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I paid for the AVG product in 2015. At first, I was satisfied, but the program kept slowing my computer down, endlessly churning the hard drive. So when I got the "renewal next month" email, I was glad. This was my chance to dispose of useless software! I emailed that I did not want to renew, and received confirmation. Deleted everything AVG from my computer the day before the subscription was to expire. Thought that was the end of the matter. But NO!

A check of my bank account showed that AVG took the money for a renewal out of my account. Trying to get a human at AVG was a nightmare. I have little money so I was persistent. Even the online "helper" referred me to a website, and gave me the WRONG site at first! Made claim and waited to hear that my claim was "approved." Took another few days for the money to be returned to my account. To add insult, I was charged a $1.35 "foreign transaction fee." My advice: Stay FAR away from this company.

I bought TuneUp 2014 and am still using it. AVG started to open Internet Explorer pop-up windows with advertisement of their no added value, overpriced subscription model. The popups come about every 3-4 hours and no matter what you do (WebEx with 100+ customers and then AVG spam pop-ups are great).

Their support lies, is completely and utterly useless and their management should get fired on the spot as all they do is running the company into the ground. It is impossible to turn their spam ads off and the "solution" they offer is upgrading to the latest subscription-based version. SCREW YOU AVG TEAM - YOU ARE AS BAD AS THE SCAMMERS/SPAMMERS I WANT TO KEEP OUT BY USING A PRODUCT LIKE THIS!!

A couple of nights ago, before I logged off from my laptop I accidentally clicked on the AVG product icon... It has been a nightmare, everything disappeared: folders, pictures, email contacts, emails, bookmarks, EVERYTHING GONE OR SET TO DEFAULT! My husband was able to get my pictures and some folders. It does not seem that I am going to get my bookmarks back. Firefox and Chrome bookmarks are gone (which are the ones I use the most). This program is a piece of bologna and not worth the risk.

On 24 September 2016 all AVG Technologies of Amsterdam programs were, by my choice, deleted from my PC and my refund request submitted. AVG response declares that AVG will not refund my monies until 24 June 2017 which will be an unbelievable lag of 274 days, I.e., 9 months and 4 days! This anti-consumer, unacceptable, unprofessional, arrogant, disgusting, greedy, surely illegal, corporate policy calls for a class action lawsuit filed at the Permanent Court of Arbitration, The Hague, initiated by all former AVG customers from the date AVG accepted its first customer. Plaintiffs will seek payment by AVG of both actual damages for each member of AVG's aggrieved victim class as well as $99,000,000 USD punitive damages to be awarded on a proportional basis to all members of the class. Lawyers fees and reimbursements for all costs shall not exceed $1,000,000 USD. Claim dated 24 September 2016.

Downloaded and paid for AVG updater. It damaged my laptop. I cancelled the membership as per their terms and conditions and asked for a refund. I then saw that the payment was still pending from my bank account and they had not received it so I stopped the payment. I told AVG not to take any further payments from my account. However the same day they stole 19.99 from my bank account and now are refusing to give it back. I have uninstalled AVG and reported AVG to the financial ombudsman and the police. Foul scam company. No customer service. Just want to steal money from you. Product is useless. Stay away or they will just go on stealing money from you. I just hope they get shut down.

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I had pop ups stating that I needed to renew the AVG Antivirus in August of $64.99. Instead I found an offer for $34.95. When I purchased it, it would not download. A pop-up stated to call this number for assistance AVG also. Well they told me they had to clean it up first with another fee. $25.00. The lady that assisted me showed me that the antivirus that I had wasn't due till September. Which is AVG. I told her to cancel it so I could not be billed for it. Well did not happen. AVG took it out of my paypal account without my knowledge. I have been sending in refund request. They are saying that they sent a refund request and that I had to respond to that. Well there was not one. These people are the sneakiest people I have ever been in contact with. PLEASE BEWARE. BIG RIP OFFS.

The program says I have a 29 days left, yet I cannot use everything. I want to test it all before I buy. AVG Zen is not included in the pro version? It won't scan registry for errors and server tune up functions appear to be disabled.

After using the AVG software (mediocre, at best) for a couple of years, I was billed for the 2016 version (NOT requested) on PayPal. I did not purchase a subscription with AVG, nor did I have an account with them. PayPal "investigated" and returned a verdict for AVG. So, basically, AVG signed me up for a subscription without my knowledge, and PayPal is complicit. Update: I just logged in at AVG. They have added yet another subscription. I unchecked (disabled) the subscription, logged out, and logged in again. The subscription was active yet again. Apparently, there is no way to opt out of an AVG subscription. I will close my PayPal account. PayPal is COMPLICIT with companies claiming to hold active subscriptions.

Absolute disaster! I paid for the AVG anti virus - It was useless and I contracted a computer virus and had to pay over $200 to have it removed. AVG promised to assist and NOTHING. For over 12 weeks I tried to contact customer service - Over a dozen unreturned emails - Repeating the same story continually to over 5 different people. Promises to get back to me within 24 hours and NOTHING!!! They are the "Faulty Towers" of Anti Virus.

Customer services are ridiculous. The anti-virus caused my device to crash. Cannot open computer which is 8 days old costing me money to get repaired. Going back to Norton... Also preventing me from downloading programs I need. Bye bye AVG.

$50 IN THE TRASH and possible more to repair your PC. The retards that created it will grab you by the balls, it is all a scam to keep you going buying more optional NON WORKING GARBAGE. And God forbid if you try "Scam and Repair" your drive C... it will simply hang on 12, 12 or 20% for hours, then you need manually start and keep tapping like a crazy maniac the space key because you only have A FRACTION OF A SECOND to stop it or will start again and hang. This is a WELL KNOW problem and AVG has done nothing to fix, talking about pay $50 to be annoyed. I know my PC has a virus, AVG said "ZERO" virus... they DO NOT SCAN your PC. THEY SCAM YOU. YOU ARE WARNED!! Pissed consumer.

Thankfully, the refunds I asked for have been processed. Someone else must have taken a look at my reply after I filled in a survey of their customer service.

Original Review

AVG subscribed me to two of the same software in 2014, when I only purchased one. I never realised until recently. When I got in touch and filed a refund request I was given two options, combine the two subscriptions and get half a year (I don't know how £80 equates to 6 months subscription) subscription free or get that subscription in a different software. Inferring I could not have any of the money back. I've now replied to this, only to receive a separate email asking me for a reply. I think the first customer service agent must have ignored my reply.

When I was downloading a file online, there was no pop-up of the virus I didn't expect to receive. The next day, my dad saw a thing telling him to get Norton virus protection. AVG did not protect us from this virus/adware/malware!!! And yesterday I was downloading another file and it said that there is a threat, and I clicked on the "Protect me" option, and it claimed to "Successfully remove the threat". And today I was yet again downloading another file, and it issued me the same claim, and today when I was playing diep. io, my computer shut down and couldn't turn back on and I didn't know what to do!!!:( AVG didn't protect me from anything!!! If you're looking for a decent virus protection, I wouldn't recommend AVG. :(

AVG took out 2 lots of $49.99 from my bank account without my authorisation... I then asked for a refund, went around in circles to get someone to help me first off which took days... Then finally had some action after I went onto a Complaints Site. So, 14 days ago, I received 2 emails to say I would get 2 refunds of $49.99 put back into my bank account. I HAVE STILL NOT RECEIVED THESE REFUNDS!!! Fair's fair. I'm on a Pension, Cannot afford this money out of my account. Not Good Enough AVG!!!

I cancelled this service two years ago and all of a sudden they have billed me again for something I'm not subscribed to. I no longer have records of passwords, account, set up info, etc. The cc (bank) won't cancel the transaction and say it's up to me to contact AVG to resolve this issue which I thought was resolved. It was deleted from my computer and no file exists. The bank won't cancel the card as long g as a (SUPPOSED) account with AVG exists. So around and around we go -- I'm out the $45 plus exchange on the weak Can. dollar which pisses me of to no end. These guys are as bad as Yahoo for billing for services cancelled. No wonder the execs. live in palaces and live the fat cat life style. Upset -- damn right I'm upset -- I work way harder and longer hours than most of these fat cats. I don't have access to an office building full of under paid peons to do my work.

I have read some reviews and I have had a similar experience to some others. The AVG antivirus software would not work on my 2 HP's at home. I tried multiple times to download it. I decided to go back to my previous antivirus provider as I had spent enough time trying to get it to work and I emailed them requesting a refund. I was answered by AVG with an email which said they confirmed my right to refund but before they did this, could I download a link which would give them access to my computer. If I didn't want to do this, that was ok, they would be happy to process the refund.

I didn't want to do this, and guess what? Well... 6 months later, no refund and now no replies from their customer service. I have not used their product, not been able to download it, and now excuses for not giving me a refund, until the excuses stopped and no answer. Basically, watch out people. They are more interested in taking your money than anything else. And here we are worried about hackers...

AVG on my computer went haywire 15/7/2016. Contacted AVG because I thought it was the right thing to do - had some technician fiddle with my computer (remote access) did not resolve all issues, because many updates had FAILED. Still have excess programs on my computer. Was told "must purchase AVG product". Have been charged $279.99 AUD FOR NOTHING! Something went wrong 10 days later (27/7/2016) - contacted GuruAid Support for AVG, got the problem fixed properly and they removed AVG installed anti-virus and tune-up that was CAUSING THE PROBLEM!

When I tried to contact AVG, the number on the website, the number 1844-234-6039, the message is "The number you have dialed is not connected" and no other numbers are listed. Requested refund but have been told I won't get my money back! Very disappointed and angry at AVG because I can't work out what I've paid for! AVG has ripped me off!!! The refund "policy" sucks, because I know I won't get a refund! What angers me the most is that the problem was not fixed, despite what they say, and I had to contact another company to fix AVG's screw-up! As for free anti-virus, I doubt there's any such thing! Didn't even get a receipt - I should have asked for one.

On 6/23/16 I had my laptop computer serviced by a technician. As part of the service the technician replaced the McAfee Security package with the AVG Basic FREE Security package. The system ran very well. On the same date, while on my computer, I received quite a few AVG pop-ups for the AVG Protection One package that assured an enhanced security coverage of my computer system for the price of $50.99. As such, I purchased the upgrade from AVG and immediately downloaded the software with the assistance of one of AVG's technicians. Once the download was completed, my system began to lock up after several reboots. As a result, I had to return my computer to my personal technician to uninstall the AVG upgrade and replace it again with the FREE AVG download. My system ran smoothly thereafter.

I contacted AVG on the very same date 6/23/16 and explained the problems I had with the software upgrade and that I had to have it uninstalled. Therefore, I was instructed to submit a refund request. On July 4, 2016 AVG contacted me via email and stated that a refund could not be completed due to an "Exceptional Delay" and that they would contact me later when the refund would be available. I have no idea what an "Exceptional Delay" means nor is there an explanation on their website. After not hearing back from AVG after two weeks, I contacted them again and was told that the "Exceptional Delay" is still being reviewed. After hearing this I told the AVG representative that I thought the way AVG was handling this refund was of a fraudulent nature. After speaking with AVG representative I did some research on their website.

Although I made a live request with an AVG representative for a refund based upon their software not being compatible with my system, the representative at no time advised me that I had to cancel my AVG subscription first. On 7/13/16 I learned that in order to get the refund the request has to be made within 30 days of the purchase date. I am well within the 30 days. So, on 7/13/16 I went into my AVG account and attempted to cancel my subscription and was unsuccessful as every time I submitted my request for cancellation it stated an "Internal Error Occurred." Another way for AVG to insure they keep my $50.99, in my humble opinion that AVG is manipulating refund money for their own financial interests and leaving the customer in limbo or uninformed as their representative had every chance to advice me that I had to cancel the subscription first.

I am a senior citizen and I believe that AVG is targeting senior citizens and possible other age demographics hoping that the customers will either forget about the refund or be uninformed to the point where their 30 day limitation has past... AVG is conducting business unethically and consumers must be aware of their corrupt practices. P. S. I still have not received my refund.

I bought the AVG Ultimate Software. It would not install. Called AVG was charged $200,00 for 24/7 tech support to clean my PC and keep it running smoothly. Now my PC doesn't accept my administrator password. Called AVG and I'm told I need an update for an additional $40.00 fee. I refused to give them any more money. Now getting an endless stream of pop-ups trying to sell me more products. I wish I had stayed with McAfee.

3 Years ago, I made the mistake of buying the "deal" AVG had on its antivirus and other products. Unbeknownst to me, there was a DEFAULT put on everyone's account file to have a yearly subscription payment AUTO charged to my Visa. I never used the account or checked what they had placed on the account profile because I was buying a product, not interested in making an account. They made the account with added the defaults. THAT is fraudulent. I should have had a page with those options visible to me to check or uncheck.

I contested when I saw that they had charged me for the second year, when I did not wish to be auto charged and only wanted virus protection and not the other products. They said it was too late, as I had already been emailed the registrations and I would have to go online and physically remove all the check marks myself if I wanted to remove the auto subscription. I did so for all the products (and I assure you I NEVER check marked them originally and would never do so ever!!) and continued to complain. I was given a confirmation number and told that my request was accepted. I have most of those emails fortunately. The problem is that this company will give you the runaround, and then tell the credit card company it was your fault as they only give refunds within 30 days, so they will delay and obfuscate to make sure it lasts longer!

And now for the third year, even though I went onto their site and REMOVED the check marks to REMOVE their auto subscribe, I was being charged again! (I wish I could make this long story short.) I immediately called the credit card company and they said an investigation was underway and that my credit card was cancelled (they lied). I had to use the AVG as I closed the AVG online account and could not use their site email to complain as they required your account information to make a complaint there! The company is in the Netherlands, but the (non)customer service is somewhere else with thick accents and "yes ma'am" people who pretend that they care. I have 6 pages of the copied transcript of the conversation with the "rep" assuring me I was well within the 30 days and my VISA account would be reimbursed. However, when he balked at giving me a confirmation number I knew he was lying just as the year before.

I now had that conversation, several emails from the last 2 years and supposedly Visa fraud to assure me the return of my money. I called Visa again and lo and behold, they had no record of my previous complaints! No one had taken down my previous lengthy complaints about AVG and NO ONE was trying to get my money back as they had promised! It is a double scam, because VISA doesn't want to do the work and the person I spoke to said they can't say AVG is being fraudulent as they are a "respected company" even though what AVG had done was fraudulently charge me for 2 years for products I never used because I NEVER DOWNLOADED THEM!!

Because VISA is now a complicit partner in the scam, I kept every iota of info, wrote a lengthy letter in an email to VISA, attached all of the documents whereby AVG promised reimbursement, and all other emails from them and told them to assure me that I would be reimbursed, and to give me a confirmation file number. They do not have such a thing as a file number, only my name and address as my CC was cancelled!! VISA is no longer my credit card company as they suck royally!

I called one last time, and they confirmed only that they assured me that my complaint was legitimate and even though small was being taken seriously (NOT). They said they had to give 45 for days for AVG to reply and I would then get a letter saying whether I would be reimbursed or not. What I got after 45 days was another letter saying that they were still waiting for a reply from AVG. Although VISA sent me a second credit card, I knew that if they did not get reimbursement, they would try to charge my new account the amount!

I never renewed it and will only have horrible things to say about Visa and their horrible service! They are literally endorsing scammers and made me fight THEM as well when the "product" was not even used by me!!! It is a horrible scam. AVG is a scammer site. DO NOT fall for those "best online antivirus protection" ads! AVG likely paid people to say that and paid Google for those sites to go to the top of the search! THEY are scammers, out and out defrauding knowing that US/Canada laws cannot affect them!

If you are considering a computer security service, beware of AVG. My credit card statement indicated a fee of $89.00 for the purchase of AVG security. I called AVG on June 2, and spoke to a representative who spoke in very broken English and kept referring to me as "Sir Edward". I explained that I never purchased the service nor did I authorize anyone to do so and asked that the company issue a refund to my credit card service. I was given a case number re: the request.

When I returned from a business trip several days later, an email was waiting for me indicating that the request was denied since the 30-day time limit had ended. I emailed the company and asked how they could expect me to contact them when I had no knowledge of a purchase being made; and, if a 30 day time limit had expired why that information was not provided in my earlier phone conversation. I received a response in which I was invited to a "free" remote assistance service" that may/may not work with my computer; and, if I preferred a refund, to please reply to that email. I replied and told them that I wanted the refund. A few days later the company regretted to inform me that they were unable to process a refund or offer a prorated refund. I responded that I found their decision unacceptable and expected them to honor their offer of a refund in their previous emailing.

I received an email continuing to deny the request and thanking me for my patience and understanding! I cannot comment on the quality of this company's product but I can attest to what I consider a dishonest service that placates with a gratitude for patience and understanding after having reneged on an offer to refund. For me, their behavior raises the question of a scam. BEWARE!

Purchased Ultimate version of AVG and within 2 months I had 2 viruses. Previously, with other virus software products I never had a virus. The first virus I was charged $49.99 to remove it. The virus companies I used in the past never charged. What is the point of having a virus software if it doesn't catch the virus and they charge you to remove it? The second virus came 2 weeks later and is located in the AVG directory. AVG again wanted money which I refused. I requested a refund on the software and they refused saying it was past the 30 days. I think this company is a scam. My advice is stay clear of this company.

I purchased AVG ultimate internet security. When I went to install it, it would not activate with the code I was supplied with. I called AVG tech support and before I was done I was told my computer was corrupted by a virus and I would have to pay their techs 120.00 to fix it. I am not a techie and felt obligated to pay. They said I would probably crash my computer. I never had a problem with my computer ever before. After reading many reviews I believe I was scammed as have many others before me. I don't know if I have any other recourse.

Scam company, will lock cellphone and not unlock until payment. Never use.

I've had several computers already and I've never been infected by any virus, malware or any form of digital attack. It's because I always have AVG. Unlike other anti-virus programs that I've used in the past, AVG doesn't slow down my computer while it does real-time scanning. It eats up memory but does not make my computer slow. Other software eat your computer's memory and make your computer stall. So I've uninstalled many AV programs in the past and reinstalled AVG. Also, I never had to reinstall it due to the software crashing. It's stable and it has updates. It's quick to install. It is my trusted AV program and until I find a better one, I'll stick to AVG.

Once you purchase this product then every few months later they want you to purchase other products and this practice will not end. As soon as I refused buying then I got tons of problem with my PC. I had to delete their program and I installed McAfee like in the past.

Downloaded free antivirus for the trial period but had issues with it, so decided to buy the package for the year, but couldn't activate it because of error code 0xc0070643. According to AVG there was a virus in pc to which was getting error code but for additional 100 plus to be paid on the spot they were going to sort issue. But I didn't agree, so demanded a refund. Took ages and a lot of hot air trying to get money back. Eventually had a couple emails a week later only to tell me that I wasn't entitled to my refund because my 30 days were up but I had only bought their software within the last two weeks. Wasted a lot of time trying to activate something that wouldn't activate, was not impressed. And then to be told I wouldn't be refunded made my blood boil. Spent ages on phone to them, I see it as legalized theft and should be stopped. DO NOT DEAL WITH AVG.

My husband purchased an AVG product and could never get it to work even with tech support. We were unhappy but wrote it off as a stupid purchase. Two years later a charge showed up on my credit card for an AVG renewal. I assume that they put that somewhere in the fine print that everyone reads. I completed a refund request online and called the company. I was told I would be refunded and my subscription canceled. No refund ever came and it is now a year later and I was just charged again. I called and was told the same story but this time I was told they normally don't give refunds but she would put in the request. I am currently out $200 for a product I have never been able to use. I guess I have to cancel my credit card to get this stopped! BE VERY CAREFUL BEFORE YOU BUY ANYTHING FROM AVG!!!

I've tried a lot of free antivirus softwares for my PC and AVG Free is one of the best. Its light on the PC and doesnt go slow when opening it. The only thing is that it always prompts to restart the PC whenever the program gets updated automatically. And if you won't read the prompting messages, you will automatically try their PC TUNE UP and if it gets expired, the messages wont stop showing to your PC until you uninstall the trial version. For computer savvy people, it's okay as they know how to do it. But for others who are not techie, they see that the messages showing is a virus so they tend to uninstall all. But the software detects every virus, malware and other things that can harm my PC, so Im happy.

I found their AV program to be worthless a couple of years ago, but their PC TuneUP, I thought, had some value so I kept that. My subscription was recently up for renewal. About that same time, my hard drive failed. My PC guy upgraded all of my hardware, and I had to go about the tedious task, hours and days, of reinstalling all of my programs which are mostly business related. I never reinstalled AVG PC TuneUp because I was going to try something new. This morning, I get a notification from my taskbar telling me that PC TuneUp has "...over the last x days, PC TuneUp has optimized x programs..." How does that work when I never reinstalled their crap? I used to get these notifications all the time when their software was installed. That was the reason I thought PCTU had some value. NOT!!! Dump these people like the pile of ** they are and move on to another.

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AVG Technologies specializes in software for consumer and business internet security, personal privacy and identity protection. Founded in 1991, AVG now serves over 200 million monthly active users.

  • Works across devices: AVG has developed antivirus software that works on PC, Mac, Windows Phone and Android and iOS phones and tablets.
  • Free: AVG’s basic antivirus software is enough to support most basic needs and is free to download. Upgrade to AVG Pro for $59.99 to add a firewall, password protection and more with a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Remote protection: Scan PCs for viruses and remove viruses remotely with your mobile phone.
  • Link Scanner: This feature works while you are on a website, Twitter or Facebook. AVG analyzes links in all three places to keep you from clicking on a link that will install malicious software or take you to a criminal website.
  • Community and real time protection: When an AVG user encounters a new threat, the software automatically sends updates to protect all users. Outbreak Detection technology finds the newest malware outbreaks in real-time.
  • Best for Individuals and families.

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