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It is a new day at DirectBuy, a leading membership based buying club for products for the home. DirectBuy is transitioning to a highly member-centric business approach, with significant investments in centralized member services, updated online shopping platforms, and a commitment to our pricing guarantee.

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Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 24, 2019

It's going pretty well with DirectBuy, where we bought most of our stuff for a bathroom remodel we're doing right now. But the cabinets we ordered from them are a little bit delayed. I was given a name of a person that I needed to work with and I did contact him at the beginning of September and gave him all of my information, what we were looking for and a picture of exactly what we wanted. He responded back quickly as far as giving us dimensions for everything. By the time we went back and forth and delays, we didn't submit the order until September 24th. It was kind of surprising because we pretty much had everything wrapped up within a week from when I first emailed him, which was September 4th. So I would've expected the order be submitted much sooner. We had told him that we were planning on starting the project early to mid-October at the latest and really wanted everything in the house.

We still haven't heard anything so I emailed him last week and asked if we could have an update on our cabinetry and I have not heard anything back. Our remodeling is actually a little delayed which is why I'm not too concerned about the cabinetry. So we got time yet. Also, it's harder to purchase from Directbuy than it used to be 'cause we used to be able to go to the location, look through books and talk to people. We did our kitchen through DirectBuy four years ago almost, and there was a woman that we sat down with, and we went through all the cabinetry and all of her recommendations and drawings. It was so much simpler because we could actually talk with somebody physically right there and go through the project.

Now, we've done two projects since, and it has been more on us doing all the legwork of going out to different places to check things out and to do all of our searches for numbers and part numbers. But over than those, everything else was beautiful with Directbuy. There was one woman that I emailed back and forth with on our Kohler order and Delta. And she was so quick. We would email all the stuff that we were wanting to purchase and things we couldn't find on the website. She emailed us back within a day and said she would get those prices for us then she sent us a spreadsheet with everything and it was amazing.

We have been a member since 2002 and we always recommended Directbuy on a caveat. I recommend it to a brand-new homeowner who doesn't have any insurance or people who are looking to completely refinish their house or who are at that stage where they've had everything for 20 years and are looking to refinish things, redo things, get new furniture. If you're not at either of those stages, it's usually not worth the money.

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Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 11, 2019

I liked it when DirectBuy had this showroom in Winnipeg, and I could go and take a look at some things and sit with the catalogs. I tend to like catalogs much better than going on the computer. I’m almost 70 years old, so books are better than e-readers, and having someone to consult with and talk to. They also used to have a lot of samples and things that you could look at because the color on the computer screen can look quite different than what you actually get.

We haven’t used DirectBuy as much as we intended. We bought various pieces of furniture. When I was executor in a particular case, I did use it to fix up a house that was looking after. But right now, I have three feral cats that live in the house with me, and I don't want workmen coming in and out of the house because they're not gonna watch them. My mother is in Charleswood Care Centre in Winnipeg, so as long as she’s alive, we’re not gonna do anything with the house until she’s gone. And then, we will make more use of DirectBuy. Another thing is that it’s hard to work out of like a bar fridge downstairs. And it takes about eight week for delivery for a lot of things. So instead of going through DirectBuy, we just went to Home Depot and bought a fridge and had it delivered a couple of days later.

I do like that the quality of things from DirectBuy have been good. When something has been damaged or not quite what we wanted, they’ve been very good about taking it back and replacing it, and getting things fixed. The staff has always been very good when I’ve talked to them. We continue to pay the membership. At first, we paid $5000 years ago. And then, we had to pay a smaller amount now. We’re paying around $300 a year for it. We don't always get our value every year, but when I did have to fix up the house for resale, that I was executor of, then there was more purchases that year.

When my nephew got married, I wanted to give them a wedding gift to help them set up their home. And the guy at Winnipeg that was running the store was great. I went in and told him that my purchases were not for myself and they were gifts. He gave me a bunch of fabrics, swatches, and told me that I could take them home and let the kids look at them. And I appreciated that. I'm happy enough to continue renewing membership and I would recommend DirectBuy to people.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 8, 2019

I re-signed up with DirectBuy ‘cause I'm redoing my bathroom. Back in 2010 when I first became a member, I was remodeling my house and it sounded like a good idea if I could save a dollar here or there by buying direct. So, I attended a little seminar and was hooked from that point on. Purchasing from DirectBuy is great considering that I can't go into a physical store and touch the item which I used to be able to do years ago. Here in the greater Phoenix area, there's only one store available and they have a very sparse selection of stuff, but there are people that are more than happy to help you.

DirectBuy had stores and some stores had more plumbing than the other store or this or that or they tell could you, “They sell those furniture at this furniture place. Go look at it and then come back.” I kinda missed that ‘cause I kinda like being able to kick the tires before I buy something. This time around, I bought everything on the internet. I used the concierge once, and both the internet and the concierge were very easy, user-friendly and very helpful. The concierge was great. There were two separate ladies that helped me. They were extremely helpful and went out of their way. I've been very pleased and it's a nice option to be able to have that available once.

The items are all high quality and that’s kind of what I'm looking for. If we're gonna spend the money, I want something that’s gonna last and I haven't been disappointed yet. Also, I received my shipment earlier than expected on one thing. I'm waiting for the tub that's supposed to be coming in from Georgia. It's still within the time period when it said it should be shipping out but my bathroom remodel is going a little faster than I had anticipated. But at least on my plumbing, everything else that I had ordered has already come in so that’s great.

Before, the merchandise needs to be delivered to the store. They would check it to make sure that it wasn’t damaged then they would call you to come pick it up. But now, it comes directly to you. So, I was a little nervous ‘cause I gotta check everything just to make sure it's not damaged. I ordered plumbing fixtures and stuff and the delivery person was gone before I even realized that the plumbing stuff was out at the front. They rang the doorbell and by the time I got out there, they were gone. But there wasn’t an issue and everything was well-packed.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 31, 2019

I've been a DirectBuy member for over 20 years. I was a member when they first started and that thing was down in Delaware. But the renewal price sometimes gets a little ridiculous. They dropped it to $69 but now, it's going back up again. When I got in, I spent almost $3,000 to join this thing. To buy for that type of price and the discounts you get are good. But they constantly make money off the purchase that I buy all through the time I shop and yet, my membership fee is so high, for being in as long as I was. They've sent me another referral to join but I didn't even look at it because I haven't been buying as much stuff lately.

Most of the stuff I've purchased and done are furniture and home repairs. But I didn't get some of the stuff from DirectBuy because they were taking too long to give it to me. The shipment costs get you as well. When I was living in Delaware, I was beating the taxes but the shipment cost was really high. This year, I bought furniture and my bed. I like to buy my stuff early when I see sales and I mostly get furniture stuff from them because my supplies and tile would be more beneficial for me because I'm local, considering the weight. The one bad experience I had was when I ordered one of those recliner beds and I got the wrong bed.

I never had a problem with the people in the concierge though. I like the internet when purchasing but sometimes, it's best to go there. They can work it better. When we try to compare prices and look at different items, that has still been a little difficult. You gotta have some of the numbers to actually identify the stuff but sometimes, they know the names so I usually have better deal going through them. Back when DirectBuy first started, this is what I used to love about them. They used to have sample stuff that they will buy to show you and then they will let you buy that stuff sometimes. But now, there's no warehouse to go to. I used to come pick the stuff up myself. Now, you can't even go do that. They have to ship it to a place.

I also don't like the different type of people that took over on it but I don't get any consideration for that. They also have this travel thing involved now and we had a little misunderstanding when I first joined. The rep was telling me one thing and we had a few differences of opinion. We were at the airport and they couldn't match the stuff. We cancelled it and I had a problem getting my money back for a little while. But overall, I like the program. Despite the little personal things or issues I had, it's still a gem overall because it was revolutionized from what I've seen. I have some misunderstandings but most of the stuff were adjusted or corrected as well. There were a few things I didn't like. But there are some perks about keeping things exclusive too. I've been satisfied with all my furnitures and purchases from them.

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Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 27, 2018

DirectBuy is direct from the manufacturer as opposed to going strictly on the retail side and they offer a discount for merchandise. I’ve been a member for close to eight years now and in the past, my purchasing experience was excellent. But the whole franchise process has changed up and my purchasing experience of late hasn’t been too good. Everything is basically online now and it has some advantages. But it mainly has some disadvantages because you can’t really see and you don’t get an idea.

They don't have any stores in Pennsylvania now. I know they have something in Canada where you can go and sit, and they have all the catalogs that you can look through. But they don’t have that in the United States anymore and that creates an issue. You can’t just walk over to a representative and say if you've got an issue with something or ask to be directed to something. Now, you gotta do it yourself. DirectBuy also needs to have a better answering service. You can be on the line for half an hour before you get a person. And even before that, there are some instructions that take a good 10 minutes to go through in order to get put on hold. So that system they use sucks.

I’m also having serious problems with a furniture I bought recently. When it was delivered, it wasn’t able to come through the door on the room that I wanted it to go to. There was some disagreement that the furniture was supposed to be delivered and put in the garage but that wasn’t my understanding. Under no circumstances would I allow to put it in a garage because of what was agreed on by the person I was dealing with at the time. It was supposed to be delivered to the room of my choice. There was also a combination of discussions not only with DirectBuy but also with the company that they used to do the delivery of the furniture. Although I never really got a firm, “Yes, that was what was agreed to,” from DirectBuy, they took it back anyway.

We agreed that they would try to come out with a better crew to see if they could fit it in that room. But I'm under the opinion that it won’t fit. I've said that it's okay and that I'll have them put the furniture in another room that I think it would fit in. It's not what I wanted but at least it could fit. I actually wanted to downsize it but what I didn’t read was a small print that said the company Ashley has a policy that they will not accept any returns. Aside from that furniture, I've had no problem with the quality of any other items. They were all top-notch quality and the purchases I've made were of the major items. I had a complete kitchen remodeling done and that involved cabinets, a refrigerator and granite. There were also bathroom supplies and ceiling fans. One other major purchase I did was for windows and doors for our house.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 15, 2019

I have to say that purchasing window treatments can be extremely complicated and frustrating. Tanya (DB of Ottawa) assisted with my purchase by setting us up with an expert at measuring and supplied me with all the information to make the perfect decision! She made everything look easy! Most of all, I appreciated her email turn-around time, her expertise is evident, and is dedicated to customer service. Thanks Tanya!

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 13, 2019

We worked with Crystal ** on our cabinet project, and although the service was a little slower than we would have liked (but we understand it was a busy time for her), the end result ended up being exactly what we were looking for. She took all our suggestions and made it happen. We are also VERY impressed with the quality available from DirectBuy in regards to product. We had already priced out cabinets at local retailers and we not only got a better product, but Crystal was able to get us a cabinet that matched what we wanted EXACTLY. Thank you!

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 12, 2019

We were remodeling and we decided to purchase everything from DirectBuy - furniture, appliances, tiles, shower enclosure. We are concierge so I just called Amanda, the person we were dealing with, and told her what we were looking for and she took care of it. So far, the quality of the products has been very favorable.

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Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 10, 2019

It was generally known that you could get things wholesale from DirectBuy if you were gonna do major renovations. 15 years ago, we were finishing a house, doing renovations and putting in a kitchen at the time. At the time, DirectBuy had a promotion. We went to the open house and we joined. Since then, we have continued to do renovations. We also knew we would be building a second house, which we’re doing right now, so we stayed as a member.

The entrance price was quite high when we joined. It has come down, but for some things, they’re still not as competitive as they could be. For example, when I compare lighting online, sometimes I find things that are cheaper than DirectBuy. Also, it takes a little bit of time to get things, but I understand that it’s coming from the manufacturers. It was too bad when the warehouse closed in Coquitlam. But we are in the Okanagan now, so we can get stuff to Kelowna. Purchasing from them is fairly easy and the website is much improved. We know generally what we’re after so it’s not just random searches. Moreover, the quality of the products is excellent and has gotten better over the years.

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Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 9, 2019

We just bought a house and it was in need of some help. I was talking to some friends, who were members of DirectBuy, what kind of deals we can get and we thought that was a good idea and it paid off. The quality of the items has been pretty good for 99% of the stuff. I bought an entire set of kitchen cupboards and we’ve bought electric stoves, hardwood. I just purchased another load of hardwood here last month. My wife was a magazine shopper too, toaster ovens and stuff like that.

They had a location and it was all bright and shiny and roomy. It lasted there for a couple of years and then it went out of business for some reason. Then, they have moved in to this location now, which I just think it’s okay. And I think that’s the kind of location that they had been in before. I think the new owners tried to upscale a little bit and it’s jammed into a small business park right now. And if I go there during the week, sometimes I can’t find parking. It’s a little antagonistic. To me, it’s not as nice as the old showroom was. So, I kinda got spoiled by that first five or six years unlike the last couple of years that they’ve been in this location.

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