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Target Credit Cards come with benefits like additional time for returns and discounts whether you shop in stores or online. Cardholders also get free shipping on most items when purchased from Target’s website. See if you qualify for credit by applying online or by mail. Some restrictions apply.

Target Credit Card Reviews

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Customer ServicePricePunctuality & SpeedOnline & AppStaff

Reviewed June 16, 2023

On April 8, I made a purchase from Target for $11.31 using my Target Red Card. My account was set up for autopay. On May 1, before the payment was due on May 10th; I edited my bank account info which was confirmed as the online app noted "This message was generated to notify you that the event "Add/Update Payment Account" occurred on your account." However, on May 10, I received an email informing me that my payment of $11.31 was returned?! I checked my Target online app again on 5/13 to make sure my updated bank info was recorded correctly, and it was. So I placed a call to customer service to inquire why my payment was returned. The rep I talked to assured me it would be taken care off, but there was a $1 late fee?! Even though unreasonable, but I agreed to pay.

Since then, I made no more purchases using the Target Red Card. On June 10, I received another email informing me of a returned payment?? Since I had not made any purchase since April 8, and my May payment due was paid in full; why would I incur a returned payment? When I checked my account online, I discovered that not only the $12.31 ($11.31+$1.00) had not been withdrawn from my checking account; the amount due in May showed a balance of $23.62. And the amount due in June was $48.24!!! Mind you, I only made a purchase on April 8, in the amount of $11.31 and my bank account was updated on May 1st. I should only be responsible for the $11.31.

I called Target CC customer service over 5 different times trying to get this resolved. They insisted that "their system" shows that my autopay was set up on an account that had been closed, there was nothing they could do but for me to pay the amount showing on the statement. I finally got to talked to a supervisor by the name of "Nicholas", she was most unreasonable and would NOT listen. She insisted that I must pay $23.62; after I made that payment, she would give me a one time courtesy refund of the remaining $23.62. But I only owed $11.31!!! She hung up on me. After all this fiasco is over, I will close my Target Red Card. The 5% discount is not worth the rudeness and incompetency of their customer service.

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Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedOnline & App

Reviewed May 9, 2023

5% is nice. Interest rate is high.. Be careful when you’re trying to make any changes using the online website, as there can be issues with information being saved. My experience when attempting to change info on the online site was evidently not saved, though showed saved at the time I was on the website. Usually I receive an email, this time there was nothing, so I logged in and saw the old info still on my profile. Extremely small balance on card at the time. Credit limit was extremely high due to time I’ve had the card. Unfortunately I was a couple of days late, and they reported the card as not being paid. Spoke to customer service, and explained the situation, not much help on their end, though looking at my history over the past 13 years and never having any problems the customer service was surprised, as the balance was extremely small.. I changed the info manually with them since there were issues with the online service website..

TD Bank holds the card.. paid off small balance on card and cancelled it. Now having to dispute issue with credit bureau.. if I would’ve kept the card, they review in 6 months and then decide whether or not to increase your credit limit. Not worth the trouble anymore.. Be extremely wary of this card. Customer service can do nothing as it’s a TDBank card. Again… any changes call customer service instead of using the website. They’ll email you the changes.

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    Reviewed Feb. 28, 2023

    Experienced financial problems, tried to fix with Target Red Card services, 12 months payments. Completed the monthly repayment plan, requested auto-pay, but apparently didn't apply, more late fees. Contacted the service people which are very rude. I will never step into a target or deal with this organization again. Allied or Alliance services, which is their recovery program is full of rude people. They were quick to offer a small discount compared to the large amount of interest charged. Had the card for over 16 years. Times have changed, no more target!

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    Reviewed Feb. 24, 2023

    I have a Target Red Card MC and they email me saying I have rewards to collect on. BUT TWICE [Nov 2022 & Feb 2023] I have tried to collect the rewards - They deduct them from MY rewards Balance AND THEN say they will email me the gift card[s] BUT THAT EMAIL NEVER COMES!! I have called THREE times, just spent OVER ONE HOUR on the phone with their 'Gift card dept.' and they told me to create a new email just for them to email me the rewards -- WHAT!!?! I requested they just mail me the gift cards [$16. + $15.00] BUT they said they can't do that - WHAT THE HECK!?! When I asked for a supervisor, The person I spoke with [Diego] kept saying he WAS the supervisor because he answered the phone [?] and no one else could help me. STAY AWAY FROM TARGET REDCARD MC PROGRAM IF YOU WANT TO COLLECT YOUR EARNED REWARDS!!! I will NOT be using The Red Card anymore!!

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    Reviewed Oct. 24, 2022

    I haven’t had any late payments or anything and yet they decreased my credit limit over $1000! I call customer service and they don’t know why! Horrible customer service! Really disappointed in Target.

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    Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupSales & MarketingPunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Oct. 15, 2022

    My Red Card was declined for the first time in 9 years and when I called, I was told it was because a renewal card had been sent and returned as undeliverable. Target sent it to an old address even though I updated my address on my account. They apologized and agreed to send a new card by two-day delivery- and they sent me the same card, same number which was not valid and I couldn't activate it because they cancelled that number. They apologized again and said they were sending me a new card two-day delivery and I would need to sign for it. (At this point I had been without a card for 10 days.) I stayed home the day of delivery to sign for it and it never came. When I called I was told by a Manager that although it was 'supposed' to be sent two-day, it wasn't and had actually not been shipped at all. He apologized again but this time I said an apology wasn't good enough.

    So far my card had been declined at the register which was embarrassing, I was sent the wrong card twice- and then I stayed home all day for a card that wasn't even shipped. I said I wanted a gift card to compensate me for my time and he said he could not do that. He wouldn't even give me a coupon off a purchase which just adds insult to injury. He then assured me the card was being sent again two-day delivery with no signature required this time. That was Monday and today is Friday and NO CARD HAS ARRIVED! When it does come - if it does comes - I am NOT activating it. I am NEVER shopping at Target again - and that is not something I am just saying. My patronage is worth something but apparently Target doesn't think so and if it is this difficult to send me a card to spend money at their store, I will spend my money elsewhere. Target provided me with horrendous experience and even worse customer service!!

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    Customer ServiceOnline & AppStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 3, 2022

    I used my card at a Racetrac with a locking card mechanism which malfunctioned and kept my card. For 10 mins we tried to get the card out, I had an employee out helping me and they ended up calling for a technician but they were backed up for four hours. We yanked and pulled and canceled the sale over and over. I left my name and number and went to find something to do for four hours. About 10 mins later I get called by an employee who says a random person entered the store, said they got my card out, called the number on the back, cancelled my card, and then 'destroyed it', and then left the store. They were unable to recover the card or pieces of it.

    I immediately called Target when that call ended. I called Target because you CAN NOT cancel a card, put a hold on a card, or reissue a NEW card number online. It's infuriating. I have a CREDIT CARD, a MASTERCARD, through Target with thousands in credit, and it's not treated like a credit card. It's not secure, it doesn't have accessibility online or proper security controls online. You have to call to do anything meaningful. An employee listened to my story and then told me that since I was not the account holder that I could not put a hold on the card, cancel the card, or reissue the card.

    Meanwhile on the website it repeatedly says that when you add a cardholder they are considered to have full account access and the account holder is responsible for any actions they make with their card because the authorized card holders have full access to the credit lines. So...that's not true? Because if I had full access, I'd be able to cancel and reissue a STOLEN CARD.

    So yeah, my card is stolen and I have to wait for my disabled mom to get up to call Target because you can't secure your account without the account holder. This is ignoring that I have PoA anyway and can legally manage her monetary accounts anyway. All that said, that proves the person lied and stole my card because Target won't cancel/stop a card if you're not the account holder. Fantastic. It's just a bad credit card in regards to security.

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    Customer Service

    Reviewed June 9, 2022

    There was a credit card account opened in my name by a family member back when I was 19 and did not know how to check my credit. Target refuses to remove the charge off from my credit, despite me paying it off. I explained the entire situation to one of their “account managers” and even though I took responsibility for it and paid it, they still slapped a “charge off” status on my credit just to make sure this would have a huge negative impact on my financial life for 7 more years from the payoff date.When attempting to explain the situation to their “account manager” all she had to say was “there’s nothing we can do, maybe try sending us letter instead.” So the few points you should take from this is

    1. They do not know how to properly check for identity theft. If someone has your social, they’ll give them a credit card and make you responsible.
    2. They offer no solutions for you in the event that this does occur.
    3. They have no online or phone solutions, and will instead ask you to send them a handwritten letter like we’re living in the 1800s.

    4. Even after you give up and pay them, they’ll still make sure you never get passed it, by putting a “charge off” status on the account in your credit.

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    Punctuality & Speed

    Reviewed June 6, 2022

    If you use this card make sure you sign up for paper statements because they make it impossible for you to sign into your account to check your bill. I am left guessing each month, trying to remember if I used the card, and how much I might owe. They will let me sign in to the Target website and recognize my computer, but when I go to the red-card link, they insist they do not recognize my computer and require a verification through my phone. They then fail to send the verification code. This is simple coding and if they do this repeatedly, it is obviously by design. It must lead them to make a fortune on late fees... Especially if they are not sending paper bills. I'm going to tear the card up and I'll be less likely to choose Target in the future.

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    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed May 31, 2022

    The card itself is good I guess and saves you 5% on purchases but if you ever want a credit line increase you have to fight for it even if you've been a customer of theirs for years and years and I've never paid a late payment in my life. It used to be you could get on the phone with them and they could look at your account and they would let you know right then whether or not you qualified for an increase. Now it takes 6 to 12 months for the "system" to approve you and if you try to call and get a status of it or talk to anybody about it, nobody can tell you an answer because it's not them that does it, it's the "system". Apparently Target has decided to outsource their operations overseas so the department that supposedly handles this is in India and nobody can call them to inquire, they can only send a message, but either way you don't get an answer because they never call you back to let you know what happened.

    I've been trying to get an increase since September 2021, have talked to a dozen Cust Svc Reps since then, and still no word. And I can almost bet that as of September of this year (which will be the max 12 months you're supposed to have to wait) that I still won't have an answer. It's sad the way these companies treat good customers. I guess by then I'll decide if I'm going to close my account and take my business somewhere else because things like this are ridiculous for no reason at all!!!

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