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Target Credit Card

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Last updated: Oct. 5, 2017

319 Target Credit Card Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 5, 2017

Website appears so broken to me. Always locked out of my online account. Supposedly I need their security but I do wonder if it isn't deliberate. My nightmare! Spent over an hour two days ago trying to reach someone to unlock account. No clear option on menu. Twice a person I reached put me on hold and call cut out. Now I'm a day late so it hurts my otherwise excellent credit. Target you suck.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 2, 2017

Target payment was the last thing on my mind during Hurricane Harvey preparations. I made the payment at 10 pm on the day it was due and Target considered it as late since it was after 5 PM. I did not know that anything after 5 pm was late. So I got a late fee tacked on to my account which was unaware of since I assumed it was zero. Then September came around and they tacked another late fee on because of previous month's late fee balance.

When I called to speak with customer service, they said the company had "graciously" waived the September late fee due to Harvey. I asked to have the August late fee waived instead so then there would not be a September late fee and Target REFUSED. Target is heartless. I don't plan on supporting a company that does not support its customers especially during hard times. Look at the companies who stepped up to help with Harvey relief efforts. I don't see Target helping anyone other than themselves.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 2, 2017

    Target; The worst (card, website login, account alerts). Target has the worst website, login and account alerts. I always pay my credit cards way before the due date and always "current full balance" not even the last statement balance. I paid over $114 for a purchase of $19.00 and actually after it affected and brought my credit score down. I found out that there was a purchase and they didn't bother to contact me, instead they contacted credit bureau that my bill hasn't been paid for over 4 months. So my Capital One & Citi Bank sent me emails that your credit score changed when I tracked it down, I found out I forgot about $19.00 purchase. So I paid $19+$114 immediately switched to the paper statement instead of the paperless statement and shredded my Target Credit Card.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Sept. 29, 2017

    Opened a Target card maybe around 2013/2014. Would use the card as needed and then pay via website. No major problems other than the ** time you have to pay by, (as long as I pay on the due date, who cares if it's after 6 pm!). Problems began in 2015; was having some medical issues and was not fully invested in my credit cards or paying tons at the card due to co-pays etc. associated with multiple dr visits. Balance was around $700, I go to pay my card online and am greeted by a prompt to call said number and unable to make any payments via web. Call customer services and I was sent to collections, yes I paid late. However I was more concerned with a possible cancer diagnosis than a pathetic Target bill. I was told collections would contact me. Months pass, I get a really shady letter from a debt collector out of NY.

    Problem is they are claiming I owe $1100. Ummm, my limit was $1000 so I would like to know how it's possible to go over, plus I was down to maybe $700 or less as I was paying card off over 2-3 months. Pissed off I put the letter aside, and with life complications forgot about it. I was never sent any additional letters, calls or emails to obtain the debt. Fast forward to September 2017. The door to my building is called and there is someone delivery a letter that needs to be handed to a person. I couldn't for the life of me figure out what it could be. The next evening, knock at the door and... I'M SERVED WITH A SUMMONS FOR SMALL CLAIMS COURT FOR A ** $1100 BALANCE! Are you kidding me? Apparently TD bank took over the debt and is suing me! I was never sent anything from this law firm/debt collector office about the balance.

    After debating on wasting a day off from work for this bull, I decide I don't have the time or energy to fight them and will see if I can work something out with the firm. Called and left a message, no one called me back. Finally the day of my court date I call the office and ask if they received my message and that I will not be at court. After being put on hold multiple times, to my surprise, they say they can't take any payments from me or help me. I am given an 800 number to call and they are to help with the matter. So I ask, "Who exactly am I calling?", and she replied TARGET! WTF, apparently my account is still active. So I have been accruing fees for YEARS on something no one could help me with, they ** serve me court papers and now I have to deal with these **?!

    If anyone knows what I should do next I would greatly appreciate it as not only has this been such a nuisance, but the amount of stress having being served, (I have never done anything illegal, never been sued or had to go to court!) has really pissed me off! My plan is to take Target to court, how dare they treat their customers as such! After reading what others have gone through I realize how awful these large corporations are! I will never set foot in Target and I will be sure to tell everyone I know to boycott!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 14, 2017

    This past May I received my first Red Card bill. It was a little over $100 and I paid the whole amount within a few days. The next month I received a bill that included interest and a late payment fee that was more than one third the original bill. Thinking that I must have forgotten, I immediately paid it all. But when I checked my records I saw that I had indeed paid the first amount of time and my online bank statement indicated that a payment had been made to Target. I called Customer Service and after several relays I was finally connected to Crystal, to whom I explained the situation. I gave her my bank's phone number but the bank was closed for the he day so she said she would call them the next day to verify this.

    A few weeks later I got a letter from Crystal asking for the whole story again. I sent a detailed report. After a few more weeks I got a letter from Crystal saying the claim was denied. In short, I had paid the bill, had proof that I paid it but they denied the claim anyway. This has never happened to me before. I have excellent credit and always pay bills long before they are due. Obviously, I will never use that card again, but it is a blot on my credit and I'm out almost $50.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 3, 2017

    I open my REDcard 2016, my minimum payment is always $27 to $37. I pay monthly $100 more than the minimum, I used to go to the store to make my payments but doing it online was more convenient. So I open the online account so I can make my payments directly from my checking account, I guess when I enter my bank account, I miss type the last number of my checking account. So when I process my first payment online it said your bank will reflect in 2 business days and I was ok with that because I knew that it takes time, so I waited 2, 3, 4 days. I called REDcard and they told me that the $100 payment was returned, and that was the reason that it was not reflecting.

    So the representative from Target told me "we can contact your bank and see if the funds are available" and I said "I am seen my online banking and is available" but they said they needed to hear it from the bank. So 3 way call my bank they verify the funds and they post the $100 I asked my bank why is the reason that it was returned and the bank said "because when the bank account was enter you mistyped the last number of your account and we could not release the money", (I am glad that I was paying my Redcard 15 days before my due date) so the Target representative told me because was a returned item they put a fee on my account for $27. I was a little upset because like my bank said was a miss typo not that I did not had the funds to cover the payment but been my mistake I did not argue the fee.

    So July comes and I make my payment I make, I am looking into my online to see by statement and it says your credit limit is $400 your balance is $262 and your available credit is $0. so I called REDcard again. I speak with a representative and she explains to me that the payment for July was returned so I said I don't understand why since in June happened the same thing. She said "let's call your bank to see if the funds are available" (mind you the previous representative in June told me my bank account was updated) so we call my bank again and they say is because the last number of your account is wrong and then I said but I thought the last representative in June had updated that then the representative from target tells me "no we can not managed that because you are the only one who can edit bank account online."

    So there is another $27 for the month of July (me, I should of pay attention to the bank number when I was making the payment) ok I took the next $27 for the month of July. I go to my REDcard online today and my credit limit is $400 my balance is $262 and my available credit is $0 again so I called the representative tells me is because your payment was returned and I said "I know and you guys charged me $27 but I want to know why is my available credit $0." She said "well your account is in hold until we can verify with your bank" and I said I called on July 24th and they spoke with my bank and the payment was release by my bank and she said "Well I am sorry but if I can not call your bank I can not release your available credit."

    So I asked to speak with a supervisor. A Bob supervisor comes on the line and says exactly what the other representative says and I told him "I understand that you guys had to charge me $27 June and July but if twice you guys have spoken with my bank and know that it was a miss typo why is my available credit not reflecting." He says "because your Redcard is going to have a Hold for the next 6 months" and then I say "why I paid the fines for my stupid mistake you guys spoke with my bank and it was because a mistake not because I did not had the funds and you want to put my account on hold for the next 6 months, mind you I haven't used my account for the last two months, why can you release the available credit" and he said "that is the policy of target an there is nothing I could do".

    So I asked "so if I go directly to the store and make my payment in cash every month I will be ok?" and he says "NO your account is on hold for the next 6 months" and I told him "why if I am paying cash" and he said is "a penalty because the payments did not go" (I am glad that I had pay my account like 15 days before because if not I will get charge late fee). Mind you I haven't use my card. I have no available credit to use and I been paying more than the minimum every month they know that the payments did not go because a mistake not because not available funds but still they put my account on hold for 6 months and even if I go to the store and pay cash my account will still be on hold.

    Here is the big reason why I don't like going to the store to pay it. Is because unfortunately is sad that I have to get to this point but my ex-husband had an affair with one of the logistics team leader and the managers knew me and knew about the affair. I thought in corporations having relations with employees more been team leaders/ manager was a big NO NO. So I avoid going there to pay or purchase anything because is embarrassing to see the people there and know that I was probably the laugh of everyone so that is the reason that I haven't use my card or go to the store, and if I have to purchase something either I do it online or I go to a different store.

    But now I just want to be done with Target in General but I know if I go an pay my full balance and close my credit card, can affect my credit and I had work so hard to keep it in good. SO BEFORE YOU OPEN A REDCARD PAY ATTENTION TO ALL THE CONDITIONS AND DON'T LET THEM FOOL YOU, BECAUSE

    I did and I got played with the store and the Team Leaders and the Redcard.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 1, 2017

    I applied for a Target Red Card (store card) online and I got a phone call from Target Financial Services about the application asking me for my birthday, my address and how old I am. How strange. I called back the number and was told by Ashley that I have been approved and the card has been mailed to me but in order for me to use it I need to fax the front and back of my SS card, the front and back of my license and a utility bill. How strange that a company issuing a card should ask for sensitive documents. I called again and I asked them to cancel the card but was told that they cannot do it. I told the person I am going to report to the FTC about their practices which I did.

    Original review: July 26, 2017

    I received a Rejection letter from Target Red-card thanking me for my interest and that I am Declined. I never applied for this card. Every time a Target cashier asks me if I want to save x amount by applying for their card I answer: NO. Also the reason they list for my rejection as it lists on the letter is: FICO: 912. Who gave them permission to process me for a Credit card?

    Original review: July 17, 2017

    Not only is Target saying I have 4 late payments, but they are also reporting that I have 2 identical credit cards with them. This means that 2 high amounts and 8 late payments are being reported to the credit bureaus. I have written Target and TransUnion multiple time to get the other card off, but got denied. Target has admitted that the card was the old card without a chip and not a separate account, but still won't report it correctly. They refuse to help me with taking the 4 late payments off. They were late due to having a set amount taken out and not adjusting it when the payment went up. Terrible card.

    Original review: July 5, 2017

    All they want is the money. Customer service reps are robots, and I spoke with 2 of them. They simply don't care, won't work with you, dishonest and heartless. This was the case even when you said you'd pay the whole thing off; even when I threatened to close my account. They just wanted the money. We're talking about $65 of purchase over 2 months; with 70.00 of charges (2 months late because I thought it was the regular red card withdrawn from my bank like I used to have).

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 28, 2017

    I switched bank accounts and had my account on auto pay. Even though I updated my info and paid my bill early, they still drafted from my closed account. They charged me a $27 fee. When I called, the lady said it was just good business practices. I paid my account in full and closed my card. Losing customers over their mistake.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 16, 2017

    Information requested for over a year still not sent - In the summer of 2016, I received a phone call from a collection agency regarding an outstanding bill due to Target on their CC. I did not remember opening a card in June of 2015 and before you all scratch your head, between May and July, my husband divorced me, sold our family home, I moved to an apartment, my mother was diagnosed with cancer and died a month later. Needless to say that time in my life was very hazy. So I told the collection agency that I don't recall this transaction, explained why (as mentioned above) and asked them if they could please send me a copy of the receipt so I could see if I actually did sign up for a Target CC. I explained that it could have been me, but I would like to see a receipt so I can hopefully recognize something on there.

    About 3 months later I received 12 months worth of CC statements. I called the company and left the guy a voicemail saying I only received CC statements not the detail of what was purchased. About 5 months later a new collection agency got involved. I explained the same thing to him and he completely understood where I was coming from, and said he would get that for me. About 6 weeks later, I received the same CC statements in the mail. Today I get a call from the same collection agency. I told him that I received the same non detail stuff in the mail and told him what I needed again and explained why (seriously I don't feel like rehashing a horrid time in my life, but feel the need to explain why I may not remember opening a card), of course this guy was the big guns. Talking to me like I am lower than whale turds. He then gives me the number of the dispute at Target.

    I don't want to dispute it. Disputing is just as bad for credit as having this on my credit, but I call them anyhow. Now I am being told by Target that I have to submit in writing what I am looking for and guess what, I have to send it on through snail mail. I can't email it, I can't fax it... Snail mail. Did I mention the original charge was 600 and change and now it's over 900 and change? Did I mention, I didn't get one bill from them and was shocked when the first collection agency called me? Did I mention that my credit score has taken a 100 pt. dive because of this so my car loan is at a higher rate? It's not right how Target handles these things. They certainly aren't consumer friendly, and I will avoid them at all costs even if/when I get this rectified.

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    Original review: June 14, 2017

    I've never had an experience with a credit card bill quite like this. I tried multiple times to pay the bill online and the website kept freezing and then multiple times via phone and was disconnected or put on hold for over an hour. I got hit with fines and kept trying to pay and couldn't. I finally went in to a Target store to pay the balance but got a bill the next day with an additional fine (had already been in the mail). I finally got through to a manager who refused to remove any fees (even with full payment that day). I've never had an experience like this - trying too hard to pay a bill and feeling like the company was making it impossible to pay and then hitting me with fines for it. I'm really disappointed in Target and will be posting on social media about this. I pay all my bills on time all the time. I've never found it so difficult to pay a bill.

    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: June 14, 2017

    I had gotten a Target credit card after paying cash for years. We missed the first payment accidentally and when I got the second bill, sent a check which I came to find they never received. When I got a bill with all the extra late charges & high rates added on, I explained the issue, hoping they would pardon the charges being the first offense & that I was willing to pay the bill. The answer was an adamant no. It's not their policy. I've had this happen before with Kohl's & Macy's, both of which said, "No problem. We will waive the fees." I told the Target rep that it was horrible customer service. Here's your money, and you lost a long time shopper. Bad business. Never again will I ever set foot in that store.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 13, 2017

    TARGET CHARGED ME A $27 FEE for a stop payment which was done by my bank. I owed around $50 but bank sent in payment to Target for around $5000. It was a big clerical error but Target doesn't care but slaps on a big fee after I have paid on time over 5 years with them. I paid the original bill owed but then they still want to charge me the $27. After talking to 3 people at corporate, they won't take off the fee for nothing. My balance is half of the fee that was sent by my bank and they should have known it was a mistake.

    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 12, 2017

    Target charge me twice for the red card 5% off program. I paid for the products in the store. Have receipts to prove it. I ask customer service to refund my 5%. They wind up putting full amount on the red card when I ask them to only put the 5%. Customer service assure me that would fixed the problem and yet and still they are saying I still owe them. Target is very unprofessional about this services. Please do not use their red card. You will be sorry later.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 4, 2017

    I paid off my REDcard on April 12 (check sent on the 10th). On June 3, I received a bill for $86.97 in late fees - one for April and one for May. This is the first I've been notified. The statement closing date is on the 25th of each month. So my payment to pay off the bill was received by Target thirteen days before the closing date. I tried calling both numbers on the statement and got only a recording.

    3rd call - a number from the internet 888-608-7627 same recording. 4th call - 1800-440-0680 #3 #1 got me a real person who told me to call 1800-424-6888. I reached a real person! Tiesha, who hung up on me under the guise of putting me on hold to retrieve information. 5th call - same number as above, got a recording. 6th call - I thought the 5th call was dialed wrong - recording. 7th call - I got a new real person, Jill, with an American accent. Finally someone who will help me. She took my last name and phone number to give to a supervisor who would help me with the charges. She put me on hold and then there was a click that disconnected me. Does anyone know how to get these charges reversed? Email me at **.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: June 4, 2017

    I have had a credit score of over 800 for years. Target Red Card has RUINED my credit score. I had a $29 charge that carried for over 75 days. I PAY MY BILLS AS SOON AS THEY ARRIVE. I never got a bill for the $29. The ONLY way that I knew my credit was in the tank was because I looked at Credit Karma since I am a senior and going to sell my home and move into a senior rental. NOW THAT IS A BIG PROBLEM. I called Target to find out what happened, why they didn't bill me, they insisted that they did. They said that I had elected paperless billing... OK, that would be fine if they sent me an emailed bill... THEY DID NOT. The Target representative told me it was my responsibility to look at my Target account online each month and make the payment. REALLY??? Then the person I spoke to said she couldn't help fix my credit but she could take the payment over the phone then and there. Hmmm... I use Bill Pay on my checking account.

    I hung up and took care of it after letting her know what I thought. I paid the bill when I hung up but my credit is in the toilet. Oddly, yesterday and again today (FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE December WHEN I JOINED TARGET RED CARD) I got an email telling me to log in and see how much I owed or disregard if I had paid. I cut my card in half, wrote a letter to the CEO of Target, and will never enter another Target store as long as I live. Don't do it... it isn't worth it. Stay out of their lousy stores. I was talked to in a manner like I have never been in my 69 years by the witch on the phone who was happy to do nothing more than take my payment!! VISA cards are better. You get points and I don't know about interest since I pay my bills as soon as I get them, but you have to get them to pay them... no phone call, no email... no paper bill, no nothing, just a bad credit score now.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 1, 2017

    I have never paid off things late. This has been stressing me for months. They gave me a temporary card number on a receipt. It deactivated after a week and I never received my card. I went into the store 3 times since to pay it off but they said they can't help. I've tried calling and paying but since I don't have a card it's only automated and no option to pay it without. I tried making an account online using my social or the date I started the card and both say incorrect when it shows on my credit report the date it was activated. They make it impossible for you to pay it off and it really hurts your credit score. I'm hoping I don't have to file a lawsuit but I'm pretty sure that's the only way to get out of this.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 28, 2017

    I paid off my Target account in the fall. In December, I ordered a new Target card but was not told they charge a $15 to get a Target card to buy goods at their store! I tried to get on my account to check it in Feb., couldn't access the account. Thought it was strange but I had completely paid off my account so wasn't terribly worried. I finally was notified by my credit watch group that Target had turned me over to the credit bureaus for this $15 fee they charged me, that I had no knowledge of. They never tried to contact me or notify me but have turned me over 3 times now and the fee is up to now $19.

    I can pay the fee without difficulties of course but that's not the issue. They have destroyed my perfect credit! Their customer service is horrible. I've called the dispute line multiple times and have been told by Harold and Kamal that they would "redate" the account and fix it but never heard from either of them again, won't take my calls and still haven't fixed the account.

    I'm reporting this to every agencies I can because this appears to be a scam very similar to what Wells Fargo was doing charging people fees that they knew nothing about, opening accounts without their knowledge. Watch your account very closely. Very sad because I was a loyal, excellent customer who had paid my account off completely multiple times. Really sad Target!

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 27, 2017

    Red Card. I was having trouble paying my bill. So they agreed to let me pay $22 a month. I came into some money and I went to the store and paid off the whole thing which was over $500. I called and made sure the card was closed. Even my credit report says it's paid off. They keep sending me a bill for $22 that has late payments every month. I tried to call several times about this matter. They won't listen still insisting I owe them now which is $70. I just throw the bills in the trash. Do not ever get a card from this company.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 20, 2017

    This spring my wife decided to get a Target credit card. We used it and was very simple to use like most credit cards, however when it came to paying the bill it was not that simple. I always pay in full for the entire bill the day it came in the mail, This happened for 2 or 3 times in a row and every time it was assessed a late fee of $27.00, what a scam with the billing department. I live in South Dakota and the billing came from Dallas, TX. It takes at least 7 days to get a bill where I live. Post dates are not looked at or even considered. So my recommendation is to pay with other credit cards or pay at the store at the time of purchase. Do not use Target Credit Cards at all. These billing agents can find another job by working hard instead of sitting all day collecting late fees...

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 17, 2017

    Have a target red card and gave updated bank acct info for future payments. Somehow the person {rep} left off a number from the acct and first payment got returned. {Was not a payment due} So I finally figured out what the probLem was and corrected it online. Next payment goes through perfectly and they won't release the payment to reflect the accurate available credit. So I send messages via their Chat line. I can three-way call with my bank. I say now it has been nearly 10 days since payment made and cleared my acct. Finally after several messages they fix it.

    Just made another payment. All good and no issues but once again they are refusing to reflect the available credit accurately. Once again via online chat with a rep they won't fix it. I intend to pay off the balance soon and close the account. Don't need to be treated like this by a company that has had a lot of problems in the past. I would not recommend them. The other reviews support this viewpoint

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 16, 2017

    I had to pay my statement yesterday and forgot. A few hours later, this morning, I was on the phone with a manager called Pilar. She said she was removing the late fee $27. Then, she change her mind and pretended she couldn't. Last time I was late was May 27, 2016 and I am always paying the statement balance in full. These people treat the client like dirt and have absolutely no respect.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 6, 2017

    I had closed my account with Target years ago and have been paying down on my REDcard. I decided to combine this account and another to pay off but I was not able to get my account number. So I can't pay it off. I am very very frustrated with Target. I will not shop at Target again. I think I have found a way to be able to pay it off but wont say now. I will let you know if I succeeded.

    Original review: May 3, 2017

    I have had a Target Red Card for awhile now and have had nothing but problems with it. I heard it was so great to have and would save me money. It's been nothing but a pain. I was unable to change my address when I applied for one and so the first one got sent to the wrong address. After that it took them forever to send me my new card and my first bill. I couldn't set up an online account because I didn't have the new card. I was told after I got the card I would receive my first bill. When I did I had a massive late fee. I paid it because it might been the fault of the post office rather than Target.

    After I got it they said I needed my checking information to paying online. I am under my boyfriend checking account and don't have access to that information. He honestly didn't know what it was. So I would just go into the store to pay it but I recently moved to a rural area outside of town and its an hour drive to get to town now. I got the checking information set up on the Target account and went to go pay it just to find out it was too late and past their online payment deadline for the day. I was furious I was never told there was even a deadline. I ended up paying the late fee even though it was still on that day.

    So today I am struggling to get into my account and I call them thinking I still have time to pay it online to find out I am an hour past the time. Last time I was late I swear it told me 6 o'clock Central Time but the women on the phone tells me it's 5 o'clock Central Time. The lady on the phone tells me that she can take the payment but only if I know my check and routing number off the top of my head which I don't and couldn't get till tomorrow. I pretty much was told again that I would have a late fee to pay but maybe if I am eligible they would drop my late fee. When I asked what made me eligible the lady really couldn't say.

    Seriously! Why is it so hard to pay this Red Card. I have tons of other cards and none of them have a payment deadline! Pay on the day its due and you are good. When I call them they help me out. Also they take debit cards if you need to pay that way. Target is so complicated and hard to pay. I am pay off the card and I am done shopping at Target. I usually buy most of my kids clothes and toys from there but forget it. Take my business elsewhere.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 2, 2017

    I paid my card in full, apparently after the "cut off" time. I was then charged a late fee on a $0 balance. And then the following month I was again charged a second late fee because of the balance due to the late fee. The kicker is that I never received a statement until after both late fees were assessed. I also never actually received my Red Card so I couldn't setup online autopayment or even create an online account. The statements were not being mailed consistently either. Target - I hope that $33 fee was worth a lifetime of my spending, because I will never shop at your store again.

    Verified Buyer
    Original review: April 28, 2017

    I paid off my REDcard balance but somehow it left an outstanding $5.00 that was different than billing date. Nonetheless I do not get a statement and nor an email. I went to buy a car and when my credit was ran my score was low for being late 6 months on a credit card. When I got home I ran my report and it was my Target REDcard. With $13.00 now owed, yes they charged $1.00 each month in late fees and reported it as past due. Needless to say I'm more than upset and sent them an email. We'll see how they correct this. I would call but some poor employee would get blasted with more than one colorful word. DON'T USE THIS CARD EVER. THEY SUCK.

    profile pic of the author
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    Original review: April 3, 2017

    2 deaths in the family in 1 month, tried to work with these people, set up a re-payment plan and they ruined my credit score! I had A+ credit, missed only 1 payment and yet my credit report shows 3 missed payments! I have sent letter after letter and they do not respond, they want me to call and I say no, I do everything in writing for record keeping! I will go all the way to the top of this company if I have to taking down anyone in my path to get this resolved! They care nothing for their customers at all! Just want your money that's it!

    Original review: March 16, 2017

    In December my daughter lost her Target REDcard. We did not have the account number, no online access and wanted to make a payment. One calls the number for Target's REDcard and it asks for the card number -- it is an automated system that does not allow one to enter their social security number instead. It offers nothing except for the option to enter the card number. Both myself and my daughter drove to different Target stores. The store staff cannot accept payment for the REDcard??? Why??? Other credit card companies allow one to talk to a human. Not Target. When I called Corporate I spoke with a series of rude, confrontational and staff not interested in my complaint. They treated me like a deadbeat. Avoid Target credit cards. They run the program like idiots.

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