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Last updated: Oct. 6, 2017

36 StraighterLine Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 6, 2017

After many years of not completing my undergrad degree (due to money and time), I found StraighterLine. 15 courses (12 of those from StraighterLine) and 8 months later, I was graduating with my B.S. degree! The quality of StraighterLine courses was on par with my university (which accepted all 12 of the courses with full credit equivalency! I saved, literally, over $15,000 taking the courses at StraighterLine. Every person I encountered responded promptly, and was supportive to helping me be successful in my educational pursuits. I absolutely love StraighterLine! ~ A proud StraighterLine "alum."

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 4, 2017

When I signed up for my classes, I told the guy that I only wanted to pay him for the month of Sept because I knew I would finish before Oct. He told me call back after I finished everything and that they would cancel the payments. Cool! I start my classes, everything is fine for the first 2 days, and then the site stopped working, remember you pay by the month! And it breaks down a lot!!! So now it's time to take the final. You have to go through some other crap called ProctorU and they have to spy on you through your computer camera. They downloaded a bunch of crap to my laptop to try to make their crappy site work, and when they finally got the camera to work, their end kept messing up during my TIMED TEST and they interrupted me every 5 mins to take control over my mouse and fit the problem, WHILE MY TIME WAS STILL RUNNING, and told me they couldn't stop the clock. (And this is just from the first test).

The second test I had to have my boyfriend interrupt him from downloading stuff and he fixed the problem. I finished my second and last final on SEPT 29th. I tried to call them on the 30th and Oct 1st and even though they say they are available on weekends during specific times, they did not answer or return any of my voicemails I left. I finally got ahold of them on Oct 2nd after being HUNG UP on TWICE to cancel the payment and keep them from charging my credit card, but their response was there is nothing they can do and they still took $99 even though I have no classes to take. I DO NOT RECOMMEND TAKING CLASSES HERE. YOU ARE BETTER OFF GOING TO A COMMUNITY COLLEGE TO TAKE THESE COURSES. They are very unprofessional and scam artists.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Sept. 28, 2017

    With the cost of college continuing to rise, the importance of finding a cost-effective alternative has never been greater. StraighterLine provides significant value with their college credit courses. They were a major part in helping me reach key goals in college without breaking the bank.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 23, 2017

    My experience from StraighterLine was decent for first month that I used their service. However, DO NOT use the login by Facebook method. After finishing the course and trying to close the account, I used the FB login. Not realizing that it used a different login than the one I originally used. I saw that I did not have a membership anymore. I thought maybe StraighterLine knows since I cannot access my course anymore anyways. Out of sight out of mind right? NOPE!

    StraighterLine kept charging me and it is my fault for not cancelling it but there was ZERO emails about my unused account. They could have kept charging me forever! I saw the 200$ charge and called them. They talked to me like I was an idiot (Granted I was). I asked them how often does this happen and they said "A LOT". So, I am out a $1000. PLEASE do not use these services if you do not want to get screwed. The course is a joke. You can Google the exam, everything, I did not learn anything. I would never recommend this company to anyone. I have learned a valuable lesson and it cost me $1000. Please learn from my mistakes. One course for $1000. Never again.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 21, 2017

    I was advised to take the College Algebra course by the enrollment counselor at WGU. The course was recommended because it counts as intro to Algebra and College Algebra. I felt very lost in the beginning with the first task. It simply said to read an appendix section on Geometry formulas and had no related exercises. After that the rest of the topics had well laid out reading assignments and review exercises to complete. The textbook is designed to be used in a classroom with an instructor so it does not do a great job of teaching. I did have to spend several hours on Khan Academy learning the content.

    The course consists of 4 exams and a proctored final. The first exam is repeatable as many times as you like and the highest grade is used. The 4 exams are open book, 1 hr and 20 questions. The proctored final is administered by ProctorU. I had no issues with the proctoring other than I was asked to stop talking to myself. The final exam is 2 hrs and 65 questions. Any level of graphing calculator is allowed on the final. I used a TI-89 Titanium. I was never asked to put calculator in test mode or clear memory. Some people are saying that the final has question that were not on previous exams, and this is true. However everything on the final is covered in the textbook assignments. The final is not about memorizing previously encountered questions. It is about learning algebra and understanding the theories.

    The course took me 8 weeks to complete. I had no real knowledge of Algebra to start and had to do a lot of learning to get up to pace. After completing the final I was able to submit my transcripts immediately and had been accepted to WGU the following evening. I did contact SL support once after being by a SL representative that I could use an emulated calculator on my pc for the proctored final. I found that ProctorU would be using a program that locks down my pc and I would not be able to use the calculator. When I showed SL support the chat log I had and the ProctorU policy, they apologized and offered to pay the fee for a short notice proctor session so that I would not have to wait 3 days.

    When I actually to the final exam ProctorU did not use the lockdown program but I had a physical calculator at that point and did not attempt to use the emulated version on my pc. So overall I had no issues with SL. The course took a little longer than I would have liked. The course does need better embedded instruction as I had to use external sources heavily.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 5, 2017

    US History 101 - First of all the proctoring of the final exam was extremely invasive and really pissed me off before I even started the exam. I had to allow them to record a 360-degree view of my room. They took a close up photo of my iPhone and wanted to see it throughout the exam. This was for a history exam and they acted like I was an enemy spy or criminal. I really resented allowing someone I don't know to photograph and record my entire room.

    The book was not bad. Of course there are a million details about who did what when. I do not retain details well. I would have preferred to learn more about concepts, and how the people thought and felt, why they did what they did. The course has a lot of "value added" material that does not appear on the quizzes. While mildly interesting, this material takes up a lot of time and I was required by the institution I work for to finish the class within a relatively short time. I did pretty well except on the final. It really threw me for a loop. I don't really know how one was suppose to prepare for the test. There were very few questions from previous exams. Although it was open book the search capabilities of the online textbook are extremely limited. No doubt there are techniques that will help you find the specific topic faster, I did not know those techniques. They should offer a class on how to search the text book.

    The final test was really a test of how well you can use the textbook search engine. The material in the test was largely nothing that had been emphasized previously, only a few questions from previous tests and so obscure that it was hard to search for. Again, I don't know how you could prepare for the test without re-reading and memorizing the entire book. I did read the entire book but, as I said, there are so many details I don't now how anyone could remember them. The StraighterLine interface leaves a lot to be desired and could be very frustrating at times. Overall, I found the material somewhat interesting but the website interface, the proctoring, and final exam all really annoying.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 30, 2017

    In my first semester of community college I could not get my financial aid issues sorted and was forced to drop my classes and try again in the fall. To make up for a lost semester, I took 3 basic classes from StraighterLine.com (after checking with the college office that they would be able to accept ACE Credits from StraighterLine for THOSE SPECIFIC COURSES. I took Comp 1, College Algebra, and Business 101. All I needed to do to get my credits reviewed and transferred was send over the course curriculum and request a transcript in email to my school, which was sent quickly.

    I've got 9 waste-of-time-and-money credits knocked out in 2 months for like a grand total of $260. The private university I plan to transfer to accepted my credits as well, even though they are not a partner of StraighterLine. The classes were lame, but for basic courses they are kind of lame everywhere except you pay way more money and spend more time to get the credit. If you can check out with your transfer school before you take each course, you can't really go wrong. I felt like I was taking a risk, but it all turned out great! If you are taking them for credits and not really to learn much, this should be a convenient option.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 4, 2017

    I was enrolled in biology, chemistry and their labs. I completed all of them the week before my graduation. I receive 3 zeros for the chemistry labs for no reason resulting in a 61 average in the course and then I received a hold on my account for the last 2 biology labs that still hasn't been removed from my account and this is causing a delay in e receiving my transcript. I am graduating from my university in a matter of days and SL completely sabotaged my college experience by placing holds on my accounts because of 2 incomplete labs. I pleaded and pleaded with enrollment advisors and student advisors to help me get in contact with the graders (3rd party company apparently) so that I can have my transcript. My pleas for help didn't matter. The customer service is TERRIBLE. They had ladies working for them that only spit out what the policy is instead of sympathizing with their customers.

    I would recommend this company to ANYONE! Take the CLEP instead. At least it's quick. Currently I have given up hope. I basically have to wait till next week for them to send my transcript. I have explained to my university what is going on. I have let them know I wouldn't recommend this company unless it is absolutely the last option on earth. We pay too much money out of pocket to be treated so badly and mocked by these CSRs. SL gets a n=big fat F on my end for this. My advice to potential customers is to submit your assignments 2 weeks before a deadline because to StraighterLine you mean nothing to them. Your needs don't matter.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: July 20, 2017

    I took an online statistics class from StraighterLine, and it was one of the worst experiences of my entire education. The "lessons" consist of text ripped out of other textbooks and pieced together incoherently, and MAYBE a 1-minute video that says absolutely nothing. The practice questions and lessons have nothing whatsoever to do with the exams, with exams constantly asking about formulas and theorems that were never mentioned at any point in the lesson or practice test. Basically you will be paying $100 a month to learn absolutely nothing, assuming you manage to pass their tests.

    Original review: May 23, 2017

    Do not take college Algebra. This course is absolutely ridiculous. The study materials and extra videos do not even remotely cover what will be on the test. This was such a waste of my time and money to try and get a prerequisite done.

    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 18, 2017

    3 of my homeschool sons have used StraighterLine to accumulate general education credit. When our oldest took classes, we had to purchase textbooks, but my younger 2 benefitted from the free online ebooks they include, so the costs are a lot better now. We used online coupons to reduce the cost, and they completed each course in 2-4 weeks. My oldest graduated high school with 6 StraighterLine credits, my next with 54 StraighterLine credits, and my 10th grader has about 42 with them now. All of our sons chose partner schools, so their transfer and credit acceptance were known in advance. I believe choosing a partner college before starting is probably the most important thing.

    Original review: May 10, 2017

    Don't do it!! I read all the bad reviews, but went ahead and took the course anyway and it was a mistake! I took PE101 and the class was a piece of cake. I got an A very easily. But the "advisers" are not helpful at all. I passed all of the assignments for this course weeks ago, but I've had to resubmit papers and deal with getting my transcript sent to WGU. I had to pay for 2 months of the membership even though I finished the assignments in the first month. I took a course through Sophia, and it went wayyyyy more smoothly. Check out if they offer your course instead! Don't use StraighterLine!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 10, 2017

    This course is horrible, the test questions do not match the content taught at all. When you are trying to navigate the course to get to the reading done, it bounces back and forth from one web page to another and you lose your place. You have NO IDEA if you're on track with the reading or if you're even reading the correct material. The concepts are not in line with the test questions. The test questions are hard to read, they are in several different fonts and font sizes And in UK English grammar and spelling and are cut and pasted onto the test form. For the complexity of the problems given for each test question, there is not nearly enough time to compute them in the allotted test time given.

    I needed this ONE course to get into a particular undergrad program and it was awful. I wouldn't recommend this way of getting online college credits to anyone. There are much better online schools out there which are so much better to navigate and actually LEARN the material. What a waste of time, money and effort. I wish I had never been recommended Straighterline.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 16, 2017

    StraighterLine is an excellent and very honest company. I have completed many of their courses and have always had a very excellent and smooth experience. Their staff has always answered questions within hours. They also verify course completion with ACE within hours even on a Sunday. All tests and assignments were graded within one day as well.

    I have tried other companies but Straighterline is by far the best option for ACE approved credits. If you have a question or issue which an initial representative is having trouble with, don't get frustrated; just ask to escalate the issue to Brittany the Manager of Student Support and she will take care of it. Although my experience was really good, I would suggest starting with only one course and seeing how it goes before purchasing additional courses.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Dec. 12, 2016

    If you are reading this, DO NOT waste your energy on this "college" unless you URGENTLY need college credits!!! I could not agree more that StraighterLine does not care! I have been a student of theirs since July of 2016 and have paid for more than 15 if not 20 courses with them. In my Composition II course, I failed the final papers stating there was plagiarism, but they left no notes by the grader and informed that they only deleted the student's papers when plagiarism is found. No note other than plagiarism was found, no percentage or anything. When asked how I could verify the errors to determine what needed to be rewritten, the response was to just write a NEW paper. So I resubmitted the same exact paper a few days later and passed with little errors, although it was the same paper. I believe SL does this close to the end of the billing cycle to force students to have to renew in order to finish.

    So I took a break with SL to focus on my classes at the university. Just returned two weeks ago to fulfill a few electives to be able to apply for graduation which is when I realized the pure foolery. First they accepted 3 of the classes I requested transcripts for through by ACE, a week later, they rejected my new request for another course I'd just completed by stating to ACE that "the courses were not completed by the student". I resubmitted the request being under the impression they were rejected in error. The courses were rejected twice afterwards with the same statement "the courses were not completed by the student".

    So I called and spoke with Adrian, who immediately knew what the problem was as she responded quickly as if she was the person rejecting them. (Let me add, SL is normally very QUICK with ACE transcripts requests. Every single course I've requested transcripts by ACE thus far were approved no later than 24 hours, even on a weekend!) Adrian immediately told me my email with ACE didn't match the email with SL and suggested that I changed my email on ACE website before they would approve my PAID, COMPLETED courses. Even though they'd just approved 3 classes with the same email and my name, DOB and home address matched. Per Adrian, this policy changed a month ago, but they'd just approved 3 courses with ACE a week prior. They also failed to note this on their website or notify students?

    After getting nowhere with Adrian, I ended up speaking with a rude "supervisor" who I eventually hung the line up on as I refused tolerate her telling me a policy only THEY knew, and rejecting course credits I rightfully earned over an email address not matching their records. So I wrote BBB, FTC and a few others and suddenly my credits were approved with an email from BBB stating they resolved the matter with the customer. They did call me or email me that it was resolved. I was left confused because I made no changes to anything.

    Not long after the approval did I lose my account access. It took me days to realize they went into my account and changed my email to match what was on ACE website without my consent. Not only that, my mobile number listed on my account was wrong. I could not access my account for a full day due to this as I was under the impression my login credentials were the same. They made no attempts to notify me of this change 2 days before my billing cycle ended, with a course still in progress with only 1 quiz and a final to finish. This caused me to have to pay $99 again to be able to finish my FINAL.

    After paying the $99 and finishing the course, I requested the transcripts again for the final completed course, but suddenly no more fast ACE approvals. My ACE transcript request has been waiting for 3 days. My transcript request from SL to the university shows approved on the 4th of Dec, but my school has yet to see anything sent to them, which is normally sent electronically and received within a few days. For some reason they suddenly accidentally mailed them to the school instead of sending electronically, even though my request shows ** University ONLINE. My other transcript requests are still pending, even though I received their thanks for completing the course email days ago.

    Either they're intentionally showing lack of care to students that make complaints or show disappointment with their unethical behavior, or they generally do not care. Either way, I find it extremely hard to understand how this company still operates the way it does. I highly doubt their accreditation with ACE or accredited universities will last too much longer with all the complaints from students and the poor customer service, lack of empathy and care, and catty behavior. On top of their test being VERY outdated and contained wrong choice of answers and duplicate questions in the same test, which they're expecting students to report instead of them checking their own test routinely.

    I could not understand how these so-called reps still had jobs, until after speaking with the supervisor. I can certainly see why the reps continue with their UNETHICAL behavior, as they see it in their supervisor. There are only a couple of people there who genuinely seems to care about their jobs and respond quickly with resolution to problems. That person is Nick and the other guy in Tech Support (forgot his name). Adrian used to be ok, but she has obviously sat with the wrong crowd during her lunch break, clearly their foolery has rubbed off on her. I'm glad I finally finished all my courses because I no longer had to deal with this scam of a college. I will never recommend this school to ANYONE!!! Run away Forest, Runnn!!!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 11, 2016

    Stay far away from this company!!! They lie to your face and then after they have your money, they screw you over. They told me that the majority of the content was in video format (Lie #1). They told me that I would get 100% tutoring and accommodations with my learning disability (Lie #2). They told me that the course and membership were fully refundable within 30 days (Lie #3). Due to the fact that I was required to upload a photo of my lab kit serial number and my order form, they called that "doing work" in the course. The reality is that they do not "unlock" the course until you do this step. Only after that, do you actually see the material. So they found a way to say that they offer a refund and then installed a catch that keeps you from seeing the material until you "do some work" (that work being not the course itself, but only verifying the kit you had purchased).

    They told me, a visual learner, that "most of our courses are 50-60% in video format". This is a flat out lie!! 100% of the course was in text that was poorly written and poorly formatted. It looked like they scraped the internet for various texts that do not flow together. The only videos I saw were advertisements for the lab company. Yes, ads inside the course! They are required to make a reasonable accommodation to persons with disabilities by federal law, but this is another scam. They did not provide the accommodation that I required and that was provided at every other school I had attended. Their excuse is "This is a self-study course". Well, that is the same as telling a person in a wheelchair that "sorry our building has stairs, deal with it". That is illegal and unethical. They are only out for one thing, ripping you off! Stay far away from this loser of a company!!!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 5, 2016

    I am so disappointed with this online organization. Ripping off students! The study material and graded exams DO NOT match what is on the Final! When I questioned the student advisor, they had nothing to say, but take a picture of the question and write a letter. Nothing but false excuses. They just kept taking my money and failing my final so I can keep paying to take the class over and over again. They didn't even allow me to actually view my final. This school is a SCAM and should be looked into. I asked them to look into the questions and my final and they didn't. This is not a reputable organization at all!

    Most reputable schools will not even accept StraighterLine course transfers. Its a waste of money and time. They are not there to help any student. It is just a money making business. They do not care about any human being. I am a very intelligent student. I can say the only time I have ever been stupid is when I actually signed up with straighterline and believed that their courses were legit. This is fraud and a complete lie. I have no idea how they are still in business. Do Not take any courses from Straighterline!

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Nov. 2, 2016

    The graded test questions do not reflect the studied material. These courses are set up to fail. As a University student with a 3.96 GPA, I was referred to StraighterLine to take some Social Studies courses that are required for my degree completion. No matter how much I study the material, the graded quizzes have questions that are not even similar to the studied material. My study habits are excellent, I take notes, and read all of the material, and can not pass the course. This is absolutely ridiculous. When I contacted a tutor for assistance, they were absolutely no help, and referred me to customer service, who referred me to the course manager, who is a nonexistent being. This course work is a sham!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 9, 2016

    General public warning to fellas who want to take course with StraighterLine. StraighterLine have develop method to force student to pay more than what you expect. This is the third time StraighterLine want me to pay for Physics lab after I complete and submit my answer. It have come to notice that StraighterLine flagged lab on purpose and also deduct point for stupid reason when you actually give the right answer. The problem started in Lab 1. When I was ask the measurement of coin in caliper in mm. I give the right answer "24.2 mm" to the question that was ask in the book. This guy called Nick ** mark me zero and said he want the answer in his own way for uncertainty.

    I response to StraighterLine and said the question asked in the book is in "mm" not in uncertainty. If you really want uncertainty answer, then it should be include in the question book, not outside of the question book by word of mouth. I have submit my lab work and all what I got is flagged for plagiarism saying it's not in my own words. Can someone please tell me when calculation work become plagiarism? Also if you write report on what happen in your lab work when doing the experiment, this guy still mark you zero because he still want the answer to be in his own way.

    More than 2 month now and StraighterLine still continue to flagged my lab work for plagiarism and score me zero on report of what really happen when doing the lab. All my lab Report have been graded badly. In my college in took general chemistry without having any issue on lab. Now I've spent more than what I need to take this class in my college. Pls fellas be warn and take this warning serious. Don't take any lab course with StraighterLine. Straighterline lab course it's a way to scam student.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 6, 2016

    With my busy work schedule and family responsibilities, it wasn't easy for me to take semester-based courses at my college. Due to unpredictable circumstances that have come up in my life, I've had to drop out of multiple courses and lose money in the process on multiple occasions. My busy lifestyle made me realize I had to find a self-paced alternative in order to finish college, and thankfully I found StraighterLine. They have a wide variety of courses in different subjects, and they're cheap too. Without having to worry about deadlines, I was able to start and resume courses any time I wanted, and that greatly helped me complete my degree.

    StraighterLine uses Moodle for their platform, and their interface is very simple and straight-forward to use. Most courses only required quizzes and a final exam (online proctoring was required for the final exam) that were auto-graded instantly, and any course that required written submissions were graded within 4 or 5 days in my experience. I recently took English Composition II and my grades were returned in a timely manner with good feedback on improving my writing from their graders. Once you complete a course, StraighterLine offers the option of either having your transcript sent to your college for free, or having it added to your ACE transcript. I always chose the ACE transcript option and StraighterLine always approved my courses by the next business day.

    As far as proctoring is concerned, StraighterLine uses ProctorU. I love this, because it saved me a trip to the testing center. I was able to take final exams almost any time I wanted, thanks to the convenience of online proctoring. If your college accepts StraighterLine credits, I highly recommend at least giving it a try! You're guaranteed to save time and money while learning. Search up StraighterLine coupons and you can get your first course free (you'll still have to pay a $99 membership fee, but that's still very cheap for 3 credits!).

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 28, 2016

    This was the second course I took through StraighterLine. Although, pricing is a bonus as with the convenience of self-paced home study, I am convinced StraighterLine is a money mill. Why? The exams are almost 95% or greater different than what you studied and tested on. I had 4 question that were actually familiar to me on the final for Philosophy. Intro to Religion and Philosophy left me feeling confused during the final exams. My thought is if the material is presented in a chapter tests or practice from slides just forget it and study whatever was not presented because when you get to your final exam you're going to wonder "What the heck is this. I don't remember this material." Never again for me and I will never recommend StraighterLine either.

    Original review: May 26, 2016

    I have been taking several courses through StraighterLine and I could not be more happy. First off, it's not for everyone. I plan on transferring to Western Governors University (accredited university), but if you do not plan on transferring to one of the listed schools, DO NOT TAKE THE CLASSES. I always scored high on tests but I hated going to class everyday and doing the ridiculous lectures/rants and homework. I basically flunked out of community college and got stuck in a "transfer trap" where I hated my school, but my low GPA forced me to stay. With StraighterLine, I have been able to get college credits very quickly (but not easily) for a fraction of the cost without worrying about my community college GPA.

    Thanks to the self-paced courses, I can work full time while doing school at hours that work for me and the cost is insanely low ($100 per course at SL compared to $600 per course at community college). No, you won't get a degree. It's meant as a jumping off point for people like myself who can learn the material but hated the traditional college experience. If you think it is a degree mill, you obviously haven't taken any of the basic courses such as math 101. Good luck passing that without studying your face off.

    It's meant for people who can learn material quickly, have critical thinking skills, don't need tutoring, and can manage their own time. If you plan on going to, say, Washington State University, then yes, the credits won't transfer. Look for the university you want THEN look into programs like this to see if they are partnered. You have to play the game in order to win it. All in all, this is THE BEST higher education program I have ever seen and it fits my learning type perfectly (I hate lectures and busywork. Just give me the book and the tests). As I said, it's not for everyone. The people who have bad reviews of this program seem (to me) to be using it incorrectly and did not do their research on their long-term academic plans. Think before you buy. Pretty simple concept people.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 28, 2016

    The experience for the class was great. Upon doing what I thought was cancelling my materials to not be billed again I was billed again. On the same day as the charge showed up I called customer service and was basically pushed off as an "oh well" type statement. I would not recommend this site to anyone else based on the customer service and integrity of the company.

    Also I noticed people saying they have completed their first 3 years of college using this site. Be careful because all accredited institutions require you complete your last 60 credit hours in traditional classes, not by taking some easily formatted quizzes and a proctored exam in which when the webcam popped up you could see the gentleman enjoying a nice carton of Chinese food. Regardless of the credit I regret using this and will tell everyone whether they seek my advice or not that they should stay away from this site.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Feb. 25, 2016

    I have taken over 27 classes from StraighterLine and completed 78 credit hours towards my bachelor's, so in other words, I was able to complete the first three or so years of school in less than 6 months and paid just over $3,000 for it. I was skeptical about StraighterLine to say the least, and I did have some problems with coursework, quiz questions being wrong, and poor customer service at one point or another. Here's what I will also say. I wrote a personalized email to the CEO--Burck Smith--and not only did I get a response from StraighterLine, but it was from Burck himself. He explained that he was sorry for any problems and that he would get me in touch with an assistant that would remedy any situation I may have.

    The person he got me in contact with has done a great job of answering questions and even went as far as to issue me a refund for a problem that I had with ProctorU during a proctored exam, all while still getting credit for the coursework. StraighterLine saved me over $15,000 and three years by not using a standard institution. As of today every one of my credits has transferred to a regionally accredited four-year school in New Jersey, so whoever is saying reputable colleges won't take their credits just isn't factual.

    Here's food for thought, college is tough, especially if you haven't been in school for over a decade like myself. You will have to study--hard--as well as apply the information you are learning through quizzes and tests. If you don't test well then I would say StraighterLine isn't for you and you should try and find a competency-based learning structure such as Argosy or WGU. But if you do test well, StraighterLine may be up your alley. Rather than come on here and bash a product you thought would give you "easy" credit rather than attending college, actually do the work and you will see how much you can get out of it.

    There were courses I hated, there were advisors I couldn't stand and there were customer service reps I wanted to choke. But at the end of the day, how is that any different from a normal college experience or any other experience in your life where there is a human element? StraighterLine is well worth the money, the time and the energy you put into it, heck, it saved me a ton of money and time that I would not have been able to get back. This is why I give StraighterLine my highest bode of confidence that it can work for those who really want to put their nose to the grindstone.

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    Original review: Feb. 9, 2016

    I am taking my first class Intro to Biology and the Lab. I found the class material and the book were not aligned with the weekly quiz. I did however do ok on the quiz. I turned in my first Lab. I answered all the questions and thought I did pretty good. Labs are very hard for me and worked hard not to miss any questions. When the Lab came back today I had failed an entire section and the feedback I received did not make sense.

    I called Straighterline and was told I could not speak to anyone, I had to open a ticket. I explain I was dissatisfied with the class. It seem like the online material and book were not set up toward the quiz and that the feedback I received on my lab did not make sense. I told them this was not what I expected from the class. The girl again said I could only open a ticket. I felt like a number and that she did not care. I asked for their corporate offices and was told there is no corporate office and that I could not get any of my money back and that the only thing I could do was to open a ticket. So before signing up with Straighterline I read some poor reviews, my mistake was ignoring them.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 8, 2015

    I do not understand how there are so many negative reviews for StraighterLine. Between me and my wife we have purchased over 25 classes, totaling for over 75 credits. They clearly lay out what courses will transfer to a school by looking at their partner schools. Personally I feel like 99$ per month is more than fair - classes can be finished in as soon as a day to a week depending on your work ethic and prior knowledge (and ability to scan through textbooks). Not to mention they have so many promo codes. $100 of initial membership with purchase of a course, $50 membership with purchase of a course (can be used in different months if you cancel your membership), 20$ off a course (they are only $50). 75 credits at my 4 year university would have cost me over 30K (19k at cheaper universities). I paid close to $1400 after promo codes for all the classes.

    I had an issue with two courses not transferring as expected, which was the university's fault. I contacted StraighterLine and they refunded me for the two course the next day. Additionally, I forgot to cancel my membership one month, I was clearly finished with all my classes. I contacted customer support and they refunded me the money that same day. By the way, they clearly state if you start a class by taking the first quiz, there are no refunds. Read user agreements before.

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    Original review: Sept. 10, 2015

    Ok, the course work wasn't up to scale. You can just google any answer and get better knowledge. Then they scheme you into a monthly fee of 100 dollars a month. Even when you finish your course they still will be you and guess what? It's no refunds.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 1, 2015

    I think that it should be illegal or a company like StraighterLine to still be in business. Their courses are absolutely horrendous to be charging $99 per month!!! I don't think they have updated their courses or textbooks since they opened in 2009. This is 2015, that is ridiculous!! No wonder no REPUTABLE school accepts their courses. Even after I completed my courses they still kept charging $99 a month, and wouldn't even refund! Total scam and I hope that rathole goes out of business soon!

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    Original review: July 22, 2015

    I took StraighterLine for a course. Boy! I could get any support. First, the ebook took forever to turn one page at the time (between 10 seconds to 15 seconds to turn a page). My Internet is the fastest speed, no virus found and all browsers are up to date and in conformity with their requirements. The tutors didn't understand the equations I needed help with. It was to the point that I figured things out by myself! It was very frustrating. I think some courses are better taught through a teacher.

    Original review: July 19, 2015

    After purchasing the eTextbooks and courses for 2 classes via StraighterLine, I found myself in a position I would not wish upon anyone. Horrible customer service, non-intuitive lesson plans, etc. The video lessons hardly match with the exam material - you can find much better information for an entire College Algebra class simply by going to Saylor.org, or even Aleks if you don't mind a small fee. Stay away from StraighterLine, your time is worth so much more than them.

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