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The Toyota Tundra is a full-size pickup truck. Read more Toyota reviews to learn about other models.

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Reviewed Dec. 4, 2019

Awesome, dependable Truck. 2005 Tundra. Drives like a sport car, gets 17 MPG and very few repairs. This truck is in perfect condition with 130K on it. Added new Stereo system with Bluetooth that updates the Truck nicely.

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Reviewed Dec. 1, 2019

I like the fact that everything works electronically. From the acceleration to the transmission, each part connects electrically instead of by air hoses. The acceleration is exceptional as every aspect of a great truck is accentuated. The ride is smooth, but with a truck like muscle. The interior is smart looking and the stance of the truck makes it stand out. It is truly an exceptional 4 wheel drive truck.

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Reviewed Nov. 30, 2019

The 2017 Toyota Tundra is a well oiled machine. Although very basic it has a proven tried and true functionality that leads to dependability. If you are not looking for the latest and greatest tech but looking for a reliable vehicle for the long haul, look no further than the Toyota Tundra.

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Reviewed Nov. 8, 2019

This is my 2nd Crew Max Tundra. The first was a black 2016 with just over 20,000 miles. I had no issue other than trying to keep a black truck clean while living in the country. I traded it for a 2018 silver crew max. I have just over 7500 miles with no concerns so far. I will likely trade one more time once the new model comes out in 2021. Depending on how the reviews are after the first year.

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Reviewed July 2, 2019

In general is a pretty good car, no real problem after 10 years of utilization, always run perfectly. I am doing around 20000 km a years with it in all conditions, gravel road, winter road, highways etc. Only 2 downside. Suspension is so so in washboard roads at 70 km/Hr and the cargo box should be at least 1 feet longer, other than that is a good truck.

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Reviewed June 6, 2019

A few years ago I bought a used Toyota Tundra with 70k miles on it thinking I was getting a reliable vehicle with lots of life left on it. What I got was the most unreliable expensive piece of crap I have ever owned. It even nearly ruined our honeymoon. We took the truck on a road trip to see the Southwest and kick off our marriage. It was very exciting thanks to Toyota. At the Grand Canyon we had the pleasure of hunting down the last overpriced bottle of power steering fluid. Rather than relaxing at the south rim I had to figure out how to limp the truck to the nearest shop. That was over $1200 out of our budget.

The next obstacle was even more exciting. We discovered the back tires where ready to fall off and the front wheels had developed some issue also. So we limped the truck to Elk City Oklahoma in the midst of tornado warnings. We even got to spend the night in a run down Motel 6. I think they rented rooms by the hour. That was another $1400 over our budget for a two day stay in scenic Elk City. At least we got a free loaner from the folks at Smith Family Nissan. It's more than Toyota has done for us. I had to drive up to Keene to just get pushed right out the door politely. They could have at least saved me the trip by simply returning my email. We got the same treatment from Toyota Corp.

And for a souvenir we are left with a very expensive piece of scrap metal in the driveway. It appears as though Toyota cheeped out on the steel for the frame. Cheap Chinese steel. The solution was to spray some cheap crap on the frame and cover up the problem. It won't be long before it breaks in half just sitting in the driveway. Thanks Toyota for all the help and the great customer service. You sure know how to take care of customers.

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Reviewed March 28, 2019

My 2007 Tundra was the best vehicle I ever owned. Drove it for 143,000 miles with no problems worth mentioning. MY 2018 Tundra? Way different story. Here is the List: 1) Warped dash at windshield. Factory rep and service manager's response? "Yes, it is warped, but the replacement would be also. We have no remedy for this." 2) Rattle which sounds like exhaust shields or some such, especially when going over bumps. Factory rep and service manager's response? Misdiagnosed the problem 2-3 times. Never nailed the fix. Not sure they even tried very hard.

3) Navigation system. I deleted it soon after I installed the app on my phone. It was "all over the map" (pardon the pun.) The only thing consistent about its performance was that it was consistently inaccurate. I mean telling me to turn at such and such a street in 400' when I was already at that intersection. Factory rep and service manager's response? "We admit the app would only be considered "Fair" No Toyota fix forthcoming.

4) My fuel tank is a 38-gallon tank. The digital and analog displays show it is empty when there are 7-8 gallons of fuel in the tank, making that capacity marginally valuable in everyday use. Factory and service manager's response? Some ridiculous line of reasoning involving a hypothetical towing scenario in which fuel was being consumed more rapidly than in everyday use. Translation: Tundra owners are too stupid to monitor their own fuel gauges. Conclusion: I petitioned Toyota to buy the vehicle back. Their response was a polite "We don't think any of these issues would significantly affect resale value. Sorry, can't help you." Translation? "Sorry you ever believed our advertising. Go fly a kite." Very sad conclusion to my time of esteeming Toyota as a great.

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Reviewed March 19, 2019

We bought the truck used and it has been great. Traded in my old T100 so we could tow more weight. The only problem, the 2010 model does not have electronic brake assist, really? A tow package for 10,400 lbs and no brake assist. We found out in Texas, we could not pick up our new RV without the brake assist. I added an after market, but it would have been better if the "tow package" also had the electronic brake assist included.

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Reviewed Feb. 21, 2019

I recently bought a Tundra and it will be my first and last Toyota. After being tricked and manipulated by the dealer into buying something that didn’t meet my needs and attempting to solve the issue with the dealer and the GM of Jerry Durant Toyota calling me a liar I reached out to customer service who don’t give a damn. They refuse to do anything to help the situation. My happiest day as a Toyota owner will be the day I get rid of it.

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Reviewed Feb. 11, 2019

This is my first Toyota purchase and will definitely be my last. After owning every American brand of pickup I decided to try a Toyota Tundra 1794. I had heard that it was a decent truck. After I purchased it I noticed that the interior seemed to be very poor quality so I thought that it may work out because I have always been very careful with my automobiles. Once I had just over 25,000 kms on the truck I noticed that the drivers seat was collapsing on the left side. After taking it into the dealership for warranty they replaced the seat cushion and the leather cover. When I picked the truck up I noticed that the new seat was already collapsing on the right side. When I bought it back to the dealership they said that they couldn't do anything about it and told me to get in touch with Toyota.

I contacted the company and their representatives had me jump through a bunch of hoops to get them information and pictures of the problem. When that was all completed after over 2 months they said that they wouldn't be able to do anything else to fix the problem. This is the first time in my life that I have run into a company that won't stand behind an inferior product. After doing some research I found out that Toyota has been dodging issues with their products for years. Don't be fooled by some of the positive things that you hear. I'm not sure who is behind those reviews but I got fooled. Never again will I purchase a Toyota.

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Reviewed Jan. 28, 2019

Tundra is only a good truck if you have always Tundras or this is your first truck. Otherwise it’s junk. I rolled over 10,000 miles on my 2018 1794 truck today and every one of those miles has been a pain. Quick background, I have owned over 30 trucks. Mostly Nissans and a couple of Tacomas. Here are the issues I have been having: Front bumper is crooked and has been since day one. Front seats are extremely uncomfortable On long trips. I constantly have to keep moving around to stop my back from hurting (I’m 5,9 and 160lbs). JBL audio system?? Wow. A step up would be to have no radio at all. No bass at all and the subwoofer doesn’t do anything at all at any volume. Bluetooth audio streaming is also terrible and very very low volume.

Front radar on several occasions has the brakes lock up with nothing in front of me. There was no fog, snow or rain either. Ride is rough for a $53,000 truck. Bumpy and all over the road. I’m sure the horrible tires that came on it stuck have a little bit to do with it. I purchased the truck to be able to tow. This thing is pitiful with any weight behind it. It has a lot of torque on paper but I’m not feeling it. Doesn’t pull a trailer with confidence. Could be the C frame that’s riveted together. Needless to say, I only drive the truck when I have to and I now tow with my 08 V8 Pathfinder. This has been by far the worst truck I have ever had. I would sell it but it is already lost a ton of resale value. Will not be buying another Toyota.

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Reviewed Dec. 19, 2018

The truck is 10 years old and only has 65,000 miles on it. I've taken great care of it in hopes it would last, including underbody spray washing in the winter. Got a recall notice about frame rust. Dealership inspected and said it wasn't bad enough to require replacement under warranty. Two weeks later, the gas tank fell out on the road while I was driving. Shop says it wasn't the tank straps. The frame the straps are attached to has rusted out. Why can't Toyota get on top of these rust problems? I had a Tacoma in the 1990s that the frame also rusted through. Next truck will definitely be a different brand.

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Reviewed Nov. 8, 2018

Recently bought a 2018 Toyota Tundra Limited. After 80 miles, nothing but problems with everything to include the warranty to comes it. Made 27 trips worth over 540 miles to the dealership (Foss Toyota) to have these issues fixed with only two things replaced. They come with excuses and no fixes. The worst thing is with all the safety innovations, the truck almost killed total of 9 people, in two separate instances. Should have known that a company that can't build a dash, can't build a safety system either.

They did not plug in a connection plug all the way and could not see the temperature gauge or the cruise control display on the dash. After setting it the old way, with no display on dash, truck accelerated to over 90 mph in a corner and almost went off a 30 foot cliff. In the other instance, while on my way back to Wyoming in July, with cruise control set at 80mph, came over a hill and had a vehicle, 75 yards a head of me in the slow lane, pull into my lane to pass a diesel truck, causing my truck to spontaneously slam on the breaks. I was on about 20 yards onto 4 inches of frozen hail covered the road. The vehicle went into 80mph spins. Toyota safety system is going to kill people.

With more problems with the safety system, every time I come up to a cattle guard or a water gutter in the road, my truck sounds off alarms, telling me to brake. The stereo is pointless, 12 speakers including a subwoofer and my cellphone sounds better. Even after they replaced it. It took three months and over 8 times to the dealership before they replaced it. Since new stereo, still has the same problems, like won't connect to blue tooth, low sound, subwoofer not working, no display at all. Boy I am glad I got 3 months of Sirius XM for free because I did not have a stereo that you could listen to it. Toyota will not fix it. Numerous times, bluetooth does not work, so hands free does not work. All these times, have been proven to the service manager with zero cares or concerns about my satisfaction. Toyota still has not fixed all the issues with the stereo.

When the AC is turned on, it fills the cab with a pungent order of mold. Toyota will not fix it. The rear bumper plastic flaps that caused Foss Toyota in Casper Wy to replace it. After they replaced it, they plastic lines have unequal gaps in the pieces. Toyota will not fix it. The dash is unacceptable, more curves in it than the all the contestants on the biggest looser combined. You can see under the foam in places. When I bought the truck, the dash did not look like it. It was brought to my attention from friend. I asked the dealership, (Groove Toyota in Denver Co) and he said it would be covered under the warranty. I also noticed when they pulled it from the back that there were towels in the window. By the time I got back to Casper Wyoming, the dash had numerous waves in it.

Driving down a dirt road, dust fills the cab when all the windows are up. Toyota will not fix it. There is water in the doors constantly. Now with the winter months, the water freezes and breaks off causing it to rattle when driving. Toyota will not fix it. There is a gap in the driver's tail light, thats causes my truck to whistle while driving down the road. There is a gap between the light and the truck bed. Toyota will not fix it.

Now with the winter months upon us, the heater cannot warm the vehicle up. Maybe the heat is leaving the vehicle through the spaces that the dust is coming in. The switch to change the setting from floor to mid chest area to front windshield does not work. Just a little air goes out all the places. Even with all the front vents closed, the same amount air comes from all three areas. Maybe the button to switch the position is only there for looks. The hot air that comes from the top of the dash cannot even melt snow or ice on the front windshield. Maybe, my curved dash is blocking the air from reaching the windshield. After feeling the air come out, it is not enough to melt the snow. Farts have more heat and airflow than the Toyota Tundra heating system. I am betting that Toyota will not fix this issue either.

Foss Toyota of Casper Wyoming, I think has an issue with fixing my truck because I did not buy from them. I saved over $14,000 dollar by traveling 4 hours south to buy my truck. Every time I take my truck to them, they compare it other Tundras on the lot. All with the same result as they say. I keep telling them they are wrong and the ones on the lot are a lot better than my lemon. Numerous emails to Toyota Service care has proven that they don't care. I have been a die hard Toyota fan since owning my first Toyota in 1990. I have had more problems with my truck in the first 800 miles with this 2018 Tundra then I have with my 8 other Toyotas and 900,000 miles. I am to the point of seeking a lawyer.

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Reviewed Oct. 4, 2018

Recently purchased Tundra and have 2 times back to service for steering wheel of center and alignment. Problem started right after 100 hundred miles. And still not right after two times service. I have now 2000 miles and now is piling to the right.

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Reviewed Aug. 4, 2018

Mid-July of this year I purchased a 2018 Toyota Tundra SR5 from Towne Toyota of Ledgewood, NJ. I made it 12 miles from the dealership when the 4 hi and 4 lo lights came on and started blinking. After bringing the truck in for warranty work, the 4x4 actuator in transfer case was replaced, drive about 5 miles from the dealership and the lights came back on. The service department is dumbfounded and wants me to leave my truck with them for multiple days, unfortunately I can’t do this unless they provide me with the same vehicle because I use the vehicle as a work truck and have it loaded with tools (welders, chip saws, pipe threaders, etc).

I spoke with Toyota corporate and the last I was told is that they are going to attempt to provide me with a truck but can’t guarantee it. This is unacceptable, I spent 47k on a new truck and any other dealership would have offered to replace the vehicle or not inconvenience me and affect my livelihood. I will not purchase or recommend another Toyota product.

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Reviewed June 21, 2018

This is our second Toyota Tundra that we own. We needed a heavy duty truck for our job needs. This truck is primarily used in my husband's work. It's very comfortable and I occasionally drive it. Also, we get a lot of compliments on the new cement color. The seating is very comfortable and the tow capacity is definitely perfect for hauling. The tires could be a little bit more beefy but they don't seem like they will wear as well as others we have had in the past. Would purchase again.

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Reviewed May 9, 2018

The performance of the 2016 Toyota Tundra 1794 is excellent, interior and options are exceptional, it drives and handles very well and cab space is enormous; the only small downside is the size is a little too small, but it just fits in my two car garage.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed May 4, 2018

I purchased a brand new Toyota Tundra in 2015 for over 50k. The salesman tried so hard and pushed me to get an extended warranty and finally, he did. I was told that the warranty is bumper to bumper for 5 years or 75000 mile whichever comes first. I paid over $4000 for that I was happy that I am not going to spend a penny in the next 5 years. The salesman didn't tell me that this warranty is basically for the only oil change and tire rotation. Yes; you read it right. Only oil change every 10,000 miles and tire rotation. I am in the transportation business and I know everything about the cars, trucks and buses. I also know about the warranty as I am working with 3 major bus manufacturer companies. after three years and at 65,000 miles on the truck, I felt that the transmission is kicking and I asked Toyota service in Stevens Creek Toyota in San Jose, Ca to check if there is a problem with the transmission.

They asked me for $200 for the diagnostic charge. Usually; they supposed to inspect the truck every 5000 miles under the warranty and the Transmission is still under the warranty but they told me that I need to pay $200 and if they find any problem with the transmission, then they will waive it. After talking to the shop manager, the salesman who sold me the warranty, his supervisor and finally the big Boss, they waved that charge and they called me after 4 hours that the car is ready and they didn't find any problem with Transmission. I am %100 sure that there is a problem with this transmission but because of they don't want to spend money to fix the vehicle under the warranty, they tell you there is no problem with the vehicle, but when the warranty is gone, they give you a huge list of the problems and a huge bill!!!

I am writing this review to just let the people know that, the Toyota warranty is just waste of the money and there is not really warranty on your vehicle. I spend over 3 hours and I got a lot of headaches to let them know that you can't charge me because of the warranty that I paid three years ago. I love Toyota but unfortunately, I will not buy any more Toyota because of the trouble customer service and a bad experience I had with them. Again; I love Toyota but don't waste your money for extended warranty!

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Reviewed May 4, 2018

I've wanted a Tundra since the new body style came out in '07. I absolutely love my new truck and am looking forward to years of driving it. I'm sure it will last me into the 200k mile area at least and it will still be beautiful when it gets there.

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Reviewed April 29, 2018

I have a 2013 Toyota Tundra CrewMax. The interior has plenty of room for tall people in the front and back seating. Fuel economy is on the higher side for a truck this size. Dependable is without question. Towing is with ease and there is plenty of space for storage for paperwork in this model.

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Reviewed Dec. 30, 2017

I purchased a certified pre-owned vehicle from Toyota auto mall of Ga, I traded in a 2008 Toyota Tundra Crewmax XR5 for the truck with issues. The new truck after driving off the lot had a pulsation when the brake pedal was pushed and I contacted the dealer with my concern, it felt as if my concern was blown off with and they simply stated the tires have some wear which caused that issue. The tires were scheduled to be replaced as per my purchase agreement which was taken care of with 4 new tires instead of 2 since the tires on the truck where discontinued. When I dropped off the truck I explained to the service writer that the pulsation was only noticed when the brake pedal was pushed and that was not a tire issue. I also explained that the vehicle inter-dependent inspection report which was left in the truck with the Tech requesting the rotors to be machined or replaced and that the tires should be replaced.

The service writer blew this off as just basic suggestions and the gm signed off that these were NOT to be done. Nevertheless the rotors were machined and no pulsating was noticed within normal city driving. On the highway though after a few heat cycles the pulsating was back. I brought the truck in for an oil leak I now noticed on the passenger side cam tower and also told the service writer about the pulsating brakes again. I then called Toyota Customer relations to open a case and found out the truck is not showing to be a certified pre-owned, I contacted the dealer and the used vehicle manager stated it was paid to be certified. I requested to speak to the manager of the dealer and when I did he told me that they have already given me new tires what else do I want? At this point I did not know what to say, I voiced my concern and also told him there is a concern about rust on the undercarriage of truck.

At this point I was text a copy of the receipt from the dealer paying for the certification and also noticed I was charged for an extended warranty I did not want or need since I purchased a certified pre-owned vehicle. I was not addressed about the extra charge and the Manager stated he will reverse this, which was NEVER done. By this time Toyota Customer relations case manager called me back and stated that the Tech states there is no concern about rust seen and the vehicle certification just has not updated in the system. The case manager then stated he is standing by the dealer's tech evaluation since he is a certified technician. I am completely disgusted by this experience, this is my third Tundra I have owned and now I don't want to purchase Tundra. I work in the corporate office of another OEM as a technical specialist and there is no way I would allow a customer to be treated in this manner.

If my company made a vehicle of this size I would not hesitate to buy it but I have always been fond of Toyota Tundras until this experience. The rotors on all four wheels have significant rust and deterioration in the vents of the rotors, the passenger side cam tower that was re-sealed is leaking oil again and the brakes pulsate. The charge for the extended warranty was never reversed and I have called about this and never received a callback. I am at a loss; never will I do business from AutoNation Toyota Mall of Georgia again. Toyota themselves is not questionable based on how I was treated with from customer relations case manager. I unfortunately know the amount of erroneous calls to CR from customers looking for handouts but I am not looking for a handout, I want this Truck to be repaired to the specs it should have been when I pulled off the lot May 1st 2017.

This truck spent approx. 3 wks. in the shop a week after I purchased it, it a great feeling to make payments on something you are not even driving. It's an even worse feeling to be blown off by the dealer you purchased the vehicle from and the automaker themselves. Part of my purchase agreement was to replace the 2 front tires due to visually obvious wear, tread was very close to the wear bars. Dealer was not able to order tires since the current tires were discontinued from manufacturer. Dealer did replace all four but from the previous inspection prior to my sale the tires showed wear and should have been addressed before certifying vehicle.

These all seem minimal but this is very concerning how this has all transpired. I provided photos of the cooling vents on the rotors, retail sales contract, internal inspection report from initial dealer inspection, certified pre-owned contract and repair invoice from cam tower oil leak. I currently have approx. 69000 miles on truck with original purchase mileage at 49852. I have a long commute to work and a medically sensitive toddler who is commuted back and forth from clinic visits. He had a Liver transplant at 8 months old 6-25-2016.

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Reviewed Nov. 4, 2017

I’m a 3 time US Marine war veteran, I would do anything in this world to have and die in a Toyota Tundra, why you ask? This is why, during my 2nd war 1996 war in Iraq I was shot at numerous times by enemy hitting me once on my leg, as I seen a Toyota Tundra on the road and trying to get away from the Taliban, this nice man grabbed me and put me in his Toyota Tundra and took me to my base, as we were trying to get out of town we were engaged on from enemy rounds as it hit the truck many times around the engine and back of the truck which never stopped or broke down, as I was shooting back from the back of the truck, the truck was so tough that the bullets from enemy fire couldn’t even penetrate through the truck.

I was saved many times because of the Toyota Tundra and after hearing many Fellow Iraqi army friends, Toyota Tundra is a truck they could trust after never noticing no other trucks in Iraq such as the ford or Chevy or Dodge and even the GMC truck which never seen or used anywhere there, and this is why!!! They are very dependable and never break down in the middle of the desert anywhere and they can take many rounds of Enemy artillery that hit the truck and the truck kept on going, even the engine was shot at many many times... I owe Toyota my life for saving mine in order for me to now have my beautiful children who Kaylee is 7 yrs old and my son Kiko is 8 yrs old.

I now have 2 Purple Hearts for saving 3 families and my captain from enemy fire and I would love to donate my Purple Hearts to Toyota Tundra. This will prove to the world that Toyota Tundra and Tacoma’s are the best of the best with NO doubts in the world, if you could drive pass any use car dealership in this country, you will NEVER ever see a used Toyota Tundra anywhere guaranteed!! Because many people DON'T ever want to trade them in, you will see many other trucks in a dealership parking lot but never a Toyota Tundra and that’s your proof right there.

I’m 50 yrs old now and my dream truck which I know I will never own cause they are too expensive for my wallet is a brown with orange leather interior fully loaded 4 door Toyota Tundra limited truck... I cry every time I see one on the street and my kids tell me, "It’s ok dad. God will give you that truck one day," and I cry every time my kids tell me that. People Toyota Tundra is the best dependable outlasting truck in the world today. I would even do a commercial for Toyota Tundra as a war vet just so the world Would know how a war veteran would die and wanted to be Buried in my Toyota Tundra when I die. Since this truck saved my life.

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Reviewed Nov. 1, 2017

I would just like to state my dissatisfaction with how Toyota responded to an issue I had on my 2011 Tundra. The bed of my truck was rusting out in the common places where Toyota issued a TSB on many years of the Tundra. My truck was 1.5 years out of their considered warranty and they offered 30% of a $7000 repair to fix the problem. The repair had to meet their requirement or they wouldn't offer the 30%. I then asked if they would contribute any money towards the purchase of a new truck and their offering was actually less than what they offered to fix my current truck. If this is how Toyota wants to treat their customers I will be driving another brand of truck.

In my opinion Toyota missed the mark on this situation knowing they had an issue with their trucks rusting out just after the 5 year mark. Then they stand firm on the fact that it is out of the offered warranty. If there wasn't a known issue for the bed rust then things would be different. Toyota should have fixed these issues at 100% of the repair cost if they do in fact think they build a quality truck. Poor design and sub-par materials make for a less than superior product. Since talking with my Toyota dealership and customer care I decided to move on to another brand of truck and will not be looking back. This was my first Toyota truck and will most likely be my last simply because the company would not stand behind their product.

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Reviewed July 14, 2017

2010 Tundra with less than 20K miles. It has a big rust area in the bed and I have had a Toyota bed liner in it the whole time I have own it... since it was new off lot. Toyota said "That's too bad. It's out of warranty" and I said it's a quality problem. The rust and hole came from the bottom up... it's a quality issue.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed June 28, 2017

My problem with my 2012 Tundra started at a very low mileage interval. So to make it brief, the motor would code out and go into safe/crawl mode displaying the "4 LO" light and also the "service engine" icon. I cannot go over like 4 miles per hour and it seems like I am in 4LO the entire time. So, a charcoal canister $1,200.00 did not fix it, 30 miles later light came on, a EVAP motor and Pump did not fix it $530.00, Now TOYOTA is telling me I need a $3,200.00 evap entire wiring harness, and this will "fix it" guaranteed. I am so mad I could burst. Looking to hear from others if they have experienced this.

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Reviewed May 23, 2017

When my wife and I were looking to replace our Dodge, we had two options. The first was the Chevy Silverado and the second was the Toyota Tundra. Just like everyone else, we ended up going with the Toyota Tundra due to Toyota's reputation and the fact that the company I worked for was a supplier of a major component. The Tundra is a 2008 with about 60,000 miles on. Since we've owned the vehicle, we've had more than our share of issues. These include:

1) Front axle needed to be rebuilt. This was done under warranty. 2) Water pump failed shortly after the warranty expired. 3) Everyone should be familiar with the highly talked about gas pedal sticking recall. 4) Rear bearings (yes, I said bearings. That's both sides) failure. Despite my finding a service bullet Toyota published, articles specifically pointing to the issue being a Toyota design flaw and the dealer indicating that they installed upgraded bearings as part of the repair, I was still responsible for the clear majority of the repair cost. The dealer helped and provided the next largest portion and Toyota provided a whopping $400 to the over $2,000 repair.

5) The fifth item is the most recent item that I have yet to do anything about would be the rusty frame issue. I haven't done anything as I have yet to receive the recall notice, but was told by my dealer that my vehicle was included. Based on what I've seen and heard, I'm also not excited with either of Toyota's suggested fixes.

The company that I worked for was the supplier of the frame. In my opinion, the suggested repairs that Toyota is pursuing does not represent what they should be doing. I understand that all vehicle manufacturers have issue. What drives my next purchase decision is how that manufacture resolves those issues. Based on the recent frame issue, I've been working with my dealer to find a solution and my dealer, Metro Toyota in Kalamazoo, MI, has gone above and beyond. I've seen little support from Toyota and the support I have seen (The $400 for an issue that was theirs) was a joke. When the truck bearings failed, my wife and I were looking at a Camry for her daily driver. We ended up with a Subaru. Both our parents are also now looking for new cars. My mother-in-law will most likely be going from her RAV4 to a Subaru Forester. I'm not sure what my parents will do, but they and others have seen my frustrations with Toyota.

I don't think that will be a direction they will be going. It's not about the vehicles as I love the style and feel of the Tundra's and Camry's. It's about the after sales support and the owning up to their mistakes. As children, this is one of the first things we learn. I would expect nothing less from a large corporation such as Toyota. If you read this Toyota, be thankful that you have great dealers, such as Metro Toyota. Unfortunately, they can only do so much. They've worked with me in offering me a more than a fair trade in value for my truck, but we're still ~$5,000 away from trying to bring this to an acceptable resolution.

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Reviewed April 5, 2017

2016 Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition - First issue I believe to be suspension related. Truck hits a bump and shakes... a lot. Sometimes a full 5+ seconds after. Brought it to multiple dealerships, multiple technicians say it's normal. Tundra's are just a really rough ride. Second, the rear window. Absolutely love that it goes down all the way but there's probably a reason not all truck manufacturers do this. It sounds like the world is coming to an end. There is a VERY loud grinding/squeaking noise that happens as the truck bounces. Dealership again says this is normal; there is only one bracket that holds it in place and so if the window isn't up all the way it moves around a lot. Other issues exist but those are the two that would keep me from buying another Tundra. 10,000 kms on this thing and it drives and sounds like it's 30 years old.

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Reviewed March 13, 2017

I just got off the phone with a case manager name Marquita from Toyota. I had called three days earlier and was told a case manager would call. I received no phone call, and had to call them myself. My Tundra is one of the vehicles affected by the lack frame protection resulting in a severely rusty frame. I had the frame inspected by a local Toyota dealer and was told that the undercoating that was meant to solve the problem was poorly applied. Huge chunks are my frame are falling off and the frame is exposed causing it to continue to rust. The master technician brought me back to show how the frame was not originally prepped and the undercoating was thinly applied.

So back to the conversation with the case manager. Marquita proceeded to tell me the undercoating was a one time remedy to the frame rust problem. Whether or not the undercoating was done well or not, Toyota is not willing to rectify a poorly done "solution". The same rusty frame is under all the slime they applied and now it is going to continue to get worse. This is a known issue, and I believe Toyota sued the manufacturer of the frames. And me and the other owners are left to rust.

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Reviewed Feb. 5, 2017

I purchased this 2016 Toyota Tundra 4/4 Crew Cab in July 2016. I have had it in the Service Dept on numerous occasions. Below are a list of Problems... This vehicle now only has 6,000 miles. Brake Booster Replacement, Brake Rotor Replacement, Seat stitching have come Apart 3 Times, Antenna Come Loose, Fender Flare Come Loose, Towing Brake Control Does Not Work Properly, Brakes Have a Burning Smell, Numerous Tire Balances to no Avail. Still Shaking

TPSM Light Comes on.

I have two XSP Tire Wheel Package and, My Vehicle has been Shaking in the SEATS, FLOOR, STEERING WHEEL and GAS PEDAL. The Service Dept. told me that it's the XSP Tire and Wheel Package. And, that and Tundra WILL SHAKE WITH THAT PACKAGE SO AS LONG AS THAT XSP PACKAGE is on that Tundra. Well, why does Toyota keep installing tire and wheel packages that makes their vehicles shake/vibrate. If you Google Toyota SHAKING/VIBRATION you will see that it's happening in many different Models and nothing is being done. Toyota Claims the SHAKING/VIBRATION IS A VEHICLE CHARACTERISTIC. WOW!!! Please Google before you buy a Toyota product.

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Reviewed Dec. 22, 2016

My 2005 Tundra has 38,000 miles and was recalled for the "service campaign" of re-coating frame due to rust. Promptly got this done and within 4 months huge pieces were peeling off. Notified dealership, took in to be looked at and they said this was a one time coating and nothing else could be done. Opened a case with Toyota headquarters - nothing. 1 year later shifting cable AND brake lines break - private mechanic said due to severe rusting. Back to dealership, NOW they offer to re-scrape undercarriage and reapply coating along with $6000 estimate of other repairs/maintenance needed. Supervisor showed me underneath truck when up on lift and it looks like it has been sitting in salt water-rusting. It's that bad. Dealership also stated that they rate the rust condition on the vehicles from 1-10, 1 being the worst and 10 the best. He stated when my vehicle initially came in it was rated a 3!

I WAS NEVER INFORMED THAT THIS VEHICLE WAS IN THAT BAD OF SHAPE! I expected the dealership to let me know of any concerns after the initial coating! My truck has now been at the dealership for almost 3 weeks in trying to resolve - I believe more than a rescrape and recoating is needed. I am so incredibly disappointed in the handling of this situation and the hush-hush attitude of Toyota and the dealerships about how bad this problem is! I have owned 4 Toyotas and am no longer a loyal fan. Help!

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