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Frontier Communications Corporation provides communications services for residential and business customers in the United States. The company offers local and long distance voice services, including basic telephone wireline services to residential and business customers; and packages of communications services. It also provides data and Internet services comprising residential services, such as high-speed Internet, dial up Internet, portal and e-mail products, and hard drive back-up services; commercial services, such as Ethernet, dedicated Internet, multiprotocol label switching, and TDM data transport services; and wireless data services.

In addition, the company offers switched access services that allow other carriers to use the facilities to originate and terminate their local and long distance voice and data traffic; and direct broadcast satellite services and fiber optic video services. Further, it sells a range of third-party telecommunications equipment for business customers.

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It started from ordering service, was told didn't have anything to pay upfront and scheduled our self installation date a week later. Three days after ordering the service I have a missed call, checked my vm. It was Frontier stating there is an issue with the order which is causing a delay in activation. I called them to only find out there is a deposit would have to pay. However, it still delayed getting the modem but our installation date was still supposed to be the same. We waiting for the week to come, finally received the modem and guess what, no services. I call them back, was on the phone forever just to find out they changed my date for another day as a tech has to come to my house for some reason and no one had to be home because it was outside work. Soooooooo we get home and guess what. No services.

I call them back. Spoke to tech support who knew nothing and transferred me to customer service who also knew nothing. So I finally got a supervisor who also knew nothing and wanted to transfer me back to tech support and at this point I declined. She took my number and is calling me right back once she got answers. Hours later still no call back and no service. Unbelievable. I'm irritated and wish I knew what to do to put them out of business for good.

Like others I was surprised that Verizon sold their business to Frontier. I had been with Verizon 5 years with zero problems. I had the triple play with Verizon and was in the process of renewing my contract for another two years just as Frontier took over at the end of April 2016. I also upgraded by television to quantum, and internet with quantum at the end of April, so it was up to Frontier to install my upgrades. I went on Frontier chat and a very nice rep contacted a service tech. He came out to my home and installed the new DVR boxes, and quantum router-modem. It took him over 6 hours. He apologized and told me to try a different company because everything was a mess during the take over from Verizon. So far so good, everything worked. Then the problems: channels missing, tv programming not functioning correctly. Internet was stable, and phone service was ok.

After 2 months of calling Frontier everything with the television service worked as it should. But my price kept changing every month. I had to keep calling Frontier. At that time their overseas department was just horrible. They couldn't understand me and like others I spent endless hours on the phone trying to straighten out my bill. During the month of September 2016 I started having problems with my landline such as no dial tone, I couldn't call out, but no one could call in, and phone was dead. I spent hours with Frontier trying to get this situation fixed. I am the type who hates to change carriers and decided to renew for two years, since I thought Frontiers problems were behind them (how wrong I was).

I contacted retention and worked out a new price keeping my triple play, phone, tv, and internet the same. The rep saved me approx $20. I thought finally I won't have to worry about Frontier's service or bills for at least two years. Well I received my bill dated October 3, 2016 and the bill had almost doubled to $392. I contacted Frontier and the rep said that the retention specialist imputed incorrect codes and he would correct. I received $167 in credits immediately. I was not under any contract as everything had been wiped out. I called Frontier again and they told me my bill was going from $212 to $259 plus taxes. After a few days of pondering the new rate I decided to renew for another two years (my bad).

On 10/13/16 I contacted a rep at Frontier who worked out a lower price which I accepted. I advised the rep I wanted the exact same service and not to change any features on my tv, home phone, or internet. Well two hours later my home phone went dead. I called Frontier and the tech department advised that the rep imputed the incorrect codes for my phone (digital to copper). They did not want to cancel the order and said the original rep who handled my order would call me. I spent 1:20 hours on the phone with the tech just to find out the rep would contact me. They wanted to save the Frontier reps renewal and make their customer (ME) dance through more hoops. Insane! She called, apologized and said she would correct it. Two days passed no home phone. I was really mad now.

I contacted Frontier and they assured me they would get my home phone working. After 4 calls to Frontier my phone was back on, but they had to cancel my original order since it was wrong. I felt taken advantage of and couldn't believe such a large company couldn't even renew a customer. They had two chances and due to their incompetency failed miserably. So I canceled my home phone (ported it over to another company myself), and canceled the television package with 3 DVR's.

I then called Frontier again about the internet. The rep said she would give me a lower price on the internet on a separate two-year contract. So no television, no home phone. I am crossing my fingers that everything goes smoothly on the internet transaction, but I have my doubts. Frontier you lost my business as a television customer and a landline customer. Lousy service. You should retrain your entire sales and service force to understand that customers won't put up with this kind of crap!! I am just glad I don't have any Frontier stock. If I did I would dump it!!!

Everything I heard about this sleazy company is completely true. They took over my internet and cable from Verizon and service went downhill immediately. Internet quit working consistently and slower than ever. Cable channels and on-demand didn't work. But worst of all, they charge $38 per month MORE than my contract with Verizon. Frontier had assured its new customers that everything would stay the same as what it was with Verizon but that's not the case. I've now logged 362 minutes on the phone and live chat with this company trying to get my bill adjusted. They transfer, pass me off to another department and even blatantly hang up! Never get the billing resolved, and have to deal with subpar service.

Finally, I filed an FCC complaint and 2 weeks later received a call from Arturo at Frontier. After reviewing everything with him, he says that he will "ask if they can price match what I was paying Verizon". I asked Arturo to verify that means they took over Verizon accounts and hiked up the monthly rates. He wouldn't state that, but he did state the same thing by saying that he would ask for a price match. And he has to send it to "off line" and they should call back in 24-48 hours. This company is unethical and will not be able to stay in business with these practices. Unfortunately Tampa has no other options since Bright House just sold out, too!

I called them to have them remove their ugly equipment from my living room to a different location in the house, (the equipment was already installed in the home prior to us moving in). After being transferred to 4 different departments and spoke with 4 different people and having to give my account information 4 different times, I finally was given an answer... 85.00 per 1/2 for them to move their equipment to a more desirable location. I never even signed up with these people. They just started sending me a bill and now I have to deal with them. Verizon was never a problem. I am so disappointed that I have to deal with this kind of low quality business. I will be contacting Spectrum to see if I can change my internet provider.

I made the big mistake to sign with Frontier in August 2016. Since then, my set top box does not work properly (no connection). Two techs came over and I still have the same problem. Now they are sending me another set top box - the third in two months. Today my husband spent an hour on the phone with a tech and they could not fix it. Interesting that my neighbor had the same problem and she switched to another cable provider. I want to cancel the service but I am pretty sure that they will charge for the cancellation fee.

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ZERO customer service resolution. No phone calls back from supervisors. Unable to assist you with any verification of closing accounts properly. Had Frontier, switched to Time Warner. Received a bill for 1269.44 stating we never disconnected our lines properly with them. Spoke to CSRs 4 times, documented with dates and names. All stated that the account was closed, lines closed or transported to new service. 3 CSRs stated it was a glitch in their system as to why we were getting billed only to be told by the fourth one months later and bill now up to 1269.44 , we are told "No, you didn't disconnect." NO CSR training, CSRs pass blame to other departments. No one can answer questions or resolve issues. RUDE and UNEDUCATED service reps. Disgraceful company.

This company does not show me on schedule. The first time I had them come out and install Internet service they never showed up. They came the next day very late and told me they could not install because furniture was in the way. Complete idiots. Finally when they were able to install services I had a house fire. I asked them to install service in the apartment I am staying in. Day of move in (last week Monday) they were supposed to show up and they ended up going to the wrong apartment. Did not call or anything. I was rescheduled for today Tuesday (8 days later). They said someone would come between 8-5. It is 4:57. No one has showed up or called. I am so done!!! 8 hours of my day plus 5 hours from last week waiting for these morons to come and install service. Please stop investing in these horrible companies. Not worth it at all.

The Customer Service Support and their supervisors are real experts on LIP SERVICE. I call them, they transfer me and I am on hold for over 45 mins. I get a supervisor, and I was told that it has been resolve, but when the next billing arrive it's still the same and not resolve. It's been going on for the past 4 months.

Where do I start. I guess from the beginning. First off no one, not Verizon, nor Frontier told me about the migration. During the migration, countless service interruption. In the 2 years since I had to replace 2 cable boxes and remote, one twice. Then the battery. I was told because I was having so much issues with service they'll be nice and give me the last box replacement and battery free otherwise it's $200 value. I have replaced DVR with Comcast never got charged. Then a movie and TV I purchased with Fios, one or the other was always missing. I asked about that. First I was told there was nothing that can be done. Then I was told to download it and they'll give me credit. Yeah, I would if I trusted you.

I got rid of my home phone and called to re-bundled with just internet and cable and what they're offering is exactly the same as what I had with the phone in some cases more. Yes I do understand that the more you get the more you save but not to the point of getting something you do not want or need. The last customer representative I spoke to (Myla) was actually helpful and courteous hence the extra star. But I've had issues starting with Fios and it's gotten way worse with Frontier. I will take my business elsewhere thank you. Truthfully if they don't work on their customer service and satisfaction, they will be out of business in no time.

I signed up for internet service and decided to cancel prior to the installation. They charged a $60 deposit which they promised would be credited back to my account in 5 days. 30 days later I am still out $60. The Frontier customer disservice reps all give me the same lies every time I sit on hold for hours waiting for them to pick up and they don't give a damn about anything. I have filed complaint with the Public Utilities Commission and I hope they hold "Frontier Non-Communications" accountable for their fraudulent business practices. I have been stolen from by this dishonorable, rude, unaccountable, joke of a company and I will tell EVERYONE I know that they are a FRAUD. Don't waste your time. Don't waste your hard-earned $$. You have been warned by the nearly 3,000 complaints logged on this site alone. Frontier=FRAUD.

After purchasing my home in 2012, I signed with Frontier. I understood at that time that I was under a 2-year contract. After enduring two years of terrible service, internet speed much slower than what I was paying for at my contracted rate, and numerous outages, I contacted Frontier when I knew my contract was coming up. I complained about the slow speed and was told if I renewed my contract, I would be eligible for a better package. I told them that I did not want to renew and that I wanted my account off auto renew. I was not yet ready to switch providers, but I did not want to be locked into a contract.

I finally did change providers a couple of months ago. I expected a final bill from Frontier, but I was locked out of my online account. The only communication I received was a collections notice for significantly more than what I would have expected. After contacting customer service, I was told that I was under contract as an auto renewal and there was no indication that I had contacted anyone to remove this. I was also told that it clearly stated this on my statement. Shame on me for not seeing that previously, but I, like many people, opt for paperless billing and pay my bills online. I only review the details if something seems out of whack. I know better than this and I am angry at myself for allowing it to happen, but I find it convenient that there is no record of my call and practices to perpetuate these auto renewing contracts is deceitful. I am challenging the charges, but it is unlikely I will be successful.

I visited friends who had this garbage, kept dropping, pages took up to 30 seconds to load. I was told that the non-existent Customer service rep who last week worked in some burger joint with zero knowledge kept insisting there is nothing wrong with this garbage internet. Seen on Netflix that Frontier is USA No.1 worst internet service. I am so glad I don't have this trash. I ended up using personal hotspot on my mobile phone, so much faster than this so called internet. The company is no more than a money grabbing joke with "who cares about customer, we're robbing their money" attitude. I am from the UK. In Europe this company would be shut down for not providing the service they sell.

I performed a live chat to check on an outage in the dallas area. On both chats the service reps (Javier and then Timothy **) abruptly ended the chat. One because I did not feel comfortable giving my PIN and the other right after I asked them to confirm what the frontier outage map said. Unbelievably unprofessional.

Not the first time and probably won't be the last. Cable goes out and says there is no connection, again! Instead of taking care of the problem, we get "nothing"... After not having cable for Saturday football not sure what is going to happen for Sunday fball. Thx Frontier, you actually suck!!

Canceled my account with Frontier after they took over to from Verizon. My rate was going up and I called to get a better rate they were offering to new subscribers with faster internet service and they refused and basically told me they didn't care if I quit. Now they owe me a refund and won't send it for 90 days. There's no reason for them to hold the money except to put more interest into their bank account. This practice is wrong and should be illegal! I was originally told they send it out after the 2nd billing. Then called and was told after the 3rd billing cycle. Now I'm told 90 days and it won't be sent out until early November.

Received an email of payment not processed. This was due to stolen cc. I called Frontier, spoke with two customer care reps., and a supervisor--all failed to resolve my issue. Unable to take my payment, unable to update my account, unable to cancel my internet service (yes, this is my next step--after writing this thread). The supervisor blamed Verizon! Instead of taking responsibility since Frontier absorbed Verizon Internet business--Frontier has decided to point the finger in the direction of Verizon. I have had Verizon service for over 5 years without issues. First issue with Frontier surfaced 10/15/2016, and they cannot do anything to resolve my issue. Funny thing, their voice messages claim this is a US based service customer center--100% of my dealings with Frontier has been unbelievable, and I mean this in the negative context. I would have provided zero (0) stars but I was required to select one (1). Customers be warned!

I am currently sitting on hold with a customer service rep who is trying to get a supervisor to help her with my account. I have been on the phone with her for 2 hrs & 42 min. I told her from the moment we got on the phone that my account is severely messed up & that I have been on the phone 2 other times this week with 2 other reps who eventually after being on the phone for over an hour a piece, say they're going to have to transfer me to a manager or another dept. because they've done all they can do. Her supervisor was standing there & I could hear her talking telling her what questions to ask me. After all that time & numerous requests, she never got on the phone & this conversation ended just like the others... I've done all I can do & a supervisor is not available.

This week alone I have spent almost 5 HOURS on the phone with cust. serv. & as far as I can tell my account still isn't right. Hands down the worst customer service I've ever encountered. This is the 1st company I've ever dealt with that will let a rep tell you "I'm sorry that's all I can do for you." & let you go without a supervisor stepping up to help. By the way after 2 months of brand new service my bill is $877.74.

Have been on hold for 3 hours today to speak with a supervisor. Have not had service with this company. Phone has not been on in over 6 months and they are billing me for a home phone 331.92 dollars for their services... My phone is off and no services have been provided but yet you want me to pay 331.92... Really. Where is the reality in this... Said they turning me over to credit bureau after holding for over 3 hours... Super rude and I don't recommend to anyone. The whole process has been a joke.

On both occasions at two different residences discontinuing service has been a total nightmare. Hours spent on the phone is worthless. They continue to send bills weeks after service is stopped. They do not provide means to return equipment. Once the head office on the east coast did fix one problem but now others continue at our second location. If any business deserves to be investigated this one is it.

Frontier hired a 3rd party company to lay new lines in my yard. They dug up the side yard and left it muddy and broke the fence causing my dogs to get out in the middle of the day so I went home to retrieve them from a neighbor's house. Then I was told my new plan would decrease in payment because I was receiving less channels. Nope - didn't happen. Bill went up. I asked for a manager to call me multiple times and was always told "you will receive a call." Nope, never did. I am going to just cancel my contract because a one time cancel fee is better than paying 300+/ month for service I shouldn't be paying for anyway.

Not a Frontier Communications customer choice. Was a former Verizon customer and that service was just fine. Since Frontier absorbed the client base the service has been an absolute disaster. Inadequate customer service, internet connection is often for days at a time (51 hours thus far). Major problems with the app. Non helpful personnel. Terrible wait times on phone support. I am switching to another carrier tomorrow. My advice to other potential customers: stay away.

Horrible customer service, changed our plan and price without consulting us. Was not given the option if we wanted them as a provider after Verizon sold out, left us dangling... after hours and hours of phone calls, emails, etc... we terminated after 2 months of getting the runaround. They wanted $495.00 for two months of service. Ha ha ha. Our service was on, off, on, off. They didn't care. They owe me 93.00 from a prepay when I was with Verizon. Ha ha ha. I won't get it. I hate them more than I can say! The worst nightmare I have experienced in my life. They suck.

What a scam. Spoke to con artist "Jason" at 1-877-433-3806 **. I was currently paying $180 with DirecTv. We worked my bill down to $110+tx to get the bundle that fit my needs. He claimed they have a current promotion with free installation and no connection fees. Well my initial bill was $326 of which $100 was installation fees. My monthly portion went to $213!!! This is $40 more than DirecTv - far from the $110+tx per month I was promised. Trying to contact billing is useless. They are either stupid, acting stupid, or the whole thing is a scam. "Jason" won't even return my calls anymore. SCAM!!! Why isn't there a class action against this company!!?

No sense beating a dead horse. Internet service (DSL) by Frontier is worse than terrible. Negative 5 stars best represent the service they will provide for you. I did a speed test about a week ago and download was 0.06 Mbps out of 3.0 Mbps max. For the math wizards, that is 60 Kbps. If you are old enough, that is 56.6 Kbps dial-up service. I have checked out a lot of the other internet provider reviews and the same horror stories that permeate this internet provider is similar to other providers. We seem to need legislative intervention to get the service that we are paying for.

This is not my first sparring with Frontier. I've been dealing with them since they took over in Santa Monica. Many service calls were made/confirmed, but only one showed up so this confirms others' issues with services not being booked. How can they still be a company? Their 300M/300M is a lie and so is their crappy router. Without even trying to solve my issue in person they just send out a new router and say "hey, now you install it." If I knew how to fix the issue myself, do you think I'd be reaching out to you? Would've been better asking my dog. We even went as far as to using our own routers since theirs cannot handle more than 15 users at a time! How can they even consider themselves as an internet provider when 60% of the time their network is down?

I absolutely hate Frontier, and I know I am not alone. I had Verizon Fios for TV & Internet for over a year before crap-show Frontier acquired it. During that time I had 0 reasons to call customer service. Never even called once. My internet was blazing fast and consistent and my channels worked as well as expected. Any change I wanted to do, I did online. Recording shows from my phone was a breeze and there were no unexpected charges in my bill. Since Frontier took over, I've had to call over 7 times over the course of 6 months. Maybe I should just have them on speed dial. Each phone call was incredibly frustrating and confusing. So without further ado, let's start from the beginning

Account set up: When I was required to set up an account with Frontier, it would not accept my username nor my phone number as valid although I was punching it in correctly. I tried using the chat with CS feature. I watched my place in queue strangely go up and down... i.e. 13th in line to 6th to 5th back up to 7th, 3rd, 1st, then 4th. How is that even possible. I finally get connected to someone who asks me for my billing phone number. I immediately respond. No answer for 5 minutes, not even an "ok, let me look that up". I kept typing, "Hello? What is going on?" And after about 10 minutes, the chat EXPIRED, kicking me out. Incredibly frustrated, I called in and got the damn account up.

Wifi error: One day my wifi dropped out of nowhere. Just plain old stopped working, on my one day off no less. I turned off the router, unplugged it and let it sit for a few minutes. I turned it back on and waited. Nothing. I call in and am sent to some outsourced office seemingly in the Philippines. I can barely hear the rep who told me to do the exact same turn off/on process that I did. I explain that to him and we pretty much get nowhere. I decide to hang up and just see if it turns on by itself. A few hours later, it was magically on again.

HBO Cancellation (if you have no plans, feel free to read this hellish novel): I took on a second job and naturally have less time to do anything, much less watch movies. I saw that I was being gouged $30 for HBO and of course I can't cancel anything online, so I begrudgingly picked up my phone to call. July 15th 2016 - Spoke with a rep about cancelling my HBO. She confirmed and gave me a cancellation/work order number. Aug 8th - Suddenly my internet and TV are offline for no apparent reason. I call and am told it was because the work order was finally going through and that some update was needed. It turns back on while I am on the phone. Aug 17th - I review my bill and see that I am being billed for HBO through September. I am assured it will be taken off and that the bill would be reduced.

Aug 30th - It is still on my bill when I logged onto my account and this time I ask for a manager straight away. I am connected to "Maude". She is incredibly slow with no managerial skills and told me the credit does not go through until the next billing cycle (which is already late if that's even true) because it has to be approved by higher ups. WTF? She confirms I should pay the bill amount minus the HBO charge. She says that there are no notes on my account from my initial call on 7/15. I am weary of her advice and request her EID (Employer ID #). The way she answered me seemed extremely fishy like she was making it up - the number she gave me was **.

Sept 15 - I am at my wits end. After paying only what was valid, I am hit with a late charge since I did not pay the full balance. I call incredibly angry as you can imagine and speak with Sherry. I explain the entire ordeal and she confirmed I would see the HBO on my next bill but it would be at $0.00. I ask her what her EID is as well and her format is completely different from Maude's. **. I ask her if she even knows a Maude or an EID that would be in a different format. She confirmed that she's never heard of that person and that Maude's EID is indeed suspicious. Someone hunt Maude down and fire her.

Lately I have been experiencing lagging with pulling up certain shows on my HD DVR. I've recorded shows from a channel I know is included in my package yet it gives me a black screen when I try to play it. There really aren't enough words to describe how much I absolutely abhor Frontier's lack of training their personnel. I've heard something different from EVERY CS rep I've spoken to. It's like they're allowed to make up anything they feel at that given time. Fios is not the cheapest service on the market, yet it may very well be the worst. I would never recommend this armpit of a company to anyone. In just a couple weeks, great service and reliability went to hell. To say it frankly, I feel cheated. I am very much looking forward to switching companies and ridding myself of the Frontier plague.

The company took over Verizon and they continued to charge me the same amount yet they lowered my download and upload speed from 50/50 to 15/15. Five calls later and about 6 hours wasted I still don't have decent speed (1.70 download & .014 upload). I was told that it could only be tested on a cable ethernet connected computer. NOT...Another company I had tests the speed at their end and then asks to test 3 laptops wireless until all three get what is paid for! They are misleading, misinformed crooks!

This whole thing started on April 6, 2016 when Frontier made the switch from Fios. My cable was until I was finally able to reach someone at Frontier on April 30, 2016. I called during that time no less than 3-4 times a week and had "failed" calls, "no answered" calls, "dropped" calls, "put on hold" calls, "put on hold and then dropped" calls, the "someone will call you back" calls. I spent hours on hold with no one being able to help me. Finally spoke to Sara April 30, 2016 and felt sure that she would be able to help. I have already received a bill for $171.12 for which I have had no service (cable or internet). She scheduled a service call. May 6, 2016 the tech came and fixed the problem. I called and spoke to Christian about my bill (which was now $342.24) and not having service for the month and he assured me that he would take the balance off for April and an added credit adjustment for my trouble.

He told me not to pay until I received my next bill with showing the adjustment. I received a bill the following month for $513.36 without any adjustment. June 15, 2016 I spoke to Cheryl who informed me that the adjustment had been submitted by Christian and she didn't know why it wasn't reflected. She said she would submit again and to wait for adjusted bill. Next bill no adjustment. Now I'm up to $692.20. I called July 10, 2016 and spoke to Paula. I asked for manager and she said I would receive a call back. Next I receive "notice of account past due". Spoke to Neenee August 9, 2016 and she told me to pay $74.29 and switched me to collections who did not answer. I sent in the $74.29. Called July 16, 2016 and spoke to Jake who put me through to collections. I spoke to Ashley who told me the $253.13 adjustment was approved today (7/16/16). I then paid $216.50 on my Visa and received a confirmation number.

Bills still coming with wrong balances and wrong adjustments. I called again and spoke to Tammy. She said they changed the amount of adjustment. Just like that. On September 7, 2016 I come home for lunch and my service is off. Finally get someone September 9, 2016 and was told they made an adjustment credit of $157.15 and that my service would be on before 24 hours. Service did not come back on. Called after 24 hours and spoke to Dylan. He got it turned back on. He said I was paid up and all was good for this month. Came home for lunch on September 12, 2016 and it is off again. I spoke to Debbie on September 12, 2016. She had no clue who I was. She couldn't find me in her system. She said collections would call me... of course no one did call me because no one ever has. I continued to have NO service.

Called September 17, 2016 and spoke to Jeffrey. I called to cancel my Frontier account. He was actually helpful but it was too late for me. He said they would send me boxes to mail back equipment. It is October 12, 2016 today. I received a bill from Frontier for the previous month that I had no service and had already cancelled. I have sent letters and emailed. No boxes have come. I have logged in so many hours on the phone with Frontier and the service is horrible and the inaccurate bills keep coming. I don't even seem to be allowed to cancel. The last 7 months have been Frontier hell. I wish there was a class action suit going on because for the first time in my life... I would get involved.

Frontier told my 91 year old mother in law who is in assisted living who does not have a phone or a computer that they could hook her right up...I called and spoke to customer service. She said there was no way she could help me. I told her she received a bill for $170.00 for nothing as she does not own a phone or a computer. Again she stated she couldn't help me, I asked to speak to a supervisor to which she replied "There aren't any here", when I asked her a good time to call and speak to a supervisor she hung up. So... at this point mom is paying 170 dollars for absolutely nothing with no chance for any type of refund... What is wrong with this picture? I see taking major advantage of an elderly person who just simply didn't understand about all the scams out there...

Two days before our contract was due to expire with the previous company Verizon Fios, my husband called and asked for a quote on what keeping our service with upgrading to the next tier would cost. They told him $168 a month, so we renewed our contact. My husband looked online the next day because he didn't trust them because of all the complaints and sure enough it was over $300. He called and they told him to pay it and it would be adjusted the next month. He said "no, we will pay what we agreed on and not a penny more", so they said they would note the account and mailed us the bill anyway. So my husband called back and this time they told him that there was no way they could give us the quoted price and that the bill was correct. So my husband cancelled the service.

They told him we would receive a new corrected bill and they would send a box for the equipment. He had to call back three times to get the box and a month later we are still being told we owe $300 even though it's a partial month and they lied to him to get him to sign the contract! They should be shut down completely!

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