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About Direct Express Reviews

Direct Express is a prepaid card that gives you access to your federal benefits regardless of whether you have a bank account. If you receive federal benefits and want a secure way to store and use your funds, Direct Express’ easy-to-use debit card gives you simple access and is accepted at many locations.

Pros & Cons


  • All funds are FDIC-insured
  • No bank account necessary
  • Works where Mastercard is accepted


  • No lines of credit or loans available

Bottom Line

Direct Express gives federal benefits recipients an easy way to access funds without needing a bank account. The majority of federal funds are eligible for use with Direct Express, and its application process is simple and free.

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Direct Express Reviews

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Reviewed Feb. 24, 2023

Have done all that has been asked by this company and they continue to keep freezing my mother's debit card so she isn't able to get her medications when it's mandatory for her to be taking medication. My mother is stage 3 diabetic. Every time the card gets unfreeze they freeze the card again a few hours later.

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Reviewed Feb. 11, 2023

Can't get through by phone. So I clicked on a link for Direct Express chat and I got someone that wants money to answer my question. Ordered a new card and they canceled my old card before I got the new one and the website won't show me the new card number only the last 4 digits. How is that helpful? Now I have to wait 10 days for the new one. There should have been some sort of warning. No one has any common sense anymore. Maybe someone should invent an app for that. The common sense app. Send me money if someone does. I finally got through to a person and they said "I cannot hear you. Please call back". That was after being on hold for 45 min. How does this company stay in business?

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Reviewed Feb. 2, 2023

I ordered 2 replacement cards. The first order the card was never sent out. The 2nd order I still haven't received it yet. It has been over a month and still no card. Rent, bills, groceries and etc is due and I am doomed. Nobody never answers the phone and the one time they do no help and no answers. The fact that the government is willing to deal with a third party such as these people with such a important situation is mind bottling. Disabled, retired, and veterans depend on these funds and can't access them or get any assistance. Shame on you people and shame on the government.

Calling Comerica bank or SSA does not help because no one has answers but yet they are affiliated with these crappy so called third party business people is a disgrace. I'm ready to sue the city Direct Express as well as Comerica bank. I believe if us customers stand together with one huge lawsuit we will all be satisfied with the end result. One we need to get paid for our emotional damages and unnecessary hardships. If there is anyone In The NYC area interested in starting a suit together please contact me.

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Reviewed Feb. 1, 2023

Not only does this company decide what you can or cannot buy (they will refuse to pay the company if you put in an order for something) they will not investigate when money is missing. They will then blame it on you, saying you declined an investigation. This has happened to me several times so you are out your money. One was when Google was taking money out of accts. Mine was one of them. DE declined to follow through even though it was nationwide news and I had the exact same amount taken. I was not reimbursed. Also you will order something online only to find out you can't. Why? DE decided they didn't like the company and won't authorize you to buy anything! I hate hate this card! Customer service are horribly rude.

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Reviewed Jan. 20, 2023

Whatever you do do not use Direct Express to receive your SS RETIREMENT money on. This place will take out fees give no service and will never take care of a problem and it will take you two months to transfer your account to a bank direct deposit. DO NOT USE THIS CARD OR COMPANY!

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Reviewed Jan. 18, 2023

They didn’t want to release my son money after my husband pass away. They have a million issue to keep the money for them. I can’t flake to them, only social security people can’t. Only request one payment at the time. So much trauma. I had this service. They are horrible people.

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Reviewed Jan. 6, 2023

I've been with this card company for 3 years. It is the worst card to ever had. There's always problems and there's been theft on my card. Identity theft of my card. They didn't investigation and they said that there wasn't enough evidence even though it happened in another state. It's crazy. So I got screwed out of money and right now SSA send my benefits my kid's benefits to their to their card and they keep telling me that it's been transferred over. SSA transferred it or whatever. I call this to say and SSA says, "That's crazy. We don't do that." Here. The money was sent. I don't want to put a tracker on it. I'll try to explain that to the lady. She didn't want to hear it. She says it has to do this. To say in other words just shutting me up and trying to give me out of the way. She had nothing else to say so basically I'm screwed over a thousand dollars. I don't know what else to do.

I called them or called the card company several times. Six to be exact. And they keep on sending me to a number that nobody answers and right now it's like I'm getting screwed out of my money that I'm supposed to be paying my rent with and they don't they don't want to give it to me for some reason and that's not just one check. It's two checks so $2,000 I don't have access to. I'm telling you this card is the worst card in the world. Please do not get this card. Direct express is the worst. The customer service sucks. They tell you the same thing even though you told them that the company had hung up on you several times. Six to be exact. They turn around and they do the exact same thing to s** people up and sending them to this number that nobody answers and screwing you out of your money. Please do not get this card. It is the worst card ever.

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Reviewed Jan. 4, 2023

When you have an issue and trust me you will have issues, you will spend hours if not days trying to get an actual person on the phone. You will have enter and listen to the same information over and over each time just to have the recording hang up on you. One time I actually got through to a real person around 3:30-4:00am. The woman that answered must have been having a way worse time than I was somehow because it was like she was going out of her way to give me an attitude even though I was trying to be polite as I know these people usually aren't the ones that are at fault and are (supposed to be) there to help.

I just stated the problem I was having, which was my card being declined even though there was funds on the account and I just used it without issue shortly before the repeated declines. She told me that she fixed the problem and that I would be able to use my card in 2 hours. Here I am 17 hours later with my card still not working and 100s of attempted calls resulting in being hung up on by the recording. I sure wish I could just access my money and handle my responsibilities but I'm being held hostage by Direct Express yet again. If you have any other options, do yourself a favor and go with anyone other than Direct Express. The 5 star reviews given to this trash company have to be fake. The nightmares you read about on here are real. If you're stuck using Direct Express than good luck and God bless you, you're gonna need it.

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Reviewed Dec. 15, 2022

I get my ssi on this card. December 1, 2022 I order one robot from this website Nuebey or something like that. Upon getting my receipt in email they had illegally doubled my order. I contacted customer support and never got an answer. Went to the BBB to look them up and found out it was a scam company. Reported it to Direct Express with all proof and they decided to just close the case never even looking into the details.

Do not use direct express if you have any other choice. Any issue at all they lock your card. And it’s takes weeks for them to unlock it. They side with business most the time so even if you have all the proof in the world you won’t get your money back. Social Security does not recommend using direct express and there have been many class action lawsuits since the start of of 2020. I contacted social security and asked who I should go with and they AVID. I am now with avid and happier than ever. Do not use direct express unless you like losing access to your money.

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Reviewed Dec. 7, 2022

Updated on 06/21/2023: Direct Express is fine if you are tech savvy and know what you’re doing and/or have a sincere trustworthy advocate. Otherwise, use direct deposit at your own local financial institution. I’m still trying to get Oct-Dec 2022 benefit funds, rightfully due my 93 year old father. He has bills to pay like most of us. He’s not earning interest, someone else is. Shame on the Department of Treasury and/or any government entity involved with Social Security benefits. My father is just one, of too numerous to count, victims.

Original Review: 12/6. I am Laura **, daughter and POA for my Father, Roy **. 11/1/22-did not receive renewal debit card. Began horrifying experience of the “no live human answering calls, for hours and days”. I have a record of the calls and some other emails as documentation. I’ll bullet point the issues as to give you the overall picture.

-First call, over 4 hours to get a person…my father was on the phone and because he didn’t answer fast enough when asked for his address, the representative said…”sir if you don’t know your address, I can’t help you” and hung up.

-At least 18 calls later, a woman says a replacement card will be mailed out and you should have it within 5-10 days, never received a card.

-Over 26 calls later, a man says we can pay $13.50 for a card to be delivered in 2 days, never received a card.

-Call 37, a male says “oh, I’m sorry, we entered your address incorrectly and sent the 2 day card to Minnesota instead of New Mexico.” “Now, you need to email a copy, front and back of his NM ID, to, when you receive an email stating “it’s verifiable”, call back again. *remember, you can’t get a person on the phone immediately, as I did call back and was told I had to start over.

-Call 42, was told I had to email his ID to ***this wasn’t even a valid email, even though I repeated it phonetically several times as it didn’t make sense. Of course we never got a return email.

-Call 50 something…was told to start over again using the first email…that was 12/4/22, they say they will respond in 3-5 business hours!!! It’s now 12/6/22.

Direct Express has all the control, power and use of my Father’s benefits. They even suspended the online account I had set up. I do have a picture of it before they suspended it. They did take out the $4.00 fee that I was told we would not have to pay and the $13.50 for the 2 day for which a card was never received. They can access his funds, he cannot. They can at will just suspend his account without any notification; they can access his account, he cannot. They can make up and change the rules as they go, he cannot. He cannot pay his mortgage nor pick up his heart medication. We are helping him with this.

Today I called and spoke to a man at US Treasury, his ID number is **. I was shocked when he stated “…we just contract with Direct Express, we don’t oversee them or assist in matters such as yours.” I told him, “so sorry to bother you, I thought that since Timothy Gribben, the Commissioner came up with this program, someone there would be able to help. In all these United States, is there not one ethical human being who can help us???

I see this as elder abuse as Direct Express is withholding a benefit that is legally and rightfully his. What can you do to help us? *This has been sent to Social Security as well. I have pictures of his account before suspension and all the emails I’ve sent. I can send them to a representative that contacts me as I no longer want to send his personal information blindly.

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Reviewed Dec. 5, 2022

I believed getting this government card would be safer, easier. I wish I'd done more homework! They've lawsuits documented going back to 2020. One daily transaction and then the card is locked for days. They've got a very touchy fraud system that wont let you transfer more than 50 dollars or do more than one transaction per day or it automatically security freezes the card. After jumping numerous hoops which may take several days of calling, literally sitting on hold for an hour or more waiting for Tier 2 customer service, answering questions, returning codes, and even fax transferring documents you may get it unlocked... Usually after *another* three days.

I will have to go with something else because my social security is endlessly being held hostage and I literally can't buy groceries or pay bills. I'm not one to sue but am letting Better Business Bureau know that Comerica is still not doing well in their contract with the government, including a wide variety of timelines and stories about "why my card wasn't working yet" from Tier 2 customer support. I encourage government benefit recipients to try and find another workaround if possible.

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Reviewed Dec. 2, 2022

...from this horrific excuse for a debit card! If you don't mind holding on the phone for HOURS...if you don't mind bank transfers failing each and every time...if you don't mind having your benefits hijacked...then this is the card for you. However, if you like to be in control of your're gonna be in for a big surprise with this one.

I have tried to transfer funds to my checking account from the website and each transfer failed. You are charged $1.50 for each transaction, so I don't know why they say "basic" use is "free". There's no real purchase security. The card allowed multiple purchases from a website even though the website kept rejecting the purchases, so I had to have the card terminated. Yes, every time you have a transaction dispute, they will force you to close your card.

If you want to change your deposit method, you'll be on hold forever with the other agency. Customer service is non-existent and you will be hung up on before you even get to a person. If you have a checking or savings account, do yourself a favor and don't even start with this card. Just know, you have been warned. You'll notice the overwhelming amount of reviews are negative...for a reason.

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Reviewed Dec. 2, 2022

I lost my wallet and my phone and called Direct deposit to cancel my card. He assured me that the card was no longer active and ordered me a new card. Well December 1st my funds were not on the new card and was on the card that was lost. Now my rent is behind and there is a late fee. This company is inconsiderate to the consumer. Now I'm facing eviction, I would not recommend this company to you. My payment is always received about 2:30 in the morning, it's just a hassle for the consumer.

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Reviewed Nov. 17, 2022

I have received a new card. I've called twice and asked how to setup a new account for the new card and was told that someone would contact me and so far I can't get any help. Wish Social Security would use someone else or go back to direct deposit.

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Reviewed Nov. 2, 2022

Direct Express is fine as long as you never have a problem. Over the years since 2011 when I opened my account, any contact with them has been so rude and unhelpful. As a customer reporting a fraudulent charge, I am the one being treated like a criminal by the representative. Lately I had a fraudulent charge made on my account; they made an initial provisional credit which they later reversed, saying I had authorized the fraudulent charge (calling me a liar effectively). This month they are charging my account an additional reversal.

Today, after a 20 minute wait, the agent told me I had chosen the wrong option and call back and make the correct choice, would not even listen or tell me the right choice and cut me off. On the second attempt to a different choice, the recording said they are too busy, call back later and hung up. Initially I had reported the fraudulent charge when it was still pending and they told me I had to wait till it cleared, they would not stop it. Now the reversal has been charged twice and I can't even get through to try to keep my money. It is pretty much the last straw!

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Reviewed Oct. 20, 2022

While I was in the hospital for 45 days my home was broken into, my bank box where I keep important paper and my debit card along with pin was stolen and used. I was on my death bed with sepsis unconscious and DIRECT EXPRESS denied my claim. I had family heirlooms stole in addition to 2200. I submitted police report, proof I was in the hospital. DIRECT EXPRESS said I must have given someone the pin. I changed it a week before ending up in the hospital.

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PricePunctuality & Speed

Reviewed Oct. 1, 2022

I have DE for 4 years now and I feel like I am serving a prison sentence when it comes to my money from social security. This company does not make deposits on time, does not follow company protocol, has had multiple lawsuits and still maintains it's stature with Social Security and self proclaiming to be the U.S. Treasurys benefits depository of Social Security.

DE has so many pissed customers that it had to change banks and does not resolve issues protected by the FDIC. They are flighty about deposits and you could get your check on time or not it's basically a roll dice whether you get your check on time or even at all as they have many disputes about lost total Social Security checks being lost or stolen. DE resolution for all customer complaints is to cancel your card even though you do not give them permission to do so. This has happened to me now three times when trying to dispute a transaction. Now my deposits are being held prisoner by the company even though Social Security has cleared your checks they sit up to 3 to 5 days each month in DE's holding accounts drawing thousands of not millions of interest off Social Security Funds and not passing that interest to the account holders of debit cards through Direct Express.

I am asking for a total audit of this company by legislation either through signatures or local government to assure the general public of transparency to their customers. This company has been involved in several lawsuits for mishandling of government funds and can Not Be Trusted As they self proclamate to be safe and secure with your Social Security Funds..My suggestion to find another Debit Company as Direct Express Debit Card has too many shady accountants and shady business tactics and it's a Big -0- when it comes to customer resolution.

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Customer ServicePunctuality & Speed

Reviewed Sept. 26, 2022

Received card in 2015, never any problems till now. If you have this card or are thinking about getting it runnnn as fast as you can from it. It is not being referred by Social Security anymore either! August 3rd I was not able to access my money, made over 50 calls between Direct Express and Comerica Bank. Was told different excuses and I would receive a call back which never happened. Citizens Bank let me know the card was damaged the 3rd week of August. I called they stated I could wait 10 days or have it expedited, I chose to have it expedited and they would reimburse me then they told me I will not be reimbursed. I also had a fraud claim for 39.90 they allegedly reimbursed me and took it back, now I am arguing about reversing it.

Today is the first day I spoke with a supervisor and they still had to switch me to another department. They wanted to tell me the money was used for expediting me the card but at the time I had $1300 on the card which I had no access to. Now they're stating I have to wait another 10 business days and a review before the money will be reimbursed. No one is going to help me with the late fees I accumulated during that time. Camerica has no interest in this card.

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Customer ServiceSales & MarketingStaff

Reviewed Aug. 11, 2022

I had to literally shut my Direct Express debit card down that I was getting for SS. These people are the worst at customer service and I had my Identity Stolen from me through an internet scam and could not get a hold of Direct Express to save my life! ON HOLD FOR HOURS on the phone, or phone call completely dropped! so, I had to lock my SS profile with the Government and the only way to make changes to my SS is in person, at an office. ALL BECAUSE OF DIRECT EXPRESS INCOMPETENCE. Word of Advice? STAY AWAY from Direct Express. WORST. COMPANY. EVER.

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Customer Service

Reviewed Aug. 6, 2022

It appears I am not the only one disgruntled with this company. I had several dealings with the customer service department of Direct Express. My credit card information was stolen and they were not at all helpful. Took 13 days not 10 to get replacement card. When I called to see where the new card was they said they could cancel that one and send a new. What??? And wait 13+ more days. You people don't seem to realize you are playing with people's livelihoods.

To make someone on a fixed income wait a 1/3 of a month to access their funds. I received my insurance cards within 3 days how is it that it takes 13 days for D.E. to mail a card within the U.S. I was charged the $4 fee for replacement even though 1st was to be free. The 1st time I paid $13.50 to get card replaced so this one should have been waived. When I complained they denied the return of the $4. Called to speak to supervisor and was hung up on 3 times. Monies that were taken by theft have not been returned and I was verbally threatened that if I did not get paperwork back within 10 days I most likely would not.

Paperwork arrived today with date of 7/26... I put back into the mail today 8.5...that is 10 NOW WHAT.... I won't receive $ stolen from me. I think the U.S. Government needs to find a more customer service based company to deal with it's elderly clientele as Direct Express MasterCard is not the one. They nickel and dime fixed income customers which in my book is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. For this reason I am cancelling my account and opening an account with someone who knows how to treat it's customers. Beware Social Security recipients Direct Express MasterCard is a disreputable company and will not give you good service. Take your business to a regular bank you will be better served.

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed Aug. 4, 2022

After having a $40 charge on my card for months from an unknown place, reporting fraud twice, with no results I finally just cancelled my card and got a new one. I got my new card but then I couldn't use it. Called, waited, no joke, 2 hours on hold. Dude said he lifted the whitelist or whatever and I had to wait 2 hours to use my card. Well, I waited 3 just in case. Still card don't work. Call back, no joke waited 1.30 hrs finally, the lady verified some declined purchases, lifted a block and said I would not have any problems. Again, thing don't work. Call back another 2 hours on hold, he said the first guy put it in wrong, did another whitelist thing and again, gotta wait 2 hours to use it. At this point it 8:30 pm. Been on the phone since 10am. Seriously! No joke!

I fell asleep, tried to get an Uber to work. Card don't work still!! Wtf!? Now to many callers, call back later, been getting this all day. I had to call out of work. My first freaking day! Dude wtf is wrong with these people. I don't understand. So I found a solution. I walked to a bank and did a directexpress withdrawal with the clerk, I just withdrew all money and got a prepaid Netspend/Western Union card. No more problems. It sucks to have to do, but it's better then dealing with incompatent screwups and wasting my days even trying with these people. Seriously. Not worth it.

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Customer Service

Reviewed July 29, 2022

This bank sent my card to the wrong address and it was activated and my SSI money was stolen. They refused to reimburse the money and claim they didn't do anything wrong. They apologized in an email after I notified them that the initial email only expressed regret not the reason for the regret.

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed July 26, 2022

DE has to be the most Unscrupulous and Worst Financial Institutions.
First, approx. 5M Customers with SSDI and SSI Debit Cards.
2nd, One (1) incoming telephone line and Fax line.
3rd, Approx wait times 90 minutes -2 HRS.
4th, Pre-recorded 24/7 Message: "We are experiencing heavier than normal call volume."
5th, DE is not able to explain why and how so many debit cards are hit with Fraudulent Charges. The dollar figures in the tens of Millions.
6th, No dispute forms are available for download.
7th, You may as well swim in shark-infested water!!

8th, DE Reps and Fraud Division personnel are arrogant, inexperienced and should be working elsewhere, like Dollar General or Cicis Pizza.

My card has been compromised 2X and funds not returned; despite sending all documentation. This Parasite of a Financial Institution has taken advantage of the Disabled and Mentally Challenged customers that are not able to hold and wait for two hours or the elderly customers that just plain give up. A Class Action Law Suit Must be initiated, so that, the customers whom have been taken advantage of/ have their funds rightfully returned and the Culprits from DE be exposed and spend the next millennium behind bars while making the DE Debit Cards!!

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed July 12, 2022

On 6/29/2022 All my ID docs and bank card were stolen by an abuser/stalker. Between 7/1/2022 to 7/5/2022 It took many calls and 22 hours on hold get Direct Express to answer the phone. I told them of the card and ID theft. They claimed they would cancel the stolen card and would send me a new card. A Direct Express Fraud Department agent 'verified' me by sending a code to my email. Agent said they would debit my account $18 for the new card and it would arrive in 2 days. They had NO hesitation sending a new card to my mom's address in another state using an email verification code. The card arrived 4 days later.

On 7/8/2022 I called the Direct Express number to activate the new card - after over 5 hours on hold - my call was transferred to the Fraud Dept. Direct Express Fraud Dept REFUSED activate the new card. Direct express agent (and a "supervisor") Demanded front and back copies of my driver license, birth certificate and social security card. <<-- ALL THE ID THAT THEY KNEW WAS STOLEN BEFORE THEY SENT A NEW CARD. They refused to accept a copy of the police report. They refused to verify me using any security questions. They refused to verify me using the same email verification code method they've been using for the 3 years I've had DirectExpress. MY ABUSER/ID THEIF COULD HAVE FAXED ALL MY STOLEN DOCS IN AS THE "PROOF" THEY WERE DEMANDING. ONLY MY EMAIL IS SECURE OR SAFE!

They have KNOWINGLY left a domestic abuse victim stranded, with no access to my own money, food or shelter, and KNOWING my phone would be shut off any minute. I can not even call for help if my abuser finds me. Direct Express "supervisor" told me: "Too bad. It's not my problem. If you don't like it have your money deposited somewhere else." When I informed her I absolutely intended to make that happen, the Direct Express "supervisor" said: "Go ahead but if you cancel Direct Express, we're keeping the money in your account and there's nothing you can do about it."

I tried calling back two days later on 7/10/2022. Direct Express has voided the card number they sent me and removed my social security number from their system. I now have no way to contact them and no way to get the money they've stolen from my account. Even after Direct Express has taken my money and locked me out of my account, they keep giving my personal info to my abuser. Direct Express has given an abusive stalker my mom's address and phone number - enabling him to Harass and Threaten an 80 Year Old Lady. And I have no way to make Direct Express Stop endangering us or make them refund my money.

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Customer ServicePriceStaff

Reviewed May 29, 2022

I don’t know what they’re doing, but they all stick together, and change amounts at their will, and they can double talk their way out of it. For example: I had a refund transaction pending $89.97. When I called to get my last ten transactions over the phone, the refund became,”$70.20 trans to account; $14.77 trans to account;$5.00 trans to account?? Why? It = $89.97 but how and why can they manipulate the amounts. When asked to speak to someone, after many hangups, I was told $14 .77 that made the amount correct had been changed to a negative. Then they turned around and charged me fees for a new card that happened to = $14.77.

This happens all the time. And my remaining balance from old card became a negative on new card listed as card replacement fee. The same amount? They had already charged me a card rep. Fee. Now my balance is negative. Fee#2. I am posting this to bring awareness to a company that is doing underhanded business, that is ripping off the public, quite convincingly. If you have a refund credit transaction of $50 and they charge you $50 fee, they wash each other out, that’s where they’re good at it. One other incident has to be told. It was last year, Jan1st, 21. Bought Bamboo from Home Depot $160 and paid with direct express debit card. It was delivered a few days later, it was deducted from my card - Done Deal.

On last day of Jan, I get a text from Home Depot saying they’ll be delivering to my house soon. I thought to myself, ”boy they’re on the ball”. I already got it around the 1st. But I did not call, I figured they‘d figure it out. Couple hours later another text. I call Home Depot and no one can find or admit the mistake. I call Direct express and find my account is in the negative for $160. They approved it, without my knowing it. The way it works… if you don’t have money to pay for something, you don’t get it. Your card will never work if there’s no funds available. That’s it.

When trying to get to the bottom of this, I had written down the last 10 transactions (I often do this). It’s by phone automated and that was the only proof I had to show I was double charged. When they said or double talked their way around it, they said I’d have to fix it with Home Depot. No one would admit they should not have approved that second charge. So Home Depot is more than happy to help but when calling to verify the debit card second charge, Direct Express deleted all transactions pending and final total $160 right off the books. They told him there was no other charge whatsoever at the 1st of Jan. For $160 or anywhere. They deleted it away. There was nothing I could do. I told them to come out and look at my fence. It’s already done.

It’s been done for almost a month. I couldn’t have put it up in a day. But proof on paper didn’t have. I fought this until I just gave up. They know how to do it so no one’s the wiser. They work for the Federal government or with them. Nothing surprises me anymore. I can’t believe they’re doing this and getting away with it. Wake up people, Hello.. I’ve vented, I’m done, thanks for your time.

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed May 4, 2022

I'll admit getting through to a customer service representative is a bit of a challenge. Being on hold for 45 minutes to discuss a problem with your card is a pain in the **. When you get someone on the phone, they are not the friendliest, almost robotic in their interaction with you, but I have always gotten the problem fixed. They need web chat. I rate 4 out of 5 stars because of the customer service.

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed March 8, 2022

On the 3rd of Feb, 2022 right before 3 am est. I and my payee went to our local wawa to withdrawal my funds to pay towards my rent, my payee noticed 176.67 or some odd close amount had been charged to this card that I know has never been approved to charge for any auto payments etc... Noone consulted anyone to make any charge or payments to this card so we took appropriate measures to report in a timely and respectful manner, we received dispute paperwork to dispute this unknown occurred transaction in which later we found out was not honored by Direct Express after telling my payee they would credit that amount back to my account if the papers were received back within a timely manner in which when that paper came from direct express we never left the post office before filling it out and immediately sending it back to direct express. "We did our part."

They lied and were improfessional as always, you can never understand them or vice versa, when you call to fix one problem it is like a revolving door. They start messing with other crap that has nothing to do with the actual card at hand. "For instance whitelisting her other benefit card that had no problem whatsoever." See what I mean!! So long story short every day since the 3rd we have been on with dispute from that to ordering a new card to not being told we can't just activate it when it comes that we will have to go through a whole new security measure again.

"It is way after the 3rd and we can not still after 3 different calls finding out the previous rep did not put in the correct dates caused another huge delay, me on the verge of eviction, and still I am unable to use my card. We just found out over 48 hours ago that they had to take off that whitelist that was on 3 times ago and might I mention it is past 48 hours for it to be lifted even if it does or does not work after 2 hour mark," per direct express.

Now we're going into almost the middle of the month and still only was about to just use at pos only. Now it won't even do that again so I'm calling direct express and their phone lines are so high from there bull crap that it hangs up when you attempt to prompt to speak to a rep! Which by the way only offers to you if you wish to dispute a problem! We should not have to beg to obtain funds we went through to get fixed numerous times before it is like noone takes their time to read do their job and be considerate to anyone unless it happens to them or their loved ones! A

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Customer Service

Reviewed March 3, 2022

Have called Direct Express for the past 3 days unable to resolve my request for new card. Also, when I called each time, it took over an hour before a live person would come on the phone only to tell me they needed to transfer me to another dept? I tried calling several different numbers off the website and each time I called the automated system only gives one option to select from and when you select that option the phone hangs up on you!!!! HOW frustrating!!! I have complained to the Social Security Office as well as the US Treasury and sent an email to Direct Express regarding this issue. Hoping it will be resolved quickly.

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed Feb. 7, 2022

The PNC Bank ATM machine kept my US Direct Card, asking me to contact my financial institution. When I finally, got thru to a live person, she did not know why it was taken. According to PNC Bank representative, the ATM is serviced by a third-party company, and they could not contact them. I was told that I would be charged $13+ to get the new card shipped to me USPS! Well, I had no choice as I needed my card to pay my monthly bills. Well, it's been longer than the allocated days and no card yet. However, I cannot speak with a live person now because they are always and you can't be placed in a queue, so they hang up forcing you to keep calling back. This is unacceptable and Social Security should get another vendor who cares about their client and wellbeing. We need our funds and it's not fair they have all of the control and won't even allow you to speak with them. Poor Service.

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Reviewed Feb. 5, 2022

I fully hate Direct Express with a passion. It's bad. They suck so bad I'm gonna put in a lawsuit against them and sue their **, they are some low-down dirty dogs who don't care about people who getting their benefits thru disability for ssi ssa or ssdi veterans. They have me waiting a month and I still hasn't received my card. I ordered a replacement card because they canceled it due to me having a dispute. I ordered 3 replacement cards, still haven't gotten any one. I can't pay my rent, eat dinner, nothing. I'm so screwed because of these rotten ** people. I'm just so disgusted. I don't know what to do smdh, it's horrible, a freaking nightmare on Direct Express Street...

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