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I spent $70,000 cash buying a system with Smartmailer, two dysfunctional printers, and other stuff to do my own direct mail. Because of the almost constant breakdowns, almost non-existent service, and a billing department that simply NEVER cooperates to achieve accuracy, I was forced to literally sell my system two years later. I do weekly mailings. I'm a doctor. It's how I advertise. Literally the breakdown of their products and services resulted in almost half the time, I didn't even get mailers out. It almost bankrupted the business. Sorry, sorry, sorry company, products, and service.

Then after I quit using, I currently have my account billed up to almost another $10,000 in 3 months on products/services I did not order nor give approval for. They NEVER credit it, NEVER fix it even though their reps say they will, and this is a Ground Hog Day it seems I'll never outlive. If you're thinking about using them in ANY capacity, my advice is simple. Do NOT, do NOT, do NOT. You will regret it over and over.

I ended my contract with them months ago. When I terminated my contract, I had a credit on my account of $97. So anxious to be done with them, I didn't even care. Fast forward 6 months later, I get an invoice from them for postage meter lease (that was returned) and a late fee totalling $82. I've been on hold for 35 minutes and have been transferred twice. I can't imagine why their call queue is so long -- they are billing people who aren't even customers. I've waited less time to speak to the IRS.

Do Not Do business with Pitney Bowes. Our company received an invoice dated 9-22-2016 due date of October 2016. We are certain there will be a late fee. We have called and ask them to check into the invoice that was received from Purchase Power (which we have no idea what that is). During the call we got transferred constantly from what you call level 1 to level 2, and even was on hold for over 40 minutes, but NOT one person is willing to help. We will never allow them auto payment because they will throw something else in their bill that we may not even know what it is.

We have called to cancel the machine and the agreement but found out that we really can't. We will not have signed a contract with them if we were aware of the scam that they are throwing at businesses and we are sure consumers as well. A lot of shady business practices going on there at PB. Do yourself a favor, go to the post office and get your stamps and through USPS or something. It is in the long run, cheaper, serviceable and less headaches. PITNEY BOWES is not worth it. Do not fall for it!

In the process of obtaining a replacement meter, I discovered that I had a delinquent purchase power account. Seeing that my payment had cleared my bank, I obtained a copy of the front and back of the check and determined my payment had been applied to the wrong account. It has been extremely difficult, almost impossible to talk with a live person. I have attempted "live chats" but never seem to connect. I have spent hours trying to navigate their phone system and have managed to speak with a live person twice. In both cases, I was told someone would call me "right back," but that never occurred. I created service claims and after three days received a response to one of them that my balance was zero, but I checked the website and it continues to show a delinquent balance of $161.47.

This is just a thumbnail sketch of the issues, which now trail back three days and about 12 hours of hanging on the phone in a queue someplace. I sent an email to their corporate office two days ago and received a response that they would address my issue within 24 hours. That did not happen. This company is using its website, voice mail and email systems to create an absolute and total barrier to the client with an issue.

We've been a customer of Pitney Bowes for several years now and can attest to the terrible customer service. Every time we call Pitney Bowes, we are on hold for long periods of time and are transferred several times. Also, no one there seems to know how to answer questions. We've been charged erroneously twice now and had to waste several hours of hold time because of it. They will not let us out of the lease even though they have cost us time and money. They admitted to error yet won't consider letting us out of the lease. This company operates in bad faith, and I would never recommend them for postage services.

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It should be easy to get in touch with the people you do business with. That is not the case with Pitney Bowes. You cannot just pick up the phone and call. You cannot just send an email either. You have to create a case. Once you create a case, you wait for them to respond. If you happen to miss their call, you cannot reach them by phone without a great deal of trouble and time. Who has time for this? They need to reorganize in order to make themselves accessible to their customers. I do not recommend anyone signing on to use them.

I was told I had to replace my meter in 2015. I did and a monthly rental was agreed upon and signed. Since then PB is billing me 150% more than agreed upon in writing. Each quarter I call and they set up a case number and allow me to pay the agreed amount. This continues each quarter when I receive the statement. Today (09/19/16) I called customer service. The recording told me the average wait time was "one hour and 15 minutes" and an option to leave a call back number. I did. "Three Hours Later" we closed the office with no call back. In my opinion, top management at PB are a bunch of "KnuckleHeads".

I have been a customer for almost 25 years. Never had to call. Every quarter the computer sent me a bill and I paid it. Very profitable for PB. Now it takes 4 to 6 hours of my time (and PB's you knuckleheads) every quarter to get my bill corrected. Now they have added "outsourced" customer service to a foreign country. All you get is apologies in broken English, a couple of scripted statements, your questions ignored, and a final work of, "is there anything else I can help you with today". Neopost, here I come.

We purchased the assets of a company that had declared bankruptcy and agreed to assume the lease for the postage machine. Despite numerous phone calls and hours spent with "customer service" we are unable to add postage to the machine. Our efforts to establish credit with this company are met with repeated requests to pay the amount owed by the bankrupt company. We are put on hold for lengthy amounts of time, given FAX numbers that don't work, hung up on and repeatedly asked to wire funds. They don't seem to understand that we are not obligated for the debt of the bankrupt company and that it is illegal to request payment once a company has filed bankruptcy. This is the most uncaring, inept organization I have ever had the displeasure of doing business with.

I don't understand why a huge company like Pitney Bowes can't improve customer service??? If you don't know what service you need, the automatic system disconnects you. I tried live chat and left the system on for 3 hrs - finally I gave up. We are looking into other companies rather than deal with Pitney Bowes.

I spent more than 3 hours on the telephone this morning trying to terminate an account due to retirement and have still be unable to accomplish. Conversely, I have handled termination of services with more than 10 suppliers and utilities with no difficulty whatsoever. Pitney Bowes customer service is non existent. The personnel (if you can reach them after more than 30 minutes on hold) are rude and uncaring and not the least bit interested in their clients. I deeply regret ever having used Pitney Bowes for any services and would much prefer to walk to the post office and personally lick and hand stamp all of our business correspondence. This company is a sham and a disgrace to its initial founding and purpose.

If you like being on hold for 30 min. or much longer even before someone from outside the USA answers the phone, Pitney Bowes is your company. I can also list, shady phone solicitors, incorrect billing, rude customer service, slow maintenance service. Basically, you will regret dealing with this horrible company!

Our postage meter won't allow me to add postage manually so I have to hook up my laptop to add postage. The issue is that after I sign in to my account, there is nothing that shows where I can add postage on the site. Each time, I call customer service. They try to troubleshoot but it's not needed. They tell me to try adding postage manually even though we don't have a phone line connected to it. I tell them that but they want me to try anyway.

After 32 minutes, they finally tell me that they will send a technician out. They can't give me a window of time, just anytime between 8am and 5pm... gee thanks! The online chat is just as bad. I gave the rep my name, company name, address, model number, serial number and account number --- whew! I told her that I was already logged into my account and I simply need to add postage. She tells me that I cannot add it on-line and that I can ONLY do it manually on the machine. I told her our phone isn't connected to the machine and therefore I cannot add it manually. She still insists that I give it a try.

After about 25 mins on the on-line chat she asks me if I want to go on-line in order to add postage. YES lady, that's what I have been saying this entire time!! I, just like another consumer here do not send food back when it's not the right order. Things like that I don't bother me. I also don't post bad reviews on Yelp, only good ones. Pitney Bowes customer service is really lacking in the "customer" and the "service". Not only do I waste almost an hour of my time with each phone call but the issue is never resolved. I had to take ** yesterday after my phone call was finished. They really do give me a headache.

This company and its sales staff are directed to fool customers into renewing contracts they might want to make changes to, or cancel. If you are a business you will receive renewal notices saying your contract is about to expire, twice a week some weeks. Only problem is our leases AREN'T renewing based off the dates on these notices, they renew 6-9 months from this date. Yet they keep telling you watch out! Your contract is expiring, better sign this new agreement without thinking.

Then they direct their sales staff to call you, still months from actual expiry, with some new "offers" or "features". If you say yes, well what do you know, they send you another lease to sign! The previous contracts hadn't even expired yet!!! The new contracts will have new terms and renewal periods, which you have to literally write down or call them to find out the TRUE period. Then you must remember this date and make sure you call X days beforehand. They do not actually send renewal notices with real, true dates of your current contract but instead the notices described above.

If you forget to call within this period you are screwed and your contract renews without changes or any renegotiation whatsoever. Wanted to get rid of equipment you don't need? Sorry you missed your chance that PB didn't inform you about. And have to wait for the next renewal period which may be FIVE or TEN years away. It's 10x less hassle to simply go to the post office for stamps.

I closed my account in April of 2016. Returned the equipment and paid in full the balance owed; they are still billing me.

We had a fire that totally destroyed our building. I could not get through to the customer service that I could not get the machine to return. I made numerous calls before I could get a machine. When I did finally get it, they did not send the cords or the scale. When I called, they said that I should use them from the old machine. They had to create an invoice for the old machine which took a week to get and I had to pay for the old machine before I could get a new machine, but now they keep calling and asking when I am going to return the old machine. My guess is that they will bill me for the machine again because it was never returned. The customer service is in the Philippines. I don't think they know what a fire is. Customer service score is -100. I never had a good experience with any of my 8 phone calls.

Do not do business with Pitney Bowes. I received an invoice today June 10, for a due date of May 27. So I am certain there will be a late fee. I do not allow them auto payment because they will throw something in such as tax and you won't find out until later. I have called to cancel but found out that you really can't. I did not and would not have signed a contract with them. Another employee did. It was ending in November 2012 and she signed another 60 months, but PB didn't start it until February of 2013 ---- just another shady act. Go to the post office and get your stamps and through USPS or something. PITNEY BOWES is not worth it.

Our non-profit has had the worst experience dealing with Pitney Bowes. We've been trying to cancel our account a year now and have been specifically told several times that we were done, but we keep getting bills from them. In all of my employment experience I've never seen anything like this. It's unbelievable. (Note: I'm not someone who ever writes bad reviews - I won't even send a food order back if it's wrong.) But, five of our employees have tried to take on this case to resolve it and all have had the same terrible experience. This has wasted many hours of our employee's time. We hope this review saves other non-profits/small businesses from making the same mistake we made by signing on with Pitney. Don't do it. Save yourself.

We have been a dedicated customer for many years. My former secretary handled this account so I didn't have a lot of insight to the billing, but I did know we were set up on auto pay. We received an invoice with a payment due this month, so I called to inquire about it. The representative, Lon, was the rudest, uncaring rep I have dealt with in a while. That actually says a lot because I deal with a lot of questionable people. He did NOT care what my problem was, just plainly said, "Nothing is free." He did explain the newest offer, to which we considered, but as I asked more questions it became blatantly clear he was not there to help me.

I said, "Ok, I guess we will cancel then." He was so happy! You could actually hear him smile and say, "Great, one moment while I get your cancel processed and your number for you." No customer care, no customer retention. I asked for a supervisor, which of course was not available, but Lon assured me he would pass my info along to Mark ** and he would give me a call. Yea, that didn't happen. I have gotten better customer service from teens at fast food restaurants.

My company leases a basic postage meter through Pitney Bowes. READ THE FINE PRINT! There is no way out of the lease without legal action. When you sign a lease with PB, you are actually dealing with two separate entities - PB and Purchase Power. Purchase Power is an absolute nightmare to deal with. We started to have billing issues about 4 months ago - we weren't receiving statements - and we tried everything from changing the mailing address to switching to paperless statements to remedy this. The call center employees are absolutely no help and the wait times to speak with someone are at least 15 minutes on a good day. I have spent no fewer than 5 hours (this is not an exaggeration, I have documentation) on the phone with them over the last two weeks trying to get an invoice.

After a long history (8+ years) of leasing a small office mail-station, we decided it was not worth the money we were investing in the lease and called to cancel the equipment (after waiting for the rolled-over lease to expire again). Of course, their job is to sell you on staying with them, so it was painful just to get the requested cancellation confirmed. It was confirmed with a cancellation number sent via email on Jan 11 2016. On February 1, 2016, I received a statement that our credit card had been charged the normal $131 for "service dates of January 30 2016 - April 30 2016". Clearly dates outside of any activated service with PB since we had cancelled on the 11th of January.

To get someone with authority on the telephone is an exercise in chasing your tail. After two days (yes - DAYS) of calling 800 numbers only to be given different 800 numbers to call (no one will connect you - that's apparently providing too much service) I finally spoke with someone who understood the problem "but needed to investigate it". She said I was charged because the equipment had not been returned per the contract. When I provided the UPS tracking number showing that the equipment in fact had been signed for at their dock a month prior, she said it must be "lost" at their facility and they "couldn't credit me until it was found." Are you kidding me!!? Is this a joke? Pitney Bowes internal incompetence comes back to COST THE CUSTOMER? Buyer beware of this company!!!

Returned postage machine within the 60 free trial, (RT in Sept) have POD from UPS since October. Keep sending me bills, calling, and it's February! I was told last week everything was cleared up, zero balance, another bill, another phone call today! Worst customer service of any company I've ever dealt with! No one seems to know what's going on! Very unprofessional! ZERO STARS IF I COULD!!

We ordered ink for our new mail machine. Pitney Bowes shipped it. The UPS hub it went to was having a problem. I called Pitney Bowes Service and Supplies and asked if there was one cartridge of ink in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that we could get because we were completely out. Rep offered to reorder another one and said "it will be shipped UPS." When I asked if there was anything she could do her response was, "No, we did what you asked us to do, your problem is with UPS." There was no "let me see if I can find one, let me see what I can do"... it was just "no we did our part." At least UPS offered to contact the Hub and see if they could hurry up this delivery. Pitney Bowes customer service attitude was, "sorry we did our part", oh well. Very disappointed.

In July I received a phone call from Ms. ** of Pitney Bowes saying our lease is due and they wanted to negotiate a new lease. They sent a new contract and when I told her we were going to look at our options she came back with another lease for less. Because it was still over 50% more than another company, I emailed and left messages for her that we were going to go another way. No reply. Now I find out that we are liable for 9 more months. This is clearly deceptive and misleading. I had no idea Pitney Bowes operated this way. Will NEVER do business with them again with any of my businesses.

I have had a lease with Pitney Bowes for about 10 years and have recently had to make cut backs for my business which is failing. I called them last spring to see what could be done and they would only renegotiate my lease. I reluctantly did this because there were no other options. What they didn't tell me and what I failed to notice in the lease, was that they increased the term an additional year on my lease that had 2 years left on it. It seems impossible to get out of a lease, their lease terms are unrealistic and the customer service rep was rude to me. He told me I was upset because he wouldn't help me. Well, I have been a client for many years and if one of my customers came to me, I would work to help them. I don't know how they stay in business. Their software to support the program is difficult to work with and there are long wait times for assistance. Stay away, I feel I was scammed.

We started out with a $27 per month promotional deal and when it ran out, our monthly bill jumped to $44. We got a notice that we could prevent future jumps in monthly bills by signing a lease. For some reason, we thought the lease was 12 months, but when we tried to cancel the lease, we found out it was a 39-month least. We asked what the penalty for cancelling the lease and we told, after repeated emails and phone calls went unanswered, that we must "fulfill" the lease.

We asked what is the penalty fee to terminate the least, they said the rest of the cost of the lease. This is truly absurd. I'm writing to Congressmen, the Better Business Bureau and the US Postal Service. A company that clearly doesn't have reasonable terms to support small businesses should not be authorized to print postage by the US Postal Service and our government. Pitney Bowes does not support small businesses and anti-American.

Probably the worst company I've dealt with in the 20 years of accounting. It takes several attempts to get a correct bill, they compound late charges on top of all the bills that are incorrect, they won't let me return my equipment. It has taken a few weeks of being passed around, even though my account is done with the lease. Don't get involved with them. Awful Awful Awful.

When I signed up they offered me a flat rate and specific terms, none of which turned out to be accurate. I have been trying for close to a year now (since shortly after I signed up and received the first bill which was more than quoted and included undisclosed fees!) to cancel. I have called, been bounced around, been promised resolution that has not happened, the left hand has no idea what the right hand is doing.

After all the promises that my account has been cancelled and that the collection calls are supposed stop... I just now received ANOTHER call! I even called their corporate office last week and nothing works. I FINALLY received an email from the woman, Sandra **, who assured me that my account was closed. She was conveniently unreachable via phone or email and failed to respond until the day I called corporate. She promised I'd get a refund for the money I paid initially for services I did not use and tried to get me to use a 'free' $100 on a new offer and said that if I wanted to keep it it would be $9.99 a month and then emails me 5 minutes later saying $14.99 a month, plus a credit for the current amount showing on my bill rather than the full cancellation and refund she promised on the phone yet not in the email as promised.

They are like a bad virus that won't go away. At this point, I don't care if they refund me. I simply want written clarification that my account is completely cancelled, clear, and discarded and for the annoying phone calls that from their foreign collection company to stop which occur seven days a week. I DON'T recommend this business. Too much stress, frustration and cost of my time to try to be done with them!

Ms. ** contacted us in September 2009, 9 months before our lease was up and demanded we make a decision to keep our old machines or get new ones that were much more expensive by December 1, 2009. We contacted other vendors and found one to fit our needs and contracted with them. They bought out our contract for the period January - July 2010.

We cancelled our lease and agreed to pay the lease until July 2010 when the lease is supposed to be up, but Pitney Bowes now says our lease is up in October 2010 and is demanding one more payment to cover July 20 - October 20th. The lease was signed on March 31, 2005 and our equipment was delivered on April 21, 2005 with a 63-month lease. Our lease should be up on July 20, 2010. Pitney Bowes says it takes them 3 months to set up their account and they will not supply us with their accounting. We also had a credit from previous equipment. We feel this "extra" payment is not warranted and cannot stop them from taking it out of the credit card account.

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