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Frances of Sharon Hill, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

I had been with AccountNow for years. On February 12, 2017 my card was compromised. It was useless trying to contact anyone on Sunday so the next day I contacted AccountNow. It was more like pulling a hard boiled egg thru my nose. They were not helpful at all. After explaining to them that my paycheck was on this card and that someone on the west coast was using my card while I was trying to use my card in a store here on the east coast. They had me to download applications to send in. This was done like three times and I kept calling to check on the status.

Finally on week two I was told they could not find anything wrong so they canceled my dispute. So not only was I robbed by whoever on the west coast but now I am being robbed again by AccountNow. The remaining monies that was on my card they canceled that card and I can't touch it. Now a month later I am still trying to figure out what's going on. I am being told to again send in yet another application along with my drivers license and social security number. Also the customer service representative told me if I go into a store to purchase something with him online he will unlock my card so that I can use the money. Now this is very interesting because if he told me that then guess what? Those idiots may have told the thief the same thing to compromise my card. I will never do business with this company again.

Cieras of Garland, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I usually get my direct deposit at 5 am the day before or day of I get paid by my employer... which is in a Thursday or Friday. It is now Sat. 1 1230 am CST... and I still didn't get my deposit from my employer which was sent on Wed. I wish that I could reach through the phone and slap these reps. I want to know where my money is? No one is going to pay my late fees on my bills. Don't use this card service. I sat on the phone for 2 hrs waiting on a rep. If I wanted a sup I got placed back on hold for I don't know how long then hung up on. I am canceling all of it.

JUDY of Fresno, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I've had an account with them for about 10 years. And let me tell you if you have an issue it's going to be a pain in the ** to get the issue resolved. Long story short I called 2 months ahead of time before my ATM was going to expire, 1st card got sent back for some unknown reason, 2nd card I had them change my address to my UPS box and that got sent back because they failed to put in my box number, 3rd time calling to update once again to have them put in my box number and now waiting on it again! Not to mention now my current card is expired.

So after hanging up with the person who couldn't even speak English I tried to log online to make sure she got my correct address. I couldn't! Because they now RESTRICTED MY ONLINE ACCESS!!! This is super frustrating!! I have 2 deposits coming in within the week and I won't be able to access nothing all because these illiterate fools don't understand a lick of English! There is NO SUPERVISOR!! Just an FYI. Their call center isn't based in the US. Bunch of Filipinos, you're lucky if you could even understand them! I'm so done with them!!

P. of Sunflower, MS on
Satisfaction Rating

I have been with AccountNow since 2006 (but actively used the card since 2008 when I got my Tax Refund deposited on the card). When I tell you that I have had hardly ANY issues with this card until recently I am not lying. Other than card updates, I never contacted them for anything even though I know other people who have had issues with their cards. This is where things went downhill quickly. When I ended up getting my card "phished" (apparently someone used a scanner and took all the money off my card) I called to let them know what happened and they decided to send me another card. When I first talked to their Customer Service department (I'll get on them later on) the rep said that if they were able to get my money back I would be able to immediately get it back. Well they did indeed get my money back BUT I had to file a dispute for MY OWN MONEY which pushed things back another week.

The stupid postmaster here in my town here in Mississippi (Sunflower) sent my card back because it used a physical street address instead of a post office box so that's another 10 business days. Well I decided to order ANOTHER card and tried to do it online. Well if you don't have a CVC code you can't do it online (remember I never got my new card so I only have my old card that got compromised). Called their Customer Service and instead of the Customer Service rep saying that the questions she was asking me was my security questions, she implied that these were new questions for the new card so when I missed one of the questions it locked me out of my account AGAIN and I had to upload documents proving my address. Well after 3 days they FINALLY got around to verifying the documents but didn't contact me until AFTER they sent the new card so I couldn't get the card expedited.

They never called me during any of these instances despite asking for my number numerous saying they would contact me. Customer service for AccountNow is among the worst I've ever dealt with. I'm not against non-US citizens working at all but if it is ONE area where it is REQUIRED it is Customer Service where the customers primarily speak English. Even if someone with a country accent like myself from Mississippi were speaking with someone from NYC we would understand each other. When you have reps that are sticking to a script and barely grasping the language you can see why the reputation for their Customer Service is validated with how bad it is. Once I get my new card I am taking all my money out and making my secondary card the main card I use. I didn't know that Green Dot had purchased AccountNow which only will push me away from them even faster. It was a nice run but I can't deal with them anymore.

JoAnn of Bigelow, AR on
Satisfaction Rating

I had my tax refund deposited to this account on Mar 8th. They froze my account on Sun and I called Mon. They requested documents and I sent those. They told me the issue would be resolved within 24-72 hrs. As of 7 pm central time 72 hrs later they still haven't released the money. I may be able to help others... if you will file a complaint with the attorney general in your local state and the state of California also call Visa and file a complaint online. For the state of CA you probably get your money. My advice to anyone is never open a account with AccountNow, Green Dot or MetaBank. Also never use any card that's not FDIC backed.

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Marinna of Ferndale, MI on
Satisfaction Rating

I had my money deposited on to my AccountNow card thru Green Dot & they placed a block on my card. Told me to send in verification documents which I did. I waited for three weeks before they told me they approved my documents but couldn't lift the block but they were going to mail me a check which would take an additional 2 weeks! VERY INCONVENIENT and INCONSIDERATE. They keep saying there is nobody I can talk to above them which sounds like a scam. I have my entire income tax just on the card that I can't touch! I will be contacting my lawyer. Something is not right.

Kara of Hermitage, TN on
Satisfaction Rating

My goodness where to start, I've had this card for right about 2 years, I've had nothing but problems since the beginning. Why did I stay so long? Well it's really important for me to get my money when I need it and the only thing this company did 85% of the time was allow my check to get deposited two days early but even sometimes that went wrong. I try to get people chances to prove they are worth me keeping their service and keep my life as simple as possible but after today I had enough. I can say every single time Ive had to call customer service they were 100% absolutely no help. They never offer to go above and beyond. They never offer to "see what they can do". They never offer to escalate the case. They never offer anything at all.

I've never had my money disappear but I have a young daughter and I'm very busy and distracted majority of the time so I have lost my card a couple times. So the times before I call of Course they can't help get my money off my account and the times I thought I lost my card and then found it they never would reactivate it. So again I lose my card today. I call automated system, say I want my card expedited and yes I'm willing to pay the stupid fee 25$ to have it expedited but still had to wait 30 minutes to talk to someone even though I verified through the system, got to a rep who tells me I chose to do standard mail. 10 business days.

Seriously? Now I know for a fact that I selected expedited. Nothing haven't offered to try and change it and didn't offer to get me another card. Nothing. Just sorry wait 10 business days. Immediately canceled my direct deposit from my job to this card. I cannot stress enough - please find another prepaid card. They charge monthly fees and won't help you at all. They limit your amount you can withdraw. My limit was 300 and my rent is 825. Ha yeah so if I need to pay that I have to withdraw the money a bit everyday! Just ridiculous. I'm so done with this company.

N. W. of Farmville, NC on
Satisfaction Rating

This is the worst company, they have blocked my fiancé card for some unknown reason stating he had excessive usage but we have been with them for two years and it's always something. Now they have basically took over $5000 and we have sent in all verification that they asked for but they always seem to come up with different things. I need to know is there anyone I can reach out to about this situation because we are in need of our money. DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE OR THEIR PREPAID CARDS!

rozzy of Atlanta, GA on
Satisfaction Rating

I am a user of the AccountNow card when it was owned by Metabank. I had no issues over past 2 years. I recently find out that Green Dot has taken ownership. I am furious they have blocked several of my relatives' cards with their tax refund checks on them... I myself had a issue with them 3 years ago when I purchased a reloadable Green Dot card to send my granddaughter money for her junior dues of 200$... I purchase it at Walgreens. Once I arrived at work 20 minutes later my $200.00 was gone without a trace...

Long story short it took me 30 days to get my money after faxing verification, being accused of letting a family member have the pin #, also they said they never received my fax which I sent over and over again repeatedly 6 times... Finally I had enough and I threatened to call the news media and get them involved. They released my money immediately to my debit card I gave them but I had to go through pure hell. They are thieves at Green Dot. Do not use anything associated with these people unless you want somebody to rip you off. I will be closing my card. They don't have to cause I will gladly do it for them. Whatever happened to Metabank. These Green Dot folks sucks...

Markeita of Pasadena, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I really should have read these reviews before I used this card (I'm really trying my hardest not to curse). I get my tax money on the card. I tried to buy some furniture. Swipe the card, didn't work. Went to atmosphere, didn't work. The only thing I could do was cash back. I had to do it a lot of times to get the right of money and because I did that they put a restriction on my account. Now I have to send in documents proving that I'm me. This is the most horrible card company ever. I wish there was a way to put them out of business. People shouldn't have to go through this for the own dam money.

susan of Madison, WI on
Satisfaction Rating

I'd found AccountNow in an online article about ways to transfer funds between people. I was looking for something like Google Wallet, but to be used with someone who does not have a bank account or other major bank debit card, in order to receive the money. This article claimed that Account Now is a way to transfer funds between people. My friend and I, between applying, waiting, setting up online account, activating card and finally finding out the truth, spent hours directly and more waiting time on this. We finally found out that the AccountNow card cannot be used to transfer funds between people. The company only wants to receive directly deposited paychecks, benefit checks, and tax refund checks, besides cash reloads at physical locations. If my friend and I had a joint account in another institution, we could transfer funds, but it would take days! I would like this card not to be misrepresented as a vehicle for transfers between people.

baka of Tracy, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I've had AccountNow for a few years. It was really good. I got my deposits a few days early, my tax refund always came a week before the actual due date, and they showed pending deposits. Well, I had to replace my card and got a brand new card with a new account. It was issued by green dot bank. IT FREAKING SUCKS!!! Do not waste your time using AccountNow.

The card I had before was issued by MetaBank and let me tell you, I had absolutely ZERO problems then. If you want a good prepaid card switch over to NETSPEND. You pay $5 a month if you get direct deposit (which is hell of a lot better than $9.95). AccountNow customer service SUCKS. Good luck finding someone who doesn't speak broken English and doesn't understand what you're saying. They basically tell you some generic BS. I am warning you guys DO NOT LET THESE CROOKS HANDLE YOUR MONEY. NetSpend or use a regular bank. DO NOT USE ACCOUNTNOW. They are not the same as they used to be.

Kourtney of Houston, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I had a hard time getting my money from the IRS and when I saw they deposit it and I thought they was go send me a paper check but something told me to call IRS, they told me that my money was on a card (my mother in law did my taxes) so I didn't see nothing of it. She give me numbers to call to see which card holder had my money. Finally found out. Im getting happy thinking "one more step till I have it." I called accountnow, they told me send over info stating I'm the person so I did with no problem. I BEEN SENDING THINGS OVER GOING ON 3 MONTHS NOW!!!

They tell me the same thing every time "your paper not in full sheet" (need to see all 4 corners) which it is. Or hey cant open the link!!! Wtf!! I just want my 3,000 and go about my day! So can someone help me with suing the ** or a number to call something about getting my money please. Please thank you. I call them everyday. They don't care about you. Thank you. Anything can help with getting my money would be good help. Idk why but something told me to look at the reviews NEVER AGAIN!!!

Inda of Griffin, GA on
Satisfaction Rating

After having a AccountNow account for the past 2 years and prior. My account was hacked by someone using the email address: **. All that changed within a 24 hour period after signing into my account yesterday. I tried to login and now my password didn't work. So I clicked on forgot my password and an unknown email address shows up. Come to find out that someone deposited two amounts and then transferred the money to another account.

I am very upset, because the representative said all my information has been compromised and that they were cancelling my card and that I would not be able to open another account. And the Indian customer service representative said "so sorry." Like no one was going to investigate the matter. Can someone tell me who I need to contact in order to report them and make a complaint. Unbelievable!!! I am so glad I did not have any money in my account. But so much was linked to that account. What else do I need to watch out for?

Noel of Antioch, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I called customer service in regards to a company signing me up for an autoship program for a product without notification and couldn't find a way to contact them and wished to cancel the upcoming payment. Simple enough request. Somehow the representative took this to mean that my card had been compromised, despite me stating that it wasn't the case, and put a hold on my account. She then told me she couldn't undo it without me submitting proof of ID and residence to correct this.

I explained that due to severe health problems and hospitalizations that my information was incorrect and I hadn't updated it. I talked to two other people and they said they couldn't do anything other than me updating my information or start a process of returning my recent electronic disability deposit and sending it to me (or see if they will send to another account with a different company, of course) all because of their mistake and this is after being with them for several years.

Doug of Corydon, IN on
Satisfaction Rating

I put money on their card one time to pay my MetroPCS phone bill. So I go home and then they tell me to wait 24 hours. So I do. Then I pay my phone bill online. It comes back invalid card. So I wait for 30 mins and try online again. Still invalid card. So I call AccountNow. They tell me it's not them. They can see on my account. They tell me to call MetroPCS. So I drive 15 miles to a gas station. They run the card for 5 dollars. It won't go through. Remind you all online or show I have $30.05 in my account. I drive back home. Call AccountNow back. They can't even see where I tried at the gas station. And they can only see where I tried one time at my MetroPCS. So I call MetroPCS. Me and MetroPCS try 7 more times. Then the guy from MetroPCS 3-way called AccountNow. And we spent 1 and a half hours on the 3-way call. Remind you all all this time my phone is off. I have to narrow a home.

AccountNow tell MetroPCS it's their fault. They fight so much about it's not them. The guy from MetroPCS put me and AccountNow on hold so he could have his boss sit it. At the end of this MetroPCS turned my phone back on and have me 2 days to pay them. AccountNow tell me there is nothing wrong. You know $30.05 is not a lot of money but. MetroPCS fought AccountNow for 1 and a half hours for me. AccountNow said they can't see a problem so there is nothing I can do. I'm at this point I'm on fire mad at AccountNow.

I hope this helps someone stay away from AccountNow. If you want to give your money away please give it some that needs it. Not those crooks at AccountNow. Now I got money on this card I can not get back. I'm a hard working living paycheck to paycheck American. I got passed around to 6 people there at AccountNow. None of which could speak more than 4 words of English. I'm not racist at all people.

Ryan of Gustine, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I received an AccountNow prepaid card in the main. I loaded it at one of the vendors that it had on the list they sent with the card. Now I cannot access my money because they have no proof of my identity. Every time I call I get a laundry list of things I need to do in order to verify. Why did they take my $800 with no proof, but now I can't access my money? I have been fighting this a year now and I am no closer to getting my money back.

Jeanine of Orlando, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

Please do NOT use this card. They are scam. I'm in the process of suing for $124.00 they owe me that they refuse to refund back to my account. On Dec 13th 2016 I arranged a bill payment for $124.00 for my auto loan I had. Did the bill pay option which is easier for me because I live in FL and my car loan is in PA. They claim I had put the wrong account number which was false. I confirmed the same account number with the bank which is the same account I been using for 2yrs now. I got a call from the bank on Christmas eve saying they never received my payment. Instantly I called AccountNow and they have been running me in circles since then.

I have been calling every 2-3 days since Dec 25, 2016 and they keep saying the same thing that they notified higher management and the funds will be redeposit into my account and they will be contacting me. I have heard nothing. Not only did they manage to give me a red flag on my credit for my car loan because it was drastically late, I had to pay it with car insurance money. Now my insurance was cancelled because they won't refund me back my money. You can't get nowhere with customer service and they a rip off and just a scam. Don't use them because now I have to waste more time and money to sue them to get my hard earned money back.

D. K. of Tacoma, WA on
Satisfaction Rating

On 13/19/16 I submitted a routing and checking account number provided to me by AccountNow to my payroll administrator to supply funds for a prepaid debit card I had used once by loading money. On 12/23/2016 my funds were disburse 900.00 going to the checking account number provided to me by AccountNow. Green Dot bank. My payroll administrator, Paylocity tracked to the bank and filed it as deposited. On 12/23/2016, I tried to check the balance and found that the cash was not there. After 5 calls to AccountNow, being looped through the prompting for 3 hours, I finally got to speak to a agent. I was informed that there was no record of the fund being deposited. After stating that my payroll administrator tracked and confirmed that the funds was in Green Dot bank. I was told there was nothing they could do until they got instructions from my administrator.

I asked to have the instruction outline and I would contact my payroll. They just said they needed instructions and would not say more. I explained that the account was Green Dot bank and there was no reason for my payroll to contact them. This agent just stated there was nothing she could do without instructions. When speaking with another agent, she stated they need confirmation from Green Dot. And the scam started to become apparent. I called Green Dot Bank. Not recognizing my SSI number, they would not talk to me. 15 hours later and a dozen calls, I realized my Christmas was not going to happen. Not sleeping for 2 days I went online and researched AccountNow, Green Dot and agencies to report to. Being Christmas everyone was closed. I filed a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. Hisense emails to both Green Dot and AccountNow.

On Tuesday I was told by an AccountNow representative I should not have tried to contact Green Dot. Green Dot disavow any knowledge of AccountNow. Fast forward to Friday 12/30/2016. My funds were still not available and still have not been acknowledged. So being totally frustrated I asked to have my account closed and delete it. They argued with me and would not close it initially. After they told me it was closed I asked for a confirmation to be sent to my email. I was informed that they could not do that. Totally belligerent and frustrated at this time I asked to have it sent to my phone text message. She agreed to do so, but the message was "we are sorry. We cannot comply with your wishes at this time."

I log back in and discovered my account was still not closed or deleted. It was still open and active and the funds were still not on my debit card. As a matter of fact my debit card had accrued a negative balance because they had initiated a service charge. To my surprise a brand new AccountNow prepaid debit card showed up in the mail. Downloading recording apps and encrypted business file apps I've compiled comprehensive report on both AccountNow and Green Dot. Peeling back the layers came up with corporate Green Dot email corporate AccountNow concierge email. Green Dot respond immediately and gave me two numbers to contact AccountNow but earlier in the week they disavow any knowledge of them.

As of today January 1 2017 the issue is still not resolved. I still have not received my payroll from over a week ago and I've decided to filed with the Federal Trade Commission and any other agencies that make police this type of online Internet money laundering scams. The Better Business Bureau was quite interested when I file a report with him because they have been on record since 2006.

In summary it's never good 2/2 money taken or scam from you or your identity stolen but because of the sensitive time of the year it made the situation disastrous. I offer my past experience as a testimony to the sophisticated, erudite companies preying on millions of citizens, blatantly stealing their money. NetSpend, AccountNow, Green Dot and many others are symbiotic in the pursuit of exploration of a certain economic class - Maybe circumventing the regular banking system. As of 1/1/17 I have not discovered the whereabouts of my 900.00.

Danielle of La Puente, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

We had our tax refund deposited on this card in Feb. 2016. We have yet to receive it. They had asked for verification several times and we have forwarded this to them on 4 different occasions by two different processes. They are still holding the funds claiming they cannot identify my husband's identity. Now when we call, it doesn't even go through. It automatically disconnects the call. I'm urging anyone who reads this to please join with me in starting a class action suit. Not only have my husband and I been affected, but also our friends whom we recommended this card too.

Updated on 01/18/2017: I was contacted by them on here to resolve the issue. All they did was the exact same thing. They started the runaround about proving our identity. My husband says he isn't sending them any more personal information and they said we could ask the IRS to request the money back. Well the IRS won't do it because the original deposit amount isn't in the account. I'm going forward with legal repercussions. This has been going on for a year now. They are not trying to resolve anything. It's a waste of time. I urge you all to take legal repercussions on Top Class Actions. We need to join together, get our money back, and shut this scam of company down. They have gotten people for millions.

Taylor of Midlothian, VA on
Satisfaction Rating

Great customer service at Christmas time. They used to go by amount. Now it is 15 transactions and you pay 10.00 a month for this. Was out shopping and was declined and this is why. Thanks. Now that Green Dot has bought you, you can kiss my **. I am back with BBVA now, A NORMAL BANK.

Christopher of Elmwood Park, IL on
Satisfaction Rating

I have two jobs, and had both companies load my direct deposit on my Account now prepaid Visa card. On the Friday after Thanksgiving 2016, I had two direct deposits added to my account. I checked my balance in the morning, and about two hours later, I checked again, and noticed my balance dropped by over $500, and I had not left my home. I called company and found out there were two cash advances of over $500 made on my account at the same location over 30 miles from my home. I disputed these charges, and sent in the proper paperwork, and was told they cannot do anything to help me. Please stay away from this company. Customer service is in India, and they do not speak English very well, and the worst part is that they will let people steal your money. Stay away.

Vontina of Madison, WI on
Satisfaction Rating

AccountNow is the worst prepaid card I ever use in over 30 years. I set up account with them. The lady on the other end of the phone call put the wrong name on my account. When I address this issue they told me I had to send in documents to verify my name. I jump through hoops trying to get this done for five days. I received a email from someone, somewhere stating that it was the direct deposit department fax my ID, and ss# over to later find out this wasn't account now fax number.

The company that sent me the email had my account number and email address that they only could have got from account now. They froze my account so I can't even get my money off the card. But they manage to take the $9 for the services fee. Card still frozen even after I sent my verification over to them because the department that deals with this matter only do so on weekdays.

Account now is the worst prepaid service ever. DON'T I REPEAT DON'T USE THIS SERVICE. It a waste of time. They have no idea how to run a business. They are careless with your information that you give them over the phone. They put whatever name they want on your account then make your life a living hell for their mistake. I WILL NEVER USE ACCOUNTNOW AGAIN. And I'm looking into taking legal matters on this company. They shouldn't even be able to keep doing the things they're are doing to people. This company need to be force out of business. Very anger, very unsatisfied new customers. Account now big waste of time.

Stacey of San Diego, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I don't care if it a 1.00 to a million dollars. Who are you account now to give my money away without my ok. You will respond. I'm not calling you ** up. You fix it. I want my money back TODAY. FREE CREDIT FUN.COM SCAMMERS AND LIKE YOU COULDN'T TELL. GET MY ** MONEY NOW.

Joyce of Knoxville, TN on
Satisfaction Rating

I was with AccountNow for almost 4 years. Over those years I had my account hacked 2-3 times. The last account that I had with them, I filed a dispute and after doing so, I received a new card. A few days later they closed my account without any notification of them doing so which resulted in my bills not getting paid and late fees kept accumulating. I advise to EVERYONE not to choose to do business with AccountNow or Ready Debit, both are with the same bank. Please, do your research before you choose a prepaid card company.

Stanley of San Diego, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

Terrible service here! One cannot get anywhere with them, you cannot speak to a live representative at any time. 14 days ago... I had my Visa/Debit card number hacked. A duplicate card was made in Arizona and someone made fraudulent transactions at various Fry's stores throughout Arizona, this drained my account. I immediately canceled my two jobs direct deposits... However, AccountNow has NOT responded, nor have they refunded my money, and now my bills have gone unpaid on time, and accruing charges for late fees, they were set up on Auto-renewal. I have filed all the necessary claims: Bancorp fraud claims, Police Reports, Claim of Identity theft with the Federal Trade Commission, and with the Consumer Protection agencies... Next is the BBB.

I would like to gather information from all consumers that have had similar or the same experience with missing money through fraud while banking with Bancorp Bank using any of their Prepaid accounts. You must have had the following occur: Fraud by identity theft, stolen account numbers where you still had your card in possession. NO restitution made by Bancorp Bank. NO communication by Risk/LP departments regarding your case of Fraud. Lost funds, and with no FDIC reimbursement by Bancorp Bank.

I am in the process of building a Class Action suit against Bancorp Bank... We as consumer must fight back again Fraud and hold our Financial institutions accountable for our privacy and make them stand up for their product, its quality and security of our sensitive information. Bancorp DOES have each consumer's Address/phone numbers/Social Security numbers/Date of Births in their Archives... We run a Massive risk of being compromised and opened up to security breaches. Let's STOP this now and get our Money back... They must acknowledge. Please reach out to this site, place your excerpt and state the following: You would like to be considered on the Bancorp Class Action.

Genesia of Las Vegas, NV on
Satisfaction Rating

I filed dispute almost 2 months ago... the final review has passed. Every time I call it's the same thing - "We will have someone call you back." I call every day and they say the same thing. I called the company I disputed and they said the returned the money 2 weeks ago. You can't be transferred to the dispute department. This is ridiculous. Also didn't know I'm being charged $1.00 each charge. $2.50 fee for using my account number to pay bills. I will using different company with my direct deposit asap.

Janet of Chicago, IL on
Satisfaction Rating

I called to ask where my replacement card was since mine was set to expire next month. After 10 minutes of one automated option menu to another I evidently pressed the wrong number to what I thought would get me someone to speak to but evidently reported my card lost instead. Soon after I was notified that my card was deactivated. When I finally got someone to talk to they basically refused to help me saying there was nothing they could do which means that I cannot access my money for 5-7 days until the new card arrives... GREAT. Paycheck gets deposited and I can't access my money or pay my bills. (But yet the deposit will go through????). Oh... But I could expedite the replacement card for $25.00. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. If they won't help a loyal customer.

Shaunta of Detroit, MI on
Satisfaction Rating

I received my first check quickly and now this month I guess they are not issuing my check early. I watch everybody get their funds but me early. This card is a lost cause. I only had it for a month and I'm ready to switch it already. When I speak to someone over the phone all they tell me is they haven't received my deposit. Bull crap. They make it hard to even talk to the customer service dept. DO NOT GET THIS CARD. A RIP OFF. THEY SHOULD NOT ADVERTISED 2 DAYS EARLY. BS.

Dominique of Rochester, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I would advise anyone using account now to not. They have hidden fees that they don't tell you about as well as money mysteriously disappears out of accounts. Well mine at least. When I went to speak to an actual customer service representative I was never able to. I called 9 TIMES!!! Garbage, straight garbage!!

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