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We are a private investigators and had numerous lines with these people and these were lines that we had for years and some have been cut off without warning that are paid up. Even worse they tell us lines that are live are not theirs! They also move things between all these nonsense brand names that are the same company (j2, eFax, eVoice) plus constantly change systems which screws up logins at crucial times. I am holding currently for an hour while they try to sort an 831 area code number. We are getting rid of everything we can with these idiots. It is the most inept and incompetent company I have come across in years and wastes hours of time plus cannot be trusted when it's needed.

eFax/j2 Global Communications (AKA E-Fax or MyFax) are committing fraud against their customers. They are hiding behind an unfair "terms and conditions" taking advantage of the fact that most of us rarely read these terms through. The charged my credit card without even letting me know about it and after I found out, refused to issue a refund. After a while they refund $10 out of $24.95. The matter is now taken care of by the BBB. They claim that they got my email wrong (and that is true) but in such case, they should have not keep charging until they were able to reach me.

From the service to the customer service, nothing about this company works. We are a relatively large company with 30+ fax numbers. We were migrated over from another fax service when J2 acquired that company. We've now been 7 days without the ability to send faxes. If you can get to a person at customer service, they can't help. They don't answer the phone and they don't monitor their support@ email box. I don't think they actually have a fax service that works, instead are hoping to get people to sign up and forget about their non-working service that they can't get customer support to fix.

I signed up for eFax 30 day free trial. I only used the eFax service one time only a few days after the start of the service. When I went to cancel the service a month later, they had already billed me for continuing service. I tried to explain that based on my usage, they could see that I would not use this service and to please remove the charge. They would not even consider it because I was 3 days past the 30 days - even though I hadn't used the service in many days. Their policy is fine for regular users, but in this case, they should have reimbursed me the amount that honestly wouldn't matter to their bottom line, but would have kept me thinking their service was good. Now, I'm left with a very negative customer experience. There are many eFax options - if you need the service, choose another provider.

Yearly auto renewals suck. I thought I had cancelled the service and when I called to find out why I was charged for a year they would absolutely not refund or even pro-rate any amount back even though I didn't use the service for the past year and a half. Pretty crappy.

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This company has absolutely no refund policy, and you cannot cancel from the website. I would stay away from them.

Their $16.95 monthly fee is to include 150 pages for sending faxes. BEWARE! According to their "terms and conditions" a page is considered a sixty second transaction... Seems reasonable... until my 20 page (Black & White, bank documentation) fax "supposedly" took 2-3/4 HOURS!!! After talking to a supervisor, their canned response is still "It can only transmit as fast as the phone lines permit." I was NOT transmitting this overseas; I was faxing from San Diego to Riverside, a 90 minute drive! So in one month, I accrued additional service charges of $25!!!

Stay far away from this company. It's a scam. I was in need of a reliable EFAX company and thought I would try theirs out. RED FLAG - they make you enter your credit card number in for free trial. I could not get their service to even work. So went on to another company. I HAVE BEEN WRITING AND CALLING THEM DAILY TO STOP CHARGING MY CREDIT CARD. I told them services never worked. I do not want an account to cancel but you cannot. THEIR SITE DOES NOT LET YOU REMOVE YOUR CREDIT CARD INFO. I have receive just one email back from them this entire time from Fakruz ** Customer Support - "You signed up for free trial now you get charged $10.00 a Month." I have to cancel my credit card and place a fraud claim against them. NOT A REPUTABLE COMPANY.

I've been with Smartfax since 2009 and had never had to deal with support. Late Feb 2016, my business partner told me that the fax number was rang busy and was not responding. We called them and was very patient. After 4 support ticket and 3 phone calls over a span of 2 months, they still could not resolve the problem. So the first big issue is that they allow for customers to put in support tickets online but never answered any of them. Secondly, calling support directly and they kept promising a few weeks for resolution and after the 3 time we cancelled the fax service. They are fine when everything works, but god awful when there is an issue. Our service was out for 2+ months but they would not give us credit for it. I rarely ever complain about a company but this was a horrible experience.

I reviewed eFax before signing up with them on such sites as 'top ten,' etc. It is evident that their assessments merely repeat what is claimed on the site. My mistake was giving them my credit card number. Sent out one Fax. It worked. Then I checked on them with the Better Business Bureau [bbb.org]. There is a RED ALERT on the BBB site. In this age of web based communication and the demise of the fax [I needed to contact a medical doctor in the middle of the night], I decided to cancel their 'free' service. Got the runaround - long waits, case numbers, e-mail verifications of the cancellation that never arrived.

It is hard to believe that an organization would find the time to harass clients for $16.99 a month for a 'free' service but it all adds up over time. Long ago, I found that I should give my credit card number only to PayPal and Amazon and a very few companies that I've dealt with for years. I've since cancelled my credit card and reapplied for a new one, but I have my doubts about the future safety of credit cards over web thanks to companies like eFax.

Customer will not accept e-fax - not clear on fax when sent. Try to cancel. Just paid 50.00 and they will not refund.

eFax originally came with my printer as a free service. Eventually, it stopped working so on two separate occasions I signed up for eFax online. One time for free service, and more recently, paid service. In both cases, I need to fax something that day. In both cases, the service did not work. I contacted customer service via email and the response I received said they could not help me via email, I had to call. I procrastinated. I got online weeks later to do a live chat because I was charged again. I got an error message saying my account was inactive. When I called, they said it was definitely active and paid through April. I requested to cancel immediately (March 29) and wanted a refund for the remaining month paid. I have not received any faxes nor sent any faxes so have been paying for nothing. So why continue? They agreed to cancel but refused to refund. Not good. How do you account that in your books? Payment for no services?

Poor customer service and unreliable. I received many sensitive private faxes for other people. I'd call they would laugh at me. I finally bought my own system. When I called to cancel they tried to upsell me to a service I had no use for and refused to cancel the service. Since they are not US based I had little recourse. Finally was able to stop their billing. Stay away from this company at all costs.

$16 a month, service with new VOIP less than $6. Tried to port number we have used for over 8 years. Can't, it's contractually bound to eFax! Was not explained up front. Tech support is hard to understand. Software has had continued issues.

I signed up for the 30-day free trial, and was charged on the dot on the 30th day. When I called customer service to refund the 16.95, they told me no, several times, regardless of why. I told the customer service agent I never ended up needing to use the service, and after 30 days simply forgot to cancel. When he told me I was paying for the service, I reminded the customer service agent I never used their service. So basically I paid 16.95 to be signed up to a company that charged me for nothing. The only way they make money it seems is by doing this ** way of business. I'm very diligent about canceling services I won't end up using, but so many companies use this scam now. There was one other time I forgot to cancel, and the company refunded the first month back. I cannot believe I was charged for nothing, and lost money to such a greedy company. Next time I'll drive down to the FedEx by me and use their fax machine. It'll be cheaper.

Customer with e-fax since 2004. Was told on registration I would be able to port my number upon exit. After multiple attempts to get confirmation of my ability to port my fax number to a new provider with more capability and significantly lower price, was told I was not able to port my number. I would not have signed up with this company in the first place without ability to port on exit. New customers should be aware of false statements or changes in policy and avoid. Find a service that will let you port your number on exit. You should stay for good service, market capability and fair pricing -- not because of an arbitrary business model design which prevents you from porting your number. Letter filed to CRTC in Canada and Privacy Commissioner as I can't be sure contacts will stop using the old fax number and it is now vulnerable to being reassigned from their pool. Deeply frustrated with j2 Global Communications.

They refused requests for cancellation, then charged my account and refused to refund the day they charged me. The worst! Customer service - Megan and her supervisor Nick - also incredibly rude. USE ANY OTHER FAX SERVICE BESIDES EFAX.

The website is slow and clunky to use, very frustrating. Attempting to cancel resulted in instructions for how to do so via offshore chat tech support, which only wanted to sign me up for a cheaper plan to keep me as a customer. No refunds! Beware. I am now a happy customer of Faxage , their website is a thousand times better and easier to use, and the service has been great.

Same story as everyone else except I don't even know how this crap "company" got my information to begin with! They charged my account, I called to cancel but they said I couldn't cancel because I didn't have my fax number. Not knowing anything about the company, or how they got my information, I had no way of even finding out what number they had assigned to my fraudulent account. I didn't know which email they got a hold of so I went through them all with the "customer service" rep and she couldn't find any of them on file. I gave my card information that they had charged and of course, she couldn't find that either. I fought the charge with my bank and reported the company and they stopped payment. I finally received my first email correspondence from eFax when they tried to process the next payment. I called back to customer service, this time with 'my' fax number, and she assured me the account was cancelled.

2 weeks later, I get another email that they can't charge my account. Well, duh - come on now... I call back - nothing. I was put on hold for 35 minutes, got fed up and hung up. They tried charging my card a total of 12 more times between October 30th and Dec 1st. I TRIED so hard to get in contact with the company and get my account closed and I have NEVER been treated so poorly by a company. "Blaine" in the sales department (I was put on hold for 53 minutes - yes...53 minutes after I request customer service so I called sales) made it his mission to be as facetious and pompous as possible while he made light of my frustration. He put me on hold mid-sentence and every time I tried calling back, Blaine would answer and put me directly on hold again.

I was livid so when I called back I raised my voice and then was blocked. I can't call eFax from my cellular number anymore. Blocked. So I got my attorney involved. He will be entering the motion on Monday. For anyone else who may be interested in this information, The number the J2 Legal department is 323-446-4322 legal and the email address is j2subpoenas@j2.com

I attempted to cancel service several months ago. Yet, they kept billing me. On this site there are others complaining of billing issues. It is obvious that it is standard operating procedure to make cancellation difficult. When I pleaded with the manager (finance dept) to consider the fact there was not utilization of there service, he gave me the run around instead of considering the issue fairly. How can we stop companies from doing this? Is there a regulatory agency that we can seek assistance from?

I am an IT professional at a company in Florida. I investigated eFax/j2 as a possible fax system very briefly. EIGHT MONTHS LATER (and after unsubbing several times, I might add), I am still getting emails. Today's was a Halloween email. I know how it is. Some business school "brainiac" did a study that if you provide an unsubscribe link, people WILL CLICK ON IT. And how are you going to email them after THAT without ignoring their wishes?

So, it is better for your business to provide an unsubscribe link that does nothing at all. I've seen it hundreds of times before. I am supposed to be a complete idiot that, "Okay, guys. Let's use eFax corporate. They seem really friendly. Guys... common they do a good job. Guys..." The good job they've done is hiding their email addresses so I can't forward anything in my "J2 EFAX Harassment" folder. All I can do is vent here, to you. But here is how you can help me. Whatever you do, do not use J2 or eFax. Thanks.

I signed up for eFax a couple of months ago, never used the service until this week. I didn’t know how to send a fax from an email. One occasion a rep tried to explain it but her accent made it hard for me to understand. So I made an attempt to do it this week and tried to remember some of what she said and it was a disaster. The place I was sending the fax said a lot of pages were coming through. I am not a computer savvy person so I did not know how to change the email to a document then send as a fax. Well imagine how upset I felt when eFax went into my bank account and took 20 dollars - no email, text NOTHING! Just took it. I contacted them but they will not credit my account even though I paid for MONTHS without using. So unfair.

I opened the account under a 30-day trial. A few days before the time was up, I called to cancel the account. The cust serv person said to me, "Keep the account for one more month at a reduced rate and we will cancel it at the end." I agreed to this and that was my mistake. The account did not cancel as I was told. Yesterday, I noticed a charge to my credit card for eFax, so I called and asked for the account to be canceled and for a refund for the charge that just took place 2 days ago. They refused and said that it is on their website terms and conditions that they do not refund.

This way of treating customers is what makes companies fail. Where is the customer care and support? I am only asking for the last charge and foregoing all else, but NO, their policy is NO REFUNDS. Maybe they need the $12.95 dollars more than me? Maybe they can use this money to pad their pockets before they go bankrupt, because, mark my words, if they continue to treat customers like this, they won't have many customers in the future. Whatever you do, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! You will regret it later.

Tried them once. The image quality was poor. So I cancelled. Or tried to. Can't get to a person on the phone, and they don't answer their emails. I've been playing for months. Trying to get my bank to agree to block the charges.

eFax is a bad provider of fax services. The quality issue is one point in that the faxes are not delivered in the condition required. I had faxes not delivered. The billing is misleading. They end up billing for a greater amount to the indicated prices. They add undisclosed charges. Canceling the account is almost impossible. This is another fraudulent company designed to easily take your account information but very difficult to stop the service. Finally I was able to get a hold of service only to get a line connection that made it almost impossible to hear them. I cancelled the account. My advice to you is never give them you credit card number.

I've had an account w/ them for years and barely ever use them. They charged my account $50 a year for incoming and outgoing...I receive many junk faxes which cannot control incoming and had called them to block any incoming faxes, and shared w/ manager "if I were to use your service, it would be mainly for outgoing, not incoming messages."

Today after many years, I sent 2 faxes, few pages each. I see a $10 charge on my bank account without even any notice from eFax to begin with. I asked why $10 on top of $50 yearly I'm already paying? They said, "Oh your faxes today are only 20c each but we charge $10 and hold your money so if you use more in future, we deduct and if you don't use, we will adjust when it comes to your renewal time." I said, "You have 2 choices: charge my faxes from today if it's 50-60 cents and refund the rest to my bank as it should be, or close my account right now and I will open a claim w/ the bank not to pay you 1 penny." They did not even try to accommodate and simply closed my account. DO NOT SUPPORT THEM because you will only be paying both yearly and per fax, and they will hold your money & not refund to bank. Their best effort is hold the overcharge w/ themselves and use for future potential charges. RIP OFF COMPANY!!!

In February of 2015, I was looking around for a online fax service and I tried out a couple. I was able to cancel most of them but after checking my bills today, I realized that I've been paying $16.95 and at times an $8.50 for late fees. I was told that I can not cancel over email, I had to CALL IN! Really? It was very simple for them to take my credit card in the first place and impossible to cancel your account on their website.

I set up eFax on a free trial in April 2015 and used it once. Unfortunately it was not the right product for me. I email them and told them I would like to cancel it. Just discovered charges for past 4 months and they are refusing to credit me for the period unused. They see on their records that I have not used their product since the 1st day of the free trial. The phone call goes to India. Phone calls are very difficult to connect. I would not recommend this fax company who makes it a policy NOT to run a respectable and professional company.

I canceled my account after two days that was back in 2007. I just looked my bank statement and it was charge 16.95$. They've been charging me for the last eight years!!!!! My wife usually does billings and statements. She never paid attention to eFax charges. This is CRAZY. STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!!!!!!!

Was trying to help a friend send an urgent fax so I set up an account on a Sunday afternoon. Received no confirmation of the account being set up for several days - by then the need to fax was over. I was charged $16.95 on 7/27. I have now spent over 2 hours with calls, emails and chat sessions trying to cancel. I have an email from Andy ** that says I need to call the helpline to cancel my account. The helpline says I have to press 1 for service, so I press 1 and it then says 1 is not a valid choice. After 3 connections with Chat sessions that were dropped or transferred, I finally connected and after 10 minutes of sales pitches on how they want to keep my business they say now they will cancel but there are "no refunds per company policy". One other item - since I signed up I started getting fax calls to my HOME office number which is obviously not a fax machine. Not sure how to deal with that... ARGH.

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