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StraighterLine is an online program that enables you to earn college credit and save thousands of dollars at the same time. Earning college credit through StraighterLine is simple; you choose your courses, complete them and transfer them to any of our 130+ accredited colleges in our network. Our membership of $99 a month will help you start saving up to 60% on your college degree. Contact us today to learn more about our program & speak to one of our counselors!

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 30, 2019

I was back in school and I asked my advisor if there were other ways that I could take additional classes that wouldn’t take as long to finish. Initially, I didn’t have anything that was drawing me to StraighterLine but I was told that it is a good service. When I asked if other students had used it, I was told, “Yes”. So, I investigated and signed up. Once I got there, I enjoyed the experience. I knew what I needed and I tracked down and made myself do an elaborate spreadsheet of what I needed to take. Then, I went on StraighterLine to see which classes they had that matched, what the classes I needed from Strayer were, and then I contacted Strayer to make sure that those classes would count as an equivalent so that my credit would transfer. Once I confirmed it, I enrolled those classes based on that.

I had questions and when I called, the people from StraighterLine helped me to make sure that I was getting what I needed. I got different people, but there was one rep who stuck with me. I talked to her in December because I'm taking my last classes with Strayer now and I think I'd graduate in March. I was struggling through Physics and with a lab that I had that I was gonna have to take and she helped me. Although, Strayer changed some of their class alignments so that a different class was now eligible for transfer. The rep did some investigation for me to find out on their end whether I could do or couldn’t do it. She went above and beyond. She told me to verify from Strayer although she thought it can be done. She laid out good detailed plans so I knew exactly what I was gonna need to do, what steps to follow and get what I needed.

She let me know that if I needed anything else, I could always call back. But even if I didn’t get her, their people were always there to help me. StraighterLine’s material is straightforward and I did not feel a lot of bluff with it. I'm a substitute teacher right now as I'm finishing through school. I have the advantage of the extra time so, I would have whole days where I'm not working. I could sit and read four or five chapters a day, take a test, and I still have a whole day. And for someone working full-time, there are also books that they offer where definitions can be highlighted and then take notes and there are certain pages that can be bookmarked. Their tools make it a lot easier. It was like I don’t even have to have a pen, paper and notes and it can all be done electronically. I just have to ask what are available.

Moreover, when I was waiting on my daughter to finish up a ballet, I started a test online at home. I was literally able to close out and log back in and finished taking it while I was sitting in the parking lot of the ballet. It was really convenient because I was really ticked that I had to do that. Plus, knowing that the system was really seamless, I can still literally have a whole functional life which was good. And if someone wants to be successful, they should take advantage of all the tools that they get and read all the details, because it was something that I figured out after my second class with them. It's perfect. I like that it is there although it's not like it wasn’t there.

It is great that there is a way that I can expedite my education. At $100 a class per month plus all the fees, I saved probably $13,000 by taking classes through StraighterLine along with taking courses through school. It was four additional quarters of class I would have had to take which was like four grand of fees. It saved me a whole extra year and a half almost of classes that I didn’t have to. I started in January of last year and I took a total of 13 classes with them. I'll be 34 and I have been trying to get my undergrad since I was 18 because it was kinda off and on. But, I am able to finish it and I probably would have given up by now if I knew I still had all these classes to take. It is a saving grace and I could get it done in my own time. StraighterLine is great. They started offering some financial aid which helps those who cannot afford to self-pay. I was fortunate enough though to be able to self-pay.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 23, 2019

I was at Cleveland Chiropractic College and I needed to finish up Gen Eds. I was doing most of those through their undergraduate program. It’s for eight weeks so I can get through things a little faster, but I wanted to make it faster than that. I was talking to some of the students that had already started the program about other options. Their credit hours there is like $600 a credit hour. I didn’t wanna go over what my cash flow would allow. I took the minimum each trimester, about 14 credit hours at Cleveland. And then one of the other students recommended StraighterLine as a good choice for out of pocket.

I already knew what classes I had to finish up and they were the classes that I would’ve had to take another trimester at Cleveland. All of those classes were gonna fall in the last three months at Cleveland. I went online to StraighterLine to see which one sounded as similar as possible to the ones that I was already signed up for. It’s nice being able to go at your own pace. Some weeks, I’d be a little heavier on the classes. And so, I set StraighterLine aside. And then once I have gotten the grove with it, I started focusing on StraighterLine on the weekends.

On a Saturday for Sociology, I read 10 to 16 chapters as quick as I could and just try to take in as much information as possible. And then I take the test, see how it goes and then move on from there. Some of my friends have done it a little differently. They’ve taken it a little slower, and they have good results that way too. But for me, I tried to designate my weekends to solely StraighterLine to try to put as much time as possible knocking out classes. That worked well for me.

I like how StraighterLine does the course description, and then it has the course objectives. I would just screenshot those and bring it in to the counselor at Cleveland and ask if it will transfer or is it gonna work for the same classes even though it’s a little bit of a different name. The objectives are similar. And they were able to say that these have similar objectives.

Initially, I got too bogged down in extra reading and extra assignments because they provide a lot of extra tools to make sure that you really understand the content. But for me, after I got the hang of it, I don't even know that I needed a lot of those supplemental materials. Almost everything was covered in the chapters. It became quicker for me to read the chapters and see what the objectives were at the end of the chapters and highlight them. And then just take the test. It was nerve-wracking. When you first get in there, you think you need to get 100% on everything. But if you just jump in as soon as you're done reading it and take it, it’s not so scary. And a lot of them even allow you to look up and access the online test. If you forget something, as long as you oriented yourself with the chapter and where everything is, it makes it quick to find stuff.

The first time, I probably spent two weeks on the first core chapters to try to get it for the business class before I took the test. But I didn’t need to. It was too much. You didn’t have to memorize every little detail. Just get in and start taking the test. It’s a good way to knock out classes. The only thing was, I had planned on taking the written comms through StraighterLine. I’m sure of the exact details, but I guess some of the sources that were allowed for that class didn’t match up with the curriculum at Cleveland. They wouldn’t allow some of those sources for their class. And so, they wouldn’t allow that to transfer as credit. But it still worked out because I was able to find other classes instead.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 4, 2018

I applied to Western Governor’s University and they recommended that I take a couple of courses at StraighterLine. What appealed to me about them was the cost factor as it was super affordable. Another factor was that you could kind of go at your own pace. There was also a scholarship at my school if I took four classes and pass them at StraighterLine. So, I signed up with them. I was able to get a course requirement for the degree that I’m going to complete from WGU and then I got the transfer equivalencies from StraighterLine. I picked four basic classes to take that are pre-requisite courses.

At StraighterLine, a lot of the basic exams, apart from the final exam, were open book. So, I would look up the course name and then look up the Quizlets to see if there would be any basic phrases that were recommended to study. Then, I would do some flashcards really quick. After I did the flashcards that I found were useful, I would go into exam cold and answer what I could. I would also use the book and just kind of use the search function in the textbooks to find the answers that I couldn’t find. And then for the answers that even with the book reading I'd still be confused about, I would use an educated guess based off what I thought the correct answer would be. For the most part, the study material reflected the tests. And although the exams were pretty straightforward, there were some questions which the wording could’ve been slightly less confusing because I thought two answers would be applicable for them.

On the other hand, I had a proctor there who was flexible. I had an issue where I scheduled an exam and then opened up the wrong exam on my end. The proctor figured it out and switched things around on his end, so I was able to take the exam and there was no issue. That was nice and cool. I was also able to complete classes up to the final exam and some of them within a week which was nice. So, if you like to get college courses at a fraction of the cost just like a community college or that four-year degree from a normal college, you can do it with StraighterLine. You could just pay the monthly fee and never finish too.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 12, 2018

I wanted to do the nursing pre-licensure and as I was going through their prerequisites, I clicked on the different programs and I saw StraighterLine on those prerequisites. StraighterLine is one of the more flexible options and more cost-effective. Every single one of the staff members was meaningful in my journey and they were excellent. I used my instructor for many courses that I took with StraighterLine and I had a positive experience. There was only one course I didn’t take with StraighterLine, but StraighterLine was my very first choice. Their customer service reps and student advisers were all on point and were all very cooperative.

When I first started with the first program I did with StraighterLine and I got a C on the first course, I called and spoke with them. The rep went through how they have their syllabus set up and the different things they would do to ensure that a student comes out with the best possible education. I said that I was gonna go again and she gave me a free pass where I could go back and retake that course, and I took it a little more seriously. For me, Anatomy and part of Physiology were really challenging, as well as Microbiology.

If you want to get something out of the program, then you have a choice. If you want it just fast and not really come out with too much content, then you should try somebody else. But content-wise, StraighterLine was on board. When I took the time to go in and do the work, I was going through the books. I got what I felt I needed to get out of the program so although it was challenging and it was in some instances a lot of information to retain, once I put the work into it, I came out the better for it.

Having gone through it, I am glad that they challenged me and my capability to really do it because I did not have a science background whatsoever. My background was in public service and public administration, so to come from a public administration background and try to do the science program, things that I have never done before, and still come out with a B, it speaks how good StraighterLine is. I still have two more courses to go with them and the only issue is the labs. It is so expensive to get the lab and I need the lab so it's holding back my thing after all the work I have done so far. I'm waiting until I get the lab kits and to reestablish my membership.

The content is overwhelming but it is really rewarding once you put the effort into it. Content should not be cheated. If you’re really serious about what you want to do and you want to go into your program without at least 75% of the knowledge of what your program will be about, especially for the pre-licensure, I definitely recommend StraighterLine. And for anybody going into any nursing program, I recommend StraighterLine because when they start the program, that’s when they would really see the benefits of putting in all that extra work and it’s gonna pay off.

The content was amazing. It was on point and it really spoke to the whole program or the whole course. There was no part of it that I had left out. Clearly, who designed the syllabus and the information to go into it, they got some really good staff on that and I would really like to acknowledge the people who put together the syllabus. They have some really good trainers there and they really put work into it. StraighterLine has changed my thinking regarding online training and online programs.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 30, 2018

A friend of mine in the Marine Corps who went to nursing school needed to take a course. We’ve been out of school for 10 years so he and I both were gonna have to take a Finite Math course. His school recommended StraighterLine to him and then I asked him if he had to do anything. He said he went to StraighterLine but I have to make sure that my college will accept it. I did this a month ago and I ended up passing the class and not having to take a Finite Math class again. It turned out that it was one of my required degree classes. To be successful, I watched each of the modules. I tried to do the whole “Oh, I know this,” and then take the test but that was wrong. I got the credit for College Algebra so it cut off literally two semesters at school. I'm about to go back to do two more classes just to get them knocked out of the way. If I can keep knocking semesters by doing that and saving money, I will do it.

I wish StraighterLine would get more partner colleges because I had to jump through hoops when I transferred my credit. I'm going to a community college right now and they did not accept the credit from StraighterLine but they accepted my Ace transcript. So, I had the StraighterLine ones in the transcript over then I had to wait for it to get there and process it. I found out that they weren’t gonna take that, so I was still gonna have to do that. However, they said that they could take an Ace transcript.

I called Tenesia, a staff member and told her I needed her to verify it through the Ace transcript by phone as soon as possible. She did it right then and got me that. The Ace transcript was delivered immediately and I got to pick my classes. It was a week later, but still better late than never. Tenesia was very helpful and happy. She gave me a couple of opportunities to retake a test when it was allowed to be done to get a higher score. She was always a pleasure to work with and talk to. I told everybody I know about StraighterLine. Literally, I was looking at four years of school because of those two classes. Now I'm looking at less than 15 months.

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Rated with 1 starResolution In Progress
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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 16, 2019

The content is super old and out of date. The course I took didn't teach us how to solve any problems. Instead it explained why. Got on support to get help and they told me to look it up on YouTube. SMH.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 8, 2019

I love the module and how convenient it was to study at any time. The only suggestion is to add simple explanation in regard to solving a problem. Due to this class, I was able to graduate with my Associate Degree :). I pass the class with a C.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 8, 2019

I had to take 8 courses and I finished in 2 months. I started May 1st and I finished June 28! It was a very positive experience and I would recommend it for anyone who needs to take some courses to finish their degree. Thank you StraighterLine, I was able to finish my Elementary Education degree on time because of YOU!

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 8, 2019

This course was a fantastic way to quickly and effectively learn the material to satisfy a Calculus requirement for admission to WGU's computer science program. Professor ** did a great job of explaining the concepts and walking through difficult problems.

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Customer increased Rating by 3 stars!
Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 14, 2019

I am taking their Chemistry course and over the past (almost) 2 months I have spent 3-4 hours a day studying the material. I consider myself a good learner as I already have a Bachelors degree and graduated with a 4.0. I just took my second quiz (there are 6 total and then a final) and it was EXTREMELY hard. I felt totally prepared going into the quiz but there was simply no way to do 25 equations in the hour and 15 minutes you are given. I can’t stress how much I have studied, reading each chapter twice and doing all the practice problems in the book (most of them twice!). I got at 80% on the quiz, but I need an A in the class to keep a scholarship. At this point I’m wishing I had not chosen StraighterLine. I am so disappointed in what feels like so much wasted time (and money).

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