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Regional Acceptance is the only place that would approve me for a car loan because my credit is crap. IN 2014, I put a $200 down payment on a 2013 vehicle that was priced at $12000 (2500 below book). I haven't missed a payment, I have not heard from them at all. The only time I talked to them was when I asked them if I could jump online and make partial payments and they told me that's fine as long as the total payment was made before the due date. I said ok, and have been doing that since I get the car. The interest rate is kind of high (17.95%) but that was to be expected with poor credit. The online portal could use a bit of work, but it does its job.

I was in need of a family car in 2012. Midtown Motors in PA had a deal going on to help everybody get a newer car no matter my credit level. It took many hours until they found a car loan place that would help me. The payments were going to be 493.00 a month for the first 18 months then it would get lower. Well I wanted to make car payments not car repair payments so I took the deal. Well I hits some hard times and when I had the 18 months in I called them and was told that only by getting the car refined through a local bank would the payments go down! Well I was in no shape to go local as the husband was between jobs so I went on paying them! It is now 2016 and I still owe 15,500 on the car ad my 09 car is only 4500 bluebook!

I started reading the reports on this site and there are many people in my boat. Regional Acceptance is looking real bad now and I called and told them so and they asked for a payment that was all. So I went down to Midtown Motors and told them the whole story and they don't work with them anymore! So I just wanted to let people know to check with this site before they go car loan shopping.

I had a five year loan 409 a month and I made payments on time and when I was gonna be late because my son had brain cancer, I tried making partial payments which they refused to take!! I got so far behind because they refused my money! Customer service center are the most unprofessional people I have ever spoke to. Treated me like a piece of crap and refused my money and had no sympathy that my son had a terminal illness. I offered 102 a week and they still refused. And they took my car after I tried paying for it.

This is the worst company to get a loan. Our truck was totaled since June 17, 2016. My insurance company had waited over a month to get the payoff amount from them. They still expected me to pay the loan which I understood. However when they received the first check they did not apply anything to the payment I am due for July. My husband is on dialysis and has been out of work and will have surgery on Thursday. I asked for them to apply the amount owe for July and they wouldn't do it at all.

Now for the first time I will incur an over 30 delinquent on my credit since I have had the loan. This is **. They would call the very next day if I didn't make my payment on the due date. Their employees are rude and obnoxious. They have no heart or respect. I have had one person cuss on the phone but says it was not to me. I would never recommend this damn company at all. All dealerships should not do business with them at all. And also they take forever to send the paperwork to the ins...

RAC is a rip off! They unilaterally took car payments from my checking account when I was not signed up for ACH. ALSO, they took a car payment from my account when the car was totaled and the payoff letter from my insurance company was already acknowledged and I had already signed over the title and the car was completely paid off! They are rip offs and their customer service personnel are rude and have terrible language barriers! I am so happy that Wells Fargo picked up my new car loan. I would walk to work on nails before financing another car with this immoral company!

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I entered into a 4 year contract and paid for 3 years 11 months and owed them 549.00 when I got laid off and they refused to work with me and repo'd the truck over 549.00 and ruined my credit and destroyed my family's lives. As seniors we don't have the ability to do it again and I have not been able to work since they took my truck. They got my car as a trade in so now we have nothing and borderline homeless. We lost $20,000, our savings and our future. As seniors with no vehicle to work we now live with no health insurance and barely surviving.

We purchased a car and it was financed through Regional Acceptance. The purchase price was $18,000. After 5 years and paying over $32,000 for this car ($535.00 a month! They said we still owed $20,000. I will admit that we got behind a time or two, but always worked those out. We were threatened and called trash by their "customer service" people. After we talked to them and made payments, we would still get up to 10 phone calls a day. They have ruined our credit even more. If anyone wants to finance your purchase through Regional Acceptance, run! Run very fast!

Do NOT I repeat DO NOT finance with these people. They are by far the worst company to finance with ever! I sent a money order and it supposedly "never got there." I call today to make a payment to find out I'm behind 2 payments and they threaten to repo my car unless I pay them RIGHT NOW over $1,000. I was at work when I called and said "at least give me until tomorrow when I'm off of work and I can figure out what happened with the money order and come up with the money to pay and this **." ANTHONY is his name, says "nope you have to pay right now or don't be surprised if you walk out of work and don't have a car." BY far the worst customer service and I'm pretty sure scam artists.

I am looking into my money order I sent and found out that it was indeed cashed, by who... I don't know but I will be getting to the bottom of it. I did end up coming up with the money. Thank God, had a friend call and pay it for me while I was at work and gave him the cash later, so this ** ANTHONY wouldn't have my car repossessed as he kept threatening to do. Get a real job and education ANTHONY instead of trying to make everyone else's life miserable! Just because your life is sad and pathetic you have to go and try to ruin everyone else's. Feel sorry for you and the people around you. Go to church.

Purchased a car, got a loan in 2012. Interest rates crazy, totaled care two months ago. Got GAP insurance and still being harassed by Regional Acceptance and have taken negative marks on my credit bringing my credit down by 60 points even though I had all the proper protocols in place. Would I recommend Regional Acceptance to anyone!!! NO. If I could give them no stars I would!!!

Regional Acceptance is by far the worst finance company that I have tried to work with. I co-signed for my daughter to get a car through them, but first thing was I was suppose to be the co-signer and I ended up being the borrower. The first week of March my daughter totaled lost the car. Here it is May 2, 2016 and I am still dealing with Regional Acceptance to close this claim. State Farm paid off most of the balance of the car, in March. Every time I call Regional Acceptance they say they need paperwork from State Farm. Every time I call State Farm they have sent what they need, yet they still don't have it. I have called Regional Acceptance several times and tried to speak with a claims person, but all I can get is Customer Service. I can leave a message for a claims person to call me back, but when you try to leave a message when you press a number to get an extension it does not work.

I have both State Farm and Regional Acceptance on the phone at the same time and the person from Regional Acceptance keeps saying "I am sorry, but we have not received anything from State Farm." So is State Farm lying or is Regional Acceptance lying? State Farm has paid the majority of the claim off only leaving a balance of $1700. Why is it that State Farm says they have faxed over the paperwork on two different occasions, yet Regional Acceptance still does not have it. What is the problem here? This is ridiculous. I have been trying to contact the local office, still cannot talk with a human. Totally dissatisfied with Regional Acceptance. I have no confidence in them as a company. If an insurance company can pay a $16,000 claim in a few days, to be for sure they can get a $1700 claim paid in a day or two. With the help of the Lord, I will never deal with Regional Acceptance again.

Since this accident, they are trying to say that my account is 45 days past due. The devil is a lie. That is their fault that it is taking to close this account. If there was a way to sure their butts I would, just having to deal with them the past 60 days. I am will to drive 3 hours to the company here in North Carolina just to get this issue resolved this week. Regional Acceptance loves targeting people with low credit scores so that they can charge them these ridiculous high interest rates. I warn any reading this, stay away from Regional Acceptance. Ripoff company.

After paying off my 28,000 loan with 1 extension they claim I still owe 22,000 with 8 extensions. They will not send me anything or help me. I have even given 4 extra payments of 700 each.

I have owned my vehicle for 7 months and have never missed a payment until today when I called in to make what thought was my March payment that turned out to be the 2nd half of February's payment. No one notified me that it was late so in my mind I was still caught up. When I tried to explain how I made two payments a month, first half at the beginning and second half at the time of payment... I was interrupted several times. I was told that my payment didn't "hit my bank account" until two days after calling in to make a payment, which is not my fault! My due date is my due date regardless! I kept having to tell her to let me finish talking before she cut me off several times and when I asked for my account number she ranted it off really fast in a mean aggressive tone so I had to ask again and she got even more of an attitude.

I have never spoken with anyone in the customer service field as rude as these people at Regional Acceptance the last 3 times I have called in to make a simple payment. Must be nice working somewhere you can just tell people off because of a misunderstanding instead of trying to be helpful. So unprofessional and I will be refinancing ASAP!

I took a car loan out back in 2010. I did not have the best credit rating at the time but after 5 years making payments and yes I did fall behind but noticed after about 4 years the balance was never changing. The loan was for $16000 and after and the balance was over $15000 and every time I talked to regional acceptance they would do nothing about it. All they would say is, "Would you like to make a payment?" And I asked for a refinance and they said they can't do that. Since when can't a bank refinance a loan?

I tried to do a voluntary repo and they got so rude and nasty and told me if I tried to return the car they would go after my paycheck, my taxes, my bank account, and anything I owned so it left me no choice but to hire an attorney and file chapter 7. They are the worst bank to deal with and they should be put out of business. They will give anyone a car loan when you are in a bind and charge you high fees and interest and tell you, "Well you agreed to the terms." But not all the fees are in the fine print like charge you $10 a day when you are late on top of the late fees and when you do make a payment and ask that the payment go to the principal they say they can't until the account is up to date so every time you make a payment it all goes to fees and charges and the balance never drops so stay far away from them because you will be upside down for a long time. I hope this post will help someone out and not get caught up into their trap.

First, I don't have the best credit score, but I've been working for over 15 years when purchased this car. Needed a reliable vehicle. I still owe $10,000.00 on this car paying over $350/per month. The customer service is Horrible! THREATENING, HARASSMENT, BULLYING, ETC. THANK YOU! NEVER AGAIN. QW

I acquired a car loan 5 years ago and my payments have not gotten any less. What they're charging me 5 years later is the price of a new car just because of a few payments late. I will never pay this car off.

I purchased my 2007 Honda Accord from Crown Honda in October of 2011 with a 5 year term auto loan. The percentage was 23% interest. The loan amount was for $16,500. To date, I have paid them $22,000.00 so far for this car. They tell me I have a balance of $10,000 that they say I still owe them. So when I am done paying for this car I will have paid them about $28,000.00. They are telling me it's late fees. They are telling me it's in my contract. I have been struggling to pay this down at a $468 a month payment fee. I cannot get ahead because they are always putting extra fees on my payments and then they call me and harass me all day and all night and threaten to repo my car. I don't think this is fair. They are being like predators, preying on me because they know I can't do anything but pay them. I have filed a complaint with the FTC and Consumer Financial Protection. Is there anyone out there that can help my case?

I have been mistreated by Regional Acceptance on several occasions. By attitude, talked down to, and hung up on. A woman called me saying I had not made my monthly payment, which I had transferred from my bank. It just had not showed in their system yet. I told her the situation and she proceeded to tell me with an attitude that it's not her problem that I can't pay my bills on time and I need to be more responsible. Yesterday I had to call in to make a payment over the phone and I was trying to teach a representative who was it working that day.

The man on the phone talked down to me and he said he has no idea when the man will be back to work but he can take the payment so I can "stay in my car" as if it was a threat. I asked if I may leave a message for the rep I was trying to reach and he said "have a nice day" and hung up on me. Poor service, but worse, poor treatment of fellow human beings. I have never been treated this way by any other customer service department from any company.

I have had the displeasure of dealing with this hateful excuse of a financial institution. I purchased a new car on 30 Aug of this year. I have a rough pay history due to family health issues, my own included. On 06 Sep, I was practically ran over by an older fellow driving a large motor home, pulling a large horse trailer. It was the other driver's fault, especially on the traffic collision report. I immediately contacted Regional Acceptance Corp, and explained to them exactly what had happened. This was a few weeks after the accident, after I had located a decent law firm to represent me. I was off work, on leave without pay, due to the health issues I explained earlier in this review.

They had not one iota of understanding, the only issue important to them that I had a payment due. And as of this date, they have attempted to circumvent any way possible to get their payments. My attorneys even tried to get them to give me a couple of months to get back on track, financially. It was one of those "We empathize with you, but you owe us money, period." I would strongly recommend that anyone trying to accomplish any action, such as buying a new home, or a new car, not have any involvement with this company. None whatsoever. I found out the hard way.

Mr. Pickle says, "the best advertisement is word of mouth, you do not want a customer bad mouthing you." Well here is my piece, this company is the worst! I am a first time buyer, student, and considered "self-employed". A representative was so rude to me, I had never experienced anything like this in my life. I can only laugh and pray for her, obviously the poor lady is a miserable soul. She misconstrued everything I said to make it seem as if my information was fraudulent. I asked for her name, unto which she would not state, then she goes on to call me "Dumber than Dumb". Yes!!! Words straight out of her hateful mouth. I would never recommend anyone be funded or have any affiliation with them. I am going to tell every dealership, and anyone that I know to never use Regional.

I have been with this company since 2013. I want to admit I have had trouble paying my note. But the way they treat a person is disgusting! They act as if you owe them money personally. They will do everything, and say everything to you, and make you feel worthless at the end of the call. Which they call more than 8 times a day. I have had a manager named HOWARD & SHANIQUA yell at me as if I owe them money personally. They have mixed up my paper work countless times - although I have the copies, they will not honor what I've sent in.

They have threatened to repo my car because they have an attitude. They truly treat people like complete crap! The people they hire are HORRIBLE INDIVIDUALS! Truly, I think this complaint does absolutely no justice because they have done far more to us including knocking on our door making it known we owe them money. In the end you would think just pay your car note and nothing would happen. But things happen, life happens, and they will make sure to make you feel like complete crap! We will be getting a different car and finance company! Horrible people, god they are horrible man.

I just think this loan company is the worst company you can get a car loan from. The interest rates are insane.

I had purchased a Jeep Patriot with a car dealership which financed the SUV with Regency Acceptance. Since my purchase, I was diagnosed with Cancer. I had 2 surgeries and Chemo and Radiation Treatments. I was keeping up with my payments while on Disability. While out on disability my company went out of business. 3 months after my company went out of business, my disability stopped. I had to return to work even though My health was not stable. I kept getting sick and was let go of my temp job.

I called Regency Acceptance to let me know I was in process of finding another job. Day 1 after being late with my fist payment, they called me 3 times. Ever since they call me 3-5 times a day to set up a payment with them even though I have no income at the present time. The representative told me to Pawn something so I can pay them. I was shocked and angry. They call me daily even though I have asked them to STOP calling me daily. The rep stated they have a right to call as often as they want until I set up a payment with them. POOR Customer service. I know they are following company policy but this is plain harassment.

I have never had a bad experience with this company. I have had my loan for over 2 years. Due to losing a job and getting ill we have fallen behind and few times. Yes they call - that's to be expected. I wouldn't say they have harassed us or been nasty. You don't pay your bills that's what happens. I've been as much as 2 months behind and was never threatened to have my car taken. Talk with them like an adult and they will work with you. If you've had a good payment history they will defer payments or let you make an interest payment. I like the deferment. I hope I never have a problem with this company as of this date. I'm behind and they are working with me. After paying over 10 grand on this car so far I'd hate to lose it.

In May of 2009 a cashier's check was sent to Regional Acceptance Corp. While at the bank the check was sent from we called Regional Acceptance and asked for the payoff amount. A check for over $24,000 was drafted and sent the same day. Prior to that I had sent a payment of $536 which the company received just before receiving the cashier's check to pay the vehicle off. When they gave us the payoff amount it was for the amount including the payment that had yet been received. Initially they sent a refund for overpayment which was a good thing.

Since we have been harassed by Regional Acceptance saying we owe them $536 and to this day we have not received the title to our vehicle. The supervisor who's name I don't remember was rude and condescending and even yelled at both me and my wife in numerous conversations. One of his coworkers was even heard saying we were right and he yelled at her as well. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get our title? I saw a few months back that a lady sued this company and was awarded approximately 64 million dollars over a $1000 debt that was actually paid off.

I acquired an auto loan from them in August 2013. Had an accident in October 2014. It took them almost six months to get the information to my insurance company for payoff, as it was a total loss, resulting in months of extra payments that became due because of their negligence. I do not owe this money and yet they harass me EVERY single day. They failed to get my insurance company the proper paper work for payoff. I don't see how that is my fault and why I should pay any more money on a totaled vehicle and have my credit ruined.

I pray a lawyer reads this and wants to help me take them to court. They have harassed me, my family, and my work. I have fought with them for 10 months now and I have had enough. They have caused me so much stress and anger, that there are no real words to describe how they have ruined my life. The accident was very tragic and instead of being able to put it behind me, I have to relive it every single day because they will not leave me alone. Please if anyone out there can help me, please contact me.

I'm reading all of these negative reviews about Regional Acceptance and I'm quite puzzled. I purchased a car from a dealership on a 6 year note. I had very poor credit as a result of a lengthy separation from my spouse. First of all, I was amazed at Regional Acceptance right from the start. I walked into the dealership without a penny down (I had recently used all of my savings to pay cash for a car for my 16 year old daughter). They financed me with nothing down and I was able to buy a 1 year old car with only 29K miles, all with poor credit. I even got a lower interest rate than most of the "Tote-the-Note" dealerships offered. My interest rate is still high (17%) but what do you expect with poor credit? You're basically saying to them, "Hey, loan me $15,000.00 so I can buy a car, and by the way, my history proves that I may very well not pay you back." Low credit score = High Risk!

Like most of the complaints on here, I will have paid twice the cost of the car when I'm done because of the high interest. At least I'm not walking. Some of you have mentioned losing your vehicles and getting harassing phone calls due to health issues or lost jobs or whatever reason you couldn't pay your car payment. It sucks but that's the way it works. You borrow money - you pay it back or you lose your collateral. That shouldn't come as a surprise to everyone. So far I haven't had one single problem with Regional Acceptance because I pay my bills and I pay them on time. There might come a day when I can't and I end up in the same boat as the rest of you. I have compassion for people going thru hard times but big business doesn't work that way. If they did they wouldn't be in business very long.

They call almost every day. Every time they call they leave a message asking for a different person. They never call when I am home. I have no idea who they are looking for but since they say a different name every time I doubt they know.

I purchased a Hyundai Sonata in 2012 with $1000 downpayment. My monthly payment is $693. To date, I still owe $25,000 and cannot purchase another cheaper car for my use. I laid off on 6/16/14. Requesting an extension, I am faced with hundreds in interest. 10 days extension is $518 in interest and $178 was paid to principal.

Regional Acceptance is one of the worse companies I have ever dealt with! The office staff in Margate, Florida are lying bastards. I made arrangements to make payments and they still repossessed my car!!! I am a single mom trying to make a living and I lost my jobs because they took my car after I set up payment arrangements. The manager is a lying jerk and they will take your money and pick up your car!!! Be aware of this company, they call and threaten you and don't live up to their promises!! They need to be shut down ASAP!!! I am taking this to our local news station along with my receipts of payments I have made!!!

After the embarrassment of giving back my car that I had got attached to (had me crying for 4 days ) and then dealing with that bitter lady named DEE, I had to 'settle' for another car but at least the company that is now financing me didn't hassle me for stupid ** like having 80 fucking hours on a paystub.

They simply called me and said they will send me my paperwork. I'm still unhappy with the dealership and Regional auto finance.


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VERY RUDE EMPLOYEE NAMED DEE. This lady has called and harassed me about having 80 hours on my pay stub for financing after I repeatedly told her that I didn't have a full 80 hours because I had dr appointments so I had to take my car back to the dealership because she refused to finance me. I was so upset. Please try Capital One.

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