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    Toyota Tundra

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    The Toyota Tundra is a full-size pickup truck. Read more Toyota reviews to learn about other models.

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      Rated with 4 stars
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: July 2, 2019

      In general is a pretty good car, no real problem after 10 years of utilization, always run perfectly. I am doing around 20000 km a years with it in all conditions, gravel road, winter road, highways etc. Only 2 downside. Suspension is so so in washboard roads at 70 km/Hr and the cargo box should be at least 1 feet longer, other than that is a good truck.

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      Rated with 1 star
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      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: June 6, 2019

      A few years ago I bought a used Toyota Tundra with 70k miles on it thinking I was getting a reliable vehicle with lots of life left on it. What I got was the most unreliable expensive piece of crap I have ever owned. It even nearly ruined our honeymoon. We took the truck on a road trip to see the Southwest and kick off our marriage. It was very exciting thanks to Toyota. At the Grand Canyon we had the pleasure of hunting down the last overpriced bottle of power steering fluid. Rather than relaxing at the south rim I had to figure out how to limp the truck to the nearest shop. That was over $1200 out of our budget.

      The next obstacle was even more exciting. We discovered the back tires where ready to fall off and the front wheels had developed some issue also. So we limped the truck to Elk City Oklahoma in the midst of tornado warnings. We even got to spend the night in a run down Motel 6. I think they rented rooms by the hour. That was another $1400 over our budget for a two day stay in scenic Elk City. At least we got a free loaner from the folks at Smith Family Nissan. It's more than Toyota has done for us. I had to drive up to Keene to just get pushed right out the door politely. They could have at least saved me the trip by simply returning my email. We got the same treatment from Toyota Corp.

      And for a souvenir we are left with a very expensive piece of scrap metal in the driveway. It appears as though Toyota cheeped out on the steel for the frame. Cheap Chinese steel. The solution was to spray some cheap crap on the frame and cover up the problem. It won't be long before it breaks in half just sitting in the driveway. Thanks Toyota for all the help and the great customer service. You sure know how to take care of customers.

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      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: March 28, 2019

      My 2007 Tundra was the best vehicle I ever owned. Drove it for 143,000 miles with no problems worth mentioning. MY 2018 Tundra? Way different story. Here is the List: 1) Warped dash at windshield. Factory rep and service manager's response? "Yes, it is warped, but the replacement would be also. We have no remedy for this." 2) Rattle which sounds like exhaust shields or some such, especially when going over bumps. Factory rep and service manager's response? Misdiagnosed the problem 2-3 times. Never nailed the fix. Not sure they even tried very hard.

      3) Navigation system. I deleted it soon after I installed the app on my phone. It was "all over the map" (pardon the pun.) The only thing consistent about its performance was that it was consistently inaccurate. I mean telling me to turn at such and such a street in 400' when I was already at that intersection. Factory rep and service manager's response? "We admit the app would only be considered "Fair" No Toyota fix forthcoming.

      4) My fuel tank is a 38-gallon tank. The digital and analog displays show it is empty when there are 7-8 gallons of fuel in the tank, making that capacity marginally valuable in everyday use. Factory and service manager's response? Some ridiculous line of reasoning involving a hypothetical towing scenario in which fuel was being consumed more rapidly than in everyday use. Translation: Tundra owners are too stupid to monitor their own fuel gauges. Conclusion: I petitioned Toyota to buy the vehicle back. Their response was a polite "We don't think any of these issues would significantly affect resale value. Sorry, can't help you." Translation? "Sorry you ever believed our advertising. Go fly a kite." Very sad conclusion to my time of esteeming Toyota as a great.

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      Rated with 5 stars
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: March 19, 2019

      We bought the truck used and it has been great. Traded in my old T100 so we could tow more weight. The only problem, the 2010 model does not have electronic brake assist, really? A tow package for 10,400 lbs and no brake assist. We found out in Texas, we could not pick up our new RV without the brake assist. I added an after market, but it would have been better if the "tow package" also had the electronic brake assist included.

      13 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Feb. 21, 2019

      I recently bought a Tundra and it will be my first and last Toyota. After being tricked and manipulated by the dealer into buying something that didn’t meet my needs and attempting to solve the issue with the dealer and the GM of Jerry Durant Toyota calling me a liar I reached out to customer service who don’t give a damn. They refuse to do anything to help the situation. My happiest day as a Toyota owner will be the day I get rid of it.

      32 people found this review helpful
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      Rated with 1 star
      profile pic of the author
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Feb. 11, 2019

      This is my first Toyota purchase and will definitely be my last. After owning every American brand of pickup I decided to try a Toyota Tundra 1794. I had heard that it was a decent truck. After I purchased it I noticed that the interior seemed to be very poor quality so I thought that it may work out because I have always been very careful with my automobiles. Once I had just over 25,000 kms on the truck I noticed that the drivers seat was collapsing on the left side. After taking it into the dealership for warranty they replaced the seat cushion and the leather cover. When I picked the truck up I noticed that the new seat was already collapsing on the right side. When I bought it back to the dealership they said that they couldn't do anything about it and told me to get in touch with Toyota.

      I contacted the company and their representatives had me jump through a bunch of hoops to get them information and pictures of the problem. When that was all completed after over 2 months they said that they wouldn't be able to do anything else to fix the problem. This is the first time in my life that I have run into a company that won't stand behind an inferior product. After doing some research I found out that Toyota has been dodging issues with their products for years. Don't be fooled by some of the positive things that you hear. I'm not sure who is behind those reviews but I got fooled. Never again will I purchase a Toyota.

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      20 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 1 star
      profile pic of the author
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Jan. 28, 2019

      Tundra is only a good truck if you have always Tundras or this is your first truck. Otherwise it’s junk. I rolled over 10,000 miles on my 2018 1794 truck today and every one of those miles has been a pain. Quick background, I have owned over 30 trucks. Mostly Nissans and a couple of Tacomas. Here are the issues I have been having: Front bumper is crooked and has been since day one. Front seats are extremely uncomfortable On long trips. I constantly have to keep moving around to stop my back from hurting (I’m 5,9 and 160lbs). JBL audio system?? Wow. A step up would be to have no radio at all. No bass at all and the subwoofer doesn’t do anything at all at any volume. Bluetooth audio streaming is also terrible and very very low volume.

      Front radar on several occasions has the brakes lock up with nothing in front of me. There was no fog, snow or rain either. Ride is rough for a $53,000 truck. Bumpy and all over the road. I’m sure the horrible tires that came on it stuck have a little bit to do with it. I purchased the truck to be able to tow. This thing is pitiful with any weight behind it. It has a lot of torque on paper but I’m not feeling it. Doesn’t pull a trailer with confidence. Could be the C frame that’s riveted together. Needless to say, I only drive the truck when I have to and I now tow with my 08 V8 Pathfinder. This has been by far the worst truck I have ever had. I would sell it but it is already lost a ton of resale value. Will not be buying another Toyota.

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      17 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Dec. 19, 2018

      The truck is 10 years old and only has 65,000 miles on it. I've taken great care of it in hopes it would last, including underbody spray washing in the winter. Got a recall notice about frame rust. Dealership inspected and said it wasn't bad enough to require replacement under warranty. Two weeks later, the gas tank fell out on the road while I was driving. Shop says it wasn't the tank straps. The frame the straps are attached to has rusted out. Why can't Toyota get on top of these rust problems? I had a Tacoma in the 1990s that the frame also rusted through. Next truck will definitely be a different brand.

      21 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Nov. 8, 2018

      Recently bought a 2018 Toyota Tundra Limited. After 80 miles, nothing but problems with everything to include the warranty to comes it. Made 27 trips worth over 540 miles to the dealership (Foss Toyota) to have these issues fixed with only two things replaced. They come with excuses and no fixes. The worst thing is with all the safety innovations, the truck almost killed total of 9 people, in two separate instances. Should have known that a company that can't build a dash, can't build a safety system either.

      They did not plug in a connection plug all the way and could not see the temperature gauge or the cruise control display on the dash. After setting it the old way, with no display on dash, truck accelerated to over 90 mph in a corner and almost went off a 30 foot cliff. In the other instance, while on my way back to Wyoming in July, with cruise control set at 80mph, came over a hill and had a vehicle, 75 yards a head of me in the slow lane, pull into my lane to pass a diesel truck, causing my truck to spontaneously slam on the breaks. I was on about 20 yards onto 4 inches of frozen hail covered the road. The vehicle went into 80mph spins. Toyota safety system is going to kill people.

      With more problems with the safety system, every time I come up to a cattle guard or a water gutter in the road, my truck sounds off alarms, telling me to brake. The stereo is pointless, 12 speakers including a subwoofer and my cellphone sounds better. Even after they replaced it. It took three months and over 8 times to the dealership before they replaced it. Since new stereo, still has the same problems, like won't connect to blue tooth, low sound, subwoofer not working, no display at all. Boy I am glad I got 3 months of Sirius XM for free because I did not have a stereo that you could listen to it. Toyota will not fix it. Numerous times, bluetooth does not work, so hands free does not work. All these times, have been proven to the service manager with zero cares or concerns about my satisfaction. Toyota still has not fixed all the issues with the stereo.

      When the AC is turned on, it fills the cab with a pungent order of mold. Toyota will not fix it. The rear bumper plastic flaps that caused Foss Toyota in Casper Wy to replace it. After they replaced it, they plastic lines have unequal gaps in the pieces. Toyota will not fix it. The dash is unacceptable, more curves in it than the all the contestants on the biggest looser combined. You can see under the foam in places. When I bought the truck, the dash did not look like it. It was brought to my attention from friend. I asked the dealership, (Groove Toyota in Denver Co) and he said it would be covered under the warranty. I also noticed when they pulled it from the back that there were towels in the window. By the time I got back to Casper Wyoming, the dash had numerous waves in it.

      Driving down a dirt road, dust fills the cab when all the windows are up. Toyota will not fix it. There is water in the doors constantly. Now with the winter months, the water freezes and breaks off causing it to rattle when driving. Toyota will not fix it. There is a gap in the driver's tail light, thats causes my truck to whistle while driving down the road. There is a gap between the light and the truck bed. Toyota will not fix it.

      Now with the winter months upon us, the heater cannot warm the vehicle up. Maybe the heat is leaving the vehicle through the spaces that the dust is coming in. The switch to change the setting from floor to mid chest area to front windshield does not work. Just a little air goes out all the places. Even with all the front vents closed, the same amount air comes from all three areas. Maybe the button to switch the position is only there for looks. The hot air that comes from the top of the dash cannot even melt snow or ice on the front windshield. Maybe, my curved dash is blocking the air from reaching the windshield. After feeling the air come out, it is not enough to melt the snow. Farts have more heat and airflow than the Toyota Tundra heating system. I am betting that Toyota will not fix this issue either.

      Foss Toyota of Casper Wyoming, I think has an issue with fixing my truck because I did not buy from them. I saved over $14,000 dollar by traveling 4 hours south to buy my truck. Every time I take my truck to them, they compare it other Tundras on the lot. All with the same result as they say. I keep telling them they are wrong and the ones on the lot are a lot better than my lemon. Numerous emails to Toyota Service care has proven that they don't care. I have been a die hard Toyota fan since owning my first Toyota in 1990. I have had more problems with my truck in the first 800 miles with this 2018 Tundra then I have with my 8 other Toyotas and 900,000 miles. I am to the point of seeking a lawyer.

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      Rated with 3 stars
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Oct. 4, 2018

      Recently purchased Tundra and have 2 times back to service for steering wheel of center and alignment. Problem started right after 100 hundred miles. And still not right after two times service. I have now 2000 miles and now is piling to the right.

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