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I had several WordPress websites I had hosted at Bluehost. I was a customer of theirs (Bluehost) for 15 years. NEVER had a problem with my WordPress sites until this year. I received an email that some files were infected with Malware and when I got on chat support to inquire about it, I was immediately transferred to a SiteLock representative who wanted my credit card # to start "cleaning" my files. After reading the eerily similar reviews here of SiteLock and Bluehost, I wouldn't doubt they pull this scam together to get a quick few hundred dollars out of their customers and split the money. Literally MINUTES after starting the SiteLock "service" I received an email from ANOTHER SiteLock "SENIOR WEB SECURITY CONSULTANT" that said (again -- this is immediately AFTER I started service and gave my credit card number!!):

"Your site is currently infected and does need the cleaning/rewriting that my suggestion would cover. It would cover any future incidents as well as putting a strong proactive measure in place. (The rate of reinfection is very high). There is currently nothing in place to protect it. You will want to implement a proactive measure to help prevent reinfection: Web Application Firewall. The automated malware detection removal tool is strictly reactive and does have limitations: If There is some Malware that is more deeply embedded in the website coding that the automated Malware detection and removal tool is unable to remove as it might affect the functionality of the website. This can be taken care of with a manual scrubbing. In addition, there is not anything in place to prevent reinfection."

"There's currently nothing in place to protect it." -- REALLY? What did I just purchase then? "In addition, there is not anything in place to prevent reinfection." -- Good to know I can expect that my sites will be shut down randomly until I pay hundreds more in this endless game of "Now you need THIS level of protection, now THIS level." Create your own clean backups of all of your sites and databases and have another hosting option ready if you need to make a quick move but avoid this shameful company at all costs.

Satisfaction Rating

I have a simple WordPress site with only information and a contact form hosted by iPage. I purchased the basic SiteLock plan through iPage. The plans says it "Blocks automated Bot Attacks", "Daily Malware Scan", "Vulnerability Scan". I was notified my website was shut down due to malware. I contacted SiteLock and the support rep says and I quote "That plan does nothing and you need to upgrade to the Premier Plan." When I called her out on it she said she didn't mean to say that, well I bet she didn't. I've complained to iPage. They shouldn't being selling products and receiving referral fees for products that clearly doesn't work.

Satisfaction Rating

I'm a web designer/WordPress developer and have used SiteLock more times than I care to admit. It comes with some of Godaddy's and Bluehost's hosting packages. I no longer use them and am moving all of my clients off their service (which is no small feat). Their dashboard tools are terrible and their customer service is pretty much a sales team who is not there to help you, but rather tries to up-sell you with every issue. They do nothing to fix the issues that their service is supposed to protect you from. About once a week, I get an auto-generated email from Sitelock telling me that they could not connect to my files on my website. These emails do not include a domain... so I'm expected to login to over 40 clients' accounts and find which account has the issue. If you reply to this email, you get no response. If you call them, they try to up-sell you.

Once I find the account with the issue to reconnect, it is an absolute nightmare to do so. You have to enter the FTP info, then sift through EVERY SINGLE Godaddy site on the server to find yours (I'm not kidding, and I'm sure you can imagine there are a lot of sites on Godaddy's server - why I have access to every single one of them via SiteLock seems like a security issue in itself). It's an extremely tedious, SLOW and frustrating process.

Worst case scenario: a site will become infected with malware. Again, I get the auto-email with no clue to which site is infected. You have to upgrade your account to get it cleaned and then it never stays clean. It continues to get infected every few months and they do nothing to help you prevent or fix it. The one site that I've had this happen to, I ended up upgraded to the manual clean & monitoring service. Instead of them cleaning it when it happens, they send that email (you know the one, without any clue as to which domain it is referring) and then I have to call them to request it to be manually cleaned. AGAIN. They don't just automatically do it, like the service implies. I cannot tell you what a frustrating phone call it is. They have no email or chat support and you are stuck to a phone call with someone who is trying to earn commission and has no interest in supporting you. DON'T USE THEM.

Satisfaction Rating

These guys are crooks! I entered a 6 month agreement. I called today to cancel AFTER my first 6 months, and guess what? It's an AUTOMATIC renewal for another 6 months!!!! Crooks. I'm a hostage of Sitelock for another 6 months now. STAY AWAY! Not honest!

Satisfaction Rating

I have numerous accounts on Bluehost. Recently I have received warnings from SiteLock informing that I have pages with worms. When you call or contact Bluehost you are redirected to SiteLock and they DO NOT HELP. They only care about selling you their products. I asked for a malware.txt file in order to fix the problem myself. Impossible. I was obliged to find out by myself and to fix it by myself. Shame on SiteLock and Bluehost.

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Satisfaction Rating

These guys claim to repair virus issues to your site. I had 3 sites that took 3 years to build and they added their premium services. Prices changed and then they started playing around with promotions and would still charge full. The worst of it is that they mangled my sites. On all three there are MySQL errors and did not take any accountability for their actions. They kindly told me to now go and find a programmer to fix. What **!!! They did not even have the courtesy to refund.

Satisfaction Rating

This company has the worst customer service I've ever dealt with. Worse than Mcdonalds! They are charging my card monthly for a service that was suppose to be a one time charge! STAY AWAY FORM THIS SCAM!

Satisfaction Rating

I used SiteLock on my website and found it to be extremely helpful. SiteLock's TrueSpeed CDN is reliable and fast, and the customer service provided to me by their company was topnotch. Overall, I'm highly impressed with the effects of the CDN and my users are too. The SiteLock malware removal tool is great too. Many people don't realize that their websites have malware on them. For the price, I don't think it can be beat.

Satisfaction Rating

I started with a 30-day free trial and quickly decided this was the right security software for my website. The SiteLock team make the process incredibly easy, and their customer service is excellent. So far, I haven't experienced any hacks since implementing SiteLock's security. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has been hacked in the past.

Question and Answers - SiteLock

What problem is SiteLock trying to solve?

Over the last several years, cyber breaches have dominated news headlines. It is proven that the majority of businesses that have suffered a cyber-attack will be out of business by the following year. It’s not a matter of if it happens, but when. The problem is, most organizations are not prepared when it does. A large number of data breaches occur because a company’s website is not properly protected. Hackers find a way into websites through vulnerabilities, which allow hackers to take control of a website in many ways. These ways range from stealing customer data to shutting down your website completely. Once this happens, a company’s reputation and creditability is effectively destroyed. SiteLock is here to help prevent this from happening, and to ensure online businesses stay safe, accessible, and always making money.

What sets SiteLock apart from the competition?

The art of effective website security lies in a comprehensive, 360˚ approach. This means protection from the inside out as well as the outside in. Other security providers out there today merely offer one small piece of the security pie, like only offering malware scanning, but not malware removal, or only offering a website firewall, but no scanning solution. SiteLock has the technology to do it all, which is daily scanning with automatic malware removal, a managed PCI-certified web application firewall with a global CDN for a blazing fast website, advanced DDoS protection and an unrivaled 24/7 phone support staff. There is no security provider on the market today that offers the breadth and depth of what SiteLock provides.

What needs does SiteLock fulfill, and how does your company fulfill those needs better than your competition?

SiteLock’s comprehensive security suite provides all an organization would ever need for their website security. Organizations that may choose to employ a provider for one area of website security will likely need to find another company to address another needed area of protection. For example, one company will be needed for application scanning, yet another company is needed to provide a firewall solution. SiteLock is the only top of the line, one-stop-shop when it comes to your website security needs. And, we are here for you 24/7, when all other providers are sleeping.

How does SiteLock measure success?

Since SiteLock was launched in 2008, our business has grown substantially. Over the last year alone, we have seen explosive growth. To put things into perspective, in 2014, we were protecting over 1 million websites. Today, one year later, we currently protect over 5 million websites. Most importantly, we have been at the forefront of educating and assisting millions of website owners in understanding and confronting website security challenges and responsibilities.

What’s the most common misconception consumers have about the cybersecurity industry?

One of the most common misconceptions we see is that security professionals and executives in organizations falsely believe that they are fully protected. This is not always the case, just because an organization's network infrastructure may be protected, that does not mean their website is as well. Without the proper security plan in place, a security breach stemming from a website vulnerability could cause much more damage than executives and business owners may believe. Also, many business owners think that a data breach simply will never happen to them. The sad reality is that the cyber-attack bomb is ticking, it’s just a matter of when it will go off.

How has the cybersecurity industry changed in the last 5 to 10 years?

The cybersecurity industry is the fastest growing industry right now. The topic of cybersecurity is quickly becoming a board of directors level issue, meaning board members are spending a considerable amount of time discussing how to properly address the problem of hacking and cybersecurity. It’s an unfortunate reality, but cyberattacks are dramatically on the rise, with absolutely no slowdown in sight.

What is something you wish every consumer knew about SiteLock?

We wish consumers could see for themselves just how highly advanced our security products really are. SiteLock® Infinity™ is a state of the art malware and vulnerability remediation service with highly advanced, patent-pending technology that combines the deepest website scanning available with automatic malware removal, to a degree of accuracy and frequency that is truly unrivaled in the security industry. We have an enterprise-grade web application firewall offering unlimited DDoS protection, and fully customizable plans for organizations of all sizes.

Has SiteLock received any awards or recognition for its products or services?

SiteLock has received the HostingCon 2013 “Best Website Security” award as well as the 2014 Online Trust Alliance© “Online Trust Honor Roll” recognition.

How has SiteLock grown or evolved?

When SiteLock started in 2008, it was geared mainly towards offering website security to small businesses. Historically, website security was typically only accessible to large corporations that could handle the significant financial investment. With the growth of the online small business, SiteLock recognized the need to deliver website security technology and tools to support them. Fast-forward to 2015, SiteLock has now installed itself as a cornerstone of the small business market, having exclusive partnerships with the largest hosting providers out there, such as GoDaddy, Bluehost, HostGator, 1&1, Media Temple, Network Solutions and so many more. SiteLock has now expanded into supporting enterprise organizations with our robust, highly advanced and competitive product and pricing website security solutions.

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