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We applied for a loan on June 29, 2016. They called and said we were approved for 3000.00. I feel so stupid I fell for this. They said they needed ten percent of the loan and since I did have mobile banking to put it on iTunes cards, so I did. Then they said they needed five hundred dollars for a credit bureau report to pay off before they could release the money so I did 500 more. They said my loan would be 3800 now and even told me what the payments were going to be and that they were depositing the money.

I was relieved until about a half hour later, they called and said that the money wouldn't go through so they wanted to MoneyGram it to me but I had to pay the processing fee which was 400. By now I just wanted my money back so I paid it then they call and said there was additional processing fee. I had to pay 200 to get the reference number to pick up the MoneyGram. I gave it to them, 1400.00 and guess what, they called back and the first questions was "why didn't you pay that credit bureau off so we can release this money?" I knew then I was scammed for money I didn't have. I filed reports at the police station and card company and Walmart. Nothing's happened. Don't trust this, it is so wrong. We are still paying for it.

Was approved for loan of 950.00, was not put in my bank account. The idiots used my routing number as my account number. You guess it - they made the mistake and when told they have done NOTHING!!! What a rip off - if they think I owe them anything they are crazy. The Federal Trade Commission says this falls under a fundamental breach of contract and I have the right to sue. Guess what? I've got the proof - someone needs to bring them down to earth may as well be me!!!

I received 3-emails saying my 300 dollar loan was approved and money would deposited into my account. The problem is I didn't apply for a loan. So I called them and they said the money was deposited into my account. The account number didn't match mine. The only way to not be responsible for it was to file a report with police. So I tried but the police said they thought this company was a scam and they probably would try to collect money - don't give them any information. I didn't give them my actual account number but they already had my social.

Dave ** text me and said I was approved for a loan. He ask "how much". I said "600.00". He said I was approved. Payment would be 110 a month. He ask for my banking information so he could deposit my funds and then he ask for 50 for insurance. I told him "I never heard of paying money to get money". This is when my scam alarm came on and when I refuse to pay he said he was going to put me in jail. They are a scam for real. Please be careful. Don't be pull in by them.

Applied for online loan. CashNet USA replied to my request. CashNet USA approve me for $3000.00 loan to be repaid in 24 months at 10% APR. Before I could get the loan, I needed to give them my online banking information. I refused to give them information. Hung up on me. The person I talked to was a David **. I will send all emails received from CashNet USA.

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Harassing phone calls claiming to say that I owe them $936 and if I don't pay them immediately I will go to jail. I was told this by some guy with a strong Indian accent. Then 2 days ago a man named Mike ** from Cash USA starts emailing me saying that I owed money from March of this year. I have never borrowed money from this company.

This company is nothing but a SCAM! For the past several months I have been receiving threatening phone calls saying I am being sued by them and CRIMINAL charges (fraud) are being filed against me for a loan I received in 2009 of $586 and that I now owe over $2,000 for past due fees and court fees. I NEVER applied for or received a loan from this company. They have also been calling my relatives almost on a daily basis. Sometimes the numbers they leave with them say they have been disconnected when I try to call back. THIS COMPANY NEEDS TO BE STOPPED AND SHUT DOWN. I'm pretty sure they are going to have a hard time proving "fraud" on so many people.

I came across this website for a loan. I applied for $2,000 and was approved for $5,000. They asked for my banking information for the deposit and auto payment deduction. What started to raise flags was when they asked for my login and password to my bank account so it could be verified. I have done this on other sites and the verification was done instantly. However, with Cashnet, I received a secondary call for further validation. This Person Robert also had an accent. He was asking for my debit card information. They were going to log in to my account to "verify the funds are deposited" and to set up an auto deduction. I started to question why they needed so much information. Then he started explaining they could be trusted after all they were going to be depositing funds to my account. When a company works hard and says they can be trusted a number of times on the same call... that raises flags to me.

My wife and I attempted to get a payday loan from CashNetUSA and the whole experience was a debacle. We were approved for a $1,500 loan. Cash Net attempted a verification deposit, to be returned, of $750. It never cleared and the verification deposit was rescinded. My wife had to verify her identity to the bank and reset our login information. Another verification deposit was attempted and failed. We got locked out of our account and our atm cards were closed. DO NOT CONTACT CASHNETUSA PERIOD.

I just got an email saying "account" and says "final warning before arrest". I called to find out about it, the woman that answered the phone sounded sleepy as **, then she transferred me to a Robert that read me the statement and said not to interrupt him until he's done reading. I asked where he get this info from and he said that I applied on the Internet. I asked what year was this taken place and he said 2012 and it was deposited into my account at Washington Mutual. I told him I moved out of California in 2010 and I didn't have a Washington Mutual bank at that year. I asked him to give me the bank account # so I can do my research but he said he can only give me the last 4 digit and it's my responsibility to remember my accounts. I told him this is bs and someone used my name but his last words were, "Be ready for your arrest" then hang up. Called him back 3x but went straight to voicemail. SCAM!!!

I was looking to get a loan. I contacted Cashnet. They told me about going online and do the application. I DID. Automatically I was approved. Long story short that co. is a scam have a lot of proof. They call me everyday. But today they called saying that they are the IRS and there is a warrant out for my arrest - I need to pay them. This really needs to be stop. I have so much proof. Please help me to this to a stop.

I applied for a loan, they said I was approved for 10000. They first had me put $100 on an paypal account. They said it was for Insurance but could not retrieved it. Then they wanted 150 for application fee on an I tunes cards which was throwing up red flags. So they have $250 of my money then they wanted another 250 for taxes, still no loan. It was not until I threaten them by calling the US Attorney general, I said this is fraud. This company is very shady.

I applied for a loan. Said I was approved but they kept sending to different websites. I did what they wanted but no money came into my account. They said to call if any problems. I did and no picked up the phone. Got messages stating that they don't deal with the Pennsylvania. Well I think they should stop showing advertising on tv.

I applied for some loans to help pay off my medical bills and this Indian guy named Kevin called saying he was from Cashnet USA. He told me I was approved for $1500 loan. He had my routing number and everything. He routed $300 and wanted me to send him a money gram to him to speed up the process. He used my banking info and filed a claim on my account to which the bank credited $300 to my account. I didn't know this until I got the email that my my bank account had a claim. That was after I sent him the first $300. It didn't seem right so I called the bank and they immediately froze my account. I told him after I called him back that law enforcement will be call if he calls me again. His accent went away as he showed fear to my threats. His number is **. That's what he used to call me. I told him the bank froze my account and that he could **!!!

Received a bill for a debt that was claimed to be 30 days late. Don't have a loan with cashnet usa, never heard of them. When I called they could not find my account even though I gave them the account number supplied to me on their bill. Asked for the last four digits of my social, still couldn't find me then asked for my full social security number... I didn't provide it. Intend to forward the bill to the Ohio Attorney General.

We called for a short-term loan of $500.00. They approved us for $1000. They sent my husband an email accepting as a customer, then the money would be in our account in 24 hours. What happened then was a travesty. They put in $600 then demanded it back. They said it was to verify the account was real. They took the money back without our back verifying the funds were real.

Then today 6/15/16 they put $1510 in the account and again wanted it back, and told the bank they were us. The bank knew they were not who they were. Our bank (Chase) then froze our account and our own money that want the company's money. Chase bank then decided to freeze the account and have decided to shut down our account and won't give us our money or an explanation. CashNetUSA (Andy), lied and said nothing of the kind happened even with our proof that they featured us and caused us to be removed from our bank, he called us liars and would not speak to bank to back up his company. The bank Chase said there was nothing we could do.

We have Veterans benefits that go to a direct deposit, also SSDI direct deposit. The Man from CashNetUSA had a name Andy, then changed it to Leo - same accent but not as heavy. We have lied to and I'm writing this review so that other can learn from this. I also have health problems and now unable to fill my meds. Can't get food. They screwed us and messed with our credit so badly, we will be another few years for a mortgage. Please help us get this company and Chase Bank to do the right thing.

I was told they couldn't access my checking account and made me open a new one with a new bank and they said that account was also invalid. If they do not want to give you money, at least they should tell you the truth. Now what am I supposed to do with another checking account? I think they are a scam. They send you a pre-approval in the mail and then don't honor it. What's wrong with this picture? One day maybe people will start being honest and tell you the truth. I can handle the truth. It's the lying that us as a consumer are tired of.

For many years, I have used CashNetUSA, but it was not until recently that it has become outrageous with their usury. For an $800 you pay more than triple back. Now, the website is set to force consumers to take out loans higher than they request or want. When I asked about it, the person on the phone hung up especially when I asked if FCC, FTC, BBB and Consumer Protection Agency knew about this. They have made thousands and thousands forcing people to continue to pay on their loans with the balance seldom going down. Don't believe these nuts.

Never borrowed any money from CASHNet but they KEEP badgering me through email. Watch out for this company if you haven't done so already, DO NOT borrow any money from them!

About a week ago I went online and found and decided to apply for loan. However my loan was rejected. About two days later I get a call from a man claiming to be Mike **. He had a very heavy accent like that of someone from India or Pakistan. The number was ** and on my caller ID it indicated that the name belong to Patricia **. Anyway this person proceeded to tell me that I qualify for a $3,000 loan although I was only looking for 800 the time. I explained I didn't need that large amount and 800 will be fine but he told me 3000 was the minimum. With needing to get groceries and pay bills and get caught up on past due rent I took a chance and that's exactly what it was... a chance... So I let down my guard and gave all of my information including my online mobile banking info.

Mr. ** told me that my account to be verified before I will receive the entire $3,000. He told me that an initial deposit of anywhere from 500 to $1,000 would be deposited into my account and once it posted I was supposed to go to my bank and withdraw the money or do it at Walmart and then send him a wire via MoneyGram.

After 3 days I got an email from my bank letting me know that there was a hold on my account for approximately $1,330 and that there was another amount deposited of $887 that they could not collect on and that deposit was kicked out. Once the deposit was made Mr. ** called me immediately and told me I needed to get to the bank Walmart to wire the money as soon as possible because it was time sensitive. During the phone conversations I could tell that this was not a call center that my phone call with into because in a call center you normally would hear other employees talking on the phone and I didn't hear any of that. It was very quiet.

Mr. ** was very aggressive and pushy. I was told that our phone conversation will be recorded and if I accepted the terms of the loan offer that it would been as good as if I had actual signed documents. To make a long story short the deposit that went into my account actually cleared around 7 pm est. I will not be wiring this gentleman any money and hopefully this money will just fall off.

I was afraid of what might happen since this man had all of my information including my mobile banking info so I contacted my bank and told them what was going on and I asked them if they could give me a timeframe on how many days it take to find out if a deposit is fraudulent. I just asked them to close the account. I went back online and change my username and my password. My bank put a freeze on that existing account and set me up a new checking account. They are also sending me a new debit card. I feel somewhat relieved now but I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else. We all work too hard for the money that we make and it is sad that people will knowingly scam you out of your money and not care.

Cash net USA. Terrible scams. Same all the stories like everybody else. I got the same problem. Some guy with heavy accent called me and told me go to Walmart moneygram and send money to someone and when they receive the money I will have my loan. After done all the work like a dumb they had some reason asked me transfer money again and I stopped listened and I started get 10 call a days threatened... How can nobody can do anything about these terrible thing like that?

Well, I almost made the mistake of becoming one of their little guinea pigs until my husband did some research on I talked to Don. He had an accent. He wanted me to go to Wal-mart, purchase an iTunes card and put $213 on it. Then I would call him back and they would deposit money into our account. I am so thankful for this site. It gave the information I need to stay away from this company.

Received email 2 weeks ago indicating I was approved for a 5,000 loan by Peter **. I provided my banking information and they indicated they would deposit the initial funds to verify my account and then provide remainder. The checks deposited were immediately flagged by bank for fraud and my account was placed on hold and the checks then bounced and I was charged for the returned checks. The fraud dept indicated to me that it's a common technique used by Cashnet USA.

I received an email today from an attorney supposedly collecting for Cashnet USA. I have never taken a loan from Cashnet and know I owe them nothing. However, in the email a James ** (if you click on the details of his email address it says **). I was threatened with imprisonment, check fraud charges, federal banking violations, and theft by deception. I was told that if I paid $698 now I could avoid the $9000 plus that I would owe later. I was also told that I could hire an attorney but that I better have someone present to bail me out when I lose my case. Total scam for money. I did not pay and I've reported them to every bureau I can think of.

I am really going thru right now. When school started Clark County School District reduced all of support staff wages. If I had of know my money would have been cut, I never would have applied for an annuity to be coming out of my paycheck. Being a single mother with a limited income is so hard these days; so most people I know have to keep getting payday loans to survive. But what most people don't realize is that these loans will put you right in the poor house. I have tried over and over to get the money stopped and for some reason payroll is telling me that it's American Fidelity fault that they are still taking my money.

My reason for going into details with this is that if the annuity is stopped I would have enough on the 1st of the month to pay my rent, and would not have to result to getting payday loans. So with the high cost of insurance being taken out of my check as well, I don't have enough money to pay my rent, buy food or anything else. So I got an online payday loan from Cash Net USA. I had gotten a loan from Cash net USA before, and I did get behind on the loan, but the loan was paid off. So I call them on Sunday to see I could get another loan. 4/22/16 I found out that they sold my loan to Debt Management Partners 800-883-9067. I could not understand when my office manager at my school got the first call from them; they were threatening to come to my job around 7 am in the morning to embarrass me if I didn't pay the loan off.

Immediately I called my husband, told him what was going on so he gave me his bank card to go and pay on the loan. I had no idea that Cash Net USA had sold my loan to these people. I really thought Cash Net USA was the ones that were coming to pay me a visit. So when I got the news from my office manager I immediately made the call from the number which was given to her; and the person who I talked to on the phone was just low down and dirty. Just vicious!!! They were so nasty to me! So I called the Debt management company made arrangements to pay off the rest, and I did. Now, these people have messed me up. I am not able to get a loan with anyone.

Every time I go online to get a loan the first thing I am asked is? "Do you still owe Cash Net USA on a loan?" When I call Cash Net they transfer me from person to person, finally the last person tells me they have no control over the loan, and there is nothing that they can do. Please don't ever deal with these people. It's too easy to get a loan. I need money really bad right now, but I will pray and ask God for help. I will never in my life deal with anymore payday loans. Payday loans caused me my marriage. My husband got really tired of me getting loan after loan. I would get one loan to pay off the next.

I was living beyond my means. Now I really need to get one and can't. Something always work out anyway. I know I paid this loan off, and I am content. When I think about it, I'm grateful that I can't get another loan. These people are getting rich off of us. Remember if you are paying off a loan online, please send a check or money order, never use your bank card, or credit card. When asked for a receipt you will never get it. I hope that these people are put out of business!!!

Don't apply for any loans with this people please. They put in 298.00 in my checking and 289 in my savings account... Then I was supposed to transfer all the money to my checking then go to Walmart and get a MoneyGram, then they would put 3,000.00 in my checking account within 15 min. The checks they deposited in my account were fraud and was caught by my bank immediately. Thank god it didn't cost me anything. Hope this saves somebody.

I tried to talk to the company and ask to be connected to a manager. Every customer service just can't transfer me to supervisor and I told them before I ever went into collections that I really needed to speak to a manager which was never done so finally got to collections and the tactics they used was they will come to my house or I have to meet them somewhere - that sounds like loan sharks not a real legitimate business. On top of all of that they call my phone from a restricted number - again loan shark tactics. Worst company I ever dealt with. Never recommend to anyone. $400 turned in to $700. The people saying they will come to my house for $700 - are you really kidding me?

I was trying to get a loan from Cashnet USA. They told me to go to a Walmart and get an iTunes voucher for $100, which is I did. They told me it's not activated. They told me to buy another one. They told me it's not activated again. Then they ask me to get another one again. They told me the same thing. So I went back to Walmart to find out. They told me the voucher has been used. I called Cashnet USA and tell them that. They told me yes they activate now and they told me I should receive the check on my step door the next day. Wait for the next day I don't get **. I call them, that's when they telling me my loan amount was go up. Another way to get the loan I have to purchase another $100 voucher. The setup was Amie ** and Marc. For that ima say ** Amie **, ** March, and ** Cashnet USA and the government really need to do something about that cause this is way crazy.

I received an email from this scam company. Their grammar is awful which is my 1st clue. 2nd, never took out a loan but they said I owe over $900.00. 3rd, said they would not provide a phone number until I reply to their email and set up a payment plan. I had 48 hours to respond, if I didn't they had no choice but to report this to my local county courthouse and have a warrant out for my arrest. I would have to pay over $4000.00 + attorney fees, court fees, etc.

They said I will be charged with bank fraud and various other charges and the FBI had been notified. Anyone that gets this threatening email and you have taken out a loan, call police and your state attorney general. These creeps need to be the ones arrested and put behind bars or deported!!! Be smart people, don't fall for this scam. They are the one committing fraud! I didn't rate these jerks, they are nothing and don't deserve a rating.

I am being sued for money that I never got and I am being summoned for court over something that I never got as a loan. That is bogus and wrong for a company to Sue me for something I had applied for once.