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We bought our Toyota Yaris brand new in 2008. After one year, the paint on the roof began to peel. At first it was just a small bubble of paint. But over the past few years, the peeling has spread to our entire roof. We asked the dealership about it and were told that it was our problem, that we would need to pay for a paint job. We couldn't figure out what was causing it. But we took the dealership at their word. Recently, we've noticed other Yaris' with the same issue. Most of them have been blue, just like ours. All of the peeling paint has been on the roof. We just saw one today that's red. We talked with one of the owners and she showed us where the peeling paint had moved down toward the driver's side door. Toyota needs to do a recall for a free paint job. The resale value of the car is diminished by the slip-shot paint job.

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Called Toyota today. Had a problem with the 2009 Toyota Corolla with their power steering. They claimed that only a service manual was sent out back in 2010. But where they LIED is the fact there is a class action law suit that was just settled on April 4th 2016 saying that we were entitled to a 50% refund for the amount paid on the fix... Instead they LIED and said that there was no other information and when I brought up the suit he said well since its not listed on his end there was nothing he could do... Useless isn't even the word to describe Toyota Customer Service. What a Joke.

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I have driven a Toyota for the last 11 years. My first was an echo then I bought a new corolla ascent in 2008. I loved that car and nothing ever went wrong. I would have given a 100% satisfaction. In Oct 2015 I traded it in for a corolla ascent sport. What a difference - First of all I did a hill start and smelt burning or petrol. When I complained to Toyota they said it's my driving... I've been driving for over 20 years and never experienced this before.

And in June 2016 I find a hole in the seam on the back of the driver chair. My instinct tell me that it is a weak material/stitching but also a weak joint in the manufacturing of the chair itself. Toyota tell me it's the material and will change the seat cover. Today 21 June 2016 I drop my car off at the service centre. I stress my concern on the weakness of the chair itself. I pick my car up and they haven't changed the cover, they have ordered a new back for the seat. I was right, it was a fault in the chair itself. Shame on Toyota. They were always right up there with safety. Now I'm not so sure. This seat would have crumpled had I been in an accident. I describe this car as ascetically lovely but cheap manufacturing. I would never have said this pre this car.

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Toyota brand overview:

Toyota began producing automobiles in 1933 in Japan, and Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A. was established in 1957. Today, Toyota is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world, and the largest Toyota plant outside of Japan is in Kentucky.

  • Rent a car: Toyota has a rental car company, so interested consumers can rent the exact model they are considering purchasing. The ability to drive the vehicle longer than the average test drive gives customers the chance to determine if a specific model actually meets their needs.
  • American factories: Through its subsidiary, Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc. (TEMA), Toyota has seven manufacturing plants in the United States. Some of these facilities, such as the one in Huntsville, Ala., only manufacture engines, while others, like the factory in Georgetown, Ky., manufacture and assemble whole vehicles. The factories have created about 365,000 American jobs.
  • Car tips: Toyota’s website features an area dedicated to car tips and advice. The information is mostly neutral and useful for anyone in the market for a new car, whether or not they are considering a Toyota. Articles include information on fuel efficiency, maintenance and new technology.
  • Entune: Entune is Toyota’s onboard navigation and entertainment system and app suite. It lets drivers connect their smartphone to their car, stream from Bluetooth and access their device’s phonebook. Some versions also give owners access to SiriusXM radio and more advanced navigation.
  • Shopping tools: Interested customers can browse Toyota’s website to see all available vehicles. They can compare models, customize and price vehicles, view special offers from local dealerships and request a quote. Consumers can also learn about certified pre-owned Toyotas.
  • Best for Toyota has a wide range of vehicles that suit every purpose and budget.