mistake. My old stove cooked a lot faster. This one take 25 to 30 minutes to preheat. Do not like this one at all.

    Customer ServiceInstallation & Setup

    Reviewed Sept. 3, 2021

    Bought my wall Oven from a local dealer. After it was installed we noticed the door didn't close properly, and crooked. After a couple of weeks I noticed the temperature doesn't hold in the oven. Decided to report the problem. Frigidaire customer service seemed friendly and told me they would have someone come to look into within a couple of days. Nothing happened. When I called back they said the service company declined the service call. So for the next couple of weeks we had the same issue, they call a company but the company declined. We're too far for them.

    Finally Frigidaire said they would escalate and either replace the oven or find someone to service it. It's been two weeks and when I called again they said they're still reviewing and I need to wait. Meanwhile my brand new oven doesn't work properly. I was planning to order a fridge from them and washer dryer, changed my mind and will be looking for another supplier. If they can't stand behind a brand new product, they shouldn't be in business.

    Customer ServiceStaffReliability

    Reviewed May 3, 2021

    30” induction cooktop, bought 7 months ago and has never worked right!!! Repaired 4 times about to be 5 times!! Tech guy is great but their customer service people lack of better words (suck). Been on hold for four hours total every time at work because they’re on the east coast and I’m west, tomorrow will be my fifth day off work waiting for tech??!! They refuse to replace. Just let you waste your time for their defective product, 4 times I ask for a supervisor, all busy. I’ll have them call back??? Nothing!!!! Never called!!! Don’t buy. Frigidaire sucks and so does their customer service!!

    Reviewed April 21, 2021

    Gallery series stovetop is impossible to clean-greasy, streaky mess after cooking anything! Oven will smoke horribly if anything has been spilled in it. Will smoke entire house! Used self-cleaning oven and now house is full of noxious fumes-had to open all windows and my eyes are still burning. Worried about myself and my animals. Do not buy!

    Reviewed Feb. 13, 2021

    I have had this electric stove since 2001 and it's still going strong. It has a small burner inside large front burner that makes it adjustable for pan size and center area for keeping food warm which is great when cooking several pans of food like French toast or pancakes.

    Reviewed Feb. 13, 2021

    The elements are horrible where don’t go flat so lots are always tilted as well temperature fluctuates constantly. Cooking is a real issue as the elements can cause things to burn. Just not as nice as was hoping. When called to complain they changed the elements but said that is the design and the bad format we have to deal with. The centre piece is so large on the elements that it discolours and makes a brand new range look so old.

    Reviewed Feb. 12, 2021

    It's a flat surface top, and the oven is self cleaning and has a fan to circulate the air. It's a very good Stove and I recommend it. I don't have any trouble with cleaning it. All I do is spray some cleaner and wipe it off with a cleaning towel. Everyone needs a Frigidaire Stove.

    Punctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Feb. 12, 2021

    I like to self cleaning. I like to racks in it, really nice, adjustable, real good the elements. I had to replace the bottom element and it was reasonably priced. The burners on top are really good. They heat up quick. Cool off quick. Very nice.

    Punctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Feb. 11, 2021

    This electric range is okay for everyday. Electric heat is not predictable. Tends to dry out meats faster. The stove top glass scorches quickly. You to watch everything very closely when using this range.


    Reviewed Feb. 10, 2021

    My stove is not the greatest but for the price it was just right. All of a sudden I am having problems with the stove top going on high without me touching it. The over self cleaning option is not great. The other day the coil got on fire and thank God I saw it. Otherwise it would have probably caused a fire.

    Reviewed Feb. 9, 2021

    I have had this smooth top stove for about 12 years, I have only had to have the coil around oven door changed. I love my stove, very unique it is all bisque, even the top, love it! Easy to clean, soft scrub or regular stove top cleaner does the trick every time! The only thing I miss is the boiler, I do not have a boiler or a drawer at the bottom, but again because the color was my priority, I really don't care.

    CoverageEase of Use

    Reviewed Feb. 8, 2021

    Well it's difficult to rate Frigidaire due to no interaction with the company. However, I can rate the Frigidaire oven we purchased almost 5 years ago. Rating the stove is really easy. No mechanical or electrical issues with the oven. The stove controls are user friendly and functional. Performance is not that great due to the heating time for burners and oven can vary at times.

    Cosmetics are good but materials are on the cheap side. The materials that the oven was built with are not the best grade of materials. For example, my asked me to retrieve our slow cooker/crock pot from a cabinet above the oven. While I was removing from the cabinet. I accidentally dropped the glass cover or top and it hit a section close to a burner. As a result, the cover or top left a slight discolored dent. In conclusion, I would not recommend this oven.

    Reviewed Feb. 7, 2021

    I have a good stove. It only has one heating element inside stove box at the top and I would like to have one on the bottom as well if that is even possible so it would heat up more. Other than that It has always worked fine and no complaints.


    Reviewed Feb. 6, 2021

    The sleek, modern design looks so expensive and fits right in with my other appliances. The glass top is beautiful and stands out making it the focal point of my kitchen. Its beauty matches its function making this one of the best purchases I have made concerning my kitchen. Would definitely recommend for every household. It truly makes me look forward to cooking and clean-up is an absolute joy!!!


    Reviewed Feb. 5, 2021

    Our stove is a slide-in electric, with coils. Since we have cast iron pans, smooth-top stoves aren't good. There are very few slide-on electric stoves and they cost way more. This one was completely affordable and has done the trick. I don't know how old it is, but it is quite old and needs replacement.

    Reviewed Feb. 4, 2021

    All of my appliances are Frigidaire including my stove. It's a electric glass top stove and I hate it. It's difficult to keep clean and scratch free. Electric is just never as good as gas. And the glass broke very easily.

    Reviewed Feb. 3, 2021

    Fairly satisfied with the Frigidaire Range/Oven but I would not choose the flat surface again - the heating surface units leave a mark on the surface. The Oven is excellent - always maintains the set temperature. The settings are easy to set for time & temperature.

    Reviewed Feb. 3, 2021

    The Frigidaire range looked beautifully shiny at first. However, after we started using the stove top we noticed that the glass top easily scratches. After only the first year of use, the stove top looked old and scratched. Also, the glass top lends itself to larger cooking pots shaking and roaming off the designated burners because there is no elevation to those burners. While the oven heats and cooks items well, the downfall of the Frigidaire is the cooktop. It is infuriating to use and to attempt cleaning. Our Frigidaire range looks worn and cheap only after 4 years of use. It is embarrassingly unsightly and difficult to keep larger cooking pots stationary. Those two design flaws are enough for my family to save up enough money to purchase another style of range from another company.

    Reviewed Feb. 2, 2021

    We have owned this stovetop/range for about 2 years and works great. Had to replace one small part but other than that this one is great! I may or may not consider again but great for an electric flat top stove.

    Reviewed Feb. 2, 2021

    I have had this stove for a about 4 - 5 years now and so far so good. I have had no problems with it. It has the glass top, which is relatively easy to clean with one of the commercial cleaners. The oven has been working very well. Overall, so far, it is a great stove.

    Reviewed Feb. 1, 2021

    I really do like this stove and the most important factor - it's self cleaning. It cooks evenly and efficiently and the stove top is easily cleaned. The only one way it could be improved is if it were gas!

    Reviewed Feb. 1, 2021

    I have had Frigidaire Gallery appliances in my last three homes and love the features on all their appliances - they have thought of everything in their designs. My current kitchen range is a Frigidaire Gallery induction stove (my first one of those) and I love it! The heat is so fast and even searing a steak is easy and turns out perfectly - gas or the BBQ have been our preferred ways to cook steak, but now we can cook it perfectly on the induction range! And it is so easy to clean! Between my overall satisfaction with the brand and my excitement with the performance of this stove, I have nothing but good to say about it!

    Reviewed Jan. 31, 2021

    The stove elements do not heat evenly. I'm not sure if we have a lemon, or if this is standard for Frigidaire. I like the overall look of the stove - it's just not the best at functioning... The oven takes a long time to heat.

    Reviewed Jan. 31, 2021

    I had purchased this oven 5 years ago and I am very pleased with its performance over these years. It is easy to keep clean and functional on so many levels. Efficiently heats up and I enjoy the quick boil on the range to get things cooking on a faster pace than normal ranges do.

    Reviewed Jan. 30, 2021

    I grew up using gas stoves with pilot lights. I don't like the electronic ignition. I can't use the oven when the electricity goes out. I've had the oven quit in the middle of cooking a meal and then I lose all that food. I know the pilot lights are considered dangerous but I'd still rather have one. At least I could start a meal and finish it even if the electricity went out.


    Reviewed Jan. 30, 2021

    We have the new Frigidaire induction stove top, slide in range. The oven works like a charm both on regular and air fry. The chicken wings and homemade fries turned out crisp with the air fry function. When baking two trays of cookies, I do not have to rotate halfway through because of excess browning. The self-cleaning feature works very well. Cooking with induction is fantastic. It has the benefits of gas without the dangers. And, because you can always keep a paper towel or parchment underneath your pot or pan, the actual stove top is always clean. The sales rep who steered us towards the Frigidaire induction, who also has one at home, was bang on. It is a great product for a great price.


    Reviewed Jan. 29, 2021

    The stove is electric induction. It warms quickly, but then gets too hot and takes time to cool down. Once something boils over, it is really hard to clean, even with appropriate cleaners. It always looks dirty. Also, the pots used must be flab bottom, for induction (expensive).

    Reviewed Jan. 29, 2021

    Initially I was in love with the ceramic top and double ovens. However, after 3 years of light use the oven is slow to heat and the temperature gauge is inaccurate. I am now baking cakes about 425 instead of 350. The ceramic top is hard to keep free of burnt food around the edge of the burner.


    Reviewed Jan. 29, 2021

    On mine the ignition switch went but at least it took 11 years to go and I was able to buy the part and fix it. On my daughter's the oven control panel went in less than three years and cost $375.00 to fix. More than half the cost of the stove.

    Reviewed Jan. 24, 2021

    This is the 2nd Frigidaire Gallery oven that has malfunctioned. Last weekend our oven completely overheated. The entire range was so incredibly hot. The floor, cabinets and anything around the stove was very hot. The house filled with an electrical type smell and smoke. The bottom inside of the oven became very red. After we were able to unplug the range the inside of the oven is now discolored. Frigidaire did send a repair tech out to look at it. The tech took the back panel off and showed us where the control panel malfunctioned and caught on fire and all the components melted! You can see the smoked area! This caused the oven to not know it was heating up and heating up very hot!

    The tech said the panel could be replaced but did not advise it due to the extreme heat the oven reached and that the oven holds a terrible smell and that the inside is so discolored. I contacted Frigidaire and they now want to send a master tech out! So they can waste more of our time! They want a master tech to repair the oven! The oven cannot not be repaired! It is now ruined inside and we can see that.. We have no idea what else is ruined! This company is terrible to deal with! I would not recommend purchasing anything from them.


    Reviewed Nov. 24, 2020

    I bought Frigidaire electric Stove Model CGEF3039RFA from for my office I hardly use specially oven. In third year Control Board not working. I write to Consumer department and ask them few question regarding control board why this one so expensive even though half the price of new stove. I write some review for their site and they put my reviews down. This answer I got from them ....(Parm, Our staff has read your review and values your contribution even though it did not meet all our website guidelines. Thanks for sharing, and we hope to publish next time!) Please do not buy their stoves. They are cheap products.

    Reviewed Aug. 23, 2020

    I purchased a Frigidaire stove about two years ago. I was in the hallway when I heard a really loud explosion. The oven door (tempered glass) just exploded all over my kitchen. I am thankful I was not in it at the time. There were no cracks in it or anything. It could have killed someone as the glass went all over the kitchen and into the hallway. I will never buy this product again.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed June 15, 2020

    BUYER BEWARE. I purchased a 30" induction cooktop less than 6 weeks ago and the control board assembly has already failed. Getting a replacement part has been nearly impossible. First the contracted repair company did not order the part, and then when I called Frigidaire to get the part shipped to me the agent outright lied and said it would be expedited and it has yet to be shipped out. I could not be more displeased with their customer service and how they've handled this problem I've had with my BRAND NEW cooktop.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed May 18, 2020

    I recently bought this mobile home and this oven was inside already. I registered it and I am in warranty. When I used for the first time I noticed something really weird. I tried to bake something in the oven and the top surface which is metal surface is getting hot and I mean that it's the same temperature we used to bake the food. Literally the top surface is getting so hot that I almost burned my hand and my wife the same. The front door of the oven also is getting very hot from the outside. It's very dangerous for my kids who can anytime burn themselves really bad. It is a very very dangerous product.

    I talked with the support and they scheduled an technician to come. I asked them to replace the item with a newer model since this is discontinued. The technician came. He indeed realized and admitted that this is happening and he said. "I am sorry we can't do anything. You just have to keep your kids away from the oven." I believe that this is not professional answer and nobody would like to have an oven so dangerous and the only thing he did is giving us an advice to keep my kids away. So lock my kids somewhere in the house so they don't burn themselves?

    After a lot of talking with the company that made the those mobile homes and they were talking with Frigidaire, they manage to make them accept to replace the product. When the truck came they brought me the exact same model and product. We asked the lady and she said that this is what the warehouse gave her. So these people don't care and they are not willing to help. I will talk with the mobile home company to get the money from the product back so I can go and buy another brand. I don't recommend this brand to anyone because they just don't care.

    Reviewed March 16, 2020

    I purchase my electric stove in June 2019... I was excited because I had had my other stove since I built my house... I do a lot of baking so it was time. First it seemed like the stove cooked at a hot temp. I called Frigidaire and they asked if I had it delivered or picked it up... Wanted to know if it had been calibrated... I told them I didn't know because I had a friend they proceed to tell me how... I said "No.. You need to send someone out."

    Someone came out and suppose to have calibrate it. However every time I bake a certain pie in the over the butter runs out to the bottom of the oven and smokes up my whole house terrible. It has every caught fire 3 times. I am at my wit's end on what to do. I tried baking less pies at the same time. My point of buying this oven was because it had 3 shelves and was a convection oven... What a waste. What else can be done??? When I am done baking I have butter running out of the front of my oven... WHY??? SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE... This is terrible.

    Customer ServiceCoverage

    Reviewed March 7, 2020

    We had a problem with our electricity usage and exactly it coincides with my purchase of Frigidaire induction range. I expected that the induction range will lower my electricity bill, however, it was the opposite. In order to find out that it’s not, I contacted their customer service and very unfortunately, they will not cover. She said it's not part of the warranty. They gave me a direct number, told me to call them and be charged for the service. How disappointing. Brand new range, 4-5 months, same months where my electricity surge four to five times higher, I wasn’t able to put myself at ease if it’s Frigidaire electric range that is causing it. I believe it's not, so I didn’t call, but still it's unsettled in my mind since this was not eliminated just because Frigidaire warranty will not cover it. I hope that they will make my case an exception and go ahead to check. Hope Frigidaire can do their best to satisfy their customers especially after sales services.

    Customer ServiceCoverage

    Reviewed Feb. 17, 2020

    Why is it that Frigidaire calls every issue you have cosmetic? Just from reading reviews, I'm not the only one having issues. If you purchase a 600.00 range, you hope it will last more than 2 years. Extended warranties don't cover what you would expect either. Why sell a glass top stove that doesn't handle day to day use? Used my self cleaning mode for the first time and when I opened the oven, it was peeling. They said cosmetic!!!! Not a very good company to purchase from. Won't back their product. To beat it all I purchase a package deal with 2 more large appliances. The refrigerator started having issues right away. Wish I had my Kenmore back.

    Reviewed Feb. 16, 2020

    Brand new stove and about the 5th time using it had the glass to explode while I was standing in front of it cooking. Oven was baking fries for about 20 mins when it sounded like a bomb went off. The inside is full of glass.

    Reviewed Feb. 3, 2020

    I have a dual timer on this range meaning I can set two different times, this is an awesome feature, however you cannot hear the timer! I love this appliance BUT I would have never bought it had I heard the timer. They sent out repairman who clearly has dealt with this issue before. So if you are considering this appliance set the timer on the floor model. We call this the engine that cannot. Such a great product if only they would fix this problem with the dual timer!

    Sales & Marketing

    Reviewed Jan. 24, 2020

    My last Frigidaire stove was in great shape after 15 years. Except that the burners began to turn on randomly. Nearly burned my house down. It turned out there was a recall 6 months after my purchase. Frigidaire let me risk my family's life for 15 years. Frigidaire offered me a "rebate" toward a new purchase. Having cooked on induction before I chose induction. I purchased all new cast iron pots and pans to cook on. Frigidaire claims auto sizing of burners to match your pans. The graphic on the top even show three DISTINCT zones on each burner.

    You will be SORRY to know that the ONLY element that works is the 4 or so inch diameter element.... unless you have a pan of the EXACT dimension to cause the larger zone to activate. I mean EXACT. I was just told by their tech that larger or smaller than design will not work at all. There is no actual sizing stated that I can find. I now own USELESS cast iron ware that can not evenly heat at all on the stove. I can not even deep fry as the only heated oil is directly over the small diameter element. A 9 inch indicated ring will not heat an 8.5 inch tangent to surface 10+ inch pan. DO not bother with the GARBAGE that Frigidaire sells. You will be sorry.

    As to the oven... the idiots in engineering decided to place the heating coil in the BACK of the oven instead of bottom, defying thermodynamics and physics. The oven ONLY WORKS in a mode very similar to convection.... So if you want to bake a pizza forget it. IT will not work properly. In fact I get better pizza from my bbq! Baking bread worked great in the oven... as long as I bake my bread INSIDE one of my cast iron pots with the lid on so that the convection does not affect rise. Summation: Garbage functionally, poor engineering, useless auto-sizing and fraud upon its face in advertising. If anyone wants to make a class action I am in!

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Jan. 13, 2020

    I purchased this stove brand new in a factory sealed perfect condition box, which I picked up at Lowes. For 2 and a half months the stove worked as it should. I woke up the other morning and the stove was making a humming sound and I realized that the oven was running even though the display said it was off. I hit the off button repeatedly, open and closed the door several times, and tried all the buttons. The oven wouldn't turn off. I had to unplug it. The oven actually heated my kitchen to 75 degrees on a 35 degree night and my heat was at 62. I'm lucky it didn't burn my house down! I called Frigidaire which was no help! I gave them my model and serial numbers, and was told that my stove was second hand from lowes. Which I know wasn't true. I shop at lowes daily! Being that I'm a contractor. This is the second frigidaire appliance in 3years that is junk and frigidaire won't stand behind their warranty. Shame on your company and CEO!

    Customer ServiceCoverage

    Reviewed Dec. 27, 2019

    Bought the range 4/12/19 and within 3 months the black top on the largest burner has tiny pin marks that looks like are tiny holes. Now the next largest burner is getting the same marks around the edge. We called the Frigidaire customer Service # and were told that was considered cosmetic and was only covered for 1 month! Can you believe that...1 month. Well, last Frigidaire I'll ever own. I always buy Samsung and run. Don't even consider this brand.

    Reviewed Dec. 23, 2019

    We purchased a induction range. After using it for a week or so we notice scratches on the top stainless steel. When we opened the box there was a small scratch. This piece of stainless looks like a weak spot because of the location. It will be hard not to scratch it no matter how careful you are. Not very happy with this situation.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Nov. 21, 2019

    The refridgerator was the first product to go, the ice maker was repaired 5 times and they still could not get it right, after my last call they said sorry it is out of warranty! The stove/slide in range had an element burn out 2 months after the warranty was up and the manufacture said sorry that it is only guaranteed up to the year! I spent over 3600 on the 2 units and have learned a valuable lesson! I should have read other reviews!

    Reviewed Nov. 21, 2019

    Purchased a new range for my elderly mother in late October of 2018. It's been just over a year and the oven door handle came off in her hand when opening the door to check on food in the oven. With the door handle off in her hand, all of a sudden the entire door completely falls apart with the glass crashing to the floor. The handle is plastic with two coarse screws holding it which in my opinion were probably over torqued in the factory (stripped). The crazy thing is, these two screws hold the whole oven door together. This is definitely a horrible design, but more importantly a very dangerous flaw in safety and I would even go as far to say it's outright negligent to sell something with such a blatant safety issue.

    Reading some of other consumers reviews has me also concerned for my mother's safety... especially the reviews I've read about regarding the cook-top turning on by itself. When people can die because of a company's lack of ethics then you have to wonder what the world is coming to. I'm replacing this junk as soon as possible with a company that makes products that they stand behind. Hopefully I can research and find such a company. Stay away from Frigidaire!