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Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, PNC Bank is one of the largest banks in the U.S. It has branch locations scattered throughout 29 states and Washington, D.C. and offers checking and savings accounts, credit cards, loans, mortgages and investment services. Some of PNC Bank's most popular accounts are its Virtual Wallet, which is an all-in-one checking and savings account, and its “S is for Savings” account for kids.

    Pros & Cons

    • Variety of loan types
    • Check rates with no identifying information
    • Homeownership grants and special offers
    • Loan officers available seven days a week
    • Physical branches in only 28 states
    • HELOC not available in all states

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      How do I know I can trust these reviews about PNC?
      • 4,476,427 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
      • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
      • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
      • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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      Customer ServiceStaff

      Reviewed March 4, 2023

      Avoid at all costs! Mortgage was sold to them and, long story short, they’re horrible in every way…Frequently providing inaccurate and conflicting information, typically failing to provide attendants with sufficient notes on account to answer questions, and refusing to provide access to any level of support beyond those attendants. I’m seriously considering getting a new loan, at a worse rate, simply to ensure I never have to deal with again. Don’t get stuck, like me, especially with so many alternatives

      Customer ServiceRates

      Reviewed March 3, 2023

      PNC Bank did not file my signed paperwork to lock in my rate. Had to resign 2 months later & was told I will get my original rate. When it came time for my payment they wanted me to pay the higher rate along with my locked payment. Costing me over $1000 more. Tried to work with customer service for over 3 weeks & got nowhere. Their customer service is horrible. I would not deal with this bank if at all possible!

      Customer Service

      Reviewed Feb. 10, 2023

      Refinanced with PNC. Paid two month advance payment. A year later changed payment method to twice monthly, paid another two month advance charge. 6 months later I told PNC that I was canceling my homeowners insurance because they were tripling my insurance. Told insurance company too. PNC had paid my escrow a week earlier. PNC then paid my escrow again a month later. They admit that they double paid but because of hurricane claims my problem would have to wait. A week later they doubled the automatic withdrawal from my account. No notice! Severely over drafting my account! They overpaid by 5k and I am screwed for lord knows for how long! Customer service essentially tells me to suck it up until they get around to it! RUN FROM PNC!

      Online & App

      Reviewed Dec. 30, 2022

      Nothing but issues with PNC. They didn't pay the insurance renewal from escrow billed to them, then sent me a bill when they bought their own policy. Decided to payoff loan, and it was marked paid in full on their website. There was no place on the website to end auto pays, but hey, the loan was paid in full, right? Wrong! They took another payment after marking my loan paid in full, and said I have to wait 20 days to get a refund. I've had lots of mortgages over the years, but never have I had as many issues as I've had with PNC Bank. Highly advise avoiding them if possible.


      Reviewed Dec. 16, 2022

      Unfortunately I cannot tell the story with 200 characters. So, I shall cut to the chase; stay away from this company. They will lure you in with full confidence and assurance. Once you are on the hook they will slow down the process, drag until rates continue to move, make excuses, ask for repetitive information. No matter how cooperative you are, there is always a "but also need ...". Go with a specific mortgage company not a giant bank, all they care is fees and interest. Wasted 60 days. Lost a lower rate I could have had if I didn't fall for these Fraudsters...

      Customer ServicePunctuality & Speed

      Reviewed Nov. 10, 2022

      PNC received my ACH payment then said that my bank did a stop transfer. So I checked with my bank and waited 3 days. My bank said and verified that they had not stop nor received back my funds. I received paperwork from bank, went to PNC to report and give them the paperwork from my bank. PNC then said it has to be your bank or you did something wrong when you set up ACH. I set everything up line their paperwork and customer service said to when I called the verifier I had done it right. Because PNC had just taken over my mortgage acct. Now going on 5 days later. They say it will take up to the 28th of the month to find out where my funds went to. And now I can not even set up next month's payment until this matter is taken care of. Worst customer service I have ever had. They make everything your fault and tell you so.

      Customer ServicePunctuality & Speed

      Reviewed Nov. 9, 2022

      My mortgage was transferred to this bank and from day one I've been having nothing but issues. I was told in a letter that my automatic payments would continue and they included my bank's name and last four numbers of my account. Then a month later I get a letter saying my payment was late and that they don't have that information. I was unable to create an online account to see anything with them and spent hours on the phone. I was then told not worry because I wouldn't have to make a payment for a while due to it being a new transfer. That was incorrect and had to spend more time on the phone with them setting up the automatic transfer.

      I received the forms they requested (by snail mail), mailed it in and still did not got automatic payments the following month. I literally gave up and just send my payments in the old school way and hope it covers the min amount since I'm enrolled in paperless billing but have no access to their online banking. It's a mess and certainly still struggling. I miss my old mortgage company! So simple and stress free.

      Customer ServiceStaff

      Reviewed Nov. 2, 2022

      My loan was sold to PNC from AmeriSave as these things happen. I'm writing this review as I'm still on the phone with them to provision my account. I'm on my fourth person trying to help me. Each time, the person said they would get me some help, they just forward my call to the next person with no information, which means that I have told my story starting with my name, account number, blab, blab, blab. This is my first interaction with them. This is not the time to refinance, but as soon as I can, I will.

      Loan Process

      Reviewed Sept. 18, 2022

      My wife and I were working with PNC on a HELOC loan. We both have 740 or higher credit with a debt to income ratio of under 50 and good income, we also invested over 120k in the property over the past 12 months. We started the process on 7/15/2022 and finally decided to use a different lender on 9/08/2022. The reason is because PNC used a drive by appraiser that undervalued our property by at least 115k. When we brought this to PNC’s attention and provided receipts and documentation, it was like pulling teeth to have them set up a new appraisal. When they finally did, it was the same appraisal company, but this time they came into our house.

      Two weeks later the new appraisal came in 20k less than their 1st appraisal. THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE SINCE WE HAD JUST INVESTED 120k. PNC did not want to loan us what we were requesting so we reached out to another lender, and we are already set to close on 9/22/22. The new lenders appraisal came in at 115k over what PNC had. They were so disturbed by the other appraisal company’s incompetence, that they decided to file a complaint. It took PNC almost 3 months to process a basic HELOC loan with good credit and income, as our new lender completed the process in about 3 weeks. I will never use PNC again!

      Loan Process

      Reviewed July 28, 2022

      We are applying for a Home Equity Line Of Credit. Since the first week of June, we are applying for a Home Equity Line Of Credit!! Still In The Application Process!! Since the first week of June!! We are simple people, living a simple life, both retired, no investments, one mortgage, 2 credit cards, no other loans, and living in the "principal residence". We have 82% equity in our home.

      We got a loan officer who makes statements about approval that do not happen. We got denied because of it. We found out in a passing conversation with the loan processor!! We got denied 2 weeks ago and Still Have Not received anything in writing saying we were denied!! We are now 7 weeks in and starting all over again. Got passed onto a loan processor that Does Not Know The Difference Between:

      1) A Family "Trust"

      2) A Deed of "Trust"

      That is just scary!!! Getting asked 3 and 4 times for the same supporting documents. "Tracker", the website they request you work through, is frustrating to work with. We had a 4-page document to upload and it is not letting me because it is "too large". It is a mortgage website and 4-pages is too large?!?! We have had 8 homes between us, refinanced a dozen times, and have never had a worse experience. Save yourself time, trouble, aggravation, and headaches.... Run, do not walk away from the idea of working with these people. I can already tell you it is a smart move.

      Customer ServiceStaff

      Reviewed May 20, 2022

      I have had a PNC Mortgage for many years, but have found their customer service in recent months wanting; in decline. As of about a year ago it was easy to mail in a principle only payment in-between the regular monthly mortgage payment, and see it correctly reflected in my online account a day or two later. In recent months, after mailing in a principle only payment, it would show up as a regular mortgage payment, and I would have to call in to have it corrected. This would take up to 10 days for it to then reflect properly. At one point the customer service person said I could do a transfer online. I tried that today, but it does not work. It won't allow for a payment less than the amount of the usual mortgage payment. Nowhere is there a function for principle only.

      I called customer service, and the person I talked to had no clue how to do the principle payment online. She said she would transfer me to the mortgage department, but was on hold for over 20 minutes, and I hanged up. Another corporation with declining customer service - people who cannot fix the issue, online programs that do not allow for simple principle payment. PNC is not easier to bank with, they are harder to use than in the past in my experience.

      Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaffLoan Process

      Reviewed April 11, 2022

      PNC Bank, is the worst bank, when it comes to mortgage. We had terrible experience with them. They are very unprofessional, unresponsive, careless to their clients. We have filled the online application, and gotten pre-approval. They have checked our credit scores, and had verified, our income, and all required documentation, prior to pre-approval, our application was denied by the underwriter, for having names, they did not like. The reason for denial is the new house, "that we provided the address for", before we put a non-contingent offer on, and confirmed the "Go Ahead "with the loan officer, before we wired, our deposit, that it was in close proximity to our, current address. They did not bother to investigate, verify or discuss with us, the issue, after 4 weeks of signing our contract, they send us the denial letter.

      Due to lack of timely response, from PNC, we lost our deposit of $41 K, and they wiped themselves clean, and did not care about us losing our money, due to their unresponsiveness, and their dishonesty. Had they notified us early in process, we could have tried another bank, by then we were two weeks of closing date, and could not get a loan approval on time and lost our deposit. I called the loan officer's supervisor, to discuss, he told me that, we did nothing wrong, nor lied in our application, everything matched the application, except the new house was in close proximity to the current address, and his hands are tied. When I contacted consumer affairs, the loan officer and her supervisor lied, and said "Good to Go" is not a commitment. Do not go for a Mortgage with PNC, you are going to regret dealing with them.

      Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaffLoan ProcessRatesTransparency

      Reviewed April 2, 2022

      Their online payment system is so bad that I had multiple late payments due to clicking the wrong “make a payment” button (there are multiple!) - I had to have someone walk me through how to literally just pay my mortgage. I am a millennial who took a took of online courses in college, has worked virtually for years, etc. and I couldn’t even navigate this website because of how poorly it’s designed.

      Their customer service is incompetent, though they’re often kind. With ANY question I’ve had, I’ve been told something different by each person I’ve spoken to. Clearly no one knows what’s going on. Multiple representatives have input incorrect information to their system regarding my loan on multiple occasions and claim they “can’t prove this wasn’t what was discussed.” (I thought calls were recorded? Could you not check?) Also, they call from different numbers each time they’ve contacted me so I rarely know to answer. There’s also no physical location within 3 hours driving distance of me so I have to deal with phone calls.

      Last issue I’ll mention is their mailing system. I have done everything in my power to request paperless mailing, but nothing works. If it were once a month or less, that’s fine! But it’s not. In fact, I would estimate that between my PNC mortgage and checking account, they send me at LEAST 5 pieces of mail per week. Multiple statements per month saying the exact same thing. Separate pieces of mail for me and my husband, despite both the loan and the bank account being joint. Honestly, if I could afford to refinance, I would do it in a heartbeat just to get away from PNC even if it meant a higher interest rate.

      Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedLoan Process

      Reviewed Oct. 22, 2021

      Just tried to use PNC for a HEL. They were slow in processing and follow-up, etc. and VERY conservative with their appraisal. I get it...because of the housing bust a few years ago banks are more conservative in their appraisals BUT ours came back so ridiculously low. I mean, we refinanced our house a few months ago to get a lower rate (with a different lender) and their appraisal earlier this year was $35,000 higher than what PNC just said. How can that be? Our county tax appraisal just got bumped to the higher level so even they get this market (even though I don't want the higher taxes!).

      I explained to my PNC rep that I would like to challenge the appraisal and she agreed, said I should get 3 comparable properties from within 1 mile sold in the last however many days. I did so and submitted it to her. After that though she told me we didn't need to bother with the challenge since the amount I was asking for was low enough and there wouldn't be a problem using the appraisal they just did. Uh ok, I wouldn't think so but who am I to question their process? I figured she should know, so I trusted her. But, guess what ended up happening? Yep, few more weeks go by with little or no communication then I receive the "sorry we can't move forward" email due to appraisal.

      I wish I would have never wasted a "hit" on my credit report for this. I just had a gut feeling it wasn't going to go well but I've been banking with PNC for 30+ years and thought it'd be easy and convenient to have the HEL with them. I will say though at the outset of the loan process, PNC seemed great. You get access to their portal, everything is uploaded, agreements signed online, etc., but then the waiting came without much else happening. I'd recommend finding another lender who is committed to working through the loan process much quicker and knows your area; especially in this market where homes seem to go quickly!

      Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

      Reviewed Oct. 22, 2021

      10-22-21 PNC is NOT CLIENT FACING at all! Can't reach Corporate either regarding several issues: 1) Their C/S phone systems are incompetent & keep hanging up when I'm being a loyal customer to pay early on my HELOC. Then they want to charge for using a C/S Rep. This is bogus! 2) They, in the past (very rare 1-2 times in a decade did I miss the exact due date on the HELOC - NEVER, EVER in 15 years late on the PNC primary Mortgage, in fact, am typically a month or two - or even three ahead on that!!!!) reported me late without sending a Confirm via mail Certified so they must take it off my Credit Report, which they didn't tell me they were required to by LAW, after refusing to remove the 1-2 lates on appeal! They just want to ding my credit = nasty! Can't reach their Executive Offices! NIGHTMARES in dealing with PNC... on two loans.

      3) I'd ordered the original Appraisal of my home, originated 15 years ago. They said it would take ~30 days, it's a month and 3/4 & not a sign of it yet. Calling today to track it down, yet again is over an hour of my time, I'm going to invoice them for deliberately messing me over! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Take care of your customers, else you'll have NONE! At last got a decent C/S guy Aaron #** who tried his best, despite being a 'peon' (his term). No one else would even identify themselves professionally, no less try to help! He deserves kudos!

      Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaffLoan ProcessTransparency

      Reviewed Oct. 9, 2021

      I did a ref-fi on a first trust and an equity line. I wanted to combine the two into one loan, get a better rate and shorten the term. One of the loans was already with PNC and I do all my regular banking with them also. As with any loan, PNC had me digging through months of statements, tax forms, old and current mortgages, voluminous docs, etc. No problem. I get it. When I send them something and a month later they need it again, contending they never got it the first time. Again, I get it. I've been through enough mortgage applications and re-fi's over the years and sometimes it is infuriatingly slow and redundant but that's how it is. The sloppiness can result in your closing date being moved several times while they again request some doc you gave them weeks before. But I can still handle all this.

      But what I do not appreciate is the massive holes in communication between me, my lending agent, the inside loan processor, the underwriters and everyone else involved in this. It's like they don't even talk to each other and I frequently am the conduit and have to pass on communications and information between them. Also, you've heard the term "Throw them under the bus"? PNC employees are throwing each other under there so many times they must have run out of buses.

      PNC#1: "She (PNC#2) gets overwhelmed and then has a meltdown. I've asked for her to be be removed from my team".

      PNC#2: "He (PNC#1) does not always have or give out the right information. I'm taking over things from here. Call me going forward".

      Not kidding. These are actual quotes from actual PNC employees. And the fact is, neither of them seem to know what the ** they are doing. So if you can look past all this and just ignore this nonsense, you'll probably be fine. In addition to the information gaps I mentioned, they rarely respond to emails or texts within a day and sometimes it's several days. I cannot say Don't Use PNC Mortgage! You just have to be prepared to deal with all of the above.

      Customer ServiceStaffLoan ProcessTransparency

      Reviewed Sept. 16, 2021

      I recently went through a loan process through PNC and it is the worst banking experience I ever had. The complete lack of communication, professionalism, and how things were handled was baffling and honestly blowing my mind even to this day on how bad this was. We got our closing delayed twice, the sellers almost back out, even on the day of closing, our escrow office did not get authorization to close and had to call them repeatedly (myself, the escrow officer and the agents) to get confirmation. I thought how bad the process would be and it is BAD. Please save all your stress, anxiety for something else and DO NOT use PNC Mortgage! It is the worst!

      Customer ServiceStaffLoan Process

      Reviewed Aug. 23, 2021

      PNC has the most incompetent and uncaring staff I have ever worked with. My mortgage was bought by PNC so I decided to refinance my mortgage to lower my rates. I started the process in November of 2020. First Chris ** took the application and charged me a $900.00 appraisal fee and $269.00 for a survey, so I'm out almost $1,200.00 right from the start. Then he needed paycheck stubs and bank statements for a whole year.

      Then the loan process went to Sylvia ** who kept me going over and over the same stuff, more check stubs and bank statements, I even called her supervisor Kelly ** who kept insisting all this was normal loan processing, I know I have excellent credit and sufficient income and I have refinanced in the past so I knew this wasn't right. Six and a half months later they were still refinancing my mortgage so I called another Mortgage Company and I closed in 6 weeks and I was told I didn't need an appraisal in the first place, I have tried contacting PNC to get my money back but no luck. This company is not worth the stress and aggravation.

      Customer ServiceLoan Process

      Reviewed May 11, 2021

      Worst experience dealing with mortgage servicer ever, and they only received my mortgage this month in a transfer. Awful customer service, was on the phone over 2 hours today trying to figure out how they so badly messed up my mortgage amounts. Somehow a fictitious lien has appeared on my account, even though I have proof that I've NEVER had a lien. Realizing they've messed up, instead of admitting it, they said they'd conduct a "review" — that would take over a month?? I'm so beyond frustrated with them and their incompetence. I don't understand how you mess up a mortgage transfer this badly.

      Punctuality & Speed

      Reviewed April 29, 2021

      It was ok mortgage. They refused to refinance my mortgage despite vastly investment assets and cash and retired (no ongoing salary) and our over 800 credit history rating. I'm very disappointed the way they behaved financially. Had no problem paying on time for the past 20 years.

      Customer ServiceLoan Process

      Reviewed April 16, 2021

      We just recently completed a HELOC. We closed on Thursday and right of rescission expired Monday, which means funds should be available on Tuesday. We are still unable to get any answers On Friday. We are being told they can’t find the loan on the system. We have a contractor that we promised funds in Tuesday. No one can tell us anything. Local branch can’t even get an answer. No disclosures indicating when a HELOC can be accessed.

      Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

      Reviewed March 29, 2021

      PNC paid my taxes late. It took 4 months for them to make the correction at which time my home was scheduled for foreclosure because of late fees that PNC did not pay. My escrow account is now incorrect and I have been overcharged $800. I have tried for 4 months to resolve the issues but the customer service department will not return phone calls. I cannot reach a manager or supervisor because they don't directly answer their phone; you can leave a message but no one calls back. I am now forced to engage an attorney and I will report PNC to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Do not allow PNC to escrow your taxes!!!

      Customer Service

      Reviewed March 12, 2021

      I paid off my mortgage in full. The following month, they took another payment out of my account. I have spent hours on the phone trying to get this straightened out and it is a nightmare. You would think it would be simple but I guess when you are dealing with an incompetent company it is not. Customer Service has been a nightmare since day one and I thought I was finally done with them but I'm not. Stay away, there are many other reliable and customer focused mortgage companies out there.

      StaffLoan Process

      Reviewed March 4, 2021

      Good service. PNC actually was very flexible and communicative about the entire house-buying process with their financial loans and lending options. They allow you to keep the same agent for all the application procedures and then when transferring to the next portion, they have both the app agent and lending agent working together until all details and explanations have been done with the customer. Would truly recommend.

      Customer Service

      Reviewed Feb. 27, 2021

      PNC Mortgage bought out my mortgage from my original mortgage company. If you don’t need any help or a response to a question, or requests for information, they are fine. But if you need information, or responses to requests for information, this is not the mortgage company for you. Very poor customer service and I would not recommend doing business with them when there are many other mortgage companies with strong customer service.

      Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaffLoan ProcessTransparency

      Reviewed Jan. 22, 2021

      We have had a car loan since Oct 2015. No less than 4x have they failed to withdraw automatic payments for my car loan. Which only then 2 months after the fact [in each instance] do they reach out to you with a letter saying you're in default. When you call no one seems to have an answer, or you get different answers from different people. They have strange policies, which is why it turns out my payments weren't being withdrawn on time. That are never explained to you in the first place. Probably because the employee you talk to doesn't even know.

      Examples of their policies. 1] Automatic payments set up online [even for a 5 year loan] expire after a year or two. So you would think that as that date approaches the company would remind you? Nope, only once you are 2 months behind and then they will send you a default letter and report to credit history. 2] If you pay any additional money on your loan, it is applied to next month's payment, instead of coming off your principal amount. Now in their defense, maybe there is a way to have it go to principle instead of accumulating to next payment. But I've had plenty of car loans, this is the first time I have had it automatically apply to the next month.

      They just don't seem to know what they are doing. When you call to rectify a situation [you better have an hour minimum] they don't seem to know what went wrong to start with and when everything is said and done, it's not!!! They don't make notes on the account so a week later when you call back [and you will have to] no one knows what is going on. I even switched my personal banking to PNC in the beginning of my loan, because I thought it would be easier. They couldn't even get that right! I mean ALL my money was in an account with them and they couldn't withdraw a payment on time. What a mess. Thank goodness I'm done with PNC in a few months.

      Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaffLoan ProcessTransparency

      Reviewed Dec. 16, 2020

      I am a real estate agent in the Tampa Bay, FL area. Typically, I recommend that my clients use local mortgage brokers instead of big banks because the experience is leaps and bounds better. In this instance, my client was purchasing a townhome and decided she would use PNC for the mortgage, as they are who she banks with. PNC assured us that we would be able to close in a little over a month, with an original closing date of November 30, 2020. PNC began requesting all of the standard items mortgage companies request, no problem. The first problem came when they began requesting items from the client that they should have been obtaining on their own.

      1. The survey for the property. For starters, this is a townhome. It does not come with land, and therefore the buyer should not need to pay for a survey. PNC did not agree. This was the first time I have ever heard of a bank requesting a survey on a home that comes with no land.

      2. The HOA master insurance policy. PNC insisted that the buyer obtain this and send it to the bank. For those who do not work in the real estate industry, this is ALWAYS requested by the mortgage company, and never by the buyer. As the real estate agent in this transaction, I was luckily able to send the HOA's request website to the underwriter with a message that said "the website clearly states that only a mortgage company can request the document." They didn't bother to acknowledge this mistake.

      3. The appraisal. Typically an appraisal is ordered to assure the bank that the property is worth what the buyer will be paying. Originally the underwriter told us that they felt comfortable with the purchase price, and sent a waiver stating that the buyer did not need to pay for an appraisal.

      These three items caused our first delay, both of which are wholly caused by PNC. The final nail in the original closing date's coffin was that everyone at the mortgage office we are working with took off work that week for Thanksgiving. The poor buyer couldn't get ahold of a single person to find out what was going on with our closing.

      Fast forward and we are now into December. PNC tells us we will likely not be able to close until December 21, 2020 -- nearly a full month after our originally scheduled closing. Why you might ask? PNC decided that they were going to need an appraisal after all. A week AFTER our scheduled November 30th closing is when they decided to change their mind on this. They did not notify us of this sudden change, we simply received a call from the appraiser who told us they had been ordered by PNC. I called the buyer to ask if she knew and she said she was not called or emailed about an appraisal.

      After we missed our original deadline, it became absolutely impossible to obtain answers from PNC. The original loan officer, Sam ** had completely dropped off the face of the Earth. Only the underwriter, Rhonda ** responded when she decided she felt like it. I would send a few questions in an email to Sam and Rhonda and would be lucky to have half of one answered. They were unwilling to acknowledge their mistakes which caused several weeks worth of delays and negative consequences to the buyer. I finally had enough with the runaround and started including the underwriter's manager.

      The manager responded quickly, however, even she would not acknowledge our frustrations with PNC's negligence. She would simply respond "the loan has not been fully approved yet." Nobody gave consistent loan status updates, and it felt like pulling teeth just to get vague responses. Even the title company which needs to work closely with the bank on several documents and number balancing couldn't get ahold of PNC.

      At no point during this process did we feel PNC actually cared about the buyer, the deadlines, or our business. They stuck to their corporate script unwaveringly, and never once attempted to expedite the background processes after causing us several delays. The buyer has not been offered any sort of compensation for PNC's failures when at the bare minimum I would have hoped PNC would offer to waive the $500+ appraisal fee that she was told she wouldn't need.

      All in all, PNC missed every deadline, seemed to know very little about their duties as a mortgage lender, and failed to maintain proper communication with all parties in the transaction. They requested documents they didn't need, asked multiple times for the same documents that they already had, and worst of all they asked the buyer for documents that only they could obtain. The only thing they were consistent with was dropping the ball and disappointing their client.

      As I said before, I am a real estate agent. I have worked with just about every bank and local lender you can think of. This was my first experience with PNC, and I along with everyone else in this transaction have agreed that they have been by far the worst bank we have ever worked with. Do yourself a favor and stay away from PNC Mortgage, and definitely check out local mortgage brokers for a much better customer experience.

      Reviewed Dec. 16, 2020

      I am in the Army and was transferred from California to New Jersey. About a month before my move I applied for a home loan through PNC. They got all of my documents and I got a pre-approval. I made an offer on a house and moved my family across the country only for PNC to back out a week before the closing date. I am now pretty much homeless 2 weeks before Christmas. Their reasoning was because a rental property (also through them) was not claimed properly on my taxes from 2 years ago. They had my taxes for over a month. I explained that the house was my ex-wife’s that year but that I could do an amendment and could show leases and receipts from the tenant paying. They still said no. Thanks, PNC.

      Loan Process

      Reviewed Nov. 30, 2020

      I bank through PNC and figured I would use their mortgage services to buy a house. The service was very poor at best. The loan officer didn't communicate, she repeatedly requested info she already had, delayed the closing date 3 weeks, and cost me an additional $1,500. I ended up not going through with PNC because of the constant delays and awful experience. They refunded me back some of the money to try and rectify the situation, but it did not even cover the additional expenses accrued. Please do not waste your time.

      Loan ProcessRates

      Reviewed Nov. 22, 2020

      Be aware. PNC takes no time in collecting mortgage payments but when it comes to reimbursement of escrow amounts once you pay off your loan they take their sweet time and make interest on your money. It has taken close to a month since my loan was paid off and I am still waiting on these bastards to refund over $3,500 in escrow they owe me.

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