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It is a new day at DirectBuy, a leading membership based buying club for products for the home. DirectBuy is transitioning to a highly member-centric business approach, with significant investments in centralized member services, updated online shopping platforms, and a commitment to our pricing guarantee.

Consumer Complaints & Reviews

While my experience with DirectBuy has been a good one, there are things to know before you decide to join. This is NOT a bargain discount center. They carry high quality items at good prices. If you are looking for a great deal on something that is carried in every local appliance or hardware store, you might be disappointed. I can often find those things at clearance, open box and other sales. What they excel in is carrying high quality items at a discounted price.

I do not buy everything from them. I am getting a vent hood for my kitchen elsewhere, and I bought my double ovens elsewhere. I did buy my induction cooktop through them, my cabinets from them, and my countertop through them. The cabinets are a manufacturer that Home Depot also carries, and we saved enough to use the extra savings to get built-ins in the living room. Home Depot quoted me around $21,000 for the cabinets, but we got them for much less than that at DirectBuy. I have gotten quotes from other companies for countertops, and I am getting a better deal through DirectBuy. Flooring is about the same as the box stores for some, but better pricing for the higher end flooring.

What sold us on the membership to start with was the fact that a kitchen designer is on staff and will give you a new kitchen design based on your needs and wants, and that is included in the membership. That feature has given us the ability to get a beautiful, functional kitchen in plywood construction, not pressed wood, and we saved enough to get the pull-outs I wanted. We wanted a new front door, and two different back doors, and were able to get them all through DirectBuy. The front door is ThermaTru, and the back doors (one sliding door off the kitchen to the deck and one off the living room) are Andersen. We priced them elsewhere and found that the Andersen doors were cheaper elsewhere due to a once a year sale. We took that quote to DirectBuy who worked with the vendor to beat that pricing for us. It saved us a few hundred dollars.

Our items are coming in as I write this. The cooktop is ready for delivery, as well as the doors. The cabinets are under construction now, and delivery will be in about 3 weeks. As you can see, unless you have more money than time, it pays to shop around and buy wherever you find the deals. There will be leg work involved to find the best prices, and compare them to DirectBuy. Our DirectBuy's policy is to take anything they sell and work with the vendor to give you a better deal than what you were quoted from an outside source. It works if you do it right. The amount we paid for the membership, which we paid in cash, no financing, has already been recovered in savings. My kitchen design is beautiful and I can't wait to make holiday dinners in it.

Are there things I got elsewhere? Absolutely! Still, I love our local showroom, I enjoy the selection of products there, and like being able to work with the same people time and again. Some downsides are the price of the membership if you are not buying a lot of high quality items, the showroom hours, and the website. Its search engine leaves soo much to be desired. Advise if you are thinking of joining- go in with your eyes open. Ask questions, get pricing, try to pay cash for the membership, not financing, and expect to still have to do some legwork on your own. Each one of these stores is a franchise, and not all of them are alike. My experience here might not be the same as someone's from another area, so check out your own location. If they aren't willing to show you around, answer questions or tell you their policies, don't join. My location so far has been above board with everything.

Just received a letter stating they are closing ALL showrooms. That's why we signed up in the first place! To be able to browse and check out items in PERSON, not having some stranger come into OUR home! I also was put down because we haven't purchased anything in some time. Although they don't care when you're paying your every year renewal! People save your money! Many items can be purchased at Best Buy or hhgregg at lower sale prices! They gave us just a few days notice of this change to all computer purchases or in home service. That doesn't work for us! No refunds tough luck! You're dealing with crooks! DON'T DO it! The customer service person was very snotty and rude to say the least!

I am Canadian and recently purchased a vacation home in Florida. I needed to buy new appliances for the home and was not in a hurry so decided to order them from DirectBuy which ended up being a huge mistake. It took several weeks for the appliances to arrive and after they finally did arrive I learned that they do not offer installation in the Florida area and simply 'DROP' them in your driveway. I use the word DROP because that is exactly what they did. There was so much damage on the units (washer, dryer and dishwasher), that it was ridiculous. Of course I did not see the damage as I simply had a friend receive the delivery and put the items in the garage until I could get someone to install them.

A friend of mine then went down to the house for me a little while later to specifically install the units. He reported the damage to me, took several pictures and I called DirectBuy. The dishwasher leg was so badly broken that the unit could not even be installed. The washer and dryer's were dented on the front and sides like someone had taken a hammer to them. It was principal for me that I had just paid for new units and yet were receiving ones that looked used.

I quickly called them to get the items returned to learned that it is not quite that easy. In fact it is impossible. I was asked for several pictures of the items, which I already had as my friend had sent me several. I thought this would suffice. A couple of days later they contacted me for more pictures, the ones I had sent were not 'good' enough. By this time my friend had already left back for Canada so I had to call someone in the area to go to the house and take more pictures. They still were not sufficient. A few days later I received an email from DirectBuy apologizing and stating that they were looking at the images incorrectly and that they were good enough. I thought it would be fine after that.

Nope. A while later I received yet another email requesting more pictures. I informed DirectBuy that I would be returning to Florida the next week and would take them when I arrived. Before I arrived I got a nasty email from DirectBuy stating that too much time had passed since the receipt of the units and they no longer could help me. I would then have to deal directly with the MFG and was given their phone numbers.

What a scam. I am now stuck with units that look years old. This is not what I paid for and they clearly do not care. I would never buy from them again. I have since cancelled my membership and warn anyone to shop around. You can find the same price, if not better at a local store that would guarantee their products. DirectBuy is nothing but a headache and at the end of the day they do not care about customer service and customer satisfaction. A huge disappointment as I would have ordered many more items from them as I am redoing the house. Not any longer.

We fell for the sales pitch a couple of years ago. "Brand name items at huge discounts. We carry all major brands. Save lots of money. PLUS, here's a $1,000 travel gift card!" First off, the $1,000 travel gift card is only good to pay the difference between "wholesale" and "retail" prices on hotels. And the only hotels included in their program the times that we attempted to use the meager savings, were all 4 star or higher, so if you're traveling on any kind of a budget, forget it. They don't carry computers or laptops, so no savings there. The furniture they carry does not include all major manufacturers (no La-Z-Boy at all). And after paying the delivery and service charges, the savings are minimal.

We had carpet installed through Direct Buy, and we saved a few hundred dollars on the carpet, but that was more than eaten up with labor because you're limited to the companies that they contract with. And the appliances are all high end, so if you're an average, median income family that would be looking at models that you could get at your local big box hardware or appliance store, forget that too. And when you complain, you're told that you should've worked more closely with their representatives to find the right products for you. That they're sorry to hear that you're not satisfied, but you're on the hook for the entire enrollment fee because remember, it's a loan from a finance company. So if you stop payment, it's defaulting on a loan. But when you get notified that your membership is up for renewal, you're under no obligation to renew. So, when they put the pressure on, WALK AWAY!!!

I see a lot of negative reviews, but I have had nothing but positive experiences with my local club in Peoria, AZ. I had a 10-year membership and recouped the membership fee plus more with all of my savings over the 10 years. During that time, I purchased 2 new homes and had a major renovation in one of the homes. The membership was so worth it because I always made big purchases. I now no longer have a need for the membership. If you don't have the need to make big purchases for high-end items, then the membership is not for you.

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I joined DirectBuy to get home improvement products cheaper. Here's the deal though, if you are bargain hunter, you know how to shop sales, wait for things to go on sale, check the clearance section of stores and are willing to compromise certain things for a cheaper price. DirectBuy is not meant for that type of shopper. They are meant for the shopper that says, "I want this Rowe Furniture couch, no matter what it costs". If you are THAT shopper, then great....DB may be for you. If you know how to really shop for a deal and expect DB to help with that, forget it. DB is for high-end stuff. I bought a washer that was $400 cheaper than I could get it at Home Depot, but it was top of the line. If you want bottom of the line stuff, or even mid-grade, you are better going to the other retailers. Also, their online shopping sucks and they closed the location near me. So, I need carpet and have no idea how I'm going to figure out how to buy it thru DB to get it cheaper.

I wish my husband and I had read these reviews and relevant information about DirectBuy before we attended their "seminar" in May 2013. My husband saw some DirectBuy ads on tv. Long ago there had been a showroom in Des Moines. We never paid much attention to it. We didn't know anyone who had fallen victim to their sales pitch. We were getting ready to do a huge remodel on our home so decided to attend a seminar in Lenexa, KS, not far from our daughter's home. We were curious about what DirectBuy is and hoping it might save us money in our remodel project.

I can not believe we fell victim to this scam. We are very careful with our money. I have no idea why we handed over $4,000 to join. The gentleman was so smooth. If we walked out the door, the price would go up to $5,000, "you are 'saving' a thousand dollars if you just sign here." We looked around the showroom and saw cabinets, garage door openers, doors, etc. All things we would be purchasing. Posted were all testimonials of how much people were saving with DB. So, we fell victim and signed. We got in our truck, looked at each other, and said, "What the heck did we just do?" And, we didn't have the 3-day reconsider rule as KS does not have that. I can see why DB left Iowa as it enacted that rule. DB doesn't want to be in a state which has that. People would walk out the door and promptly cancel. We would have. I can't believe we were so gullible.

In trying to navigate the DB method of buying things, we discovered most is done through email. We did drive to KS (3 1/2 hour drive) several times to get help with trying to navigate the "system." It became clear, we were pretty much on our own. We purchased a washer and dryer which ended up saving us a couple hundred dollars. (Wow on our way to making $4000 worth it?) When it came to most of the items for our remodel, we purchased locally from big box stores. It was easier as some of the items we would have had to drive to KS, no shipping to home available. We did purchase our cabinets from DB. We did not have to pay extra to deal with the cabinet lady. She proved to be a valuable resource as she knew her stuff. We did save a little by going through DB. We like the cabinets so far -- only been in a couple months.

I ordered a barn/farm sink on Feb. 23, 2016. It did not arrive until the middle of April. I made several calls to DB in KS. I became the person I do not like to be, but I needed to get the sink. The delay in delivery caused over a month's delay in completing my kitchen. I was so frustrated. Supposedly, it was delivered to the moving company in DM, but they said they didn't have it. I wanted to cancel the order and get it somewhere else. Well, that was not a possibility. So, I had to wait for them to order me another one. I ordered my fridge, microwave, dishwasher, and stove through DB. I did save some when comparing to big box stores. But, again, I will never save $4,000.

On the stove and fridge, I paid $20.00 each for "white glove" delivery. That was a joke. The men who delivered the fridge didn't know how to get the doors off the fridge to get it into the house and put it in place per the description of "white glove" delivery. They said we could get our money back. From whom??? The movers did put my stove in place after chipping some of my woodwork. So much for ever using that again. Don't even try that.

Also, on two of the appliances, I was charged $100 and $45 for "club handling" fees. What, $4000 isn't enough? Now, I get a letter, email, and voice message the showroom in KS is closing. You have got to be kidding me. But, DB will have the same quality of service through their "Concierge Shopping." We will see how that works out. I hope nothing goes wrong with our cabinets. I am not sure where I will start if something does happen. I felt fairly secure in knowing the cabinet lady was on speed dial, but she won't be available for me anymore. So, my message is don't buy in to DB. You will never save that much money. I still kick myself for having signed. I could have done so much more with that $4,000.

DirectBuy - would never ever do business with them again. In the Seattle area they had 3 locations when we were members, now they have none, as of Fall 2015. The annual renewal was $199/year. I got a bill for $399 for this year, 2016, a 100% increase after they closed all Seattle area locations. There were a few good deals now most of the items at DirectBuy you can get online or on sale cheaper. Their customer service has always been ok to not very good at all. All they want is the initial purchase sign up fee and you're on your own.

The overall experience in ordering a desk for our new home has be very poor from the beginning and is still awaiting full resolution. To begin the delivery date for our product pushed out by over four weeks from the original promise date however the online tracking system did not reflect the changes. In fact it showed the order as cancelled after the original delivery date had come and gone. When the product was delivered it was to be unloaded and assembled by the delivery company. However, the product was damaged and they did not have the tools to assemble the product. When my wife tried to refuse the delivery due to the damage they would not remove the product from our house. She noted the damage on the delivery receipt and immediately took pictures not only of the damage but also of the way the delivery team left the product in our house.

All of the pictures and correspondence was sent to the DirectBuy staff within 24 hrs of the delivery occurring and asked them for resolution. Initially they stated that they were going to replace the damaged sections, three in total, and that they would be shipped to us. Unfortunately when the replacements arrived there was only one section replaced and the most heavily damaged sections were left. Upon contacting DirectBuy they have stated that they replace the one out of courtesy and that if I wanted the others replaced I would need to purchase the new sections. Having been a paying member of this group for over ten years I can definitely say that that has been a tremendous waste of money and I would not recommend DirectBuy to anyone.

Customer service was significantly lacking. After completing order on 3/11, we were contacted on 3/14 to tell us the bed frame was no longer available but we could change to regular king. After confirming to do so, we were told they would 'try' to make sure the mattress order was updated as well. When attempting to get updates as to where our furniture order was, the website offered no assistance, so we attempted to contact Chelsea who refused to call us back after multiple requests to do so. We finally received an update via email that it should arrive on 4/1. When we received no communication by 4/6, we called only to find out that only half of our order had arrived and that the rest should arrive by the next week. Again, received no proactive communication and had to chase it down ourselves.

Finally got a call on 4/8 that our furniture had arrived but that one of the pieces was damaged. Had to again call Chelsea multiple times without a return call until eventually we spoke with her manager who assured us that our final piece would be delivered as soon as possible. Finally received an email from Chelsea telling us that our piece would arrive by 5/2. This is 8 weeks which is outside of the 4-6 weeks 'max' delivery time and we have received no compensation to date for this horrible experience. However, EVERY single delivery person has been amazing!!! THEY know customer service... DirectBuy does not.

This is three years and the amount on the so-called membership contract has been paid off three months before its expiration. We were told that out of $3811.96 we could only utilize $2862.00 after the entire amount had been paid and the difference of $844.96 or so-called finance charge would be the club fee. At least that is what we're told by DirectBuy agent whose card I still have. True, we bought a pair of shoes online which we paid for out of pocket but the shoes turned out to be of very poor quality. The leather inside had a rough finish and hurt so much.

Now that we want to use the money, they first gave me the runaround and then told me that the entire amount paid to them was a three-year membership fee and that if I wanted to buy anything, I have to pay for it out of pocket. The agent had told us something different and we trusted her; however, we later found a disclaimer that read that any verbal representation not written on the contract would not be honored. I give them credit for being a genius in shortchanging so many people but I wish there could be a way to warn people to beware of this unfortunate snare.

Now I have to tough it up and explain to my wife that I was stupid for once. Check out club membership at Walmart, Sam's and Costco. Each day, each month, every year you see the benefit of the relationship. Not so DirectBuy! They take your money for three years and then turn around to remind you that you were another one of their losers. I wish aggrieved members can band together and find a way to get some of their money back.

Buyer beware. We purchased our membership three years ago in Illinois. We were told that a DirectBuy location was being built in Wisconsin closer to our home. This never happened. I called and spoke to the manager several times pleading to let us out of our membership. We were denied. 3,600.00 including interest I spent on this membership and never once used it. Don't get me wrong, I did attempt to make purchases but the product was either out of stock or the savings weren't as expected. DirectBuy and everything they represent is fraudulent.

We recently ordered and received six teak rocking chairs via ordering through DirectBuy. We were quoted a 6 week lead time but received the rockers in 3! They are beautiful, very comfortable, solid teak and of high quality. The Lenexa staff were very kind and helpful throughout the whole process.

One of the WORST money decisions I've made! It sounds good, but it's for very high end products. Then if the price is good, they get you with the shipping cost. For example I was looking for a Jacuzzi tub. Found one exact same as Lowe's. You know DirectBuy beat all prices. Well it was exact, except the product # and name. This is how they get around comparison shopping. I'm so disappointed in myself, but it a lesson learned. If this review helps one person from wasting their money. I'll feel vindicated.

We joined 25 yrs ago back in Detroit, MI. Moved to MO, FL, and GA continuing our membership. During the past two decades, and up until the recent shift of DirectBuy's business model, we saved over $130k. We purchased everything from flooring, high-end furniture, gifts, dishes, toys, bikes, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, blinds, granite... on and on... It was an amazing experience of selections, and savings. They didn't have the internet when we first joined. We had to peruse catalogs and samples, but it was all worth it.

The new focus is to go online, and shutdown all the Brick and Mortar Clubs. BIG MISTAKE! I don't have a knowledgeable customer service rep to assist in my ordering, and now we are dependent on the poorly designed, not state-of-the-art website. It's now so slow and antiquated that I get frustrated every time I shop. I have done pricing requests with already knowing what the pricing should be only to find out the pricing is higher than what had been previously quoted at a local club (now closed). Yes, they have Pricing Integrity, but I don't have time to watch whether or not the price is fair.

I joined for one-stop shopping, high quality products at a price I could afford. I believe DirectBuy's new management will drive the corporation into the ground due to their lack of ability to compete online with better online business experience. I am strongly considering not renewing my membership after 25 yrs due to poor service. I wouldn't recommend joining any longer... what a shame!

One of the worst money choices/purchases I have ever made and I am a grown adult. Please, please be smarter than I was, it IS too good to be true. So I joined DirectBuy in 2015, thinking as everyone wrote it was a great deal. I was so wrong. DirectBuy is more suited for people with a lot of money who want to buy expensive things for maybe a little less. Because everything I looked at, I found for lower on the internet. But if you find the same exact they will meet the price. You will not find the same item because they make sure of that one, especially on the furniture and with shipping it ends up more. Went to Nebraska Furniture Mart to look at dining tables, we found one and I said to my husband, we have not been able to use our DirectBuy, so let's see what we can do.

I found a table that was similar, but with shipping it cost 300 more. Where are my savings, lies, lies and more lies. So the furniture might not work for me, so I thought the vacation package would be great! We had bonus points, which WE COULD NOT USE ALL AT ONCE! What is that, so I have enough bonus points but can only use a certain amount and the rest comes out of my pocket! So I booked a trip on Carnival Cruises with DirectBuy, using their travel agents, thinking somehow I would get my money worth out of this, but oh no. My sister and brother also booked directly through Carnival and got the same price. What a ripoff and waste of money. Sure wish we could get a class action lawsuit going and put these people out of business. Not too sure how they live with their lies.

I am in Florida, the Davie Store, the owner sure made you think he was such a Christian man and for the underdog, to help out families. Too bad for hard working families who get sucked into this hardcore pressure tactic. Please don't be fooled like I was, this is a ripoff, scam, take your money place. Run from them as fast as you can, the rewards they offer are not what they advertise.

My husband, and myself went to a DirectBuy intro. We were to get 2 roundtrip air tickets. We sent the voucher in the next day but didn't hear anything right away. As life goes, we would remember and forget it. We pulled it out a couple of months ago, it had been 6 months since we had received it. We called the company and asked if we could make reservations. We were told, after 2 months of searching for it, that the vouchers were expired when DirectBuy gave them to us. They had never been any good!

We called their, I guess, Corporate Office and were told by Andrea in Customer Relations that there was nothing they could do about it, that the DirectBuy we went through did the promotion. Since they all get paid out of the same basket, you would think they would be terribly sorry and try to make something right. After all, we did our part. I would not use DirectBuy and will encourage people I know not to renew theirs. They do not honor theirs or their employee's word. After all, it was the manager of the DirectBuy in Rocklin, CA that issued them to us.

Five years ago we lived in California & belonged to the Bakersfield Club (90 miles away). High pressure sign today & stupidly we did. Within a year the club closed. Just because the club closed we can't refund any portion of your membership fee, we were told. Fast forward 2 years, we moved to North Carolina with a club 90 miles away. So we visited. Again a few months later that club closed. Shopping online for major purchases without the ability to return the product unless you pay shipping & a restocking fee which is half the cost of the item isn't my idea of a positive shopping experience! That could be avoided by simply by getting to go to a club & see the product. What a waste of money! We did purchase kitchen appliances only because we could go to the local big box store & see the items. Never came close to saving the amount of the membership fee.

After seeing commercials on TV, on 12/12/15 my wife and I signed onto the DirectBuy service to purchase new kitchen cabinets as well as other household items. The cost of membership was $7,601.63. The salesman told us we could buy virtually any household item at or below wholesale costs. He said we would save enough money on our kitchen remodel to pay for our membership. Before we signed the contract, he told us we had 72 hours to cancel. At the conclusion of the conversation, Tony told us we would be getting a membership card in 2 or 3 days and we could then make an appointment to talk with a representative to order what we wanted.

Our membership cards arrive about a week after signing the contract. We called to make an appointment to pick out and order kitchen cabinets, flooring, a drop fan, faucet, etc. The representative told us we would be charged an additional $300.00 to speak with a kitchen designer. I questioned why we would have to pay the additional cost when we had just paid for the membership. She said we could come in the following day and she would give us a ball park figure if we brought in our kitchen cabinet measurements.

We went to the store in Mountain View and spoke with her. She said DirectBuy could not provide cabinets that fit our measurements. They did not have a drop fan that was powerful enough for our stove. They did not have the type of kitchen faucet we needed (although it are available in most hardware stores). They had only two samples of laminate flooring, neither of those were the color, thickness, and texture that we were looking for and the book she showed us did not have the laminate either, although the flooring we wanted is readily available in many flooring stores. They did not have the carpet we were looking for either. After this disappointing experience, we went to our bank to attempt cancelling the credit card purchase of the membership. The bank sent notice to DirectBuy saying that we felt we had been defrauded and demanded a full refund.

On 01/13/16, I received a call from a DirectBuy customer service representative who told us she would help us if we sent our measurements and a list of the items we wanted and she would work up a price list for us. I told her we had been defrauded and were not interested in doing business with DirectBuy. I told her we wanted our money back. She said we had signed a contract and they would not refund our money. I told her that a contract based on fraudulent representations is not a valid contract. She still refused to refund our money. So I told her I would seek a remedy by other legal means. DirectBuy has hundreds of customer complaints. I have filled out a complaint form for the California State Attorney General's consumer affairs. I recommend others who have like complaints make their circumstances known to their respective State Attorney General's Office.

Everything that has came out their mouths have been lies. I cannot wait for this membership to be done with. The people who work for this company must not have a conscience because I could never work for a place knowing how bad your are screwing over your "Members". DirectBuy Pittsburgh says they partner with a local dealership to get you amazing deal on new and used vehicles. Their great deal was 200 off select brand new luxury vehicles. I priced a hotel and flight using their 1000 dollars of travel bucks. When booking through DirectBuy Travel they said they were saving me over 200 dollars compared to normal. I did the same booking through Expedia and Expedia was 300 cheaper than DirectBuy Travel. I could go on and on about how horrible everything associated with this company is. My wish is that this post changes someone's mind and prevents them from becoming a Member of this croc!

I visited the DirectBuy location on Midway in Addison and spoke to the salesperson, Bryan, cell **. Like all of the reviews here, he gave me the hard sales pitch of how much saving there would be. Of course, I was skeptical, but I signed up for the "low price" of $4490. Per their own contract, I cancelled within the required 3 business days. No surprise, they have not credited my credit card. I will get it taken care of, but understand that this is a SCAM of gigantic proportions! I did speak to an actual member, and he confirmed that he saved about $200 on one small product over a 3 year period. Most of the things you can "order" are out of stock, discontinued, or takes several months to receive. Also, notice these locations close and open everywhere around the country. Coincidence? Of course not. IF there is a positive review on this site, it was probably done by a DirectBuy employee. These guys are douchebags. Don't do it!!

Well we went to another business to look for carpet before we went to try and use our Direct Buy membership. We have not looked into the showroom before this but it was very sloppy looking with the carpet samples. They told us that they were waiting on the cabinets. The samples should go on. They did not have many samples for a showroom. They did not have the kind we were looking for. The workers there were not helpful at all. This should not happen if the company really cares at all. Very unprofessional.

Then again, they got our money so why do they need to care what their showroom looks like or how unhelpful the workers are. One said he was mainly for that direct buy travel. We also were told when we signed up a year ago that would be included but it is not. You have to pay a lot more money for that membership. The way you have to do it is too easy for there to be a problem especially when you have to find someone to install everything. We ended up paying more to the other company in order for better customer service and a better feel of how things went. We regret all the time that we every got this membership. I hope this review helps others.

I bought a couch from them, I also bought a 5 year protection plan. I called them to come out to clean my couch. When service person came, he said he couldn't clean it, same person had came before to clean it. This time he said he couldn't and since he couldn't clean it, I would be getting a refund. I sent them a receipt. They told me they couldn't send me a refund because that wasn't the receipt that they were looking for. Now they won't give me my money that I gave them for services that they won't do, they are trying to take my money.

First and foremost... I am Gold member who paid for the complete service upfront! So... the initial approach to lure us in with a cheap tablet and a discount dining card and $500 DirectBuy currency, should've been the warning flare! We didn't take heed because we had a older model house that could use a few upgrades and with DirectBuy's discount it would eventually become a great rental property. So we thought... The wife and I were going back and forth on what to buy first with the $500. I made the final decision while she was out of town one weekend. I went to the storefront, Tulsa, OK (which closed down their business the very next week) and ordered some Ashley furniture (3 pieces with some of my own cash to complete the order). The process was smooth, I was like "This the best thing since sliced cheese." They told me it would take about a month. The warehouse would call me when it came in.

The month came and went. So... I called the warehouse, the guy was like "Yeah... your furniture sitting right here." I was like "Is it possible to get it delivered to me? I am a Funeral Director and my schedule and the warehouse hours conflict." He says, "Great, I'll call you back to set up a delivery time, and your charges." After 3-4 calls with the warehouse manager he tells me DB won't let him deliver the furniture, I should call the HD service. I did, several times. "We will send you a email link for the payment. Once the finances are met, the warehouse will give you a call to set up delivery." Frustrated, I made the payment and kept ALL emails concerning my furniture. 2 weeks after the payment was made... still no furniture.

I've called EVERYONE from customer service (Jackie, Norma, Jan, Mike), to the Home Coordinator, (LaSett, multiple times), Team Leader, (Ken, left 3 voice messages with no return call) and finally, "Corporate" who turns out to be customer service all over again, who has me leave voice messages to the same people I've been leaving messages with in the first place. Now venting my frustrations to whoever is reading this. TRUST ME... DON'T DO IT. $5,000 I can't get back, and I wish I could.

WARNING: I warn anyone tempted to purchase an auto warranty from this company!!! They were so fast to collect the money for my purchase of the warranty. But when time came to pay for repairs it took 1 to 2 weeks and being on the phone (me and my qualified repair shop) on hold numerous times. Hold times in excess of an hour!!! More than once I was disconnected. More than once they were RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL on the phone to me and the repair shop. The repair shop and dealer told me they never had dealt with a more cheap and rude company.

I happen to be a very understanding person and gave them the benefit of the doubt. But after the first time having to deal with them, I can't think anything other than this is their standard customer service. When I asked to speak with a manager about the treatment and lack of coverage, no one was available, more than once! I'm starting to think I was ripped off. They also only cover 50% of the labor on any given repair!! I would never recommend them nor will I ever purchase another warranty from them. What a major disappointment!

Spent two hours on an invitation my husband received after my husband signed up for a drawing for a home improvement project. He thought well if nothing else they are offering us a 100 dollar gift card. The sales pitch sounded awesome but really did not have that kind of money for a membership (5000). It is pretty much sign now or go away. I figured it's probably a good deal if you're going to do a lot of improvements. We are not so we declined. She handed us the so called gift card which you have to log on to some website which we tried to log on and kept saying error so we never could use it. Just frustrating that you spend gas and time and it's like you got slapped in the face. There should be a law against deceitful advertisements. Live and learn. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is!

The funds I have paid into this membership were a complete waste. After sitting through a presentation that guaranteed the best price on just about everything and discussing with the rep the specific items we were looking to purchase, we purchased the membership at almost $5000. We went to the showroom several times and looked through almost all of the books and never found the items that we discussed with the rep prior purchasing the membership. The rep guaranteed us that he would be able to find either the same or very similar items however that never happened. After multiple calls he stopped responding.

We were never able to purchase anything through DirectBuy. My previous complaints to DirectBuy went unanswered but that was expected from a shady company. Now, approximately two years later I receive a letter to renew my membership. I don't think I need to say what they can do with their membership. Don't be fooled by the presentation where they show you great items at great prices.. It's all bull!

I have been a member of DirectBuy for 14 years. I was locked into the $99 renewal until this year and based on the savings it was well worth it. I saved on appliances, furniture, cabinets, carpet, kitchen stuff, lighting and some lawn and garden. Not so much on electronics. The problem is the people that benefit the most are young just starting out, but are least able to afford the 'initiation fee'.

I have read many of the reviews here and must say, they are NOT a scam. Yes, they use high pressure sales tactics that isn't necessary. A significant number of bad reviews stem from wanting to cancel. Yes, the law allows 72 hour to rescind and they do fight you. So does buying a car and just try to do that. It depends on the dealer whether they fight you or allow you to return the car, but very few are successful. Some complaints are from store closings.

While understandable, if you bought a new car and the dealership closed, you would go to another for warranty work without batting an eye yet they refuse to drive to another location to shop. It's not like you go there every day or every week, so you could do it if you realized your savings. And you wouldn't berate the car company, you would be mad at the dealership. So be mad at the jerk that closed your close location, not the company. But out of consideration, they company could easily work something out with you. It's not like you are trying to get your money back on a car you used for a year.

I do not like the high pressure cr@p. I do not like that they won't talk about cost openly. I was in the store last month and asked what the cost was now and they wouldn't even tell me, a current member who has gone through it. I think if the people knew they were buying membership into a wholesale buying club they would be much more willing to join and have far fewer complaints. As far as savings, some of the pricing sheets are like jobber rates, some are employee pricing, and some are just negotiated rates. Some are fantastic savings, some not so much esp if you have to pay shipping and the markup(not all do). And you need to plan. Sometimes it takes 6-8 weeks, sometimes I get my stuff in a few days. Making people aware of how it works would also prevent a lot of complaints.

This house is full of stuff I got from DirectBuy and have little else I will be buying in the foreseeable future. Comparing it to Amazon Prime for $99, the $99 rate was nothing and I was willing to maintain my membership indefinitely just in case I needed something. Now that my renewal has shot up to $299 and I don't see myself making any more big purchases, it isn't likely I will renew again. I sort of wanted to so I could buy stuff for my kids when they get a house or get married, but it's just a big gamble for so little anymore. With the internet, you can get everything except the furniture and big appliances. BTW, I got my initiation fee back the first year in the savings I got on appliances alone for our new house.

You also have to realize that most of the people that write reviews are unhappy and want to vent, so it is natural that most of the reviews here are negative. And really, 300 reviews here while there are literally 100,000+ members isn't an accurate reflection of customer satisfaction. Sometimes I wish I had the time to stand in front of the place and tell people coming in for their demonstration what to expect. That way they wouldn't waste their time and if they stayed they wouldn't feel pressured at the end since they would know it was coming. But I would much rather they change their business model so that people don't get angry. Not a single person I've met in my location was unhappy. All of us talked about how much money we saved on our last purchase and what we are looking for this time. Really pretty cool when you think about it since it gives you ideas.

I've been a member of DirectBuy for over 10 years. It went south in July 2015. Remodeling my home, wanted new hardwood floors. Contacted Armstrong Flooring while at DirectBuy, representative assured me the flooring could be glued down. Flooring arrived, installer found some of the wood was bowed. I contacted Armstrong again and this representative told me that the flooring I had order couldn't be glued and if it was bowing, return it, which I did to DirectBuy.

The representative at DirectBuy stated they couldn't find anything wrong with the flooring and tried to get me to take it back. I informed her no, and I ordered new flooring, which came and was installed. I had to pay shipping $187.75 to return the flooring. I paid $1,929.84 for the flooring. I requested a refund of my money, I'm still waiting and it's October 2015. My membership is up for renewal, I think this has done it for me. I've written a letter to corporate and I'll see where that gets me. I would recommend joining this club now.

Potential membership buyers beware! From the very beginning, and pressured sales, including the infamous, "If you don't sign up today, you'll never have another chance in your entire lifetime... this is a once in a lifetime, per-person offer." So, a $690 down payment... and a $6,724 contract for a 3-year membership, it immediately felt like a huge mistake!

We began refurnishing a new residence (relocated to Albuquerque from Michigan) so we had several large items to purchase. Each time we ordered something, it came damaged, often not noticed until we were unloading it at home or setting it up. Each time we spoke with the warehouse, they were defiant and apathetic, as if it was our fault. One time, they agreed to "split" the repair costs - ON A NEW HEADBOARD! The dresser came damaged, too... but after so much grief trying to barter for repairs on the headboard, we just sucked it up and counted it a valuable lesson.

The real problems only got worse 16 months into the contract when a payment wasn't posted, yet they did not allow us to use our prepaid/purchased membership which was COMPLETELY financed through another company. The long-short is, for $7,414 later we have absolutely nothing to show for, we could have done some incredible decorating. If it feels too good to be true, it probably is.