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Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, PNC Bank is one of the largest banks in the U.S. It has branch locations scattered throughout 29 states and offers checking and savings accounts, credit cards, loans, mortgages and investment services. Some of PNC Bank's most popular accounts are its Virtual Wallet, which is an all-in-one checking and savings account, and its “S is for Savings” account for kids.

    Pros & Cons


    • Variety of loan types
    • Check rates with no identifying information
    • Homeownership grants and special offers
    • Loan officers available seven days a week


    • Physical branches in only 28 states
    • HELOC not available in all states

    Bottom Line

    PNC Mortgage is a full-service mortgage lender that offers services online and at branches in 28 states. You’ll find many loan options for purchasing and refinancing, plus a HELOC with a choice of a fixed or adjustable rate. PNC lets you see rate estimates with no credit check.

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    Reviewed Aug. 19, 2020

    Applied online for a mortgage, didn't hear anything. Received an email a week later and haven't heard from anyone. 72 phone calls later (calling 5 times a day and leaving multiple messages to the loan officer assigned to me (Suzanne **)), still haven't heard a word.

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    Reviewed Aug. 8, 2020

    PNC Mortgage bought my loan years ago. They have charge me late fees without explanation and forced me to pay, I pay on line only. There was no option to pay just without the late fee. When I called and asked for my $ back and asked for an explanation why the late charge? They just said, "We do not write checks" and hung up. But they expect you to write one... Hmmmm. New tactic now, they call and ask you to pay on the day it's due? What???? I just don't get this bank- I will never do business with this bank...

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    Reviewed July 31, 2020

    This is the most incompetent group of employees I've ever met in my life. Property tax and hazard insurance increases are way too complicated for this company apparently as they keep collecting the same amount in my payment every month, regardless of the actual amount that gets billed by the insurance company and county tax dept. They pay the actual amounts just fine (thank god) but inexplicably can't/won't adjust the escrow collection amount so the escrow shortage account just keeps adding up. My payment stays the same (which is nice, but inaccurate). Calling in to inquire about the reason is fruitless, these people are boneheads, it's like talking to a wall! I'm refinancing away from this company, bye bye PNC!

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    Reviewed July 8, 2020

    Refinanced existing PNC mortgage thru PNC. They quoted me a monthly payment of $1200. A week before closing my settlement closure statement came in at $1350. I told them I wasn’t comfortable with that amount and wasn’t closing. Two days later I got revised settlement statement with payment back to $1200. I closed on loan. Six months later PNC raising my monthly payment back to $1350. Neither homeowners insurance or taxes increased so what’s the increase based on. Fighting with them for 4 months and they can’t answer that question. Those monthly payment numbers were deliberately changed so I would close on this loan.

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    Reviewed June 22, 2020

    I was pre-approved for a loan and found a house for an amount significantly less than the pre-approved amount. The loan went to underwriting and this represented the response from the underwriter, "I don't like that he is making less than he did in the previous two years, his debt to income ratio is 60%, and his student loans are in forbearance." The notion that my debt to income ratio represents 60% is outrageous considering my calculation is less than 35%. The underwriter should keep opinions out of the process.

    My base salary is less than the previous two years but I possess more earning potential. Finally, everyone that possesses a federal student loan was notified their student loans would be placed in forbearance automatically by the Cares Act. I didn't even think this would be a problem. I was making monthly student loan payments at zero interest. I've possess two mortgages in the past and have a credit score of 810. I just wanted to try something new and what a joke. If you're thinking of using PNC as a mortgage lender. Don't walk away. RUN!!!

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    Reviewed June 17, 2020

    The PNC lending department at the Jacksonville, FL branch are the most unprofessional lenders I have ever worked with before. They never respond to emails until they need something. Their lack of communication is very unprofessional. They act as if they never receive your emails when they miss something or make a mistake. You can send them all the correct paperwork and they will still say they are missing something because they lack the ability to check their emails properly. They do not reply to emails until after working hours and then act as if you are the reason for the delay. I do not recommend PNC to any of our clients and I never will! I never give bad reviews on lenders but this one just really needed to be done.

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    Reviewed May 5, 2020

    I started my application on april 1st for a home equity line of credit. I have a 801 credit score and my home is paid off appraised at 482K. I am a 1099 employee and have one credit card with a 590.00 balance. I have been a PNC customer for 35 years and my income is over 100K but I started a LLC November 2019. I was told I should ask for a 200K equity line which in fact I only needed 60K. They denied me for 200K saying my debt to income was too much.. And even denied 60K!!!! I don't have DEBT but they wouldn't listen. I would take a gamble on me 100 times over asking for 60K on a 482K house... TAKE MY HOUSE if I don't pay your couple hundred dollar a month loan.. geez.

    Anyhow, I applied last Friday at another bank.. Monday I was approved. I asked the new bank, "Why do you think PNC denied me?" She said, "I have no idea at all. I sent this to my underwriter and they approved you within minutes. You are really no risk at all.." DUH!!! Well.. PNC you just lost a loyal customer for 35 years. OH I forgot to mention... They did give me a 25K personal loan HA HA HA HA.. So they are taking a risk of a 25K personal loan with no collateral but they won't give me 60K equity line with a 482K house..?? MORONS!!!!

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    Reviewed April 29, 2020

    So, my experience starts with a little background. My significant other and I were attempting to progress in our life at 27. We decided instead of moving apartments/houses we would just make a huge step in the right direction and purchase our first home but, we had no idea where to start. We contacted a few realtors and loan providers but, as it was our first time we were a bit weary so instead of going with an independent provider we decided to go for a corporation because we knew they would have the money to give us a great deal.

    We were right! we had great estimates and we were sold 2 awesome options by one of the PNC mortgage representatives but, there was so much that they did not explain to us. So we followed a few suggestions from friends and family, we got pre-approved for a set amount on a loan, then we contacted a realtor to show us some probable house options, after a few weeks of searching we found a place we wanted to buy. We went ahead and applied for the house, sent the information between the realtor and the bank agent over the course of 2 weeks and everything seemed to be going great... but, we were wrong.

    So about 3 weeks before closing they informed us that they needed more paperwork. They didn't explain why. They just requested it, we complied simply because again, we have no idea what this all entails. During this time they never hinted or even referenced that we could still be denied later AFTER being pre-approved for the loan... (none of our financial situation had changed during this time) so, we moved forward and paid $1000 to inspect the house we were planning to buy and deposited another $1000 as an earnest deposit on the house.

    A week later, 2 weeks before we were supposed to close, we received an email stating that we couldn't be fully approved because of our combined DTI and the only way we could ensure we were approved for this loan was to lower our DTI or get another cosigner. We inquired about lowering our DTI then 2 days later they said that was not actually an option, the only option was to get another cosigner.

    So, after 2 months of running around, $2000 deep in funds already spent (1000 was applied to a credit card which we ended up paying off a few weeks later), being pre-approved for this loan, we were presented with an option that was not feasible... I would HIGHLY recommend to avoid using their service, they will waste your money, your time, and just laugh at you in the end when you demand to be compensated for their lack of knowledge and information relay. I really wish we knew there was a "final review" process before we even decided to attempt to use them. TL;DR We lost $2,000 and 2 months of precious house hunting time due to PNC being negligent, We will be using another loan provider come time we attempt round 2 of buying a house, I would suggest the same to other prospect buyers. Thank you for reading.

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    Reviewed March 17, 2020

    I thought PNC would be a good company for a new home mortgage since they were large and well known. I had a home equity line for over 10 years with them on my previous home and never had an issue. When I first requested the loan I gave the PNC agent all the info. He said it would be no problem as long as he had 30 days because it was 2 weeks before the holidays. We were scheduled to close on Feb 1st because we were closing on our house we had lived in for 25 yr on 01/31.

    When I questioned Reid, the PNC agent, on 1/28 as to why we still didn’t have a time set up for the closing, I found out there was a problem and the closing would have to be delayed. I couldn’t believe I was never told anything until 3 days before the closing! We were so fortunate that we had an excellent realtor, Pam **, who knew of a different terrific lender named Heather ** from Riverside Mortgage. She had us closed by 2/19 and Pam made arrangements for us to rent our new house until then. PNC was horrible and everyone should think twice before using them.

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    Reviewed March 14, 2020

    This may be a good mortgage company. It certainly does not provide a user friendly experience for their web page. I am not able to login. A new password was mailed to me after 5 days contacting them. I put in the new password and says it needs my phone number. I am not able to give them my phone number because it will not let me login. A perfect example of poor customer experience for their online account and structure. And they want more business!!!!

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    Reviewed Feb. 5, 2020

    PNC is inept, incompetent uncaring unhelpful garbage of a company. Avoid at all costs. These companies and banks do not provide competent responsible service. They hope you give up and they keep your money and rip you off. They put you on hold again and again, play dumb and won't provide a supervisor. They just put you on hold and forget about you like a sick game. PNC is horrible!

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    Reviewed Jan. 18, 2020

    On December 6 2019 I submitted my mortgage payment to PNC Bank using TD Bill Pay. Pnc is claiming that they never received the payment and gave different stories about my mortgage payment. At one point told me they received a payment but it had an invalid account number meaning that my mortgage account number was wrong but the number they claim to have is my checking account number so they had enough information to refund the money back to td banks which they never did.

    Also I have used td bill pay for years to pay my mortgage and it was never a problem. Information stored so you just click and pay, but my problem is that neither Td bank or Pnc bank want to be responsible for my money. No one want to help me on tracking my money which I understand it can’t be that hard. All I know is it was taken out of my account and never refunded to my account, leaving me to make extra payments for December, with no hope to get my money back.

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    Reviewed Jan. 1, 2020

    If you are considering PNC Bank for a home mortgage please reconsider. We started the application process but withdrew after several errors and omissions. We thought the process would be easier because our current mortgage was with PNC Bank. Here's some of what happened, they omitted one of our incomes from the application, transposed our phone numbers, so each time we tried to use DocuSign we had to exchange phones, offered no advice when asked about questions on the application, overestimated that value of our home, and did not lower the estimate when asked to do so. Required an appraisal ($850) when other lenders said it was not necessary. We cancelled our loan application with PNC and we are about to complete the process with another lender, no appraisal required and a lot less stress. If you are considering PNC Bank for a home loan be prepared for endless problems and unnecessary fees.

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    Reviewed Dec. 27, 2019

    Been with PNC mortgage for a long time. Never been late on a payment and they contacted me to lower my interest rate at a ridiculous price of 6K. Six thousand to do a little paperwork is insulting to someone who has been a loyal customer and made them a lot of money. They claim to be interested in helping me, but my perception is they are only interested in helping themselves to as much of my money as they possibly can. Well I do have choices, so I think it's time to find a lender with a heartbeat.

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    Reviewed Dec. 25, 2019

    My loan was purchased by PNC. I attempted to pay off my arrearage via a lump sum amount and was told to get lost. They stated that I couldn't afford the house. I am receiving SSDI and SSI payments and they refused to comply with any program to try and assist me. Their only focus was on foreclosure. PNC refused to consider any other option, although several were available. I lost my house after years of payments were made.

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    Reviewed Dec. 12, 2019

    I got a HELOC so we could cover some home repairs while putting the house on the market to sell since I already had a PNC Mortgage on the home. They really pushed me to open a PNC account so they could auto draft payments for a small discount, but I knew this would only be open a few months and it wasn't worth the headaches so I declined. I was busy going back and forth between where I was living and working during the week, and the home we were packing and prepping to go on the market on the weekends, I had mail coming to both addresses, and it was chaos. The mail piled up.

    I could have sworn I set up payments with my bank, but I was wrong. Once I could breathe and go through all the mail, I found that the first missed payment was less than $3 and they hit me with a $40 late fee. After one more late payment, they closed the HELOC and reported me to the credit bureaus, dropping my FICO by over 100 points. They had my cell phone, but never called, and they had my email, but the only communication from them other than snail mail was an emailed survey request.

    Luckily my home sale closes soon and that will pay off both the PNC Mortgage (which was never late or missed by the way) and the HELOC, but communication is not their strong point. I have formally requested that they remove the late report from my credit report, but they are taking the full 30 days to "investigate" and despite my calls asking for an update or any info, they have returned none of my calls.

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    Reviewed Dec. 6, 2019

    In 2017 I purchased a condo and chose PNC as my lender. This was my second home purchase. I had converted my first home to rental property. I didn't like the idea of paying PMI every month on my new mortgage, but I couldn't afford to pay 20% of the purchase price to avoid it. I did have enough money saved to 10% down. Since then, I sold my rental property. I decided the prudent thing to do would be to take some of the proceeds from that sale and apply it to the principal balance on my PNC mortgage to eliminate PMI. I called PNC and asked how much I would need to pay toward principal to eliminate PMI. The PNC representative I spoke with explained that I had two options.

    One, I could pay roughly $350 to get my home appraised and if the value of my home had increased enough, PMI would be removed. I knew that was an option, and I'm sure my condo would appraise high enough for PMI removal, but I didn't want to pay $350. She said my second option was to write a check for $10262.72 and mail it to PNC Mortgage noting that it was to be applied to principal only and that it was for PMI removal. That amount made sense to me because it was the exact amount I owed to reach 20% of the purchase price of the condo. I wrote the check and mailed it on November 5th. It was over three weeks before the payment was finally applied. Why it took that long, I have no idea.

    After the payment was applied, I logged onto the PNC website to make sure the amount of my next payment had been reduced. It had not. I called PNC to ask why and was told that unfortunately, I was misinformed by the first PNC representative. I was told that I still need to pay for an appraisal to remove PMI. I informed that PNC representative that I was very disappointed and that I plan to refinance with another mortgage company.

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    Reviewed Nov. 7, 2019

    I intended on opening a HELOC on my primary residence, and after researching I decided to apply with PNC. I have excellent credit, good income, and no debt. I completed my application in September, and was approved 9 weeks later. My loan officer was lackadaisical, and hardly responsive. Due to her unprofessional behavior I decided not to sign, and bring my business elsewhere.

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    Reviewed Nov. 5, 2019

    I've been with PNC for over 20 years and have always refinanced with them. However, this time has been a bit of a nightmare. I have faxed over the all the documentation and each time I'm told that that everything is approved awaiting the loan lock. When I sent emails for updates I get no response. Several days later I'm told by Julia that she will get back to me once she talks to Franco ** loan officer. I've waited over two weeks and no response. I started this loan process the middle of September and it's now November. This has been a horrible experience to the point of me cancelling the loan and going with another lender. I can't believe after reading other reviews that there has not been any resolution to the many complaints. I'm so upset and would like to submit a formal request to management.

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    Reviewed Oct. 11, 2019

    My mortgage sold my loan to PNC Mortgage, and is been a nightmare from the last 3 months. They never sent me a notification not either a way to pay the loan. I have to call many times. I try to make automatic payments and is a pain to enroll in their system. Last month they locked me out of the system and to reset the password they need to mail the temporary password I have not received until today, and today when I called to made my payment and ask for new password they charged me a fee even though is not my fault. I asked the lady to waive the fee because is a first time, but she refused. I am very disappointed and upset at this mortgage company, because I did not choose to do business with them, and they do not care because they know if I do not pay on time is my problem. Stay away from them.

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    Reviewed Sept. 22, 2019

    We had banked with PNC for almost 40 years and thought we’d apply for a mortgage with them since they knew us. Big mistake! Despite FICO scores over 800 they would not approve us. They kept asking for more and more documents. After faxing over a ream of paper, we applied somewhere else and were approved in a few days. PNC mortgage staff - Andrew ** and his boss Katie ** were terrible- they would never take responsibility. It was always “the underwriters are asking, not us.” I’ll never work with them again. They don’t return phone calls and you can never reach them. PNC was terrible!

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    Reviewed Sept. 14, 2019

    Fall of 2018 they removed the feature to pay online and make a payment to principal only. I didn't catch it until 2 months after the fact. The auto pay for interest I had set up was much lower and I couldn't figure out why. Then I noticed the payment I made to principal was removed and it went to the interest. The only way to do this now is to mail in a check (waste of money in this electronic world) or to go to a PNC branch and make a payment in person. Who has time for that this day and age? Not to mention a waste of my personal time and gas to get to the bank. Ridiculous feature to remove when it's very simple. I think I'll just get a new HELOC at my own bank. I did this through PNC for my son to use on his home. He had the account there so I tied the loan to his checking. We both have been unhappy for many other reasons but I guess those would be separate reviews.

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    Reviewed Sept. 13, 2019

    Called to get some answer to my question. The first lady, could not answer my question. Transfer to another person... he somewhat answered my question then transferred to another lady. She was extremely rude before she listens to me she wanted to transfer to the department I just spoke. I asked her if I could speak to the supervisor. She said the supervisor not available. I asked her can you have your supervisor call me. She then offered to help me. I said I do not want to bounce around, I really would like either her supervisor to speak to me or have her call me. Either way, she was not cooperating with me. She then stopped speaking to me.

    Past 30 years I bank with Chase, Wells Fargo, and PNC. Never had any issue with Chase or Wells Fargo. NEVER had any late payment, over-drafted. Actually never paid any fees with ANY bank. I just wanted to understand a few processes so I could get money back due to 3000.00 overpaid. Also wanted to transfer 70K to PNC. If it now normal business hour I would walk up and close with PNC forever. It's OK, I will do that tomorrow for sure.

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    Reviewed Sept. 9, 2019

    Don't even think about refinancing with them. I had all my paperwork on time every time. Fair credit. Needed to refi to fix a few things. Nothing major. Almost 2 months later was denied. Reason. Floor wasnt fixed. Duh. I pulled out tiles to add new ones. Also. Basement not finished. Duh whose basement is finished in Philly? Mine isnt falling apart. It's in really good condition. And said I had a leak in back room. Incorrect. No leak. That was fixed a year ago. I just need to paint. But how will I be able to do anything if I was rejected. And I only owe 25 thousand in my property. I guess I shouldnt refi. Their loss. I have a beautiful home. I truly think all hell would've broken loose if refi would have passed. Thank god it didnt.

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    Reviewed Sept. 3, 2019

    Horrible experience today with PNC. Their Chat doesn't work. Their number answers after 40 minutes to tell you to call another number. Then when you get to the next number it drops your call. One hour shot. Would take nothing to talk me out of my mortgage with this company.

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    Reviewed Aug. 23, 2019

    We unfortunately had to file bankruptcy. Ever since then every statement has had a fee attached to it from $15 to $250. When you ask them all they say is that they can not discuss the account as it is in bankruptcy and all they can do is take the money. I asked who I can talk to and I get transferred to a lawyer who will not return calls. We asked them to remove the PMI as we only owe 70% of market value. They refused stating bankruptcy voids all previous transactions. They are so incredibly crooked and as soon as we can refinance we are dropping them soooo fast. Do NOT use these people.

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    Reviewed July 23, 2019

    If I could give them zero stars, I would. We entered into a contract to purchase a home and everything seemed to go so smoothly for the first 7 days or so. I paid for the appraisal and after that, things went downhill fast. The Loan Officer had the wrong number to set up the appraisal and rather than reach out to our realtor I guess they decided it would be best to do nothing and let a week go by before trying to find the correct number. I was told on 6/28/19 the Loan Processor was going to contact me within a few business days. 12 days later with no response I took it upon myself to call PNC's main line and track them down myself. Finally touched base with him and he needed additional documentation (understandable) which I provided within 12 hours back to him.

    A few days later, mind you, I sent two follow up emails and left a voicemail to confirm the documentation was received. He finally called me back Friday after 4pm, needing additional documentation which was provided to him within 24 hours. During this conversation I expressed my frustrations with the lack of communication I have received during this entire process and that I felt it was not my responsibility to be chasing after PNC employees when I am doing my part in providing all documentation in a timely manner. The loan processor then advises he will have his manager reach out to me to provide assistance. Fast forward another week - no response from anyone in regards to a status of this loan until the following Friday at 5pm I receive an email from the loan processor needing additional documentation. Frustrated, I postponed dinner plans and provided the information within the hour.

    Fast forward to Monday, we are to settle on Thursday, moving company is scheduled, utilities are scheduled, the list goes on and needless to say, I reach out yet again for a status update and come to find settlement will not be occurring Thursday. "They have done everything they can in effort to make that happen". The last day of our rate lock was also Thursday. And if you were wondering about the manager contacting me, that never happened either until I called, left her a voicemail and followed up with an email. She did respond via email stating they have done everything they could do. My advice - find a mortgage company that is just as happy for you to be purchasing a home as you are. Find a company that cares and is willing to communicate with you along the way.

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    Reviewed July 20, 2019

    Charged exorbitant amount for appraisal and assigned to one of the useless company and that fellow gave much less than the market value, finally I could not go with the loan. Never go to this bank, though they offer lower rate.

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    Reviewed July 10, 2019

    This is my second refinancing with PNC. First time was a piece of cake. This time a complete disaster. Six different reps have been assigned so far. Not one of them has done anything or been in contact with me. All documents have been submitted numerous times, with no progress. Now my closing is delayed. Not a response from any of the 6. I’m out $800 in fees and back to beginning the process from scratch.

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    Reviewed June 11, 2019

    I am a Realtor that has dealt with many mortgage companies over the years. I can honestly say they get the award for worst company for me to deal with. It was my first time using them and had I known then what I know now, I would have strongly suggested my clients use another company and we could have settled on time instead of delaying settlement for 2 days. It's not so funny when the utilities have been scheduled to be turned on in the new home, the moving truck has been scheduled and the apt complex has been notified of the move on a certain date. Then to find out the day before we can't settle the next day, well, let's just say I was more than livid. I'm just glad the whole settlement didn't fall apart for the sake of my clients.

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    Reviewed June 10, 2019

    PNC makes the now defunct Countrywide Mortgage look like an honest and compliant business by comparison to PNC. Dealing with PNC mortgage over the past seven years that just keeps getting worse. First PNC repeatedly has refused to discuss refinancing of my loan or other matters without the involvement of my then, now ex-husband. Second, PNC repeatedly has breached its own loan refinancing policies. Third, my receipt of important communications and the privacy and security of my personal consumer, financial, tax and other sensitive information is recurrently mishandled. Following these actions, I have received stalking and phishing phone calls and emails and other suspicious contacts from parties that have claimed a relationship with PNC.

    Even after having been notified of these problems, PNC repeatedly has failed to investigate and redress problems, has sent mail other to the secured mail address agreed upon at the beginning of these issues and, in connection with my repeated effort to refinance my loan, has repeatedly falsely denied receipt of and required recurrent resubmission of sensitive tax, business trade secret and other personal and business financial information despite that it already has already acknowledged previously receiving that information.

    Through this and other false, misleading and irresponsible conduct with respect to the handling of my application and the sensitive data, not only have I been forced to re-expend literally more than 100 additional hours resubmitting information that I already received acknowledgement from PNC that it previously received from me, it has delayed processing of my application by more than 90 days and counting while forcing me to resend and retransmit this sensitive data over and over again then failed to take timely action to investigate and redress suspicious activity (e.g. telephone calls and emails that reflect a breach of this sensitive data).

    This has recurred over and over again despite having spoken with "Kevin" in its executive team about these issues more than 90 days ago and having been reassured that my "single point of contact" would receive and appropriately manage this data to ensure its timely and safe handling. Of course, this also was false. In fact, the "single point of contact" say they don't receive the information mailed to them in reliance upon these representations and whenever a problem arises, make clear they just read the list of requests and that everything else is above their pay grade. Discussions with Supervisors, "Executive Escalation Team members" and "officers" don't make a difference. Based on these and other recurrent, unrepentant and unredressed issues, I would urge anyone considering any banking or mortgage transaction of any kind to avoid PNC and all of its affiliates at all costs.

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    Reviewed May 17, 2019

    Prior to my loan being sold to PNC, I was able to easily set up online payments, set and forget, and never had a late or missed payment. Then the loan was sold to PNC. They don't allow online bill pay unless you set up a checking account with them, and I'm not interested in them getting any more of my money. Their mazes of robot phone menus are the most anger-inducing that I have encountered anywhere. I can't get them to take off PMI even though the loan is well below 80% of the total value. It's 2019, and there should be an easier to way to make a payment than to put a paper check in the mail. Their customer service reps are not helpful. One of them lied to me saying that there would be a way to set up auto payments after a pending payment posted. In short, the entire experience with PNC has been awful. Unfortunately, I have no control over who my loan is serviced by.

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    Reviewed May 12, 2019

    They are sneaky, underhanded and downright liars! They make you think they are helping you and they added something to what they are saying. The refinance isn’t adding money. It’s the same. And when you have questions they never get back to you!

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    Reviewed May 7, 2019

    I've had an absolute nightmare trying to use PNC for a new mortgage. My husband and I are existing mortgage holders via a refinance with PNC. That home was sold and closed on Monday, May 6. We also do all of our banking with PNC. We both have excellent credit ratings. No outstanding liens and or debts or settlements against us. Our credit ratings are individually 800+, our debt to equity ratio is a lender's dream. Where we have run into the PNC Mortgage nightmare has been:

    1. The amount of time our loan has been with underwriting 45+ days and we still are waiting on PNC to resolve a property description issue. The title company says the home is not in a PUD, the appraiser agrees that the home is not in a PUD, the county does not have it zoned as a PUD, the neighborhood covenants and restrictions do not listed as a PUD yet PNC’s underwriting team insists that it is in a PUD. This has caused us a delay of over two weeks. They have known this was an issue since March 25. Today is May 7.
    2. I was not notified of the problem until May 1 and we were originally scheduled to close on May 7.
    3. The evidence that this home is not in a PUD was provided to PNC two weeks ago from the title company it has since been provided 4 more times. The appraiser is satisfied the title company is satisfied yet PNC holds onto this as an issue and they refuse to resolve it. This has been in their hands for the last five days to take care of.
    4. I have spent days trying to get response from PNC I have stepped in and coordinated sharing of all the documents. I have gotten from the appraisor, the title company, the realtor and PNC on an email to share information. I’m lucky if I hear from PNC once a day and even when I do they offer no resolution nor any kind of a progress report.
    5. I escalated this with my local banker yesterday. He attempted to try to help me but unfortunately the way PNC’s mortgage entities are structured they have their loan officers located in Jacksonville Florida, their underwriters are located in Austin Texas, their mortgage division is based in Michigan, and their headquarters are in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. You cannot escalate, you cannot register a complaint and you can’t speak to a manager when you ask for one.

    6. Loan processing constantly puts the blame on other groups involved...first it was the title company then it was the appraiser then it became their underwriter and now it’s back to the title company or the appraiser. Unfortunately they cannot point a finger any longer because the title company and the appraiser are in alignment. Now they’ve gone radio silent.

    I wouldn’t wish PNC mortgage on my worst enemy. Based on our experience, my opinion is that the mortgage division is an embarrassment to PNC.

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    Reviewed May 5, 2019

    I reached out to the PNC in Bexley, Ohio as my retired neighbor had a good experience there several years ago. I was routed to a PNC mortgage officer who worked with "online" mortgages through All documents were sent by e-mail from this website address. After informing me that my application was approved, and charging me $545.00 in loan processing fees (which he assured me I would receive back at closing), I received a letter stating that my application was "incomplete." This is the only mortgage loan document I received in hard copy in the mail. The loan processor would not return my calls, and the mortgage officer -- also avoiding my calls -- represented by e-mail that he would "resubmit" my application. He did not do that.

    In trying to make sense of what had happened, I contacted the PNC Mortgage Department. I was informed it had no record of my loan or application under the loan number on the documents sent by I consulted with an IT expert on this website,, who told me that it appears to be hosted/outsourced to Amazon web services. It is registered to PNC, but PNC does not appear to be operating it. I believe may be a fraudulent site for a number of reasons, including the robocalls it generated and the lack of security certification on its documents. I would strongly encourage readers of this review to avoid and to report as spam any e-mails from this site. I am not sure of my next steps, but I did want to share my experience.

    Thanks for your vote! Report

    Reviewed April 30, 2019

    The customer service is awful. The executives are no help. Underwriting, forget about it. Don't get me started. Please listen. Stay as far away as possible from PNC Bank for your mortgage needs. They are terrible. PNC has gone downhill as a financial institution.

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    Reviewed April 6, 2019

    I applied for a HELOC Mortgage on 3/27/2019. I have a bankruptcy that is 6 years old and about to be removed from my credit report. I have been told by Mortgage companies that I am able to apply for Mortgages now so I considered PNC Bank. Between my husband and I we have a total income of over $200K combined. In addition, I have rebuilt my credit and show no late payments. At first when we applied, the loan processor over the phone stated all we needed was a 660 credit score to apply. So we went through the process and obtained a pre-approval. Then we were referred to a Mortgage Broker who began the process. At first she tells me all looks very good and that she needed additional documentation which I provided regarding my bankruptcy.

    After 2 weeks of communications between her and I, she indicates that we would be closing April 10, 2019 and asked if we were ok with a mobile notary so that we can complete the closing. I agree and she stated that she needed to talk to certain creditors we would be pay off and that we would need to be on the phone line so that we could giver her third party approval so she could speak to the creditors. Then she advises that the final approval was being reviewed with the Underwriter and that they would give a final answer. They even went as far as having an appraisal company come to the house and conduct the appraisal. In the meantime, PNC banks sends a letter saying we were conditionally approved but the approval was contingent on the appraisal which is understandable.

    The appraisal came in WAY over what we were asking for a refinance. We have over $110K in equity. After all this process, I do not hear from the Mortgage Broker and I get an email from PNC bank stating that the “status” of our application had changed and we would be receiving a response in 3-5 business days. So I decided to call the Mortgage Broker I was working with at PNC Bank and I advised her that I wanted to find out the current status because I received an email stating the status of our application had changed.

    As a result, the Mortgage Broker then tells me that we were not approved because of my bankruptcy and recent credit accounts that were opened (which I have paid on time). To be quite honest, in my opinion, I feel we were misled by PNC and we spent a lot of time and energy with this bank in getting our hopes up by them and then to destroy our hopes in the end for a refinance with our property. I will be looking elsewhere and do not recommend them for a Mortgage. Consumer beware!

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    Reviewed March 27, 2019

    After going through a terrible mortgage process with PNC in Ohio, months of requests followed by denial, I was nervous when a close friend tried to get a PNC mortgage in Florida. I believe they train their people to falsely mislead you. They tell you everything looks great and you are pre-approved. Then they spend months coming up reasons to keep you on the hook. The same thing happened to both of us at different branches in different states. Both of us went elsewhere and got financed. PNC is engaged in unethical practices by misleading consumers, costing money, time and undue stress. This time we are filing complaints with the BBB and the state attorney's office. I hope others will do the same. There are hundreds of reviews with the same experience.

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    Reviewed March 1, 2019

    PNC bought my mortgage and I have had nothing but problems with them since they bought it. They jacked up my payment because my escrow was supposedly going to be short and I called to inquire why since we had only had the mortgage for 3 months before they bought it. They claimed my taxes were going up and my insurance was going up all of that would raise what was needed in escrow to cover outlays. Well I just found out my escrow was considerably over what was needed, my payment should have never been raised. They supposedly sent a check out too but it was "still in the mail".

    Don’t think that would work if I just keep telling them my mortgage payment is “in the mail”. I had to fight to get a login to my account to actually see the escrow account activity because they will send a payment coupon book and it arrives in two days but when they owe you money, it is "in the mail". When I called for online banking they first said I was not on the loan...except I am the co-borrower, so I am most certainly on the loan, then they changed the story and said, "Well our computer system can only handle the first person on the loan." They would have to get me a special number and if I didn't want to hold she would give me a call. Guess what? I didn't get until I filled out their survey and complained.

    Seriously, online banking has been around for 20 years and your computer system cannot handle more than a single login. You also can't pay online unless you have a bank account with them. Can they actually expect that customers who experience nothing but problems and regressive business practices will then be dumb enough to let them control even more of their money? I wouldn't open a savings account for 5 cents let alone let them manage hundreds of thousands of dollars. Again, ACH payments and eChecks are all the rage now (you know for the last 15 years at least). If you have to make a payment, they rather charge you a fortune for the privilege of paying your note by phone.

    I just mail them a check to save the fee but somehow, I expect eventually I will get a bill for that too. This is a typical Podunk bank that thinks it can do banking better. You know it is bad when I call Wells Fargo to beg for them to purchase my mortgage from PNC or refinance the loan to get away from PNC. We have not even been with them for a year and even the Builders Mortgage Company did a better job of managing the loan than these bozos.

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    Reviewed Feb. 26, 2019

    I have been a customer of PNC Mortgage for approximately 14 years and have made my monthly mortgage payment every month on time. In November 2018 I lost my home in the Camp Fire in Paradise, CA. I called PNC. Reported the loss, my house was totally destroyed, and continued to make my required monthly mortgage payments on time. It took us approximately 2 months to settle the homeowners claim with my insurance company.

    In early February I contacted PNC Loss Claims Department to inquire about their process. I was told by their customer service department that I needed to request a pay-off quote from a different department, include that along with the insurance check, endorsed by us, not to make the February mortgage payment and include a letter requesting that the proceeds be used to pay off my existing mortgage. They also stated that once all the information was received, the funds would be applied and the overage, a sizable amount, would then be returned to me and all this took 10 days. I enclosed a prepaid return envelope for their convenience. They received all of the requested information on February 11, 2019 and confirmed with me via telephone that everything was received and in order.

    On February 12, 2019, they sent me paperwork required if I were rebuilding my house. I called again and was told to ignore this information but they did not have the pay-off quote-they had confirmed receipt of this on the 11th. It required me to call the mortgage department for another pay-off. The mortgage customer service depart was very accommodating. On February 13th they confirmed that everything was in order. They forwarded my paperwork to a corporate office to have the funds applied. On February 15th I received a call from the collections department looking for my February payment I called in and spoke to a customer service rep who took the information and tracked it through their system. She was also kind enough to waive the late charges that were charged to my account.

    I called again today on February 26th and was told that my paperwork was deemed received on 2/14, 3 days later than actually received, and that it now takes 10 days to process my pay-off and then up to another 20 days for them to return the overage to me! This was not the information they gave me about their own process when I first called in. First they gave me incorrect information about their process and timing, then they continued to lie about how long the process takes. This morning I find out that it will now take up to 20 additional days to receive my overage. I am very unhappy with the absolute substandard customer service received from the loss claims department. I will never use the company again.

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    Reviewed Dec. 14, 2018

    In January 2018 we refinanced our mortgage with PNC Bank, NA. As a part of that we changed flood insurance from Wright (FEMA) to a private company. PNC required us to pay a full year of the flood insurance cost up front to bind the contract before they would write the re-mortgage. We did. A copy of the new declaration, the payment voucher, and the new policy were forwarded to the loan officer who assured us it was put into our file.

    In March the old flood insurance lapsed (we thought) and the new policy took effect. In late September we received a new escrow statement claiming we owed over $12000 by November 1st. When I checked, they had paid the cancelled insurance premium (even though all of the data for the new policy they approved was on file). So far we have had to pay PNC an additional $7200 to rebuild the escrow account that they emptied erroneously and have not gotten any of our almost $10,000 back from Wright Insurance or PNC. PNC has not been overly helpful, even though they do admit that the papers were on file. Now they are poised to pay out the same erroneous policy payment for 2019! Avoid PNC Mortgage at all costs -- or it might really cost you. It has cost me.

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    Reviewed Sept. 19, 2018

    I have referred clients to the local branch so I decided to get a new HELOC from PNC for my personal home. It has been 2 months since they started the process. Delay after delay after delay. I have income over $200k. I have a home with a market value over $400k. I have no current mortgage on the property whatsoever! I have a credit rating of 780. The excuses this bank has given me are ludicrous! When they don't return phone calls I get a supposed "mass email" saying they had 3rd party issues with their phone system. Really? The HELOC was supposed to close yesterday. It was all set up with a 3rd party title company who I spoke with directly. I get a call in the a.m. saying they are having system problems and cannot print the required documents for the closing. REALLY? Ever hear of UPS store or the like that you can print from??? Worthless bank. Waste of time. Stay away. Why don't these sites offer zero stars?

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    Reviewed Sept. 6, 2018

    My home mortgage was switched over to PNC Mortgage from a former mortgage provider. Ever since, they consistently have issues. It's usually to do with their online service. Anytime I had wanted to make additional payments online, it screwed up the regular process. The last time I made an additional payment online, they switched my account from biweekly withdrawal to monthly. When they did, they didn't apply it as a regular mortgage payment. The entire amount was allocated as a early payment so I had to make a double payment to get back on track. I asked for the amount refunded and they agreed. But, instead of crediting back to my bank, they claim to send a check. It's been over a week and not delivered. I called and they said, "Oh it just went out last Friday" (the checks in the mail!). Never use PNC bank.

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    Reviewed Aug. 29, 2018

    Terrible bank and customer service is always bad and not accommodating. Feel frustrated every time I call for assistance. They do not care about customers!

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    Reviewed Aug. 18, 2018

    My mortgage is with PNC. All my taxes and homeowners insurance is included. Every year like clockwork my mortgage payments go up. PNC says it is because of insufficient escrow. YOU decide how much I pay so how is my escrow always too low??? Today I get a bill saying I owe over 3000 in insufficient escrow!!! How is this even possible??? AND I get a letter from my homeowners insurance that they haven't paid my insurance!!!!

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    Reviewed Aug. 17, 2018

    I have credit score 760+, salary 200k and downpayment 180K. This company sends out mortgage preapproval on 8/24/17 and sends out letter stating mortgage application is denied because credit application is incomplete on 9/8/17 though I emailed all supporting documents on 8/30/17 and 8/31/17. I called Chris the mortgage agent in NY perplexed about what is going on and he says "it's ok we will have a commitment for you next week". That is all I heard from him and this so called "mortgage company" which seems disorganized. Does anybody want to deal with such a lender who will leave you high and dry unable to complete your mortgage transaction? 0 stars if possible.

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    Reviewed May 8, 2018

    My husband and I took out our mortgage in 2001, our mortgage was sold to PNC in 2006 I believe. We have never had any issues with them. The few times we have had to call, they were very kind and welcoming. We have had no problems on our statements either. However; we have never been late nor have we missed any payments. I see all of the negative reviews and I am a bit shocked that so many are having issues. So glad we have only positive reviews for PNC.

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    Reviewed May 8, 2018

    I have my mortgage with PNC and I've been trying to remove the PMI. I have now paid twice for two appraisals at $500 each. I was told if I was below a certain number that my PMI will be removed and now they're telling me it won't be. I have in writing what they said and now they're not following through so I'm going to have to take them to small claims court. This is an absolute nightmare.

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    Reviewed April 7, 2018

    These people are pathetic! My mortgage was sold to them and I had to put up with them for nearly a decade. They do everything wrong and break the law in their business practices. I called to ask about HARP and to get an application to see what it was about. From that point forward, whenever I called customer service, I was routed to their collections department. I have had 827-834 credit score for almost 2 decades, and still do! They have no sense of customer service and none of the people I spoke with were even slightly helpful and not completely rude or just sounded like they didn't want to be there, all the time! I would run as fast as I can and even pay higher interest to get away from these people. They are the worst of humanity!

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    Reviewed April 7, 2018

    My father paid cash for our home in Bangor California. After he passed on, my Mother elected to borrow against the home to pay off unmanageable medical expenses topping $32,000. Brannifer Financial Services in Chico assisted. They used National City Mortgage for the funding. They promised a fixed interest rate and a fixed payment amount. National City Mortgage (a California company) sold our mortgage to PNC Mortgage in Miamisburg Ohio. Within a year or two, our fixed payment amount was ignored. PNC Mortgage demanded a 34% increase in monthly payments.

    My mother's sole income source, as with most elderly, was from Social Security. Her SS benefit was $918 per month. With National City Mortgage, her payment was approximately $600 per month. When PNC Mortgage saw the equity that she was sitting on they raised her payment to an amount in excess of $800 per month. She was devastated. She was also confused how, with a fixed interest rate that the payment changed so dramatically. She asked me to help her, which I did without question. She gave me power of attorney and informed the lender that I (her son) would be in charge of her financial affairs.

    My first inquiry with PNC Mortgage was regarding the massive monthly payment increase. After several phone calls and letters, I was finally informed that the increase was a result of the escrow account being deficient. I'm not a banker, but I have never heard of such an excuse. I could understand the payment fluctuating $10 or even $20 for a year or so to cover higher homeowners insurance or property taxes. There was no significant increase in either of those. SO... WHO STOLE the Money? PNC!

    I was not in a position where I could afford to supplement her payment indefinitely. PNC suggested REFi. So we did. I say we, but PNC rejected the initial refi, stating that I (her son) could not qualify. So we tried again, without me. HUGE Mistake. Things got all messed up. They kept referring to paperwork that was submitted during the first attempt. This went south when they first approved her refi, set up a payment schedule that allowed 60 days with no payment due. Then they rejected her refi and would not accept payments because of the payment gap that occurred that they set up for her. They acted like they were doing her a favor, when it was just a trick to cause default and subsequent foreclosure proceedings.

    I hired an attorney out of Mission Viejo California. I had to borrow $1500 retainer. They had to work fast. Foreclosure was scheduled in less than 60 days. On the day that our house was scheduled to be sold at 12:00 noon we did not hear from anyone including the attorney until after 4:00pm. The sale was postponed. We received official "Loan Modification" documents from PNC Mortgage two days before they were to be rejected for being late.

    They managed to lower the payment back down to within $30 of the original agreed upon monthly payment amount. But they increased the term of the loan from 20 years to 40 years. We never asked for that. When I was able to get their representative on the telephone to explain why, I was told the total amount borrowed was now more than twice as much as the original loan. She originally borrowed $32,000. Now she owed nearly $70,000. How can they justify this?

    My mother died in June 2012. By that time I was had moved from Orange County to be with her during her final days. Because of the previous refi rejection involving my name, when she passed I continued to pay the mortgage payments as though nothing had changed. I tried to get financing from other lenders. This was impossible, because PNC Mortgage insisted that my name not be on any loan documents. I did not own the home, even though I was paying the payments from my account for two years prior to, and five years after her death.

    In 2016 I became medically disabled. My disability insurance payments did not amount to enough to pay the mortgage. I liquidated my stock and later my IRA at considerable loss due to early payout. I had no choice but to ask PNC Mortgage to help me. PNC told me that they could allow me to assume the loan. This could take 90 days. I provided every document that they requested, including the death certificate and witnessed copies of my mother's last will & testament. While that change was in process (I thought), I contacted I only asked for help reinstating the loan.

    After the qualification process KYHCA told me that I qualified for "Principal Reduction" which would lower the payment to a monthly amount that, based on my decreased income, I could afford. After providing all of the documents that KYHCA required I was told that it would take at least 30 days to process. After 35 days I inquired several times. At least two weeks after that I received a phone call from the head processor at KYHCA. I was informed that under no circumstances could they help me because I did not own the home.

    The home was willed to me. I was executor of my mother's estate. I had been sending money directly to the lender from my own account for nearly 10 years. When I contacted PNC Mortgage regarding assuming the loan, they had absolutely nothing in process. By this time I started receiving foreclosure notices. My father's home was sold January 16, 2018. This is a travesty. My family is devastated. PNC Mortgage accepted payments from me. Deposited my checks. Then rejected my payments and did not refund them. Same thing they did to my mom 9 years ago. CROOKS. DIRTY CROOKS. Dirty rotten scoundrels.

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    Reviewed March 25, 2018

    PNC holds the mortgage to our home. We CONSTANTLY get mail regarding lowering our rates. Every time we try to get information we do not get any results or callbacks. When we finally did through to someone, we started the refinance process and immediately received FORECLOSURE notices. We contacted PNC to find out what was going on only to receive more notices and advice to contact some financial officer to avoid legal action. A real estate attorney who told us to do nothing and let them foreclose and then we would sue them. This situation went away. We attempted to refinance through another company but the other company could not get enough info from PNC to complete the transaction. Through sheer frustration we gave up trying. So now we have the SAME mortgage at the SAME rate and are still getting the SAME letters offering to lower our rate. Saying we are dissatisfied doesn't even come close to how we feel.

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    Reviewed Dec. 10, 2017

    PNC bought DeepGreen 250k line of credit. I went to county clerk 52k was satisfied. PNC has starting balance as 128k. PNC refuse to show me where they got the 128k from. I wrote 98k in checks so 52k plus 98k 150k... How do I still owe 186k?? I filed complaint on CFPS and nothing was done to help me. I can't afford a lawyer 7k as a retainer. I have to pay because either DeepGreen or PNC made the mistake?

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    Reviewed Nov. 15, 2017

    My mortgage was sold to PNC so I did not apply with them. I make my payments on time every month so I do not have any issues with them calling me. They supply me with a statement annually and I do not see any discrepancies.

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    Reviewed Nov. 2, 2017

    PNC Mortgage took over 90 days to approve my mortgage. After three months, the seller of the home became frustrated (with PNC not providing a closing date), and refused to renew the contract. I forfeited my $2000 earnest deposit.

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    Reviewed Oct. 28, 2017

    Purchased my home in 2007 with National City Bank Mortgage who sold my mortgage to PNC. Previously worked as a clinician and paid all my mortgages on time. I lost that job and accepted another job as a professor which did not pay as much. Contacted PNC who informed me that I should not pay for 3 months to qualify for a homeowner modification. I was given a trial period of 3 months and I paid for the 3 months prior to them approving the modification. I paid the modification for several years (270K) when suddenly PNC decided to return all my mortgage checks (after mine had been cashed).

    I did not cash any of their checks that have been returned and they have stacked up to >50K. They have since sent me a letter they are going to foreclose on the home and I have decided to file bankruptcy to protect myself against PNC which has since ruined my credit. I have since received a letter from PNC stating they are going to court to sell the house on November 1st and I have now decided to join a class action lawsuit as I have paid thousands of dollars in attorney fees and no results from the local Attorney General and courts.

    Updated on 11/05/2017: This is a follow up from my prior complaint regarding PNC mortgage. PNC foreclosed on my prior account while I was paying my mortgage and has handed my home over for renting to a company out of Utah called Real Property Management National Accounts c/o Property Management Business Solutions, LLC. Buyers beware. Do not take out a mortgage with PNC mortgage!!! If you have been ripped off the way I have and not obtaining local help from your local courts and politicians seek class action! This can't be legal.

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    Reviewed Sept. 27, 2017

    So I was told I qualify for the HARP program and PNC helped refinance my house - I wanted to do a cash out to pay off some high-interest credit cards but my advisor said to keep original loan and do a HELOC so that's what I did. BIG SURPRISE. Ink wasn't even dry on the re-fi and PNC sends me a rejection letter saying I don't qualify for the HELOC because my credit score needs improvement - So no one thought to get my credit score at the beginning of this little process??? Now I STILL have high interest credit cards and was told I cannot re-apply for a HELOC for at least 6-12 months. These people are as crooked as they come and THE MINUTE I can qualify with another lender PNC WILL NOT get one more penny from me or my family. CROOKS!!!

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    Reviewed Sept. 23, 2017

    An absolute scam. It would take hours to write what a terrible company this is. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME. I have got more done in 3 days with a new mortgage company that took 3 weeks with PNC. PNC lost more paperwork than you could imagine. I honestly think they really arent in the mortgage business.

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    Reviewed Sept. 1, 2017

    I have been a PNC customer for a long time and very satisfied with banking through them. However, PNC Mortgage is a nightmare! My first home I financed through another mortgage lender and did not have a positive experience so I decided to go with my bank for my second home and it was an even worse experience for all parties involved. My assigned loan officer was disrespectful, not available much, and not efficient. She even left for mini vacation without telling anyone, only receiving an auto response through email. I understand very well that for a mortgage there is a whole background process but neither the front line or back line was a positive experience. I had to complete a ridiculous amount of paperwork and PNC Mortgage does not accept electronic signatures. I had to run to FedEx to print pages and pages, just to sign in ink and then fax it back. Tedious! It was a waste of my time and money.

    Besides that, the home that I purchased was fully remodeled and the seller already agreed to replace the roof over garage and AC and a few other things that came back from the inspection. Needless to say, PNC Mortgage ordered an appraisal and it failed due to the AC and Roof. This became a huge ordeal for PNC and all parties were fed up with them. We had very poor communication with PNC about what is going on and what needs to be done to satisfy their needs. They requested and required ridiculous amount of paperwork and information from the seller party, AC tech, Roof guy, etc.

    PNC almost lost me my new remodeled home, the seller was ready to back out because of all the road blocks with PNC. My closing was delayed 1 week and luckily the seller stuck it out with me, realizing I had zero control over what my bank was doing. If I had more time and the housing market wasn't so cut throat at this time in my area, I would have chosen another lender. At least that way, I wouldn't have a reason to be upset with my own bank.

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    Reviewed Aug. 30, 2017

    Terrible website, you are not allowed to create an online account unless you have a PIN and you can't get a PIN without talking to someone on the East Coast during business hours, really? I thought this was the 21st century!? Even the highly regulated health care industry can find a secure way to allow me to create an online account and validate my identity. Then you direct me to your automated customer service line and ask me to enter my SSN three times! And my Loan number 1x only to find you don't offer any option to provide my PIN outside of business hours. Waste of 30 minutes!

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    Reviewed Aug. 17, 2017

    We had purchased a property in Sept of 2013 which had required that we purchase flood insurance for the balance of our loan. We signed an agreement that we would carry enough insurance for the balance of the loan for the life of the loan and did this but then our loan was sold to PNC Mortgage in 2015. We received a letter saying that none of the original conditions of our loan would change. A few weeks after PNC took over they demanded we purchase additional flood insurance because their policy was for us to carry the amount of replacement value on our property not the loan balance. Clearly they were changing the original loan agreement we signed. We ended up refinancing our home with a different bank which cost us an extra 3,500 in closing costs and appraisals to get them off our backs.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed July 24, 2017

    I have been a customer at your bank for many years and have always been satisfied with the way you handled business, but after recommending your service to my son Lee ** for a mortgage loan that is no longer my feeling. After almost 5 months of gathering financial and tax statements, typing and retyping letters to suit your needs, two appraisals (you couldn’t find the first appraiser after waiting two weeks for his report) then having to hire an engineer who required structural repairs that will have to be torn out eventually to repair the wall properly, to stop leakage, then, after repairs, more financial request and all the stress of dealing with the previous owners, my son finally said he was tired of PNC’s BS and for me to forget helping him, he would take care of it.

    Lee went to Heritage Bank where the loan officer said, “Why don’t you just do an equity loan?” So within 3 weeks, with a drive by, no charge appraisal, and a lot less paperwork, a closing was scheduled and in less than 30 days everyone had their checks and everything was finally over. As a professional loan officer, and as a service to your customer, why couldn’t you have recommended an equity loan instead of the more expensive route? So final cost for my son not getting a loan at your bank: Appraisal fee… $500. Engineer inspection… $300. Repairs required… $1500. Cash to sellers to hold property... $10,000.

    Total + 5 months time & stress... $12,300 cash out of pocket to not get a loan at your bank. Would you recommend this bank to your son for a mortgage loan? I also talked to two other people, Rick **, and Traci **, who both said they had the same experience with your loan department. Lee knows he can’t get his money back but we both wanted you to know that anytime someone asks about a reference for a mortgage loan we can sure tell them who not to go to. Thank you for all your time and all our trouble. One formerly loyal, but now sorry I recommended you customer.

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    Reviewed June 21, 2017

    My husband and I were looking for a mortgage thru PNC. My husband has a lot of student loan debt so when we spoke with the man Erik from Abington/Jenkintown PA Branch he was aware of all of our finances and even gave us a pre approval. We were very thrilled and I spoke with him on many occasions discussing how we were able to get a mortgage through them and denied other places. Well everything went to the underwriters and he told us 3 days to get everything officiated. Don't you know he did not answer any of my phone calls or emails or messages.

    This gentleman was not too nice from the beginning at points, but I took the high road. It's a stressful job. At my breaking point I walk into the Abington PNC Branch pregnant carrying two kids with me for him to tell me in person it did not work. HE LEFT A VOICEMAIL SAYING IT WAS NOT GOING TO WORK OUT. BEST OF LUCK. Voicemail, who does that... PNC does. Disgusted. We ended up going with another bank who were amazing and approved up in a week span. But PNC how do you treat customers like that, how do you have people who downgrade when talking to your customers.

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    Reviewed June 20, 2017

    After assuming my father's mortgage, PNC Mortgage has been a disaster from the start. You can send/sign/hire an attorney your life away. They DO NOT want to work with you, they DO NOT want to help you, and while they are requesting document after document that the original packet didn't require, they are going to come back to you with an "I'm Sorry. You can short-sale or Deed-in-lieu." Most the time, they come back to you in the 11th hour and demand more paperwork, therefore not even allowing the time to submit, and suddenly your application is closed in that department due to time. They always tell you "Loss mitigation is the way to go, they will gladly help" - False hope. They do not want to help.

    I have hired an attorney, I have tried to deal with them, even got the document to them the day they requested it - But due to their 24-48 hour document processing time - They closed the application. IT WAS THE SAME DAY! Scam artists, fear your equity. That is all they want. RUN, RUN very far away. They do not want to help, they won't help, and they want your home.

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    Reviewed June 20, 2017

    My mortgage was bought by PNC and what an awful company they are. My first experience with them was February 18, 2016 when I faxed a request for the release of my escrow account because the LTV was at that time 63.20% (it's lower now). A letter dated February 22, 2016 said they were "reviewing" the inquiry. Then came a letter dated April 6, 2016 stating that the closure of my escrow account was approved. However. In order for them to do so, I would have to pay a fee of $550.94. Needless to say, I was not willing to pay them a fee to return my money to me so I could take over my insurance and tax payments. So they still handle my escrow account to this day. I won't pay them one dime that they don't deserve.

    That brings us to my current encounter with PNC mortgage. My insurance company approved a new roof as a result of wind and hail damage and issued a check for roughly half of their estimate. The check was made out to myself and to PNC. On June 7, 2017 I called PNC loss/claims department and asked them what they needed from me. "Oh nothing but the check. Sign the check and mail it to the address." Okay. Put it in the mail USPS June 8, 2017. In the meantime my roofer began work and I did keep him informed of the status of the initial check.

    On Sunday, June 18, 2017 I received an email from PNC stating that I had not produced the documentation they needed, which was the insurance estimate and my notarized signature on an Affidavit that insures I will pay the roofer and not let an lien be put on the house. Duh. Oh, so I got on the stick and emailed the documents to them on June 19 at 1:13 pm. At approximately 2:00 pm I called to follow up. Yes, they received the documents but now they need a copy of my Divorce Decree (the ex husband's name is still on the mortgage even though he does not pay the mortgage payment or insurance or taxes on the property). I was assured that the DD would satisfy the issue even when I told the person that it didn't specify anything about the mortgage. No matter, that's "all we need".

    So, I emailed my Divorce Decree on June 19 at 3:13 pm. At 3:50 pm I called again to follow up. This time I got someone named Barb. She told me that nope, the Divorce Decree wasn't enough. They need the Order stating that I pay the mortgage payment. Let's stop here and think about this. What difference does it make to this situation - paying for a roof - that I am divorced and that I am the one to make the mortgage payments. I'm being jerked around for sure, but having no choice, I emailed the Order at 4:23 pm. I called pretty quickly to follow up and was told that it's "too late" in the day to review the documents. I demanded that a supervisor call me and was told that it would be within "24 hours".

    On June 20 at 12:23 pm after hearing nothing I called and talked to Amber. She told me that it will be "tomorrow" before I will be called back because it's actually 24 "business hours". Oh. And by the way, the supervisor, Tiffany, is out of the office today and there is absolutely no one else but Tiffany who can hep me. I asked for Tiffany's supervisor, but Amber didn't know who that was... cough... cough... I then hung up and called Customer Service and spoke with Tevin who transferred me back to Barb from the previous day.

    Barb went on about Federal guidelines that they have to follow, blah, blah and I told her to email them to me. All the rules and regulations. Now. I want to see them. I told her that if they did not send me the money to pay the roofer that I would halt the roofing and sue PNC for non-payment after the roofer puts a lien on the property. All of a sudden, my Divorce Decree got scanned through and after putting me on hold for 5 minutes, Barb said that they now have everything they need to issue a check to me. Hmmm...

    Before we hung up, this is what I got out of her. PNC received the check on June 14, 2017. PNC - instead of endorsing the check and returning it to me - deposited the check into their "escrow account" because they have "only so many days we can hold the check". So you do the math. Sounds fishy to me. This is not PNC's money to deposit. PNC does not pay my insurance premiums for me. They should have returned the check ASAP and been glad that I care enough to work on getting a new roof.

    Anyway, as of today, June 20, 2017 it will take "24 to 48" hours to have a check issued from "corporate". The check will be returned to loss/claims and will be endorsed. I asked why it will need to be endorsed by PNC if it's issued by PNC and made out to me. No answer form Barb on this. She said she was requesting the check right then and I asked her if it will take another "24 to 48" hours for PNC to find a stamp and a mailbox. So, that's my story. As soon as I can get away from PNC I am going to. Be aware of their shoddy and questionable business practices. Stay on top of them. Document, document, document.

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    Reviewed June 8, 2017

    4 attempts on REFI and PNC self inflicts damage, denies anyways. Nov. 2016 PNC calls, invites me in to look at a REFI. 1st app they abandoned it and I get denial for incomplete. I call, we resubmit, now I've left a job for a better one in Jan 2017, it's a "staffing" but it's a right to work state, so no issue? Wrong, denied after the processor wants me to get all the payoffs, and info when it's HIS job. Mortgage team says they will replace him on my account and, "Let's resubmit again." 3rd attempt, I find out the SAME guy STILL on it, and having issues with VOE. Can't get anyone to use logic or common sense and underwriter (UW) decides that staffing while a long term here in Florida a right to work state anyways, understands the circumstances, however for "schedule B compliance" my loan must die.

    At the invitation of the UW and high up the chain mortgage team, if I resubmit once again (4th time) they promise to be "more objective" in their process. I specifically asked the Loan Officer about this. If they truly are onboard I will resubmit, knowing all this credit running and such is surely to kill my credit and I will be unable to submit anywhere else for a very long time. I'm encouraged to go ahead, while everyone is onboard. Well the first thing they do, request a VOE from the WRONG employer, the parent company in NJ instead of the same one they used the previous times. They sent back info stating I'm a "technically a TEMP employee". I have to scramble to my actual employer, get them to resend correct info, and also have the parent company send a corrected VOE. Now UW has TWO and decides they are confused. (If you work for local TV station, you call THEM for VOE, not Time Warner in NYC!)

    Now that shouldn't even matter as the commitment to being objective understands more companies use staffing agencies now thanks to health care policy and other and hire them instead of build their own HR dept. Didn't matter! UW completely reneged on their promise, used the excuse that they got the word "TEMP" (because they emailed and called BOTH parent co. and my employer "fishing" for someone to give them this PNC only "permanent" employment statement WITHOUT even defining "permanent"). This isn't a federal requirement, it's a PNC requirement that to this day they refuse after multiple requests to provide their definition in writing, or site reference for it. (Is it a year? 2? 5? Does it even matter in a "right to work" state?)

    So the promised objectivity for whatever reason was just a ploy. They threw every reason they could to deny the loan including multiple issues with credit run too often and too often in a 6 month period (BECAUSE THEY RAN IT EVERY TIME!) So now, my credit is too low, I have the frequency hit, no other establishment will touch it now. I would understand had my status anywhere changed on the 3rd attempt, they could have ended it there, but THEY INVITED ME to resubmit then reneged on the objectivity promised. Customer relations at PNC inquired however was powerless and their response was "management reviewed all documents." WRONG! They were supposed to find out where the objectivity went, why was I invited to a 4th run and then deal broken, but they completely ignored it.

    Millions in America work forever with staffing agencies, entire medical staffs in hospitals, most of the workers at every airport, for example work decades for staffing, including their supervisors and management. My company has just one employee working for the actual company, 5 different staffing agencies from across the country manage EVERY other employee! You could call staffing agencies the new HR. PNC even recognized that with their invite to resubmit, but destroyed my financial status and credit score impact will have me climbing out for quite sometime.

    This isn't a Fannie Mae issue, or Frank Dodd issue, it's a PNC specific guideline for "permanent" yet most employer will NOT give more than what is required by law. Common sense tells you any extra information lays the employer open to problems down the road. PNC to date will NOT give me this definition of their, or its reference. As a disabled Vet, it's a crying shame. I actually get better treatment from the VA that has people dying in their waiting areas than PNC Mortgage!

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    Reviewed May 22, 2017

    Mark ** of PNC BANK MORTGAGE, is a complete liar and fraud. We were approved in March and were told we would get commitment letter in 24 to 48 hours. After multiple phone calls and numerous unanswered emails, he finally told us today... 2 months later and over $3000.00 in lost money, that things were never going to work from the beginning and we should go somewhere else. How does a company allow an employee to lie to a potential customer for months? Stay away from PNC Mortgage and Mark **. Complete frauds.

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    Reviewed May 15, 2017

    I've had a PNC mortgage for over 20 years. With interest rates low, I decided to check in to refinancing. Called the 800 number and began the process. I have 1 mortgage at 5.75% and a second at 3.25%. We discussed rolling the second mortgage into first but I decided to leave it alone. It's a small balance with a low interest with a payment I can handle. I just really wanted to lower the first mortgage. No monies out, just lower it. So, I paid the application fee of around $100.00 and was told an appraiser would be in touch to schedule an appraisal. I was told the whole process would take about 30 days.

    I had the inspection done at the tune of around $550.00. Done, done, done. Wait, wait, wait. I get a letter about 30 days later stating that that is a second lien on the house. Duh, yes, I know that. That would be my second mortgage. Remember, we're not including that. From then on, Russell ** would not take my calls or reply to my emails. Finally 3 months into the fiasco, I get a letter explaining that my application was rejected due to "lack of information". WTF? I stormed to my local PNC where of course no one could help me but I filed a complaint. I don't want anything now from these bozos but my application fee and the cost of having my home appraised.

    I got a call just last week from David ** that a refund would not be possible because I didn't tell them I had the second mortgage. Again, WTF? I beg your pardon but we did discuss the 2nd in the initial conversation. How could they not see that? It is a PNC account and we talked about it. Now, this David person is going to review the phone tapes to hear exactly what was discussed. Crazy, crazy, crazy. This has become so convoluted it's insanity. Give me my money back and I will go elsewhere.

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    Reviewed April 19, 2017

    I placed a claim with my insurance company for repairs and damages to my house due to flood in Oct 2016. PNC mortgage wanted the check and that was fine. They stated that as the repairs were being done they would issue a portion of the funds to me to pay the contractors. Well it well for the replacement of the roof and floors in the house. I had to pay out of pocket for the other repairs because they stated that they had paid the allowed amount and the remainder funds would not be released until all work was done. I now can see damage, ie rotten boards where the rain destroyed and the contractors did not catch in the estimate. I would like to have this repaired as wasp are going into the openings.

    My house also needs painting due to the water damage. There is money left from my claim that is just sitting in an account. Why can't I use this money to repair my house? I cannot seem to get anyone to answer the phone. I have called through customer service only to be transferred to them and kept on hold for over 15 minutes. The phone then constantly rings and no one picks up. My mortgage was sold to PNC mortgage and I must say they are the rudest company I have ever had to experience.

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    Reviewed April 19, 2017

    I am a General Contractor for a PNC Mortgage Holder. PNC has had the 1st insurance check since the middle of March 2017. We have finished up all trades on the client's home and sent PNC all correspondence needed to release the check. The completion certificate was faxed a 2nd time on 4/6/2017. My client has spent hours on hold to talk to a representative but no one ever answers the phone. I have emailed and no response. I have suggested to my client that he change mortgage companies to one that really cares about their mortgage holders. I will be turning this over to the Attorney General's Office for further help.

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    Reviewed April 17, 2017

    So we applied for a mortgage and throughout the process e-mails went unanswered, ignored, or answered after three and four days. Everything was sat on until the last minute then it was a huge rush to get things pushed through. The loan processor began emailing insults as related to our lack of patience. Now the loan will not close as was expected (and all because we were ignored) and we will lose the opportunity to close on our home. As of this date I intend to pull all of our banking from PNC Bank and NEVER to return. To think that going with your personal bank whom you already have a relationship with would be simpler and easier.

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    Reviewed March 24, 2017

    I refinanced with a co. and about a week later they sold it to PNC bank. PNC started sending me letters that I didn't have flood ins. Then they said I didn't have adequate flood coverage. Then they said my flood ins. expired. Then they had me with an ins co. I never even heard of. Since I just refinanced, and you just bought the loan wouldn't you think they would have checked this information out with the co they purchased me from... Since I had just refinanced, you know I had to have the proper information and everything in place. My flood ins was paid in full in Aug 2016-Aug 2017. I did my refi in November 2016. How could you say my flood ins expired. I do not recommend them at all!!! PS, I have several mortgage companies throughout the years and have never had this kind of nonsense before. Well except for Nationstar, whom I would not recommend also.

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    Reviewed March 14, 2017

    All I want to say is PNC should be ashamed of themselves. When I bought my home in 2008 it was with a mortgage company who then sold it to PNC. In the years of paying my mortgage each month any time I had to speak with a representative they were rude and never really seem like they cared about my problems. Fast forward to 2016. I have been needing to refinance my house to remove my ex-husband's name from the deed and the loan. I first contacted PNC and ask them if I would be eligible to refinance with them considering that's who my house is with. Because my home had been a rental home and because I did not live there and I could not refinance because of certain Financial things. A month after I had given up PNC called me. Told me that I would be eligible to refinance and do an FHA streamline loan period. And I could remove my ex-husband's name with no problem.

    I spent almost 4 months sending them the documents. Not once, not twice but three times. I then got a phone call from the loan officer stating that because my current husband's name was on my bank statements which verified six months of payments they could not go forth with the loan. You're right just because my bank statements had my current husband's name on them I could not proceed with the loan. After saying a few Choice words and crying, I calmed down. I've been called my loan officer back and told them that if I had to add my current husband's name to the loan so be it. But after asking many questions I was told that my rate would change from 3.8 to 4.1 and my closing costs we're going to be $1,000 more.

    Just like many of the other consumers that have complained I spent a lot of my time sending emails and not getting responses. Calling and being told someone would return my call and not be called. PNC is corrupt! 3 weeks and to the second loan application... you know the one where I added my current husband's name I finally got paperwork in the the mail my loan has not been approved. So let me get this right... I was approved for the first loan that didn't have my current husband's name on it. But because of his name being on my bank statements had my current husband's name on it after resubmitting the second loan application I was not approved. PNC should burn.

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    Reviewed Feb. 17, 2017

    You don't have a choice about becoming their customer. They buy your loan and you are stuck. And then you suffer. They messed things up when they bought my loan. They couldn't make their own auto-pay system work (their IT is terrible). Then they hit my credit rating with a 60 day late! Incompetence like you've never experienced.

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    Reviewed Feb. 12, 2017

    Paid off loan in October and I'm blocked from signing in. Sold rental in October, I need all the taxes, insurance and interest paid info. I don't recall getting in the mail. The website I used for 10 years to pay and get this info no longer recognizes me as a user. Hoping to get online, now will take my chances calling and then waiting for a mailed tax form.

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    Reviewed Feb. 3, 2017

    My mortgage is currently with PNC. I wanted to take advantage of the lower mortgage rates, and with constant bombardment of PNC's 'Refinance with us' mailings, I decided to do all the work required. It started well, and then the bottom dropped out. The finance officer, located in Michigan, promised the sun and the moon, then moved to Mars. For over a month I called and sent emails. No response. Finally, another finance officer contacted me and continued to process my application. I sent ALL paperwork requested - repeatedly! I don't understand. How is it that the underwriters have absolutely no clue as to what their job is? I sent proof several times that I OWN my solar panels. I sent an electric bill to prove that I am hooked up to the grid. I once again, for about the 5th time, received an email asking for proof that I paid for the solar panels. I told them to keep their mortgage.

    My sister suggested that they never wanted me to refinance for a lower rate when they already are getting more money out of me. I tend to agree. PNC, as far as I am concerned, is a very corrupt bank, lying to people about how they will get you the refinance. I wasted 5 months playing their games. I can only hope and pray that the bank goes under. Save the rest of the world the aggravation and nonsense they heaped upon me, and apparently a tremendous number of other people.

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    Reviewed Jan. 26, 2017

    I've read some of the complaints and all I can say is I am amazed that many of the complaints are exactly like mine. I wish. So now for my complaint... We originally financed our home with another company, then PNC bought our loan. I had no problem after paying our loan for over 10 years total. We decided to refinance to ten years and since we would not need another property survey since PNC already had a copy it made sense to refi with PNC.

    That was a big mistake. We experienced the same clumsy issues as did Josh of South Carolina dated Jan 5, 2017. Our loan officer's name is Diane **. The first person that we worked with took our application, etc. and then it went to her. She would not confirm that I sent the correct papers, etc. Ended up sending the same thing several times. She messed it up so badly, our closing date finally arrived way past our expectations because the interest lock-in date was 4 days away! She made mistake after mistake!

    That is not the worst of it. They rolled over the escrow, etc. as expected to the new loan. She told me that an FHA loan, they had to charge me for two months interest on the old loan but said I would get it back. Also, instead of the payoff on the original loan being paid off on the date they said it would, they held it up for 6 days. I guess so they could get more interest on it as well as already charging me interest on the new loan.

    Instead of them sending me the interest overpayment, they put it in our escrow account! So now they have much more in our escrow account than necessary and making money on our money sitting in la la land! I do not feel their people are trained to help their customers, instead I think they are poorly trained and most likely trained to perform in the best interest of PNC.

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    Reviewed Jan. 20, 2017

    All options were within the nose of each other for a refinance. I previously had a mortgage with PNC. So I figured all things being equal I would re-use them - it should be easier. This was a mistake. The amount of documentation I need to provide was as if they did not have an existing financial relationship with me. Fine. However, several of the document required were redundant and a waste of time.

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    Reviewed Jan. 5, 2017

    First let me say that I've never felt so badly about a company that I felt inclined to create an online account just tell others about the experience. There is a first for everything I guess. I'll just dive into it now.

    My wife and I moved to South Carolina from Virginia a little over three years ago. While living in VA we had a mortgage through PNC and were very satisfied with them and the service we'd received. So when it came time to buy a home in South Carolina recently we of course decided to go with them again. We contacted them and started the process with the Mortgage Loan Originator. She was friendly and knowledgeable and things seemed good at first. After the initial contact and pre-approval is where things started to go downhill fast. We were transitioned over to a Mortgage Loan Processor to help with gathering required documents to get final approval from the underwriters.

    This Lady who is the Mortgage Loan Processor can barely even complete a coherent sentence. Her emails are gibberish and her attitude is full of contempt. She refuses to respond to emails in a timely manner. She never answers the phone and only returns phone calls at her convenience. Here is an example of the type of emails that I received from this woman. (Hi, Mr. ... Form a copy date blue mouse) Yeah I'm exaggerating a little but some of her emails left me just as confused as the statement above. So pretty quickly my wife and I had enough of this and we complained to her Supervisor, on voice mail of course because nobody in this organization will answer the phone. We received a call back shortly from the supervisor and she explained that it was all my fault for not being patient and that her employee was very busy working with lots of others. NOT MY PROBLEM!!!! Long story short I decided to give her another shot.

    Communication issues continued as if I'd never complained. Documents were requested by her and sent by me and then the next week she would ask for the same document again and say that I never gave it to her before, even though I had proof that I did. Finally we got through all the issues with this woman and got to the final approval. They sent over the numbers and my wife and I reviewed them. A few of the numbers were not clear to us so we called for an explanation. On the phone with her I said, "could you please go over the numbers with us so we can make sure we understand?" She said, "No you need to tell me what you don't understand first." I said "well nobody from PNC has gone over any of it with us so could you please go through all of it with us now?" She said "No, it's all there and explained for you in the document."

    These quotes are not word for word because my memory isn't that good but we went back and forth like that for a few minutes before she finally said she couldn't help and would have to have someone else go through it with us. What?!?! Seriously! How is this person working in this position? She clearly doesn't know her job and doesn't have the customer service skills to be on the phone with customers representing a company. PNC, is this the type of image you want to portray?

    So skip a few more frustrating moments and we finally make it to closing day. Now keep in mind that we've been given a closing date and time. We've given our landlord notice that we're moving out. We have all of our belongings packed in a truck and it's just a few days before Christmas. It's now one hour until we're supposed to meet at the closing office and sign the papers and I get a phone call from the closing office.

    They say, "hey PNC is changing your numbers at the last minute so we're going to have to cancel your closing." What!!!!! My crap is packed in a truck. This cannot be happening. I called PNC about 50 times until someone finally called me back. Like I said they will not answer the phone. After going off for a minute they tell me, "well even though you had final approval our management found an issue and you have to pay an extra $600 at closing so we had to adjust the numbers." I ranted for a little bit and reminded them that I had already paid more than the required percentage down and also had paid an extra $500 out of pocket for a mistake they had made previously and that I was about to walk away (but I really couldn't). They came back 30 minutes later and said they got it down to $200 instead of $600.

    They had me in a position where I had no choice. Remember, I have no place to live at this point. My stuff is packed in a rental truck that has to be returned pretty soon. Whatever they said I had to pay to keep closing on track then I was going to have to pay it. The cost of not paying it would have been higher. And I think they knew or know this and want to bleed people dry. I will be moving away from them soon and I will never do business with them again. Personally if I could afford it right now I would take legal action against them for the stress that they put me and my family through. Do whatever it takes to stay away from this place.

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    Reviewed Jan. 5, 2017

    I have a mortgage with PNC and back then five years ago I was told I had to pay $800 to lock in an interest rate which I was told that it's only $100. Secondly I applied for a home-equity line to purchase a new property so I can write my current space out. They demanded numerous amounts of documentation something that was a relevant and on top of that they don't do home equity line for co-op which means they made me waste over two weeks of time!!!! Furthermore the gentleman that called back just said "it's just something we don't do" after two weeks of wasting my time. He clearly is not properly trained and again wasted my time. I don't know what type of scam the mortgage company is trying to play but they are doing very bad things. I want some type of outcome out of this.

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    Reviewed Dec. 25, 2016

    I have been with PNC for years. Have all my accounts, mortgage and home equity there. I recently went to refinance with them. Of course I had to give them my life history, taxes for 3 years etc. Then they told me to roll my 457 over to them from MetLife and take monthly payments and that would bring my income up since I collect a pension. Well, stupid me I did that and started taking payments. Now they denied me the loan because I owe too much in credit cards, which is why I was taking the loan to pay them off. (Really PNC, you would be making more money!) My credit score is excellent but that does not matter. Then she says she will try for another type loan. Never heard back from her now for 3 weeks and they are ignoring my questions. I am looking elsewhere and taking every cent out of that PNC. Thanks for nothing PNC.

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    Reviewed Dec. 22, 2016

    The worst experience ever. I applied for Home Equity Line in August of 2016. It took 2 months for a Appraisal report to come back and it took 3 weeks to be review. Every time I called they would tell me the report is being review. Finally got tired of the runaround and ask to speak to Supervisor. SUPERVISORS never contacted me. I then called the Escalation Department. It was no help. Please I don't want no one to go through a similar nightmare. JUST STAY AWAY FROM PNC BANK.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Dec. 9, 2016

    I never write reviews and shame on me for that. After this experience I am however in hopes of saving others the grief I suffered. In attempt to refinance my house I s/w agent ** at PNC. They required a LOT of documents, reports, and paperwork, much more than I've had to supply in past home transactions but oh well. I was told my rate would be locked in for 60 days and I had up until then to get all of the process complete.

    After having numerous tax documents copied, and putting my accountant through the ringer and collecting everything, I submitted it all to PNC after 3 weeks of our initial call. After a week I received no feedback. I emailed and called several times with no return email or call. I finally got through and was told my application had been CANCELLED. I demanded a manager and he told me there was nothing he could do. To make it worse I lost my rate which was supposed to be fixed for 60 days, well the rates have gone up drastically since.

    I was told they could start another application but I could not receive the previous rate by "Steve" the manager. I asked, "so your company made this mistake, I was lied to, this is going to cost me 1000's and there's nothing but 'I apologize for the misunderstanding'" you can do? It amazes me how some people do their jobs and have NO accountability for their mistakes or actions. I believe in karma, but do yourself a huge favor and go with another mortgage/refinance company.

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    Reviewed Nov. 10, 2016

    PNC is a very poor mortgage company. When I ask for the process to cancel my PMI I was given a 2 page letter of all the steps I must follow, which one of them was send $500 to a appraisal company owned by PNC and after I call to ask questions and ask what other options I have. I was told in not so many words though that was the only option open to me and no I could not talk to a supervisor or any one else. All I can say is PNC does not have a customer service group can or want to deal with customers to help them. It is easier to refinance my home loan with another company and will cost me less money and I will not have to buy PMI.

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    Reviewed Nov. 9, 2016

    Beware. I made the mistake of choosing them as a FHA loan, not only have they taken 40 days to get a loan commitment, they are using NationalLink for appraisals and they purposely appraise at a very low figure. I was unable to get my home, they were asking for 20k down FHA program. Loan officers are rookies and hardly ever answer the phone. I wish someone would have told me how awful it is to conduct mortgage business with them. You have been warned.

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    Reviewed Nov. 7, 2016

    My mortgage was sold to PNC. No problems, I paid and they took the money. Then I suffered damage from a tornado December 26, 2015. The insurance company was quick to pay, but the money went to PNC for them to hold as repairs were made, fair enough, or so I thought. I have had to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket, went months and BEG PNC to reimburse me for repairs, even after I sent cancelled check copies. They have been HORRIBLE to work with. I still might have to sue to get money owed me, but normally, after a few months of begging they release the money to pay me for work I paid for months ago. RUN AWAY from PNC Mortgage.

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    Reviewed Nov. 1, 2016

    I originally got my mortgage from Loan Depot, an absolutely terrible company. Home Depot sold my loan to PNC Mortgage. As my 1st payment is due PNC Mortgage did not have my account setup and did not allow me to make my first payment. My interest on the mortgage keeps growing even if they can't charge me a late fee. I have money for my mortgage payment sitting in my checking account while PNC will not allow me to pay my payment. I received notice that my loan was sold to PNC 17 days ago and they didn't have time to assign me a loan number and send out payment instructions. Do not use Loan Depot or PNC, they have terrible customer service.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Oct. 28, 2016

    I first applied for PNC to get a pre-approval for a loan to buy a house in June or July of 2016. I was to go to closing on 8/31. These people gave me and the owners the runaround for what was missing in paperwork for about a whole two months, which made the people that I was buying the home from back out. The loan officer left in middle of all this. However when the supervisor stepped in it went from bad to worst cost me my dream home. After I get another home I will never deal with PNC for anything after this. Just awful. :(

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Oct. 12, 2016

    We spent 3 1/2 months dealing with PNC Bank over what should have been a simple refinance. I have never experienced such terrible customer service or lack of knowledge from a bank regarding mortgages. Multiple times documents had to be resent after the loan officer misplaced them, weeks at a time went by without any contact with us, and every time I contacted them they had screwed up some important information and were clueless on any details. After 3 1/2 months of them wasting our time they never even called to say they were not able to refinance our home. I received a letter in the mail with a generic reason. We then decided to refinance with our local credit union. They gave us a better rate, said we were great candidates for the refinance and had it all wrapped up in 3 short weeks!!! PLEASE think twice before using this bank for anything!!!

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Oct. 10, 2016

    I have an line of credit from PNC. I notice discrepancy on the interest charged. I paid my loan 15 days in advance yet the interest is higher than the month before. I have called for explanation from PNC 3 weeks ago and still have no answer to date. I called many times and spent many hours on the phone (not to mention my calls are being passed around to different departments), yet no one has the answer. The person I spoke to last told me he will look into it and should have an answer in the next couple of days. A week later he still did not have the answer. Years ago (maybe in the early 2000) I have the same issue and PNC was able to credit me a big amount of money from the monthly interest charges they charged me on this account. I have to warn people that deal with this bank to be vigilant into your interest charges every month.

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    Reviewed Sept. 21, 2016

    My home equity loan line of credit for 250k we only used 75k in checks written. I am questioning why they are showing that I owe 227k. I can't get a response from anyone at PNC. They said they can only go back 10 years. My husband was very sick and passed away and I have been looking at bills and think there was an error but cannot get help from PNC.

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    Reviewed Sept. 16, 2016

    PNC MORTGAGE DIVISION...I had been a real estate agent for 15 years and I have never had an experience like I did with PNC. My clients were easy ready to go, 30,000 down and they had their own closing costs. First off return calls were slow and an attitude when you called. Then my buyer's closing date was moved and a new date never given. We begged and pleaded for a new date and nothing happened. Again conventional loan with 10% down and the client had 2 accounts with brainer!

    Two days from our settlement date, they informed the seller that she had to move out or my buyers could not purchase! Then they drove by the house and wanted their own repairs done, right before settlement! Then they insisted on seeing my client's Home Inspection, which was for the buyer's records and she owned it. This home was as is and 1 week away from foreclosure. After many unsuccessful attempts we were unable to resolve anything, so my client went to another bank and closed in 3 days!!! Worst experience in my whole real estate career!

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    Reviewed Sept. 7, 2016

    I am a first time home buyer, and I went through PNC to get my mortgage because of a low down payment promotion they were running. I found the home I wanted in June, signed the contract, and began the closing process. I was told it would probably take about 45 business days, so I was prepared to wait until the end of August to be able to move into my home. All the time I have been so excited to embark on the adventure that is homeownership. Little did I know that as my projected closing date came and went, I would wish that I never even started this process.

    On a positive note, I can say that my loan officer has been helpful, even though I know he is busy. The underwriters, on the other hand, have been something out of my worst nightmare. They want things I don't have. They ask for things that I have already given them several times over. Right now, it feels like I won't even be closing this year according to the way things are going. The thought of moving into my perfect little home is the only thing keeping me going, and even that sometimes doesn't seem worth the stress I have been put through. If you are a first time home buyer, do not try to use PNC. I wish I had gone through a smaller mortgage company that actually cares about me as a person, not just the money they are getting out of me.

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    Reviewed Sept. 5, 2016

    I used PNC because a private banking executive I had worked with for years had begun to work for them. I was under the impression that I would be working with her, a very nice and efficient person, but found out that that would only be in the case of refinance, not a new mortgage. I was connected to a mortgage account executive in another city in state, Michael, and he assured me he would help throughout. As the process unfolded, there were demands for more and more information, presumably required for new regs that came into being after 2008.

    At first the man was collegial, then he became somewhat abrupt. The more the process drag on, the more rude he became. He asked me for information I had already sent weeks ago, and when I told him so, he told me I was wrong in fairly unprofessional manner. I then forwarded the dated emails to him, showing I had sent them to him weeks before. No apology. I will NEVER do business with PNC mortgage again. I have purchased 8 home over my career and this was worse than the other 7 combined in the realm of stress, efficiency, courtesy, etc.

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    Reviewed Aug. 26, 2016

    Most horrible experience with obtaining mortgage loan. Loan Officer, Jennifer **, confidently told me we could close on a home purchase on 8/13 if all went well. Appraisal value was 28k under purchase price. Jennifer & PNC sat on appraisal issue for 3 weeks. She went off on vacation for a week and did not give realtors, attorneys, or me a contact person or number to reach while she would be away. She completely ignored our calls all week during her vacation. She then told us closing would occur on 8/24.

    On 8/23 when attorneys asked questions on closing, Jennifer claimed no one told her about the closing. Are you kidding me??? She is the one who gave the date and then claims she didn't know. She is so clueless and STRONGLY LACKS COMMUNICATION SKILLS!!! Every time I asked her what's going on with file, she would give me a list of things the underwriter needed. Why do I have to nudge her for her to ask what is needed? This happened on 4 separate occasions. We received a clear to close yesterday, 8/25. Mind you, the seller moved to Wisconsin waiting for this deal to fund to use monies for their purchase there. All the while, their belongings are sitting in a moving truck. Jennifer gave us the news that closing will take place on 9/2. Pathetic!!!

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    Reviewed July 27, 2016

    PNC was not our original mortgage company. They bought our mortgage company, but I wish they had not. Things went smoothly for several years after PNC bought our mortgage. In fact, interest rates dropped very low during those years, so we contacted a local PNC agent to refinance. He looked at our information, said it would be easy and quick. In fact, a simple phone call locked our rate, and the package was in the mail in a couple days. We filled everything out, sent all required forms, and forwarded to PNC in self-addressed envelope. It is important to note here that PNC ALREADY OWNED our loan for several years. Despite that fact, after charging us over $700 in app fees and appraisal fees, they denied our refinance.

    More important facts. Our home was valued at double what we were refinancing by the appraiser they chose! When we got our mortgage we put over 20% down. Our credit scores were and are in the high 700s! The agent told us his hands were tied. He could not give us explanation for denial. The letter we got from PNC, a stand letter with different blocks to check for reasons had the block marked "type of house" as reason. What does that mean? They already own the mortgage! I made tons of calls to PNC to try and get an explanation. Refinancing us was a lower risk to them than when they purchased our mortgage. However, we would considered in all respects, a very low risk. We owed less, we had invested money into improvements in the house, and our loan-to-value ratio was outstanding, we had many years at jobs, and our credit rating was tops. We already have several years of payments to them, not one of which was ever late.

    They have great low level phone people, because you can never get to anyone who has any authority to do anything. In fact, twice, the main office connected me back to our local office to the guy who said his hands were tied. It became so infuriating, we dropped the matter. I wish we had not. I wish we had filed a complaint, but that was a few years ago. Despite my dislike for the company, I had learned to let it go. That was until this month when we got a letter that our mortgage payment was late. In nearly 30 years of making a mortgage payment to several different mortgage companies, we have NEVER received such a letter. I knew it was PNCs issue, not ours, because I had come to realize like many others, that it takes PNC up to two weeks to credit your payment after they receive it. I always mail it early.

    I paid several bills that day, so I checked to make sure all the other businesses had received our checks, and sure enough, they were received and credited. We waited 7 more days to see if check showed up at PNC. There was no risk, we had already been charged the late fee. After 7 days, still nothing. In checking information on-line, we realized we could make our mortgage payment at a local PNC branch bank, so that's what we did. That was yesterday.

    Today, PNC cashed our original check. Just another infuriating example of what a terrible mortgage company they are to work with. The one bright spot in this whole thing is a gal named Kim ** who I contacted by phone. I needed to see what they did with not one, but two mortgage payments. Kim was understanding, professional, and the most helpful person I ever spoke to at PNC. She made sure our payment was credited to next month, and said we would receive a check for the amount of late fee. (We have not received it, but for some reason, I trust her). So yes, we did find a person at PNC that made us feel like we mattered. The rating still stands for PNC as awful because, as previously stated above, their mortgage company is terrible.

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    Reviewed July 15, 2016

    Rarely do I feel strongly enough about an experience to write a review, but this company wasted many hours of our time and lots of our money. This felt like a scam that they were allowed to get away with. Our loan was sold to PNC early on and it caused us a nightmare for years. We were paying ahead on our loan since that was not supposed to incur any penalty, but what we weren't told was the hassle PNC would cause about the massive PMI they were charging us. They refused to remove it for many years that we should have been eligible for it to be gone. They set up a system where the only way to remove the PMI early (from having paid ahead) was to have the property re-appraised.

    The catch? The only way to do that was to pay THEM for the new appraisal (an amount much larger than we paid to have ours done originally) and THEY assign a company to do it. Not allowed to have an independent appraisal done! Not even allowed to chose an agreed-upon company! If this was a traditional loan we would have refinanced ASAP, but since it was a mobile home and some years had passed, it became too difficult to move on to another company and they basically had us trapped, stealing our money in unwarranted PMI payments for years beyond when they should have.

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    Reviewed July 8, 2016

    The process of getting a mortgage with PNC was a nightmare from start to finish. They lied to us about Private Mortgage Insurance, then after we paid down to 31% LTV they still refused to remove it. So we decided to pay off our mortgage and on the payoff statement they were charging us for 2, not just the current month, but 2 months of mortgage insurance. So basically charging us for mortgage insurance for a month our mortgage wouldn't even exist. Complete liars and thieves. Stay away.

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    Reviewed July 6, 2016

    Beware of PNC with insurance claims. Our mortgage was purchased by PNC around 8 years ago. Everything seemed fine until we were hit by a severe hail storm in April that caused an insurance claim of $40K. Of course all the insurance checks included PNC and since then PNC has been holding our money hostage. We even had to pay out of pocket to the tune of $7,600 to get our HVAC system replaced because PNC would not send us any of the insurance money. And then it took 2 weeks to get a check from them after we jumped through all their hoops which included them calling the HVAC company to verify we had paid them despite the fact we had provided PNC with a receipt. They behave as if the money is theirs and that they give it to us out of the goodness of their hearts when in fact it's money earned by us and paid to our insurance company.

    So far we have been living in a house with boarded up windows and damaged siding for over 3 months. We lived without AC for a week before making the decision to pay out of pocket to fix it. We are having to cancel with the current contractor we have been using due to poor performance but PNC will not release any further money until we provide documentation from the cancelled contractor showing we don't owe them any money and if we can't get that documentation, they are willing to wait for us to get it settled in court which could be 2 years. And don't bother asking to speak to a supervisor because it takes them 2 days to call you back. We are selling this house as soon as it's repaired but if PNC buys any of our future mortgages, we will refinance just to get away from them.

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    Reviewed July 6, 2016

    We had all of our condo loans and condo accounts with RBC. When PNC purchased the bank in the middle of one of our condo loans, when it was ready to close, it took an additional 2 months to close, leaving me in tears - asking for documents that had been provided over and over. Over the next year, I went through a nightmare that was unbelievable.

    Despite the fact that I moved our client accounts there, bringing in so much money, I was harassed every single time I went to the bank, i.e. they could never find my mortgages for payments because PNC changed loan numbers from RBC loan numbers, and their system was not able to look up the old RBC numbers, asking me repeatedly for updated information stating my information was incorrect (phone numbers, address, etc.) when my information had not changed in 5 years (why did they keep telling me I was wrong - LOL - insane), refusing to take change on deposits, cancelling my cards on all of my accounts because of "errors" out of the blue, etc. I tried to talk to bank managers, and there was none on staff (guess she quit since it was so bad), and it took months to hire new manager, and the district manager told me to drive to the next town over to make my numerous vacation rental deposits.

    I literally wept on several occasions - and I am not a crier. I finally moved all of our accounts to Compass (including my business partner's huge retirement account), where I am greeted with kindness and willingness to help, and even called by my first name. I still go through nightmares with the insurance on the condos EVERY SINGLE YEAR - EVERY YEAR they tell me we do not have enough coverage even though our master policy has an ALL-IN endorsement - every year despite my repeated calls they attach an additional policy to our account - and it takes me from OCTOBER to MAY EVERY YEAR in dozens of letters and 15 hours in phone calls holding to GET THESE PEOPLE TO see there is an all-in endorsement.

    They also will talk to me for 15 minutes arguing about insurance for accounts THAT HAVE BEEN PAID OFF FOR OVER A YEAR. They are not even able to pull up the appropriate loan number. Good grief - I finally told my business partner a few months ago that if I went through this one more year, we would have to pay the loans off or refinance - I feel like I need to file a litigation just to get their customer service to look in a file.

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    Reviewed June 29, 2016

    My mortgage was bought out by PNC 2 years ago and my life has been a nightmare ever since. They will not accept my association master plan insurance, they threatened me with an additional policy at the cost of $521 a year. When my association satisfied their need they countered with lack of interior insurance stating they want another HO-6 policy to cover my personal effects and any "betterments/improvements" I might have done. There has been none and how can they force me to buy additional insurance on something that is not there? After more than 1 dozen threatening letter and more than 1 doz personal calls to their insurance dept they are brain-dead and don't understand. Problem solved!!! I refinanced at a lower rate with a very good lender. PNC: you can kiss my **.

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    Reviewed June 25, 2016

    It is obvious after reading the reviews on PNC that they are a terrible bank. I wonder why nothing has been done about them? This concerns my mortgage. My payments are not credited on time and over a month late before they credit my account, even though they have cashed my checks a month and sometimes 2 months in advance. On occasion they charge a late fee, even when my account has been paid months in advance. Some payments are never credited even though they cash the checks.

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    Reviewed June 13, 2016

    After PNC bought my mortgage, making me their customer without my consent (and having the nerve to thank me to "choosing" them), they communicated wrong information to everyone they possibly could: me; my homeowner's insurance company; my county's tax office; and most infuriatingly, themselves. As far as I can tell, no department at PNC communicates with any other department, and every department will blame your problem on another department.

    The biggest problem though is that even customer support isn't just one department. PNC uses no fewer than five separate systems that can't seem to share any information with each other about an ongoing customer service issue: "Secure Messages" on their website. Expect a response within "48 business hours" whatever that means. But don't really expect that, because instead of sending you a reply within that Secure Message system, they will snail-mail you a response, in a non-postmarked, pre-sorted envelope, which you will receive about two weeks later. You may also receive a contradictory letter a day or two later, with no mention of the first letter. Not a correction, just contradictory information.

    Their Phone Number. No two people you speak to will give you the same answer to the same question. No one can tell you why the information about your account that shows on their screen is completely different from what shows on your own screen, looking at their website. No one can tell you what the contradictory letters in the mail mean.

    Facebook. Yep, social media is the most reliable way to get in contact with PNC. They're the most responsive, at least. Still, they can't directly help you, which is probably for the best, 'cause you really shouldn't be handling banking issues over social media. Anyway, after they've publicly feigned concern, they will either tell you to use their "live chat" feature (see below), or they will assign you to an "escalations" agent (also see below) who they say will call you "today". "Live Chat". This can only be accessed by clicking a link that a PNC social media representative has sent to you in a private message on social media. It's hosted on a non-PNC domain (sales. and the chat representative asks you to enter your account information into a non-secure chat window. No.

    The "Escalations Department". They will NOT call you back the same day as promised. They won't even call you from a listed PNC number, so you have to take it on faith that they really are PNC and not just someone who has your name and phone number and saw on Facebook that you're expecting a call. But, they will give you a direct phone number to contact them at, and they might even be able to resolve your problem if you can handle waiting a few weeks for the back and forth. However, they will not be able to explain why none of your information matches theirs, they will not have access to any of your former communications with PNC regarding your issue, and they frequently need to consult with their "business partners" for a few days before getting back to you.

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    Reviewed June 10, 2016

    After having a mortgage with PNC for 10+ years without an issue. We are getting harassing phone calls and letters about our mortgage being in jeopardy of foreclosure. Upon calling, I was met with a woman who had no idea what was going on but a supervisor could call me back next week! Really? I demanded but it did no good. She said upon looking into it that my escrow had gone up in January! Where's that letter? So annoyed but happily refinanced with another company.

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    Reviewed June 2, 2016

    I, like many others had my mortgage with a smaller company which then was purchased by PNC. My experience with PNC has absolutely horrible. Their "loss mitigation" process is a joke. They are NOT invested in assisting the customer in any way. It almost seems like they are invested in getting you in foreclosure. Despite jumping through all their hoops, they do NOT provide any real assistance. This company's business practices are horrendous and I am actively searching for a new mortgage company to handle my FHA loan.

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    Reviewed May 21, 2016

    Updated on 06/20/2023: I had a mortgage with them and all of the sudden they doubled my monthly payment! They forced me into escrow even though I was making insurance and tax payments separately. They decided to force their insurance on me which was the highest available of course. While in the process of refinancing with them I got a foreclosure letter out of the blue! I lost my house and truly HATE them.

    Updated on 03/20/2022: I have had a loan with them for years at the monthly rate of $540.00 (fixed) and they increased it to $960.00 a month. My loan was in forbearance because I had issues paying it and trying to refinance. Every week they are asking for more docs. This past week I got a letter from a lawyer's office giving me a sell date of 2 weeks from now! Avoid at all costs.

    Original Review: My home loan was sold to this company. Since then my life has been a nightmare! I registered for automatic withdraw the first day I was able to. I have gotten call after call from these people- from collections to people calling me to "welcome" me to their irresponsible company. My May payment was taken out of my account May 1st and I just got a letter today saying my payment for May had not been received!! I am at my wit's end here- This is becoming harassment. If at all possible stay away from this irresponsible company.

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    Reviewed May 9, 2016

    I have read most of the remarks regarding PNC and see our situation reflected in most of them. We did not sign up with PNC to be our lender; they bought the company with which we had financed our mortgage. Gone was the personal attention, the willingness to listen and help. I applied for loan mitigation after unexpectedly losing my job in 2013 after 34 years; shortly thereafter my husband suffered a catastrophic stroke. Since that time we have submitted several applications for loan mitigation (we don't qualify for HARP because we do not have a 12 month record of on time mortgage payments).

    Each time we have been rejected for a different reason -- everything from a box wasn't correctly checked to "your credit score is too low". We get letter after letter saying "we want to work with you; we are here to help" and nothing could be further from the truth. Our single point of contact does not return our calls. With PNC, you are an account number, not a person. Your situation will not matter. What I am most distressed about is being hoodwinked into believing that the quality of care we had experienced with our old bank would continue under PNC. I should have done my homework, but those were the days when I trusted people. I cannot recommend PNC as a mortgage lender.

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    Reviewed May 1, 2016

    My husband and I wanted to refinance our mortgage with PNC to lower our interest rate. We were assigned Erik ** as our loan officer. What a disaster. After 6 sets of paperwork that were wrong - wrong loan amounts, wrong closing costs that changed with no explanation, wrong term, wrong interest rate - we had had enough and cancelled the loan. We lost money because we had already paid for the appraisal and certain fees but we were worried that PNC could not get the paperwork correct - and Erik ** kept telling us to "just sign it and it will be corrected at settlement". My husband and I are seniors and the one thing we have learned is to never sign something if it is incorrect!

    We sent him an e-mail cancelling the refinance and told him why. He made it a point of telling us he would keep our loan active for a week as we are always welcome to come back - there is no problem with the loan. We knew that as we have considerable equity in the home, and have considerable assets. The next thing we know, PNC sends us a denial because we don't have enough collateral. What?? Also, they lied and put in writing things that they claim are on our credit report which are not - FRAUD!! We are lodging complaints with state agencies and the consumer protection agency. STAY AWAY from PNC and especially Erik **!! I have all the emails and correspondence to prove our case. Shame on you Erik ** and PNC!

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    Reviewed April 15, 2016

    This is the worst mortgage company ever to exist! Local banking personnel have been very good. Mortgage personnel, lie, lie, lie! My mortgage terms was changed from a 30 year to a 20 year with the Make Home Affordable Act without my approval (or none clear to me) so that I ended with no financial relief making almost the same payments as before I applied. Actually, I was told by a mortgage representative that "the bank had to makes some money"! Of course this was denied by someone who was NOT on the phone at the time! They are VERY good at "losing" paperwork, payments and anything else that will serve their purpose, so make sure you have copies of everything, including voice recording if you speak with some by phone. It has been several years and still I am at the same point as when this all started. If you can, just go somewhere else for your mortgage needs!

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    Reviewed April 7, 2016

    First I am not new to dealing with mortgage companies. I have rental properties and currently have 5 mortgages, so mortgage companies are nothing new. I had one of my two garages destroyed by a tornado in December. My insurance company, Farmers, has been great to deal with and I was treated very fairly. The money was forwarded to PNC bank, which is where the problem started. You can wait on hold for over an hour at times to talk to Loss Claims, and they will find any reason they can not to release any money to get the job started.

    PNC has been holding nearly $100k for months, obviously I don't get any interest on that money. It looks like I will have to take legal action against PNC Mortgage to get my repairs completed. They are so worried I will take some money and not do the repairs, even though I have considerable equity in the home and have never missed a payment. I have dealt with other mortgage companies when there was a loss, never had a problem, until PNC Mortgage.

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    Reviewed March 29, 2016

    This was my first home purchase. Everything seemed to be rolling along when three days before the closing, the bank informs me that they did not finish my paperwork and will have to postpone the closing for five days. They claim there was a discrepancy on my tax return totaling $112. It turns out this was the fee to do my taxes. When I explained this to them, they stated that the paperwork will not be finished in time for closing. I told them that I had a moving company scheduled, I took time off from work, and all the utilities were notified of the closing date plus a furniture delivery was scheduled. They stated that they would see what they could do. They made no attempt to rush the paperwork and therefore my closing has been pushed off an additional five days. I will never use this company again. They made no attempt to correct their mistake and worked at their own pace with no regards for the customer.

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    Reviewed March 29, 2016

    I have a home in lower Alabama close to the gulf. We purchased our home about 18 months ago. We decided that this area was not for us so we put our home on the market for sale. This is not a fast selling area, so after 6 months the listing expired. Shortly after it had expired, we had a person who wanted to purchase it. This person was using PNC Mortgage, which is where the problems began. We put a closing date to be within 45 days for a simple fha home loan. Our buyer had moved quickly during the process getting the appraisal and home inspection done within two weeks.

    When we purchased our home we did a number of renovations to it. We installed new hardwood floors throughout our home, new 18 inch tile in the master bath, new toilets, new paint in every room, added a 16x12 screen porch to the rear of the home, added a large deck to the home, and spent countless hours installing new plants and shrubs. Much to our dismay, the appraiser took a total of 10 minutes to walk through our home. The appraisal actually came in 7000 less than what we purchased our home for. Pnc Mortgage has their appraisals done in house, and has privy to the loan documents.

    We questioned the appraisal, and even asked to have an independent appraisal done at our expense. This was immediately refused by PNC. Do you think they might have something to hide? Makes you wonder huh? Fortunately the buyer was not deterred by this, and still wanted the home. Because of PNC's low ball appraisal the bank was not willing to lend anything above the appraisal, thus costing myself to the tune of 14,000 dollars. It has passed the closing date by thirty days now, and still no word from PNC on a closing date. We looked to purchase a home in Florida, and because the home market in our price range moves so quickly, we have lost out on 4 homes by not being able to put a contract on them. This ordeal has been very trying and stressful. I just want it over, instead of being in limbo everyday. My advice to anyone using PNC for a home purchase, don't!!

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    Reviewed March 23, 2016

    When my home mortgage was recently purchased from Roundpoint Mortgage by PNC Mortgage I actually thought it would be an improvement because I liked the service I received from PNC Bank. Unfortunately, I soon found this to be a big mistake. First, the hand off from one mortgage company to the other was the worst that I have ever experienced. And second I learned that, unlike every other financial organization I work with (banks, credit cards, mortgage companies, IRS, etc.) PNC Mortgage does not collaborate with Quicken and, according to their representatives, has no plans to do so. So far, this is the worst service I have had by a mortgage company.

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    Reviewed March 22, 2016

    PNC bought my loan in September of 2015 and it has not been a good experience. I sent my first 2 months payments to PNC along with the EFT paperwork. Well, guess what, they claim they never got the form, but they got the payment, same envelope. I assumed it was all setup but it wasn't. I was out of town and didn't watch the account to verify payment. Until I received my mail, I already had a notice of being turned over to collections, default. I paid my payments via phone immediately. I had to send a letter to them explaining what happened.

    For the next 2 weeks I received every foreclosure form imaginable. Think about it, if I was going to not make my payments, why would I pay 2 months up front and then why would I make 2 more payments? Then I receive another letter from PNC saying they reviewed my case and that there is no fault on their side, and that it was all my fault. They then turned it over to the Credit Bureau because "they have to be honest and tell the truth." B.S. They are more concerned about trying to ruin people's credit. First time ever in 50 yrs this has happened. This is all due to PNC being incompetent.

    My advice to anyone involved with PNC is that you better make a copy of everything you send them, so you can prove your case. If you can't prove you sent it, they will not give you the benefit of the doubt. I wish PNC would sell my loan to another bank. They are the worst I have ever dealt with. I would prefer to not even give them 1 star, but that's as low as it goes.

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    Reviewed March 19, 2016

    After my home was severely damaged by Hurricane Sandy, and a divorce that followed, I was awarded the home through the courts. I attempted to modify the mortgage 3 times myself, sending in well over 200 documents each time only for PNC to turn me down each time for a variety of reason including a document faxed to them on the last day they needed it only to get their response that they don't scan it in until the following day.

    PNC has sabotaged every attempt I made including sending me back 8 payments I made on a trial plan they offered. I spoke to at least 40 different people and got many different requests for unneeded documentation. I have hired a lawyer and it still doesn't make a difference as it seems PNC is hell bent on evicting my family from our home. 1st and foremost I am a victim of the one of the worst disasters in the history of America, and PNC doesn't seem to care one bit or want to help. I wasn't asking for charity but simply a modification so I can start paying for my home again. Their uncooperation and continued delays puts me further and further in debt and no one seems to care. And now that I have an attorney, they blocked my online access to my information and refuse to speak to me. It's like they are punishing me to take all available avenues to save my home that I worked for my entire life. I don't get it but it seems they just don't care!

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    Reviewed Feb. 2, 2016

    This has to be the worst mortgage company ever established. Absolutely no communication with me or my wife. First time home buyers beware, you will have absolutely no idea what is going on throughout your whole process and or what the next step is. They give you unrealistic deadlines for a ton of paperwork they need from you. They ignore phone calls and numerous emails for days and then will email you back and let you know you have one day to get them numerous different papers and letters signed and returned. Wouldn't recommend this mortgage company to anyone, if I could I'd boycott.

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    Reviewed Jan. 31, 2016

    Woeful experience overall. It started off well with the loan manager (based in Harrisburg) - that was 10/10 for speed and service. From therein it was 0/10. When we did the closing the PNC 'notary' didn't date his signature (that's not even in the notary 101 I bet). That cost 3-4 days of a delay. After that though we were promised it would be ready on a certain date, then another and then another. We wanted the HELOC for some heavy ticket improvement items and the delays caused all sorts of headaches for us and others. Even the group handling an escalation complaint were poor. My advice would be to go with a professional HELOC group.

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    Reviewed Jan. 3, 2016

    With credit scores over 700, approvals thru the end, to find out our appraisal came in $25k less than loan we were getting to refinance. We were given the choice to negate the application or come to closing with $25K. Very disappointed. PNC has no other options available, having cost us $500 appraisal fee @ Christmas time, along with loss of time getting all paperwork together. No concern to help existing customers.

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    Reviewed Dec. 15, 2015

    I have contacted PNC several times in reference to deleting the PMI. They sent me a letter twice informing me of the requirements to get my house appraised and the appraisal has to be more than 579,000. This btw is the price my house appraised for when I purchased but I went ahead and got two appraisals. Both appraisals were above 579,000. When I presented them the appraisals, they then sent me a letter saying they have made a mistake in the required appraisal amount and that my house has to appraise at 630,000. So they refunded me the money I paid for the appraisals.

    Then I inquired about paying off the PMI with one lump sum. So again they sent me a letter saying I had to pay 18,300 and have my house appraised. Ok, fine. I already had an appraisal done. So when I called them to tell them I'm going to send in the money they informed me that they had made another error and that amount is actually 30,000 to delete the PMI. Every time I call this company they have no idea what they are talking about. Extremely unprofessional. They communicate through letters mostly. When I do call, I get transferred to several different departments before I am hung up on. I am now looking to get out of PNC.