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Last updated: Dec. 1, 2017

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 1, 2017

A man with an Indian accent called verifying my personal information. I googled the name of the company while I had him on the line and I advised him that his company Advance America is a fraud and a scam. He asked for my online banking information, which I declined. He then suggested that I verified myself in another way and I declined and hung up. 30 minutes later, I received a phone call from my banks toll free number. I answered and it was the same man chewing in my ear, frequently representing himself as one of my banks reps and wanted to confirm a deposit from advance America, I said no, and told him I decline and I was contacting the BBB and the FBI... These people are a disgrace and prey to destroy people's lives... DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE YOUR INFORMATION. I HAVE A LEGAL TEAM ON THIS RIGHT NOW.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 28, 2017

I travel around 80 miles round trip to continue my business with Advance America in Cheboygan MI, reason being the two women I deal with are wonderful. I consider the girls friends and they go out of their way to make me feel that the trip is worth it.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 15, 2017

I received a text message on Fri. Nov. 3, 2017. I DID not nor have not applied for a loan with Advance America! I do not know how they got my ph number to text me (needless to say, I DID not call them at all for a loan). So if anyone gets an email or text message along the same lines, please, please do not fall for it! It is a scam!!! Just delete it!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 14, 2017

This company sent me a email stating that I was qualified for a $5000.00 loan. Had no idea what was going on. Never asked for any loan. They continue to call me and text me. I finally called the number back. They said I got a loan but first they needed to verify some information. Yeah right, started off with a address I hadn't live at in 4 years and then after all of that they requested for my username and password to my online banking. RED FLAGS went up fast. Don't be scammed by this company. There's other ways to get a loan.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 1, 2017

I had been searching online for a loan. I had filled out several different applications within the past two weeks or so. Yesterday (10-31), I received an email from a company with pdf showing I had been approved for a loan in the amount of $7000, and monthly payments would be $275 for 28 months. Then I started to receive text messages from a 626 area code regarding this loan. This person immediately asked what bank I use. I found that a little odd, but not tremendously out of the ordinary. Then I started to wonder, why is the "loan officer" texting me from the same exact number on the "loan" documents?

I called today and was told by the "loan officer" Sylvester ** (Indian accent), that yes, I was approved for $7000, and the first payment of $275 would be taken out of my bank account on Nov 25. I said okay, then he repeats all my personal info, address, phone number, DOB. I am thinking okay maybe I did fill out an application for this company. Not until did he say that he needed my username and password for my bank did I really start to hesitate. I asked why he needed this, he said to verify my account. I then asked if the line we were talking was being recorded, he said yes by three different areas.

So I turned on my voice memos from an older phone I had so that I could record the conversation. He tells me since my credit score is below 700, that he will put $870 in my bank account, and then as soon as I see that, I need to call him back. I asked why is that being done, he said that I would need to send $800 back, but the $70 is mine to keep, and the $800 has to be sent back by Walmart, Western Union, or another place like that. I asked if I could just send the $800 back electronically. As if things weren't fishy enough, he slips and says oh well it would take 24-48 hours to get the $7000 in my account, I pressed for an online payment method and he says there is not one available!

We went back and forth for a few more minutes, and I relented... I thought the worst thing that could happen is that I wouldn't get the $7000. He said it would take about 2 hours for the money to show in my bank account. As soon as I hung up, I started researching and found this site and all the negative reviews, I immediately texted him and said I do not want to go through with this process and DO NOT deposit or do anything with my bank account! I told him this is a scam and he needs to discard all my information and to not contact me again. His reply was "Okay As you Wish"...

I am so glad I caught this in time! Yes, last night I was dreaming of ways I could spend that $7000, catch up on bills, have a little putaway, and not have to be stressed out over money every day! I am very glad I stopped this before I was taken for the $800, because reading on here, that $870 would be a bogus deposit! I have a couple of small installment loans, and even to get approved for $500, I spent 30 minutes on the phone and no one has ever texted me before. All my legitimate loan documents have some in word format as attachments.

I do not think "Sylvester" thought I was going to be checking all this out, but I am so glad I did. I have also contacted my bank letting them know what has happened so that they will refuse any incoming deposits from a place that I have never gotten a deposit from before. I am super thankful for this form, because I would have been taken to the cleaners! For anyone who is super desperate, I know this sounds great! But it is not real. I am going to start keeping better records of who I am applying to for loans so that if this happens again, I will know not to waste my time.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 29, 2017

I used this company a LONG time ago for a couple of payday advances. Which I paid off in a timely fashion. I still have the screenshots of everything. I am constantly getting calls/voicemails to my cell phone (that I never gave them). Literally 4-7 voicemails A DAY! I have blocked the number on my phone so now I just get instant voicemails that are all blank. When I google the number that called me, it says it belongs to Advance America.

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 26, 2017

I received this email today... from Edwin **. Loan Account Number:-#**. "We are talking about loan amount of $400.00 that you took from the company ADVANCE CASH AMERICA which has now gone up to $975.00. The total payoff balance is $975.00, however due to bad debt we do have a Settlement offer available for you, if you can come up with the initial amount of $400.00 by October 6th 2017, this account will be marked as paid in full and you can avoid the legal consequences. If you want to resolve the issue, kindly accept the Settlement offer, so that we can suggest you the mode of payment accordingly." I used to work for Advance, didn't take out a loan... Thanks.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 22, 2017

A borrower fraudulently used my phone number for a loan. Three times I tried to reach an operator to address this. Both times I was on hold for over an HOUR and still had no one pickup. I couldn't get through. I understand they need to call a lot to try to collect, that's the nature of the business but I believe the hold times are a scam to get people to not call back. Ludicrous! I can't get this addressed. Now I have some collections attorney firm calling as well that I can't reach. I am writing the BBB about this. This has gone on for almost a year.

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 20, 2017

I received a call from a man in Illinois with the number 779-400-0927. He said he was calling from Advance America Inc. He told me I was approved for 5000.00 and asked what I needed it for. I explained bills, car repairs. He then said he would send my app to the underwriters. He came back to the phone said I was denied cause of my credit score which is over 600. He then said they will deposit 900.00 to 1500.00 into my account, I need to go to Walmart with my debit card, send the money back to them and then they will update my FICO score in 2 hours then deposit the actual loan I qualified for in the amount of 5k by tomorrow morning.

But first they need my username and password to link my account to the ETF electronic transfer machine. I advised him that's not legal. He told me it is. They will provide me 3 hard copies of the application and terms for the agreement. 1 for me the bank and 1 to keep for myself really? So then I told him you don't need my password and username to my checking account. He said he did in order to update my credit report and deposit the actually loan amount I approved for. Well I hung up... NEWS FLASH. DUMMY. I collect on Advance America and all other payday loans that are delinquent and have taken out one my self and this isn't how it's done! Oh by the way the loan amount was 5k, the int rate was 10 percent and the monthly payments were 156.00. Too good to be true. So glad I wasn't desperate.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 13, 2017

Money is very tight, as I was laid off of my job in May. My credit isn't that great either. I searched online for loans with bad credit. I received an email with Loan docs and a text message from what APPEARED to be Advance America. A well-known lender. I called the number listed on the text, stating that I was approved for $4000-$5000, Daniel **. Advance America **. "Daniel" had a thick foreign accent, as did his supervisor "Scott". They told me funds would go into my account the next day, but first I had to go to Walmart, and PURCHASE $250 in Apple iTunes gift cards to verify I am able to make the $250 monthly payments. I told "Daniel" I don't have $250, that's why I need a loan! I could barely understand these guys. He said if I could come up with $250 cash, then he would hold my application a few more days.

After I hung up, I searched online, "Cash Advance America scams", and found all these complaints about these terrible people pretending to work for a reputable company, Advance America. These people must be stopped!! A lot of the complaints are from last year (2016), it's now September of 2017. Why aren't these guys caught & put behind bars? If there is anything I can do to help catch these lying, scammers, please let me know.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 5, 2017

Got the offer for $5000 from SC and TX from Advance America, did not apply with them but did applications for loans online. They had all my info, ssn, banking info. Anyway Alex ** lol because his accent was Indian said I didn't have mobile deposit so I would need to put $175 on prepaid cards at Walmart. Alex also asked if I could use someone else's bank account! I told him no. He was so adamant about when I would be going to Walmart and assured me it wasn't a scam even though I didn't ask. He also asked if I was single and wanted to know my social media accounts. He placed me on hold several times and at this point I had an idea of what was up and knew it was a scam. I'm still receiving text messages from various numbers. Googled the company for reviews and behold! Go with your gut people, don't let these ** take you for a fool in desperate times!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 28, 2017

I applied online for a loan, I received a call on 7/26/2017 from Mr. Daniel ** from Advance America in New York, saying Congratulation I was approved for $1000.00 and I said I needed less than that and he said minimum $500.00 but he ask me for something weird, online username and password and since my credit is low he said they needed to increase it first, what he did was deposit two checks one of $881.00 and told me that I had to refunded to make sure I will pay back, and the way was buying iTunes cards with the amount of $880.00 and give the password of the cards then another check of $1921.00 and that I have to return it or else would have legal problem, so I purchase another iTunes cards and took pictures and send it to the following #** and the company fraud Advance America number is **.

It was a text mobile to the Wells Fargo bank in North Miami. It was deposited and the check was under United States Treasury and it was a false and got in trouble with the bank and they closed my account for suspicious of fraud and they said they were going to fix it but never did since yesterday 7/28/17, and don't pick up the phone. Is totally a scam. Please don't fall for it.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 14, 2017

On July 13, 2017, I was contacted by a man with an accent, who identified himself as Nick **, loan officer, with Advance America, responding to my request for an application for an installment loan. He had all my personal and financial information as he read it off to me. During our conversation, he advised me that I had been approved for a $2,000 installment loan with monthly payments of $197.00 for a 12-month term. However, in order to get the loan, I had to go through a verification process, which he said was in accordance with the rules governing the Federal Trade Commission. He stated the $100.00 verification costs was not a fee and that he was only looking for a code reflecting the purchase of a pre-paid card to prove I had $100.00 on the card. This really peaked my suspicions.

Furthermore, he stated that I should purchase this pre-paid card from either Office Max, Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS, Family Dollar, Dollar General and Krogers. Even redder flag! The first email he sent me was on what looked like $Advance America, Cash Advance stationary. On this official looking stationary was a huge watermark that read “Seal of the State of Illinois”, with a logo to the right that read “Department of Consumer & Business Services” and to the right of that was a BBB accredited business logo. This pdf document was a dummy mockup of what appears to be an authentic loan servicing documents. It did not reflect anything we discussed.

The first page of the 5-page PDF ** read, “Only customer have to prove himself/herself in front of the FTC (Federal Trade Commission of US Gov) that she/he is financially strong and capable person and after getting this loan will not miss any payment on installment date”. This is exactly what was on the form spelling, grammatical errors and all. What a croc! Nick also said that the loan documents requiring my signature would not be sent until I verified the purchase of the pre-paid card for $100. Legitimate loan companies will always send you documents to look over and read before committing yourself.

In order to confirm my suspicion about this company, Advance America just so happens to have an office in my hometown. I called them and explained to them about this so-called loan, the loan number, the amount and how to retrieve it. I was told that in no uncertain terms, THIS IS A SCAM! When Nick call me back, I told him they were running a scam. He then threatened me by saying if I did not take the loan, he would flag my credit report. That was the last straw, I hung up the phone in his face and I had no further conversation with this scammer.

I found a couple of addresses claiming to be Advance America Loans. The loan servicing phone number on the pdf is **. The address is **. The address on my approval email is **. A man by the name of Paul **, is the Sr. Manager, Advance America, **. DON'T BE FOOLED! PROTECT YOURSELF BY CHECKING TWO AND THREE TIMES THAT A COMPANY IS LEGIT. No lender is going to send you to Rite Aid, CVS or any other retailer to have you purchase a pre-paid card.

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Original review: June 22, 2017

Applied for a payday loan. I was contacted by email saying I was pre-qualified for up to $5000. But first my credit score needed to be raised. Manager Ray ** said the accounting department would deposit $950 into my account and that I would have to pay back via a MoneyGram and that would raise my credit score. Sounded odd but I was desperate so I did it. No loan & $950 negative in my bank account. The money they deposited was a ghost check and came back as unpaid so my bank charged me. Now I am in more debt thanks to Advance America Cash Advance. DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THESE LOW LIVES. It is all A SCAM.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 14, 2017

Sometimes, during these tough economic times, hard working and honest people will attempt to erase financial debt out of sheer desperation and hope that someone will help them. Cash Advance America will make false promises, give you their word and rob you blind without any remorse for doing so or any heart. These heartless individuals will make you go to Walmart, Walgreens or 7/11 stores, make you purchase iTunes cards, put money on them and give them the code on the back of the card with the promise (no paperwork to sign in advance) of putting $money$ into your checking account or debit card.

I've heard of some people giving as much as $2,000. They have accents like they're from India but their names are American names. Like Tom ** and Brian **. They are based out of New York. DO NOT answer their texts either. Somehow, they are tied into the same informational page as the payday loan companies, access your information and they'll call or text you promising cash loans up to $10,000!!! And with no paperwork to review and/or sign. Too good to be true.

So please don't go through the same pain and heartbreak that others I've seen and spoken to have experienced. They prey on the weak, tired, overworked and those with little or no education (no pun intended). Remember, they have accents like they're from India or Sri Lanka. Our government should have stricter laws against lazy and heartless individuals such as these. Good luck and God Bless.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 10, 2017

I had a need to get a payday loan, and got $400.00 from Advance America in Evanston Wyoming. So two months later I thought the blooming thing was paid, since they dinged my bank account for it. What came next was a disaster. First they kept on trying to get more money reproducing my check, so I told my bank to no longer honor the withdrawal. Thinking this was over, came the 1st of May, 2017 I went to get money from my account. Hey I only get $800.00 a month from Social Security Disability and found that Advance America had withdrew $500.00 out of my account.

Of course the bank (Wells Fargo of Evanston Wyoming) sided with Advance America. So there I was, no way to pay my rent, or utilities. What I did next was hit them back the way they hit me. I snagged the same amount through them ($500.00) on my bank account at Wells Fargo. What I did next was open another account at another bank, bad ethics on my part? Maybe but they bit the wrong paw of the wrong wolf.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 8, 2017

This company is a total scam. I got email notifying me I had been approved for a loan for 5k. I called the number on the document. The person I spoke to was ** (he said so). He went over the doc they sent, then went over my info. Odd because I could not recall contacting the company. Assuring me that I had the loan he just needed to verify my account info, which he apparently already had, but then told me they needed "insurance" that I would repay, so they would deposit 1K into the account & then remove it to make sure my account was valid. Then he would call me let me know I was verify & in 20 minutes there would be 5k in the account. Then he asked for the online ID & password to my bank account-yes RED flag. I told him NO he didn't need that & I would not be giving it out. He then tried for 5 minutes to "convince" me that all was good & I was being stupid, that this is the way to improve my credit score instantly. I hung up.

Original review: June 5, 2017

Advance America called me and said I was approved for up to 5000 cash loan. I had to Western Union them 75 dollars then they said they needed to get my credit report fixed which still isn't. They ripped me off another 450 dollars, now they are demanding another 450 for verification and still no loan. I told them I wanted and they still fail to give, numbers are from Missouri and California. If any attorney can help with no fees please call **. The number that keeps calling me is a 209 number, his name is Johnny. If anyone could be of help no fees call me.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 1, 2017

I initially took a payday loan in December, 2016 in Bealeton VA. My first payment of 65.00 was made in cash. Around 1-28-2017 Elaina sent a card via mail stating that she was going to deposit the check for the remaining balance. I wasn't concerned because I knew it would clear. I did not receive any notices or phone calls of any missed payments during the months of Feb-April 2017. The first week of April 2017 I received a receipt for the check payment along with an refund for a 65.00 for over payment for the cash payment. I had spoken to Elaina the same day I received refund and receipt. Elaina gave me a phone number to call for a date I would be able to take out another loan if I wanted.

April 14, 2017 a letter from AA stating that check didn't clear. I called Elaina as soon I got that letter and asked her "What's going on?" Then I started explaining the letter. Elaina then said that ADVANCE AMERICA, Treasury Department lost my check along with 6 or 7 other customers. I said "Ummm? OK? So what does that have to do with me?" Elaina apologized and told me NOT to do ANYTHING until she and the TREASURY dept has a chance to figure it out. Elaina told me to ignore the letters as they are auto generated in corporate office.

The following week I receive another letter from AA about payment arrangements. I called AA and asked for a manager & corporate number to get some answers. Elaina says she's the manager of this store, so I telling her I got a 2nd message from her AA store, she again told me to ignore the letters, and she kept apologizing. I asked Elaina "Why would corporate send a letter to me as if this was my mistake, when this is clearly an internal issue?" Elaina then told me that the checks were lost when Advance America switched banks. My response to that was "How is that my fault?" She apologizes, says do nothing now, Elaina said she was willing work a affordable payment plan/rewrite out the loan if need be or bring her a copy of the cleared check. Elaina said "I will definitely keep you posted," with anything she found out.

When I got off the phone with Elaina, I then called another AA to ask how long does it take for AA checks to clear. I was told up to 60 days. I did explain this situation hypothetically to this AA manager. She said it was strange, I then told her this is what I'm experiencing in Bealeton's store. She couldn't pull up my account info in that store, but she gave me the store #480- to Bealeton and a 800 number and option to use. I called the number, left message, no return call.

The second week in May I received a VM from AA about payment arrangements because my check didn't clear. I was fed up at this point. I called Elaina back She answered the phone with greeting. I said this is (name). Elaina hesitated for about 5 seconds. I then said "I'm listening." She then states how my check didn't clear, I borrowed money from them and I need to pay them back. My politeness went out the window. I told Elaina she made no sense. How is it my fault that your company lost mine and others' checks and then you expect us the consumer to pay for your Business mistake. I then told Elaina "You admit that it was a company issue but yet you are calling me as if I just blatantly disregarded making payments." I told Elaina that I was doing my own research because she sounded as if she was being deceptive.

I then told Elaina "Whatever you or your company did with the check is not my concern. I do not work for AA. I put the check in your hands. You give me different reason for what happened to the check every time I speak to you. I have a receipt and I will take your ** to court for any violation of my consumer rights." I told Elaina she could have someone else call me. I told her I didn't believe anything she was saying, I was driving and I had to go and I hung up.

As of today I have not received any payment notices or phone call from Bealeton AA. May 31, 2017 I receive a phone call from 888 -705-5685, I missed call. No VM was left. I called back and IT'S AA corporate asking had I had papers served on me. I said "for what!" The rep was telling me about a delinquent debt and I went ballistic. I explained everything to her. The representative said that she was going to void this out and send it back to Elaina. I then told the rep I've had it with Elaina and this issue this was not my fault and she's holding me accountable for her mistake. The rep also did not know that I had already received a receipt of paid in full and that a company error had occurred, but information was given to corporate as if I just chose to ignore a loan.

Once I get off the phone I call the other AA and ask to speak to a manager. Her name was Lisa. I explained everything to her again. She took some information from me and said she would have the DM for the Bealeton office call me back. Lisa called me back 13 minutes later and told me that she spoke with the Bealeton Office. Lisa states that Brinks Bank had checks in lingo while AA switched banks. Once the system went up red flags started going off in their new system. I ask her "how is that my fault?" I then ask her "how is it fair to me". She said "I know it's not your fault and it doesn't seem fair, but it has to be fixed." She also stated that Elaina deposited my check on May 1 2017. I had no prior knowledge of that at all until Lisa told me today. Lisa told me that technically they didn't have to. I disagree.

I'm in hopes of filing damages against AA for violation of consumer rights and breach of contract. Two verified managers stated this was an internal issue through no fault of my own. Elaina sent receipt first week of April stating acct was paid in full and closed meaning she does not have permission to access my account without my consent. Third being that the contract is legally null and void based on the pay dates on the original loan, the issue AA claims they were dealing and my receipt. The loan contract would have to be written over. Is it legal for AA to come after consumer for business mistakes? Is it legal for AA to use consumer's bank account for a "closed" account without consumer's prior knowledge. There was no notification to the consumers about the issue that Bealeton office was experiencing about the bank glitch. I pray someone reads this and contact me.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 31, 2017

I have been searching online for several days to get an emergency cash loan. I thought I hit the jackpot when I got a email with long documents stating that I was going to have $5,000 monthly payments of $120, etc... the loan documents looked just like any other loan document. Something just didn't feel right after I tried to call the number which was +1-786-378-6675 from a guy named Daniel **. It just rang busy. So then I Googled Advance America and Ashley called their 800 number and they proved it was a scam. He goes with **. Had I notice he had a Gmail account from the beginning I would have never even thought that was real but of course I tried to email it and there's no such an email address so all of you if you're going through Advance America there is no such thing as Advance America Cash Advance. Please be careful.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 26, 2017

I recently experienced some financial hardship and I was trying to find a way to consolidate or just pay off some bills. Applied for a loan on site that was suppose to help you connect with lenders who are willing to approve loans even if you had bad credit. My credit score has only recently plummeted. It was 700+ for a long time. I've experienced fraud before through my iTunes account and also online purchase where PayPal wasn't a option and I used my Debit Card. Moving I didn't have any luck finding a lender that would give me loan.

I then get a call from 1-213-784-1531. I didn't know the number so I didn't answer. They kept calling and finally left a message. I listened to the message and it was man with a strong Indian Accent. He states that I've been approved for a loan up to $5000. What made me suspicious was when he said his name Mark ** senior loan analyst. I was like this guy does not sound like a Mark **. He would of been better off with a name that matched his strong Indian accent. It would of been more believable.

I call back and he asks my name so he could pull up my information. He then tells me that the person with my file will be calling me back shortly. I waited and called back again, same thing all over again. And that leave me to here and now. If I hadn't thought about it and searched and not found this website I would of been screwed! I'm still calling my bank and letting them know just in case. Scumbags like these people need to be put down like a rabid dog. Taking advantage of someone when they are already down and having financial problems and just trying to find a way to get out of it. So BEWARE! I'm glad that I googled this and found this out.. I wonder when he'll call me back? I want to mess with him and give him bogus info. I hope that this has helped someone avoid a very bad situation...

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 24, 2017

I received an email stating I could get a loan from $1000 to $10000. I decided to go for 5000. They verified information for personal as well as banking. I thought Advance America was a reputable company. So went along. So when they said they would deposit 1000 and then I would send it back I thought it sounded strange. Then they asked me for my banking info on my phone app. I said it would not work since I bought another phone. That is true but what kind of idiot did they take me for. I said I would have to find the info in my password book. The 2 people I spoke to had a thick Indian accent. I hope they don't try and get money from my account. I don't have much and I am retired. If you see an email from Advance America, call your local company. These people I spoke with are scammers and lowlifes.

Original review: May 24, 2017

I was contacted by people claiming to be Advanced America. I never heard of them before but they said I was approved for a 5000 dollar loan which I thought was great since my credit is so low. The guy Jerry spoke with an accent which you could hardly understand. He told me that he was going to deposit 1000 in my bank account and I had to send it back and he would deposit my 5000 because my credit was low. Well they for reason couldn't get into my account at my bank and I was at work so I couldn't talk. They called me 26 times at work until I picked up and they would tell me to hold on while they get the manager. A few days ago I Googled the company name and got a different number. I called it and they said I wasn't in the system and if the person I spoke with had an accent, I said yes, they told me it's a scam because they don't give payday loans in New York State.

The people called me back asking if I had another bank account set up I could use and I told them "No I am done with you." They asked why and I said, "You are a scam", them and said, "We are not a scam." I told them I reported them to the FBI and they said, "Good we are not scared" and I hung up. These people are disgusting individuals who need to do their own thing in their own country and leave America alone. People who have nothing see help when things like this happen and these people who aren't even in this country scam them!!! Do not believe anyone who calls you unless you are positive it's the real deal.

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Original review: May 15, 2017

This Advance America is a fraud people. This guy had this woman call from South Carolina she sounded foreign. I was talking to her for about 15 min she began to quote back to me my bank info, home address, my name and so on .The number they called me from was **. She then asked me to hold on and she put me on the phone with a man with a middle eastern accent. I began to be suspicious, not because of the accent but the method I had to do to get the loan for 5000.00 dollars. He asked that I put up 230.00 to begin the transaction of 5000.00 to be deposited. Anytime someone is asking you to put money up to get money there's fraud going. His last name was. Told me how much my monthly payments were going to be, 238.88 a month.

Needless to say I didn't follow through because of the suspicions. That Saturday morning I went to my KeyBank branch account had that account restricted and closed!! I opened up a new account, new number, new routing number they took all the money out of the old account put it in new account. I guess these fraudulent people figured out I've figured them out, because that Monday morning they began calling me again. I disclosed them. If this occur to you just change your whole account info people. There's a chance they can still access your money because they have your bank info. Beware!!!

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Original review: April 27, 2017

I was desperate for money, and my husband filled out for payday loan online and was declined. The next day a text came saying we pre approved for 1500$ loan, so we be thought it was God answers our prayers. We called the number from South Carolina and talked to a Jeffrey **, he had a heavy Indian accent. He said we are going to have 1500$ put in our account but because our credit score was low we needed to show we can make the 1st payment. He said they would not touch it. They just need to see it in there. We didn't have any money so he said he would wait until Friday when my husband got paid. I didn't like the sound of that, so next day I called them and asked for their website because he said he was Advance America. So I looked up the website and it didn't say Advance America it said,, and at bottom I looked at their address.

When I called the address, it was a mortgage company. They said they were the only company in the building, I told them someone was using their address. When I called Jeffrey back and confronted him he refused to tell me why I couldn't confirm where his company was, he argued with me awhile then finally said, "ma'am this is a scam", omg I couldn't believe people can be this evil. Please watch out, we are all in situations that people like to take advantage of.

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Original review: April 12, 2017

I how to receive several loan applications with PDF files attached and sent to me saying I was approved for a loan. I forwarded all this information. Jay paid the information and websites to verify that this was all fraudulent. Made the extra mile and call Dad America and reported to their comments fraud department. Nothing was done. There's no file case or number or anything was given to me. In fact, the lady made me send it all to comments email instead of a fraud dept. Seems like this company doesn't give a ** about any of it. I sent the name of the person and up address all PDF files to them from criminals and they didn't even report any of it... What a shame. I spent money to get info for them. For nothing.

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Original review: April 9, 2017

I don't generally check my email, but for some reason I decided to check it. There was an email from Advance America saying I was approved for a cash loan. I never applied for one. So I checked the email and it had someone else name with my email address. Not really sure what they actually did, but I'm sure it's illegal. Try to call the number on the form. No answer of course. American government needs to do something about these foreigners scamming American people.

Original review: April 5, 2017

I have read other reviews about this company... First off, I know this company is legit. Everything that I have read on here about this company isn't actually this company you dealt with, but scammers posing as representatives for this company. I got caught up in this scam myself, before researching and finding out what was going on. The real company? They were awesome when I called them to report the fraud. They were very helpful in pointing me in the right direction. They started a case for me, and had me give the local police department my case number with them.

My story... I filled out an application for a loan, on what looked to be a legitimate website. It was not, it was a copycat website. Today, while I was at work, I received several voicemails from Glenn, all from the same number. When I got home, I returned the phone call. He told me that I was approved for a loan up to $5000. I chose $1000, but he said minimum is $2000, so I went with that. Then he went over my terms and monthly payment amount.

Then he transferred me to Mary who told me that they needed to verify my identity and verify that I could make the payments. She told me that I needed to purchase $150 in iTunes cards to verify this. So I did. Then gave them the information on the back of those cards. Then she transferred me to Samuel. After he had me on hold for 15 minutes, he came back and told me that since my credit score was so low, I would need to pay $100 to insure the loan and that I need to do it by purchasing another $100 worth of iTunes cards and give him the information on the back.

At this point I started getting suspicious and questioned him about it. But he told me that it was completely legit, because I would be getting my money right back with the loan amount. So I purchased the additional $100 in iTunes cards and gave him the information. Then he put me on hold again, for another 15 minutes or so. While I was on hold this time, I started researching and read something about people posing as representatives for Advance America, and that if they ask for funds for a processing fee, that it is a scam. Sure enough, when he came back on the line he said I would receive a text with information on how to receive my money.

The text came in shortly with 2 MoneyGram reference numbers, one for $1200 and one for @1250, but before I could pick up the wire transfers I would first have to purchase another $200 in iTunes cards for activation fee. I did not purchase the last $200. Instead I called the actual Advance America and reported fraudulent activity, then filed a police report. Plus Advance America set me up with Apple store customer service number, and I called them and reported the fraudulent behavior, contacted my bank, who wants me to go in during business hours tomorrow to close this account and open a new one, and I got a case going with the FTC.

The kicker... After I already started reporting the fraudulent activities of these scammers, they called me back and asked me if I was going to pick up my loan tonight or not. All I told them was I'm already back home for the night. So they told me that they would give me until tomorrow to send the processing fee and pick up my money.

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Original review: March 24, 2017

Consumers should be aware of this company. They called me and said I was approved for a loan and only after they verified my information he informed me in order to do the loan I would have to pay a processing fee in the amount of $200.00 and I would have to buy itunes cards to pay for it. After realizing this was a scam and their company having my banking information I changed my banking information.

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Original review: March 22, 2017

I applied for a personal loan. I was contacted by Advance America stating that I had been approved for $1000.00 to $5000.00. When I spoke to them they advised that I would need to show that I could pay my loans faithfully based on my fico score being less than a 700. I went and got the Itunes cards and repeatedly kept asking if this was a scam, I was advised by Jennifer that this was a legit. After I did the $200.00 in cards and they stated they verified all funds they had me on hold for about 7 minutes and then came back on the line to advise me that about $300.00 for necessary for documents. I advised that I did not have it and they told me that I had to pay it or I would not get the loan.

We went round and round on the phone. I advised them numerous times that the additional $300.00 was never disclosed and had they disclosed it before purchasing the 2 Itune cards I would have never tried to get a loan with their company. I was hung up on several times. I would call back and the number would ring and that disconnect. I called from my office phone where they picked up and was told if I am not going to pay the additional $300.00 then DONT CALL BACK! I have an email where the documents are not signed with an email requesting $300.00 more.

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