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Reviewed March 20, 2020

If you have a loan with them, it's because your credit is bad. As long as you never have to call in with a problem, you should be fine. They are willing to offer payment deferments for a couple months if you can guarantee you'll be able to keep making payments. Their account overview DOES NOT reflect all charges on an account. They use a third party service to hold your title and will make you pay that company to transfer it to another state or threaten to make you wait 90 days for it, but will send it for free and quickly if your car gets impounded, which is wrong on so many levels. Not the worst company but FAR from the best.

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Reviewed Feb. 22, 2020

Alright, so I bought a vehicle through Hendrick CDJRF a little over two years ago. My credit sucked (thanks to my parents using my credit as a kid and completely tanking it), so my credit union immediately said "lol nope" and sent me on my way. The dealer went to Regional Acceptance and came back with some numbers and despite the absolutely absurd interest rate (nearly 20%) I went with it. I *needed* a vehicle.

Had to do a phone interview a couple days after I got the car, really awkward/weird but I just went with it. That was the last I heard from RAC for the duration of my loan. I did everything online, paid every payment wayyy early, was never even close to late a single time and they seemed to be totally okay with that. They never gave me any problems.

So fast forward to a couple months ago; the interest rate is still absurd and I'm sick of paying $500+ for a car payment. I went back to my bank, again, and explained the situation. They took a look and finally allowed me to refinance through them @ only 4.5% and with a much lower payment. And Then I remembered... I had *just* made another $500+ car payment a couple days prior without thinking anything of it. Had a nice little wave of anxiety hit me when I realized I was now out $500+ because I was stupid but I digress. A few days after I finished the paperwork with my bank, I checked my account at RAC again and noted the status was now showing as "paid out". So they had gotten the money and I was out from under them! YAY!

At this point, I forgot all about RAC and went about my life. Until a couple weeks later when I checked the mail and saw I had something from RAC. Wasn't sure what it could be but, to my surprise, it was a check for the full amount of my last payment. I have no idea how that stuff works, I don't know if they could've just kept the money and been legally good to go or what. But the fact they sent me a check absolutely blew my mind and made my life much much less stressful. I really respect that. So yeah. I had no problems with RAC and that definitely surprised me, 'cause believe me I've seen the horror stories. But they did me right and I have to say, despite feeling like I was getting screwed on the interest rate (and I was), they really don't seem that bad.

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Reviewed Feb. 4, 2020

Two years ago this sad excuse of a company financed a 2013 Camry for me. Wish I knew then what I know now. This place is terrible!! Customer service is RUDE, they call you 20 times a day 7 days a week. I finally decided last month to refinance my car through a local credit union and today I Regional has started harassing me again with the calls! I will be contacting a lawyer. My account was paid in full over a month ago.

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Reviewed Nov. 30, 2019

I brought a Kia and of course the only way to get in bed with these people is if your credit is garbage. The first 5 years I did perfectly with my payment. I lost my job after a supervisor harassed me...etc. Long story short they did try and help me and pushed some payments behind. When I got on my feet I wasn't making the same amount. I was actually making less than my payment amount bi weekly. I explained this to them and explained I would have to split the payments. I got behind one payment and had a hard time catching up. When I called to make the minimum payment I was 80 short. I told them that I just wanted to make sure I put something on the account. I'll call as soon as the extra payment that was taken out my account was put back on as this was actually true.

They had four absolutely monstrous people come on the phone to patronize me and continuously repeat the same statement of you need the 80 which I didn't have. Almost an hour of them being condescending and blatantly rude. If you don't have them, I am BEGGING YOU TO FIND SOMEWHERE ELSE. They get a kick of mentally knocking someone down. Please Save yourself the pain and abuse. PLEASE!!!!

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Reviewed Oct. 22, 2019

I have split my payments in two, before and on the due date. This has been a huge mistake. Each customer service representative has given me different and insulting answers as to why the amount due was much more than it should be. Finally, after speaking with four representatives, the amount due suddenly represented the correct amount with no apology and after tears. This has happened for the last three months. I can't wait until I no longer have to deal with this company.

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Reviewed Oct. 16, 2019

I am reading the bad reviews and I have had nothing but a great experience. We bought a 2015 Ram, in May of 2018 and RAC was the finance company. We totaled the truck Sept 7 of this year. Our insurance company paid off the truck in full and we received monies back from GEICO and RAC. We still owed 25,149 on the truck and it was valued at 27, 100. Not even sure why we received a check from RAC. I called them several times during the process and they were very friendly and knowledge. I really hate that everyone has had such a bad experience with this company, but I would use them again.

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Reviewed Oct. 11, 2019

I bought my car in 2012 and did fall behind with payments. When I got the car it was 18000 now 7 yrs later I still owe 11000. If you're more than 10 days late the charge $10 per day. The day I sign this loan was the worst day of my life. Now I'm honestly thinking about turning this car in. My payment are $467 a month and it hard for me to just dish out extra money. If anyone know a lawyer that will help to fight the scam they have going on please let me know.

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Reviewed Oct. 9, 2019

I’m glad that I was given the opportunity to rebuild my auto credit through regional acceptance. However I paid off the vehicle and in return got screwed over with my title and refund for overpayment. I have yet to receive what I’m entitled and is rightfully due. Hopefully they will take a look at the communication glitches that causes these types of things to happen and make the corrections necessary to minimize the unsatisfactory reviews and experiences that a majority seem to report. I’m praying that I will receive my actual title and refund in the near future.

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Reviewed Sept. 25, 2019

They ask for too many information and have a high interest rate, bad customer service, loan officer Karina in Fontana number ** she sucks. Is not a real bank. Fake. They ran my credit for a waste of time. I don't recommend this money machine.

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Reviewed Sept. 12, 2019

I purchased a car on Aug 28, 2019. And Regional was to finance it. I went through the steps of doing everything that was need. As soon as I left with the car I have been getting calls every day saying "we need more paperwork on you and proof you don't have a mortgage on your home and we need you w-2 and 12 months of check". I asked "how can you let me pay down on a car and call me every day for the next two weeks". I took the car back and was told I was a liar and wouldn't get my down payment back. These people is full of it.

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Reviewed Sept. 10, 2019

I cosigned for a car loan with my daughter, first mistake, the second mistake was being talked into going through Regional Finance Company. My daughter ended up totaling the car out after not owning it for a year. She current on her payments and I notified them that she had been in an accident and that they were totaling out the car and that we were just waiting on all the necessary things from our insurance company and Gap. Her bill wasn't due for another 21 days. Within a week they received a check from my insurance company for $8500.00. When her normal bill came due we didn't pay because they had just received a huge amount from one insurance and we were just waiting on the other half.

They started blowing up my phone three to five times a day demanding payment. I explained again that we were just in an accident, had to buy a new car and pay out of pocket for a rental for three weeks. Most finance companies offer some sort of reprieve when things like this happen. They could offered 30 to 60 days to handle everything and put payments on hold while they were waiting to receive their money, they could have put the money they had already received towards her next two or three payments while we were waiting on Gap insurance to come through. Not this company, they don't care how much of they have received or the situation. One customer service told me, "Honey, it's not my fault if you can't pay your bills."

She's lucky she wasn't in front of me at that time, I wanted to jump through the phone and show her exactly why my name isn't Honey. I have requested five times to have a manager contact me and never once have I gotten a call from Management. I always get calls from their customer service and have to go through the same thing every time. One person has notes and then the next person doesn't see the notes on our account. At the end of the day, they told me that it doesn't matter that my insurance has paid them, it only counts toward my principal not my payment and that while things are being worked out with Gap, they will continue to bill me and assess fees and what ever I don't pay while waiting on Gap won't be covered by Gap because it is considered a missing payment, so regardless of the fact that this vehicle is going to be completely paid off in a matter of weeks, they still refuse to work with me.

They are rude, inefficient, incompetent, lack empathy and will hire any one to work in their customer service department. During all of these interactions not one of them even bothered to ask if my daughter was OK. They have reported to my credit that I was late on a payment and I think at this point I will be looking into an attorney, because something just isn't right with that company. Take my advice. Run before you sign with these people.

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Reviewed Aug. 21, 2019

I co-signed for my daughter for a car back in 2010. After paying payments for 5 yrs, she still owed the same amount she financed. Due to heath reasons, she ending up having to file bankruptcy. The car was paid off in the process (she actually paid, not dismissed). After it was all said and done, they put the car on my credit! How can you get paid for the same car 3 times! Total rip off. Someone really needs to look into this company for fraud!!

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Reviewed Aug. 10, 2019

First off, I notice a low-star rating. Regional Acceptance is always professional, always willing to work with customers, IF you call them. I have been 3 payments behind before I luckily became self-employed. Yes my interest rate is kinda high. My credit score is mush. That’s how it works. My vehicle never got repoed. They never made me feel like it was my fault I couldn’t pay. I see a lot of blame put on Regional. Why? Because you couldn’t or can’t handle your own financial matters like an adult? Regional isn’t giving away free cars, they’re not Oprah. I’m about to call them now and work out a payment arrangement because I’m behind a payment because 1 of my clients is running 4 days behind paying me.

Like Regional, I trust my client because he always pays up. So you 1-star reviewers need to look at the real issue: yourselves. Or next time, take your pay stub from your $9 an hour part-time job, and your credit score of 15 (yes.15) and waltz into an auto dealership. Tell them you expect a 1% interest rate, $0 down, and a brand-new vehicle, and no phone calls or repercussions when you don’t pay on time, and see how that works out for you. The ONLY time I got multiple phone calls was when I initially didn’t want to explain why I was behind. They made it stress-free when I finally spoke with a rep.

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Reviewed July 29, 2019

I don't care, bad credit. I have had my car for 4 months....just got an appraisal for 13000. Owe 23000. It's a piece of crap and wont last 6 years, have no intention of making another payment. Ding on my credit, but I wont get ripped off 10,000. And it's not just them...the dealers are to blame too. We need someone to take a look at their practices and quit forcing cars on people. I will surrender the car. But will not make another payment. RIPOFF!

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Reviewed June 28, 2019

I had horrible credit and they approved me when no one else would. Of course my interest rate is high. Of course my car will never be worth what I paid due to high interest rates for people with horrible credit. Yes my monthly payments are higher if I had decent credit. But I have a car I can take my kids to school and get great gas mileage. I have a car and I am thankful someone approved me. There were many many times I couldn't pay and asked for a default and they were always so nice and considerate. Granted you only get a few a year and it does add on to your final payoff date. If you don't like the phone calls send a letter or call them. It will stop them. I live in California so I am not sure if you get different phone numbers or agents when you call but all of my conversations have been more than pleasant.

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Reviewed June 18, 2019

If you are reading this, please avoid this. The dealership we purchased our truck through used this company. After my first payment I received the next bill for the next month. I called the representative line [866-380-9730] and talked to someone. Dealing with previous loans before, this is not the same. They charge $12.62/day based on the original amount of the loan. And this never goes down. Unlike other loans that will base your interest rate off the principal you owe after making a payment. So, I will always pay $4,600 a year for the loan. As opposed to $2,500 a year when I reach $20,000 on my loan and so forth. And also, the payoff amount if I refinanced somewhere else is higher than what I actually owe after making my payments. This company is a the worst I have ever seen.

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Reviewed June 6, 2019

They took my car without saying anything. My meds were still in the car. I called and ask if they had the car and won't give me any answer about the car and my meds. One of the worst people I ever dealt with.

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Reviewed May 28, 2019

I got my car repossessed by them when it was NO reason to!!! I called and they said they drop the ball... and are tying to get my car back!! How can you drop the ball on something like that? Seems like incompetence people work in the customer service there, I've called 9 times and still they say they are trying to work on getting my car back!!!! This is a joke of a so called company. Please don't bother with them, FIND ANOTHER COMPANY...

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Reviewed May 7, 2019

Calls multiple times a day... My owed is higher. I hate this company. This company is a ripoff. I was with Capital One and decided stupidly to go to this company for a lower rate... Now I owe the exact same amount after 2 ** years.

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Reviewed May 7, 2019

So far I have paid every payment ahead of time so I have never been late. Then I figured since I'm always ahead and never late or missed a payment It would boost my credit score. Bullcrap since it and they reported an increase of $117 dollars and bam knocked my credit score down to where my credit was bad. Asked for reason and was hung up on.

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Reviewed May 6, 2019

I purchased a new 2017 Chevy Colorado, and was finance through Regional Acceptance, at first I was a little skeptical I never heard about this particular finance company. So I received my first car note and began to set up my payment options when l notice that the lender accept credit card payment with no extra charge, so that option worked out for me. Not only can I make credit card payments I also earn reward points, so it’s been two years now and I’m content with this particular finance institution.

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Reviewed April 15, 2019

This company is the worst company I've ever dealt with in my life. Everything about this company is bad. 1st and most importantly is their customer service reps. This is a lender which car dealers use for people with moderate to bad credit ratings. Had I known the dealership where I purchased my car was using this company I would have walked out. The people who work there are clueless and incompetent is putting it nicely. Their website is archaic and you can't get to a rep over the phone without jumping through a million hoops. They do not respond to email either so don't waste your time.

I just made my final car payment which took me three separate payments (my last scheduled payment, then a $17 dollar charge and now they want another $10.01) before they send me the bill of sale. I called to make sure the day I made my last payment back on March 13 and the rep said 7-10 days the bill of sale would be sent. HAAAA! Fin jokers these clowns are. Your system sucks!

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Reviewed March 12, 2019

I had my car voluntarily repossessed due to some financial issues during a divorce. Afterward, my account was forwarded to RGS Financial. This is the company RAC uses to do collections on their behalf. RAC does not sell the account to RGS, they simply use them to do the dirty work. RAC completely washes their hands of the account except to hold the debt. RGS collects, then forwards the payment to RAC. This is inconvenient, but it's whatever at this point. RAC uses a super subpar company to perform its collection activities. This company doesn't reflect single payments made on their website and you have to call for an updated balance. If you enter into a payment plan with RGS, they refuse to send you any written agreement stating that you are in that payment plan with them. This makes it extremely difficult to explain the debt and payment when getting a loan elsewhere. Both RAC and RGS are shady companies.

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Reviewed March 2, 2019

If you value GOOD customer service and REAL people, PLEASE DON'T bother with this company. They are terrible and from reading the other reviews I think it's safe to say, HEARTLESS. They received two car payments from me for the month in error and absolutely refused to credit the payment made in error back to my account. I think it's also safe to say, thieves! Reputation isn't important to them as long as they're taking your money.

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Reviewed Feb. 20, 2019

I totaled my car in October 2018 and I needed another car so I went to this car lot and I was financed through Regional. I have made two payments in a timely matter since we have 10 days grace period. My payment was due this month on February 18th and the grace period date is the 28th of February and it will be paid before then.

Well yesterday Regional called me at work about I'm incurring interest and I asked them not to call me at work because they didn't call me at home so I hung up the phone on the country lady. When I got home I called Regional and I got a man that acted like this job was boring and I also asked him why you calling me at work and he said the lady must have came across something and I told him it never happened before. Then he had the nerve to ask me if I wanted to schedule a payment and I said no and ended the call. Well today February 20th Regional called again at my job and I sent them straight to voice mail. They're calling me at work and not even calling my house. How do you make this corporation stop harassing me at work when I'm not behind in payments. If I would have known Regional was a bunch of rude, no-caring people I would have went somewhere else.

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Reviewed Feb. 8, 2019

This is by far the worst company! They constantly harass you even if you are late with a payment and have already set up one for a particular date. The staff is very rude and ignorant. Total ripoff company. Sounds like they work from a basement. Never deal with this company!!

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Reviewed Feb. 7, 2019

My car was totaled on Dec 9, 2018. It was considered a total loss on Dec 28, 2018, my insurance company cut Regional Acceptance a check on January 8, 2019, for my loss. On Jan 23, they stated that they have not picked up their mail so they were not sure if the check was there. To be on the safe side my insurance stopped that check and cut them a check and sent it overnight on January 25. As of Feb 7 Regional Acceptance still, have not put in the system that they have received the check. Anytime my insurance company or I call Regional Acceptance they say that they have not been to the post office or received anything.

As of now, I am waiting on them to check their mail to see if they have their money to complete my GAP paperwork in a timely manner. If my GAP paperwork isn't completed in a timely manner I will be forced to pay Regional Acceptance the remaining amount. If I do not hear back from them in a timely manner I will be speaking with my attorney on this issue, they have had more then enough time to check mail.

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Reviewed Jan. 21, 2019

Due to low credit we had to use this company for our car. 2 years later after making $1000-$2000 payments to raise our credit score, I was involved in a hit and run accident that ended our car as a total loss. At the time, we were paid up through May 10, 2019. 4 months and 4 days ahead from the accident. When we called and requested our money back, the Regional rep Allison, states we would receive nothing back and should not have paid so much. Now we must sue them for our prepayments and tbh, ANGUISH. It is wrong and I am begging anyone who reads this to please, refinance or get out from under this scam. I wish we could have known beforehand. I had no idea it was a unaccredited institution and we knew interest was high due to credit, but I wish I’d have done more research. PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. If you can’t get out of it, do not pay more than your payment!

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Reviewed Jan. 15, 2019

I would give 0 if I could. Purchased a car in 2013 had ok credit but got a co-signer. Car was ** from dealer. Ok that’s fine. Regional charged me $16,000 or so in finance charges. Ok. 100% my fault for needing a car at the time to get back and forth to work so I did it. So 1 year goes by for paying on time. I go to refinance "Oh we don't do that". Ok so be it, continue to pay. Well lo and behold here we are 5+ years into paying $468 a month on a 72 month loan and I still owe $14,000+ after 5 years 4 months of payment. My loan matures in Aug of 2019 and I STILL owe $14,000+.

How is this even possible. The car is only worth maybe $4,500. I'm so upside down. No other dealer will touch the vehicle. I have done my research and this seems to be a common theme with this company. So to review I have owned my 2011 Ford Fusion for 64 months. I have paid Regional $29,952 on the vehicle thus far and they still say I owe another $14,000+ which is crazy when I only have 8 payments left of $468. So in total what was supposed to cost me $36,000 or so is going to cost me $44,000+. How is this legal?

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Reviewed Jan. 14, 2019

Violated Rema Laws and refuse to delete their account record. I am still addressing the predatory loan that I received from this company years after they have been paid off. If anyone has information regarding a class action versus Regional Acceptance Corporation please post it here.

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Reviewed Dec. 21, 2018

After Regional Acceptance Corp purchased my vehicle loan from Brand Bank, they began to send me a pre-recorded message every morning at 8am. This proceeded for over two weeks after numerous time answering and going through the meaningless prompt. After this annoyance, they then have decided my auto-draft was set up for the wrong day and began charging late fees with no notification.

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Reviewed Dec. 13, 2018

I have never had an issue with this company. I have been set up on automatic debit from day one and other than that there is no reason for them to call me about anything. They have been my loan servicer for almost 3 years. No complaints here. So sorry to read all the bad experiences some customers have had.

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Reviewed Dec. 5, 2018

The staff are rude and unprofessional! They will call your home at 9:00 pm. You can make a payment and before the payment clears they are calling again. You can use their online payment and they continue to call. You can tell them when you are making a payment they still call you! Please, if you can’t have another company finance your vehicle! Please do! People fall on hard times but they don’t care.

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Reviewed Nov. 29, 2018

I would not recommend Regional Acceptance to my enemy. They purchase my auto loan and missed 2 payments in the transition stating that my account is behind and past due when that is not the case!!! My credit has take a big hit with multiple late payments. Not to mention they called my employer looking to talk with an HR rep, they have the call recorded and would not give "Aaron" any information or transfer him to HR. My employer support called me to notify of this call stating that Regional would not state the purpose of the call and only gave me the caller name and number (which is my current account rep at Regional).

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Reviewed Oct. 21, 2018

I would not recommend Regional Acceptance Corporation to no one. If I could give them zero stars I would. They are very nasty with customers. Very unprofessional. They don't care about their customers at all. They are trying to say I'm 3 months behind on my payment. Said I had to have 808.00 by the end of the month. I told them I can come up with 404 but not 808. Not happening cause I had 2 deaths in the family and prior to that I had surgery so dealing with all that I told them I could do more next month and the manager kept putting me on hold. Then I heard her tell, "It's hot in here. Put me back on hold" then yelled, "Is patty still here. Put me back on hold" then hung up on me. I'm about to call the Better Business Bureau on them because they are nasty with everyone and don't want to work with you.

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Reviewed Oct. 17, 2018

I made a payment for Aug 24 2018 for $337, my payments is for $335 and some change a month. I was always taught to go a dollar over the amount so that way you'll be ahead. So I'd received a phone call last week stating that I was late on my September payment and now I own $358!!! I was like,"What how did that happen?!" Now the Customer Service rep was getting nasty and I was trying to explain that I always Screenshot my payments for times like this. she did want to hear it and me to get in contact with my bank!

So, the next day I call my bank and explain what took place the night before and they told me that it went through and to call them back to see if it was a miss understanding. So I did, and after they did some deeper investigating, it wasn't for Sept bill it was for Aug bill!!! how did almost 2 months go by with a another payment made and y'all just now caught that. they stated that my bank must have cancel it out, I'm like how can anything be cancelled out and y'all gave me a confirmation number, nor did I stop a payment and I made the payment on their website using my DEBIT CARD. HOW SWAY HOW!!!! FRAUDS I TELL YOU.

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Reviewed Sept. 18, 2018

Warning, don't deal with New Port Richey or Wesley Chapel Hyundai as being a customer directed me to Regional Acceptance Corp. due to factors that were beyond my control. I'm extremely dissatisfied with RAC. Please avoid RAC associated with BB&T Bank. Two Thumbs Down.

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Reviewed Sept. 4, 2018

I got my car in 2014. My maturity date and my contract states my payments end in 1/2019. I did the math. I'll still owe 5500 after maturity date because I am in bankruptcy so no interest was paid on note and something about 4 extensions that no one ever said would extend my payment. I got behind but I had to get current to keep them from taking the car. I asked to get states sent to me showing what interests not paid and what I'm paying and was told no. If I had questions about my account call them and keep making payments for an extra year and a half. Is there anyone I can contact about this? It doesn't sound right.

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Reviewed Aug. 16, 2018

Regional financed my truck back in 2013. It's a 2006 Ford F150. It is now 2018 and they are saying I still owe 8200! 5 years ago when the truck was financed, it was maybe 18 thousand something, I cant remember the exact number. And it was a 5 year loan. I would of never realized that it was due to be paid off this year if my dad hadn't of been a co signer those 5 years ago and informed me that it was supposed to be paid off by now. So I called Regional today to get an answer to why I still owe over 8 grand. The only thing the lady kept telling me was that it is from interest and late fees. Yes over the course of the 5 years they allowed me to move the payment to the end of the note during job change, and moving. But I kept asking her, tell me how in the world I still owe over 8000 and if it was due to be paid off this year, that don't make sense because 8 grand would be 3 more years of paying on it. Again, all she kept referring to was interest and late fees.

She also said that it shows my maturity date as June of 2019, next year and that when that date hits, I will be responsible for the remainder, which will be 5 grand still after paying on it for another year! How and why would I come up with 5 grand to pay them after paying on this truck for what will be 6 years at that point?!

She never would give me a good explanation for how I still owe over 8 grand. I feel that they are trying to screw me out of money any way that they can! And now after Googling reviews for them... boy do I wish I would of Googled them 5 years ago, I would of never ever gotten the truck!

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Reviewed July 23, 2018

I purchased a car with them and I've had no issues with them. Due to a divorce I had to defer my payments for a month, the company was very helpful. The one time that I was late, it was my fault, and I had chosen the wrong date to pay online. The staff has been very helpful to me. They don't harass me at all. Yes my interest is high as hell, because I am a risk due to my credit. I plan on refinancing at the end of the year, but in the meantime they've been very understanding.

I understand job loss, injury, or just bad luck. What I don't understand is people bashing this company for doing their job. You cannot expect for them to show empathy to everyone who goes through things. Otherwise they'd go out of business. At the end of the day, this is how they eat and feed their family. Same as you using the car to feed your family, go to work, etc.???

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Reviewed June 13, 2018

I appreciate the opportunity of having a vehicle financed based on my credit not too good but after paying my account on time for over a year I asked if they could lower the interest so more money can go towards the balance, less than half of my payment is going towards the balance and yes they are extremely rude. "We don't do that. You have to refinance through another company, have a nice day" and hung up. Well that won't be easy to do because my balance is still way too high, over half of what I'm paying is eaten up by the interest. Just saying unfortunately trying to do right and rebuild your credit with this company (Regional Acceptance Corporation) is NOT a good decision at all!!!

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Reviewed May 19, 2018

I battled DMV and Regional Acceptance Corporation for about 14 months. Regional kept telling me they would look into the issue and contact me back. I made 5 attempts in those 14 months. Trying to give them enough time each time to get back to me. Nothing every time. I ended up having issues driving my truck around risking to get a ticket because they wouldn’t help. DMV kept telling me when they took over my loan from another company, something must of been overlooked by them and not been signed.

Something so simple. But they wouldn’t help. Finds out it was DMV mistake. A simple call from Regional would of fixed it. Finally a manager stepped in at DMV and took matters into her hands and contact Regional. A simple phone call from Regional would have saved me so much time. I ended up taking 3 days of work off trying to get this fixed. Trust me I’m working to pay my truck off ASAP! Don’t want them to get more money than I have already given them.

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Reviewed April 10, 2018

I have never dealt with a company that was so incompetent, ill informed with non-professional employees. All I need is a copy of my title to get registration. They will not even get me that. I am thinking of reporting them to the Better Business Bureau. Never ever use this company as a means of financing a home or car or anything for that matter. They are very fraudulent and I am surprised they are in business.

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Reviewed March 20, 2018

I first encounter Regional Acceptance in 2010, when they approved a loan for a brand new Nissan Maxima with 6 miles on it. My credit wasn't very good so expected to pay a higher interest rate than normal. If your credit score isn't up in the high 700 your interest rate will be high, so I expected to have a high monthly payment and I did. There were several times I couldn't make my payment on time and I talked and made arrangements and paid it. I never had one late payment shown on my credit report not one, and I was late several times but made arrangements.

I had them for almost 7 years I mean never a issue at all. You can't expect great service with unacceptable credit scores. Be real this company did a great job with me for almost 7 years, paid my car off and had a nice relationship with them unusual. I will never say anything bad about them... Keep your credit clean then there would be NO reason to complain... This is a very good company... All companies has some issues and believe that.

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Reviewed March 12, 2018

Unfortunately our son financed a truck with this horrible company without consulting us. Ten months later he sold the truck, but we spent over a month after the loan was paid off trying to get the title. The majority of people employed by this company are either total liars or complete idiots, because if we called 5 times with the same question, 5 employees gave us 5 completely different answers! Finding a person who even knew the procedure for paying off a loan was next to impossible, but we did finally manage to get that accomplished. Little did we know that getting the title would be a month long process of constant phone calls and run-around.

One person would say the title was in the mail, the next would say it wouldn’t be mailed for another week. Their story changed every day, and we never did get the title! In the end, we had to pay an extra $60 to get the Lien Satisfaction letter so we could go to the DMV and get a duplicate copy. And how exactly does that work? The company that is responsible for for keeping your vehicle title can just lose it, but you have to pay to fix their problem? This company blatantly takes advantage of people! Do not do business with them if you have any choice at all!

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Reviewed Feb. 22, 2018

Paid off my vehicle. Then they stated about $6.57 left. Then call them for pay off letter. They stated still 1 cents on the loan on the backend that didn't display to my account. They told me that they sent it to pay off to be written off by manager. They told me to call in three days, called in 3 days. They told me it still wasn't done.

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Reviewed Feb. 1, 2018

I am really tired of people bashing this company! Regional Acceptance is great for people who can not get their cars financed through the major companies. I have been with them ever since I purchased my very first car on 2014. I am never leaving them either. They have worked with me anytime I got in a situation. I've always made good on the payment arrangements. It is like this, if your credit is not great this company will do its best to finance your vehicle. Sure the interest rate is sky high, but it is what it is. That is the penalty paid for not having great credit.

The customer service representatives are all awesome. They are never rude, mean, or unpleasant. Every representative I've dealt with have been courteous and always on point. So many people want to put Regional Acceptance down, but I am not with that negativity. Sometimes people only tell their "side of the story", to make them look good. I do not work for this company at all and am just a customer. Some people are not telling the whole truth and are leaving important details out of their negative experience. They are leaving out what they did to contribute to it. Thank you Regional Acceptance Corp for being there for me when I've needed y'all the most. An honest, pleased customer.

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Reviewed Jan. 29, 2018

OMG. Never get an auto loan from these guys, we got a loan back in 2014 and they charge you interest on the amount of the loan every day!!! And very little if any of your payment goes toward your principal balance. My soon to be ex husband had been paying on this truck or so I thought. But I guess he took out several actions that I wasnt aware of. Then in October he decided he couldn’t afford it anymore even though he told our son that he would continue to pay for it.

Now he has two incomes. His and his fiancé and me. I’m now a single mom who can’t afford it and when I explained what happened to Regional they were like, "Sorry we can’t help you or give you an extension. You’ve used them all." I said, "No my ex did. Not me. But no." So I finally have had enough and when they called while I was down with the flu. I answered and told them I’m doing a thing cause I’m stuck in bed with the flu and I’ll call when I get better. Did they stop calling. No. They kept calling. So yesterday they called with a different phone number that I answered and while on the phone they called me from the regular number that calls me, well I stated, "That’s funny. You guys are calling me on the other line. From another number too".

But I told her when my son comes home in about two weeks we will be turning in the truck. So she said she’s note it in the account, well wouldn’t you know they call last night and this morning again to try and get a payment and when I told them I had spoken to them already and was going to turn the truck in they said, "Oh let me get you over to a supervisor to see if we can work with you." What. Are you serious. No thank you. So yeah let’s see how many more times they call me before I turn the truck in.

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Reviewed Jan. 24, 2018

I was in an extremely bad accident on December 25th and as a result had to buy a new car. I had a great experience with the car buying process but that bliss ended when I spoke to Regional Acceptance. A "Monica" called me to go over details of the loan that had been approved and when the subject of auto insurance came up, I had questions. Monica indicated Regional Acceptance would only accept a 500 deductible on my policy. I, on pain killers and muscle relaxers as well as being in a very bad emotional state, questioned this requirement because I had a higher deductible than 500.00. I asked what would happen if someone had a higher deductible and she went on to say they would only accept 500. I asked what could be done because I could not afford the premium the insurance company was charging on a deductible that low.

After going back and forth I asked to speak to a manager and that's when Daphne ** got on the line. I told her I could not get a straight answer to the insurance question and reiterated my concern. Daphne's demeanor was offensive to me just as I was probably not very nice back. I expressed my concern about the insurance again, to only have Daphne become combative. I kept repeating my question as to what would happen if I could not afford the insurance premium on a 500 deductible and at this point she continued to be argumentative. She then stated she was going to send my file back to the dealership if I didn't stop being rude. I explained my concern again and said to please not threaten me with sending my file back. She began to taunt me saying "I am not threatening you. I am telling you I am sending your file back".

She also stated that they only wanted to deal with people they feel they won't have problems with and they only want to deal with people who are going to make their payments. I am not sure why she drew the conclusion that I would not pay my car payment. She also stated that she felt that I was going to change my insurance back to a higher deductible and therefore they didn't want to deal with me. Keep in mind my loan was already approved. Becoming very emotional and angry at this point I asked to speak to HER manager. I don't know who it was I spoke to because they did not identify themselves but the girl that got on the phone has the same offensive attitude with me. I pleaded with her to not send my file back that I was just in a bad accident (I almost lost my husband and my life) and that this all stemmed from a concern about my insurance.

After being patronized by Daphne and this woman I said that if I was in a situation where I had to protect my household budget, my insurance would be one of the things I could change in order to afford it! This woman and Daphne both decided my file was being sent back. I practically begged but this woman, just like Daphne, in a very sarcastic voice said it was too late, I could go find another lender.

I contacted the dealership via my sales person who said not to worry, they had connections at Regional and they would get it fixed. At this point I am thinking of how and why a company would "play god" with my life and why was I even having this conversation with the dealership! I wasn't aware of any other approval with the terms I had requested to of course my emotions and stress skyrocketed. I almost died and now I am having to deal with this. The sales person called me a few days later and ask me to please call Daphne back and that everything was fixed. The file was not rejected any longer. I called Daphne on January 5th at 4:07 pm. She took it upon herself to remind me of our conversation the day before, again her demeanor was very unprofessional. She stated that she was the one that approved my loan and that I still needed to speak to another department and that she was transferring me to a girl named Angie.

Angie did not answer so I left a detailed message with my phone number to call me back. I never got a call. I followed up again a few days later and again never got a call back. I waited about a week and contacted Daphne's office again leaving a message in what sounded like the general mailbox and Daphne never called me back. I contacted my salesperson at the dealership via text and he said that the file was no longer rejected and everything was fine. I have a temporary tag on the car which was very near expiration as well as my first payment becoming due in two weeks so I called Regional Acceptance customer service only to find out I was not in their system. They transferred me to the Tampa office where Daphne works but she would not get on the phone. She told the person who answered (I believe it was Monica again) that I should speak to the branch manager.

Ken ** gets on the phone and he states that I was nasty to them so they sent my file back. All this time I think everything is fine after I spoke to Daphne on January 5th, yet nothing was fine. I was lied to. I tried explaining to Mr. ** that I spoke to Daphne a second time and that I was under the impression everything was fine, and with the same offensive demeanor, he said I could find another lender. I sent a text to my salesperson who happened to be off work and said he didn't know now and that he would check when he returned to work. I feel like this lender took an escalated conversation from the beginning and used that to taunt me and they did it proudly.

I am in mortgage lending and if a loan originator or manager treated a borrower the way I was treated, their lending license would be up for disciplinary action through the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. These people at Regional Acceptance Corp not only conducted themselves in a very ill way, Daphne made reference to them not wanting to deal with people who were not going to pay their bills. She and her manager took pride in what they did. I don't know who regulates them but I will find out. I never received proper disclosure of a reject, loan turn down, nothing. Daphne ** treated me like the scum of the earth and based on her words to me, she was proud of it.

After investigating who I was dealing with I find that she was recently arrested for a felony in November as well as doesn't pay her bills as evidenced by a recent lawsuit from her lien holder on her vehicle's repossession. I don't know why and how a company would employ a felon and her charge is evidence of the type of person that probably should not have access to the public's personal information. I am contacting the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to see if they regulate the auto lending industry. I am writing this complaint because of the emotional stress this has caused me as well as my concern for my private information now being in the hands of these people. I am also contacting BB&T Bank whom Regional Acceptance is a subsidiary of and will be making another formal complaint with them.

Updated on 02/08/2018: If you read my review I wrote previously then this will be the icing on the cake. The dealership was provided with my updated insurance showing a 500 dollar deductible which was sent to Daphne as per the dealership sales/management. They had the nerve to misrepresent themselves on my "adverse action" letter I receive in the mail dated January 23, 2018. It stated that the reason for my credit denial/termination of change was that they had not received the requested information (my insurance). This was after Daphne stated they had made the exception upon approving my loan to allow a 1000 dollar deductible. So why is it that Daphne and her superstar branch manager Ken feel it acceptable to lie on a formal document?

These people have unethical business practices. Stay clear of these people and make sure the dealership you visit for a car purchase knows to NOT submit your loan to these people. I wanted a zero money down loan and I got it from an actual bank (my score was 650 at the time of application). You do not have to deal with the scum of the earth to get a high loan to value loan on your car. I am in the process of communicating with the State Attorney's office here in Florida as well as the CFPB. I know karma will prevail and I'm happy to help it along.

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Reviewed Jan. 21, 2018

This is kind of a 2-in-1 for both Regional and Keffer. I stopped in at Keffer Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge/Ram one March afternoon in 2014 just to look at what was on the lot. I had just put $70 worth of gas in my '05 Cherokee Laredo. Some young kid name Xavier comes out and starts smooth talking me. At this point, I was nearly up on my lease and was already approved to move to another apartment complex closer to work in Charlotte, NC, and I should have just gone home. However, I used to have 2000 Cavalier Z24 5 Speed manual and thought about getting a Dart. So I talked to Xavier, test drove one, liked it, and I had a decent credit score (low to mid 600's) and no money down, and they held my keys hostage (like all dealerships do). I was literally there for 8 hours.

They gave me hardly anything for my Jeep and I rolled in several thousand of negative equity. Again, I should have said no, but high-pressure sales got to me. They gave me financing through Regional Acceptance, but not even on the car I wanted. They pulled an Avenger around that had all the bells and whistles. Again, I should have just walked. I took the deal. 636 a month. That was more than my rent. I ended up cancelling moving to the new apartment (which was much nicer and a lot closer) because I couldn't afford the rent and the car payment.

Fast forward and I've taken a few extensions out here and there (I've had 2 job losses and changed cities twice, but back in the Charlotte area now). In December, I still owed for my November payment, so I called in to request an extension. They automatically did a 2 month (not sure why), and I sent in the paperwork. In order to "better my chances", I went ahead and set up two auto payments in January splitting the payment up.

Now, I did request a cease and desist because they had harassed me so much in the past, so when they denied it, they never told me. I called in early January to ask if those two payments could be applied to principal only as I was planning on paying about 8k or so down as a principal reduction payment so I could refinance the car. By this time, I had paid nearly 28,000 and still owed nearly 21,000. I hate Regional with a passion, and I'm ready to be rid of them. I had been working the past 2 years to get my credit back up in the upper 600's.

So I'm calling in about the two payments previously mentioned, just to find out my extension was denied. Their reasoning? "We only give out 8, and if we had approved you, we'd only have 1 left". So what? Who cares? So I had it out with a manager asking them to re-do the extension because I'm going to attempt to refinance it and she refused. I called in a few days later and re-applied and got it approved.

Well, I first was going to go through my credit union. When they ran my credit, they said my Experian score was below 500. I yelled "what in the hell?!" Just two months prior it was around 630ish. Regional reported it as a 60 day late, and while I did have a medical collections hit my account, it plummeted my scores over 100 points and 2 years worth of working on my credit went down the drain. Now, nobody will refinance my car due to my credit score being tanked. I'm hoping once they report at the end of this month, they'll report it correctly. I requested two disputes through Experian, and both times they didn't change it. So while I did pay down the loan to about 12,800 or so, which is definitely a plus, I'm still stuck with 636/month and Regional.

I seriously hope all of their employees burn for working for such a predatory company. I lost nearly 1k of credit on my AmEx card because my score dropped, nearly making my card maxed out. I don't try to live with regrets, but I nearly regret the day I decided to "take a look at what's on the lot" that day. Never take a deal with these people.

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Reviewed Jan. 8, 2018

Worst company ever, lost my husband and contacted them as he was a co-signer. Explained to them I could not afford the car and please come get it. The car still sits waiting to be picked up and in the meantime they are racking up all kinds of fees and interest. They threatened to garnish my wages if I do not pay them. Never, ever use this company no matter how desperate you are, you will be in debt for the rest of your life. Please tell me how this is legal and yes my debt is way over the cost of the car I paid on for a year.

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Reviewed Dec. 11, 2017

I admit that they have deferred payments. 11 in fact as we ran into some medical issues and custody issues. However, they act like they are doing you this huge favor. When in reality the only reason I ever agreed was so they don't repo since it is my only transportation to work. I've made payments but like everyone else the balance doesn't budge. Explain to me someone please how your payoff balance is more than your principal. Paid sticker price of $12,900 on a Kia Sportage and now owe 17,897.85 to pay it off. Every payment that you make goes straight to interest... How the heck do you ever pay off a loan that is straight interest when they charge you $9.48 a day in interest. YOU DON'T. Stay away from this company no matter what. It is a scam and if there is a class action suit against them please tell me who to contact.

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Reviewed Nov. 18, 2017

They caked me 10-15 times in one day. They were rude to me. Talking down to me where I started to cry. The principal is outrageous 16164.60 as of today. November 17th 2017. Please tell me how I can join this civil suit.

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Reviewed Nov. 18, 2017

I am being generous with 1 star. They deserve a big Fat 0. They incorrectly "returned" a payment a month after we made it and the day that they made the attempt they came and repossessed my car. The money was NEVER added into the account because they did it incorrectly so they got the payment AND my car. ** SCUMBAGS. DO NOT USE THEM UNLESS YOU WANT TO LOSE ALL YOUR MONEY AND YOUR CAR!!!

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Reviewed Oct. 31, 2017

I went to a dealership to get my car. They said the loan was with Regional Acceptance. I said okay and went through with it. They’re very rude, doesn’t take what you tell them into consideration, and overall care about just getting the money rather than working with you and helping you. I was told multiple times that what I was being told by previous people was a lie. They kept stumbling on their words and mixing them up. They’re not good at all to work with. I would not recommend them to anyone.

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Reviewed Oct. 30, 2017

Purchased a vehicle in 2012 after my second deployment. Now in 2017 I still owe 12,000 from a 23,000 loan. Sadly, I owed that same amount over a year ago. These people will harass you nonstop if you owe them money, call everyone they can to get to you, and have been some of the rudest folks I have ever dealt with on the phone. Sadly I can't get away from them and honestly feel that this is their game. We never had our pay off amount stop going down until we attempted to get a new car last summer. The only thing that stopped us was being too far upside down and being barely shy of having what was needed to push the loan through. Since then, my payoff hasn't dropped. Any calls between myself and RA has went from professional to absolutely rude. Stay away from these scam artist folks. They are nothing but careless thugs.

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Reviewed Oct. 27, 2017

I had a low credit score, really low. I got approved at a crazy high APR. Paid on time every month, never had a problem with them. No mean calls, no threatening calls, no calls at all. If you have ** credit and you can make the payments you agree to make on time, great company. One reason not 5 stars... Rebuilt my credit and tried to refinance, they said no because my vehicle wasn't worth what I owed. No **, you were charging me 21% interest for 3 years, lol. If you need help, they will as long as you can pay what you agree.

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Reviewed Oct. 2, 2017

Had below average credit with below $2000/monthly income at the time when I tried to buy a used Ford Explorer from a Ford dealership a couple years ago for $8900. Regional Acceptance offered to finance at 15% interest, payment of $280 monthly. $2000 down. I accepted. The. Biggest. Mistake. Of. My. Life. What follow were 3.5 years of terrible customer service experience and horrible reporting to credit bureaus. If I were ever late with my payment by a day or two, I'd get 5-10 robocalls per day, even if a payment was scheduled in advanced. When I would answer a call, a really mean customer service rep would answer and bash me for being late with the payment. Thanks for understanding... and then they would still call the next day etc and report it immediately to the credit bureaus. I was late on payment by 30 days and a rep on the phone threatened to repo the car... awesome.

When I was on time with payments, 90% of the time, they never reported on time payments... After 3 years of paying, I still had $7000 of balance left.. from a $10k total loan. Yeah that makes sense... not. I sold my house earlier this year and this bill was the first I went to pay off. I went to a "regional office" of theirs in my city and took 30 minutes for me to find their office suite in a massive building because it wasn't listed on the office listings. When I got there, it was an unmarked room on the interior and the staff person there literally said "who are you" and "how did you find this office? I said "well, this is regional acceptance right?" And the lady said "who are you and why are you asking?" Are you kidding me!!?? I pay you monthly for my car and you ask why I came to visit you in person to pay off my loan?

"Our regional offices are not for customer service, only loan approval. You shouldn't have found this office because we can't do anything for customers here." They only have customer service branches in the Carolinas, but that's because they don't finance cars in the Carolinas. They don't have any physical branch offices in any of the states they do business in. So this regional office turned me away and asked that I pay off my car over the phone. $7k, that a chance. It took them a week to send a pay off on paper, and then 4 weeks for them to send me a written receipt confirmation (but taking my $7k was Instant) that the lien was removed, and another week to notify Texas DMV to issue a clean title. And another month before they reported to credit bureaus that I paid off the car. Total BS treatment.

I tell y'all, the way this company treated me made me realize that they really want you to fail on your payments. They want to repo your car so they can auction it off. They'll get their money either way. It's a crime they are still in business. I would rather walk for miles and miles to work than take another car loan from these people. Seriously, avoid this company at all costs. Terrible experience.

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Reviewed Sept. 29, 2017

Regional Acceptance Corp (owned by BB&T) is by far the worst company I have ever dealt with. I purchased a 2013 Chevy Impala from a local dealership a couple of years ago and this is the company they said had the best rates and options for me. I, like a fool, agreed though the payments were a little higher than I wanted as was the interest rate -- I went ahead with it after I was assured that I could refinance after a year of on time payments to receive a better rate and term. This was a lie -- I paid on the car for 18 months then was downsized from my job and was making less per week at my new one so I thought it would be the right time to do the refi. I contacted RAC and was told point blank, "We don't do refinance." OK so Doug Henry Chevrolet lied (no surprise there) but the rep I spoke to initially with RAC did as well.

I asked for my payoff amount figuring that I would go to my credit union and do a refinance and be done with it -- imagine my surprise when I found out the car I paid 22K for had a payoff of 22K! I questioned this and was told that, "For the first 24 months your entire payment goes towards interest." This should be illegal. There was no way to refinance as the maximum KBB value at this point was 13K. If I sold privately and trade-in value was 9K. I had been paying 498 per month for 18 months which is $9000 and it was for naught. I attempted to work with them as liked the car and didn't want to hurt my credit -- I asked about changing the due date from the 1st of the month to the 14th and was told nope, wasn't their problem that most of my bills were due on the first; asked to defer a payment as I was starting to struggle and was granted one but charged for it.

After this I was getting phone calls at work, home and on the cell the day before my payment was due each month. I was working to pay bills only by now and praying that nothing would happen. When I had a death in the family and went out of state for a week my payment was missed and paid late but I was berated, spoken to like a deadbeat and harassed. Enough. I finally told them to pick up the car. After a ration of you know what and being spoken to like a piece of doggie doo the car was picked up. Mind you, this was another 7 months after I had inquired about the refinancing option and yet I still owe 22K.

They sold the car at auction 6 months later for $3200 then had a collection agency call me to state that I owed them $19,000. Well guess what? Now I am filing bankruptcy because of this situation and they will get nothing. Had they actually been willing to WORK with a customer who asked for help and not charge them up the hooha they would have gotten their money. I guess in sharing this story I would recommend to ANYONE who is presented this company to think twice. There ARE better options that won't gouge you quite so much and try and treat you as though you are a slug.

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Reviewed Sept. 18, 2017

How are they still in business? I'm in the same boat as everyone else. I didn't have bad credit, just not enough to get a higher rate in a pinch. I've been paying for almost 4 years on a 14K loan, (almost 20K paid so far) and I still owe over 10K? I'm so desperate to get rid of this car that I've borrowed from my retirement to pay this off. I was a week late on my recent payment due to waiting for the full loan amount to hit my account. I make the final full payment on Friday, and they're calling me multiple times over the weekend claiming I need to make a payment?

But you can't get ahold of a human over the weekend despite their weekend hours. so I call Monday to find I owe an additional 300 dollars on the loan. This may have been my mistake as this is my first time paying off a loan and doing it early at that, but I recall when I called several weeks ago in an attempt to prepare what I need to pay it off, I was told she "couldn't tell me how much I would owe" AKA she was too lazy to do the calculation. So my recommendation as is everyone else's, STAY FAR FAR AWAY. If you're already in contract with them, use the automated system as much as possible, give them as little information as possible and get out of the loan as fast as possible.

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Reviewed Sept. 18, 2017

I have had a loan with this company for 3 years, never missed one payment. They do not have their own auto pay so I was forced to use AutoPayPlus. I paid biweekly for 3 years. When my car was totaled due to the other driver's fault this company was unable to stop payment unless you call 7 days in advance. Well in times of hurricanes they are unable to stop payment even though they got notice more than 7 days in advance. This company and its affiliates suck! Steer clear good people!!!

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Reviewed Sept. 5, 2017

I had a loan with them a few years back on a 2013 Dodge Charger. Paid it off in less than a year. I got another on a 2010 Dodge Journey. This time the loan wasn't as good since my interest went up and made the payment less but I think that was the dealer. My complaint is I had my car in the shop being fixed several times and I had to get a payment differed to cover the cost of the repairs.

The repairs cost way more than the payment so I had to ask the dealership to please hold on till I can get the funds together. They did for a few weeks but then they contacted Regional Acceptance and told them they were placing a lien on my car and as soon as they said that Regional picked up my car from the DEALERSHIP! And not being late on a payment with them in my history of having a loan with them they repossessed my car and it's on my credit report now as a repossession. I plan on getting a lawyer to take this matter further since I can't even get a car now thanks to them. The dealer too. GARBER CHRYSLER AUTO MALL IN GREEN COVE SPRINGS, FLORIDA RIP OFFS LIED TO ME.

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Reviewed Aug. 26, 2017

I purchased a car at Peoria Nissan through Regional Acceptance in 2013, (2012 Versa), and was always early, or right on time with payments. I paid off the car two weeks ago (2 1\2 years early), and have already received my title and letter declaring the loan was paid in full. I've had to call for clarity on a few things, and service was always conducted professionally and courteously by the employees. I will work with them again in the future!

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Reviewed Aug. 15, 2017

Today I went into work leaving home at 215am and worked till a quarter to 4, I received a call around 430ish from Val from Regional Acceptance. I went on to explain, "I had your money all weekend. Never had a chance to get to a bank" (not allowed to use company vehicle for personal). Well I explained what amount I was given and this supposedly customer service lady told me TO NOT OVER TALK HER, you talking pissed instantly I WAS, I SAID, "WAYMENT NOW." All I could think about was the disrespect I just received, well she wanted my card, and I have explained countless times I don't give my card to nobody for any payments. I will use the automated.

Well I call and the call went right back to her again, FURIOUS I BECAME EVEN THE MORE because during the first call she placed me on hold twice for a long period of time and the second call placed me on hold and another came trying to make me verify who I was. I gave the last 4 of my ssn, well she got cocky. I told the lady, "Take my money" and "I have nothing else I want to say because I was so mad now I gave you warning. Why keep pushing?" I began to scream, "What else damn it do you want?" She said she was ending the call and hung up.

Well I had my wife to call and make payment. Well after that I learned this Val had lied saying I told her and my wife was supposed to also have said that, "On August you can take a payment" which is a BOLD FACE LIED, I SAID I WILL CALL BACK TO THE AUTOMATED TO MAKE PAYMENT, see this is why I don't give folks my card because of crap like this. I now know I can't trust your customer service folks at Regional Acceptance because you will take money without permission.

I must say one good thing was Carniece was very welcoming and listened and she stood firmed but her customer service was awesome. As mad as I was she hung right there and even read out the comments made on the account, removed the liar comment about me making a card payment on the due date we discussed. I explained bunches of times I will not give my card out now because I won't trust these folks on what they said. I will close down my account at my bank to get a new credit card and debit because if you will lie like that then you will STEAL.

REGIONAL ACCEPTANCE I AM SO DISAPPOINTED AND WON'T RECOMMEND ANY FRIENDS NOR FAMILY TO YOUR COMPANY BECAUSE FOLKS need a company we can trust and that for you with me is quite small. Not trusting yall. I will only use the automated machine! I honestly can believe she would lie for a payment when I told I will do something and did but you lie just to get a payment and boldly said I told you that when she read your statement that I personally tell any company I don't get out my card and you force yourselves to make me do something. I stated any funky stuff go on my card then someone is going to get it and you won't forget my name because I don't do liars!

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Reviewed July 12, 2017

The car in question is a 2009 Nissan Ultima. I am the poa for my father. For the past year I have been asking the company to pick up the car because there is no money due to illness in the family. My father didn't pay because of dementia as well. As requested I sent in the poa numerous times and documented each time it was sent. I was told... "I like my job and I don't lie" by the rep at the other end of the line. What does liking your job have to do with a numerous times sent email with return receipt indicating it was opened?

Anyway... the company scheduled a tow pick up for Tuesday last week of July 2017. Instead of the report guy calling... the rep is calling back asking for a payment. I said no. You can't bleed me dry for a loan not in my name. I guess they got pissed off because the company garnished 3800.00 from my father and mother's social security and my mom's name isn't even on the loan for the car. I tijuana I can get legal involve now but I haven't consulted anyone yet and regional says I'm just too mean for them to talk to anymore... and hang up on me now.

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Reviewed June 26, 2017

Let me start out with the positive first. I have been with them April 2015, Shikila has always been understanding and help me in any way that she could. Now on the other hand, I recently wasn't a month behind on my payment and got a threatening email that if I didn't pay, my car would be repossessed or if I am one day late, I'm getting multiple phone calls. To put the icing on the cake, I call customer service to let them know I will be 2-3 days late, I get hung up on. This company needs to do a better screening on their employees.

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Reviewed June 16, 2017

After 32 inquiries from Sims Buick Regional Acceptance financed a 2016 vehicle with may trade. I drove off the lot with the car. Didn't like the payment but that's life. The following Wednesday I made the welcome call. They asked who this person was on my insurance. It was my fiance. Next day I was accused of buying the car for him. Never said that... And what if I was. I was already approved. Then they wanted fiance to apply in conjunction with me. Not as cosigner. Keep in mind I was literally driving the car for 6 days. They came back and insisted on at least $1500.00 down. No down payment needed when I purchased it 6 days prior. I gave them back their car and got my old one back. Both have been reported to the bin. Lawyered up about all the hard inquiries on my credit report too. Beware using either of these businesses.

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Reviewed June 13, 2017

I've been with Regional Acceptance for... Going on 4 years now (I think, maybe 5?). I had gone through a divorce, and a prolonged 5-year fight for 100% Disability through the VA. So my credit was not great. Hell, I wouldn't have even called it "good." I was a high-risk contract and I understood that going into Budget Car Sales. I was shown a 2012 Nissan Altima with very low mileage. I didn't really like being shown only one car, so I left. Overnight I thought about it and went back to the dealership to truly take a look at the car. I ended up financing it with Regional Acceptance Corp for 6 years and a payment of roughly $435 per month. Their approval process was quick and painless.

I understood that I was taking a high-interest loan. I also understood that my payments would be going toward interest first, unless more than a minimum amount is paid (and it is written that you want the extra to go to the principal payment (like any other loan). So long as you have all your paperwork in order and proof of income, then you won't have a problem. I've never been late on a payment either. I got remarried in Feb 2017. I called to see if I could defer a payment since I had been with the company for a number of years with zero late payments and absolutely no issues. They were polite and courteous. The lady I spoke with not only offered my 1 deferred payment but 2 in a row. She spoke fluent English and laid out the terms and conditions over the phone with no issues.

I understood that I'd be adding 2 months to my final payment date and that interest would continue to accrue. I also understood that I can not defer any payments for another year with me taking two deferred payments. So long as you follow through with your contract, you will not have an issue with RAC. I can only imagine any car loan company would want to repo their car under contract should you fall behind on payments. I can only imagine that RAC follows the law in these situations.

I'd recommend Regional Acceptance Corp to anyone with the following caveats: Follow your contract by the letter. If you don't, expect issues. If you intend to not pay them on time, expect issues. If you lose your job or fall on hard times, can not defer payments, and pay late (or not at all), expect issues. If you have a spotty payment history with them, expect issues. If you don't like the terms and conditions of the loan offered, walk away. You are not forced to sign anything. Signing a contract is a legal agreement stating you will pay as agreed and the failure to do so will result in whatever consequences are laid out in the contract. If I'd say that with any company though.

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Reviewed May 23, 2017

Due to divorce, lay-off and moving to a totally new city, I had hardship, but eventually got a job, then obtain another job at another company making more money and was able to save to obtain a car in 2015. Regional Acceptance financed me. I knew the interest rate was going to be high because my credit had taken a hit due to my financial hardship, but bought a 2014 Toyota Corolla, made all payments one month ahead and just this month I traded my car for another Corolla 2017 with 17 miles, refinanced new loan with my credit union at a much lower rate, loan was paid off, within one week my account at Acceptance said paid off. Never had an issue with Regional Acceptance. They were great to me when I needed a loan... Don't understand the negative reviews...

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Reviewed May 10, 2017

I have had the worst experience with Regional Acceptance since my car was totaled April 1st. The document Specialist will not return my calls or emails. I made a final payment and was told by 4 different people, 4 completely different stories about getting a final letter saying my account was paid off. I was told it would be available after 4:30 the same day it posted which was not correct, I was told "accounting department" has to go in and manually enter my last payment. When I asked if I could speak with someone in accounting, I was told they do not talk to customers. I have had the absolute worst with Regional customer service department. Do yourself a favor and go with another company. I will be glad when this process is OVER!

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Reviewed April 26, 2017

I have never had a bad experience with Regional Acceptance. They have always let me make a partial payment. So anyone that has said they won't accept partial payments is wrong. Also if I am late with a payment, which I have they do not call more than one time during the day. I have also been able to schedule a payment for a certain day if I am more than 10 days late. Everyone that I have talked to with Regional has always been courteous and polite. I do feel bad for the people that have had bad experiences with Regional.

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Reviewed April 23, 2017

I opened a loan with this company a year ago and they hit me with an 18% interest rate. I've tried to email the company to see if they would refinance me for a lower interest rate but they would not respond. I had made every payment on time and I pay $600 a month on a 16 Ford Fusion. I have been trying to trade it in to get into a truck but I owe so much that I would need to roll over like $8000 of the loan but the banks say I don't make enough money to finance that amount of money so it won't go through. I am very discouraged with this that I would love to do something about this company and their high interest rates. My scores are in the mid 600 and I still can't get any help. Anyone who has suggestions or any info on how to sue this company please let me know. Thanks!!!

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Reviewed April 22, 2017

We applied for an auto loan which we were approved for last Saturday. We didn't take home the car the same day because we wanted something custom installed. Every day during the week, this company asked for something to verify our income. It was as much as purchasing a house. It was ridiculous. When we gave all the information they needed, they took their sweet time approving the loan when it was already approved on Saturday. Then today, Friday, they rejected it. No explanation and will not accept the dealership's phone call. I think it's pretty unprofessional and unethical to change your mind after contract is already signed.

After reading the reviews here, I am glad they rejected us. I wouldn't want to give them my business anyway. This sounds like a pretty crooked loan company that should be closed down and sued continuously. Nobody should come here because it is a nightmare from hell that you will never come away from once you get into it. I thank god that he was watching over us because we don't need that type of headache. If I could give negative stars it would be negative infinity!! And the old hag that was rude from the start, sounds like she has a stick up her butt and a miserable life so she takes it out on people she don't know to make herself feel better. Well, karma will get her if it hasn't already!

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Reviewed April 18, 2017

I purchased my car in July of 2016. My payment due date was on the 25th of each month. I asked if I could get my payment date at the beginning of the month since that is when I get paid. I was told no. I did fall on a hardship and did a deferment on two payment. I have been making my payment each month since then, I just found out that all my payment was going toward my interest so therefore my beginning balance is the same. How disappointing to find this out. I called the company and asked what was going on. I then was told that I could change my payment date. I am praying I can trade this car in and never will I to Regional Acceptance. I feel they took my money. I would have never get this vehicle paid for if I did not ask questions and they were not going to express any help. Beware. Run when you see this company name.

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Reviewed April 16, 2017

Have a loan for a 2012. Have had financial setbacks. I now have over 600 dollars late payment growing everyday that it's late, not to mention the 474.32 in monthly car payments. They are extremely rude, calling me 6 times a day. I documented these calls and reported them to the BBB. I got one rude nasty customer service rep that called my sister's house looking for me. They had just called my house. I told them don't call her. This guy told me "Well it worked, you responded since you ignore our calls". I told him I just talked to someone, I do answer my phone and don't call her again. "If your sister wants her name removed from your list she has to call us". I told him "You are very rude to me and you don't talk to me like that - I was just getting ready to make a payment".

I told him "get me a supervisor because I'm done talking to you". He had the nerve to tell me "I can take your payment and then transfer you". I just kept saying "get me a supervisor because I'm done talking to you". I reported him to the supervisor. Got a deferment for one month, but the late charges are still accumulating, I can't catch up for the late charges and still have other bills to pay. I will never recommend Regional Acceptance to anyone. I'm going to try to see how to start a civil lawsuit.

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Reviewed April 11, 2017

This has to be the worst company I have ever come in contact with. If you are just 1 day late they are calling like you are 6 months behind on your payments. They fail to tell you that even with the high interest rate you don't begin receiving that interest towards your principal until you have been paying over a year. I called one time and the lady was 100% unprofessional. I felt like I was speaking to some young child that never attended English class. Overall a terrible company and I would not refer them to my worst enemy.

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Reviewed April 5, 2017

I've had a loan with them for a few years. I traded in my car. The dealership called them and let them know that they're being paid off. Asked for the pay off amount and let them know the check was coming. Days later they dipped into my account for $500. I called and asked for a supervisor. Advised him of the situation. He said they would refund it and then transferred me to another call center and then accuse me of lying saying that no one ever said that, fortunately I had the supervisor's name. I finally got back to the supervisor that authorize the refund and he said, "Oh wait I never even looked at your file. I'm going to deny the refund" and their supervisor said I'm not getting the money back.

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Reviewed March 31, 2017

Let's just say never have any type of hardships while with this so called company. My car was repossessed on the same day I was going to pay my arrears. I experienced a layoff from my job and was trying to play catch up on all my expenses. After my car was repossessed, I called to see if I could pay my arrears and was told so had to go through an approval process. I was asked if I received unemployment and if so that I would have to send proof. I provided the proof and told them that with my income tax refund and securing a new job, I would be on top of my payments after paying my arrears.

After waiting a few days, I called to check on the approval status. The supervisor I had been speaking with was already gone for the day so I asked if anyone else could assist me. I was transferred to the manager who was responsible for the approval review. She told me I was denied and would have to pay the full amount of the loan. I only had the loan for eight months and they are requiring the total loan amount to be paid off in full! Really? How does that make any sense. I had been paying on time except for the last two months. The manager proceeded to tell me that I was a liar because I told one representative that I was not getting unemployment and told another one that I did receive it. This was untrue and they can pull the recording of my phone conversations as proof! The mere fact that I was called a liar by the manager is rude, unprofessional and unethical!

I pray they never experience any hardships. I don't know how they sleep at night knowing they are messing up people's livelihood! Now how am I supposed to get to my new job? It was hard enough to get approved for this loan as my son had to co-sign for me and now both of us will have to suffer with this repo on our credit! Lord knows I needed this car and I pleaded with the manager even after all of her insults, but remained unsuccessful in my attempts. There was no problem resolution on any level. I asked for at least one month to be put on the back end of the loan as suggested by one reps. Nothing did they do to try to help! I had the money ready and available to be sent the same day my car was picked up and I still ended up without a car! Do not finance with this company... Ever! You will be degraded if you fall on hard times and they will falsify your case!

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Reviewed March 19, 2017

Is anyone still proceeding with a lawsuit toward Regional Acceptance. If so I would like to join!?! I have been paying this lender for over 6 years at $620 a month and still owe $17,400 on a purchase amount of $28,000 on this car? I am suppose to have a 7 year term. That means I should only have 1 year left. So in 6 years I have only paid $10,000 into the principal??? I had some lates here and there over the 6 years but I can't imagine those fees would be that costly! Even if I low ball my calculations we have paid $36,000 to Regional Acceptance and out of that only $10,000 was paid into principle and $26,000 into fees and interest! That's crazy! I would like to trade in our vehicle but we can't because we are way upside down. So we are stuck with this car in hopes that it will still be reliable over the next few years. I am all in on fighting this lender. They are horrible!

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Reviewed Feb. 18, 2017

I am very unhappy with my experience with Regional Acceptance and usually don't write reviews but I am hoping that this will help someone. I am in the same boat as everyone else, not having the best of credit and looking to get a new vehicle. Having previously paying off a vehicle that I gave to my son, I was looking to get a newer vehicle and Regional Acceptance financed me. My original loan amount was for around $16,000 and 4 year term. I will admit that I had a few late payments when I was laid off even causing me to at one time lose the vehicle but I did regain it back and continued to make my payments on it. I purchased my 2010 vehicle in February 2012 and have made my payment of $446.00. Now 5 years later I have paid $21,000 into the car and have been told that I still owe $13,000 on my vehicle due to late payments.

I have asked several times to see my loan paperwork after being told that I was being financed for 72 months instead of 48 months but have refused to give it to me to date. This is a complete rip-off. There is no way late payments should double a loan of $16,000 to $34,000 which is what I will have paid for the vehicle once paid off, way more than what the car was worth when new. I am unable to get another vehicle because of being so upside on this vehicle. Lesson learned and will be more careful to research a finance company first before just going with them because they accepted me. I hope that lawyers are reviewing these complaints. I would like to see and be a part of a class action lawsuit brought against this company for unfair practices and taking advantage of the disadvantage.

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Reviewed Feb. 17, 2017

This has got to be the worst company to do business with in the whole world. The best thing I can tell people is if you hear this name when trying to buy a car, REGIONAL ACCEPTANCE, AKA BB&T, just say I would rather walk than do business with these people. If you are late by 1 day give it up, they will call your work number if they have it, and will call you AT LEAST 5 times a day or more until you pay. I could not make a living doing customer service for this company cause a requirement must be, mean, rude, insensitive, hateful and most of all being a bully.

Btw my car was repo'd tonight with only 1600 owing or at least I think it was repo'd since I was late on some payments, but the thing is I went to let my dog out and my car was gone and I was panicking and about to call the cops then it hit me, good of Regional... I went to looking for paperwork left somewhere but I can't find a thing... so I'm going to call them tomorrow morning to see if they did repo it without letting me know where it's at. I'm borrowing the money and going to pay it off and say goodbye Regional, never again will I do business with you and I'll warn everyone I can not to do business with BB&T/Regional Acceptance. I pray for all of you guys who have hit on hard times and have to still deal with these people.

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Reviewed Nov. 30, 2016

DO NOT AND I REPEAT DO NOT GET A LOAN WITH THIS COMPANY. Nobody can speak English, I paid on my car for 1.5 years and I owed more than my original loan. This place will not stop calling you, sometimes up to 4 times a day and late and very early.

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Reviewed Nov. 19, 2016

I have paid on my car going on 3 years. Original loan $16,579. I looked over my statement after I went to a local dealer to trade my car in for another. They asked how did I still owe so much money giving the time I've paid the loan... I would suggest looking over the statements you get. It feels like I am being robbed.

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Reviewed Nov. 6, 2016

I have been with Regional Acceptance Corp for 2 yrs. Granted the interest rate is high but then my credit was lousy. I was allowed to drive my car off the lot with NO money down and a nice car at that. Nobody would finance me. I have been a couple days late on a Payment and NO ONE called to harass me. Anytime I have spoke to someone they were courteous. I would do business with them again. My credit score has dramatically improved. I'm sorry other people have had problems but it just hasn't been the case with me.

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Reviewed Sept. 28, 2016

Regional Acceptance is the only place that would approve me for a car loan because my credit is crap. IN 2014, I put a $200 down payment on a 2013 vehicle that was priced at $12000 (2500 below book). I haven't missed a payment, I have not heard from them at all. The only time I talked to them was when I asked them if I could jump online and make partial payments and they told me that's fine as long as the total payment was made before the due date. I said ok, and have been doing that since I get the car. The interest rate is kind of high (17.95%) but that was to be expected with poor credit. The online portal could use a bit of work, but it does its job.

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Reviewed Aug. 19, 2016

I was in need of a family car in 2012. Midtown Motors in PA had a deal going on to help everybody get a newer car no matter my credit level. It took many hours until they found a car loan place that would help me. The payments were going to be 493.00 a month for the first 18 months then it would get lower. Well I wanted to make car payments not car repair payments so I took the deal. Well I hits some hard times and when I had the 18 months in I called them and was told that only by getting the car refined through a local bank would the payments go down! Well I was in no shape to go local as the husband was between jobs so I went on paying them! It is now 2016 and I still owe 15,500 on the car ad my 09 car is only 4500 bluebook!

I started reading the reports on this site and there are many people in my boat. Regional Acceptance is looking real bad now and I called and told them so and they asked for a payment that was all. So I went down to Midtown Motors and told them the whole story and they don't work with them anymore! So I just wanted to let people know to check with this site before they go car loan shopping.

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Reviewed Aug. 19, 2016

I had a five year loan 409 a month and I made payments on time and when I was gonna be late because my son had brain cancer, I tried making partial payments which they refused to take!! I got so far behind because they refused my money! Customer service center are the most unprofessional people I have ever spoke to. Treated me like a piece of crap and refused my money and had no sympathy that my son had a terminal illness. I offered 102 a week and they still refused. And they took my car after I tried paying for it.

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Reviewed Aug. 15, 2016

This is the worst company to get a loan. Our truck was totaled since June 17, 2016. My insurance company had waited over a month to get the payoff amount from them. They still expected me to pay the loan which I understood. However when they received the first check they did not apply anything to the payment I am due for July. My husband is on dialysis and has been out of work and will have surgery on Thursday. I asked for them to apply the amount owe for July and they wouldn't do it at all.

Now for the first time I will incur an over 30 delinquent on my credit since I have had the loan. This is **. They would call the very next day if I didn't make my payment on the due date. Their employees are rude and obnoxious. They have no heart or respect. I have had one person cuss on the phone but says it was not to me. I would never recommend this damn company at all. All dealerships should not do business with them at all. And also they take forever to send the paperwork to the ins...

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Reviewed Aug. 15, 2016

RAC is a rip off! They unilaterally took car payments from my checking account when I was not signed up for ACH. ALSO, they took a car payment from my account when the car was totaled and the payoff letter from my insurance company was already acknowledged and I had already signed over the title and the car was completely paid off! They are rip offs and their customer service personnel are rude and have terrible language barriers! I am so happy that Wells Fargo picked up my new car loan. I would walk to work on nails before financing another car with this immoral company!

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Reviewed Aug. 11, 2016

I entered into a 4 year contract and paid for 3 years 11 months and owed them 549.00 when I got laid off and they refused to work with me and repo'd the truck over 549.00 and ruined my credit and destroyed my family's lives. As seniors we don't have the ability to do it again and I have not been able to work since they took my truck. They got my car as a trade in so now we have nothing and borderline homeless. We lost $20,000, our savings and our future. As seniors with no vehicle to work we now live with no health insurance and barely surviving.

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Reviewed July 29, 2016

We purchased a car and it was financed through Regional Acceptance. The purchase price was $18,000. After 5 years and paying over $32,000 for this car ($535.00 a month! They said we still owed $20,000. I will admit that we got behind a time or two, but always worked those out. We were threatened and called trash by their "customer service" people. After we talked to them and made payments, we would still get up to 10 phone calls a day. They have ruined our credit even more. If anyone wants to finance your purchase through Regional Acceptance, run! Run very fast!

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Reviewed June 3, 2016

Do NOT I repeat DO NOT finance with these people. They are by far the worst company to finance with ever! I sent a money order and it supposedly "never got there." I call today to make a payment to find out I'm behind 2 payments and they threaten to repo my car unless I pay them RIGHT NOW over $1,000. I was at work when I called and said "at least give me until tomorrow when I'm off of work and I can figure out what happened with the money order and come up with the money to pay and this **." ANTHONY is his name, says "nope you have to pay right now or don't be surprised if you walk out of work and don't have a car." BY far the worst customer service and I'm pretty sure scam artists.

I am looking into my money order I sent and found out that it was indeed cashed, by who... I don't know but I will be getting to the bottom of it. I did end up coming up with the money. Thank God, had a friend call and pay it for me while I was at work and gave him the cash later, so this ** ANTHONY wouldn't have my car repossessed as he kept threatening to do. Get a real job and education ANTHONY instead of trying to make everyone else's life miserable! Just because your life is sad and pathetic you have to go and try to ruin everyone else's. Feel sorry for you and the people around you. Go to church.

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Reviewed May 8, 2016

Purchased a car, got a loan in 2012. Interest rates crazy, totaled care two months ago. Got GAP insurance and still being harassed by Regional Acceptance and have taken negative marks on my credit bringing my credit down by 60 points even though I had all the proper protocols in place. Would I recommend Regional Acceptance to anyone!!! NO. If I could give them no stars I would!!!

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Reviewed May 2, 2016

Regional Acceptance is by far the worst finance company that I have tried to work with. I co-signed for my daughter to get a car through them, but first thing was I was suppose to be the co-signer and I ended up being the borrower. The first week of March my daughter totaled lost the car. Here it is May 2, 2016 and I am still dealing with Regional Acceptance to close this claim. State Farm paid off most of the balance of the car, in March. Every time I call Regional Acceptance they say they need paperwork from State Farm. Every time I call State Farm they have sent what they need, yet they still don't have it. I have called Regional Acceptance several times and tried to speak with a claims person, but all I can get is Customer Service. I can leave a message for a claims person to call me back, but when you try to leave a message when you press a number to get an extension it does not work.

I have both State Farm and Regional Acceptance on the phone at the same time and the person from Regional Acceptance keeps saying "I am sorry, but we have not received anything from State Farm." So is State Farm lying or is Regional Acceptance lying? State Farm has paid the majority of the claim off only leaving a balance of $1700. Why is it that State Farm says they have faxed over the paperwork on two different occasions, yet Regional Acceptance still does not have it. What is the problem here? This is ridiculous. I have been trying to contact the local office, still cannot talk with a human. Totally dissatisfied with Regional Acceptance. I have no confidence in them as a company. If an insurance company can pay a $16,000 claim in a few days, to be for sure they can get a $1700 claim paid in a day or two. With the help of the Lord, I will never deal with Regional Acceptance again.

Since this accident, they are trying to say that my account is 45 days past due. The devil is a lie. That is their fault that it is taking to close this account. If there was a way to sure their butts I would, just having to deal with them the past 60 days. I am will to drive 3 hours to the company here in North Carolina just to get this issue resolved this week. Regional Acceptance loves targeting people with low credit scores so that they can charge them these ridiculous high interest rates. I warn any reading this, stay away from Regional Acceptance. Ripoff company.

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Reviewed April 14, 2016

After paying off my 28,000 loan with 1 extension they claim I still owe 22,000 with 8 extensions. They will not send me anything or help me. I have even given 4 extra payments of 700 each.

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Reviewed March 17, 2016

I have owned my vehicle for 7 months and have never missed a payment until today when I called in to make what thought was my March payment that turned out to be the 2nd half of February's payment. No one notified me that it was late so in my mind I was still caught up. When I tried to explain how I made two payments a month, first half at the beginning and second half at the time of payment... I was interrupted several times. I was told that my payment didn't "hit my bank account" until two days after calling in to make a payment, which is not my fault! My due date is my due date regardless! I kept having to tell her to let me finish talking before she cut me off several times and when I asked for my account number she ranted it off really fast in a mean aggressive tone so I had to ask again and she got even more of an attitude.

I have never spoken with anyone in the customer service field as rude as these people at Regional Acceptance the last 3 times I have called in to make a simple payment. Must be nice working somewhere you can just tell people off because of a misunderstanding instead of trying to be helpful. So unprofessional and I will be refinancing ASAP!

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Reviewed March 15, 2016

I took a car loan out back in 2010. I did not have the best credit rating at the time but after 5 years making payments and yes I did fall behind but noticed after about 4 years the balance was never changing. The loan was for $16000 and after and the balance was over $15000 and every time I talked to regional acceptance they would do nothing about it. All they would say is, "Would you like to make a payment?" And I asked for a refinance and they said they can't do that. Since when can't a bank refinance a loan?

I tried to do a voluntary repo and they got so rude and nasty and told me if I tried to return the car they would go after my paycheck, my taxes, my bank account, and anything I owned so it left me no choice but to hire an attorney and file chapter 7. They are the worst bank to deal with and they should be put out of business. They will give anyone a car loan when you are in a bind and charge you high fees and interest and tell you, "Well you agreed to the terms." But not all the fees are in the fine print like charge you $10 a day when you are late on top of the late fees and when you do make a payment and ask that the payment go to the principal they say they can't until the account is up to date so every time you make a payment it all goes to fees and charges and the balance never drops so stay far away from them because you will be upside down for a long time. I hope this post will help someone out and not get caught up into their trap.

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Reviewed March 10, 2016

First, I don't have the best credit score, but I've been working for over 15 years when purchased this car. Needed a reliable vehicle. I still owe $10,000.00 on this car paying over $350/per month. The customer service is Horrible! THREATENING, HARASSMENT, BULLYING, ETC. THANK YOU! NEVER AGAIN. QW

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Reviewed Jan. 25, 2016

I acquired a car loan 5 years ago and my payments have not gotten any less. What they're charging me 5 years later is the price of a new car just because of a few payments late. I will never pay this car off.

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Reviewed Jan. 21, 2016

I purchased my 2007 Honda Accord from Crown Honda in October of 2011 with a 5 year term auto loan. The percentage was 23% interest. The loan amount was for $16,500. To date, I have paid them $22,000.00 so far for this car. They tell me I have a balance of $10,000 that they say I still owe them. So when I am done paying for this car I will have paid them about $28,000.00. They are telling me it's late fees. They are telling me it's in my contract. I have been struggling to pay this down at a $468 a month payment fee. I cannot get ahead because they are always putting extra fees on my payments and then they call me and harass me all day and all night and threaten to repo my car. I don't think this is fair. They are being like predators, preying on me because they know I can't do anything but pay them. I have filed a complaint with the FTC and Consumer Financial Protection. Is there anyone out there that can help my case?

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Reviewed Jan. 19, 2016

I have been mistreated by Regional Acceptance on several occasions. By attitude, talked down to, and hung up on. A woman called me saying I had not made my monthly payment, which I had transferred from my bank. It just had not showed in their system yet. I told her the situation and she proceeded to tell me with an attitude that it's not her problem that I can't pay my bills on time and I need to be more responsible. Yesterday I had to call in to make a payment over the phone and I was trying to teach a representative who was it working that day.

The man on the phone talked down to me and he said he has no idea when the man will be back to work but he can take the payment so I can "stay in my car" as if it was a threat. I asked if I may leave a message for the rep I was trying to reach and he said "have a nice day" and hung up on me. Poor service, but worse, poor treatment of fellow human beings. I have never been treated this way by any other customer service department from any company.

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Reviewed Dec. 23, 2015

I have had the displeasure of dealing with this hateful excuse of a financial institution. I purchased a new car on 30 Aug of this year. I have a rough pay history due to family health issues, my own included. On 06 Sep, I was practically ran over by an older fellow driving a large motor home, pulling a large horse trailer. It was the other driver's fault, especially on the traffic collision report. I immediately contacted Regional Acceptance Corp, and explained to them exactly what had happened. This was a few weeks after the accident, after I had located a decent law firm to represent me. I was off work, on leave without pay, due to the health issues I explained earlier in this review.

They had not one iota of understanding, the only issue important to them that I had a payment due. And as of this date, they have attempted to circumvent any way possible to get their payments. My attorneys even tried to get them to give me a couple of months to get back on track, financially. It was one of those "We empathize with you, but you owe us money, period." I would strongly recommend that anyone trying to accomplish any action, such as buying a new home, or a new car, not have any involvement with this company. None whatsoever. I found out the hard way.

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Reviewed Oct. 23, 2015

Mr. Pickle says, "the best advertisement is word of mouth, you do not want a customer bad mouthing you." Well here is my piece, this company is the worst! I am a first time buyer, student, and considered "self-employed". A representative was so rude to me, I had never experienced anything like this in my life. I can only laugh and pray for her, obviously the poor lady is a miserable soul. She misconstrued everything I said to make it seem as if my information was fraudulent. I asked for her name, unto which she would not state, then she goes on to call me "Dumber than Dumb". Yes!!! Words straight out of her hateful mouth. I would never recommend anyone be funded or have any affiliation with them. I am going to tell every dealership, and anyone that I know to never use Regional.

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Reviewed Sept. 30, 2015

I have been with this company since 2013. I want to admit I have had trouble paying my note. But the way they treat a person is disgusting! They act as if you owe them money personally. They will do everything, and say everything to you, and make you feel worthless at the end of the call. Which they call more than 8 times a day. I have had a manager named HOWARD & SHANIQUA yell at me as if I owe them money personally. They have mixed up my paper work countless times - although I have the copies, they will not honor what I've sent in.

They have threatened to repo my car because they have an attitude. They truly treat people like complete crap! The people they hire are HORRIBLE INDIVIDUALS! Truly, I think this complaint does absolutely no justice because they have done far more to us including knocking on our door making it known we owe them money. In the end you would think just pay your car note and nothing would happen. But things happen, life happens, and they will make sure to make you feel like complete crap! We will be getting a different car and finance company! Horrible people, god they are horrible man.

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Reviewed Sept. 24, 2015

I just think this loan company is the worst company you can get a car loan from. The interest rates are insane.

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Reviewed Aug. 23, 2015

I had purchased a Jeep Patriot with a car dealership which financed the SUV with Regency Acceptance. Since my purchase, I was diagnosed with Cancer. I had 2 surgeries and Chemo and Radiation Treatments. I was keeping up with my payments while on Disability. While out on disability my company went out of business. 3 months after my company went out of business, my disability stopped. I had to return to work even though My health was not stable. I kept getting sick and was let go of my temp job.

I called Regency Acceptance to let me know I was in process of finding another job. Day 1 after being late with my fist payment, they called me 3 times. Ever since they call me 3-5 times a day to set up a payment with them even though I have no income at the present time. The representative told me to Pawn something so I can pay them. I was shocked and angry. They call me daily even though I have asked them to STOP calling me daily. The rep stated they have a right to call as often as they want until I set up a payment with them. POOR Customer service. I know they are following company policy but this is plain harassment.

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Reviewed Aug. 10, 2015

I have never had a bad experience with this company. I have had my loan for over 2 years. Due to losing a job and getting ill we have fallen behind and few times. Yes they call - that's to be expected. I wouldn't say they have harassed us or been nasty. You don't pay your bills that's what happens. I've been as much as 2 months behind and was never threatened to have my car taken. Talk with them like an adult and they will work with you. If you've had a good payment history they will defer payments or let you make an interest payment. I like the deferment. I hope I never have a problem with this company as of this date. I'm behind and they are working with me. After paying over 10 grand on this car so far I'd hate to lose it.

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Reviewed Aug. 5, 2015

In May of 2009 a cashier's check was sent to Regional Acceptance Corp. While at the bank the check was sent from we called Regional Acceptance and asked for the payoff amount. A check for over $24,000 was drafted and sent the same day. Prior to that I had sent a payment of $536 which the company received just before receiving the cashier's check to pay the vehicle off. When they gave us the payoff amount it was for the amount including the payment that had yet been received. Initially they sent a refund for overpayment which was a good thing.

Since we have been harassed by Regional Acceptance saying we owe them $536 and to this day we have not received the title to our vehicle. The supervisor who's name I don't remember was rude and condescending and even yelled at both me and my wife in numerous conversations. One of his coworkers was even heard saying we were right and he yelled at her as well. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get our title? I saw a few months back that a lady sued this company and was awarded approximately 64 million dollars over a $1000 debt that was actually paid off.

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Reviewed Aug. 3, 2015

I acquired an auto loan from them in August 2013. Had an accident in October 2014. It took them almost six months to get the information to my insurance company for payoff, as it was a total loss, resulting in months of extra payments that became due because of their negligence. I do not owe this money and yet they harass me EVERY single day. They failed to get my insurance company the proper paper work for payoff. I don't see how that is my fault and why I should pay any more money on a totaled vehicle and have my credit ruined.

I pray a lawyer reads this and wants to help me take them to court. They have harassed me, my family, and my work. I have fought with them for 10 months now and I have had enough. They have caused me so much stress and anger, that there are no real words to describe how they have ruined my life. The accident was very tragic and instead of being able to put it behind me, I have to relive it every single day because they will not leave me alone. Please if anyone out there can help me, please contact me.

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Reviewed July 27, 2015

I'm reading all of these negative reviews about Regional Acceptance and I'm quite puzzled. I purchased a car from a dealership on a 6 year note. I had very poor credit as a result of a lengthy separation from my spouse. First of all, I was amazed at Regional Acceptance right from the start. I walked into the dealership without a penny down (I had recently used all of my savings to pay cash for a car for my 16 year old daughter). They financed me with nothing down and I was able to buy a 1 year old car with only 29K miles, all with poor credit. I even got a lower interest rate than most of the "Tote-the-Note" dealerships offered. My interest rate is still high (17%) but what do you expect with poor credit? You're basically saying to them, "Hey, loan me $15,000.00 so I can buy a car, and by the way, my history proves that I may very well not pay you back." Low credit score = High Risk!

Like most of the complaints on here, I will have paid twice the cost of the car when I'm done because of the high interest. At least I'm not walking. Some of you have mentioned losing your vehicles and getting harassing phone calls due to health issues or lost jobs or whatever reason you couldn't pay your car payment. It sucks but that's the way it works. You borrow money - you pay it back or you lose your collateral. That shouldn't come as a surprise to everyone. So far I haven't had one single problem with Regional Acceptance because I pay my bills and I pay them on time. There might come a day when I can't and I end up in the same boat as the rest of you. I have compassion for people going thru hard times but big business doesn't work that way. If they did they wouldn't be in business very long.

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Reviewed July 20, 2015

They call almost every day. Every time they call they leave a message asking for a different person. They never call when I am home. I have no idea who they are looking for but since they say a different name every time I doubt they know.

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Reviewed July 12, 2015

I purchased a Hyundai Sonata in 2012 with $1000 downpayment. My monthly payment is $693. To date, I still owe $25,000 and cannot purchase another cheaper car for my use. I laid off on 6/16/14. Requesting an extension, I am faced with hundreds in interest. 10 days extension is $518 in interest and $178 was paid to principal.

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Reviewed July 5, 2015

Regional Acceptance is one of the worse companies I have ever dealt with! The office staff in Margate, Florida are lying bastards. I made arrangements to make payments and they still repossessed my car!!! I am a single mom trying to make a living and I lost my jobs because they took my car after I set up payment arrangements. The manager is a lying jerk and they will take your money and pick up your car!!! Be aware of this company, they call and threaten you and don't live up to their promises!! They need to be shut down ASAP!!! I am taking this to our local news station along with my receipts of payments I have made!!!

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Reviewed June 24, 2015

VERY RUDE EMPLOYEE NAMED DEE. This lady has called and harassed me about having 80 hours on my pay stub for financing after I repeatedly told her that I didn't have a full 80 hours because I had dr appointments so I had to take my car back to the dealership because she refused to finance me. I was so upset. Please try Capital One.

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Reviewed June 2, 2015

This place should be shut down. Worst customer service ever. Treats you like dirt. Extremely disrespectful. Would do nothing to work with me AT ALL when husband and mother were ill. Want their money, bottom line, right then and there. Managers/supervisors there are the worst employees and need to be re taught ethics and lack ability to treat people like human beings. Even if you have money to make payments, they continue to act ugly. If unable to contact you, they hire investigator and contact people you haven't been associated with in 20+ years!!! It's insane! Should be sued!

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Reviewed May 13, 2015

I bought a car from Orr Toyota in December of 2013. Regional Acceptance was chosen to be my finance company. My car was a Toyota Prius 2011. The car cost 19K, they financed it at 32,000.00. It was truly not worth it because as of May 4, 2015, new information came to light. I struggled and even was homeless attempting to pay for it. I signed up to drive for Uber because I was behind in my note and I knew I could make money to catch up on everything. Uber denies me driving for them because they say my title is branded. At first, I thought Uber was mistaken but they came back with more emails stating that the title has been rebuilt and salvaged.

Anyone knows it is illegal to sell a car with branded title and finance companies won't finance a car with such a title because they cannot make any money from the transaction. Orr Toyota is no longer in business which means Regional Acceptance holds my title. I spoke with several people at RAC and one of them sent me copies of the clean titles that I forwarded them to Uber who still denied me the ability to drive after receiving the copies from RAC.

As I told them I find it hard to believe that RAC didn't know my title was salvaged 30-60 after getting it from Orr Toyota. Yes, Orr Toyota started the fraud but RAC continued it by not revealing that my car was not worth 19k but 1,000-3,000 instead. I want all my money back for the car but RAC is still contending their titles are clean. They wanted their money back after Orr got over on them by making me pay back the 19K. If I had not tried to drive for Uber I would still be paying 446.00 for a car with a bad title.

By law if Orr Toyota had disclosed that information, there would be no issue and I would not have purchased it but they said nothing so they were just as bad as RAC. Uber sent me an email stating "Announced Auction-Frame Damage." After two weeks of submitting documentation to RAC and them repoing my car this morning, which I believe is in retaliation for this complaint, the finance manager ** told me that "Uber was incorrect and that their title was clean." My car note was indeed late but why now all of sudden would you come after a car, when you stopped all collection calls to me once I made them aware that I knew that my title was salvaged.

Uber has no reason to lie nor would they falsify any documentation about a vehicle when they ran a normal check on it so that I could drive for them. ** from RAC had the nerve to tell me they did their research and stood firm about the fact that Uber is wrong about the car having a branded title. No, they are not, it's just that it's out and RAC did not expect me to find this out like this and have me to look foolish with continued payments for a car that is worthless. The insurance company will not cover it unless I can prove that I have repaired the frame damage. Why would I pay to fix a car with a branded title? It is illegal in most states including Texas to sell a car with branded title. I want everyone to know what you are dealing with and they are not accredited with BBB either.

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Reviewed April 23, 2015

My vehicle was in an accident, which I called reported and mentioned the insurance would cover most of the remaining payments and gap would cover the rest so the account would be paid off. The rep I spoke with said ok - I didn't need to make any more payments. She would have the account deferred until the check came in which was shortly after. They continued to bill me high interest after the vehicle was completely destroyed. Even after the insurance check was received, what do you know - more large interest charges. They would not remove any of it saying they don't credit fees. Every time I call customer service it is the worst service ever. They are just blatantly rude. I'm so glad to be done with this company. I would NOT recommend anyone to EVER finance a car through Regional Acceptance!!!! They are a complete joke!

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Reviewed March 26, 2015

I went to a dealership and got a car. They suggested that I use regional experience so I did. They use a floating interest rate which at first is OK then they jack it up to 18.9. So the car I bought broke down so I called to make a deal for a lower pay off would not even work with me. So I sank 4000 into the vehicle. A year later the car got totaled so I called and let them know that the insurance was going to pay and my gap insurance would be taking care of the rest. Regional did not do their part for the insurance paperwork. Instead started calling saying they were going to ruin my credit and calling and calling every time I explained the insurance thing. Never ever use this company. They are rude and jerks.

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Reviewed March 14, 2015

This company operates like a crime family. I had a late payment in January 2009. I've asked them to remove it in a goodwill letter. They refused. When I had the loan they added an extra $25 to the payment. So I just paid it off. They are scumbags and rip off people along with the dealerships. It's the only negative on my credit reports. I just bought a new Harley last year at 3.9%. They were charging me 22%. This company should be investigated by the Attorney General.

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Reviewed March 11, 2015

This company is a scam and Bogus con artist which does not comply with the lending or consumer laws. Federal Trade Commission will be notified also. This company charges too much interest and is not equal to pay off principal. Over five-year contract the Loan is still $23,990. The contract was for 66 months - total cost of vehicle was 24,500 with 3,000 dollars down. If anyone can help me please email back. I would greatly appreciate it.

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Reviewed March 3, 2015

Poor customer service. Poor representation of any organization. Charge overprice fees and hidden fees. Regional acceptance is not in the business of assisting people... they are in the business of burying consumers in debt!!!

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Reviewed Feb. 23, 2015

Received a loan with a interest rate of 21%.. After 2 1/2 years I gave it back with free will. At that time I thought the headaches was over. Now just 2 years later after giving back the car they came after me and sued me for $9000. They are garnishing my wages now at $125 a week. That is more than what the payments were. I would not recommend to use Regional Acceptance.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Feb. 6, 2015

I purchased a car in Humble, TX at a dealership in 2011. I was told I had to give the salesman an extra 500. He was going to split it with the guy from regional acceptance in order for my loan to get approved since my credit wasn't very good... Now it's 2015 and I still owe 15,000.00... I just found out they charge 7.00 for each day you're late including the late fee. If anyone finds a lawyer to represent them please let me know. No telling how many people they have pocketed money from telling them they can't get approved but if they pay extra they can get the person at regional acceptance to approve them.

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Reviewed Feb. 5, 2015

While I'm currently in bankruptcy, I'm trying to redeem my car. Regional Acceptance repossessed my car without permission from the bankruptcy court and never gave me a phone call while I'm in bankruptcy. Now they are giving me a hard time trying to get my car back. Just nasty and dirty, breaking all the bankruptcy laws. I had to result to getting a lawyer to get my car back. He said he has never seen anything like this before, these people are breaking the bankruptcy law. I will also be suing them for mental stress and anguish. I'm in total distraught of the whole situation. Hope I never have to deal with a company like this again.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Jan. 29, 2015

I got arrested, had to bailout & get a lawyer. Needed 6 grand for both, it made me two months - 3 months behind in all my bills. Everyone has work with me about my bills to catch them up except regional, they repo the car. I'm a disable veteran.

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Reviewed Jan. 4, 2015

I financed a 2011 HHR LT in 2012. I was late a couple of times. I was offered an extension each time not knowing that I was being penalized with interest. My interest rate was 17%. I have paid $13,000.00, but my statement is showing that I'm still owing $17,000.00 for this car. Where did my $13,000.00 go? I should be almost finished paying for this car. The blue book value is only $8,000.00, per Regional Acceptance I've only paid $2,000.00 on this car in three years.I found out how much I've paid in total after trying to refinance this vehicle through a company offered by CREDIT KARMA. I will be contacting Lexington Law firm.

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Reviewed Dec. 14, 2014

I received a car loan from regional acceptance 4 yrs ago with a huge interest rate...I still owe as much on the car as I did when I bought it! I cannot get anyone to help me and after pleading with them for months to change the payment date because I am retired they refused until it was too late. Any car dealership using them should think twice before allowing people to get sucked in by this company. Their practices should be illegal.

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Reviewed Dec. 8, 2014

Regional acceptance is very ridiculous in obtaing a loan. Me and my roommate went down to wyoming valley motors two weeks ago and applied for a loan. Due to my credit I was unable to obtain one so my roommate signed a loan for me and I was a co signer. But the dealer told us that they got approval for us by regional acceptance and we paid a deposit down on the car and took the delivery on a 2010 ford focus with 27,000 miles on it which was good. After having the car for a week the dealer called us back and told us that regional acceptance decided that they weren't going to finance us. After I had an interview with them a week later on the phone and since I told them that I took a car back to a buy here pay here place due to the car needing several thousand dollars of repairs, they said it was a repo in the last six month. How can they refuse me a car loan after taking delivery on it and it didn't state that they have thirty days to change their minds on the contract. This contract was legally broken and this will result in a class action lawsuit when I get a hold of a lawyer.

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Reviewed Nov. 16, 2014

I needed a good vehicle, Regional Acceptance came through when no one else would. My credit scores were poor due to some bad decisions, other finance companies were not willing to finance a car without a large down payment. Regional financed a 2 year old Jeep for me with a small amount down and fair monthly payment. Yes the interest was high, expected with poor credit. Customer service was great, never a problem. I had the loan for 6 years and never missed a payment, now it's paid off.

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Reviewed Nov. 4, 2014

I had to file to file bankruptcy 9 years ago when economy changed drastically and my small business could no longer survive. I am repairing my credit and decided to upgrade my transportation now that I've been on my job for 8 years. I purchased a car and Regional financed it. I made my first two payments on time early even. I also got engaged to be married about the same time that I purchased the car. I knew that the wedding was going to be costly and based on my budget I also knew that I would need to skip a payment in order to make it work. I contacted the 1800# and they directed me to my local office. The representative in the local off said that it was no problem and even congratulated me on my pending nuptials. Mind you I had never been l