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About Calibrate

Calibrate’s One-Year Metabolic Reset combines doctor-prescribed GLP-1 medication, one-one video coaching and lifestyle tweaks to help you achieve sustainable weight loss and improved metabolic health. Calibrate’s earliest members lost an average of 15% of their body weight and reported an average reduction in waist size of 6.4 inches. The program costs $1,649, which doesn’t include lab tests and medication — however, these are typically covered by insurance. Calibrate guarantees you’ll lose 10% of your body weight in a year or you get your money back, though terms and conditions do apply.

Pros & Cons


  • Doctor-guided program
  • One-on-one video coaching
  • 10% weight loss guaranteed
  • Financing option with 0% interest


  • Some eligibility restrictions
  • Blood tests and meds not covered in cost

Bottom Line

Calibrate is a one-year virtual program that helps you lose weight sustainably by taking control of your metabolic health. It includes doctor-prescribed GLP-1 medication, one-on-one video coaching and holistic lifestyle tweaks. Members with insurance will pay no more than $25 a month for the medication.

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... I have lost 30% of my body weight and haven't been this size since high school. I have energy, my food habits have completely changed and so many of my health metrics have imp...

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Secaucus, NJ

... I am now 8 months into the program, and have lost 80lbs, or 28% of my starting body weight. My labs and blood pressure have all returned to "normal" ranges. I feel better than...

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What is Calibrate?

Calibrate is a one-year virtual weight loss program that uses a metabolic approach to target the root cause of weight loss instead of focusing on willpower.

It includes doctor-prescribed GLP-1 medication, one-on-one video coaching and lifestyle tweaks. Calibrate’s One-Year Metabolic Reset is based on the latest science and is backed by a clinical advisory board of experts and scientific researchers in weight and metabolic health.

Calibrate guarantees members lose 10% of their body weight or they'll get their money back (minus the cost of the initial assessment, medications and lab work). Calibrate states that its earliest members lost an average of 15% of their body weight and saw a 6.4-inch reduction in waist circumference, and nearly 93% of members reported that Calibrate is more effective than other programs they’ve tried.

How does Calibrate work?

Calibrate is available in all states and Washington, D.C. You don’t need a doctor’s referral to join. To be eligible, you need to:

  • Be between 18 to 64 years of age
  • Have a BMI over 30, or more than 27 with one or more of the following metabolic conditions: diabetes, pre-diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, obstructive sleep apnea or polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Not be pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Be covered by a commercial or employer health insurance  (except Kaiser insurance)
  • Not have an active substance abuse problem; an active eating disorder (e.g., anorexia or bulimia); cancer; recent bariatric surgery (within the past 18 months); active gallbladder disease; a history of pancreatitis in the past six months; or a history of medullary thyroid cancer (MEN syndrome)
  • Live in the United States

You can determine your eligibility for Calibrate’s program online or by calling. It’s also a good idea to call your insurer and ask if it covers GLP-1 medications and three required lab tests: a kidney function test, a hemoglobin A1C test and a thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) test.

Once you sign up for Calibrate, you need to complete lab tests and a health intake. Here's a general timeline:

  • Within two to three weeks: Meet with a board-certified Calibrate doctor to go over your health history and lab work and discuss the right GLP-1 (glucagon-like peptide-1) medication for you.
  • Within four weeks: Get your GLP-1 medication prescription, with a guaranteed cost of $25 per month or less with insurance after your deductible is met, or you get a refund.
  • Within five to six weeks: Meet with your certified accountability coach; the first session marks the start of the Calibrate year. You’ll discuss tweaks to diet, exercise, sleep and emotional health and stay accountable with biweekly, 15-minute sessions.
  • Six months later: Achieve 10% weight loss, along with a smaller waist size and improvements in energy level and stamina.
  • After one year: Get lab work to measure progress — if you haven’t lost 10% of your body weight, talk to a representative to see if you’re eligible for a refund.

How much does Calibrate cost?

Calibrate’s one-year metabolic reset costs $1,649 at the time of publishing. This includes a metabolic health assessment, a video appointment with a Calibrate doctor, one year of biweekly coaching and accountability video sessions and a smart scale and app that track your weight, sleep, activity and diet. Financing options, including a 0% APR payment plan over 12 months, are available through Affirm.

Note that the one-year metabolic reset doesn't cover lab tests or medication. However, the tests are covered by most insurance plans, and Calibrate guarantees members with commercial or employer insurance will pay no more than $25 a month for medication.

Calibrate FAQ

Is Calibrate covered by insurance?

Calibrate works with most commercial and employer insurers to get coverage for lab tests and medication. Calibrate guarantees you pay $25 or less per month for medication with insurance (after deductible), or you get a refund — talk to a Calibrate representative for terms and details.

How much weight can you lose on Calibrate?

Calibrate guarantees at least 10% weight loss after its one-year program, or you get your money back (except the $249 assessment cost). Calibrate’s earliest members lost an average of 15% of their body weight, according to the company.

What weight loss medication does Calibrate prescribe?

Calibrate doctors prescribe GLP-1 medications including semaglutide, liraglutide and dulaglutide. The brand names include Wegovy and Ozempic. These drugs can be taken safely with certain common medications and have minimal side effects, according to Calibrate.

Does Calibrate weight loss work?

Calibrate states that its earliest members saw an average weight loss of 15%. The company promises a weight loss of 10% with a money-back guarantee.

Where is Calibrate available?

Calibrate is available in all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

Is Calibrate legit?

Thousands of people have used Calibrate and lost at least 10% of their body weight, according to the company.

Calibrate is worth it if you’ve tried to lose weight on other programs without success and want to lose a clinically significant amount of weight. The combination of doctor-prescribed GLP-1 medication and one-on-one video coaching makes it stand out from traditional programs. Calibrate helps provide the motivation and support to lose weight sustainably for the long term.

Even though a referral from a doctor isn’t required, we recommend speaking with your physician first to decide if Calibrate is right for you.

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Verified purchase
Customer ServicePriceOnline & AppStaff

Reviewed Feb. 14, 2023

I can’t say enough good things about my coach, Bertha, but I can say were it not for her, Calibrate would have been much less effective for me and the experience very negative. She not only encouraged me and helped me feel positive in both good and tough times, she helped address failures in the calibrate system that as far as I could see were out of her control. I’ve been extremely frustrated by the failures in medication delivery, the unreliable responses by the medical team and many broken calibrate promises. Not only were my medications late to start but there was a two month lapse in the middle and later again and now as I near the end of my program.

Bertha helped me stay focused on the positive things I could control and reached out to calibrate to address issues with which I had failed in many attempts to solve using the app. I didn’t have orders for my six month labs and while the medical team at calibrate didn’t care to correct, Bertha was concerned and offered to help but in all honesty I just didn't find the medical aspect of the program worth my time anymore. But Bertha- was always positive and without her role in the program I would have requested the partial refund and “called it a day”.

I won’t re-enroll in calibrate because they can’t seem to deliver. For what it’s worth I’d lost the same amount of weight tracking on Noom - the medication while unreliable was helpful with appetite issues but not nearly as impactful as having a coach to encourage and support me. Bertha helped identify goals and found ways to highlight progress that inspired me to continue my journey. Calibrate teaches the personal approach to weight loss is important and that we each have unique needs - yet my coach was the only personal aspect of my program. She was the best part of my program; the most effective and reliable part of my program.

Bertha is very skilled in her communication processes; she is direct when need be but gentle. She is dedicated to finding progress and building upon it. She didn’t allow my negative experiences with calibrate to interfere in my health goals and as a result - and without a doubt - my success in the program is a credit to Bertha, not to medication, medical oversight or even educational material. Life changes are hard - and are easier when support is available. The medication was never meant to be a permanent solution - so the behavioral changes are what makes weight loss viable. Bertha was instrumental in helping me find and maintain consistent changes for a healthier life. Learning I “cannot pour from an empty cup” and to hear someone tell me so was very impactful in changing behaviors that while helped others was destroying me.

It has been a journey and having Bertha along the way is why my journey has been and will continue to be successful. Bertha is what set calibrate apart from Noom. The failed delivery of medications in a timely, reliable manner caused great stress; the failures to follow through in 6month lab work demonstrated Calibrate's devotion to profit at the expense of people. Obviously a healthcare company cannot survive long on the profit over people prioritization process.

I strongly encourage Calibrate to spend time discussing her unique approach with Bertha. As a CEO and RN - I am familiar with both business and the business of healthcare - profitability is important but so is addressing your customer's concerns in a fair and timely manner. Bertha was the only professional among the calibrate team to give prompt, personal and professional support. She would be excellent training others, not just other coaches but your medical team members as well. Use her to help solve issues that your clients have with your program. Weight loss is deeply personal and a difficult struggle. Apps and a slow or non responsive staff will cost you retention and referrals. Bertha seems to instinctively know how to stop “the cuts from bleeding”. Mistakes happen but she can help your company prosper by helping your retain and gain those valuable referrals.

Finally, I do believe in giving recognition when and where it is warranted. And in this case the only thing I can do is write the review and recommend Bertha be rewarded for her stellar performance. If there are other options to recognize Bertha, please let me know. I hope she finds great joy and satisfaction in her her career with Calibrate. They certainly need more like her.

Thanks for your vote! Report
Response from Calibrate

Hi Tami, thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. We’re thrilled to hear you’re having a positive experience with our 1:1 biweekly coaching. We are working hard to make improvements to medication and response wait times, and we appreciate you being in it together with us.

Verified purchase
Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed Jan. 22, 2023

Overall, I have found my experience with Calibrate to be a very positive one. When I joined Calibrate, I did not know that there might be an option to get a GLP-1 from my doctor (which I know many people are now doing). But I am glad that I did not know that. First of all, I am a nutritionist (Registered Dietitian) and have worked counselling patients for over 35 years. I agree with and respect the dietary guidelines Calibrate provides. I know it is all based in research and has been carefully put together. I love that they recommend making changes slowly, over time, so as to not overwhelm the client. I knew a lot of what I should be doing, but I wasn’t doing it. I found it extremely helpful to be accountable to my coach every two weeks. My coach Madison is lovely and reassuring and really understands the program. I probably would not have done as well without her.

In addition, in spite of my previous nutritional knowledge, I learned a lot of things I didn’t know…about sleep, exercise and emotional health. It is a comprehensive program and I believe it helps to set you up for more long term success. I know a few people who are taking a GLP-1 without a program, and I am seriously concerned about what will happen when they stop the medication.

Now, for the one downside. Usually it is fairly easy to reach out to either the medical team or the support team if you have a question or need something…and get a response within 3 days. There were 2 times during my year when I was not hearing back. One of those times it was a few weeks and I ran out of medication. I knew Calibrate was having some problems, but it was not professional, especially from the medical side. I remember being so frustrated, and as a patient, I lost confidence in the entire program. Eventually I heard back from an amazing Calibrate doctor, Dr. **, who helped get me back on track. Unfortunately, it happened a second time, but not for nearly as long. I still think it is a good program and I would not discourage someone from joining. I know Calibrate is a relatively new company, and my hope is they will straighten out whatever has gone on during those “silent” times. If it were to happen again I’m sure I would feel differently.

Thanks for your vote! Report
Response from Calibrate

Hi Jane, we are so happy to hear you're having success with Calibrate. We appreciate your feedback and are working hard to make improvements to medication and response wait times. Thank you for being in it together with us.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Jan. 19, 2023

    Calibrate has been a great program with joining me on my journey to a more healthy version. There are weekly classes based on scientific research, and the links to the research are in the actual readings for the classes. They also have a coach that you work with (via Zoom) biweekly to discuss any struggles and what you want to work on for the next two weeks. You meet with a medical doctor (via Zoom) to discuss the results of bloodwork you complete before you start the program. Once you start your coach and medical team monitor your progress for the next year. This is a solid program to help you learn the tenets to a healthy lifestyle which include healthy food choices, water intake, the benefits of sleep, maintaining exercise, and stress reduction.

    I highly recommend this program to the person who will give a year commitment and follow the program. I have lost 33% of my body weight in my year. There is also a option to continue with the program for another year, and in full disclosure it is another fee. This is called the masters program. One can choose the level of commitment for another year. So my biggest worry was the price. For me it was worth the amount. You do not have to buy “special” food. You also do not have to measure all of your food. For me this was a huge plus! I was not compensated to leave this review. I am an actual member who said this would be the last thing I tried because I failed all the other options out there. This one actually worked.

    Thanks for your vote! Report
    Response from Calibrate

    Hi Crista, thank you for taking the time to share your experience with Calibrate. We are so happy to hear that you're enjoying our holistic program.

    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Jan. 19, 2023

    I have tried everything. Keto, Paleo, Low Carb, Low Fat, Fasting. You name it, I’ve tried it. To be honest I had given up hope on losing weight and finding comfort in my body. It wasn’t until I heard calibrate that I thought, why not give it a shot. It’ll take an investment into myself to make this work and truly get to a place where I wanted to be. Getting started was just the issue. Once I got into the program, most of the lessons just made complete sense and enlightened me to the reasons why things just weren’t working. After years of trying different things, I realized I had just messed everything up inside my body and it needed to reset. By following the guidelines set forth, committing to my goal, and sticking with it, I was able to accomplish so much.

    I’ve gone from a size 40 waist for pants down to a 34! I haven’t been in 34’s since freshmen year of college (16 years ago!!) I’ve gone from a XXL shirt down to fitting Large! Crazy thing is, I’m still not finished with the program and I still have more to go. But after 5-6 month in the program, I am proof that Calibrate is the program you’ve been searching for and all you have to do is invest in yourself. The coaching helps guide you, the lessons help reinforce your daily, weekly habits, and the medication provides the extra boost. It will help you build the bridge from where you are now to the person you’ve always envisioned being.

    Thanks for your vote! Report
    Response from Calibrate

    Hi Greg, we are thrilled to hear that our holistic program is helping you achieve success. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience.

    Verified purchase
    Online & App

    Reviewed Jan. 7, 2023

    Finally, something that works! This program literally covers everything! There’s no gimmicky diet or calorie counting it’s simplified and completely doable. The coaching sessions are a perfect way to set goals that are attainable and to check in on the app every day keeps you totally accountable and when you reach your goals, it feels amazing and it just motivates you to keep going I love going to the gym now, I love myself and my body and most importantly, I feel amazing. This program is perfect for anyone who has struggled with wanting to lose weight. The medication is a great tool and I tell everyone I know about it. The way I describe it it’s like getting the weight loss surgery without any of the gnarly side effects and it is a perfect way for you to stay motivated and actually get results and keep them. I graduated the program and decided to move onto the masters program which is great.

    I never thought I could be skinny again so I set my goal at what I thought was more realistic for me and when I surpassed my own expectations, I decided I might as well continue the program until I am completely done losing all my excess weight. This journey has been a life changing experience for me. It’s become a spiritual journey and even gave me the confidence to dream bigger for myself in other ways. Because if I can go from a size 16 to a size 8 in 13 months I can literally do anything! Calibrate gave me back my love for life and myself!

    Thanks for your vote! Report
    Response from Calibrate

    Hi Christine, we really appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with Calibrate. We are so happy to hear that you’ve continued with Calibrate Masters.

    Customer ServiceOnline & AppStaff

    Reviewed Nov. 13, 2023

    Let me begin by stating I have tried MANY weight loss programs. (WW, Jenny Craig, Noom, etc.) Calibrate claims to be different. They claim to have support coaches along with doctor-guided medication (semaglutide injections and /or pills depending on what you choose or your insurance company will approve) My insurance company approved Wegovy for me or Saxenda. (Wegovy is a weekly injection and Saxenda is a daily injection) While the supply issues with the company that makes Wegovy are not under Calibrate's control, don't count on Calibrate to respond to you in a timely manner when you have run out of the medication and are told by multiple pharmacies they are unable to get the medication either.

    The ONLY way to communicate with Calibrate staff is through their "message support" system within the app and NO ONE responds for 4-5 days at minimum(multiple messages went unanswered for 2+ weeks). If you use Amazon Pill Pack, (which Calibrate suggests) Amazon will automatically cancel your prescription if the medication in the dosage prescribed is not in stock. You then have to message Calibrate Support again which takes multiple days for them to get back to you with a response. With supplies already low and inconsistent in and out of stock, timing needs to be as quick as possible otherwise, the medication is out of stock within a few days and this has happened to me at least 4 months out of the 9 I have been on the medication.

    Calibrate most recently let my prior authorization from my insurance company lapse, and I ran out of the medication again. It took me calling Amazon to find out what the hold up was with the medication when it didn't arrive on the day it was supposed to only to find out my prior auth. had lapsed 3 weeks before. If you stop taking the medication for more than 10 days you have to begin at the lowest dosage and build your way up to the level you were previously. The answer I received when I questioned them about the continued lapse in medications was "Our program isn't solely based on medication, that's only one piece of the puzzle." Then how is the Calibrate program any different than WW? Both have eating guidelines, and both have coaching.

    The Calibrate program is a glorified WW program, the only thing that sets them apart IS the medication. At least with WW, you can call someone on the phone for help and support. I would not recommend the program to anyone. Save the $1400 program fee, (plus the cost of medication) go to your PCP or another IN PERSON local practice, ask them to help prescribe the medication, and then go to WW. At least you will have someone to call when you need non-emergency help.

    Thanks for your vote! Report
    Resolution In Progress
    profile pic of the author

    Reviewed Nov. 7, 2023

    Very bad experience. Paid 1700 dollars and got a scale for it. Then their internet page broke down for weeks. Did my blood work. Had to explain them where my name was on the sheet repeatedly. They understood it in the third attempt. Had a session with a doctor.

    Thanks for your vote! Report
    Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupOnline & AppStaff

    Reviewed Nov. 3, 2023

    Calibrate is a disaster. My initial experience beginning in early May 2023 started with a long delay in getting an appointment scheduled (I didn't get one until mid-June). They clearly do not have enough providers to handle the demand. Once I met with the provider, I got my prescription for Saxenda within 2-3 weeks, which was actually better than I thought. I started taking the medication right away. That's when the problems really began. After I started Saxenda, it's like all medical assistance disappeared (I was able to schedule coaching sessions, and the coaches were generally pretty good).

    Around that time, Calibrate switched all members to the app. Which would be fine if the app actually worked. Which it didn't. Curriculum was not accessible. Appointments couldn't be scheduled. Menus wouldn't appear correctly on my iPhone. There was no response for many days or even weeks from customer service when I reached out. There was no medical help. Worst of all, you couldn't use anything BUT the app since they removed all functionality from their website. It was the worst transition to an app that I have ever seen by a company. Just abysmal.

    When I finally got fed up and reached out to Calibrate customer service to cancel my service (despite the fact that I was actually losing weight with **!), they refused to offer any refund despite the fact that I still had 8 months to go. I explained that their app was useless and I could not access the curriculum. They still refused to offer a refund. So I cancelled.

    Finally, I just learned today that Calibrate cancelled my refills at Amazon Pharmacy despite having multiple refills still available. I can no longer obtain metformin and my **. That just seems spiteful and aggressive. Stay away from Calibrate, especially because there are other, more reputable, and more customer-friendly weight loss services out there.

    Thanks for your vote! Report
    Verified purchase
    Customer Service

    Reviewed Oct. 31, 2023

    When I originally started with the company, I had issues getting them to resubmit prior authorization request for different medication to my insurance. After sending multiple messages with no response, I finally resorted to making comments on their social media. This finally prompted a response. There is no way to call them so you are dependent on their messaging system which you can wait for a response on. I finally did get the medication. However, midway through my insurance company needed them to resubmit a prior authorization. They did, but failed to provide the pertinent documentation that the insurance company needs. The insurance company and I both reported to them that they needed to send supporting documentation. It has been three weeks and they still have not done it so I am now no longer on the medication and frustrated. I reported the issue to my Coach.

    My Coach was going to bring it up to her supervisor but I still a week later have not had any contact from the company. I feel like the department that handles medication and prior authorization is completely incompetent. And unfortunately, that’s the department you need to be the most competent in order to get the medication started. I used to recommend the company, but now I see a common theme with their lack of follow-through and incompetence in dealing with your insurance.

    Thanks for your vote! Report
    Resolution In Progress
    profile pic of the author
    Sales & MarketingPrice

    Reviewed Oct. 30, 2023

    My experience - joined in January. Paid full price and was a model student. Showed up to my appointments, completed my "homework," weighed in, did all that was asked. My medicine wasn't approved until April and I didn't start receiving it until May. The doctor wrote the script wrong, so in September, my pharmacy could no longer fill it. Once they corrected it (that process took 4 weeks), it then required a pre approval for insurance to cover. It's now been three weeks trying to get a pre-approval. In the meantime - my script has gone from $25 to $1400. And not a peep of help from Calibrate.

    To me, this just feels like a scam. I would recommend you save yourself the $1700 sign up fee -- their promises of "navigating the insurance system" are completely misleading -- and just go to your family doctor and talk to them about getting into a program or having them prescribe directly. I only had 4 months of uninterrupted prescription support. The rest has been a total headache and utter frustration. Buyer beware.

    Thanks for your vote! Report
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