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My husband and I had the great displeasure of working with a sales associate at Ethan Allen named Margot, who I now call "Not working with a full deck Margot," because she is either a pathological liar or a delusional crazy person who sees the world in a different, alternate way that's clearly not reality. I strongly believe she is the former, a pathological liar who is only interested in making herself look good, even if that means telling two sets of lies, one to me and another to her manager. The worst of it is that after speaking with her Manager, who tells me yet another one of her lies, the Manager says that "Margot is currently having personal problems."

No, I think "Not working with a full deck Margot" has issues, not personal problems, that probably won't get resolved until she seeks serious professional help which would probably start with her admitting to herself that she is a ** artist who can't remember how to tell the truth. This is sad, because we're talking about a 65 year old lady who is acting like a lying 16 year old about why she wasn't in class. Personal problems should never be an excuse for lying sales associates.

What's infuriating about my ordeal with Ethan Allen is that they feel that it's ok that their salespeople are unethical, lying sociopaths that are apathetic to their customer's needs. I'm sure "Not working with a full deck Margot" got a promotion after this... because after all, she still made a big sale! In short "Not working with a full deck Margot" made a mistake, I called her out on it, she put it on me (not her fault), then I had evidence to show that she made a mistake, she apologized, said that she ordered the new product, never heard back from her until I called the store directly, then she said that she ordered the new product.

Then she proceeded to tell me about a scheme of how she ordered the new product so that we just have to pay her directly for it rather than through Ethan Allen which will save us money (I then came to the conclusion that I was working with a back alley furniture dealer, and unfortunately "Not working with a full deck Margot" was our handler).

Finally I spoke to the store manager, who looked into the order and said that the product was never ordered, and that it would take an additional 6-8 weeks (we are now in September and we originally ordered the product in June). After the Manager's half heartfelt sorry, was when I got upset (you can see I have a lot of patience), and canceled the order and said if she wanted the product that was incorrectly ordered she could come to my house to pick it up, which she did, and said again "sorry" and that "Not working with a full deck Margot" "forgot" to order it. Not surprised, another lie from "Not working with a full deck..."

I was polite and nice and just said that you have a "deceptive, lying" employee working for you. She wanted to let me know that this is not how Ethan Allen does business. Unfortunately, it is exactly how Ethan Allen does business, because a business is only as good as their employees. Her lack of ethics, transparency, and honesty directly reflect on Ethan Allen. Bottom line - Ethan Allen does not care about their customers. As my family continues to grow, we look forward to buying more furniture. Needless to say, Ethan Allen will not be in our purview.

I had the worst services you could imagine having at a wedding. Their staff was very rude to me and my guest. They rushed and harassed us to hurry up and get to the ballroom when my family and I were taking our pictures. They served us our food an hour later than the schedule time and then started throwing away the food before we could even finish, saying that they had to go home. I had a really big beautiful cake that they didn't even serve to my guest instead they toss the WHOLE cake in the garbage. I paid for a 10 hour cocktail and they didn't even serve the whole 10 hours. They were rejecting my guest drinks.

After everything was done and over I went to the Hotel suite and realized they switched my room without even notifying me, claiming that they had a bigger room for me then a security guard came to the room saying he got a call that my room was having a party, which we weren't. There was only three people in my room including me. And when I went to the front desk to make a complaint the worker guy was being very disrespectful towards me so I just left and went home.

We purchased 2 Grayson chairs from Ethan Allen. They arrived with about 60 small dents on the wood on 1 chair and about 25 small dents on the 2nd chair, making the chair quality look 2nd hand. Ethan Allen sent an "expert" out to inspect the chairs and he informed us "ignorant wood finishing customers" that the chairs were in fact "distressed wood" and the dents were NOT a sign of damage. But, We NEVER ordered "distressed wood finish" furniture. On their website and in their show room the wood is sold as "exposed wood" finish. He said he could "REPAIR" the dents for us and so we would have "REPAIRED DISTRESSED WOOD FINISHED CHAIRS"! AT FULL PRICE!!! $1,500 EACH!

But, surely if the chairs were in their "normal distressed wood state" then what exactly is he "repairing"... The "expert" couldn't answer this but he could explain what distressed wood is to us in detail. Yet, In his explanation of distressed wood it didn't explain how these specific DENTS (enclosed photo) happened. Waiting on Ethan Allen's response... Meanwhile would love to hear any similar experience on distressed wood finish vs. damaged wood please...

Abuse of power and lack of basic integrity. Probably one of the worst experience with any furniture store I've ever had. Management is unreliable, pushing pushing pushing for results. Has no customers so asking their designers to "Convince any way possible" to purchase their furniture. Even it is clear the customer already purchase what is necessary they will keep on pushing you to buy more. Total Ripoff.

Thirty years ago, I bought a sofa and a love seat from Ethan Allen and had that furniture for 25 years. I was very satisfied but when moving to a small condo needed smaller furniture. I worked with a designer who helped me find a very nice striped sofa and a plain colored love seat. I said I needed a rug and she helped me design an area rug to coordinate with the furniture. Two months later when the rug came, I thought it had a rose-colored hue that clashed with the red in the sofa (it was supposed to be khaki).

Two friends who are artists came to visit and each exclaimed, "Why did you get a pink rug?" I called the designer who, after looking at the rug, said that the rug was all wrong. For 4 months, I tried to get a new rug or my money back. I got nowhere. Finally, I accepted 50% (the district manager said he was "doing me a big favor" giving me that). I used the money to buy a wedding present vowing never to buy a thing from them again. Now I'm looking for chairs. Looking everywhere but Ethan Allen.

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I have been a loyal customer for years and have spent over $100k. I have purchased 6 sofas and the last is just horrible. From day one, the fabric started getting weird marks then the fabric started stretching on the cushions so the edging is moving down cushion. This is a summer beach house with weekend use. No little kids and not main sofa and it looks like a 10 year old sofa. My designer left and now I'm dealing with the store manager Ed ** and he's been useless in getting this resolved. I just want my money back! Beware. I was once very loyal. Not no more! I will update if this gets resolved to my satisfaction.

Bought an incliner couch from Ethan Allan. Thought they were a top notch company. NO! They aren't. Can't sit in the couch without a headache. Top of couch pushes our heads forward. Company says we need to break it in. How do you break something in if it's so HARD you can't sit in it? The seat sits at a 20 percent declining angle before you even sit down. Then you sink into it with your neck being thrust forward. I kid you not. When you get up from the couch the back cushion is shoved down under the back cushion so that the bottom cushion pops up 4 inches every time you get off. They sent an independent "furniture expert" to look at it and he "apparently" told them nothing was wrong. Hmmm....paid by company, guess he knows where his bread is buttered. I'm 64 years old and thought we deserve a good quality sofa. I'm going back to Macy's. Meanwhile, the $5000 couch is sitting in my garage.

Poorly made. A leg fell off dresser, it had almost nothing holding it on. Turned it over, fixed it myself and I'm a woman - It wasn't easy. OMG They said it was my fault! Took over a yr to get a bedspread, it was wrong 3 times. They said I bought a new bed. Ordered shades, when it was time to get them took old ones down... They didnt show. When they did come - WRONG SIZE! I had sheets at my window for 6 months. The bedspread was so heavy I gave it away after 3 months. The shades started falling apart after only 6 months. I have no kids, just me. Wanted to send everything back. They were going charge me 20% anyway. WHAT?? The designer said she used to own her own business (used to) should have listened to that. I'll never go there again. Rude people. No wonder so many stores have closed. Poor quality rude people.

I ordered several pieces of furniture in early April 2016 at the Ethan Allen Jamestown Manor store in Pasadena, CA. I put 50% down and assumed that I would pay the balance at the time of delivery. Today they called me to let me know that my items are ready for delivery, but first I must settle the balance before they call the delivery company. Further, the delivery company schedules the appointment.

I have purchased furniture from Ethan Allen for years, and in several different states. I have never had to pay before delivery. I told them that I never pay any company in advance. I argued with the store manager. I've decided to pay and hope that the delivery goes well, and that the furniture is in good shape. So they win this one; however, I will never do business with them again, and I feel great satisfaction that I can write this review and share it with so many people--so thankful for social media!

Drapery contract entered into at no charge on 11-07-13. They are now trying to collect an additional $397.15 on May 30 2016. Viera Design Center, stay away.

I bought some couch in 12/2015 as well as curtains. Once the couch was delivered, there was several defects and it took almost 10 weeks for their customer service to correct it. Now, we hang the curtains and they are 8 inches too short! Went back to the store and they told me there is nothing they can do!! The customer is never right with this company, no matter what. I have now spent countless hours trying to resolve this issue. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT SHOP here!

Buyer Beware - Ethan Allen now manufactures furniture in Mexico though they represent their furniture is made in the United States as American made. I have been a shopper with Ethan Allen for over 25 years because their furniture is advertised & represented as American made, being made in United States factories. I worked with an E.A. sales associate for the past year in Melbourne (Viera) Florida store and have told this sales associate on multiple occasions that I ONLY buy furniture manufactured in the USA & made in an American (United States) factory. She has always assured me on each & every occasion that my ordered furniture was made in the United States.

I now discover I was deceived & lied to as my recent couch purchase has a consumer origin label that it was manufactured in Mexico. I also discovered chairs purchased last year also have consumer origin labels of manufacture in Mexico. The company appears to want to make a higher profit on their furniture by deceiving the public by now making furniture in Mexico but implying they manufacture only in their United States factories. Ethan Allen cannot be trusted & is deceptive in their consumer business practices.

From the moment I walked in the door I sensed a commission quarrel among the salespersons. I had previously ordered a dining room set for $6500 that kept being put on backorder for several months to the point that I canceled and was able to get a refund. Only then did I check reviews. Until that time I had the impression that Ethan Allen was the company it was 25 years ago. It's NOT. More recently, because my decorator selected it, I went into the store to order some grasscloth. Another fight over whose customer I was ensued. The product appeared to be overpriced by about 400% for Lowe's quality. Until my memory fails, I intend to never go back. Poor service, quality, attitude, value, leadership - need I say more?

We purchased a Lynn sofa in Feb 2015 which was delivered in May 2015. By November 2015 both of the back cushions and pillows had shed so many feathers that the cushions appeared to be deflated and bi-weekly vacuuming was required to keep the room feather free. The store said the cushions were down - they are not down they are feathers. The bottom cushions had no structure either and no longer appeared like the store model. The Ethan Allen store referred our complaint to "customer service" which resulted in a visit to our home to proclaim the sofa was acting as it was supposed to (killed time).

Then, the salesperson brought out the cushions from the store which were not shedding feathers and the seat cushions were 3 inches thicker than the cushions that were delivered with the sofa. DO NOT purchase the Lynn sofa. Ethan Allen is NO LONGER providing high quality upholstered products. The last sofa we purchased was 17 years old when we retired it. I can hardly wait to get rid of this horrible uncomfortable Lynn sofa.

We bought a bed, chair and 2 chandeliers. The sales rep, June, was extremely helpful. We painted the walls and ceiling in our bedroom based on her recommendations and it looks amazing. The chandeliers have been late. The first one needs to be re-ordered because one of the lights is not working. They send a technician to look at it and said they would pay for a electrician to take the first one down and hang the new one. The second light arrived today and have not hung it yet. June has been very responsive and keeping informed of our delivery. Ethan Allen has been so much better to work with than the other major furniture companies we are currently working with (Arhaus and Pottery Barn).

I have been interacting with Ethan Allen since late last summer. I ordered a cabinet for my foyer and a designer came to my home to see my home and draw up a plan for my foyer and living room. It involved a $20,000 expenditure to get started. I liked her choices, but decided to take things slow since I'd not done business with them before. I ordered a couple of rugs, the foyer chest, artwork, and large metal sconces for the wall. With the exception of one of the smaller pictures, I had complications on different levels on all that I ordered. The store manager told me that Ethan Allen can't control their manufacturers or suppliers in spite of their claims to superior quality. All that has been said in these negative reviews has been my experience also. The worst is the disdainful and disrespectful treatment.

I purchased a $3500 motorized leather recliner March 2015. By November 2015 the motor had stopped working. The customer service department was very bias but did refer it to the repair department. Suffice it to say I am still waiting for my $3500 chair to actually recline. It had been 3 months... the replacement part arrived in 1 week. I only called once to express concern and was told "you must be very dependent on that chair". Omg yes I am. I had shoulder surgery and needs to sleep sitting up. This was the reason for the purchase. I also purchased an $1100 ottoman and a $5000 sofa. When the sofa was delivered they were not smart enough to remove the legs until it was stuck in the door frame. By that time the woodwork had been chipped all the way up the stairs. Please don't buy their overpriced furniture. The extra they claim to do for the customer does not exist.

In September 2015, I ordered two Connor Leather Recliners. The chairs were delivered without the ability to recline. They took them back to fix them and redelivered the chairs without the ability to recline. The delivery people tried to convince me that if you jump on the chair in just the right spot it would recline. I waited several weeks, then Ethan Allen sent someone to the house to try and fix them for a third time. The repair person was unable. I waited several more weeks, while the people at the store sat on their hands, and insisted on some resolve. They decided to reorder the chairs. Well guess what, the new chairs came in with the exact same problems. They don't recline.

Ethan Allen called me and told me that I can get my money back or order something else. I told them that I just wanted what I ordered and I wanted it to actually recline as it should. It's now February 2016 and I'm still waiting on two reclining Connor Chairs. Meanwhile I have the original two broken recliners in my house and I'm paying on chairs that don't work.

We bought a large wooden dining room table, 6 chairs, and a breakfront. I don't have the receipt, but it was expensive around 7 grand. Our old Ethan Allen table -one we had for 40 years we gave to our son. It was in great condition. So went returned to Ethan Allen to buy our new set. 1 1/2 years later the color around the ledge is fading and Ethan Allen is disavowing any responsibility to help us fix it. Very, very disgusted with Ethan Allen's attitude in helping dedicated (no more) customers.

Exceptionally disappointed and will never shop again. Ordered a bed for my son in early September at the Somerville, NJ Ethan Allen with a delivery date mid December. Received a call end of November and was told the color was no longer being produced. Went to the store and discussed with our sales representative Chris. Was told the bed was already manufactured and only needed to be painted. Started calling after Christmas and was strung along for weeks. Involved the store manager Penny in the issue.

As of today 1/26, they are still unable to provide any guidance on when the bed would be made and have no estimation of delivery. Was told the bed was re-ordered in December. It is understandable that delays happen, that quickly becomes unacceptable when being misled and not being treated as a customer. Time for Ethan Allen to start providing customer service. Last time they will have me as one.

With a new home, I had purchased some new pieces. Having waited to afford and purchase better quality furniture, I was and have been very happy with all aspects of my purchases. The designer spent plenty of time with me, including coming to my home to measure and to make recommendations. She was very helpful and knew her field as have the other designers in the 3 Ethan Allen stores that I have visited. The quality furniture Ethan Allen offers is of higher quality, and therefore, is more expensive than many of the local furniture stores. I gather that many of the complaints here are not aware that this furniture is crafted from real wood: a rarity these days, and also that much at Ethan Allen is purchased custom-made.

I'm not sure why anyone would complain about this store. I have nothing but good to say about the store in general, but then again, I know what to expect going in. I visited this store with my mother within the past 30 years, as she purchased furniture and design pieces for our then family home over the years. As a girl and young woman, I always enjoyed those visits, and the chance to view these fantastic showrooms. I am only sorry to see Ethan Allen move away from traditional furniture that is timeless, beautiful, and lasts lifetimes if treated properly and move toward the trendy stuff that every other store has. With hope, classic styled furniture, in good taste and excellent quality, will stay at Ethan Allen.

Purchased over $16,000 at Ethan Allen. We rearranged the furniture in our family and prior to that the sofa was seldom used by wife or I. No children, no pets. After 2 years of use the inner foam cushions were soft and nonsupportive either to our back or seat. Called customer service informed them of our experience and were told we are no longer covered under warranty and basically on our own. She provided the company that does the repair work for Ethan Allen. We called, ordered the cushions, and paid for the labor to install. Our out of pocket cost $650 for sofa and chair. Upon removing the inner cushions they were no better than a sponge. Poor quality.

Wrote a letter to CEO with sample of foam cushion, invoice and cancelled check asking for some sort of compensation for the inferior foam product. I left that open hoping this so called reputable company would do what is right. Not asking for full compensation but reasonable compensation. The reply was a fat zero. They would not reimburse a nickel.

A week or so later I get an e-mail informing me they have reversed their decision and would order the foam cushions etc. So they decline to help, inform me of a company to get the problem fixed, offer no compensation then offer to replace the foam cushions after my letter/e-mail informing them I have already done the work as you would not provide any support. So once again asking them to provide some compensation considering they were willing to send foam cushions why not then reasonable compensation. The answer was NO. Do you think these people are messed up... Big time. The left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. Disgraceful company. Never again. They should take this act on the road. If one does not take care of the customer someone else will.

I just received my Ethan Allen sofa and was shocked. I have ordered living room sofas over the years from Thomasville, Macy's, Drexel, Ashley, and yes Rooms to Go. Never ever have I had to call and have a upholstery repairman come to my home and make repairs on a sofa. The quality is so shoddy. The base is so wrinkled, as are all the cushions, and there are bumps and lumps under the fabric. I understand they now are manufacturing in Mexico. I truly don't know where this sofa was made but it should never have left the factory. QA what were you thinking. The repair will be on Monday. I don't know how he can fix it.

I recently purchased about 16K worth of furniture from my local Ethan Allen in upstate NY. I went there at the behest of my interior decorator. We worked with an Ethan Allen "designer" to select an oriental carpet and an ensemble of furniture for a large lodge style family room. Throughout the process the EA "designer" was consistently very pushy to close the sale prior to the end of the month. Additionally, she was continually trying to cut my interior decorator out of the deal. At one point, behind my decorator's back, she said "** her." The EA designer presented me with some fabric choices for a chair that she led me to believe had been reviewed and approved by my decorator. Having complete faith and trust in my decorator I agreed to one of the selections. I later received an email from my decorator telling me that she did not agree with, and could not endorse that choice as "her work product". She was quite upset.

Clearly the EA designer had misled me. That chair is now in the process of being re-covered with a different fabric at my expense. Ethan Allen requires payment in full before a delivery will be scheduled. I wanted to pay via check instead of credit card. The person that called me to arrange final payment schedule delivery snottily informed me that it would be 10 days before the check would clear their bank. I was skeptical but I said "ok, I would wait." On delivery day two people who barely spoke English showed up. They were rude and hurried, and generally obnoxious. They put a gash in my back door, they dented my hardwood stairs, they scratched my new leather sofa and the leather chair. They couldn't have cared less. I sent a blunt, but objective email to the EA sales person / "designer" and expressed my dissatisfaction. I informed her that I felt taken advantage of and that I wouldn't be coming back to Ethan Allen any time soon.

The regional manager contacted my decorator and said that my email bordered on "harassment", that it was her (my decorator's) fault for stirring the pot and that I wouldn't have been dissatisfied if she (my decorator) hadn't commented. That was a significant insult to me considering that (unbeknownst to Ethan Allen) I have a five degree in a different design discipline than interiors. I have purchased in excess of $100,000.00 worth of Furniture from Stickley / Audi Co... Their policy is to deliver the furniture, make sure that the customer is completely satisfied and THEN settle the account. I've never been disappointed with them. I have a lot of Stickley and I was looking for something different so I agreed to try Ethan Allen. In my view, Stickley is a far better choice for home furnishings. Ethan Allen is best to be avoided.

This was my first and will be my last experience with Ethan Allen Furniture. The Ethan Allen business model is outdated and is not congruent with my needs. I was appalled to find when I ordered my rug that on top of what I considered to be an inflated price I also had to pay for shipping and delivery. Against my better judgement I bought the rug at a sale price and paid for the shipping, believing I was paying extra for a high quality premium product. I was wrong. On top of having to wait for nearly two months for the rug, I found that the quality was no better than what I can get at my local Pottery Barn. I could have bought a similar product locally, had it delivered to the store and picked it up the following week. Needless to say I will not make the same mistake again and will steer clear of this company in the future.

I have in the past spent over $30,000 in furniture over approx. 3 years - all in the Lancaster, PA Ethan Allen store. I have had two mediocre designers and one fantastic one - unfortunately she moved to the South Carolina store. I just tried to purchase several pictures, and it was amazing! They have no interest in customer satisfaction, extremely poor communication. The "designer" never even bothered to call me back. The story as to why is too convoluted to try to re-tell.

I am not at all surprised that their customer service scores are so low - I actually think giving them one star is being overly generous. Shame on management for allowing this company to continue to perform so poorly.

I purchased a new home and decided that I would use Ethan Allen (not a new experience). I placed an initial order in October when we made an offer on a new house. Knowing the timeline of 6-10 weeks, I thought it would arrive after the close of escrow. Instead of waiting for the first order to arrive, I placed two more orders in November. I guess I should follow-up in the Spring of 2016 on those. This is now January 2016. I still haven't received my items and they've been holding onto my deposit for all of these months. The only thing I get are excuses... (i.e., the material was out of stock, we're just waiting on the pillows, it's in transit, but it probably won't arrive until the end of November.... then it was mid December, then after the holidays).

I had no idea that I had to wait this long, otherwise I would have gone with another company. I can't cancel (according to their documents) at this stage unless I want to forfeit multiple thousands of dollars. It doesn't seem right that they can hold a customers money, and not deliver the products as promised. I've been in my new home for a little over a month and still the items from Ethan Allen are MIA. I've called the designer and left several messages, but she hasn't called back. FRUSTRATION is an understatement.

I have read the many horror stories regarding EA on this site. I will tell you I have had nothing but great experiences with them on multiple sales. I have purchased 2 sofas, 3 chairs, 1 loveseat, 1 coffee table, 1 end table and 2 lamps. Design help was great and they did come to the home. Furniture was as promised in time window. Delivery was smooth. I felt comfortable with all and didn't get the feeling of arrogance either. Price... not much more than Macys and much better quality. I do recommend strongly.

I needed furniture and decoration for both my dining room and living room and knew Ethan Allen offered interior design services at no cost, so I called the nearest store in the hope of discovering how to proceed with such services. When I explained my situation to the lady who answered the phone and asked how to proceed, she informed me, "Well, you have know...actually come INTO the store," [with a more than significant tone of disdain in her voice] implying I wasn't aware of this obvious starting point. Then she stated, " actually have to actually BUY our products..." [with an even harsher tone] implying I wasn't planning on doing so. Guess what? I absolutely 100% vehemently plan to NEVER do now... That's right, Ethan Allen, I will take my 5 digit budget elsewhere.

This is my first time purchasing from Ethan Allen - and my last. I believed I was paying a premium for quality and service. But late delivery, our salesperson hanging up on us, and response they can't control delivery - not the service I was expecting. I hesitated in making the initial purchase - but made the decision to buy based upon the advertised 8-10 weeks and promise of delivery before Christmas. I am sorry I did. At the store level, a customer assistant - not our salesperson - is doing their best - but apparently with no support from management. There is no apparent effort/option to expedite without my persistence - just whatever is their standard routing and scheduling. "Standard" I can purchase anywhere; never again at Ethan Allen prices.

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For more than 80 years, Ethan Allen has been meeting the needs of furniture shoppers around the country. This company specializes in bringing high-end quality to the masses.

  • Personalization services: Ethan Allen designs and builds furniture in addition to selling it, which allows it to offer a range of customization and personalization options so you can make its furniture your own.
  • Financing options and promotions: Ethan Allen offers financing to customers and regularly runs promotions, including no payments for a period of time or zero percent interest.
  • Premier home delivery: Customers who need extra help can make use of this delivery service, which includes unpacking, inspecting and setting up your new furniture.
  • Free design services: If you envy the designer look you see in magazines but can't quite duplicate it in your home, Ethan Allen's design services can help you match your style with available furnishings.
  • Preferred Partner program: A unique offering for those in the interior design business, this program rewards businesses or designers when their clients make purchases through Ethan Allen.
  • Best for Families, interior designers, professionals and individuals.

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