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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Frigidaire?
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    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
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    Customer Service

    Reviewed July 25, 2023

    I have been trying to contact Frigidaire and no one answers the phone. My range and dishwasher has marks on them and I bought them last year. The glass on range has marks on it and I do everything right. Also the stainless steel on dishwashers has marks down the front of it. I had a new kitchen put in last summer.

    Trying to contact them but no one gets on the phone. So now I’m trying this way, I’m so upset. I never had something like this happen. Please help me.

    Verified purchase
    Customer Service

    Reviewed July 12, 2023

    Beware that Frigidaire will only repair what they deem functional, not cosmetic! Purchased Frigidaire induction range Jan 2023. Within weeks one of the dashes on the display went out (that indicates the temperature). Not a big deal but since the control panel is electric (no knobs or dials) I worried that if there is a problem with the panel it might affect the controls in the future. Not to mention it's brand new! I called to have it repaired - I could tell they were reading from a script and had no idea what they were talking about, and their only goal was to NOT send a tech out. I was told to troubleshoot? (no instruction given) and then to wait a week to see if the problem fixes itself and call back...

    Of course the display did not fix itself, so I called back and was told if it's a cosmetic problem I will be charged for the service call. I called 3x before they agreed to send a technician. The tech was GREAT, the only reason I gave 3 stars instead of 1. He ordered me a new panel and when he returned it took him 10 minutes to replace the panel. The lesson basically have to bend the truth and say the function & performance is affected otherwise they won't help you.

    Customer ServicePrice

    Reviewed June 26, 2023

    I bought a Frigidaire Gallery induction/convection oven in February. The induction cooktop is Ok but the (allegedly) convection oven either burns or leaves raw. The reason is - there is no heater behind the convection fan, and the heat from the base does not circulate properly. Having bought this oven I found that Frigidaire make a (more expensive) range identical except that it includes the heating element behind the fan. They call this 'true convection.' Shame they didn't label the 'false convection' version.

    This range has now started changing the oven temperature setting when the timer is set. Example; the oven is cooking at 375. I put on the timer for 10 minutes and the oven temperatures sets at 10 and the oven switches off. When I reset the oven to 375 the heating element comes on and burns whatever is cooking in the oven. This is an intermittent fault, at first I thought it was something I had done, but it is now happening more often. I telephoned the Frigidaire repair service. After going through the menu, I was informed that they were too busy to take my call and I should go to their website. No offer to call back.

    Verified purchase

    Reviewed June 2, 2023

    Our tenant heard a loud boom sounds like a gunshot but found out our Frigidaire electric range just shattered. There is a lot of people who experience it and Frigidaire cannot doing anything about it! My oven is only 3 and 1/2 years old.

    Verified purchase

    Reviewed May 30, 2023

    Please do not buy Frigidaire products!! I purchased Frigidaire oven/microwave combo unit in October 2021 for $2300 and after 1 year warranty expired. This unit stopped working due to faulty Magnetron in the microwave which caused a hole in the cavity. I asked Frigidaire authorized repair company to come out and they said that this unit can not be repaired. I spent $2300 for this unit to fail just after 1 year. I contacted Frigidaire and they offered 10% rebate towards a new unit purchase. This company is bad and they refuse to back their products. Please stay away from Frigidaire!!!!


    Reviewed May 30, 2023

    Have you ever seen a 50 year-old oven still working and has the enamel coating intact? Well, I have. That is why I was so shocked that after six years my new (to me) electric oven was rusting on the bottom (just above the heating element). This means, to me, that they don't make the coating heat proof enough. I don't use the oven that much, have kept it wiped clean with a damp cloth, and only used the self clean option once. This was the first new oven I have every purchased and it was not cheap. I am angry and saddened that Frigidaire put out such an inferior product and I will never purchase a Frigidaire again.


    Reviewed Feb. 19, 2023

    I received a slide in Frigidaire range for Christmas 2022. I said I wanted Frigidaire specifically because I own 3 kitchen appliances since 2005! Never a problem. I only got a new stove cause I dropped a bowl on my glass top and cracked it. First range was bought in November for my December surprise. Well bent and gaps and heating issues. Lowe’s was nice enough to exchange. Received 2nd one, no bends or gaps, however, horrible heating issues. Heats too hot. Then after 20 mins the temp drops to low. I can’t bake anything!!! The outside is dark brown and inside is raw on a toothpick! We are in the process of videoing and sending our complaints to Frigidaire. I guess it’s true, they don’t make things like they used to. By the way, the slide in range was $1099.00. In no way is this Range worth a penny!

    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceInstallation & Setup

    Reviewed Feb. 15, 2023

    I recently purchased a Frigidaire 4 piece kitchen appliance order from Home Depot, unfortunately for me I purchased the appliances before my kitchen was completed, long story short, after the stove was installed the stove top didn’t work, I called Home Depot and they couldn’t do anything about it since you have to report a problem within 48 of delivery, I called Frigidaire and 5 days later a technician came out to look at it, just so happens the wiring harnesses under the stovetop was damaged due to manufacturer, technician ordered the parts and now have to wait another week for technicians from A&E to come replace the parts. (There were 2 parts technician ordered. 1 came today and other 1 isn’t coming in till after the technician was supposed to come back).

    I’ve been without a stovetop for over 2 weeks and I just think it's unbelievable that this stove couldn’t be replaced. They say because it’s repairable, sure it’s repairable but to make the consumer wait over 2 weeks for it to be repaired is incomprehensible. Will never buy appliances from Home Depot and and if I ever buy another appliance it won’t be a Frigidaire brand. So thumbs down to Home Depot and Frigidaire.

    Reviewed Jan. 4, 2023

    No one was in the room at the time when this happened except for myself hand washing bottles when the oven door smashed itself out in the front. Glass everywhere. I have a 10 month old and a 5 year old in a different room. The company won't replace their mistake. Don't buy. Keep your family safe.

    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceCoveragePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Dec. 27, 2022

    The way you can tell about how good a company is how they handle issues that come up. I understand that things can happen. But a reasonable company would resolve those issues fairly. That is not the case here. My 84 year old mom who is an outstanding cook finally got her dream kitchen and decided to put it a Frigidaire wall oven. Within a few months the lining of the range began to peel off, not just a few flakes, the entire lining. After numerous calls over months a service repair man requested by Frigidaire came out and said it was not repairable and needed to be replaced.

    Several more phone later and they could not locate the report that was sent in by the service man. So many excuses. "The system was down" said Ethan multiple times we called. Then they couldn't locate the report. Another month later November 1, 2022 Anne ** says she finally found report and we could move forward with replacement. An email would confirm this. It never came. November 16, Dequan said he couldn't find any report. He said to contact Tech Line. November 22, 2022 spoke with Jeff who said none of this was covered by warranty. That it was just cosmetic. He said "it still works doesn't it?" When asked to speak with a supervisor he said no, there was nothing they could do. Called back to get a different representative and they said a supervisor would call back. Guess what....still no call.

    BTW, the service company said they emailed all the information multiple times to Frigidaire each time they said it was lost. So this is how they treat you. They got my mom's money so no one cares. Ethan, Anne **, Dequan, and Jeff don't care, it's not their mom. Can't even get to a supervisor or a return call. Frigidaire is worse than Comcast and that is saying a lot. Horrible product and worse customer service.

    Verified purchase
    Customer Service

    Reviewed Nov. 4, 2022

    First range was delivered damaged. Second one doesn’t work properly (smokes, turns off during cooking) and I have been dealing with them for 2 months trying to get it fixed. The supervisors hang up on you. They don’t even know how to do their jobs. I will never buy a Frigidaire appliance of any kind ever again based on the lack of customer service.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Oct. 26, 2022

    Bought the Frigidaire smooth top electric range in white a year and a half ago. The white glass door gets too hot and/or the quality of the material used on the door does not hold up to the heat. I started to get ugly brown burn marks on the outer part of the oven door and right under the left stove knob where the steam vent is located. The outside of the door gets unusually hot, and the burn marks get darker and darker. Also, the on light will not turn off so my oven/stove always looks on, and I must feel for the heat to make sure it is truly off.

    Lastly, a few days ago, the oven handle completely fell off. I can't tell if the heat compromised its integrity or if the plastic is just too cheap and the screw eventually wore it down. We have been very gentle on the stove. These issues are potentially very dangerous and very disappointing of Frigidaire after only a year and a half of gentle use. Customer service only schooled me on how I don't deserve any compensation because I did not buy the extended warranty. They couldn't have cared less about the safety issues.

    Customer ServiceOnline & App

    Reviewed Oct. 19, 2022

    The oven on my Frigidaire stove exploded. I had just turned it on (5min) if that. Glass went everywhere and it threw glass everywhere in my kitchen including all over me. I called customer service and the man took some information and transferred me to a vet RUDE woman who said my stove was not registered. I told her my mother had purchased it for me as a gift less than a year ago. She said I need to contact a repair service. I said, "Is it still under warranty?" She said NO and hung up. I didn’t get to do their call survey as I requested either due to the disconnect. I went to review them on their website and it won’t let you review. So, I did a search for their physical address and filed a complaint in BBB. Do not buy any of their products.

    Reviewed Sept. 24, 2022

    The stove I bought has been a disappointment from the beginning. A small pot of water takes minutes to boil. Cleaning is difficult: it looks always greasy and dirty. Terrible material. One of the burner is not working anymore. The grill is below which is difficult to place a tray or something to grill; you risk to burn yourself. I will never purchase a Frigidaire. Ever.

    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceCoverage

    Reviewed Sept. 12, 2022

    My stove is 1 year and 2 months old. The glass blew out of the stove when doing the self cleaning. Thankfully no one was hurt. I called company and they said they can't help because of the warranty was out dated. This should be automatically covered because it is a safety issue.


    Reviewed Aug. 2, 2022

    The oven which was not used for two days just randomly shattered spitting glass pieces everywhere in the kitchen. Someone could have been seriously injured if they were around. Based on some research, this is a common defect and very dangerous. This happened about two years after purchasing it and my warranty won't cover it but the company does not care about the dangerous aspect of seriously injuring consumers and about recalling it. Purchase their stove at your own risk.

    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceOnline & App

    Reviewed July 28, 2022

    It was a great range, but just one year and one month after purchasing this range, it stopped working. Frigidaire won't respond to messages sent through the "Contact Us" section on the website and no one will pick up the telephone either. Convenient how it broke just after the manufacturer warranty was up. Never buying Frigidaire products again.

    Reviewed July 15, 2022

    I have a Frigidaire range that is 4 years old. The glass in the oven door exploded a couple of nights ago. Literally exploded with a bang that sounded like a gunshot, and sprayed glass all over my kitchen. The glass even flew as far as my living room. I have contacted Frigidaire and they said that since it’s out of warranty, it’s my responsibility to pay for repairs for “functional failures.” A functional failure. That’s how they describe part of their oven exploding all over my kitchen. Do not purchase products from this company. They are unsafe. And obviously Frigidaire doesn’t care of their products are dangerous to consumers.

    Verified purchase
    Customer Service

    Reviewed June 11, 2022

    First of all - the stove top is not easy to clean and the larger burner takes 15-20 minutes to boil water. The oven takes forever to preheat (30 minutes to reach 400*). Lastly - my oven door just exploded all over my kitchen while my entire family and our two little dogs were mere feet away! Frigidaire customer service is horrible and told me that it is out of warranty so it's our problem. (The oven is 3 years and 6 days old!!) I reported this item to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. No one should EVER fear exploding hot glass all over their kitchen. I will NEVER purchase a Frigidaire product again. It's one thing for a product to malfunction, but it's a totally different circumstance when a company has no integrity and will not stand behind their products. We have always purchased Frigidaire (this is our third set) but we will never again support such an unethical company.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed June 2, 2022

    We purchased the Frigidaire Stove Oven Model GCRE3060AF 22 April 2022 and installed 29 April 2022. We have all new Green Pan pots and pans with smooth heating surfaces. We noticed about a week ago that there are several deep scratches in the stove top from only light use. When we explained this to the service dept they said that it is only cosmetic and can only be replaced under warranty during the first 30 days after purchase. I explained that the issue is not just cosmetic but what appears to be a manufacturing flaw in the quality of the glass and this happened in just over a month. The service dept reiterated that it is only cosmetic and they would not replace it. After a second call a sensible service rep understood the issue and ordered a warranty replacement. As a note..the service tech that arrived to inspect the top was adamant about the warranty policies regardless of the probability of a flaw in the manufacturing.

    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceStaffReliability

    Reviewed May 10, 2022

    The policy of Frigidaire is that if something is damaged or defective, you need to report it within 48 hours of delivery. If you don't, they will not replace it and it must be repaired. I purchased a range which is clearly defective but because I did not know this within the 48 hours, (it was between 48-72 hours) I have to have it serviced. The oven buzzes loudly and vibrates on heating, and does not shut off. The indicator lights go off, but the oven itself is actually still on. There may be other defects but since I cannot use it, who knows? I had to shut the breaker off.

    The Home Depot, where I bought it has no appliance repair staff. They sell a product with this kind of policy and have no means of repair. They are horrible to deal with. Frigidaire at least has some nice people in customer service who try to help. They found a repair service miles away and the first available opening is in July, 2 months away. I don't expect the service person will have appropriate parts or even show up. I am a senior citizen. I live with my disabled brother. We are on a fixed income. Besides a toaster and a microwave, we have no means to cook anything. Home Depot doesn't care. I would advise all of you to write to your representatives in Congress. Many of our consumer protections have been weakened, and this is unacceptable. It's about profits and as consumers we must let lawmakers know that this cannot continue. Besides that, file complaints with your state Better Business Bureau, and your state consumer protection agency. This is unacceptable.

    Verified purchase
    Installation & Setup

    Reviewed May 5, 2022

    This is an 8-month old bi-monthly used oven. I baked a chicken breast at 400o for 20 minutes. I have done this a couple times before using same baking dish placed on top rack of oven. After cooking I removed the chicken to test for doneness, turned oven off and returned it to stay warm for a bit. Upon closing the oven door the outer tempered glass exploded sending glass everywhere across tiled floor with a few small slivers lodging on my feet. I was shaken, lost my appetite, and left returning the following morning to deal with the mess.

    Several hours later glass has been removed from door before it broke apart again, swept up from floor and underneath range. and manually dug out of hard to reach crevices. I could not vacuum it up. - I’ve had 4 ice-makers installed in 8 months and I have a grandson who cooks his tools in the oven, Will it take 4 explosions like the 4 ice makers to get things right, and possibly hurting someone? This, I hope, is a one-off. Still, this is negligence by Frigidaire that is inexcusable.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed April 5, 2022

    Bought a new Frigidaire oven model FFEH3054US on July 28th 2021 paid $1143.74 , it broke in January 2022, so less than 1 year old still under factory warranty, I called to schedule repair service, they came out and said they have to order a part to fix it, no problem things happen right. Well it's now April 5th 2022 and I have been told a week ago the part is “no longer available” after 6 phone calls and multiple chat sessions, I still have a broken new oven, it's clear after speaking to multiple people at their service helpline that they just don’t care about making it right. They are very good at giving you the runaround! BTW they ask me to post a review on their Frigidaire site and I was honest not rude about having trouble getting my oven fixed, they blocked it saying it didn’t meet their criteria, so be wary of reviews on their site because they are clearly manipulated.

    Reviewed March 10, 2022

    With an electric range, Frigidaire alternates between full on (Red hot) and off to get a Medium heat.. It's the stupidest design I can imagine. I've scalded a few pans because of that. I don't recommend their electric ranges at all!


    Reviewed Feb. 11, 2022

    Purchased stove Feb. 2021, from Lowe's. Caught fire Dec 24, 2021. Under warranty. Neither would replace. EVERY repairman said it should be replaced. Faulty wiring from manufacturer. Frigidaire refused, kept sending wrong parts, 5 boxes and 3 bags of parts! NEVER the right part needed. Went through torture dealing with this company without a stove for 7 weeks. DO NOT BUY FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES. WARRANTY NO GOOD!!!!


    Reviewed Feb. 4, 2022

    Purchased a Frigidaire electric range from a big box store. Took it home, plugged it up, turned it on and it smell and smoked. didn’t think much of it, though it was just manufacturing smell burning off. As use went on, it got worse instead of better! Last time it was used, thought it was going to burn down the house! Attempted SEVERAL times to contact Frigidaire and it is a hopeless venture.

    First gal we spoke with, could not understand because she has chickens clucking in the background! They set up appointments with some CRAP company called A&E appliance repair and after taking 3 days off work to have them come look at the stove, they kept cancelling and I haven’t seen them yet… 3 weeks without a stove to cook on. Please, before you try & purchase an appliance from a big box store, check the return policy… You may be surprised at what you find out about these businesses now days! If you buy it…it’s YOURS and if it has “FRIGIDAIRE” on it, stay away from it at all costs!!!


    Reviewed Nov. 24, 2021

    I have a gallery induction range. It's almost 2 years old and a few months ago noticed the stainless finish coming off under the oven handle where it attaches to the oven door on both sides. Clled manufacturer. They said it's cosmetic and not covered under extended warranty. Called selling dealer. They won't do anything. The dealer previously helped us with a gallery fridge that had a problem with rollers on the crisper drawers that was not covered. Happy with dealer but unhappy with quality and customer care from Frigidaire.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Nov. 19, 2021

    My new range has a double fast boil burner, Ok reply. Love this, no more long waits for water to boil. Also has the air fry feature in stove and there are no coils on the bottom of the stove to interfere with wipe up little drips. So far, there is nothing I am not happy with. Thought I might not like black cooking top, thought it might be hard to clean, but have not found that to be the case. Really love my new stove.

    Punctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Nov. 5, 2021

    Flat glass top Frigidaire cooktop and range. LOVE it. Top includes 4 burners, 2 with multi pan size heating elements and warming ring. Oven has both regular and convection cooking plus air fryer. Only minor complaint is that almost anything I cook on cooktop leaves marks so requires polishing after almost every use. But cooktop heats quickly. Warning light lets you know there is a hot burner until it has cooled completely


    Reviewed Nov. 4, 2021

    I recently bought a refrigerator glass top stove. I have owned it for a year now. The oven control switch has burned out twice. Each time I order one. No matter the quality or price it does the same thing. The stove works beautifully when it's working. Unfortunately for me I'm on disability and I fixed income. I've purchased two control switch in the last year on a quarter or year and a half and it's getting damn expensive to have a repairman to come out to replace this switch at my cost.

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