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Dacor is the innovator of the most stylish premium American-made kitchen appliances that provide a luxury ownership experience for those who are passionate about the details of gourmet cooking. Since its inception in 1965, Dacor has been owned and run by three generations of the Joseph family. Originally named Distinctive Appliances Incorporated, the company is responsible for many industry firsts, including the 30” self-cleaning Pure Convection™ wall oven, a drop-in cooktop with continuous grates, an outdoor grill with halogen lights and the first professional dual-fuel range with sealed burners. Today, Dacor utilizes the expertise and heritage of a third generation, family-owned company to provide exquisitely designed luxury appliances.

Dacor was established on the principles of innovation, style, performance and craftsmanship. The company manufactures three luxury product series – the innovative Discovery™ Series, the intelligent Renaissance® Series and the essential Distinctive™ Series – to fit the needs of discerning home chefs. Dacor is committed to reducing the energy demands of its operations, maximizing the efficiency of its products and implementing environmentally sustainable business practices.

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400 Dacor Appliances Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Rated with 2 starsResolution In Progress
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 8, 2018

As I have read in most of the reviews, we have also experienced the control panel on our 30 inch dual range cracking over the years. We were told not to replace it because it would continue to happen. Ok, lived with that... Now something new has started to happen, the plastic handle on the oven door and surrounding area has started to melt. It got so bad after a self clean that it is collapsing. Now there isn’t much of a seal at all when the door closes. The stove isn’t brand new, but this has to be a fire hazard, and consequently, now the oven will not even turn on. I’ve reached out to Dacor with no response yet. I’m done with this company!

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Rated with 1 starResolution In Progress
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 24, 2018

Updated on 11/29/2018: Further to my recent review of my Dacor wall oven, I went to a high-end appliance store yesterday to research replacements for my microwave, oven, warming drawer installation (so, yay, I get to spend $13,000-plus to replace items I have had for only eight years). I cannot verify the accuracy of this, but the salesman explained the problem. For a period of time, Dacor and Viking used the same third-party supplier for their relay boards. Unbeknownst to the companies, the supplier substituted a part that was later discovered to be defective. Unfortunately, all replacement relay boards contain this part, so the problem will recur repeatedly, as many on this site have discovered.

As bad as the cost of periodically replacing the board is, the unreliability of the oven is worse. As happened last time, mine works OK sometimes, burns everything other times, and struggles to get to the desired temperature other times. And because the behaviour is unpredictable, it cannot be reliably recreated when a repairman visits. I have had one email from Dacor and I responded with the information requested, then nothing. I suspect that they know they cannot fix the issue in a permanent way, so they're just hoping all of us with this defective part will just go away. It looks like newer models that look like mine are still available, but I refuse to pay $5,000 on the off-chance that it has a better relay board. I am looking at Miele replacements.

Original Review: I have had two Dacor wall oven, microwave, warming drawer installations. The first one was only a couple of years old when we moved, and I'd had to replace the microwave, but I put it down to a power surge in the house after an outage. I have now had the same set in my new house since 2010. I have had to replace the microwave again, but not because of a power surge. It just stopped working. The oven has been a complete nightmare. The probe broke and although I had it repaired, it never worked properly, but the worse problem is that I am about to have to replace the electronic board for the SECOND TIME.

When the problem occurs, the oven heats up to the setting but the element just stays on. I all but ruined an expensive cut of meat on the weekend – with company coming, no less – and just had to throw out a batch of muffins. I am considering tearing out the whole installation and getting another brand that doesn't destroy my food. It would probably be cheaper than having to fix the oven every year or two and replace the microwave periodically. These appliances are garbage.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 2, 2018

I remodeled a kitchen in a high end house and so wanted nice appliances. I had KitchenAid (which I'd had a lot of issues with) for about 16 years. (Since I built the house - the fridge was rebuilt 3 times.) While looking for which appliances to use we were at an open house and a chef was cooking and giving a talk on the Dacor ovens in it. So... I reviewed a lot, liked what I read, and chose Dacor. I love them, the cook quality, the features, all of it. BUT my double oven had issues from the start. An annoyance at first with the built in Android but I didn't complain a lot. Move forward 1.5 years and the Android tablet built into it would freeze and not restart without throwing a jumper on fuse box.

I called Dacor and they gave me a number of options, disable the Android because of a known issue and get $500 back, or - return the oven for full credit and they'd pay to have it removed (1.5 years later... c'mon that's pretty awesome), or - pay $500 and move to the newest higher end model with steam cooking. Wow, talk about stand by your product! I've never seen this before with an appliance manufacturer/vendor. Certainly wasn't my experience with KitchenAid. Anyway I'm an advocate even though I had a problem and thought they deserved credit here.

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Rated with 1 starResolution In Progress
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 26, 2018

I have a induction Dacor stovetop. It's stopped working and blinks an error code. Called customer service who didn't know what the code meant. I was told my model was 2015 which the rep said was "old." It was installed in 2017. All they would offer was cheaper replacement parts if I paid for someone to come and figure out what the problem was and install the parts. I was told the replacement parts were "not cheap though." I was told that because we're the second owner of the house they couldn't fix it under warranty (even though it should be covered under warranty) because they couldn't say how it was used before (commercially or residentially). Give me a break!

It gives me almost no confidence in getting this thing fixed. Warranty is a joke and customer service is terrible. So far I had to leave a voicemail for the reps next level who will call me back after the weekend. I'm waiting to see what (if anything) they will do but from the first rep. I don't have a lot of confidence in their products.

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Customer increased Rating by 4 stars!
Verified Reviewer
Resolution response: Nov. 8, 2018

The company, Dacor, contacted me after i posted this review. I am pleased to say that they were prompt in fixing the issue. We couldn't be happier.

Original review: Oct. 15, 2018

I purchased a new Induction CookTop on boxing day 2016. I received my permits to build my house so I started shopping around and purchasing appliances. Last week my home was finally built and ready to move into. My electrician hooked up the induction cooktop and 2 of the 5 burners do not work. Dacor told me that there is only a 1-year warranty on the item. I explained that it has zero hours on it and that it's brand new, I even offered to send photos of the kitchen, that still doesn't have a range hood fan or doors on the cabinets as of yet, to prove to them that it's a new home. They didn't want to see them and they want me to pay out of my own pocket to fix the appliance. I am appalled not only in regards to how I was treated but also to the fact that the cooktop doesn't work, out of the box. I will never buy another Dacor item and I will go out of my way to tell people about my experience.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 28, 2018

We purchased Dacor appliances twice, (double ovens, warming drawer and gas cooktop), after our first flood, and then again, after we flooded from Hurricane Harvey. (Dacor's customer service was excellent in helping us replace all our appliances when we were going through such a horrific disaster because the vendor we purchased our appliance from the first time, wasn't in business anymore.) We were very satisfied with our appliances the first time we remodeled, that we purchased them again, and have not had any problems. The ovens heat up quicker than other high-end ovens and the range top cooks evenly and looks beautiful. I would purchase again, but hopefully, I won't have to.

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Rated with 1 star
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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 10, 2018

48 in. Range - Wish I had read reviews first would NEVER have purchased Dacor. Paid almost 11,000.00 for a range so many issues they replaced it. New range came with 7 defects. It has been over a month and nothing has been done about it. Everyone keeps passing the buck and I am sitting with an high end expensive product and no help from Dacor. I am being very patient but also very frustrated at this point.

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Rated with 2 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 21, 2018

I installed this Dacor 30" Warming Oven as part of a chef's kitchen 15 years ago. For about ten years it worked very well - and then the temperature regulator failed. I had it repaired at a significant cost because they no longer made a replacement part for the original, but fortunately my repairman was able to find alternate parts. It has now failed for the second time and I fear that I will have to trash it for want of a tiny, inexpensive part. EVERY OTHER HIGH-END APPLIANCE THAT I INSTALLED WITH THIS IS STILL WORKING PERFECTLY. I am very disappointed with Dacor - their products should be more dependable and have parts available for MANY years. This was a custom installation and I hope I can find another drawer that will fit - to which I will be able to attach my present unreplaceable cabinetry door.

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Rated with 2 starsResolution In Progress
Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 18, 2018

When we recently remodeled our kitchen, we replaced our Dacor double ovens that we had had for 15 years. These were great ovens and not one problem with fairly heavy use, so we bought the Dacor Modernist double ovens. The ovens are usable, but they are the worst engineered product I have ever experienced. First, there is no clock on the stove because as I was told the clock would etch the screen if it was on 24 hours a day. Second, the sound the timer makes is so soft, even on the loudest setting, cannot be heard in any room but the kitchen, so I paid a premium price to carry a timer with me, so I know when my oven is done baking. Third, if I turn the oven light on, the timer either stops completely, or it resets to the original time. Fourth, the oven buzzes when it is cooking. Fifth the user manual is useless and there is no video or online information on how to use this oven that is not user friendly.

Finally, I have talked to Dacor and have had the repair person here, but he knew nothing about this oven. I am sorry every time that I use this oven that I did not buy my other choice, which was the Woof double ovens, but we thought this would be wonderful product, like the wonderful product that our previous ovens were. We also thought Dacor was a family company, but is now owned by Samsung. What a disappoint these ovens have been. The engineering for this product is a disgrace for any company and I no longer see the Modernist products advertised and it may be because it is such a poorly designed product. I never met a computer that I did not love, but this is not the electronic wonder that was advertised when we bought the ovens.

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Rated with 1 star
profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 7, 2018

We bought this oven and had it installed a month ago. I'd love to love it, but unfortunately I don't even like it. Immediately after installation I noticed the touchpad for the bottom oven didn't work. I called Dacor and spent quite a bit of time while someone did the standard "is the power on" run through. I was told someone would have to call me back in the morning, at 9 am. The next day at 10 am having not heard a word, I called back. I was given the option to be called back ("you won't lose your place, and our first rep...") Great! Nope. Four hours later still nothing. I called back again. Someone answered quickly and after a short call arranged for a service person to come out in a few days.

Fast forward a few days and the serviceman arrives. He's clearly never seen this kind of oven. He calls Dacor and talks to their troubleshooting department. They decide the motherboard is bad and reorder. Well, it's been 10 days. *crickets*. There is no sense of urgency... In fact nobody even seems to care that my $7500.00 oven doesn't work and the microwave literally can't even pop popcorn. I would expect the company to rush delivery of the part. If need be replace the whole oven and figure out what is wrong with the motherboard on your own time. What I didn't expect is for literally everyone involved in the process of choosing and buying the appliance to not be able to find a solution. I give my new oven 1 star out of 10, because it looks nice. I'd rather have an oven that doesn't have a "smart" feature and actually works. FAIL Dacor.

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