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I have had to exchange 4 mattresses in the last 16 months, and now a 5th. They do not tell the truth about their product when selling it to you. I bought a discounted bed marked 1999.00 for less the half that price, not knowing when the bed was delivered. It was not just a display, but used, returned and then sanitized. The other beds they exchanged were new, so I thought until one of the customer service reps informed me that it was yet another returned, used mattress. I had yet another mattress delivered last night, and I could not sleep on it because I was waking up with arms and legs falling asleep. I am going to call them once again to tell them to come pick this one up and either return my money so I can shop elsewhere or have a mattress delivered straight from the manufacturer so I know it is not USED!

We purchased a mattress like 10 years ago and liked the exchange policy, so when we were ready for a new bed we sought out Sit n' Sleep. I don't recall being charged a restocking fee last time we purchased a bed. The main reason we went back to SNS was because we were able to try out the bed and return it if it didn't work out. What really ticks me off is I raved about this policy to the salesperson and told him last time I thought we returned beds twice and finally found the perfect fit for us. He never mentioned the $500 restocking fee and I even told him that my husband and I were split on which bed to buy so I would try his out first and if it didn't work out we would come back and get mine (which was more expensive). Again no mention of the restocking fee.

I don't know if there was something in the contract but I know I did not pay $1,000 in restocking fees with my last purchase. SNS should be required to have you sign a single document explaining the restock fee and that the 30 day trial means one way or another you are stuck with a SNS bed. Shame on you Sit 'n Sleep. No wonder you are closing stores. I was a repeat customer but now I am just an angry one.

I paid over $7,000 dollars for an adjustable frame/mattress king size bed to help with my husband and my snoring. Little did I know for the next three months I could count on one finger the nights I have slept as I have found myself almost on the floor several times throughout the evening. I am so exhausted. I want to torch this bed. I have called the store and asked for some remedy. At the end of the bed, there are metal brackets attached to the frame that keep the mattress from falling down. There needs to be similar brackets bolted to the sides to keep the mattresses from falling off the side of the bed as well.

So sorry I went to Sit 'n Sleep! I should have known, when I purchased my Beautyrest mattress, the salesman was very pushy about suggesting I buy a MATTRESS PROTECTOR. That's because he probably is well aware of the fact that Beautyrest mattresses REEK of chemicals for weeks. I tried for a week to sleep on it and could barely stand the smell. (I did not start out with a mattress protector). I finally gave up after dragging it outside to air out, febreezing my bedroom, and running a fan on the bottom of the mattress for 3 days!

Of course, a call to the hostile "Customer Service" dept. was unproductive. I then went to a different store and purchase an "odor blocking" mattress protector for $100. And that helps a lot, but I can still smell the nauseating chemicals a little and just can't be near it. Trying to see if I can get a refund through Beautyrest because this mattress should just be considered DEFECTIVE. Then maybe a credit card dispute on the charge. And maybe file a small claims court case for a refund. I am NOT going to pay an exchange fee. I never want to buy from them again!

After with the experience of those BUFFOONS claiming to take care for their customers I WILL never sleep on a mattress from SIT 'n SLEEP... EVER AGAIN!!! Even if they gave it to me for FREE. Even if Larry comes to my house to deliver it for FREE, never never never AGAIN. DO NOT FALL INTO THE TRAP. Besides every mattress they sell is from a company that went bankrupt and they get the mattresses for pennies and sell them at full retail. And I also found out that mattresses get rebuilt so, go figure that out.

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I want to know what exactly is the "10 years warranty" that the mattresses have at the Sit and Sleep store. But when the mattresses last less than a year and you notify them, they make you upgrade to a supposedly better mattress and you have to pay more money for the difference. So what's the 10-yr warranty? Can someone explain that one to me?

Warranty replacement bed. Had to pay them another $500. Uncomfortable immediately. My husband has a bad back and mine is not great. Spent a lot of time choosing this "firm" mattress. Did not feel at all the same as in the store. We went back to the store to see if it felt the same. My husband moved to other bedroom. No response to complaint from Sit 'n Sleep. I have to sleep at very edge of mattress as mattress sank where I would normally sleep. I filed a small claims court case. I suspect that they have figured out a way to beat everyone as sooo many people have the same complaints so I don't expect to win.

This will be my first step in where I am going with this. I am not rolling over with a loss there but am going to go step by step until they are exposed for what they do to everyday people. I am a dog with a bone when it comes to injustice and with my background in PR I expect folks will get some justice. Wish me luck. Anyone else go to court against them? Please contact me. Thanks.

On 12/15/16, we purchased a CA split king adjustable bed set (2 Leggett and Platt platforms, 2 CA split king Serta IComfort 36x84 mattresses, one medium firm, one firm). Salesperson said she was lowering the price of the firmer bed because she could not give us any free sheets, etc. as I requested. We also purchased the "encasements," the mattress toppers and 2 sets of sheets; total with tax: $6757.95.

The next day, 12/16/15, we went back to the store (in Palm Desert) to take another look at the beds as we were on vacation and the beds were going to be shipped until the following week. The new salesperson questioned why we had purchased two different beds (same brand, same model (I-Comfort), but different sub-models. She showed us that the firm mattress was 1-1/2 inches higher than the med. firm. I asked her about the "lower price" that the former salesperson had given us on the firm mattress. She said that was NOT a lower price: it WAS the price, (So the salesperson the day before had lied to us.).

Further, that to exchange the existing firm mattress for the same sub-model as the med. firm model, we would have to pay $200 more for the firm mattress. At that point, we again questioned the exchange/no-return policy, this time more carefully, and didn't like what we heard. We immediately cancelled the entire order. The salesperson said she could not print out a credit and simply wrote "cancelled" on the original copy of our sales invoice (I told her to sign her name and date it also). That should have been our first clue as to how dishonest this company is.

On 12/28/15, 12 days later and no credit appearing on our credit card, I called Sit 'n Sleep Customer Service Department. NO CREDIT HAD BEEN ISSUED even though the person to whom I spoke had the information that the sale had been cancelled 12 days previously! He said the credit would appear within the next few days. After "the next few days" passed without any credit having been issued, I called the credit card company and registered a dispute; the sale amount has been removed from my credit card, but only as a "conditional credit." That means that Sit 'n Sleep has yet to issue the credit.

Today is 1/1/16, 17 DAYS since we cancelled the order!! Fortunately, we cancelled. I can only imagine the headaches we would have encountered had we taken delivery and had to deal with these crooks. BTW, we went to a local store upon our return from Palm Desert and bought almost the exact same merchandise, same platform, almost identical mattresses, sheets, protector, etc. The total bill: $3800.

On 12/12/2015 I have purchased a mattress and 2 pillows. The day of delivery I've tried one pillow for one hour, couldn't tolerate. I got neck pain and headache. When we called on the next Thursday to reach the salesman, he said we cannot return the pillows. It is an expensive one and we have not been informed that we cannot return. I regret to use your stores, that is why everyone should go to big department stores like Macy's where they do not give customers hard time like that. I do not recommend you to anyone. Prices are not good, Macy's has better prices for same merchandise you have. It was a big mistake to do that.

We purchased a $3000 Kingsdown mattress as well as the $300 plus mattress protector and two very expensive pillows on Sunday, October 11. And when these items were delivered on Tuesday, we noticed the mattress looked defective (mountaining with sloping edges). First thing Wednesday morning, my husband went to the store and was told we needed "to sleep on it for 30 days". I went with my husband again later that morning and the manager told us we had voided our warranty by installing it in a sleigh bed (which we had told the saleslady on Sunday that we owned and which are on display in the store). After about 1/2 hour of arguing and talking to customer service, they agreed to send an inspector on Thursday and suggested we try their bed frame.

The bed frame was delivered Thursday but did not change the feel of the mattress. We still felt like we were sliding off of the bed or sleeping on a wrinkle if we rolled toward the middle (which was definitely NOT easy to do). No inspector was with the delivery people. They knocked pictures off of the wall in the hall and did not speak English. There was NO inspection of the mattress. On Friday we went into the store again after contacting customer service (the lady there told us we could do a warranty exchange and would NOT have to pay the restocking fee). After trying several other mattresses (the model we had purchased was now on sale for $1250), we selected a BeautyRest which was nearly $1000 less than the original purchase. They refused to refund the difference and we were told they would give us a set of sheets to make up the difference.

After nearly two hours of haggling (so much for customer satisfaction guaranteed), we selected a Aireloom mattress that was a little bit more expensive and the manager agreed to make it an even exchange. The saleslady then proceeded to tell us that this was a "comfort" exchange and that we could not exchange or return the new mattress we had selected. I finally got the manager to agree that the mattress we had was defective and that this should be considered a "warranty" exchange not "comfort". When the new mattress was delivered this Tuesday, we discovered it is 1 inch shorter and 1 inch lacking in width compared to the advertised measurements. I contacted the customer service department and was immediately forwarded to a recording to leave a message. They did not return my call until a couple of days later when I called them again and again.

So we have another defective mattress, a store that has been uncooperative and still owe the credit company $3000. The company said they would have Aireloom "custom" build a mattress to the correct measurements and deliver it about two weeks later. When this third mattress was delivered and before I even had it moved into the house, I measured it to discover that it was a good 1 1/2 inches shorter than the one I had already. Aireloom responded to my email saying that I did not know how to measure a mattress and that they often do not measure as advertised. I refused this delivery and contacted customer service. They at NO time said that all mattresses measure smaller (within 1-2 inches smaller than advertised). I was told to go to the store and pick another mattress and that if it was less expensive, they would refund the difference.

We found the original Beautyrest that we had looked at to begin with for $1839.99 which actually measured 60x80 and was very comfortable. However, when the mattress was delivered (two weeks later because they could not honor my request for a morning delivery), it was 3 inches shorter than the one in the store. Again we refused the delivery and called customer service. They were supposed to return my call on Tuesday but did not and after fifteen or more tries, I finally reached someone who said that often mattresses are 1-2 inches smaller than advertised and that they might not be able to find one to satisfy our request for an ACTUAL queen size bed even though the one in the store measured exactly right. They will be delivering our 5th mattress this Saturday sometime between 11am and 3pm (again not the morning delivery I requested) and hopefully it will be at least close to the correct size.

I asked for invoices to be sent to me via email and I received only a partial one with no explanation on how they intend to refund the difference in the cost of the two mattress (which is over $980, substantially more than a set of sheets should cost me). By the way, the deluxe mattress protector now has a broken zipper from taking it off and putting it on the defective mattresses SOOO many times. No customer satisfaction here! Or your mattress is FREE? Whatever. I would never recommend Sit N Sleep even to my worst enemy. What a rip off!!!

You're killing me Larry! I purchased a $2,500 Sherwood mattress and box spring from Sit 'n Sleep Westminster in February 2014. Recently I noticed that the cover on the bottom of our Sherwood mattress was tearing away in all four corners. Since we were only 20 months into our 20-year warranty I called Sit 'n Sleep. They referred me to Precise Mattress inspections to schedule an appointment. It took a few weeks because apparently there's only one 'inspector' and he only makes it to Huntington Beach on Thursdays - or some BS like that.

The guy (Precise Mattress Inspectors) shows up and takes a bunch of pictures and does his thing. I didn't watch because I figured he was a professional and surely this was a warranty issue? Right Larry? On his way out he mentioned that he observed a stain and that Sit 'n Sleep would respond pretty fast. He gave me no indication that this would or would not be approved.

As I was putting the sheets back on the bed, I look for this 'stain' that the guy mentioned. You had to look pretty hard, but I found it. Realistically the kind of stains that we are talking about are only going to be in two places: at the 'head' or in the 'groin' area. I'm happy to report that it was near the head. I found it right about where if I drooled the stain would be. FYI, Websters defines a 'stain' as, "a spot not easily removed." I grabbed a damp washcloth (my wife hates it when I do stuff like that) and wiped over it a few times. Viola... no more stain.

Since it wasn't a 'stain' I'll refer to it as a 'mark'. As I'm wiping the mark off I'm thinking to myself, "What does a mark have to do with the cover tearing on the opposite side of the mattress? Did the mark leak all the way through?" I flipped the mattress over and fortunately, there was no mark there. Well, I got my Sit 'n Sleep response letter today. It's no wonder why they are fast - it's a form letter, a rejection form letter I might add. After reading all the complaints here, I'm wondering if anyone actually gets their warranty submission approved. Here's what the form letter reported: Mattress body impressions measured within normal warranty parameters. White law label containing warranty information has been removed. Product is stained or soiled. Damaged/broken frame does not provide sufficient support for mattress of this size/weight.

You don't need to be an attorney to see what's going on here. The question is why would Sit 'n Sleep stand behind the manufacturers and not the customers? Are Sherwood and Sit 'n Sleep crappy companies or am I a crappy customer? Are you crappy customers or did we shop for crappy products at a crappy store? I don't know.

Regardless of labels, supposed stains and questionable bed frames Sit 'n Sleep has an issue with the cover tearing off of the Sherwood mattress. And it's not like gorillas change the sheets. This kind of stuff should not happen unless there are problems with the materials that Sherwood used or the workmanship. We actually purchased a nice fitting and expensive set of sheets from Sit 'n Sleep. I guess that's the last purchase we'll be making from them. Larry, the big question is: Who is gonna get that class action lawsuit going? I've included pictures. I tried to capture an image of the stain or mark but to be honest, it's just not there anymore.

Even my kids know what you mean by a ship (**) load on your TV ad. They now say "** and sleep".

Paid more than I planned for a Posturpedic mattress sold by the salesman on the your mattress will last you for ten years. So it sags pretty bad but did not notice a tear in the side of the mattress. It was a Sealy mattress and Sit 'n Sleep did not even submit pictures of the tear first time. I had to say a tear in the side of the mattress is normal and the Sit 'n Sleep guy didn't know of a tear, he had to look at pictures. Said they resubmitted a claim, a week later "no we are not going to replace". Mattresses are pretty expensive these days, it's really a bummer when you spend good money on something and it is a poor product, especially a mattress because it affects your sleep. Stay away from Sit 'n Sleep.

On 7/24/15 I purchased a $1779.99 Cherryville, King Size Mattress. On 8/28/15 I called Sit 'n Sleep to let them know my mattress was sunken/had a large sink hole in it, where I slept. I was referred to their Customer Service @ 800 961-1997 and I spoke with Keisha on that same day. Keisha then gave me the no. to Precise Mattress @ (972) 922-9997 to setup an inspection appt. I spoke with Mindy there at Precise Mattress to set this appointment up and for Technician David to come out and do an inspection.

The date for the inspection was set for 9/4/15, my birthday. David from Precise Mattress came out and took measurements, pictures and he tore the bed completely apart. David then took more pictures of the frame. David suggested we turn the mattress to a new position. I then ask WHY!!! I only had the mattress for 34 days, why does the mattress need to be turned??? I was instructed by Salesman Rudy to turn the mattress every 6 months. David told me so the mattress could wear evenly, so I helped him turn the mattress as we put the bed back together. Right then and there a RED FLAG went up! I then ask if the sink hole was 1 1/2 inches, and David tells me it is 2 3/4 inches deep!!! I then say, "Okay, I should be getting a NEW mattress." David tells me he is going to submit the report along with the pictures and I would hear from Sit 'n Sleep in 5 to 7 days, and I did.

I received a letter on 9/11/15, thanking me for the time to voice my concern regarding my bedding, and that Sit 'n Sleep are committed to providing the highest quality sleep products in the industry today!!! Really Now??? They appreciated me allowing the technician to enter my home and complete their evaluation. HOWEVER: According to the inspection results, my claim has been DENIED for the following reason(s): Although mattress body impressions exceed normal warranty parameters, frame does not meet warranty requirements & does not provide sufficient support for mattress of this size/weight.

Unfortunately, we are restricted by warranty parameters set forth by the manufacturer and sincerely regret that we were unable to obtain authorization for the replacement of my mattress. Alternatively, we may be able to offer a discount on the purchase of a new mattress. I may present my letter at any Sit 'n Sleep store if I would like to take advantage of this offer!!!

ON 9/14/15 I called Sit 'n Sleep Customer Service at 800 961-1997 and spoke with Alex. I explained to Alex that the frame that I had and also approved by Salesman Rudy, at the time of my purchase, was the correct frame for this size/weight bed according to their paperwork and diagram they sent me with the DENIAL letter. Alex then put me on hold. He came back and said I am correct and he was going to get in touch with Precise Mattress and have them correct their report. I then asked, how long would this take because I needed this situation to be handled and done with! I'm now just a little frustrated He tells me by the end of the day.

Well lo and behold, the day goes by and the next day goes by. I then call back on 9/16/15 and reminds Alex of his word in calling me back. Alex, then gives me the oh so sorry line - he was waiting on feedback from Precise Mattress. Well, to wrap this thing all up, Alex tells me YES, I do have the correct frame, but now he's telling me the frame is bent and that is why my claim has been DENIED. Regardless of what my original DENIAL letter says about having the wrong size frame!!! I sincerely hoped and prayed that Sit 'n Sleep would make good on the $1800.00 purchase I made with them. All I wants was what I paid for. Nothing more and nothing less!

Needless to say, I, Yolanda **, am going to Small Claims and sue Sit 'n Sleep and Precise Mattress for fraudulent advertisement. I told them I am taking everyone involved DOWN. I'm calling names and I will print out everyone of these negative reviews you too have written and show the judge exactly what has been, and still is going on with Sit 'n Sleep / Precise Mattress. I will PEACEFULLY stand in front of their store and picket and hand out copies of all of these negative reviews to potential customers going in their store and let's see then what happens.

All I wanted was what I paid for. I work HARD for my MONEY!!! A girl has to do what a girl has to do and hopefully some of you will do the same and then maybe, just maybe we can stop some of this FRAUDULENT SHENANIGANS by Sit 'n Sleep and their Allied Precise Mattress!!! P.S. "Randy" is the owner of Precise Mattress and his no. is **. I even gave him a call and ask what is going on with these reports his technicians are producing. He basically ask me why am I even calling him? Well, once again, we will let the judge explain to him why!!!

If I could give this company 0 stars I would. We were talked into purchasing an adjustable bed with the understanding that we could try it out and if we didn't like it return it in 30 days. Of course, now that we want to return this item, customer service and the manager at the Westminster store are saying these do not fall under their 60 day trial policy. We are so frustrated that we just spent over $2000 on a box spring because the product is useless. Will never shop at this establishment again.

UPDATED ON 09/24/2015: We returned to Sit N Sleep in Fountain Valley to return our adjustable bed. We took a restocking fee and purchased a platform frame with storage drawers. The manager assured us that the bed we picked out came with an optional headboard. The bed arrived -- with the headboard we did NOT want. The box springs we did want did NOT arrive and one of the drawers is broken.

Contacted the store and customer service. They were no help. Yes, they will send out the box springs but only after we have to trek back to the store!!! Why? It's not very close to our new home. Yes, they will send out the box springs and someone to replace the drawer but then someone has to be home (again) to let the delivery and repair people in... which means another day off work! No consideration for our inconvenience and frustrations. This company is poorly run. Larry needs to spend more time in the office and less time doing commercials.

I visited Sit N Sleep on 8/31 to buy a mattress and was served by Russell **. After trying out a few mattresses I wasn't sure I had found what I wanted when Russell said they were having some "special deals" for Labor Day and that he could offer a mattress that I had seen at a discount. The price seemed good and I agreed to buy it. He didn't go into any further details. When processing the payment I was asked to sign on an ipad at random points without any explanation other than it was the invoice and everything would be emailed to me. I was told that their mattresses come with warranties where if it sinks over an inch, they would replace it free of charge providing it wasn't stained. There was absolutely nothing mentioned that it was not returnable.

When I received the mattress and I flipped it over I saw a yellow sticker saying it was a second hand item. There was no way I agreed to buy a second hand item and when I checked the delivery notice as well as the emailed invoice, nothing there mentioned anything about the item being used. There was no red tag informing me what was the used material either.

I called up customer service on 9/4 requesting my warranty card or policy. Though I called twice and they said they would email it I never received it. I realized that this was beginning to feel like a scam. I called up Russell and asked him why my mattress was second hand. I told him that if I wanted to get a used mattress I would have got it off Craigslist. Russell went on to tell me that he told me it was used, that we sleep on hotel mattresses that were used and that I should have figured out that it was the reason behind the discount. How am I supposed to "figure out" why I've been given a discount? Then he tells me that I cannot return the mattress even though it was only a day old, because I signed the invoice and he went through it with me. I never agreed to buy a used mattress. He never went through the non-return policy with me and it was pretty much a bait and switch move.

I purchased my mattress in Feb. By July my mattress already sagged beyond their warranty parameters. They agreed with it but would not give me a refund because they claimed that the warranty piece of paper was not there. I'm mad beyond belief and had been trying to contact them on the phone and they routed me to India for service and basically said 'tough luck'. Very rude customer service. I paid a lot of money for it and now my back hurts everyday. They offered me a discount on a new purchase after I paid tons of money for this new mattress. Please, please do not buy any mattress from them. They're scammers!!

We selected Sit N Sleep because of their return policy. If we were going to spend thousands of dollars on a bed, we wanted to be sure we liked it. We went through their assessment process and a few beds were recommended to us. We tried them all and settled on a $4,000 Tempurpedic bed. It has been 54 days since our bed was delivered. Their policy is to accept returns anytime from day 31-60, with a restocking fee of 20% but not to exceed $500. Or so we thought. While my husband has adjusted to the bed quite well, I only sleep for the first 3 hours I am in bed and then I wake up all night long and in the morning my body aches, every day.

Today, I called them to arrange for looking at other options. It was then I was informed that our replacement bed must be of equal or greater value of the original, PLUS the restocking fee. If I find a bed that we like better that is less than the original, I must still spend up to the original price on other products in their store. This bit of information was never communicated to us. I am beyond frustrated.

I had to purchase a new mattress in June 2015 because my husband was ill and died in our bed from kidney failure in May. My friend went with me to choose my new mattress. One too hard, another way too soft, the last one was firm but gave just enough. The bed I got was lumpy and felt used. It has a hump in the middle so you hang at the edge of the mattress. My sister stayed with me one night as we were going away and leaving early. She said she had a terrible night feeling like she had to hang on to stay in the bed. My daughter stayed here to house sit and called to say the bed was awful. She tried to sleep in the middle and kept rolling off. When their guy came out to test the mattress I stayed in to watch the stupid cylinder test and it did not pass. I mentioned to the guy that it failed and he agreed but said it's up to whoever reads the report. I will not stop here even if I have to picket their stores. Shame on them!

Poor quality 3 times. 1. Bought Stearns and Foster's king sized mattress and box springs. Pd around $1,400. After 6 months could not enjoy. 2. S and S sent replacement Stearns and Foster. After 6 or so months same sagging problem. 3. Went to store where we were allowed to select another brand mattress because Stearns and Foster were no longer sold there. Got new mattress that also sagged. Called company for an inspection because we could not get good night sleep from the replacement after about 6 months. Said they would not replace mattress or give any refund of money because it wasn't within their "tolerance range". Bed didn't sag enough to warrant replacement or refund. Had 7 or 8 year guarantee. Will never buy anything from S and S again.

DON'T BUY FROM SIT 'N SLEEP!!! Customer Service ** and ** from Delivery are very rude and not helpful. When delivery guys delivered my new mattresses, I notice a 6" section of the mattress was NOT sewn. Delivery guys called Sit 'n Sleep, after waiting for 30 min. in my house they got an answer to take back the top mattress.

Delivery was set for the following Tuesday, I waited till Tuesday and I called to see at what time delivery was to take place. I spoke to ** manager of the delivery department, asking him at what time is my mattress going to be delivered, his response was "There is no delivery for you today. We don't have an order for you." I explained to him what had happen the delivery before about the mattress being unsewn and a guy from customer service called me while the delivery guys were still here in my home to setup a new delivery date and time, and still I receive no mattress. These mattresses are already paid for!! This has cost me more than the so called sale, not happy I scheduled another delivery for tomorrow, day 3 of missing work. Let's see if I get my mattress this time.

I bought my mattress on 5/5/15. Two nights after, my boyfriend & I have been getting bit non stop. 4-7 bites at a time. Every other day we get a new bite. I've cleaned the room inside out. I called the store & after getting transferred all over they said it's impossible for the mattress to have bugs. They are sealed & sprayed. I asked them to send someone to inspect it. They don't do that he said. We never had this problem & I am concerned because my baby sleeps next to our bed! It is now 6/4/15 5:00am. My BF was getting ready for work & complains of more bites. I get up with the light in my phone & check the sheets & under the mattress protector & find a TEAR about 2 inches long. I check between the headboard & the mattress & there was big dark Bed Bug! So now I have a 1 month old mattress with a tear & bugs! They can't admit to the bug part but will charge me a restocking fee! I'm now thinking they sold me a restocked mattress.

I bought a mattress with my wife. In the beginning it was good. About 30 days we noticed that it started sinking in the middle. I called - They said "That is just breaking in". About 45 days into it they said our 30-day trial was up. Never again. I will not buy another mattress At Sit 'n Sleep

I bought the beautyrest mattress from sit 'n sleep in May 2014 and within the first 6 months it had deep body impressions on both sides. In march 2015 called for an inspection and they did send an inspector. First thing he said was that there's obvious impressions on both sides. He did his inspection and took pictures then told me sit 'n sleep will be contacting me with their decision. He gave a copy of the verification of inspection that I signed and even wrote no stains.

A week later I received their written decision stating that "although mattress body impressions exceed normal warranty parameters the frame does not need warranty requirements and does not provide sufficient support for mattress of this size and weight." I don't understand that because looking at their description of acceptable support, my frame fits in that description. I have a metal frame with 7 legs and two horizontal supports and one vertical support more than enough adequate support for a California king mattress. In fact my bed frame is specifically for king or California king, it can't go any smaller.

We purchased a Kingsdown mattress from, of all places, Sit N Sleep (Cerritos). We had many good things about the Kingsdown brand, so we decided to purchase a Kingsdown mattress. We tested several mattresses in the store for well over three hours, laid on the Kingsdown bed for an extensive period of time, and decided it felt wonderful. We were told we had a 30 day sleep trial. We paid $3,400 for the bed and went home to await delivery. The bed was delivered a week later and was set up. When we laid on this bed, it felt nothing like the bed in the store. We voiced our concern and were told the bed would need to broke in and to call customer service.

Approaching 30 days, the bed was still horrible. We called Sit n Sleep and told them of our problem. They said we could exchange the bed if we paid a $500 stocking fee. We asked for a refund instead, the customer service rep said that we had to exchange the mattress for another 30 day sleep trial (plus the $500 restocking fee). Their solution after the exchange and second 30 day sleep trial if you are not happy with the outcome is "you are stuck with it."

So, I asked the CSR, "basically what you are telling me is that we can only exchange the mattress once and if we don't like the alternative we are stuck with the purchase, what is your return policy?" "We don't have a return policy" was her response. So much for a sleep trial, satisfied customers, and excellent customer service. I wake up every morning with a migraine headache, my shoulders and back hurt, my arms and hands are numb, and I toss and turn all night long because I can't get comfortable. Be wary of buying any bed at Sit N Sleep, it's not good for your health!

I bought my Mattress from Sit 'n Sleep Glendale CA store and after few weeks my mattress was sagging. Had inspection, they replaced my mattress and I pay more for better quality. After few month same thing happen so they gave me some kind of flat board and I was told that within 6 month my mattress will be flat. It's been a year now nothing happen, even worst, now I have back pain and can't sleep. So I had inspection again and they said my mattress is within normal numbers. I wish they can come and sleep one day on that mattress. I am only 125 LB and I measured that my mattress is 10 inches below in the middle than on sides. How can they deny to exchange it??? I wrote to customer service 3 times - nobody responded. WHAT SHOULD I DO????

The Sitnsleep product support and warranty service is not supported by the Palmdale store nor the Sitnsleep warranty company. They fail to provide customer service for defective merchandise. The remote control for the bed that was purchased in January 2012 is defective and this was reported to the store before the warranty expired. They provided a phone number of the warranty company. The warranty company refuses to accept our word that the control is defective and wanted us to hire an electrician to verify the fault. Then they said we would have to mail the control to them so they could verify that the control was defective before they would replace it.

That would make the bed non functional for approximately one month. The bed was purchased as a compatible substitute for a hospital bed for a stroke patient. Since the store will not support the customer when the bed fails to work as advertised the consumer should avoid buying a bed from this company. Any place that sells a product that refuse to support or honor their warranty should be put out of business permanently.

On 10/26/2014 I bought what I was led to believe a top quality Down Pillow. After not even 2 months of use, Feather (not Down feathers) are sticking out of the pillow through the pillow case. The 'stems' of the feathers are long and very sharp...enough to wake you up in the middle of the night if your face rolls on it! I went to the Laguna Hills store to complain -- very unsympathetic...was sent away to call Customers Service. I have done so. I was told that my complaint will be sent to the manufacturer. I should hear back in a week.

Based on the reviews I have read, I don't have much confidence in that! I pointed out that I would not even want this pillow for free -- can't sleep on hurts your face! I will definitely update my comments if this issue gets resolved in a fair and just way! I have been unable to attach a receipt or clue what format is acceptable!

OK I just called and told them about my bed being broke. I am just now reading all these complaints so am going to call tomorrow and tell them again my bed is broke. Instead of waiting on inspector to deny me, I am going to take my bed to their store during business hours. And give them the bed back. Am will not leave until they have fixed this problem. I feel bad that it's so many of us that got screwed. I don't play with my money, I have seven kids to feed. So I gotta do what I gotta do. I refused to wait for them, I will go to them while they are selling to others.

First, I was happy with the experience in the store and with the bed. But when the bed, springs and frame were delivered, they dragged it across the floor and made a 4 ft scuff mark that I could not remove. Very difficult to get someone on the phone to make a claim. When I do, they agree to send out reps to take pictures. Instead they send out the two men who delivered the bed. They say they can't see the mark, that someone else must have done it. I asked them to leave. The mark is still there and I need to start over with the phone calls, scheduling a rep, etc. I would like them to remove the mark they left and I don't think it should take so much time.

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