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3 years ago I remodeled my home and purchased a sectional from them. It was supposed to be polyester not bonded or leather. Been there done that. They even scotch guarded it. Of course they say it's a lifetime warranty. Well, my significant other watches TV at night on it. I do cover it for protection just in case. Well, when we have company I take off the sheet and it looks faded but it's not. No sun there. I have been around and around with them. They already have a lawsuit for the bonded leather and they won't cover this. They want all 6 pieces for exchange of $600 credit... ha no way. It's polyester. It shouldn't do this. Good thing I don't have kids and animals. Can you imagine what it would look like? I would highly suggest not to buy anything there because they do not back up their warranty. I told them they should advertise it still. They are liars.

I will try and make this short. We bought living room furniture. Shortly after the back side of the recliner fall down to the floor. The tech came out and after checking, said the whole assy. had to be replaced. The new assy had to come from China and was 14 weeks out. We waited roughly 20 weeks, and a different tech installed it. After he left the back fell down again. I found a handful of screws and things on the floor. When I called to explain, I was told it was normal wear. When we tried to move it, a long steel piece caused a large groove in our hardwood floor. Then I called again, Jessie ** told me that his techs were afraid of me and would not return. Now I am a large guy (not fat) and cannot walk. My voice is deep and carries a long way. I am confined to the wheelchair or the hospital bed, but even so they afraid of ME? Since then, when I called in, they would hang up on me. I have given up and bought two new recliners from a different store.

We were missing the feet from the sectional we purchased from the Ocala, FL store and the staff was very friendly and accommodating. They shipped us the feet and we received them in three days. Our sales associate Linda ** was very sweet and helpful. I would highly recommend Kane's Furniture.

OMG, no stars for this store at all. I had to put one star because they require at least 1 star. LOL!!! I will never go to Kane's Furniture ever again. I went there looking for end tables and couch. I walked in the door and a salesperson immediately hovered over us. I asked where the clearance center was and he pointed to it. When I walked into the area, he then said they do not deliver anything in clearance center. Gee, he could have told us that before we walked all the way over there. I asked what the delivery charge was and he said $120 or $122, I can't remember.

Still hovering over us, I then went to their main floor and looked at their end tables and cocktail tables. I found a set that I liked and asked if they had any sales going on. His response "NO", and then I asked if they had any discounts for military or senior or AARP and he said "NO. NOTHING." I put those in caps because he was very stern when saying it! I then asked if he had any of the tables I wanted in stock and he said NO. I said, "so, then we HAVE to pay for delivery?" and he said yes. He then went on to say that we have to put it together. UNREAL!!! I left there and went back to Haverty's which is where I found a beautiful couch and I also found a cocktail table that I absolutely love! I told the salesperson at Haverty's that Kane's does not put the tables together and they could not believe it. So, GO TO HAVERTY'S AND STAY AWAY FROM KANE'S!!! That is my opinion!

I won't give any star for Kane's Furniture. I currently bought more than $3400 furniture in Kane's store. They told me my son is 21 years old, so he can sign the deliver, because I had to be at work. But when driver delivered, didn't put the sofa legs on, didn't install the mattress frame, they blamed everything on my son. I confirmed with my son there was no such word. The driver knew he supposed install all the furniture that he delivered, and store argued with me for my son told the driver not to install furniture. 1 of manager Melinda was really cold and mean. I had to run back to the store to get driver back. This is nightmare. Do not trust Kane's furniture. They had the lowest customer service in the whole United States!

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I went to Kane's 3 yrs. ago and bought several items including a couch and loveseat. I was told there was a Lifetime Warranty on their products. I noticed that the material is going bald and wearing where you can see the under weave. I went into the store and spoke to a lady there who said there is nothing they could do and why don't I buy covers for it. I said "why would I do that." Apparently they don't deal with the company that made them anymore. I am disgusted at such poor quality. Will never shop there again.

We bought a white furniture set (8/10/2013) that included UV3 leather protection package, 5 years warranty against accidental rips, tears, burns, fading, stains. Before one year the sofa ripped (see IMG 1), they came took pictures and told us: it was no cover by warranty. As today the ripping is getting worse and furniture is losing the shape (see IMG 2-3). The reality this is not leather, it is a cheap imitation. Read the detailed warranty and find out the true.

I'd like to share all of you my bad experience with Kane's Furniture so you get DECEIVED as me. In October 2013, I purchased a metal dining set from Kane's which should have a lifetime warranty. I called them last month to report a problem with one of the chair's legs that had been bended over or tilted due to their bad quality and material. Last week a technician came, took pictures and told me wait for a phone call from the store with a response.

After few days, one of the store managers called me to let me know that we won't be able to fix or exchange the chair since it's not manufacturing defect. After like more than 20 minutes of talking with her on the phone trying to understand how metal can be easily bended over or tilted like that and it should be stronger than this, it was useless talking anymore. When you go to their store they try as hard as they could to convince you that their products have lifetime warranty but in reality this is not true. Definitely I don't recommend this store to anyone. JUST STAY AWAY FROM IT.

My wife purchased a bedroom suit and iComfort mattress from Kane's 2 years ago, keeping the receipt on file just in case. Less than 6 months later, the Serta mattress began to sag on the right side and became hard on the left side. On August 27, 2016, we called Kane’s and requested a warranty check on the bed, still having the receipt, requesting that someone come check out the problem.

The rep responded as scheduled and after verifying and taking pictures of the mattress, but never sitting or laying on the bed to feel the sag, explained that there was a single tag missing, and stated that the King (iComfort) mattress had a history of problems in this same area. (I believe that he did not think I was listening when he was trying to impress me with his mattress knowledge.) He stated that his report would be turned in on September 2nd, 2016 because it would take a day for him to write the report, but we should hear something back within 48 hours.

On the same date (09/01/2016) a Kane's rep contacted us and stated that they would gladly come back out and place a "support" (whatever that is) between the mattress and box springs, but would not replace the mattress. What is weird is that the rep blamed the mattress failure on the bottom support rails of the bed frame, which was also purchased at "Kane's", as a set, delivered and set up by Kane's employees, at the same time she bought the mattress and box springs.

Keeping in mind that the entire set (furniture and mattress/box springs) was purchased from Kane's in Brandon, Florida, the rep was not interested in looking at the receipt and only focused on the single missing tag, and the wooden supports, which came with the bed as a lower mattress support. I would advise anyone looking for furniture, especially a mattress, not to purchase anything from Kane's. There is no warranty and no customer care. But you may get "free support" for a sagging mattress???

I gave this facility 2 stars only because, unlike other reviews I've read, Kane's did partially work towards a resolution of the original problem. In April of 2012 we purchased a "leather" sofa and loveseat from Kane's of Brandon. This sofa and loveseat were for a formal living room that is used maybe 2 times a year (holidays). By late 2015 both pieces of furniture were peeling and cracking.

We contacted Kane's, where they told us to email in a complaint with pictures attached. When we received a response, the only thing we were told is it's not covered under the warranty. I reread the warranty and realized that they were correct on that, but decided to contact the leather warranty company just to see if they could help (we had purchased the UUV3 kit with it). The leather warranty company told us they only cover accidental spills or tears, not manufacturing problems. We decided to deal with it, because in the writing we had it did state that cracking and peeling wasn't covered.

Fast forward to June 2016. It wasn't until then that I heard of the Southern Motion (I believe that's the name) lawsuit with Kane's, or of the bonded leather issue. After researching the lawsuits and information I decided to reach out to Kane's again, where they informed us they would give us a $400 credit towards a new sofa and loveseat. While I didn't find that very helpful (not even the cheapest set in clearance costs under $800) we just couldn't stand the peeling furniture any longer. Kane's did give us $428 and free delivery for our problems, and our salesman was wonderful (Marcelo). I wouldn't ever pay full price for furniture from there again. (We also made sure not to purchase anything leather this time.)

Don't even know if they are deserving of any rating in regards to customer service and follow through taking care of their clients and their belongings. I purchase a bedroom set at Kane's Furniture and upon mounting and delivery of the furniture two items from my house went on missing. I have gone back to complain and speak to a manager. Manager never cared to replace my two missing Brand New Tesla Vaporizers that still in the box and never used. He was quickly to tell me that the two delivery guys were fired from their jobs. That tells me that they knowledge the problem but never took care of me as a client and what went missing in my home.

It's very disappointing to me, to know that there are companies like this out there. As a business owner, I will always take care of my clients and I will never leave an unhappy client leave my store because in order to be open for business they depend on us to purchase their product. I will never shop at this store again. I will not allow this behavior repeat again at my own cost. Be AWARE of companies that will not take care of you and will put you and your family in an unsafe environment.

I am in the process of looking for new furniture (dining room, living room). Stopped in at the Kane's Furniture Store in Port Charlotte FL. I was greeted by a very nice saleswoman. I was very interested in the dining room pub set with the marble top by the customer service desk. I was looking around. The phones were ringing. One of the other girls behind the counter said something about a customer being in the phone and it was for an older woman sitting at a desk behind the counter. The older woman said that the customer was an **. She just sat at her desk. The other woman asked her if she should take a message. That's when the older woman said ** as she answered the phone.

I went past the customer service desk to look at a living room sectionals on the other side of the store. I went back over by the customer service desk to ask them for the saleswoman that had greeted me at the door. Only to hear the woman ranting about Christians and politics. I had heard enough on my way out the door. I asked for a manager. She said that the manager on duty was Liz and pointed to the same woman who was doing all the ranting and raving. If this is who Kane's has managing their stores than they might as well shut the doors. Needless to say I took my business elsewhere.

I purchase a sectional couch set from Kane's Furniture in Brandon Florida. In less than 2 years the bonded leather started peeling. I contacted Kane's and was told since it was from the clearance room they do not cover it.

I purchased a living room set of leather love seat, leather couch and 3 tables for 2,218.57 back in 01/31/2011 along with the leather protection plan they sold. And by a year later they were peeling, flaking and looked terrible. I tried to file a claim on the warranty and was told it wasn't covered. And all other communication I had tried with the company I got no response from. So now I'm stuck with furniture I thought was going to last a long time is being covered up with sheets blankets etc. just so I can sit on them without having all the peeling bits all over me and my 3-year-old granddaughter I'm raising.

Approximately three weeks ago, I made the mistake of going to Kane's Clearwater store. The sales person was Victoria. I was interested in purchasing an area rug and three barstools. Victoria steered me to a clearance area for rugs. I was under the impression the rugs were simply discontinued models. The rugs were hanging in the corner of the store and under dim lighting. I picked out a rug. Supposedly, it was originally $599 marked to down to $299. I took the rug home and did not unroll it as it was going to go into a new place I was moving into.

Two days later, I receive an email receipt from Kane's saying the rug was sold "as is". This was never mentioned to me by Victoria or the fact, as it turns out it was a floor sample. This, of course, prompted me to unroll the rug. To my dismay it was filthy. It was obviously on the floor of the store as a display rug with customers walking on it. I called customer service (what a joke). I told them my issue. They did allow $60 to have the rug cleaned. It ended up my bill was $90. Plus I had to take it to the rug cleaners and pick it up. The warehouse in St. Pete was holding the bar stools. Having been screwed over once, I asked what the delivery charge would be (my new apartment is 5 miles from the warehouse). I was informed $120. Since the purchase was on my credit card, I immediately cancelled the order but not before asking if there would "be a restocking fee". Luckily, the answer was no. Now I have a $300 + used area rug.

After the cleaning by a professional oriental rug cleaning company, it lost some of its sheen. Talk about getting screwed over. The day I purchased these items was the same day Kane's appeared on the front page of the Tampa Bay Times regarding the class action suit brought against them by other dissatisfied customers. Unfortunately, I did not read the article until after my purchase. When you go to Kane's the old adage "buyer beware" could not be more true. PS. They ought to ditch the commercials with the "sexy blond" on the red sofa. I thought these type of sexist ads disappeared in the 1960s - but not at Kanes!

Just wanted to update everyone on my repair status. Finally after months of calling Kane's for an update on our sectional repair I finally get a call from the manager asking me, "What was going on?" When I explained my aggravation she finally agreed to a store credit. Fast forward a few months later and I go to Kane's to use my credit. I'm told they need the sectional back in order to give me the credit. The furniture I GAVE TO A NEEDY FAMILY that isn't repairable. No mention of picking up the furniture prior to this conversation. Now I have a useless store credit and I'm livid. Try to call Kane's customer service & have to leave a voicemail. I'm so over this place. Please don't make the same mistake I did. Do not buy anything there.

Purchased supposed leather, not true, sofa and Love seat 12/1/11. It has been peeling quite a lot the past couple of years or more. Store would not cover it under their lifetime warranty plus I called the coverage company and after sending them photos I was told it would not be covered as only one claim was allowed and due to the many areas on these two pieces it would not be covered under one claim so got nowhere. Where does one join the class action suit? Kane's reached a settlement with the manufacturer in 2013 I believe but never offered anything to its customers that were having problems but kept the settlement money for themselves. They should be held accountable!

I bought a "leather" sectional from this store. I've hardly sat on it and it's falling apart because it's bonded leather. Kane's evidently sold this to lots of people, based on reviews that are negative. They won't do jack, although they sued the maker of this stuff and got money back themselves. I'm looking for contact info from anybody who had the same experience. I am filing suit against them and need additional names of people with the same issue.

After at 3 months we called Kane's service for a problem with one of the two sofas we ordered. After 2 times service said the frame was bent! There were no parts, nor was there a replacement as the co. said that it was discontinued, and we were to choose another set. There was nothing in our price range, so we waited. We finally agreed on another set for $984.00 more than had to be paid immediately. They offered us $75.00 for our trouble. What??!!

I have read a lot of bad reviews from Kane's Furniture and wanted to respond with a positive one. It has been many years since I have purchased from them and I was very worried after reading all the negative reviews. My purchase was at the Brandon, FL store. On my initial visit, salesperson Brian ** approached me and offered assistance. I explained I wanted to be left alone to look and would find him if I found something that interested me. Brian ** gave me his business card and left me alone (although I could see that he watched to see if I needed assistance). I looked through the store without hassle for about an hour, then left the store to compare at other furniture stores. 2 weeks later I returned to the store, found Brian ** and purchased a dining room set, also without hassle or pressure to purchase additional items.

Delivery was set for the following Sunday (the only downfall was paying for delivery as others have free delivery). On Saturday the delivery driver left a message for me they would arrive the next day between 7am and 9am. The dining room set and buffet arrived at 7:10am. Driver Johnny ** and helper Louis ** were very pleasant and efficient, handling the set with care, and carefully setting it up without scratching the wood floors. My experience with Kane's in Brandon, FL was perfect from beginning to end.

Kane's Furniture Store Scam: Twenty years ago we bought most of our furniture through Kane's; back then... Kane's carried a large selection of high quality items. Sadly, not these days!? Relying on our former experience of twenty years ago - we recently bought a leather sofa sectional from them. Aside from being exorbitantly priced proved to have myriads of other issues. The traditional Kane's quality just isn't there anymore. The backrests are of different heights. Seams don't match or line up. The color doesn't match from one piece to the next!? We gave them the chance to make it right. They have failed miserably! Unless you enjoy being hassled, and ripped off, stay away from Kane's.

I read all negative comments here, but wanted to share my experience with Kane's customer service. We bought a Tamarindo sofa and love seat yesterday. Once we brought it home I noticed that one of piece of the leather had different stitching (kind of wider piece and different color) than the other side. I called St. Pete store, talked with Janette, who told me to bring the sofa back to the warehouse. I did that today (the next day) and we just brought home the new love seat. The girls at the St. Pete warehouse as well as the guy who helped with the loading were very very nice. I don't know how my experience with the furniture is going to be, but as far as customer service so far, I have experienced a great one.

We purchased a made in the USA sofa bed a little over 2 years ago. We decided to pay twice the price to get a made in America product. The cushions have been getting really soft on the seat and the back ones are sagging badly. I called Kane's and was told it was out of warranty without even offering to look at it. So much for the lifetime warranty. Oh yeah it is on the frame only!! I will NEVER go back to this store again and I urge others to stay away also. Signed a very dissatisfied ex customer.

We had bought a couch about 3 years ago. It was real nice and firm when we bought it and now it is like sitting in a bucket. After many problems with appointment times they fit me in. We finally got a technician to come out and tell us that they had definitely broken down way too fast that the store would be calling me. After days of waiting I had to call to find out what was going on. The store then told me that it was normal wear and tear and there was nothing they would do. SO WHAT IS WITH THE WARRANTY THAT THEY TALK ABOUT BEING THAT YOU CAN KEEP YOUR THINGS FOR LIFE? WHAT A BUNCH OF **!!! I would never buy from them again and I would tell everyone not to. The worst customer service anyone can have and they tell nothing but lies.

I would NEVER purchase anything from this store again. It was the worst customer service I have ever experienced and every step of the way was a complete nightmare. Where to start... I have been looking for a specific color and size dining room set for my home and after looking at numerous furniture stores, ended up at Kane's in Clearwater on US 19. Our Sales person's name was Dane and he was your typical pushy salesperson, trying to get you to buy as much as possible and get you out the door so he can meet his quota/make his commission. Be careful when he tells you that "things are included," because they are not. Make sure to get a breakdown from him before buying anything, because he adds things on there, but keeps saying they are included. This is not the best approach to establishing a relationship with a customer.

We had plans on purchasing additional furniture there, but after over horrible experience, that is not going to happen. We ended up buying a dining room set with 4 chairs and a matching sideboard, and bought this only because it was what we have been looking for, but I honestly couldn't wait to get out of that store. We didn't want to pay the delivery fee of over $125 so when we asked about picking it up, he said everything would be in boxes and we would need to assemble each piece, which we were fine with. That was issue #1. The table and chairs were ready to pick up first, so we drove 40 minutes to the Warehouse, and contrary to what Dane told us, all 4 chairs were put together, which as you can imagine, take up a lot of space.

Luckily, my boyfriend has a large SUV and all 4 chairs and the table fit in there (barely), but had we had know that ahead of time, we would have brought some sort of blankets to prevent our new furniture from getting scratched. So then we receive a call a week later saying the sideboard is now ready to pick up. Again, we drove 40 minutes to the warehouse to pick it up, which is fine as we decided to do so. We waited for over a half hour when a lady came out and said "sorry, we do not have it in inventory." Mind you, they just called me the day before, less than 24 hours ago, and now it's not there? That was issue #2. I called the store and they explained this was an internal computer issue. Well, that's not my problem and that is something they need to address on their end.

Okay, so then another few days goes by and again, we receive a call saying the sideboard is ready to be picked up. Before driving to the warehouse again, I called to double check it is actually there this time, which they did confirm. So, once again, we drove to the warehouse and waited 40 minutes or so. They brought out a big box this time and stuck it in our SUV. We drove back home, relieved that we finally have everything we purchased, and started to assemble it. Well what do you know, there was a large scratch in the wood, right on the front of this thing, clear as day. That was issue #3.

By this time, as you could imagine, I was extremely frustrated and disappointed. I called Kane's to explain what happened. I was not going to put all these pieces back together in the box, and drive AGAIN to their warehouse, because that is ridiculous at this point. They asked me if we had inspected it before we drove home. Are you kidding me? We were supposed to stand there and take it out of the box and inspect each piece one by one? What a joke. Customers should not have to do that. Maybe they should inspect everything BEFORE they box them and ship them to the warehouse. Just a thought. They agreed to send out a delivery truck with a new sideboard, and replace the current damaged one.

Another week or so goes by and the delivery came. Knowing that the last one was damaged, we made sure to have this one taken out of the box and inspected before they left. And what do you know, that one had 4 separate scratches on it. Unbelievable. I once again called Kane's and they said they could send out a "Repair guy" to attempt to fix this. Another week and half goes by, and the guy came out and was luckily able to repair the scratches. He was actually the nicest person out of everyone with this company and was very professional.

All in all, from the day we bought the furniture, to the time we actually had everything in our home, a month had gone by and I was over this entire process. I have purchased numerous pieces of furniture over the past couple months as we just bought a larger home and Kane's was the only company we had issues with. Yes, their prices were the cheapest, but clearly there is a reason why. I would have rather spent twice the money and not have had to deal with the continuous headaches. I would absolutely NEVER return to this store again and I have told all of my friends and family to NEVER visit this store either. It was absolutely the worst customer service of my life. I would tell anyone to go anywhere, but Kane's. I felt the need to write this review so that other people know what they are getting themselves into here. Don't waste your time or money, go to any other furniture store!!!

This issue has been resolved. Although the Kane's repairman initially told me (by telephone) that he would only replace the one shelf, and we would have to wait about a week for the new unit that was promised that day, he continued to replace parts (3 of 5) until the unit was in perfect condition. My Mom is extremely happy now and says the entertainment center "is just beautiful." It could have and should have been easier but in the end, they did the right thing to make the customer happy.

Original Review

We had an entertainment center delivered to my elderly Mother, while we were visiting from out-of-state. The delivery person tried to leave with a shelf not attached properly. My Sister brought it to their attention and the deliver person said "Oh, yeah, it isn't fitting right. I don't know why. You will have to call and schedule a repair." WHAT?? We spoke with customer service and they said it would take nearly 2 weeks to get someone out. I expressed that it was totally unacceptable so they agreed to send an entire new unit out the next day. We had to leave to come home and I just received a call from my Mom that they sent someone to "repair" the shelf instead. When I spoke with their repairman, he said they could bring out a new unit but it will "take longer."

I am FURIOUS with this company! They are completely taking advantage of an elderly customer and I would recommend to never shop with this company. Obviously, we are having the unit returned (the repairman was unable to fix the unit). I guess we will see how long it takes to get this heap of garbage out of her living room.

Purchased Loveseat, Couch and recliner in August, 2014 along with the UUV3 on all three pieces for $2,501.79. In February, 2016 I noticed a bulge in the lower backside of the recliner. Called Kane's and they sent a tech to my house. I asked that the chair be repaired or replaced. The next day Kane's called to tell me that this was not under warranty and was normal wear and tear of the product. I was told that the back piece staples had pulled away from the frame. I asked if they could repair the chair because I believed it was a structural defect. I was told "Absolutely not" by their tech people. Once again I confirmed that they would not do anything and that I believed this was a structural issue. I am a senior citizen and have rarely used this chair in the last 18 months.

Kane's gave me the name of an outside furniture repair service to call. I did not use the firm they recommended, however did engage a furniture repair service from Angie's List. Fearful that if they wouldn't stand behind their Lifetime Guarantee, I certainly wasn't going to use someone they recommended. The furniture repair services determined that the lower part of the chair was constructed with particle board. The recliner metal frame attaches to the lower back frame that is made with the particle board. This is where the back pulled away from the particle board and caused the buckle. Kane's should not be allowed to advertise Lifetime guarantee when they look for every reason to not guarantee the furniture they sell. Now I am stuck with a chair that cannot be used at all and out the money I paid. I have the original purchase invoice.

I purchased over $6,000 worth of furniture from Kane's in 2009. At the time, one of the big selling points was their "lifetime frame warranty." Now, one of the dining room chairs has broken, and they are telling me that the warranty only started in 2010, so I am not covered and the set has been discontinued, so I'm out of luck. Beware. Record what they tell you and get a signed agreement about everything they promise. Better advice - go somewhere else. I'm surprised the Tampa Bay Rays allow their brand to be associated with this company.

I bought bedroom set at the Brandon store in June of last year. It was a very nice set and my wife was very happy with the purchase and its use. About a month ago I noticed two hairline cracks coming down the left lower side of the bed's baseboard touching our ceramic tile. Well I told my wife not to worry cause this furniture is "Guaranteed for Life" as the companies commercials run day-after-day. They sent an inspector out to our house within a few days to take some pictures of the cracks. Within about two days a rep called from Kane's telling us that the cracks were not a part of the manufacturer but that it was caused from our neglect, namely our vacuum cleaner. I got upset with them because I have ceramic tile not carpeting. They still insisted it was our fault and the bottom line was that they would not cover the replacement. I told them just like their furniture is guarantee for life, so is our whole family not using any of their stores again for life.

When my niece and I bought a few thousand dollars in furniture the salesman indicated we could save money if we used someone he recommended. The delivery was a disaster. The man from "Small Haul" got extremely upset when he went into my bedroom and saw my adjustable bed sitting there. There was a light headboard but it was detached. He was under the impression he had to bolt the headboard to the bed. l told him I had an adjustable bed and all he had to do was put the headboard, side rails, and footer together and put it around. He indicated I was incorrect... That he had to bolt the bed together and it would take him all day. He also indicated that I should have cleared everything and that he had to move the whole house... And he went on and on. He was referring to an 8-pound glass table and a disconnected 6-pound headboard... Everything else I had cleared.

When I told him the salesman told us not to worry as the delivery man would do EVERYTHING... He said it was not up to the salesman but that I should have known... And he went on and so on. Finally I calmly told him if there was one more problem, just take everything back to the store whereas he said, "I have done too much work. They will have to pick it up." At that point I had no choice but to be quiet and wait until he had finished. By the way, all he did was put the headboard, etc. around the adjustable bed after all, no bolts needed. Then, being by myself, a 67 year old woman, when he indicated payment to be $120 I paid him, I was concerned for my safety if I had not. As he was leaving I asked for the paperwork as I had planned to write "Refused furniture but forced to keep" whereas the delivery man said there were no papers.

Throughout this process I called the salesman who apologized and then found me at fault. I called the store manager about refusing everything but being forced to keep it... And that I expected Kane's to come get it. Initially he was apologetic and said he would called corporate and arrange a truck. But when I called hours later, he said he had talked to the delivery man and our stories were different. Really? The manager said I had a contract between the delivery man and so this issue was between him and me. I told him I had nothing in writing whereas he said, "You paid him. So you had a contract."

It did not matter when I told him that I was concerned about that very thing so asked Kane's if I was protected by using Small Haul as if I had used their delivery people and the answer was yes. Still the store manager repeated, "You paid him. So you are under contract with him." Matter that, this being of concern. So I would very much warn against using any other personnel to deliver your furniture other than the actual business' delivery men. And I would suggest you buy furniture from Kane's (301 Sarasota) at your own risk... Buyer beware. I will be writing a letter to the Better Business Bureau.

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