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We spent 3 1/2 months dealing with PNC Bank over what should have been a simple refinance. I have never experienced such terrible customer service or lack of knowledge from a bank regarding mortgages. Multiple times documents had to be resent after the loan officer misplaced them, weeks at a time went by without any contact with us, and every time I contacted them they had screwed up some important information and were clueless on any details. After 3 1/2 months of them wasting our time they never even called to say they were not able to refinance our home. I received a letter in the mail with a generic reason. We then decided to refinance with our local credit union. They gave us a better rate, said we were great candidates for the refinance and had it all wrapped up in 3 short weeks!!! PLEASE think twice before using this bank for anything!!!

I have an line of credit from PNC. I notice discrepancy on the interest charged. I paid my loan 15 days in advance yet the interest is higher than the month before. I have called for explanation from PNC 3 weeks ago and still have no answer to date. I called many times and spent many hours on the phone (not to mention my calls are being passed around to different departments), yet no one has the answer. The person I spoke to last told me he will look into it and should have an answer in the next couple of days. A week later he still did not have the answer. Years ago (maybe in the early 2000) I have the same issue and PNC was able to credit me a big amount of money from the monthly interest charges they charged me on this account. I have to warn people that deal with this bank to be vigilant into your interest charges every month.

My home equity loan line of credit for 250k we only used 75k in checks written. I am questioning why they are showing that I owe 227k. I can't get a response from anyone at PNC. They said they can only go back 10 years. My husband was very sick and passed away and I have been looking at bills and think there was an error but cannot get help from PNC.

PNC MORTGAGE DIVISION...I had been a real estate agent for 15 years and I have never had an experience like I did with PNC. My clients were easy ready to go, 30,000 down and they had their own closing costs. First off return calls were slow and an attitude when you called. Then my buyer's closing date was moved and a new date never given. We begged and pleaded for a new date and nothing happened. Again conventional loan with 10% down and the client had 2 accounts with brainer!

Two days from our settlement date, they informed the seller that she had to move out or my buyers could not purchase! Then they drove by the house and wanted their own repairs done, right before settlement! Then they insisted on seeing my client's Home Inspection, which was for the buyer's records and she owned it. This home was as is and 1 week away from foreclosure. After many unsuccessful attempts we were unable to resolve anything, so my client went to another bank and closed in 3 days!!! Worst experience in my whole real estate career!

I am a first time home buyer, and I went through PNC to get my mortgage because of a low down payment promotion they were running. I found the home I wanted in June, signed the contract, and began the closing process. I was told it would probably take about 45 business days, so I was prepared to wait until the end of August to be able to move into my home. All the time I have been so excited to embark on the adventure that is homeownership. Little did I know that as my projected closing date came and went, I would wish that I never even started this process.

On a positive note, I can say that my loan officer has been helpful, even though I know he is busy. The underwriters, on the other hand, have been something out of my worst nightmare. They want things I don't have. They ask for things that I have already given them several times over. Right now, it feels like I won't even be closing this year according to the way things are going. The thought of moving into my perfect little home is the only thing keeping me going, and even that sometimes doesn't seem worth the stress I have been put through. If you are a first time home buyer, do not try to use PNC. I wish I had gone through a smaller mortgage company that actually cares about me as a person, not just the money they are getting out of me.

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I used PNC because a private banking executive I had worked with for years had begun to work for them. I was under the impression that I would be working with her, a very nice and efficient person, but found out that that would only be in the case of refinance, not a new mortgage. I was connected to a mortgage account executive in another city in state, Michael, and he assured me he would help throughout. As the process unfolded, there were demands for more and more information, presumably required for new regs that came into being after 2008.

At first the man was collegial, then he became somewhat abrupt. The more the process drag on, the more rude he became. He asked me for information I had already sent weeks ago, and when I told him so, he told me I was wrong in fairly unprofessional manner. I then forwarded the dated emails to him, showing I had sent them to him weeks before. No apology. I will NEVER do business with PNC mortgage again. I have purchased 8 home over my career and this was worse than the other 7 combined in the realm of stress, efficiency, courtesy, etc.

Most horrible experience with obtaining mortgage loan. Loan Officer, Jennifer **, confidently told me we could close on a home purchase on 8/13 if all went well. Appraisal value was 28k under purchase price. Jennifer & PNC sat on appraisal issue for 3 weeks. She went off on vacation for a week and did not give realtors, attorneys, or me a contact person or number to reach while she would be away. She completely ignored our calls all week during her vacation. She then told us closing would occur on 8/24.

On 8/23 when attorneys asked questions on closing, Jennifer claimed no one told her about the closing. Are you kidding me??? She is the one who gave the date and then claims she didn't know. She is so clueless and STRONGLY LACKS COMMUNICATION SKILLS!!! Every time I asked her what's going on with file, she would give me a list of things the underwriter needed. Why do I have to nudge her for her to ask what is needed? This happened on 4 separate occasions. We received a clear to close yesterday, 8/25. Mind you, the seller moved to Wisconsin waiting for this deal to fund to use monies for their purchase there. All the while, their belongings are sitting in a moving truck. Jennifer gave us the news that closing will take place on 9/2. Pathetic!!!

PNC was not our original mortgage company. They bought our mortgage company, but I wish they had not. Things went smoothly for several years after PNC bought our mortgage. In fact, interest rates dropped very low during those years, so we contacted a local PNC agent to refinance. He looked at our information, said it would be easy and quick. In fact, a simple phone call locked our rate, and the package was in the mail in a couple days. We filled everything out, sent all required forms, and forwarded to PNC in self-addressed envelope. It is important to note here that PNC ALREADY OWNED our loan for several years. Despite that fact, after charging us over $700 in app fees and appraisal fees, they denied our refinance.

More important facts. Our home was valued at double what we were refinancing by the appraiser they chose! When we got our mortgage we put over 20% down. Our credit scores were and are in the high 700s! The agent told us his hands were tied. He could not give us explanation for denial. The letter we got from PNC, a stand letter with different blocks to check for reasons had the block marked "type of house" as reason. What does that mean? They already own the mortgage! I made tons of calls to PNC to try and get an explanation. Refinancing us was a lower risk to them than when they purchased our mortgage. However, we would considered in all respects, a very low risk. We owed less, we had invested money into improvements in the house, and our loan-to-value ratio was outstanding, we had many years at jobs, and our credit rating was tops. We already have several years of payments to them, not one of which was ever late.

They have great low level phone people, because you can never get to anyone who has any authority to do anything. In fact, twice, the main office connected me back to our local office to the guy who said his hands were tied. It became so infuriating, we dropped the matter. I wish we had not. I wish we had filed a complaint, but that was a few years ago. Despite my dislike for the company, I had learned to let it go. That was until this month when we got a letter that our mortgage payment was late. In nearly 30 years of making a mortgage payment to several different mortgage companies, we have NEVER received such a letter. I knew it was PNCs issue, not ours, because I had come to realize like many others, that it takes PNC up to two weeks to credit your payment after they receive it. I always mail it early.

I paid several bills that day, so I checked to make sure all the other businesses had received our checks, and sure enough, they were received and credited. We waited 7 more days to see if check showed up at PNC. There was no risk, we had already been charged the late fee. After 7 days, still nothing. In checking information on-line, we realized we could make our mortgage payment at a local PNC branch bank, so that's what we did. That was yesterday.

Today, PNC cashed our original check. Just another infuriating example of what a terrible mortgage company they are to work with. The one bright spot in this whole thing is a gal named Kim ** who I contacted by phone. I needed to see what they did with not one, but two mortgage payments. Kim was understanding, professional, and the most helpful person I ever spoke to at PNC. She made sure our payment was credited to next month, and said we would receive a check for the amount of late fee. (We have not received it, but for some reason, I trust her). So yes, we did find a person at PNC that made us feel like we mattered. The rating still stands for PNC as awful because, as previously stated above, their mortgage company is terrible.

Rarely do I feel strongly enough about an experience to write a review, but this company wasted many hours of our time and lots of our money. This felt like a scam that they were allowed to get away with. Our loan was sold to PNC early on and it caused us a nightmare for years. We were paying ahead on our loan since that was not supposed to incur any penalty, but what we weren't told was the hassle PNC would cause about the massive PMI they were charging us. They refused to remove it for many years that we should have been eligible for it to be gone. They set up a system where the only way to remove the PMI early (from having paid ahead) was to have the property re-appraised.

The catch? The only way to do that was to pay THEM for the new appraisal (an amount much larger than we paid to have ours done originally) and THEY assign a company to do it. Not allowed to have an independent appraisal done! Not even allowed to chose an agreed-upon company! If this was a traditional loan we would have refinanced ASAP, but since it was a mobile home and some years had passed, it became too difficult to move on to another company and they basically had us trapped, stealing our money in unwarranted PMI payments for years beyond when they should have.

The process of getting a mortgage with PNC was a nightmare from start to finish. They lied to us about Private Mortgage Insurance, then after we paid down to 31% LTV they still refused to remove it. So we decided to pay off our mortgage and on the payoff statement they were charging us for 2, not just the current month, but 2 months of mortgage insurance. So basically charging us for mortgage insurance for a month our mortgage wouldn't even exist. Complete liars and thieves. Stay away.

Beware of PNC with insurance claims. Our mortgage was purchased by PNC around 8 years ago. Everything seemed fine until we were hit by a severe hail storm in April that caused an insurance claim of $40K. Of course all the insurance checks included PNC and since then PNC has been holding our money hostage. We even had to pay out of pocket to the tune of $7,600 to get our HVAC system replaced because PNC would not send us any of the insurance money. And then it took 2 weeks to get a check from them after we jumped through all their hoops which included them calling the HVAC company to verify we had paid them despite the fact we had provided PNC with a receipt. They behave as if the money is theirs and that they give it to us out of the goodness of their hearts when in fact it's money earned by us and paid to our insurance company.

So far we have been living in a house with boarded up windows and damaged siding for over 3 months. We lived without AC for a week before making the decision to pay out of pocket to fix it. We are having to cancel with the current contractor we have been using due to poor performance but PNC will not release any further money until we provide documentation from the cancelled contractor showing we don't owe them any money and if we can't get that documentation, they are willing to wait for us to get it settled in court which could be 2 years. And don't bother asking to speak to a supervisor because it takes them 2 days to call you back. We are selling this house as soon as it's repaired but if PNC buys any of our future mortgages, we will refinance just to get away from them.

We had all of our condo loans and condo accounts with RBC. When PNC purchased the bank in the middle of one of our condo loans, when it was ready to close, it took an additional 2 months to close, leaving me in tears - asking for documents that had been provided over and over. Over the next year, I went through a nightmare that was unbelievable.

Despite the fact that I moved our client accounts there, bringing in so much money, I was harassed every single time I went to the bank, i.e. they could never find my mortgages for payments because PNC changed loan numbers from RBC loan numbers, and their system was not able to look up the old RBC numbers, asking me repeatedly for updated information stating my information was incorrect (phone numbers, address, etc.) when my information had not changed in 5 years (why did they keep telling me I was wrong - LOL - insane), refusing to take change on deposits, cancelling my cards on all of my accounts because of "errors" out of the blue, etc. I tried to talk to bank managers, and there was none on staff (guess she quit since it was so bad), and it took months to hire new manager, and the district manager told me to drive to the next town over to make my numerous vacation rental deposits.

I literally wept on several occasions - and I am not a crier. I finally moved all of our accounts to Compass (including my business partner's huge retirement account), where I am greeted with kindness and willingness to help, and even called by my first name. I still go through nightmares with the insurance on the condos EVERY SINGLE YEAR - EVERY YEAR they tell me we do not have enough coverage even though our master policy has an ALL-IN endorsement - every year despite my repeated calls they attach an additional policy to our account - and it takes me from OCTOBER to MAY EVERY YEAR in dozens of letters and 15 hours in phone calls holding to GET THESE PEOPLE TO see there is an all-in endorsement.

They also will talk to me for 15 minutes arguing about insurance for accounts THAT HAVE BEEN PAID OFF FOR OVER A YEAR. They are not even able to pull up the appropriate loan number. Good grief - I finally told my business partner a few months ago that if I went through this one more year, we would have to pay the loans off or refinance - I feel like I need to file a litigation just to get their customer service to look in a file.

My mortgage was bought out by PNC 2 years ago and my life has been a nightmare ever since. They will not accept my association master plan insurance, they threatened me with an additional policy at the cost of $521 a year. When my association satisfied their need they countered with lack of interior insurance stating they want another HO-6 policy to cover my personal effects and any "betterments/improvements" I might have done. There has been none and how can they force me to buy additional insurance on something that is not there? After more than 1 dozen threatening letter and more than 1 doz personal calls to their insurance dept they are brain-dead and don't understand. Problem solved!!! I refinanced at a lower rate with a very good lender. PNC: you can kiss my **.

It is obvious after reading the reviews on PNC that they are a terrible bank. I wonder why nothing has been done about them? This concerns my mortgage. My payments are not credited on time and over a month late before they credit my account, even though they have cashed my checks a month and sometimes 2 months in advance. On occasion they charge a late fee, even when my account has been paid months in advance. Some payments are never credited even though they cash the checks.

After PNC bought my mortgage, making me their customer without my consent (and having the nerve to thank me to "choosing" them), they communicated wrong information to everyone they possibly could: me; my homeowner's insurance company; my county's tax office; and most infuriatingly, themselves. As far as I can tell, no department at PNC communicates with any other department, and every department will blame your problem on another department.

The biggest problem though is that even customer support isn't just one department. PNC uses no fewer than five separate systems that can't seem to share any information with each other about an ongoing customer service issue: "Secure Messages" on their website. Expect a response within "48 business hours" whatever that means. But don't really expect that, because instead of sending you a reply within that Secure Message system, they will snail-mail you a response, in a non-postmarked, pre-sorted envelope, which you will receive about two weeks later. You may also receive a contradictory letter a day or two later, with no mention of the first letter. Not a correction, just contradictory information.

Their Phone Number. No two people you speak to will give you the same answer to the same question. No one can tell you why the information about your account that shows on their screen is completely different from what shows on your own screen, looking at their website. No one can tell you what the contradictory letters in the mail mean.

Facebook. Yep, social media is the most reliable way to get in contact with PNC. They're the most responsive, at least. Still, they can't directly help you, which is probably for the best, 'cause you really shouldn't be handling banking issues over social media. Anyway, after they've publicly feigned concern, they will either tell you to use their "live chat" feature (see below), or they will assign you to an "escalations" agent (also see below) who they say will call you "today". "Live Chat". This can only be accessed by clicking a link that a PNC social media representative has sent to you in a private message on social media. It's hosted on a non-PNC domain (sales. and the chat representative asks you to enter your account information into a non-secure chat window. No.

The "Escalations Department". They will NOT call you back the same day as promised. They won't even call you from a listed PNC number, so you have to take it on faith that they really are PNC and not just someone who has your name and phone number and saw on Facebook that you're expecting a call. But, they will give you a direct phone number to contact them at, and they might even be able to resolve your problem if you can handle waiting a few weeks for the back and forth. However, they will not be able to explain why none of your information matches theirs, they will not have access to any of your former communications with PNC regarding your issue, and they frequently need to consult with their "business partners" for a few days before getting back to you.

After having a mortgage with PNC for 10+ years without an issue. We are getting harassing phone calls and letters about our mortgage being in jeopardy of foreclosure. Upon calling, I was met with a woman who had no idea what was going on but a supervisor could call me back next week! Really? I demanded but it did no good. She said upon looking into it that my escrow had gone up in January! Where's that letter? So annoyed but happily refinanced with another company.

I, like many others had my mortgage with a smaller company which then was purchased by PNC. My experience with PNC has absolutely horrible. Their "loss mitigation" process is a joke. They are NOT invested in assisting the customer in any way. It almost seems like they are invested in getting you in foreclosure. Despite jumping through all their hoops, they do NOT provide any real assistance. This company's business practices are horrendous and I am actively searching for a new mortgage company to handle my FHA loan.

My home loan was sold to this company. Since then my life has been a nightmare! I registered for automatic withdraw the first day I was able to. I have gotten call after call from these people- from collections to people calling me to "welcome" me to their irresponsible company. My May payment was taken out of my account May 1st and I just got a letter today saying my payment for May had not been received!! I am at my wit's end here- This is becoming harassment. If at all possible stay away from this irresponsible company.

I have read most of the remarks regarding PNC and see our situation reflected in most of them. We did not sign up with PNC to be our lender; they bought the company with which we had financed our mortgage. Gone was the personal attention, the willingness to listen and help. I applied for loan mitigation after unexpectedly losing my job in 2013 after 34 years; shortly thereafter my husband suffered a catastrophic stroke. Since that time we have submitted several applications for loan mitigation (we don't qualify for HARP because we do not have a 12 month record of on time mortgage payments).

Each time we have been rejected for a different reason -- everything from a box wasn't correctly checked to "your credit score is too low". We get letter after letter saying "we want to work with you; we are here to help" and nothing could be further from the truth. Our single point of contact does not return our calls. With PNC, you are an account number, not a person. Your situation will not matter. What I am most distressed about is being hoodwinked into believing that the quality of care we had experienced with our old bank would continue under PNC. I should have done my homework, but those were the days when I trusted people. I cannot recommend PNC as a mortgage lender.

My husband and I wanted to refinance our mortgage with PNC to lower our interest rate. We were assigned Erik ** as our loan officer. What a disaster. After 6 sets of paperwork that were wrong - wrong loan amounts, wrong closing costs that changed with no explanation, wrong term, wrong interest rate - we had had enough and cancelled the loan. We lost money because we had already paid for the appraisal and certain fees but we were worried that PNC could not get the paperwork correct - and Erik ** kept telling us to "just sign it and it will be corrected at settlement". My husband and I are seniors and the one thing we have learned is to never sign something if it is incorrect!

We sent him an e-mail cancelling the refinance and told him why. He made it a point of telling us he would keep our loan active for a week as we are always welcome to come back - there is no problem with the loan. We knew that as we have considerable equity in the home, and have considerable assets. The next thing we know, PNC sends us a denial because we don't have enough collateral. What?? Also, they lied and put in writing things that they claim are on our credit report which are not - FRAUD!! We are lodging complaints with state agencies and the consumer protection agency. STAY AWAY from PNC and especially Erik **!! I have all the emails and correspondence to prove our case. Shame on you Erik ** and PNC!

This is the worst mortgage company ever to exist! Local banking personnel have been very good. Mortgage personnel, lie, lie, lie! My mortgage terms was changed from a 30 year to a 20 year with the Make Home Affordable Act without my approval (or none clear to me) so that I ended with no financial relief making almost the same payments as before I applied. Actually, I was told by a mortgage representative that "the bank had to makes some money"! Of course this was denied by someone who was NOT on the phone at the time! They are VERY good at "losing" paperwork, payments and anything else that will serve their purpose, so make sure you have copies of everything, including voice recording if you speak with some by phone. It has been several years and still I am at the same point as when this all started. If you can, just go somewhere else for your mortgage needs!

First I am not new to dealing with mortgage companies. I have rental properties and currently have 5 mortgages, so mortgage companies are nothing new. I had one of my two garages destroyed by a tornado in December. My insurance company, Farmers, has been great to deal with and I was treated very fairly. The money was forwarded to PNC bank, which is where the problem started. You can wait on hold for over an hour at times to talk to Loss Claims, and they will find any reason they can not to release any money to get the job started.

PNC has been holding nearly $100k for months, obviously I don't get any interest on that money. It looks like I will have to take legal action against PNC Mortgage to get my repairs completed. They are so worried I will take some money and not do the repairs, even though I have considerable equity in the home and have never missed a payment. I have dealt with other mortgage companies when there was a loss, never had a problem, until PNC Mortgage.

This was my first home purchase. Everything seemed to be rolling along when three days before the closing, the bank informs me that they did not finish my paperwork and will have to postpone the closing for five days. They claim there was a discrepancy on my tax return totaling $112. It turns out this was the fee to do my taxes. When I explained this to them, they stated that the paperwork will not be finished in time for closing. I told them that I had a moving company scheduled, I took time off from work, and all the utilities were notified of the closing date plus a furniture delivery was scheduled. They stated that they would see what they could do. They made no attempt to rush the paperwork and therefore my closing has been pushed off an additional five days. I will never use this company again. They made no attempt to correct their mistake and worked at their own pace with no regards for the customer.

I have a home in lower Alabama close to the gulf. We purchased our home about 18 months ago. We decided that this area was not for us so we put our home on the market for sale. This is not a fast selling area, so after 6 months the listing expired. Shortly after it had expired, we had a person who wanted to purchase it. This person was using PNC Mortgage, which is where the problems began. We put a closing date to be within 45 days for a simple fha home loan. Our buyer had moved quickly during the process getting the appraisal and home inspection done within two weeks.

When we purchased our home we did a number of renovations to it. We installed new hardwood floors throughout our home, new 18 inch tile in the master bath, new toilets, new paint in every room, added a 16x12 screen porch to the rear of the home, added a large deck to the home, and spent countless hours installing new plants and shrubs. Much to our dismay, the appraiser took a total of 10 minutes to walk through our home. The appraisal actually came in 7000 less than what we purchased our home for. Pnc Mortgage has their appraisals done in house, and has privy to the loan documents.

We questioned the appraisal, and even asked to have an independent appraisal done at our expense. This was immediately refused by PNC. Do you think they might have something to hide? Makes you wonder huh? Fortunately the buyer was not deterred by this, and still wanted the home. Because of PNC's low ball appraisal the bank was not willing to lend anything above the appraisal, thus costing myself to the tune of 14,000 dollars. It has passed the closing date by thirty days now, and still no word from PNC on a closing date. We looked to purchase a home in Florida, and because the home market in our price range moves so quickly, we have lost out on 4 homes by not being able to put a contract on them. This ordeal has been very trying and stressful. I just want it over, instead of being in limbo everyday. My advice to anyone using PNC for a home purchase, don't!!

When my home mortgage was recently purchased from Roundpoint Mortgage by PNC Mortgage I actually thought it would be an improvement because I liked the service I received from PNC Bank. Unfortunately, I soon found this to be a big mistake. First, the hand off from one mortgage company to the other was the worst that I have ever experienced. And second I learned that, unlike every other financial organization I work with (banks, credit cards, mortgage companies, IRS, etc.) PNC Mortgage does not collaborate with Quicken and, according to their representatives, has no plans to do so. So far, this is the worst service I have had by a mortgage company.

PNC bought my loan in September of 2015 and it has not been a good experience. I sent my first 2 months payments to PNC along with the EFT paperwork. Well, guess what, they claim they never got the form, but they got the payment, same envelope. I assumed it was all setup but it wasn't. I was out of town and didn't watch the account to verify payment. Until I received my mail, I already had a notice of being turned over to collections, default. I paid my payments via phone immediately. I had to send a letter to them explaining what happened.

For the next 2 weeks I received every foreclosure form imaginable. Think about it, if I was going to not make my payments, why would I pay 2 months up front and then why would I make 2 more payments? Then I receive another letter from PNC saying they reviewed my case and that there is no fault on their side, and that it was all my fault. They then turned it over to the Credit Bureau because "they have to be honest and tell the truth." B.S. They are more concerned about trying to ruin people's credit. First time ever in 50 yrs this has happened. This is all due to PNC being incompetent.

My advice to anyone involved with PNC is that you better make a copy of everything you send them, so you can prove your case. If you can't prove you sent it, they will not give you the benefit of the doubt. I wish PNC would sell my loan to another bank. They are the worst I have ever dealt with. I would prefer to not even give them 1 star, but that's as low as it goes.

After my home was severely damaged by Hurricane Sandy, and a divorce that followed, I was awarded the home through the courts. I attempted to modify the mortgage 3 times myself, sending in well over 200 documents each time only for PNC to turn me down each time for a variety of reason including a document faxed to them on the last day they needed it only to get their response that they don't scan it in until the following day.

PNC has sabotaged every attempt I made including sending me back 8 payments I made on a trial plan they offered. I spoke to at least 40 different people and got many different requests for unneeded documentation. I have hired a lawyer and it still doesn't make a difference as it seems PNC is hell bent on evicting my family from our home. 1st and foremost I am a victim of the one of the worst disasters in the history of America, and PNC doesn't seem to care one bit or want to help. I wasn't asking for charity but simply a modification so I can start paying for my home again. Their uncooperation and continued delays puts me further and further in debt and no one seems to care. And now that I have an attorney, they blocked my online access to my information and refuse to speak to me. It's like they are punishing me to take all available avenues to save my home that I worked for my entire life. I don't get it but it seems they just don't care!

This has to be the worst mortgage company ever established. Absolutely no communication with me or my wife. First time home buyers beware, you will have absolutely no idea what is going on throughout your whole process and or what the next step is. They give you unrealistic deadlines for a ton of paperwork they need from you. They ignore phone calls and numerous emails for days and then will email you back and let you know you have one day to get them numerous different papers and letters signed and returned. Wouldn't recommend this mortgage company to anyone, if I could I'd boycott.

Woeful experience overall. It started off well with the loan manager (based in Harrisburg) - that was 10/10 for speed and service. From therein it was 0/10. When we did the closing the PNC 'notary' didn't date his signature (that's not even in the notary 101 I bet). That cost 3-4 days of a delay. After that though we were promised it would be ready on a certain date, then another and then another. We wanted the HELOC for some heavy ticket improvement items and the delays caused all sorts of headaches for us and others. Even the group handling an escalation complaint were poor. My advice would be to go with a professional HELOC group.

With credit scores over 700, approvals thru the end, to find out our appraisal came in $25k less than loan we were getting to refinance. We were given the choice to negate the application or come to closing with $25K. Very disappointed. PNC has no other options available, having cost us $500 appraisal fee @ Christmas time, along with loss of time getting all paperwork together. No concern to help existing customers.

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