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The pictures showed amazing results. I have fine lines and they have not been reduced at all. Then I got to reading the reviews on this site. I emailed them to say I wanted out of this 30 day trial, as the number I called from New Zealand never connected after the initial operating voice. They said to send back any future products I was sent before the 7th October. That was disturbing and I became very stroppy via email. They then said they would cancel my order. I did tell them I was told it was as easy as ringing up at any time to cancel my "risk-free" trial. I've kept the cancellation emails, but did cancel my credit card as cannot afford 120 US dollars a month on creams that don't even reduce fine lines. Unless you get plastic surgery it probably isn't going to work.

BEWARE! This company is outrageously lying to customers, product not great, these are not FREE samples at all, repeated payments get taken from your account and customer service is a joke. Shame on this company who are just exploiting people's insecurities...

Warning: these people are thieves and keep charging your credit card, I made a huge mistake of buying the Hydrolyze and Bellaplex "risk free" sample creams claiming a free sample to test, then they charge you $100.00, then another charge of $200.00. I rang up to cancel all products, then another $200.00, "Oh you just cancelled the "thin white tubes"." These people are monsters. Cancel cards the moment you make the mistake of submitting your card, they just don't stop taking your money!!

I did ask several times to cancel my order; they continued to send the product... kept billing me. Stupid me did not realize this. Finally I called them in July and canceled this order again... They said I owed them 69.95. I am going to pay the money but no more and this stuff did me no good. Thank you.

This product is subpar and the customer service is below average. I ordered 1 time. I tried to get the product to stop arriving. The product stopped arriving but they kept billing me. I couldn't get them out of my account. I had to close that account. They would not give me my money back even though I never received the product. Buyer beware. If there was anything I can say to save you from the experience I had I would. Product was a waste of money.

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I personally love the whole skin care line of products. It was given to me as a gift from my aunt and I think it's perfect. I just can't afford any more because I'm disabled. I would personally recommend all Hydroxatone products to everyone.

Faulty product, hydroxatone skin and eye serum. I purchased a bottle of each of these products. They are not as advertised. Not to mention, the face serum was half or 3/4 empty. I feel I deserve a refund. How to get ahold of the company?

I too purchased this product on a 30 day trial. One week before the 1st payment was due to be withdrawn from my credit card, I telephoned the number supplied and told them that I wanted to return the product as it was not suitable to my skin. Yes I was pushed to buy the product at a discounted price etc but I stood firm. In the end I was told and given an identification number to stick on the return package and send it back within 10 days which I did and I haven't been charged further. I have read some of the negative reviews and find them surprising as my experience did not match those reviews.

I just want to shared my problem with this company. I read all the reviews. Seemed we have same problem. I had sign for trial their product and come just a little tube of cream. This morning I was surprised when I checked my card they charged me 98.88$ 4x without send me another product. Tried to called them to get my refund back but so many reasons. Went to bank to cancel my card so next time they not charged me. Please be aware with this company, that are fraud!!! I will not recommend to my friends.

I too, like so many have been caught in this BS scam. They said I had to mail it by 4/14. They got it on 4/16 and still charged my account $69.95 x 2. Then tell me they are going to bill me another $139 balance that they say I will still owe. So I tell them to send me the product back and I was told that's not how it works. I was told that I'm the scam for not returning it on time. That it's just like if I try to return something at Wal-mart after 30 days, but if I did that I would still have the product, idiot. Got placed back on hold with no warning. Called back and talked with a nice woman who told me I would be refunded my money in 3-5 business days and will not receive any further charges. I will never fall for anything like this again. Beware!!!

Of course should have read the reviews on these products first, but got sucked in. I signed up on the very confusing website for the FREE trial of Hydroxatone and Bellaplex but only got the Bellaplex x two tubes. I got an email from the company saying that I hadn't completed my order, so emailed them and told them I had.

Now after reading these reviews and realizing this was an Auto-Ship deal which I wasn't aware of I will be visiting my Bank and cancelling my credit card as the order total for two months supply is whopping rip off at $141.89 which I do not need. Just another SCAM to watch out for.

$1.99 offer each on 2 face creams, "needed to use both for best results." 2 packages arrived - wrong type of cream - wouldn't use it. Decided to return it. To return would cost $15-20 each. Decided to keep and just cancel any further order but they wanted $141.00 x 2 so I continued to explain I would NOT use the product and decided I WOULD send it back BUT it would be costing me $40 for something I never had!!! Eventually this young lady just CANCELLED the whole bill for me!!! Thank goodness -- I was very lucky to have an understanding service provider. She did very well trying to sell to me on behalf of her employer but understood my problem.

Tried their 30-day trial for face/neck cream. Took week to arrive tied it to heavy. Emailed company to get return information and cancel my account. Never received the information to send product back. Called them because they charged my card 140.00$ without my authorization and was told that only cancelled the automatic shipments not the first shipment and I still owe another $140.00 still. They also lectured me on their fine print and terms and had the nerve to still try to sell me something else while I was disputing their shipment and asking for a refund. That takes BIG NERVES to do that. BIG SCAM. STAY AWAY!!!

I signed up for the $1.99 trial and have kicked myself ever since. I should have been more switched on as I gave my credit card details. I have been receiving unwanted creams etc ever since. Naturally my credit card is being charged. I rang to cancel today and after some tele - nonsense and dancing I finally dodged the future offers and had my account frozen of future charges and, at my expense, I can return the creams and have my account refunded. What a scam. As I was hanging up, they were still trying to sell me MORE CREAM for just $139. I am not very confident that my account will not be charged again.

I have dark circles under my eyes and thought I would give this product a try! What I learned is that this product is not made for people of color! I have been trying and praying for some sort of result with absolutely no change. When I tried to call and cancel they said that I owed $140 to cancel for future products!! I still have products that were never opened and offered to send them back, that was a "no"! Then I was told he will give me a $40 discount and send me free products if I pay $140 today... and I said how is that a discount! I don't care for any more products! I finally got him down to $69.95... just to close the account!

I got ripped off and then he offered me wrinkle cream at the end of the transaction! I just laughed and said "you have got to be kidding me!! Have a good day sir!" I will not recommend this product to any of my friends or family. They were sending me product every other month!! Who can use that much!! And charging me $69.95/month!!!

I got caught by the advertisement for the 30 days free trial for Hydroxatone eye treatment cream. The cream arrived on 6 February and a week later I decided to return it because the only effect I noticed was the irritation of the eye area. I emailed the company advising that I want to return the items and asking for the return code as required. This came via email on 16 February with an instruction that the item must be received by 29 February to avoid my credit card being charged. On the same day I posted the unused items at the cost of $21. I was told by the post office that the delivery will take between 10 and 14 days (I am in Australia) and if I wanted to ensure that the parcel is delivered by the date stipulated by the company it would cost $56+ for Express.

I was not prepared to pay that amount of money but scanned and emailed a copy of the post office receipt to the company with an order that my card not be charged if the parcel arrives later than their date. I threatened to report it as a scam if I am charged. I pointed out that the 30-day free trial is not 30 days at all and the response I received from them was to wait and see. At the end I didn't get charged the full amount but I found their advertising misleading and their treatment of me as a customer totally disgraceful.

I cancelled product month ago. This month they charge me and said I didn't call and told me I owe more money. For what? Haven't received anything more than them 2 small jars so I bet they take my money again next month and say same thing. Do not fall for this product or this company, they scam artist.

The reviews I have read are all true (it is a scam). They count on you to forget to cancel the order after the 30 days so your card can be charged. I received both products in the mail and two days later I called to cancel and was told my 30 day trial was not up yet. And I told them I didn't want the product and to cancel any future orders. They proceeded to tell me that I needed to send back the trial creams so I agreed and it cost me $7. So I put a tracking on it to make sure it was received and I received a email stating it. Whatever you do don't get neither one of these product. The price they want to charge is ridiculous and not worth it.

This comp is tied in with Dream Products of CA. They sent me some face cream in 2 different packets. If I wanted it I would be billed over $150.00 for each one over the next 3 months. I called and complained and I canceled the order, but I had to pay to return it. It cost me $7.50 to ship it back, and I made sure I shipped it with a return signature so they could not say they never got it. This company is doing business with SEM Budget Savers. They all a bunch of scammers so stay away from them.

As I was reading other's reviews prior to making my complaint, I realized that I'm not being unreasonable at all. Everything that I have experienced with hydroxatone and bellaplex others have experienced as well. I too signed up for a "risk free" trial and occurred 2 charges to my bank account causing me to overdraft and my overdraft fee is $35.00 and my bank does not cover. Needless to say they actually did refund me for $29.95 but not the overdraft fee. Now last night and see where 69.95 was billed to my account!!! What? That's another overdraft fee. This was my first and last time ever giving my credit card information to any "risk-free" trial. It is a bunch of bull. I am going to return products and just see if they honor their refund for the $69.95. Either way I'm out $70.00 worth of overdraft fees!

DO Not use this product. Continued transactions from bank accounts without authorization. Not happy and going to take it further. Customer NO **.

The company says you can get a free trial .It doesn't stop there. If you don't send the trial product back within 30 days, they will keep sending more expensive skin care products every month and taking money out of your bank account. If you don't send the trial products back, they charge you $140. Nothing free about that.

I am in the same boat as everyone else here. A website that I use all the time, can't recall the site, had a screen come up and say I was a valued customer and would like to offer me some items. They are advertised as a sample with $1.99 postage. Of course 4 items arrived in the post last Friday and it said I will be charged $69.95 per month with automatic reordering of the product, not bad for what was supposed to be a sample. I rang them straight away and spoke to someone who had a very strong accent. I certainly told them what I thought of their dodgy methods and if they have to resort to selling their products by deception it must be garbage. Told them I am not paying and they can have it back but all this dimwit could say is they will extend my trial period so I could try them.

Tomorrow I will be contacting them again and asking for the method of returning the products then contacting the bank to see if they can stop them from taking any money out, maybe they will cancel my card and issue another one. If I can find out the site I was on when this offer popped up I will also tear them a new one as well.

This is a scam (Bellaplex). Cancel your cards immediately. I ordered a 30 day trial, paid $1.99 S&H and after two weeks of use I developed a rash. I promptly returned the 2 items (anti-wrinkle cream) which arrived and were accepted by the company (Hydroxatone). Within a few days a charge of $69.95 appeared on my card before the trial period elapsed. I made several calls to acquire a refund and two of their staff said the charge will be refunded promptly and apologized for any inconvenience. Still no refund. Now at seven weeks later their files show no such charge. Hydroxatone must have monkied with the books. This is now in my bank's hands and debit card cancelled. Sam's Club has GENES CREAM. Very rea$onable and it works in the reduction of wrinkles, skin lesions and more.

I signed up for a "free sample" of this product and it's associated product, Bellaplex. The items arrived and I thought no more about it. I was charged a nominal amount which showed up on my credit card statement. Two months later another package arrived; this time I read the invoice more closely and saw that they had charged me $146.85, and in fine print, it indicated they would be charging me $69.95 every three months, along with a small shipping charge of 6.95, plus any applicable customs fees/taxes, and conversion charges to $Aus dollars. I found the "free sample" somewhere whilst surfing the net, and foolishly signed up, never realising I had joined their "Beauty Auto Ship Program".

Do not deal with this company, they are misleading and duplicitous. I immediately cancelled my credit card. The company says they will refund me, after I told them it was a scam and would report them. The bank will dispute the charges. Now I'll have to contact all my automatic debit utilities, etc. Waste of my time. If you've had a similar experience, kindly let others know.

The product itself is wonderful but the company is run very poorly. I signed up after using the product to be on auto shipments and it worked very well for a couple years then not so much. For some reason and not by my doing, they took my off auto shipments and have had trouble ever since. I have been charged every month since November and finally had to close my bank account because the representatives cannot figure things out. I gave the same person two chances to "fix" this and never did. He blamed other reps and assured me each time we spoke that this situation was rectified, which it was not. Very unhappy with the so called customer service and was treated horribly by them. Will never use them again or recommend.

I rang the company after seeing a TV ad for 'miracle' wrinkle cream. In my 70's I figured I could do with all the help I could get so decided to accept the free trial - full cost $1.99 freight. However, I found it very difficult to understand the heavily accented woman to whom I spoke. I caught a few words such as "$69.95 in three months" but her English was very heavily accented so everything else was too garbled to understand. Assuming, correctly as it turned out, that this was not really a free trial but if I didn't cancel I would be billed, I told the woman that I would not proceed with the order. I asked her to send me an email setting out all the details of the offer so that I could then make a decision whether to ring again and order.

I never received the promised email, nor did I receive any product however at the end of the month the company billed me $1.99. I disputed this with the bank but was advised to cancel my card. As I have several direct debits on this account I didn't want to go through all the trouble of advising everyone so I let the small amount slip through. Three months later, however, I have now received my statement showing that they have actually deducted $102.40. I have reported this as a fraudulent transaction and my card has been canceled. I am hoping the bank will refund the money deducted. This company is, in my opinion, fraudulent and their actions are no less than theft by deception. There was no order number as I didn't actually order anything. Perhaps the person at the call centre (I am assuming it was a call centre operator to whom I spoke) didn't want to miss out on her commission!

Like many before me it seems, I clicked on a link on a webpage I was using because it offered a trial sample of a face cream for just $1.99 postage cost. The link took me through to a checkout page where I discovered, to my horror that this was only part of the shipment and the company was going to send other products as well, products I didn't want. I didn't complete the form and left the site.

Later that day on checking my email, I discover that I am being sent, and billed for several skin products and not only that, they will arrive unsolicited at a cost of $80 per month. I emailed the company twice explaining that I was a pensioner, didn't want and couldn't afford. Finally I received an email saying that they had found my account and cancelled the order.

Within 2 days a parcel arrived containing several products and an invoice. I am now trying to find a return address in order to return the product unopened. This company is a fraud. The whole thing is a scam and it has done nothing for me except cause a lot of stress and angst. I feel this is not the end of the story and am trying to get the company blocked from taking funds from my bank account.

I wish only that I had read the reviews before I agreed to the "trial" offer. I was to receive one wrinkle cream for $1.99. Instead, the package contained four products, which I neither requested nor preferred. I finally got a hold of the company and am returning all products unused. I have also notified American Express, who has blocked this unsavory merchant from ever billing me again. I will write a review whether or not I was successful in ridding myself of this SCAM!!!

I thought I would get Wrinkle Reducer in packets packed in a box like I got before from the USA but this small package came from New Zealand. When I opened the package I found it was a blue tube which was empty and trying to get in touch with anyone from Hydroxatone is like breaking in the Bank of England. I have sent messages but never got any answers back. The cost was $79.00. They sent the wrong item but I am willing to try the spray tube but don't have any addresses or phone numbers.