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Terrible service here! One cannot get anywhere with them, you cannot speak to a live representative at any time. 14 days ago... I had my Visa/Debit card number hacked. A duplicate card was made in Arizona and someone made fraudulent transactions at various Fry's stores throughout Arizona, this drained my account. I immediately canceled my two jobs direct deposits... However, AccountNow has NOT responded, nor have they refunded my money, and now my bills have gone unpaid on time, and accruing charges for late fees, they were set up on Auto-renewal. I have filed all the necessary claims: Bancorp fraud claims, Police Reports, Claim of Identity theft with the Federal Trade Commission, and with the Consumer Protection agencies... Next is the BBB.

I would like to gather information from all consumers that have had similar or the same experience with missing money through fraud while banking with Bancorp Bank using any of their Prepaid accounts. You must have had the following occur: Fraud by identity theft, stolen account numbers where you still had your card in possession. NO restitution made by Bancorp Bank. NO communication by Risk/LP departments regarding your case of Fraud. Lost funds, and with no FDIC reimbursement by Bancorp Bank.

I am in the process of building a Class Action suit against Bancorp Bank... We as consumer must fight back again Fraud and hold our Financial institutions accountable for our privacy and make them stand up for their product, its quality and security of our sensitive information. Bancorp DOES have each consumer's Address/phone numbers/Social Security numbers/Date of Births in their Archives... We run a Massive risk of being compromised and opened up to security breaches. Let's STOP this now and get our Money back... They must acknowledge. Please reach out to this site, place your excerpt and state the following: You would like to be considered on the Bancorp Class Action.

I filed dispute almost 2 months ago... the final review has passed. Every time I call it's the same thing - "We will have someone call you back." I call every day and they say the same thing. I called the company I disputed and they said the returned the money 2 weeks ago. You can't be transferred to the dispute department. This is ridiculous. Also didn't know I'm being charged $1.00 each charge. $2.50 fee for using my account number to pay bills. I will using different company with my direct deposit asap.

I called to ask where my replacement card was since mine was set to expire next month. After 10 minutes of one automated option menu to another I evidently pressed the wrong number to what I thought would get me someone to speak to but evidently reported my card lost instead. Soon after I was notified that my card was deactivated. When I finally got someone to talk to they basically refused to help me saying there was nothing they could do which means that I cannot access my money for 5-7 days until the new card arrives... GREAT. Paycheck gets deposited and I can't access my money or pay my bills. (But yet the deposit will go through????). Oh... But I could expedite the replacement card for $25.00. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. If they won't help a loyal customer.

I received my first check quickly and now this month I guess they are not issuing my check early. I watch everybody get their funds but me early. This card is a lost cause. I only had it for a month and I'm ready to switch it already. When I speak to someone over the phone all they tell me is they haven't received my deposit. Bull crap. They make it hard to even talk to the customer service dept. DO NOT GET THIS CARD. A RIP OFF. THEY SHOULD NOT ADVERTISED 2 DAYS EARLY. BS.

I would advise anyone using account now to not. They have hidden fees that they don't tell you about as well as money mysteriously disappears out of accounts. Well mine at least. When I went to speak to an actual customer service representative I was never able to. I called 9 TIMES!!! Garbage, straight garbage!!

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Well these guys are the absolute worst. Disgraceful customer service... Overcharge fees constantly... Lock your funds whenever they feel like because they have no security. Go to NetSpend or one of the other prepaids before using this one. AccountNow is GREEN DOT... HORRIBLE... Walmart money cards and these I would strongly recommend to STAY AWAY from. A representative even swore over the phone at me saying... "maybe you should keep good credit then **"... LMAO. Hilarious and ignorant. Don't even start to describe these scam artist cheats.

I been with AccountNow four years having SSI direct deposit on my card. So one day they going to put a lock on my card cause I went out of town. When I came back in town I could not get my money cause they thought someone stole my card so they going to tell me to send a verification of my address so they can know it's really me using my card. I had to pay my rent. They would not give me my money. They are crooks. Once I get my money I would never go back to them. If they don't give me my money they will be seeing me in court.

I'd never thought I'd be the one to say this about AccountNow because I have been with them for 6 years however since they changed to an overseas call center, the service and lost of funds will have me close my account as soon as I can after the holiday. I made a deposit of $150 last month at a register using a preload card that never credited to my account. (pic shown) They would not research it all but they were quick to take their monthly fee. It is shown online but not on my card...

Today they declined two purchases even though I had well over the amount in my account. They said it's for "my security" that they blocked my account. I told them I have been a customer since 2010 when they started with no problems. Then they said I have to wait for corporate to call them back in 72 business hours!! They route calls to the Philippines so you cannot speak to anyone in the US now so they call you back. This wasn't the case when I first joined in 2010. Now I am leaving and I advise everyone else that doesn't want to have their money disappear or card blocked while at the counter to go back to traditional banking.

All you guys complaining about AccountNow services read the paperwork that comes with the card you requested. Looks like to me it explains everything in bold print. It tells you what it charges you for. Tells you how you can go about getting money off your card without being charged at an atm. As far as you guys getting mad about not getting paid 2 days sooner read that again. It don't guarantee that!! How the hell can you get paid 2 days sooner when your job has everything to do with it???!!! Depends on when they get the damn payroll done so quit complaining. Start reading stuff before you agree on the terms and conditions. I sure did and I haven't had 1 problem since I started using AccountNow. I LOVE IT!!!

I received an AccountNow card and thought I'd give it a try. Had no issues at first until a tax return was deposited. I went to pay at the store and my card was declined. Not at all possible, they told me that I didn't notify them a deposit in that amount of money was being put in. Ummm, why would I? I'm very good at keeping track of what I spend, I figured out my bills and what I will have left. One week there should've been $188 on my card and there was $80. I listened to all my transactions and that missing $108 was nowhere, nothing had been charged too much.

I ask them and they say that they charge for every transaction that's made. So when I took money out of the ATM they charge me $3.50 for the ATM usual fee, and then $5.75. What sense does that make? At my job we have the vending machines, AccountNow charged me $3.50 when I spent an even $1 and then $1 for items that were over a $1. Again when I talk to them they tell me that this should be used as a savings account not a regular spending debit card. Oh and the best part, they tell me that my address doesn't exist, so when I moved and wanted to change my address and they said I had to fax in papers and all that. for a prepaid card? No, I'm good. I'm switching to KAIKU!

This has to be THE worst banking system ever!!! I banked with NetSpend for 10 years but thought I would give AccountNow a try. Been with my job for 20 years and they are regulated to post our Direct Deposits Wednesday morning and have been for 20 years. AccountNow told me my d.d. was pending Thursday at 9:00 but they told me they could not give me my money because my job hadn't released the funds which I knew to be a outright lie because I have another account which had already posted Thursday at 12:00 am. Didn't release my money until early Friday morning. Also, promised to text my balance whenever I use my card which NEVER happened. Went online to try and set up an online account but their web will not allow it. Tried for 2 days and each time the page just blanks out.

After talking to some of the reps at the company I discovered there is no manager to talk to and the first person answering the phone claimed she was the supervisor when I requested to speak to one. I think these people hold monies longer than needed so that they can get the interest off customer money. I found a Government website (Federal Reserve) called They regulate AccountNow (Green Dot Bank). I would suggest people start filing complaints against this bank so that the Feds can see how they are treating their customers. They should not be able to tell you can't get your money when it's just sitting there unless there's a reason which in my case was not. Even if nothing happens I'm filing my complaint today.

I switched to AccountNow in hopes that I would get my paycheck 2 days early. I called because for the past two times my check has posted on Wednesday. This morning when I called it says I had a deposit pending and it would post today. Still no money!!! I called them and the lady said they are waiting on my employer to release it. I believe they are lying because for 3 years I have received my money on a Wednesday and now all of a sudden when I switch to y'all I get it on a Thursday even though their automated system says it will post on today. They are a joke and I will make sure everyone knows about my experience especially since their representatives don't know anything. I am definitely withdrawing all my money and changing companies as soon as it post.

They have my account restricted. They ask for documents. I sent them and they still will not lift it. All my bills are behind car payment late and I was to leave with my children on vacation. Had to cancel. It's been a nightmare. I have over 6000 dollars of deposit that goes on this card. Been with them for 2 years and I'm closing it as soon as I can get my funds lifted!!

I really wish I had read these reviews, before I signed up with this company! Up till now, I have never had so much trouble receiving my direct deposit than what I have had with AccountNow! Their claim that you will receive your deposit up to two days early is a joke! I have been on the phone with them 3 times, and each time I have gotten a different answer! Since early in the morning I have my pending deposit showing (but no money as of yet)! I was told that my employer hasn't released the money yet, but appears to me AccountNow has it. They have the worst customer service ever! If and when they finally deposit my money, I will definitely be changing to a different card! Their customer services is a joke, and you can't even talk to anyone in this country! I wish anyone good luck that has the misfortune of dealing with these people as I am currently doing! It is an exercise in frustration!

The company must dig deep in databases as they send a card to me under an alias I use for spam emails. I do not use it to apply for anything yet they sent a debit card. There is no way to speak to a live person unless you sign in and create an account which I did using phony ssn etc. There is finally a telephone number for customer no service 866-921-9889 for anyone that needs it. They said they got my info from public records - surely not. Anyway beware as if this is how they operate they cannot surely give any kind of reputable service with their card. Always be suspicious when someone asks for your ssn without providing anything first.

I have been with Account Now for a while. I had a card that I loaded $500 on and they would not activate the card fully but allowed me to load funds onto the card. They closed my account and told me to send in documents to verify my identity, but after I did all of that they still didn't unlock my card. I've been calling everyday but I'm told something different every time I call. I've contacted my attorney to see what I can do because they shouldn't be able to cancel my card and hold my money.

They put my money on the wrong card. Then when I call them, they said they mail me a new card with my money on it... How crazy is that? That's all want them to do is to put my money on the card I all really had. They can't do that. I will not ** with company no more. They're up to no good. God is going to make them pay messing people around with money. Is so ** hard to get money. You should close your business down.

After having numerous problems with my former prepaid card providing company... Netspend. I chose AccountNow to have my social security benefits sent to. For the previous year, (while still with NetSpend) my 'SS' deposits were always early. Only one time in that year, a deposit was made on the actual date of said payment. Usually, my benefits were in my account.. 3 to 6 days prior to the actual payment date. Obviously social security transferred benefit payments well in advance of the actual payment date.

So far with accountnow my benefits have not been in my account until the actual date of payment. These lying, thieves hold transferred funds of their customers as long as they can. Most assuredly to accrue the interest on those funds. I'm also sure, that persons such as myself. Who need every dime of their ss benefits to cover our living expenses. Like myself, withdraw all of the money as soon as it arrives. So accountnow isn't able to collect any interest of my money. Knowing that, they simply hold the funds in their own account as long as possible. If that is not a criminal act, I don't know what is.

And we are supposed to trust people like this with our money. What's happened to this country? I would have said "our country". But unless you are wealthy and or connected. This country is just where we happen to be living (Trying to live). This type of thing has become "business as usual" and these companies will continue to cheat anyone they can anyway. They can, simply because they are connected. I'm tired. Just had to vent. Maybe someone will hear and heed.

Got the card, deposited $100 and it just keeps saying card not approved for use at this time. It's okay. These people can keep the money. Karma has you. This company sucks and I hope they go down faster than the Titanic! Screw you AccountNow. Get your own money that we work hard for. Stop living off others' prosperity!

I have had my AccountNow card for a year now. Usually I load the card for online purchases. This year I decided to get my 7,500 refund deposited into the account. I start noticing funds were disappearing from my account. I tried to call but no human person. It's hard to think that I had 7500 bucks with nothing to show for it but a new sofa set. So silly me gets my paycheck deposited into this account and the stickers stole 130.00 bucks from me. Like forget you. I have kids to take care of. A teenage girl. I. So hurt because there is nothing I can do about it. I'm going to contact the media because damn.

Woke up this morning checked account, $304.58 was debited out my account at a 7-11 in another city at 10:13pm. Of course I was in my bed that time of night!!! Called Accountnow was told they would block my card send me another and the amount was paid I could call back and dispute! What do you mean call back and dispute??? It clearly say authorization hold, couldn't you just not pay it?? No, the rep says I have to call them back 6 days from now and dispute. What kind of ** is that!! Don't worry Accountnow my direct deposit is going to a bank that don't enable thieves!!! Here I am driving to another city pursuing my money!!!

I have been with AccountNow for a couple of years now. Recently on June 27 2016 I woke up and checked my account. I was cleared 800 gone on my bank statement. It was two transactions made from a local Walmart--one for 500 and the other for 300. The crazy part is I had my card but I always go to Walmart to transfer money... so I called and made a dispute. I called almost every day. They couldn't tell me anything. They just said "wait by the phone for a phone call." It's been about a week and a half. Today is July 7 2016 and I called and he told me my dispute has been finalized and they sent me a letter in the mail. I'm like wtf, no explanation, no information, nothing. I just lost out on 800 my rent money and my car note and I'm pissed. This is a ** company. They need to be shut down. How are they still open ripping people off? I will not ever use this company again or recommend them.

I have had this card for like four years now and I use it all the time. I have my paychecks direct deposited and pay all my bills from it. I even have my tax return deposited on it every year as I get my refund in about a week. Great alternative to dealing with banks.

So I've been using this company for over a year now. I tried using my card yesterday and the card declined very embarrassing not once but twice. You would think the company would call to tell me what's going on. Nope they didn't. I ended up calling them to find out what was going on. The rep. Eel told me my card had been compromised so they put a restriction on it and I would have to call every time I needed to use the card until my new card came in. Ok fine so I pulled a little cash off the card for the purchase I was trying to make that the card had declined for. She told me just to call anytime I needed so yesterday I tried calling. They're closed. Fine I'll wait.

This morning I call to find out I no longer have access to my money on the card and no one could help. Stayed on the phone for over an hour. Talk to the same idiot Eel and 4 managers just to find out they didn't know why my card was compromised and I wouldn't have access to my money for 5-7 business days. Well it a holiday weekend so that means my card won't be sent out until the 5th of July and I won't get it until the 13th of July. That's two weeks away. I'll be getting paid again by then so looks like I will not be using that card company any longer. But of course she doesn't get any punishment for her mess up. She'll have to go through training again. That does nothing for my situation right now but make me more mad.

I stop all my direct deposits from going to this company because they put my money in my account late even though they receive the notification that the money is coming. This way this bank can make interest off the money. They have surprise coming this Pay Period - no direct deposit will be input. Just $10 for online purchase. If your card is lost or stolen GOD help you because you will never see that money again.

I have been an AccountNow account holder for the past 3-4 years. My card was recently stolen and used at places I don't even shop/eat at. I put in a dispute for $524.00. I spoke to several idiots there and told them what happened. Received a call a few days later from some man asking me if I was at one of the locations my card was used. Dumbest question I have ever heard. So today I get home and receive a letter (but they called to accuse me of basically using my own card) telling me I will not be getting my money back and they have closed my case. The money I didn't use? So what is the purpose of a dispute?

Somewhere they have committed a violation, a federal violation and before I let them walk away with $524.00 that belongs to me, I will fight with every bone in my body to sue this company. They are going to wish they gave me my hard earned money back. I wouldn't in a million years advised anyone to deal with these fraudulent people. It's such a shame but I will be the one on the top in the end. I guarantee that!!!

Have been going in circles with these idiots for weeks trying to get a dispute resolved. An ATM took my funds out of my account but it said communication error and didn't give me my money! Their customer service reps are a joke and useless. They won't even transfer my call to the dispute dept. Worthless company. Glad my paychecks no longer get deposited to them!

Plain and simple a crooked, false and no professional ethics whatsoever type of financial services industry. They stoled $1716 out of my account. When I tried to reported, first of all the customer service number is no good because there's not a human being that answers the call and when you specify to talk to a operator they got me waiting 1 hour and 56 minutes and for this two low lifes, unprofessional, so called customer service representative and another unprofessional piece of human waste of so called manager accused me that I stoled my own money in Tokyo Disney Resort and 15 minutes later I was reporting my money theft in Orange County California. Can you believe this people?

I told them to check out from what terminal was this money withdrew and how it can happen to withdraw money with one card from Tokyo Japan and if me the owner of the account physically got the card in Orange County California, there's never two cards in the same account with the same exact numbers unless is a clone card. I'm I right? So the so called manager said he didn't know what I was talking about, so I went a little further saying "unless is an inside job and you guys are the ones stealing all this money." Phone went quiet, so I ask for his name and position. He said he was not allowed to. What? So he said "can you please hold." But before I said anything some music came out and I waited honestly for two hours exactly, because on the dot two hours the call hangs up by itself and that's all to it. That was on the 2nd of May. I'm still waiting for any resolution and nothing.

I'm a really sick person that relies of my wife person while I wait for my disability case to resolved, and that was our tax jointly money. For two weeks, we didn't have no money to eat. We almost got kicked out of the room and board center where we live. I even went palm handling. Can you believe what this people did to us. I had a mild stroke that day of the call with them. I was in bed for 6 days without being able to get up, and this so called manager had the nerve to say to me: "oh sorry there's nothing I can do"? What the hell? What you mean "nothing I can do"? Aren't they insured by I don't know... FDIC? Or aren't they entitled to start a freaking investigation? OH MY GOD. I better stop writing this. I just got light headed. I think I'm going to passed out.

This is Elizabeth. Pablo passed out writing this comment. He is in bed now. DR. told us he better stop getting upset because of his delicate conditions. Any little complication and he can die like that, but Pablo is passionate for what he believes, and he believes there's something wrong and fishy about this company that is taking advantage probably of hard working people like us, and they laugh about it, because is what they did last time I called, and If because of this my husband's passes away guess who is gonna be accountable for that? You got the right - "AccountNow". A company who pretends to be caring and that your money is so secured with them. False advertising Pablo's says. I want my $1716 back, and repair and damages paid because they are making my husband's short living life miserable and is not fair all this unnecessary punishment towards my family.

The company won't follow through with return phone calls. They won't send me a replacement card expedited and say I need the card for all transactions has locked my online access at least 3 times. Now they keep telling me to wait then I call to be told to wait some more. Is there no one who can force them to treat customers with respect and to do what they tell me??

My federal tax refund was deposited on 5/21. When I tried to use my card at a grocery store the next day it was declined. When I looked at my account info on my phone there was a charge from a company called "SQ * JOY" for the exact amount that was in my account. As it was a Sunday I was unable to reach a live person at AccountNow. I filed a dispute as soon as their customer service center was taking calls on Monday and cancelled my card. I had to pay $25 to have a new card sent. Today is payday and it was too late to stop the direct deposit. So I have funds sitting there that I cannot touch. I called customer service to check on the dispute for the unauthorized charges. They said they didn't have any info other than one was filed. I asked for the contact information for their dispute center. I was told, "We do not have any contact information for that department."

I asked how can I be sure my newly deposited funds will be safe while I wait for my new card. I was told they don't have a way to stop withdrawal if the hacker has my account and routing numbers. After reading other reviews I'm not at all confident that I will be able to get the stolen funds returned or that I will even receive a new card without problems. I just want to be able to remove my pay and move it to a traditional bank. Prepaid cards sound good-no overdraft fees, earlier access to funds-but if your account is hacked you are screwed. An overdraft fee would be preferable to the stress of potentially losing over $1000.00. At least with a traditional bank there are safeguards but apparently with prepaid accounts there is not.

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Barbara Friedberg, MBA, MS is a former investment portfolio manager with decades of financial experience. Friedberg taught Finance and Investments at several universities. Her work has been featured in U.S. News & World Report, Investopedia, Yahoo!Finance and many more publications.    More about Barbara→

Founded in 2004, AccountNow is one of the most trusted brands in the alternative banking sphere. The company was a finalist in the category of Best Unbanked & Underserved Program at the 2007 and 2009 Prepaid Card Expos.

  • High deposit maximum: Consumers may add up to $10,000 per day through direct deposit and $1,500 for cash loading. Third parties may have their own limits and additional fees.
  • Cash available quickly: Direct deposits and electronic payments are usually available the same business day. Additionally, cash deposits made through money transfer services are generally available immediately.
  • How to add cash: In addition to direct deposit, money transfer services can load cash such as MoneyGram┬«, WesternUnion┬«, Visa ReadyLink and more.
  • Low monthly service fee: The fee structure is clearly explained on the company website. ATM fees range from $1.00 to $2.50. Monthly charges range from no charge to $9.95. Transaction fees range from zero to $1.00 per transaction.
  • Direct deposit bonus: There is a $15 direct deposit bonus for setting up $500 auto-deposit and meeting other conditions.
  • Refer-a-Friend program: Consumers receive a $20 cash bonus for referring a friend, and the associate receives a $10 cash bonus as well.
  • Best for It is a good alternative for those turned away from traditional banking due to banking issues. Also, it is helpful for consumers interested in depositing Social Security checks.

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