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About Dacor Appliances

Dacor is the innovator of the most stylish premium American-made kitchen appliances that provide a luxury ownership experience for those who are passionate about the details of gourmet cooking. Since its inception in 1965, Dacor has been owned and run by three generations of the Joseph family. Originally named Distinctive Appliances Incorporated, the company is responsible for many industry firsts, including the 30” self-cleaning Pure Convection™ wall oven, a drop-in cooktop with continuous grates, an outdoor grill with halogen lights and the first professional dual-fuel range with sealed burners. Today, Dacor utilizes the expertise and heritage of a third generation, family-owned company to provide exquisitely designed luxury appliances.

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Dacor Appliances Reviews

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Verified purchase
Customer Service

Reviewed Jan. 2, 2023

Our builder and us purchased a $16,000 appliance package from Dacor. After a few months, our induction cook top stopped heating. We contacted customer service, and after three months, three visits, and being bounced around on the phone for hours waiting for people to call us back (which never happens), it is still not fixed or replaced. I would never suggest someone to purchase these appliances. First, because of the appliances, unreliability, and second for the horrible customer service.

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Customer ServiceStaffReliability

Reviewed Nov. 1, 2022

We remodeled our kitchen last year and our interior designer specified Dacor as a "high end" product. We purchased a new Dacor 36" refrigerator (DRR36980RAP) and 24" freezer last year for about $14,000. They were installed about a year ago. Save your money and do not purchase Dacor refrigerators. They do not work, and customer service leaves you hanging. In mid-October 2022, two problems developed. First, the refrigerator door started opening on its own. Worse, the refrigerator stopped cooling and the interior temperature was over 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The service tech told my wife that the door opening was caused by a defective circuit board. He came back on October 28 to address the lack of cooling. He told me the refrigerator didn't function because there was a leak in the system which carried the chemical that cools the refrigerator.

As a result of this defect, he explained that the refrigerator was incapable of maintaining proper temperature. He told me it would take 3-4 hours to "fix" this problem, as he would need to disassemble the unit and use a welding torch to replace the entire defective system. He did not have time in his schedule to repair that day, and his next available appointment was not until 11/9. I contacted Dacor and told the "concierge" this solution was not acceptable. We paid $14000 for a new refrigerator and freezer, not one that after one year needs a major part removed and a new one welded into place.

On October 28, I told the concierge that I wanted the defective refrigerator to be replaced. Having received no response from her, I contacted Dacor that afternoon and spoke with Kendrick. He told me I would either hear from Dacor either that day or early next week. I am still waiting for that call as of Tuesday afternoon. As things now stand, I have no working refrigerator and customer service is ignoring me and my broken refrigerator. I expected more from the high end line of Samsung products. Very disappointing.

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Reviewed Oct. 19, 2022

I could write a small novel about the experience with my two Dacor Renaissance kitchen stoves. I purchased a 30" Renaissance and a 36" Renaissance stove with a combined cost of $14,000. Pro====Beautiful to look at- they looked amazing in our historic stone house renovation in Vermont. Con====A nightmare- full stop. I am putting these two stoves out on the curb. They look perfect YET have literally no value. These stoves had door hinge issues, oven temperature issues and now have no ability to be serviced. No techs- no parts- no appliance dealers carrying them anymore.

Avoid- please. We have the ability to replace these stoves and should have already. Instead I kept thinking we could find a solution- even put in a baking kitchen off our house during the pandemic- so silly now that I look back. If I can save one person from buying a Dacor product, I would sleep better. I wish I had never seen them.

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Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupSales & Marketing

Reviewed Sept. 20, 2022

BEWARE! There is not one inch of stainless steel on this Dacor cooktop, despite its name and its owner's manual both claiming it is "Stainless Steel." But as soon as you clean it with "an approved stainless steel cleaner," as the manual advises, you will see scratches and distortions appear on what they claim is stainless steel. Using the same cleaner on my actual stainless steel appliances makes them shine and does no damage, so Dacor is 100% fraudulent with this product. And I just spent over $2,000 on this cooktop and installation for my new home, and it looks like trash after the first week. Even the Samsung/Dacor tech who came out on a service call told me, "This isn't really stainless steel, it is only a kind of finish." Sadly, Dacor will do nothing to help and they take no responsibility for false advertising. And they continue to lie to customers and advertise it as "Dacor Transitional 36" Stainless Steel Natural Gas Cooktop." Lousy product + lying company = the Dacor experience.

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Verified purchase
Customer Service

Reviewed Sept. 9, 2022

I redid my kitchen in 2019 and ordered a whole Dacor package because I liked the steam oven function in the 48" modernist range, the look and the feel of the appliances which felt sturdy, and the sleek system additions. The refrigerator in particular was beautiful inside with a camera and glass and stainless interior which looked and felt much better than the subzero. HOWEVER, my oven broke within a year, I couldn't use anything but the range-top because when Dacor sent someone to fix it under warranty the tech broke the whole system and it took another 11 months before the issue was resolved by replacing my entire range.

Customer service was non-existent, and I had to call and sit through hours on hold every single week for 10 months. My fridge broke twice in the last 2 years needing new parts and spoiling everything inside each time. Again, customer service was impossible, and it took months each time to get parts and labor and have the unit up and running properly and then it would break again. I will never get another Dacor product. We also had the dishwasher which didn't clean anything and I replaced that within months of owning it. Spend a little more and buy Wolf/Sub Zero!

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Verified purchase
Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupOnline & App

Reviewed Aug. 30, 2022

Buyer beware! The Dacor 4 door refrigerator, model # DRF427500AP falsely lists wifi capabilities with a camera. Specifically listed under the product features "IQ Remoteview Camera and IQ Remote Diagnostics (wifi). It is also in the actual product manual, however, after purchasing and having the fridge installed, I was unable to connect. I called Dacor customer service and was told this refrigerator does NOT have the ability to connect to an app or wifi. In disbelief, I called the SmartThings service line (the Samsung app) and was also told this refrigerator is not capable of being connected to the app. Dacor FALSELY ADVERTISES wifi and camera connectivity.

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Verified purchase
Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed March 19, 2022

My Dacor wall oven does not heat. It is 6 years old and barely used. The technician is waiting for Dacor to get back to them to fix the problem. The technician has done everything they can and it has been four months and Dacor is not responding to fix the issue as it's a Dacor problem not a technician problem. (It's a control interface issue, the relay board communicating with machine is not working properly.) I have done my own investigation and they do not reply to customer service e-mails, there is no phone number to talk to someone who could help, just a receptionist who says after 7 years we don't fix Dacor. Again, my oven is 6 years old. I would not purchase this high end product or any product from Dacor ever again.

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Reviewed Feb. 1, 2022

Updated on 06/15/2022: The column fridge has Broken again after only two months of it being repaired. I have now been out of a fridge for two weeks making it a total of 16 weeks that I am out of the fridge in less than two years. It obviously is a lemon yet Dacor won't acknowledge this and after eight service calls is still trying to repair it. Do not buy an appliance from Dacor!

Original Review: I have an Dacor column fridge and after 18 mths (under warrant), it's not cooling. It's been 3 weeks, 2 repair visits and I'm still out of fridge. Repair person said this is a known issue. If this is the case, Dacor should be proactive and reaching out to consumers under warranty to get this fixed instead of waiting for complaints. Interior trim kit is not included in purchase price which is ridiculous for the price of this fridge. Would not recommend!

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Customer Service

Reviewed Jan. 5, 2022

I bought this beautiful range and choose Dacor but when we used the Green Clean on it the enamel pealed off a spot on the bottom of the oven a 2x4 inch patch. Now Dacor say that this is cosmetic and will not honor their warranty. I have been calling them daily because they do not call me. Their service sucks.

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Customer ServicePrice

Reviewed Dec. 2, 2021

We did a full reno on our house starting in 2018. With a brand new kitchen we felt higher end appliances would help finish it off nicely. We settled on Dacor from our appliance dealer due to the look a past history of great reviews. Had we known that the original Dacor no longer existed and it was now Samsung with Dacor nameplate we never would have bought them. We have had 15+ service calls for the fridge and oven. Oven didn't work from day one and required multiple board changes. The interior is not level so you can't bake a cake and the racks are impossible to remove without bending the rails. It just failed again last night just as the warranty expired. The call center is in the Caribbean so don't expect any help from "customer service". The ice maker with the fridge is a continual problem so we had to buy an $100 ice maker that now sits on our counter full time. These appliances have a high end price tag but are not high end!

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Reviewed Nov. 26, 2021

My wife and spend $12k on a new Dacor range/oven 15 years ago. The range works well, the LED lights on the gas knobs needed changed once in a while, the oven door wouldn’t close properly and the heat in the oven wasn’t distributed evenly. All that we could live with. Then the oven died. The repair technician ordered the part. Samsung don’t make it anymore. We are now left with no oven. So we have spent $800 a year on a Dacor range that now doesn’t work. Thanks Dacor… or Samsung?

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Customer Service

Reviewed Nov. 22, 2021

Range worked great for 5 years then stopped working. Normal use 2-3 per week with regular scheduled maintenance. Oven stopped working, called for service and was informed they don't make the parts anymore, which is "typical" for Dacor according to several service techs. On a 5 year unit. Ridiculous. Will never buy Dacor again.

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed Nov. 10, 2021

Purchased this item as a Open box item from NFM and it was supposed to have a 1-year warranty on the unit, well I could not get a contractor to install the unit during the pandemic, so the warranty expired, 30-days ago. Apparently when the unit was handled the little ceramic ignitor was cracked and so the ignitor doesn't work. This is a $5300 unit. Never used. Just displayed, but still that's not the worst. When I reach out to DACOR, they don't give any care in the world to help me, to get me the right part number, to do anything. I reached out to the Supervisor, they just said sorry and told me that they couldn't find the part. THEY ARE THE MANUFACTURER!!! Then the service company, couldn't get the part from DACOR, so they cancelled both my calls (two different service companies).

Reliable Parts tried really hard to help me, still didn't get the right part. No one can get me an ignitor and the customer service people are and technicians are clueless. And then when I asked to escalate this mess, there was no one that they could send me to. I would never, ever, even if you paid me, buy another DACOR product. Stay Away from them and get a better product with actual customer relations/service.

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Reviewed Nov. 9, 2021

We remodeled our kitchen in 2016. We chose Dacor 30” range. The gas oven has been a disaster. After less than a year, it wouldn’t heat. They replaced it, same problem. Replaced the igniter and valve, same problem. Now they will do nothing and say we’re on our own. Problems with hood and fridge too. Stay away from Dacor at all costs!

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Oct. 13, 2021

I can’t speak to Dacor’s order execution pre-pandemic, but it’s almost laughable how long it is taking to fulfill my order, and complete inability to provide any guidance on how long their delays will persist. This far, I have been waiting 7 months for my kitchen appliance order to be fulfilled and the distributor has no clue whether or not I will get my appliances this year.

Before you buy, it is important to note that Dacor is not giving proper lead times at the outset of an appliance order, so when you speak to any distributor and they guide you to 4-6 weeks to fulfill a Dacor order, expect that estimate will keep getting kicked out in 4-week increments. I have spoken to a couple distributors who have said I need to be patient, they’ve had other customers whose Dacor orders took over a year to fulfill. Really disappointed, wish I had just went with Wolf/Sub Zero at the outset when I had the chance.

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Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedReliability

Reviewed Aug. 13, 2021

I bought a Dacor appliance package for a new custom home which costs over $30K+. Every single piece of appliance is defective. I am OK as long as Dacor can fix or address the issues but it takes them several visits, put the appliance out of order and fixing it does not happen any earlier than 8-10 Weeks. Imagine you living with a fridge, microwave, range and oven for 10+ weeks. The column freezer stops making ice. I call for service and tech informs the lever was jam and he fixed it. Wait 48 hours.

After 48 hours still no ice. Another call and after a wait of 3 weeks another visit and diagnose need new part. Wait for part 4+ weeks and another 3+ weeks for replacement. Fridge does not cool and maintains temp 45 degree+. Service tech showed up 3 times and promised it is fixed. Have thrown out thousands of dollars worth food. To date I don't have it fixed. Waiting for a part, tech not available scheduling issues etc. To date I have been out of fridge (8/12/2021) 9 weeks from I made the first call. Currently I have a tech scheduled for 9/1/21.

This is not the end. Microwave will run normally and won't heat the food. After several phone call and waiting they figured the door pin was not connecting properly and need parts to fix. After 10+ MONTHS it looks like it is fixed. The range control panel is hanging from underneath and no one seems to care to fix it. Every time I call they tell me it's normal. I believe Dacor has not QA/QC in place prior to shipping the appliances to customer. Worst experience ever. If you need more details do not hesitate to call me on **. I hope you run away from Dacor. Don't even consider this option. I have a track of all phone call and email and timeline with Dacor service. I am planning to file a lawsuit and recoup some of the costs and losses.

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Installation & SetupStaffProcess

Reviewed July 7, 2021

Don’t purchase Dacor appliance - it’s been worst purchase experience ever and I am extremely disappointed. After six months since I purchased the Dacor built-in refrigerator, Dacor couldn’t even ship the proper installation parts and my refrigerator is still not working. Problems:

1. Their high end $11K Dacor built-in refrigerator cannot even be installed. Wasted five months communicating with both Dacor and the retailer AppliancesConnection. After five months they were still able to ship the proper missing installation parts. Over the past five months, I talked to six different team members in Dacor customer support team, escalated to customer support lead and also talked to their regional technical manager, none of them is able to solve my problem and ship the right installation parts.

a) Their process is extremely messy. Their customer support team had no idea about installation requirement of the refrigerator. And the request from their customer support team is declined by their internal Parts department again and again, only to find out installation parts should’ve shipped by the retailer. This is extremely confusing now and no one in the team seems to understand the right process.

b) After Dacor acquired by Samsung, their manufacturing process is very messy and parts are extremely confusing. There’s one version of required installation parts in Dacor manual and one version of Samsung parts in the Parts guide, and no one in the team seems to understand the difference and how to map from one to another (they insist on sending me Samsung parts instead, claiming they’re compatible). I am now the expert myself to understand all their parts and able to identify many problems in their manual.

2. As a high end brand, Dacor doesn’t seem to care about their customer at all. As a customer who did kitchen remodeling and had no refrigerator to use for five months, no one in the team seems to care about their brand or their customers. With this huge gap in the process, no one thinks about the problem from their customer’s perspective or shared empathy with me. Dacor as a brand is really bad and I am extremely disappointed in both their product and services.

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Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupStaffReliability

Reviewed June 23, 2021

Purchased a Dacor freezer. Freezer does not come with outer panel. Understandably, because you can choose to put your own custom panel on or order one from Dacor. Found out Dacor was bought by Samsung, a few years ago. So I decided to order a Stainless steel door from Dacor. One of Dacor's reps suggested I order from J@J international. I placed order and two days later they called back saying they cannot ship door to me UPS nor FedEx will ship it. They refunded my money, so I reordered from someone else.

Got ss panel toe kick and handle. Opened box only to find out no hardware, brackets ss trim for sides screws and so forth. I assumed mounting hardware would be with door. So began the part search for parts. Come to find out Samsung changed Dacors part #s. Vendors who sell the parts could not come up with parts or told me not available. Reliable parts agent told me this. I was told they should have come with freezer.

Meanwhile called back Dacor to someone who specializes in dealing with these issues. She took over 45 minutes of my time giving me the impression she was gonna resolve the issue. She finally said we have the parts and inferred that I must have not talked to reliable parts. I assured her I did. She continued to refute what I told her.

I have been right at two months trying to get freezer door installed. I called an Appliance dealer in Salisbury Md. to get assistance. He told me when Samsung bought Dacor he dropped line. I now see why. It has been the worst experience I have had with a company that has absolutely done nothing but appear to be concerned and say they are sorry but do nothing. It looks like it will be another 750.00 to get a couple little trims and brackets and a few screws. If I had it to do over I would never have gone down this road. This has been a two month old nightmare that is still going on. Best advice I can give is steer clear of Dacor/Samsung. Was going to buy matching column refrigerator. Not now.

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Verified purchase
Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupPrice

Reviewed June 23, 2021

We purchased a Dacor induction range 5 years ago which cost $5000 plus installation parts and service costs totalling $10000. Two days ago, an error code showed up indicating that the generator needs replacement. I contacted Dacor who states that the part is discontinued but that I could contact a refurbishing company (Corecentric) to send my generator to for possible repair. A service technician would have to remove the generator, I would send the part to Corecentric, then IF they can repair it, the tech needs to reinstall it. There are no service providers that Dacor referred me to that will service a refurbished part. Even if I wanted to try, I as an owner, cannot remove it myself because Dacor does not provide the service manual to do so.

I spoke to Dacor multiple times about this problem and management stated that since the product "is so out of warranty" that they cannot offer any other repair option, compensation, or replacement even if the part is deemed unrepairable by Corecentric. When you pay $10000 for a product I expect it to last more than five years and that a reputable company would stand by their product and service. Essentially, Dacor inferred that we are out of $10000 because a part that POSSIBLY can be refurbished for $215 plus service costs, can't get serviced and Dacor takes no further responsibility. I have heard stories from appliance providers and service providers that since Dacor joined Samsung, that their customer service is poor and products have become inferior.

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Reviewed May 18, 2021

Updated on 06/14/2021: We placed a review about a month ago about a defective range. The company contacted us, took some information, but we have not heard from them since. It seems they just wanted an appearance of willingness to help but do not intend to help. After spending almost $4000 on a stove you would think it would last more than a few years before the motherboard malfunctioned. Dacor has provided no help. Very poor customer service and an extreme disappointment.

Original Review: We bought our Dacor range for 3800$ in 2017. The self clean function did not work due to a defective locking mechanism. We had that repaired. Starting in 2019, the bake cycle was not heating up to set temperature. We followed recalibrate instructions. Then, the temperature went over the desired setting. I’ve tried adjusting baking times to deal with the problem. Convection bake started having temperatures above the set temperature.

Several months ago we called for repair. The service technician tested the sensor and said it was fine. He stated that it was the motherboard which would cost $1200 to replace with parts and labor. That’s a lot of money to put into a high end stove that cost $3800 to begin with and is only 3 years old! We’ve had Frigidaire stoves that lasted 15+ years. This continues to be a problem. Unfortunately, we may have to replace this stove with Viking or Wolf. This is totally unacceptable considering the initial cost of the stove and the fact that Dacor markets their products to be long lasting and reliable. Never will I buy Dacor products again.

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Reviewed May 6, 2021

I have been getting the run around from Dacor regarding a part that I paid $700 to fix an interior light that comes on and off like a strobe light. After the local service company installed the part, recommended as the fix by Dacor, the issue returned. I contacted the technician again and that is when the run around started by Dacor. I was told to contact the customer service line and tell my story which I did, only to be told that the Range is too old and they don't stand behind the warranty nor service anymore. They said beyond 5 years they don't do anything for the customer.

I paid $8000 for this range back in 2005 and it has worked just great until this recent issue. If I had known that there was no service nor any parts for the fix I would have just dismantled the interior light. But why did they recommend the part I did purchase to begin with? Are they just trying to increase revenues by advising customers to buy parts that won't work? DO NOT BUY DACOR PRODUCTS UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE ON THE HOOK FOR REPAIRS AFTER ONLY 5 YEARS! This company has rude customer service agents and they do not stand behind their name!

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Reviewed May 3, 2021

We bought a new house a couple years ago, and the kitchen came with a suite of new Dacor appliances - range, fridge, and dishwasher. They are all terrible.

The led indicator on the dishwasher is scrambled. The icemaker in the fridge clogs up into a solid block of ice. We had this fixed, which involved a new control board and some caulking, but the problem returned not long after. The knobs on the range feel like they'll snap off any time. The lights in the oven aren't seated properly and they interfere with the oven racks. It takes forever to get up to temperature. And I'm starting to think I have a gas leak. How can these products be so expensive and such utter garbage? Oh, but they have wifi!

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Reviewed April 19, 2021

We purchased a home with a 5 year old Dacor Discovery IQ Double Wall Oven. Model Number DYO230S. Great looking and it has a very sophisticated and functionally rich digital control system. Problem is the digital control system does not work. The stove has a mind of its own and will just shut off for 24 to 48 hours and return to function randomly. Shutting the power off and turning it back on has no effect.

Dacor (Now Samsung) has been completely un-helpful. Bottom line response - tough. Product is no longer produced, replacement parts no longer in stock - "maybe there is a part on eBay" ** Honest that is the answer. I have called parts companies who also complain about Dacor (now Samsung). No luck. So we will now need to purchase a replacement product for anywhere from 4,000 to 10,000 dollars. To replace a 5 year old - 8,000 product. It will definitely not be a Dacor or Samsung product. And I will do my best to put similar reviews on the internet where ever I can.

Just to add some balance - 21 years ago we custom built a home and purchased two Dacor ovens. Both were great. 21 years of flawless operation. When we saw this oven as we went through the home purchase process we were delighted. What a disappointment. Also - before the oven started to go wacky on us we needed to replace the bulbs (2) in the oven light fixture. Initially I contacted Dacor parts and had a very pleasant experience ordering the two replacements. However nothing came to our home. Called again and found that Dacor had been sold to Samsung and the price of the bulbs had doubled or more. No exaggeration. Stay away from Dacor and Samsung.

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Reviewed April 15, 2021

Purchased a house with Dacor 2 Built in 30"refrigerators that suppose to be under additional 1 year warranty after 2 year initial warranty expires, Both units were registered online and still showing being under warranty and the company refuse to take care of the issue. This is not how you treat customers and it tells that it does not matter if you buy $8000 refrigerator, you as a customer does not really matter. I am in the process of building another house right now and I was considering spending over $40,000 on Dacor appliances and that will definitely not happen since the company refuses to honor the warranty that is still active over broken door spring. What a shame!

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Reviewed April 13, 2021

I purchased the Dacor panel ready refrigerator and freezer column 15 months ago. The refrigerator stopped cooling -- in 15 months! These were 8k each!!! It had now been over 2 months without a working refrigerator and no end in sight. I will never ever purchase one of their products again! They replaced the compressor and 3 days later it stopped cooling again. What a joke! DO NOT BUY DACOR!

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Reviewed April 6, 2021

Updated on 05/11/2021: I wrote a review about my terrible Dacor stove, and I was amazed when I was notified within a couple of days that Dacor wanted to help resolve my issue. I was asked to provide some basic personal information, which I dutifully supplied. That was weeks ago and I haven't heard a peep since, and I doubt I will. Clearly they do this just so they can mark these reviews as "Resolution in progress" to make it seem like they're doing something to help. But as far as I can tell it's nothing but a smokescreen. Don't be fooled by "resolutions in progress."

Original: Our Dacor stove is the worst stove I have ever owned or lived with in my 50+ years. Within 2 years after we bought it, the oven had stopped working twice and 2 of the 4 knobs broke. (I've never had a knob break on any stove before.) Luckily an appliance repair person (not specific to Dacor) was able to get the oven working both times but told us replacement knobs were not available. We have tried generics but nothing fits. I have been juggling 2 knobs on 4 burners for more than 3 years now, and STILL Dacor has no replacements available. Six months ago we inquired again and were told they had a new model of knobs available that would fit, but we ordered them and they were on back order and never became available. Meanwhile Dacor had already processed our payment for them (which is illegal, I believe) so we had to deal with getting that refunded because our hope of the knobs ever being in stock was gone.

This is also the loudest electric oven I've ever owned. It sounds like convection is on every time you use it, whether or not it's actually set on convection. That lasts for 20 minutes after you turn off the oven, too. Also, periodically the stove emits a loud BEEP and resets its computer for no apparent reason, sometimes when I'm cooking (oh, you had a timer going? TOO BAD - who knows when it will be ready now!) and sometimes when the stove isn't even on at all (just thought you might like to reset the clock - AGAIN).

Furthermore, the oven door has a "special" design with an open space at the base that allows dog hair to get sucked in from under the stove and collect between the 2 layers of glass. So we get to view our food through dirty HAIR. Apparently that's why the oven is so loud, because it takes a lot to suck up all that hair from under the stove. This can be cleaned, but you have to remove the door to get to it, which is not easy - I can't do it myself. It's so embarrassing when we have people over for dinner; I just hope nobody notices the hairball in the oven door. After reading through the other Dacor reviews I consider myself lucky to be able to cook at all. Buyer beware, don't EVER buy anything from this brand. It's total (expensive) crap and customer service is nonexistent.

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Reviewed March 31, 2021

After 4 months our microwave exploded when we tried to bake 2 potatoes. Dacor has reviewed the situation and acknowledged the product was defective. 10 weeks later they keep saying the replacement is on the way but no one knows where it is. Don't buy dacor products.

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Reviewed March 18, 2021

Have had an on-going issue trying to replace an oven door....since early December 2020. Have gotten a continuous run around regarding status of new door and shipment of same. Friendly Customer Service Reps do nothing to solve this issue. The oven door is designed not to be repairable or user friendly. Poor support and steady excuses have created another DIS-SATISFIED CUSTOMER!! AVOID DACOR!!

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Reviewed March 11, 2021

Got a great online deal on Dacor LP gas range. Was new but had dinged side panel according to store. Couldn't see the ding in photos and it would be hidden against cabinets anyway. Range is finally delivered and is new as advertised. Works great for a few days but then the oven won't hold temperature and then won't light. This is when the nightmare begins. Samsung now owns Dacor and getting to the right people to make a warranty claim is insanely difficult. After making the repair claim we get notified that there is no warranty coverage for service as this was not a "new" unit. Pardon me but we have the sales receipt showing that it is with full factory warranty. They finally agree to "accommodate" us and then repeatedly cancel repair tickets. After many calls to fix this, they now tell us that no service center will come to repair the range! They offered a refund minus some sort of discount based on a stove being used for a period of time.

Oven stopped working a week into having it and they want to DISCOUNT a refund! Made BBB complaint and their response was they would have someone reach out to the customer. Today they did that and we are still at no resolution. Told them they have 3 options, fix the range, replace the range or refund us completely and I will make arrangements to fix the oven. They say there are no ranges in inventory to replace this one with with. No one inside the US will call or reach out to fix this fiasco and we are left with someone that is not allowed to make decisions that speaks english as a second language. Sad thing is that it's a basic range that at first seemed to be a great design and would be great to have in our kitchen. It's now endless headaches because Dacor refuses to step up and remedy a defective oven part with a service call from someone that would require likely higher pay than their "network" providers.

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Reviewed March 7, 2021

We purchased a Dacor 30" Heritage Gas range and installed it in early Oct 2020. Within a day a gas leak from the back of the range was identified by our gas contractor. Dacor repaired it quickly (12 hours). I was impressed (though concerned it already had an issue). In December 2020 I noticed that the oven indicator light was not coming on. I contacted customer service and despite indicating that there was a problem, was simply told what the light was for. Then, in February 2021 (under 5 months after installation) the oven stopped working. The service technician indicated it was an electrical issue and the gas would not ignite. It has now been over two weeks and we still do not have it repaired nor any indication of when it will be repaired. We spent $5200 on this range. I do not recommend Dacor.

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