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I just got off a fifteen minute on/off hold asking for a customer service address at Suntrust's Corporate Headquarters in Georgia where I could send a letter about my "customer service experience". This address is not known to call center agent, nor to his supervisor--or even a phone number to call. I am concerned for actual customers of this bank because I would not want my sensitive personal information available to employees who cannot answer this very basic question.

My sister in law was a customer of SunTrust. I am trying to help my brother wrap up her affairs. I spoke with Amy today about the problem we are having, and after a brief conversation with Amy, her final comments on the problem were if my sister in law had her accounts set up correctly before she passed away, beneficiaries and all of that, we would not be having this problem. I doubt Cheryl was thinking about the status of her bank accounts the afternoon of December 4, 2015 when she ended her life.

I retained an attorney to handle Cheryl's affairs in January of 2016. We are filing a Summary Administration in Florida because Cheryl had an estate worth less than $5000 when she died, and probate is not necessary. Cheryl did have some money in a savings account, the last statement the total funds in this account are less than $5000 but we do not have the exact amount, which is needed in order to file the Summary Administration. SunTrust keeps quoting statutes that apply to Probate proceedings and will not release any information about her accounts to the attorney that has been retained to handle this process. Now we will have to file in court a petition for SunTrust to appear and be ordered by the judge to release this information. We will have to pay additional fees for this process, as well as wait another three months because the Probate Court is backlogged with cases.

It is difficult for me to believe that there is not an individual at SunTrust who could look at this situation and make an intelligent decision, especially since they are holding a loan that remains unpaid because this process is so goofed up. The privacy rights of my deceased sister in law are a non-issue. Following Cheryl's death, we advised SunTrust of her passing. They would not shut down the accounts until we brought in the death certificate, which was not released by the Medical Examiner for a number of days.

SunTrust had no problem allowing auto debits to hit the account and no problem charging over $700 in fees and overdraft charges to this deceased customer (her employer immediately discontinued direct deposit of her last paycheck) We had to bring the death certificate in to the bank twice before proper notifications were done and the accounts were closed. Difficult enough to deal with the passing of a family member, especially a very sudden and tragic death.

It seems to me I'm not the only one with this issue. Yesterday on Monday, everything was cleared and posted. Today I wake up with everything that was posted yesterday posted in a different way through online banking and the bank charged me two overdraft fees. I only use this account for bills and online purchases, so I check every day.

I spoke with customer service, they apologize and went through as of yesterday I was at this balance (what was showing currently today) which I disagreed with because yesterday the transactions were posted differently. I told them something is not right with their computer system or something because in two days everything showed up differently and now I have to pay for overdraft that I do not feel is my responsibility. I informed them this was not the first time, also informed them of this site with similar complaints, and I will be closing my account. They were absolutely fine with that. That will include my checking and two savings accounts.

I absolutely hate this bank. I have only had the account for a couple of months and was terrible from the start. My daughters have an account with them as well. One of them deposited her check a hold on a check that she has deposited before. What was supposed to be 7 days was really 8. Huge inconvenience because she had things that needed to be paid. All we kept hearing is its policy we have to make sure it's not fraud. This is the worst bank I have ever banked with.

I had a Suntrust account from when I was in college because my mom's company had a deal with them and she was able to get me free checking with them which was great and at that time many years ago they were a good bank. My account started to get hacked a few years ago and a good portion of my cash would go missing and I would end up bouncing my automatic payments I had set up. I would report it and what started to make me realize that the bank was no long about the customer was when they closed my account, gave me the money back that was stolen, but still made me pay the late fees saying that it was my fault... Well needless to say I left Suntrust and went to PNC and couldn't be happier with that choice. I still however own a Suntrust Credit Card and for the most part I didn't have a problem with them...

Until recently, I got notice that I was "late" on my payment to them which I knew to not be true so on 7/26/2016 at 9:30am I called in to complain as I had my banking info up and showed that my payment all cleared before the 20th due dates. The lady on the phone was very combative and kept telling me that I did not know how things worked and because of bill pay that even if I sent early and my bank clears my payment to Suntrust on the 17th doesn't mean that it was paid to my account on time...

I fail to see how them not applying the proper payment on the proper day is my fault, needless to say I fought that with her and she said "fine I will reverse the late fee but you have to pay it for this month and next month" and then it would be reversed and my September payment would be back to normal... HOW DOES THIS MAKE SENSE?!? If I could give them negative stars I would but the minimum I can do is 1 star and warn anyone who thinks Suntrust might be a good idea to be so very deeply wrong.

SUNTRUST is by far the WORST company and bank I've ever worked for or used. The management is horrible and lazy in the in-store locations. They show favorite and I've had to speak with HR on discrimination twice. If you are strong-willed and motivated this isn't the company for you. You will only be attacked. Very unprofessional management (which is why I left) very sarcastic and they don't care if you are properly trained. They just care about making money and getting people credit cards because the workers get paid for every account opened and credit card approved... THAT'S ALL THEY CARE ABOUT!!! You've been warned...

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Absolutely horrible Bank. They've lost deposit checks and then charged me $35 per item not cleared due to their mistake. $10,000 was stolen from my account on a debit card skimming device. It has been over 30 days and they have not returned my money nor my phone calls. I have been into the branch multiple times. I have talked to the people in India almost every day and get the same BS answers. They claim they'll prioritize my account. They even have held checks from their Bank from my customers they bank with. This is a very poor run Bank. It's obvious they don't give a ** about their customers. Do not put your money in this bank. It is a huge mistake.

I had my account hacked into... Not once but twice since April. I got the money back the first time. The 2nd time I had to stay on them repeatedly to give my money back to me. The investigator called and did a phone interview and the following Monday I received an email stating that they had denied my claim "Because my phone interview was unstable!" Seriously... I don't think so. So I had to send in a rebuttal form and state why I felt they needed to return my money... First of all, they illegally opened up the wrong account for me so I could receive the $200 for opening a new account. I'm supposed to receive that by August 6th but because my balance isn't in the positive I can't get it. It's not in the positive because someone took 1200 dollars from me so all the checks I wrote (5 of them) were returned unpaid because of this.

And each one of the checks have came out about 7 times a piece now causing me to owe over $1100 to the bank in fees only. I'm calling Fox 5 to report it because they need to be closed down. This is unethical and illegal on so many levels. We trust them to keep our money safe and if something happens it's like pulling teeth to receive anything back. I was saving my down payment for my car until I needed to pull it out... Now all of my bills are behind and I have nothing to call back on. Thanks Suntrust.

I've been a customer of Suntrust for nine years. I am sick to death of them stealing my money!! THREE times in the last two months, they have charged me $144 in overdraft fees on a positive balance!! INSANE!! Not only that but they have closed all of the branches that are closest to me. The only one left is 40 miles away! These people are sycophants!! They suck the money out of your account for no reason and refuse to give it back!! I have to leave work early again today to go there, to dispute this, again, and close this god-forsaken account. DO NOT open or keep an account with them! You will regret it!! They also closed my savings without notification or an explanation.

I opened an account at Suntrust Willow Lawn branch in Richmond, Va. in Dec 2015. I have never bounced a check at Suntrust Bank. I recently received a letter from Suntrust via regular mail and today (7-7-16) received a certified letter from Suntrust stating that they will be closing my checking account.

As stated in the letter "Suntrust reviews its products, client relationships to ensure that we are able to provide the best client service while meeting our corporate business objectives. There are circumstances where we will identify a specific account relationship that no longer meets these criteria. In the best interest of our clients and Suntrust, we will request that those accounts be closed. As a result of an recent review, we regret to inform you that Suntrust is no longer able to provide some of the financial services you require. We request that you close your Suntrust deposit account by July 29, 2016. Our request does not include your installment loans, home equity loans/lines (or credit card attached to a home equity line), mortgages, or IRA accounts. We appreciate the opportunity to have served you."

This is direct from the certified mail I just received today. Plus, I had to sign at the post office to receive this certified letter. I went to the Hull Street Branch and talked with La'Tora ** at the Hull Street Branch and the branch manager Desiree **. Both ladies were very professional and kind to me, but couldn't understand why I received this letter certified mail today. She made a copy of the letter and told me she will follow up with me as to why I received this letter. She looked over my account and told me that there is no reason for the closure of my account at the bank. I shared with Desiree that I lived in California and recently moved back to Richmond, Va to assist my mother who was ill. I told her that I am joint on my mother's account at one of the top 5 banks in the USA and showed her my debit card from that bank. I also told her and showed her my debit card from a credit union located in Southern California.

I had been thinking that there is no need to have multiple bank accounts at different banks. Oh, I was so wrong!!! I shared with her that I am grateful that I didn't close my account at the credit union and I had a backup checking account outside of Suntrust Bank. I am sharing this experience with everyone that these big banks don't care about anyone but their own interests and their own bottom line in making a profit at our expense. This is a personal wake-up call for me and anyone who will read my post to do your banking at a credit union where their motto is "people helping people." I shared with Desiree that I am not mad and I will close down the account, but I wanted an explanation as to why they are closing down my checking account. I have done nothing to warrant this action from Suntrust Bank.

In my possession, I have a copy of my monthly statements from Dec 2015 and my final receipt from today showing that my account has a zero balance. Plus, the bank has shared with me numerous times, that I am prequalified for a credit card at Suntrust Bank. Do they really think I will accept a credit card from them? I am grateful that I already have a credit card from the credit union located in California. I just want to thank Suntrust Bank for this experience. They saved me from getting a mortgage and a credit card from this bank. I am not mad, I am just grateful for being able to see Suntrust Bank with their mask off. Long live Credit Unions. I will keep my receipt and my letter from Suntrust Bank. I know that slander is real and a person can be sued for it. I have my proof if I ever need to prove it. THANK YOU SUNTRUST BANK. :)

I've had this account about 4 months. Every month they have restricted my account for some reason or another. Last month it was a change in spending habit. Now this month my account is being closed for a reason I don't know yet because I'm waiting on a letter. They have my daughter's and my disability payment for the month being held hostage till such time as they send a check. When that will happen I have no clear answer to since everyone I speak with says something different. Angry yes I am to say the least. I have read the same horror stories from many of you about this bank. I have an 8 year old to care for and they shouldn't be allowed to do whatever they want with my money.

Updated 7/8/2016 - Well I was told at 9 am my account would remain open because I was vindicated of any fraud. They got me anyway. All day long they said my funds would be back in my account by 5pm. Now it's 12am and won't post til tomorrow or Monday. I've been made a complete fool of again. They won't get me next month because I changed my SSDI deposit to another account last week when this mess started.

I work my butt off all week only to find out that Suntrust has charged me many overdraft charges on a positive bank balance. I called the call center and they explained in some twisted way that basically they hold pending charges so that they can get the most overdraft fees at the end of the day. I am furious! This has happened before. How unethical. I am done with banks period. If anyone knows of a class action against these thieves please let me know!

On May 24, 2016 that morning I received my SunTrust accounts alerts as usual and all was okay. Later on that day I received another alert informing me saving account had fallen below a set amount. I went to log in online and was able to, so I called; then I was informed that my accounts had been but under investigation by the special fraud department and there was no other information that could be given to me. I should receive a letter within 10 days of this action, but in the meantime I have no access to online, bank card deactivated, checking and saving is frozen. Should I require more information, I should go into anyone of the local branches.

Well, 10 days pass no letter. While in the meantime I did go into a local branch and the gentleman there tried to help me, only to be told the same thing I was told on the phone. So why tell me to check with my local branch for more information when in fact they are being told the same thing as me? 15 days later I finally received a letter dated June 1, 2016. This letter had nothing to do with my current check and saving account. In fact, it referenced an account that I closed after I made sure the balance was 0. This account I called the bank after I notice unauthorized activity and later on the bank sent a letter stating they closed the investigation since the transaction never hit my account.

I go back into a local branch because now this letter I just receive on an account which I closed has impacted my current accounts to be explained to me and here it is. The banker still can’t explain it no other than to tell me to call the number and asked for the fraud department and someone should be able to tell me what is going on. Also, that my money in my current checking and saving accounts should be returned to me within 15 days. Okay, so I call still no answer as to why this has happened. “No other than violation of SunTrust rules and regulations and you should be receiving a check from your accounts.” Well finally, I did receive another letter on June 15, 2016 dated June 10, 2016. This time it did refer to my current accounts; stating my accounts were closed due to violation of SunTrust rules and regulations.

I don’t know what violation they are referring to no other than trying to tie this with my old account and still same thing. I should receive my money from my accounts within 15 days. Well, today is the 25th of June 2016 and I still had not received my money back that now has been on hold for month. It does not make sense for this bank to tie up people money like this. When the consumers owe the bank, they give you so many days before they take on extra fees. This bank does not bother to contact the consumer if something is wrong. It just so happened I stayed on top of my accounts because of the alerts I setup and when I noticed something was wrong I notified the bank.

I help a friend. He needed to put down a deposit for his auto insurance. All of a sudden then I've been penalized each month for his payment. They took over 3 months totaling $555 so I try to rectify with the insurance company. They told me my friend needed to call which they and myself unable to reach him... So I disputed. I got back my money June 7th so here we go again. On June 17 the insurance took out his payment and today the fraud dept reverse the charge back to insurance company so I'm out my pay check and my account is overdrawn. Mad as hell. I went to the back while I had some dumb guy on the phone even though I did not authorize the charge. They told me there's nothing they can do... Wow. I'm ready to close my account. Customer service is no help like they reading a script. Stay far away from this bank!

So I have been with this bank for years and someone put a charge $777.44 and it had the wrong exp date and it still went through. Now they tell me it will be 10 days before they can tell me anything and they act like it's my fault. I was on the phone for 3 hours and got nowhere. Crappy customer service. I will have bounced checks and everything over this.

I made a rather large deposit from Suntrust Retirement solutions to SunTrust bank in Apopka Florida. 24 hours later they have no record of my deposit. I am in the process of contacting the FTC and any other law enforcement agencies that would deal with theft or gross negligence of this nature. Simply put SunTrust is either run by crooks or they are grossly incompetent.

My husband went to a local Suntrust to get funds from a business line of credit. He was there for 45 minutes, and left without anything because they had NO idea on how to do it. He'll go to the main branch, we'll see if they know what they're doing! This is their problem, they need to train their staff in aspects of performing all banking needs for both personal and business. But it seems that the main goal to them, is cross selling other products. They can't keep their help, because when they train them, they really don't mention the "selling", so after several months they quit.

I can also say from a personal experience, that it isn't any better. I have gone to the main branch and stood in line with several people in front of me, and only "ONE" teller working. At that point, I will go and use the ATM, and I have seen people leave, and/or make a comment about how bad this bank is. When I have more time, I will change banks....

I am going through a fraud case with this bank due to a check that was deposited into my account via mobile deposit from another phone. When I first saw this deposit of $991.89, I knew that it was error and did not touch the money thinking this was the bank's fault. I figured like any other bank that they would put the deposit on hold and then notify me of their error. Well, guess what... They froze my entire account and I cannot touch any of the funds that are rightfully mine. I have called I don't know how many different people in the fraud department with getting a different answer each day. I went into the bank itself and spoke with the branch manager which also said there was nothing that could be done and that I would just have to wait out the process.

Now once the case is resolved they keep telling me that they will then cut me a check of what is due to me if any and that will take another 7 to 10 business days on top of the 7 to 10 business days for the case to be closed. Now any person with a brain can see that the phone number is not mine and that I did not have anything to do with this. They are making me feel like I am the criminal. Funny thing is that if I was a person that would do wrong, wouldn't I when I first noticed the deposit, run and take the full amount plus the money that was mine originally? Now because of this bank I getting bills canceling me and if I don't pay my rent I will be getting evicted. All I am asking for is my funds that belong to me. Nothing else.

I finally fired my bank. The last year was the worst. They would magically change order debits and credits came in. $36 charge for a $10 check and magically the student aid credits after the check.

SunTrust cashed a bunch of counterfeit checks on my account. An account that, I should mention, has never had ANY CHECKS ordered on it EVER! The checks they cashed looked like they were made from a home inkjet printer, with a PO Box for the bank address and THEY WERE SIGNED "TRUMP". All of this and into the second week of their "investigation" they are still holding all of my money in the account hostage and tacking on overdraft fees as they go.

It would take any sane person two seconds to see that they were fake checks that they never should have allowed through. But they have to take weeks to research their own stupidity. SunTrust is just another big bank that operates more like a machine that grinds its customers in its gears to squeeze out fees and gain interest on held money, rather than treat them with care and common sense. I not only would not recommend SunTrust, I actively advise anyone I know to avoid dealing with them.

Suntrust used to be a good bank, but that is history now. Its employees are increasingly incompetent, prone to making errors, and lack courtesy to correct their mistakes. It has been hitting my account with unannounced fees, and it has failed to process my disputes; it intentionally makes it difficult for customers to dispute charges by asking them to physically mail a letter. BB&T doesn't do this. Only Suntrust aggravates its own customers by refusing to give them the benefit of the doubt. I am suing this bank.

I've been a customer with SunTrust for years. I don't make tons of money and recently, the bank charged me 3 overdraft fees on transactions that did not overdraft the account. When I called the call center, the agent, the agent's supervisor, and (supposedly) the supervisor's supervisor all said that they could only refund one overdraft fee. They were all incredibly rude and condescending. This overdraft error has occurred before and I didn't have a problem getting them to fix it. However, I guess they've changed call centers because now I can't get them to help me out at all. I'm closing my account with SunTrust and opening an account with another bank today. I will never go back to SunTrust and I suggest everyone stays away from these criminals.

I have been with Suntrust for 3 yrs. They sent out new cards to a different address. Someone activated my card then tried to use it, then cancelled my card forcing me to use checks. (I've never wrote a check before so was very unsure of how to write it out and how many days it take to come on to my account.) It is stupid to make someone pay $36 for a $8 check. I didn't understand so I called Suntrust bank to find out. I talked to Sarah who was rude, disrespectful and inconsiderate, in my opinion everyone I talked to was unhelpful in every way possible. Ask if I was unable to keep track of what I spend. I told her I have 5 kids two of which are infants, I never have time to keep track of myself let alone a piece of paper. That's the reason I downloaded the app so I wouldn't have to do extra work... They are ripping off all their customers... They took my entire check with no problems...

I have banked with scrumtrust for over 3 yrs. Recently accepted a new contract from a different company that also banks with scrumtrust. Ever since working with this company, each payment written from a scrumtrust account to a scrumtrust account the money is placed on hold. But if I walk into a branch I can receive the cash at any time. Pls. someone tell me the logic in this. Contact the company owner to have them see if the funds were released from their account only to be told that they had indeed been paid the day the deposit was made. Again I ask what's the logic in this. DON'T EVER USE SUNTRUST!

Do not use Suntrust banking. I promise you that when you get put in a tough position and aren't able to pay something, they'll rob you blind. You can sure try and sign up for any type of notification letting you know that your account is low or that you have gone negative but plan on multiple overdraft fees before they even so much as send you an email days after they've taken everything they can. Oh and better find that money someway because there's no way to stop the fees. HORRIBLE business, they're a freakin' scam artist.

This bank is a thief. I've been with this bank for over 10 years. That's the worst bank ever. After cancelling with a bill pay they still send the check out and cleared my account and made a lot of other income and bounce and they don't care they can't wait for the bouncing check to come through even though it is their fault. Their system was down when I cancelled ePay. Very rude, very unprofessional and not just one bank, every bank. I've been to Suntrust Bank. They are rude as can be. Please please, Do not bank with them.

Our business account appeared to have been inadvertently debited by a well-known organization. After reaching out to said organization and discovering that they had not debited the account, we contacted Suntrust to inform them of our discovery. The lady at the Greenbriar branch UMA, was less than customer friendly and was not at all helpful. We were led on a round-about goose chase and there was no end in sight. We were told that we would have to hire an attorney and that no attorney fees would be refunded. We have been customers for more than 40 years and would have certainly expected better service than this.

I have a bank account with Suntrust. They charged me overdraft fees when my account was not overdrafted. I have about $300.00 in overdraft fees that I have been charged when my account was at a positive balance and it even says on my account that I had a positive balance and shows them charging me $36.00 over draft with a positive account balance. When I called to have those fees taken off, because I was obviously charged when I should not have been, they informed me that their system is different than what my account says.

So I asked the woman why my online account is different from theirs, she had no answer. So I stated to her that basically their online banking system is inaccurate and worthless in tracking my balance on my account. She informed me that their system is accurate and valuable in checking and tracking my balance. So if it is accurate then they stole from me by charging me overdraft fees with a positive balance. This bank are thieves and should be put in jail I should have my $300.00 in fees returned. DO NOT USE THIS BANK!!! THEY WILL STEAL FROM YOU!!! LIARS AND THIEVES!!!

After being a Suntrust customer for 25+ years they cleared a check for $1 more than the amount listed. Not a big deal but I do check for fraud so I called to ask why they cleared a check written through THEIR Billpay for the wrong amount. It was only for $1 but I spent over an hour on the phone, was passed through four representatives, two of whom I couldn't understand, to finally get the $1 credit. They don't understand customer service! TOO BIG TO DEAL WITH!

I been with them for 3 years and not one problem, but then my card gets stolen and whoever got a hold of it spends 2000 on it. Filed a claim and it got denied and they tell me I have to pay back that money. When I talked with one of the fraud prevention rep. she said they could pull footage because whoever did it went to a SunTrust ATM machine. When I talked to them after the claim got denied, I asked did they pull the footage because you will clearly see it's not me. They said they did and that's how they came up with their reason to deny my claim. My guess is they didn't pull footage because it clearly WASN'T me!! Why would I spend money that I don't have and then turn around and file a claim and a police report on myself??? Now they're saying I have to fill out a rebuttal and they will re-evaluate my case but it does not guarantee anything and will take 45 days.

I also received a text that there was fraudulent activity on my card and to text Y or N if it is or isn't me. I text No but they didn't put a hold on my card right then and there. By the time I called them to report my card missing, the charges were already made on my card. If I knew this was how they handled customer service, I would have never banked with them.

DON'T use SUNTRUST ever but if you must, DO NOT EVER sign up for overdraft protection with SUNTRUST. If you have transactions pending, they will deduct the transaction with the highest value so even if you had enough to cover the other smaller transactions prior to the large one it will cause all the smaller ones to also overdraft and cause you to get charged $36 fee for all transactions.

They also deduct PENDING transactions against your balance so that the funds aren't available for the transactions that are being posted and then when the pending transaction does post they will charge you $36 overdraft if your account balance isn't positive when it posts. I cannot comprehend HOW, if they are reserving these funds for a transaction, HOW IN THE WORLD they could tell me there wasn't enough money in my account to pay it when it posts. They are reserving the money for them in the first place!!! Ugh. Admittingly, I miscalculated a few things and am responsible for a few of the overdraft items but ABSOLUTELY NOT $250 of overdraft fees in 2 days due to their ridiculous methods of posting transactions. Switching banks TODAY.